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sbalneavray_: What do you mean, open /usr/lib?12:24
ray_sb got it12:24
ray_sb is YamiPod good on lunix for ipod on edubuntu12:24
Burgundaviaray_: you can use Banshee12:24
ray_had to copy file there for it need room to get there12:24
sbalneavDunno, I don't have an ipod :)12:25
ray_bur is YamiPod good i heard it is12:25
ray_bur you used YamiPod good12:25
ray_bur will get it12:26
BurgundaviaI don't own an Ipod either12:26
Burgundaviaevil things12:26
ray_but want to try YamiPod12:26
ray_is edubuntu good12:27
ray_for school and college user12:27
Burgundaviathen again, we might just be biased :)12:28
ray_burg na i love12:28
ray_it were can all the edubuntu stuff thats not in there as installer for school and college12:28
ray_might need at to get12:28
ray_i like it12:29
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sbalneavNight all07:17
Burgundaviacya sbalneav07:17
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encompasshehe oops08:28
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patxiHi all,11:11
patxiI'd just installed Edubuntu 7.04 in the server. And modified 'dchpd,conf' file as explained in http://www.edubuntu.org/GettingStarted.11:12
patxiThin client boots with PXE, shows GDM login, but user can't login even username and passwords are correct.11:12
patxiThe 'clock' is cycling, and looks like thin clients does not send username/password to server,11:13
patxibecause there is not answer from server11:14
patxiAny suggest?11:15
cynicsogra: if people choose other languages using language-selector in edubuntu, will it install language-pack-kde-XX too?11:18
ograpatxi, see the bold text that the top of the gettingstarted page ...11:30
ograthats *only* for dapper11:30
ograpatxi, beyond that, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdubuntuFAQ11:31
ogracynics, it should, if its not doing that, its a bug11:31
cynicsogra: bug #12823611:31
ubotuLaunchpad bug 128236 in Ubuntu "Edubuntu (Feisty) install uses uncomplete Chinese font" [Undecided,Invalid]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12823611:32
cynicsogra: I've marked as invalid11:32
ograhmm, well, its a valid complaint, we dont have all fonts on the liveCD during development ... (i.e. gutsy)_11:33
ograususally we only have english on the milestones CDs and add langs at the ed of the dev cycle as space permits11:34
cynicsogra: only provide localized cd can solve these issues :)11:34
ograor dropping stuff11:35
ograits just a space issue11:35
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sahili'm trying to convince a school to switch to linux their biggest argument is that the rest of the marketplace uses ms products how do you guys think i can deal with tis?11:35
ograchinese is particualry evil in this respect beacues you need all the input methods11:35
ograso chinese is the last thing we'd add indeed11:35
cynicsogra: no, just one is ok for simplified chinese users11:36
ograone > zero11:37
ograits some extra space11:37
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cynicsogra: we have a project that using edubuntu in a primary school in china now, and they wanna a better supportted edubuntu release :)11:38
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sahilso you cohabitate in here11:39
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patxiogra: even i'd run sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys user can't login from thin client12:02
=== jsgotangco [n=JSG@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
patxiogra, thanks I've have to go12:32
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multikhi everyone02:45
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sbalneavMorning all03:09
sbalneavogra: ICMP ECHO REQUEST03:09
jintyogra: there's a schooltool weekly meeting on now03:32
jintyshould I tell them something about the packages?03:32
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ari_stresshello... do you know what log can i use to troubleshoot client cannot login to ltsp5?03:37
sbalneavari_stress: yes.03:38
sbalneavHave you set a root password in your chroot?03:38
sbalneavfirst off, have you done a sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys?03:39
ari_stresshello sbalneav03:39
ari_stressi guess i have, because it's previously working, until i install kubundu-desktop on it03:39
sbalneavAh.  Well, can you log in on the server?03:40
ari_stressyes i can, from the server itself03:40
sbalneavWell, simplest will be to check ldm's log03:40
sbalneavchroot /opt/ltsp/i38603:40
ari_stresswhen i try to logon from the client using CLI, the respon was login incorrect03:40
sbalneavWell, you'll never be able to do that untill you set a password in the chroot.03:41
ari_stressok i've chroot03:41
ari_stressthen ?03:41
sbalneavthat will set a root password in the chroot03:41
ari_stressok done03:41
sbalneavthen you should be able to login as "root" and the password you typed in on the ctl-alt-f1 on the client.03:42
sbalneavthen have a look at /var/log/ldm.log03:42
=== cberlo [n=berloc@mars.dsbn.edu.on.ca] has joined #edubuntu
ari_stressyes i can logon as root now03:42
ari_stresshow can i logon as ordinary user? should I create each user?03:42
cberloHi folks.  Got a (hopefully) small question:  is there a way to keep my nosy little students from browsing the entire file system?03:43
sbalneavari_stress: You'd never really want to do that.  You're logged in on the terminal itself, not the server.03:43
ari_stressi'm using ldap as the authentication, previously when i was using ubuntu-desktop, i can logon from client using the ldap database03:43
ari_stressthen after install kubuntu-desktop. cannot login03:44
ari_stressis there any step i must do after installing any packages?03:44
sbalneavI'm assuming you installed kubuntu desktop on the server, right?  Not in the chroot?03:45
ari_stressyes on the server.03:45
ari_stresswhat happen if i install on the chroot?03:45
sbalneavcberlo: Not really.  Linux like operating systems with proper security don't stop you from looking at things, but seeing as how they can't hurt anything, there's no harm.03:46
sbalneavBesides, if they're looking at things, that means you've peaked their interest, and they're learning.  That's a good thing for students :)03:46
ari_stressyes :)03:46
cberlosbalneav: Thanks.  I assumed as much, but there is one issue I need to resolve:  when browsing, they can fire up any program they want (like gnome-terminal) and I don't want them to have access to that.03:46
sbalneavcberlo: Ah, well what you want is pessellus.03:47
sbalneavIt's a lockdown edor03:47
cberloYes, but what I also want is to use the xfce4 environment, so is pessulus still an option?03:47
sbalneavnot so much then :)03:48
sbalneavSimplest would be (gross, but workable) to change the perms on gnome-terminal/xterm etc.03:48
ari_stresswhere is the ldm log sbalneav?03:48
sbalneavThey're owned by root, so chmod 700 should make them inaccessible to all but root.03:49
sbalneavthat's really ick, though.03:49
cberloI'll have to play with it and see if pessulus helps.  If the gconf stuff still kicks in, it may still apply.  And I've thought of the perms approach, but that has to be reset every time the affected apps get updated.03:49
sbalneavari_stress: /var/log03:49
sbalneavyeah, that's why it's ick :)03:49
cliebow_i dont think it is ick..03:49
ari_stresssbalneav: there's no any log named ldm in /var/log03:50
cberloScripts have become my best friend with this project, but with the increasing scope I keep getting, keeping things manageable by anyone but me could be an issue.03:50
sbalneavari_stress: No?03:50
ari_stresssbalneav: yes, strange?03:50
cberlocliebow_: suggestions?03:50
ari_stressi'm using feisty03:50
cliebow_cberlo:i can try it in xfce03:51
sbalneavari_stress: Well, here's a quick test you can try.03:51
sbalneavssh -l username serverip03:51
cberloAlso, is there a standard way to create directories under /var/run?  I've added a couple lines to bootmisc.sh, but I'd like to stay fairly standard...03:51
cberlocliebow_: Thanks.03:51
sbalneavsee if you can login without getting the "are you shure you want to connect" message.03:52
cliebow_oh heck..wrong 'puter..03:52
ari_stresssbalneav: from my ordinary notebook? or from the server itself?03:52
sbalneavcberlo: it's usually /var/run/<program name>, but so long as it doesn't conflict with something else, anything goes.03:53
cliebow_cberlo, it'll be a while..i hosed my xubuntu hard drive03:53
sbalneavari_stress: from the root login on the terminal.03:53
cberlosbalneav: and using the /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh script should be an acceptable location to make the directory I want?03:53
cberlocliebow_: No probs.  Thanks anyway.  I'll play with it in the VM I've got here.03:53
sbalneavcberlo: umm, I think /etc/rc.local would be the better bet, I'm guessing.  But I'm not 100% up on my Debian policy, so some experimentation might be in order :)03:54
ari_stressi've been asked are you sure you want to connect....03:54
sbalneavari_stress: then you don't have the right ssh keys in the chroot.03:55
sbalneavsudo ltsp-update-sshkeys.03:55
cberlosbalneav: That was my initial preference, too -- but for some reason (although I have another script that fires up without issue from that file!) it doesn't create my directory at boot.03:55
sbalneavcberlo: You might have to activate rc.local in the /etc/rc2.d03:56
ograsbalneav, ICMP ECHO REPLY03:56
sbalneavI don't think it's on by default03:56
sbalneavMorning ogra!!!!!03:56
ograsbalneav, what the heck is the cancel button for ?03:56
sbalneavback home from Portland?03:56
ogramorning :)03:56
ograrelaxed the whole weekend .... the return filght was horrible03:57
sbalneavogra: lets say user gets halfway logged in, then wants to just restart.03:57
sbalneavOr do we not want that?03:57
sbalneavthat works too :)03:57
ari_stressYESSS!!!! it did it sbalneav!! i guess installing kubuntu-desktop erased the keys!!03:57
sbalneavok, I'll yank it out :)03:57
cberlosbalneav: It's on.  Had a script kicking off from it before.  Odd.  I should just rebuild my server, I'm thinking...  probably less work.  :)03:57
ari_stresssbalneav: thank you so much!! :)03:57
ograif you urgently want it, make it optional03:57
cberloHi ogra.03:57
ograhey cberlo03:57
ograsbalneav, apart from that, it crashes my via xserver on the T17003:58
ograthe trident of the T150 works fine though03:58
sbalneavNo, nothing urgent.   Oh, quite possibly.03:58
sbalneavwhich, ldm does?03:58
sbalneavor the cancel button does?03:58
ograi guess the new greeter exposes an X bug that was thee before but not triggered03:58
cberloogra: One year in, and I've still got permission to play with LTSP.  Installation has grown from 3 users to over 45, so far.  Not bad growth, but I'm still not running things in the "standard" LDM mode...03:59
ari_stressogra, sbalneav, then it's officially 90% done. I've setup Ubuntu+LTSP5+LDAPAuth+DynamicDNS :)03:59
ograthe cancel button doesnt respawn ... apart from that it does wat it should ...03:59
ari_stressthank you, i'll post something about this on the wiki if i may?03:59
ograi mean the X session on the T170 here starts but locks up hard during init03:59
ogratha didnt happen with the last ldm code i had in gutsy03:59
ograsbalneav, btw new ldm sexy++04:02
sbalneavGlad you like the ldm04:04
ograi do :)04:04
sbalneavWe'll have to fix that lockup though04:04
ograi really suspect its the X server04:04
ograi'll play with it now04:05
sbalneavDid you see the nice message for bad passwords?04:05
sbalneavAnd the message now for when sshkeys are bad.04:05
sbalneavTHAT's going to save us some work.04:05
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p57A97ADC.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograah, havent seen that yet04:05
ograi guess with some code to fill host, lang and session windows and some fine tuning of the ui we're done for gutsy :)04:06
sbalneavFinal stretch04:07
ograi want to switch most of the gnome hacks to ldm rc scripts as well04:07
ograi.e. screensaver only accepting blanking ...04:07
ograno suspend/hibernate04:07
sbalneavHow do I mark which strings for translation!04:08
ograwe need to add gettext t the headers04:08
ograthe strings in the greeter should all be translatable04:08
ograjust missing some intltool stuff i guess04:08
sbalneavno, not all of them are.04:08
ograoh ?04:09
sbalneavThe bits where we interact with ssh, where I set LANG=C04:09
ari_stresshmm strange, previously before installing kubuntu-desktop client can shutdown the server, but now they cannot, which is VERY GOOD :) i wonder why04:09
ograah, thats fine04:09
ograjust done prefix them with _(04:09
sbalneavOh, is that what I do?04:09
ograno idea04:09
ograbut such strings will be in the pot file thats used as translation base04:09
sbalneavIs there a "i18n for dummies" guide out there somewhere?04:10
ograi think there is something n the gnome docs04:10
sbalneavFor dumb*ss North Americans like me who don't know bupkiss? :)04:10
sbalneavI'll poke through those.04:11
sbalneavI'm pretty happy with gutsy's LTSP.04:12
sbalneavI think it's gonna wow 'em04:12
ograessentially we only need04:12
ogra#define _( gettext(String)04:12
ograor some such04:12
ogra#define _(String) gettext(String)04:13
ograrather :)04:13
sbalneavAlthough, according to that one user on ltsp-discuss, I have "attitude" :)04:13
ograthe rest is done in the packaging anyway04:13
sbalneavI'm such a troublemaker :)04:13
multikhi ogra04:14
ograhey multik04:15
multikI heard you got your hands on few thin clients ;)04:15
cliebow_sbalneav, i saw that 8~04:15
multikand I also heard that someone is cleaning that tarball :)04:16
=== cliebow_ [n=cliebow@smoothwallkludge.ellsworth-hs.ellsworth.k12.me.us] has joined #edubuntu
ogramultik, yep and Q-Funk had soma suggestion about the etherboot image creation, need to test that04:16
ogramultik, which tarball ?04:17
multikyes, it would be splendid if you could.04:17
=== encompass [n=encompas@dsl-hvkgw1-fe6ffa00-119.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #edubuntu
multikUmm, Q-Funk told me about that tarball, no idea what though, sorry.04:17
ograno idea either04:17
ograi'll do some testing this week04:17
multikI'm wondering if what ever you are doing to fix that thin client boot issue will be fixed in Oct Edubuntu release04:17
ografor now i have to merge scotts new ldm stuff04:18
ogradont worry we'll get it fixed or at least get a howto out with workarounds if there are unfixable issues04:18
multikoh, that would be great dude.04:18
ograbut i'm pretty confident it will be fine for gutsy04:19
ograsbalneav, hmmm ... now my T150 locked up as well (without any login just sitting at the greeter for 20 min or so)04:33
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sbalneavogra: That's bad.05:11
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=== jorge_ [n=jorge@119-130-28.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #edubuntu
ograit didnt happen again yet05:11
=== jorge_ is now known as _MetaLMilitiA_
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp73-102.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavogra: Did you see I addressed a couple of other bugs, pitti's one in particular?05:27
ograthe sound thing ?05:28
ograyes, thanks05:28
ograbut i want to replace that by an ldm rc scrit as well anyway :)05:28
ograwe dont need any of that server sided stuff anymore if it comes to settings in the session :)05:28
ograthe e2300 crashes as well05:29
ograeven though it doesnt hardlock05:29
ograhmm, or does it ?05:29
sbalneavWonder if it's the cancel button.05:31
sbalneavWhat happens if you revert that change?05:32
_MetaLMilitiA_hi all!05:32
ograit doesnt crash showing the greeter05:33
ograit dies if the session is half way started05:33
ograon the 170 it then hardlocks05:33
ograon the e2300 the X session dies05:33
ograoh, and it hardlocks (had to test that again)05:33
ograi wonder if we're missing a gfree or something05:34
ograbut i cant see anything in the code05:35
sbalneavHave you been able to log in AT ALL? or just some boxes hang?05:35
sbalneavI'm wondering if your ssh is sending back different strings than mine :(05:35
ograi can log in fine on the T15005:35
ograthe e2300 shows me an unthemed desktop and before g-s-d kicks in X dies05:36
ograi wonder if it breaks because we're missing host.png05:37
ograeven though i'd expect it to break earlier because of that05:38
sbalneavShould have a host.png05:39
sbalneavI added one to the repo.05:39
ograbzr added it ?05:39
ogranot in my tree05:39
sbalneavIn mine at work.  I did a bzr pull this morning, and it sucked it down.05:40
ograoh, wait05:40
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool225.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograpixmaps != themes05:40
=== ogra is confused
ograhmm, thats messy05:41
sbalneavWhat happens if you manually copy it in the right place.05:42
ograshould work05:42
sbalneavMaybe I botched something on the auto* stuff to add that in.05:42
ograbut that we have themes (containing pixmaps) and pixmaps (for the default theme) is a mess05:42
sbalneavOhh, also, I can't seem to do a dpkg-buildpackage any more05:43
ograi built it with the tree05:43
ograworked fine so far05:43
sbalneavIt complains about fields not being colon separated, or something.05:43
ogra(note that you need to: debian/rules bzr-release)05:43
ogra(and bump the changelog entry)05:44
ograwith a bzr commit05:44
sbalneavI'll try that later.05:44
ogradebian/ldm.install has:05:44
=== juliux [n=juliux@ubuntu/member/juliux] has joined #edubuntu
ograclient/ldmgtkgreet/themes usr/share/ldm/05:44
ograclient/ldmgtkgreet/pixmaps/*.png usr/share/ldm/themes/ubuntu05:44
ograi need to copy it into the theme dirs05:45
ograwe should better get rid of the pixmaps dir and only use the thems dir... but that gets tricky in the autofoo05:45
_MetaLMilitiA_how i can boot 16 mb machines??? how i can strech initramfs to boot those machines??06:03
ograyou cant06:05
ograthe kernel alone needs more (24 i think)06:05
ograi managed to boot 28M clients with gutsy with some tricks06:05
ograbut below that nothing will be possible06:06
_MetaLMilitiA_we want to install edubuntu in chilean classrooms06:06
ografor feisty its still at least 48M06:06
_MetaLMilitiA_but the clients are very old :(06:06
_MetaLMilitiA_it's possible to run ltsp 4.2 on edubuntu??06:09
ogra16M wont work with 4.2 either06:09
_MetaLMilitiA_ltsp 4.2 requires less ram i guess06:09
ograi think that needs 32 at least06:09
ograwhere we neeed 4806:09
ograget some ram06:09
ograi guess thats your only way ...06:10
ograeven if you would make that boot it wouldnt be fun06:10
=== ogra calls it a day ... tomorrow is anough time to find out why X crashes ...
_MetaLMilitiA_mmm...we are using k12ltsp actually but we want to migrate to ubuntu06:15
_MetaLMilitiA_what is the big difference of edubuntu vs k12??06:16
ograltsp 4.x isnt developed anymore since 2 years06:17
_MetaLMilitiA_so if i install ltsp 4.2 on edubuntu this should work?06:17
ograit wont be integrated at all, but might work06:17
ograbut it wont boot 16M clients06:17
=== cberlo [n=berloc@mars.dsbn.edu.on.ca] has left #edubuntu []
ograand it wont be upgradeable or security supported indeed06:18
_MetaLMilitiA_why?? mi machines with 16MB on k12ltsp are booting right now06:18
ograwith a recent k12 ?06:18
ograwith 2.6 kernel etc ?06:18
_MetaLMilitiA_nop, it's 4.2 k1206:19
ograa 2.6 kernel needs more than 16M to unpack already06:19
ograyou can do a lot fiddling in the initramfs (i.e. mount nbd swap from the server from a file in tmpfs to extend ram)06:20
ograbut you need the space the kernel needs to uncompress and to run the initramfs06:20
ograthats likely over 20M06:20
_MetaLMilitiA_mmm...so i have to install a 2.4 kernel + ltsp 4.2 on edubuntu to work???06:20
ograyes, but be aware that anything might break ... thats a totally unsupported and untested setup06:21
ogra(actually you are the first person asking about less than 24M in my two years of ltsp work i'm doing)06:22
_MetaLMilitiA_we are from chile, we work in the edulinux proyect06:23
_MetaLMilitiA_project :P06:23
ograso is there no way for you to upgrade the HW ?06:23
ograit will really be no fun to care for a setup you are aiming for06:24
_MetaLMilitiA_the chilean's gov bought ram 1 year ago.. but many clients are 16 MB with this upgrade06:25
ograwell, 16M is definately to less ofr any recent software version06:26
_MetaLMilitiA_the problem it's that edulinux doesn't have a plataform to support upgrades and bugs...by the way edubuntu have it. that's the reason because we want to migrate to edubuntu06:27
ograi understand06:27
ograbut still06:27
ograltsp5 never supported less than 48M (gutsy will drop that to 28 in october) ltsp 4.2 in its last release defaulted to a 2.6.18 kernel which surely needs more than 16M to even boot06:28
ograand the last ltsp 4.2 release was 2 years ago06:30
_MetaLMilitiA_well...i think that buy more ram is the only solution06:35
_MetaLMilitiA_and wait to gusty06:35
_MetaLMilitiA_thanks for your help06:36
ograget the HW half way up to date and plan for the future :) ram requirements wont drop but raise  ...06:36
ogratry to get a decent ram upgrade so you dont need to do it for the next two years (i.e. 64M)06:36
ografor such old systems you should be able to get ram on ebay for nearly no money06:38
=== ogra now really calls it a day, night all
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Raiden329aze you name stealer!!!!!!09:20
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azeyep ?09:27
azesorry, have just read09:28
azefor information, i'm register, not him :p09:29
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Wrinkliezhey i tried to install this, but it said job control not found09:35
Wrinkliezcan someone help plz?09:35
Wrinkliezit seems like a common problem09:35
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ray_hi any one here09:48
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)09:48
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sbalneavAfternoon all10:05
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Wrinkliezanyone out there for support?10:13
sbalneavWhat's up10:15
Wrinkliezhi :) I tried to install edbuntu and give linux a shot, and when I tried to install it said cannot acces tty job control not found10:16
sbalneavThis is on what, booting up the live cd?10:16
sbalneavWhat kind of machine is this you're trying to boot on?10:17
Wrinkliezdo you mean desktop? or the specs?10:18
sbalneavSpecs, what brand, cpu, how much memory, etc.10:18
Wrinkliezhold on10:18
WrinkliezAMD Athlon(tm) XP 1800+ 1.54 GHz, 768 MB of RAM10:22
Wrinkliez umm10:22
sbalneavk, what kind of video card?10:22
sbalneavYou could try this10:26
sbalneavat the boot screen, press f610:26
sbalneavthen boot with the option linux noacpi10:27
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Fuzzhey sorry about that10:27
Fuzzanyways my videocard is NVIDIA GeForce 620010:28
sbalneavYou could try this10:28
sbalneavat the boot screen, press f610:28
sbalneavat the boot screen, press f610:28
sbalneavthen boot with the option linux noacpi10:28
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Wrinkliez2nope it didnt work10:38
Wrinkliez2still the same error10:38
sbalneavHave you checked the cd to make sure the burn is good?10:41
Wrinkliez2nope x_x10:41
Wrinkliez2you mean in the boot menu right?10:41
Wrinkliez2i think its fine but ill double check10:42
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Wrinkliezi got the same error in testing the cd, does that mean its a bad burn?10:49
Wrinkliezthanks alot10:50
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