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kwwiihi lapo11:12
lapohey kwwii11:12
andreasnhi kwwii!11:13
kwwiihowdy andreasn11:13
andreasndid you go for 24x24 in oxygen/kde4?11:13
andreasnapparently shipping both 22x22 and 24x24 in the gnome icon set(s) are causing a lot of headache and stuff for panel maintainers11:15
kwwiiit was too major of a change this late in the game11:15
kwwiiyeah, believe me, I feel the pain of that11:15
kwwiisince I am also responsible for ubuntu11:15
andreasnI guess I need to make someone write better code that isn't so sensitive to a couple of pixels11:16
lapoandreasn: isn't that code in gnome already fixed?11:18
andreasnI don't think it is11:18
andreasnbut I could be wrong11:18
andreasnmost stuff looks sharp to me though, so maybe it is11:19
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