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mhbevening folks12:17
Riddellmanchicken_: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/PlanetUbuntu12:18
manchicken_Riddell: Yeah, I figured it out.  I was missing the obvious :)12:19
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mhbfdoving: so I take it you played with kio-apt today?01:16
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nixternalRiddell: you gave me an idea with adding the stuff you did to the tribe 4 page. Would it be OK to add a "special thanks" section at the bottom to show off the people who work hard on bringing the Kubuntu releases to them?01:28
Riddellsounds great01:28
nixternalgroovy...I seen you give mention in there, so I figured it would be good to show off our stars as well :)01:28
mhbnixternal: arent we going to thank ourselves that way? :o)01:38
=== Riddell just read http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS6170488551.html
Riddella shame, but maybe it means I can go back to slagging off the guy :)01:41
mhbI thought ubuntu is using debian unstable packages01:43
nixternalwe are01:43
mhbnot experimental01:43
nixternalol' man Warren is somewhat clueless...a very cool guy though01:44
nixternallast I checked though, they didn't have developers really...I mean they literally took our packages, added some of their own, changed the artwork and did a :%s/Kubuntu/Mepis on everything01:45
Riddelland added w32codecs, that brings in most of their users I think01:51
Riddellmhb: this is the same person who thought it was ok for him not to ship source packages of GPL code01:52
pgquiles_Riddell: will this (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/125325) be fixed in gutsy?01:53
Riddellbug 12532501:54
Riddellno bug not?01:54
Riddellno bug bot?01:54
mhbpgquiles_: nixternal might know, he's the man whom the bug is assigned to01:56
pgquiles_mhb: true, I hadn't read the nickname for the assignee01:58
pgquiles_nixternal: :-)01:58
Riddellit's part of our policy to have a blank desktop on startup01:59
Riddellbetter documentation in the release notes of course is welcome01:59
Riddellor wherever else01:59
Riddellin my opinion, better documentation in the winfoss app is important01:59
mhbRiddell: one small offtopic question: is the .org domain forced on Kubuntu by Canonical because it is a mainly community project?02:01
mhbcommunity project = for the community by (mostly) you & the community :o)02:02
pgquiles_when I was on the plane back from Glasgow I gave a KUbuntu CD to an old woman (about 65) who was sitting next to me02:02
pgquiles_she was fed up with viruses02:02
pgquiles_so I assumed a KUbuntu CD would be useful to her02:02
Riddellmhb: because it's a non commercial project (ubuntu only uses .com because someone else has the .org, kubuntu.com does work though)02:03
pgquiles_but later I realized she would be scared when she boots her PC with KUbuntu and wonder what the hell happenned to her files02:03
Riddellpgquiles_: the U in Kubuntu is lower case02:03
pgquiles_the blank desktop is scary for those people02:03
Riddellpgquiles_: I'd suspect that people who know how to boot off a CD, know it shouldn't touch their files02:03
pgquiles_Riddell: I think you are wrong. Pretty much every computer boots from CD if you put a CD on the tray and most people do not even know what a live CD is or how it works.02:04
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pgquiles_I checked my hypothesis with my little sister and my girlfriend, btw02:05
Riddelltheir computers boot CDs by default?02:06
pgquiles_but even if their computers do not boot CDs by default, when people boot from CD and see a fully-useable operating system, they think Windows was automagically installed (meaning hard disk was formatted)02:07
mhbRiddell: I would say that from a marketing point of view, "kubuntu.com" sounds better than "kubuntu.org"02:08
nixternalOK, I seen something about a boog before I left to rejoin the new server02:08
pgquiles_that was actually my girlfriend's first reaction: "Kubuntu [lower case :-)]  installed without asking questions, what happenned to my stuff!?"02:08
nixternaland I lost all of my Bitlbee accounts...oops02:08
mhbRiddell: and I'd reckon that is the (current) reason for Ubuntu having a .com02:08
Riddellmhb: I diagree, and it's certainly not the reason for ubuntu using .com02:09
Riddellnixternal: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/12532502:09
nixternalahh, what about that now?02:10
Riddellpgquiles_: if we had a decent "about kubuntu" document, I suspect I'd be open to having a link to it on the desktop02:10
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nixternalRiddell: we used to do that with the Release Notes02:10
Riddellof course sabdfl might overrule :)02:10
Riddellwe did?02:10
mhbRiddell: what makes you disagree?02:10
nixternalya, we stopped it after Dapper iirc02:11
nixternalat least I thought we did...at least an icon on the desktop for a Readme/Release Notes02:11
Riddellmhb: large swathes of internal discussion on no-name-yet's wiki about whether they should still go with ubuntu even if the .org was unavailable02:11
nixternalthere is the link in the Ubiquity02:11
nixternalplus, those release notes do not get written until the very end02:11
nixternala couple of days prior to string freeze02:12
Riddellrelease notes aren't really what pgquiles_ is after, he wants a quick introdiction to what this kubuntu thing is doing02:12
mhbRiddell: sure, you're probably right about that, but what makes you think a .org is as good-sounding as a .com for the corporate world?02:12
nixternalahh, so he wants something a little more than documentation then02:12
pgquiles_something that calms down a newbie which no longer sees her files on the desktop02:12
Riddellbut About Kubuntu has remained unloved since it was written02:13
nixternalor we can create a document that does such and create an icon on the live cd desktop02:13
nixternalI could whip that up pretty much tonight possibly02:13
pgquiles_actually I think the same kind document should be added to Ubuntu and Xubuntu02:13
Riddellmhb: it's not, but non commercial contributors will always be more important to us02:13
nixternalgood luck there, well Xubuntu would be game, but Ubuntu more than likely wouldn't...trying to get anything new doc wise is one heck of a fight02:14
nixternaland then getting it to open up on the LiveCD...might need an army for that one :)02:14
mhbRiddell: sure, but they are important in the Ubuntu world as well and I heard nobody about the .com :o)02:15
nixternalbut I am definitely game to writing a simple doc that would do this that we could put up on a LiveCD02:15
nixternalRiddell: could we just do something for the LiveCD only instead of doing documentation? that way there we don't have to keep packaging the docs for such a task02:15
Riddellnixternal: it should be a re-write of About Kubuntu in my opinion02:15
mhbRiddell: my problem is (and don't take me wrong), that Kubuntu is not generating as much profit as Canonical would like and therefore C. is not expanding the Kubuntu division02:16
Riddellnixternal: it should be proper docs, otherwise we won't get translations02:16
nixternalRiddell: I could re-work About Kubuntu for this no problem02:16
nixternalhow about getting an icon on the desktop that would link to help:/kubuntu/about-kubuntu?02:16
nixternalfor the LiveCD that is?02:17
Riddellnixternal: but have two versions, normal and about-kubuntu-live which has a paragraph at the start saying "this is a live CD"02:17
Riddellthat's what we'd link to from the desktop02:17
nixternalI will start that here in a bit then02:17
nixternalI will get that done..do some doc updates, and have a package ready for you this weekend if that is cool?02:17
pgquiles_nixternal: great, thank you02:18
Riddellmhb: what makes you think Ubuntu is generating as much profit as Canonical would like? :)02:18
mhbRiddell: it also does not02:18
nixternalhehe, they aren't just yet..that is why sabdfl is out pimping his arse off right now02:18
mhbRiddell: but I know that Kubuntu is generating way less than Ubuntu02:18
mhbRiddell: and I'd like to change that, because I want Canonical to stay interested in KDE02:19
Riddelldepends on how you add it up, most people with money are interested in server and mobile02:19
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Riddellwe have rollouts in georgia, canary islands, french parliament, I don't know of equivalent ubuntu rollouts although I guess there are some02:20
nixternalyou beat me to it02:20
=== Tm_T beats nixternal
nixternalRiddell: haha, and remember them trying to say Ubuntu in the Fridge article? :)02:20
Tm_Tyou are beaten02:20
RiddellI even get recognised in the street by people saying "you do kubuntu, we use that", I've never had that for ubuntu :)02:21
nixternalI am always beaten02:21
mhbRiddell: all true, yet still, there is one great Kubuntu dev who has to do all the stuff from release management to packaging to coding02:21
Tm_TRiddell <302:21
=== Tm_T hides
nixternalI get recognized in the streets too, but then I have to run in order to avoid getting beat up :)02:21
mhbRiddell: and Ubuntu has many of (not as) great devs in many areas, so there's several folks who do release management, some who do feature coding, some do technical board...02:22
mhb(they're great guys, I was just kidding :o)02:22
Riddellthey do put more resources into Ubuntu Gnome of course, but they don't have the money to put the same resources into two desktops so they picked one and had pretty good reasons to do so02:24
nixternalmhb: hahaha, "not as" that was good! plus we all get paid to work on Kubuntu don't we? Or have I been waiting for the check Riddell sent me to finally get here? I was wondering why I haven't gotten it in the past year. I was starting to think he paid someone to swim it to Chicago :)02:24
Riddellactually mhb does get paid to work on Kubuntu :)02:24
=== Tm_T is well paid
nixternaloh wait, I got a cookie the other day, so that makes me a paid dev right? :D02:24
Tm_Tnixternal: yes02:24
Tm_TI'm also paid developer, by social service02:25
nixternalhaha, I am going to use that in my KDE 4 talk on Saturday02:25
Riddellas does tonio and in theory imbrandon.  I don't know of any ubuntu equivalents to them02:25
nixternalI will have my name up there, and then "Paid Kubuntu Developer"...then at the end, I will show my payment..a Kubuntu cookie!02:25
Tm_Tnixternal: (:02:26
Riddellnixternal: there will be lots of free cookies at UDS I'm sure02:26
mhbI am aware that we are a pretty good distro and I am also aware that Ubuntu had to pick one ... but if we (the community) manage to sell some more support for Kubuntu, Canonical would invest more into Kubuntu02:26
nixternalmmm cookies02:26
nixternal   pretty good? heck we are the bestest..but I get your point, and it makes sense to me as well...with that, did the French Parliament and others get a support contract at all with Canonical on those rollouts?02:28
Riddelldunno, would need to ask tonio02:28
nixternaland truthfully, most of the Ubuntu support is for the server isn't it? and not so much a GUI'fied release?02:28
Riddellyes, almost all except google02:29
nixternalOK, I didn't want to call out names :)02:29
nixternalya, Google has a large contract, but that is a mixture of both Ubuntu and Kubuntu02:29
nixternalthe Chicago Engineering office is all Kubuntu02:29
Riddellit is yes02:29
Riddellhow do you know?02:30
nixternalthey are a small group02:30
nixternalBen Sussman, the King of SVN02:30
nixternalwe hang out with them guys all of the time02:30
Tm_Tso that's how they got forced to use Kubuntu...02:30
nixternalBen and his gang show up to all of our events02:30
nixternalwell, truthfully, if you ever check out a LUG event in Chicago, you will see Foresight and Xubuntu02:30
nixternalXubuntu is probably on a majority of the machines02:31
Tm_T"Chicago Kubuntu mafia strikes again, use it, or die without it..."02:31
nixternalyou know it...there are a few of us holding down the KDE scene02:31
nixternalwe had power behind manchicken|away, but he decided to head south a couple of hours02:31
mhbby the way, did anyone notice my very silly proposal about the quicklauncher icons?02:31
mhbactually it was a bugreport, because I wanted to get it INVALID once and for all :o)02:32
Riddellmhb: yes, briefly, I've not read all the way through it yet02:33
RiddellI'm not convinced its a real problem02:33
Riddellalthough it's something I hadn't considered at all until I read the bug report02:33
mhbRiddell: I'm not convinced either, but I think a "tray icon" concept is quite complicated for a newcomer to computers and we shouldn't make it harder for them02:35
mhbRiddell: it's not really a grave problem, and if I'll see that I'm the only one seeing a potential bug here, I'll be happy to invalid it02:39
RiddellI'll read it properly when I get a moment02:39
Riddellbut not tonight, I'm done testing CDs and off to bed02:39
Riddellremember: you too can test tribe 4 candidate CDs! https://iso.qa.stgraber.org02:39
mhbI'll check my FUP quota02:39
mhb(if I download too much, they cut my bandwidth)02:40
Riddellrsync is your friend02:40
mhbindeed, but won't the iso structure change completely after multiple changes (like tribe3 -> tribe4) ?02:41
Riddellguess so02:42
mhbthank you.02:46
mhbRiddell: sleep well!02:46
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nixternalhow do we have OO.o 2.3 when OO.o's website doesn't even list it?06:27
nixternalahh, nevermind, it is an SVN snapshot of 2.306:31
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ScottKAt least the splash screen is different so I could tell (since all I got to see).06:33
nixternalScottK: haha, and JR put that in the notes for me to work out. I think how I worded the OO.o section is good, and I am including a screenshot of that splash screen in all of its glory :)06:38
=== ScottK looks
=== apachelogger_ [n=me@N825P024.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ScottKnixternal: OOO isn't broken for Ubuntu anymore, just us.06:41
nixternaloh really?06:41
nixternalOK, I will fix that then06:41
nixternalhow is it just broken for us now?06:42
ScottKThat's a really good question.06:42
ScottKEveryone was SURE adding openoffice-gtk to Kubuntu would fix it, but it appears no one actually checked.06:42
ScottKWhen I "gently mentioned it" on #ubuntu-devel, calc was quite suprised.06:43
ScottKAnd why was everyone sure ...06:43
ScottKWait for it ...06:43
ScottKThey'd read on some forums somewhere that adding it fixed it for other KDE users.06:44
nixternalsodium looks like a crack dealers treasure chest06:59
robotgeeknixternal: linux, on crack?06:59
=== robotgeek svns up on kubuntu docs svn, fill fix typos today
robotgeekhah, there is a get-pot.sh file in the kubuntu docs folder07:03
nixternalyou gotta love that07:03
robotgeekdamn, i knew i should have wiki'd the aspell foo i was using 6 months ago. back to work (sigh)07:05
robotgeeknixternal: i was just looking through the built documentation, and there seems to be no way to get back to the main page/index without hitting the back button?07:26
nixternalKubuntu release notes for Tribe 4 ready for review!07:31
nixternalrobotgeek: ya, I know that...I don't know how to fix that w/o editing the KDE xsl07:31
robotgeeknixternal: okay, hopefully in about 10 minutes, i will remember my password to commit :)07:36
robotgeeknixternal: are we following 80 columns width? (my vim settings have foobared!)07:45
nixternalI always do, it makes it easier to follow...I use Kate pretty much for documentation now07:45
robotgeeknixternal: how do i get kate to wrap to 80 columns?07:48
nixternallet me check07:49
nixternalunder settings, goto editing07:49
nixternalenable static word wrap, set it to 8007:49
robotgeekokay, i get a bar. which is good.07:49
nixternalI add the marker as well. that way I know where abouts I am all of the time07:49
robotgeekit doesn't autoformat?07:50
robotgeekokay, it was just a small para, so i did it manually!07:50
robotgeekthanks anyways07:50
nixternalI thought it did07:51
nixternalguess not07:51
robotgeeki had already typed it up, i can't give up vim's nice xml thingies07:51
robotgeekit adds the closing tag automatically07:51
nixternalya, if I am doing small edits, I use Vim or Emacs07:52
nixternalwhatever my fingers feel like typing really07:52
robotgeekokay, figured out how to do it in vim :)07:53
robotgeeknixternal: one more thing, how do i link to digikam documentation. just khelp:/digikam?07:55
robotgeeki think digikam docs are not installed by default too07:55
nixternal<ulink type="help" url="help:/digikam">foo</ulink>07:56
ScottKIIRC they are in universe07:56
robotgeekthanks guys07:57
nixternalwow, they are..that is silly07:58
ScottKPretty safe bet they aren't installed by default.07:58
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nixternalrobotgeek: so you might want to tell them they need to install the digiKam documentation07:59
robotgeekyup, adding that in07:59
nixternalI am checking now though to see if they are installed by default07:59
robotgeeknope, universe08:01
nixternalya, why I even wanted to check after I just said that is beyond me08:01
nixternallong day I guess08:01
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robotgeekthe weird part is kipi-plugins doc is installed by default08:06
nixternalScottK: for the record, openoffice.org-gtk does not fix the problem :)08:10
nixternaland OO.o is still broken in my Ubuntu vhost08:10
nixternalrobotgeek: ya, why kipi-plugins-doc and not digikam is a little odd08:13
nixternalRiddell: when you are up and around, care to explain why digikam-docs are in universe and not main? especially over kipi-plugin-docs08:13
danimo_huh? since when is there a "kde plugin assistant" in konq?08:14
nixternalfor a while I believe08:14
danimo_nixternal: I've never seen it working though08:15
nixternalme either...I was going to say that, but wasn't 100% sure about it08:15
robotgeekdoes it handle the flash thingie, cause something installed it automatically for me :)08:15
nixternalit used to, because I remember taking a screenshot of it for Feisty release notes08:16
robotgeekyes, it did for feisty for me. it was sweet!08:16
=== robotgeek wonders if he should go ahead and install kde4 beta on his rock solid machine.
nixternalya, just setup a .desktop file for it08:25
nixternalit is actually fairly decent08:25
nixternaldon't run it in vmware or such, it constantly crashes08:25
robotgeekwell, i dont have multiple cores, so i am not going to attempt that08:25
nixternalya, I just found out with vbox you can set it up to use any amount of cores that you have available08:26
danimo_grml, soffice in feisty is totally broken :(08:29
danimo_ah, as mentioned above...08:30
danimo_why can't dell send their offers as PDF? :(08:30
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Hobbseemorning _StefanS_09:08
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_StefanS_hey hobbs09:08
_StefanS_cant remember how you grep after stuff containing - in bash... anyone?09:12
_StefanS_\- ?09:12
Hobbsee_StefanS_: grep -R - * ?09:13
_StefanS_uhm seems like \\- works..09:13
_StefanS_always forget about it09:13
stdingrep -- - works too09:15
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_StefanS_stdin: thanks :) got it working now09:20
_StefanS_Hobbsee: do you know what happened to that kdesudo thingy?09:31
_StefanS_Hobbsee: things kinda went quiet it seems..09:31
Hobbsee_StefanS_: is waiting to be promoted, the MIR reviewed09:32
_StefanS_Hobbsee: oh great :)09:32
Hobbseenixternal: ping09:59
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nixternalyo yo10:26
nixternalthunder woke me up, so I decided to see what was going on10:26
nixternaloh Hobbsee, you ping me?10:27
nixternalOK, me beds again, see ya in a bit10:39
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Hobbseenixternal: yes11:09
Hobbseenixternal: release notes11:09
faboRiddell: since Qt4.3, i started to add qt-copy patches. i don't know if -kdecopy is needed anymore ...11:12
faboQt4.3.1 is ready, i plan to do the upload soon.11:13
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johannesNeu hi guys! can someone help me - got my kubuntu gutsy with kd4-development snapshot3 - want to develop for kde4 now ... don't now which directories & stuff i should use11:25
_StefanS_johannesNeu: maybe you should start here http://techbase.kde.org/Development/Architecture11:29
_StefanS_johannesNeu: also install kdevelop and qt4-designer, qt4-doc, qt4-dev-tools11:30
_StefanS_johannesNeu: ask for stuff in #kde related to kde411:30
johannesNeu_StefanS_ danke :)11:33
_StefanS_johannesNeu: kein problem11:33
Riddellfabo: did you update the copyright file in 4.3.1?11:48
faboRiddell: yes11:49
faboi'll probably update qt-copy svn today too11:50
RiddellI'll probably delete -kdecopy at some point when I work out how to delete packages, it was from when kde 4 needed unstable qt but hopefully that won't be the case any more11:52
fabosometimes there are some glitches introduced but lubos and zack are reactive :)11:53
Riddell_Sime: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgnome/+bug/11874511:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 118745 in libgnome "Font sizes in Gutsy are vulnerable to bad X.org DPI detection" [Medium,In progress] 11:58
Riddellthey dropped their dpi setting, and now madness doth ensue11:58
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_StefanS_Riddell: and subpixel hinting is still not enabled in ubuntu...12:41
Hobbseehiya mhb12:43
mhbis there still time to test candidates?12:44
Hobbseemhb: yes12:45
Riddell_StefanS_: talked to bryce about that?12:46
_StefanS_Riddell: nope12:46
_StefanS_Riddell: doing that now12:46
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nosrednaekimmhb: hey, how is the restricted-manager soming along?03:41
Hobbseeit's in03:42
nosrednaekimits in? so its going to be in the next Tribe?03:42
Hobbseeit's installed by default now03:43
nosrednaekimsweet! good job mhb!03:43
mhbnosrednaekim: thanks ... get it and start reporting bugs :o)03:44
nosrednaekimok,I will, when I go back over to my gutsy partition.03:46
nosrednaekimHey, I just read that ubuntu will have the tracker search tool by default. What is kubuntu going use?04:00
Hobbseestrigi, iirc04:01
nosrednaekimisn't that KDE4?04:01
Riddellno, it's desktop independent04:03
Riddelland 0.5.5 seems to actually not be entirely broken04:03
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nosrednaekimoh, ok.04:05
nosrednaekimYou guys really should have a blog or something detailing whats going on with kubuntu development.04:05
mhbnosrednaekim: like dot.kubuntu.org or something?04:06
nosrednaekimyeah... something like that. KDE's generates great publicity04:07
mhbnosrednaekim: I am sure we could set something like that up, but we'd need editors04:07
nosrednaekimI would do it.04:07
jjessehave you read the release notes on the wiki?04:08
jjessenixternal does a great job keeping those for each release, including the different alphas04:09
nosrednaekimoh yes, they are very nice.04:09
jjessewould that help you stay "current" on development or you looking for more?04:10
=== DaSkreech [n=skreech@katapult/ninja/daskreech] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nosrednaekimi'm not worried about keeping myself current on development. I just thought it would be good to have a sort of blog that tells about what it going on within the project.04:11
Riddellwe do have individual blogs04:12
DaSkreechSorry ..04:12
nosrednaekimRiddell: where?04:13
Hobbseeon planet ubutnu04:13
Hobbseeer, ubuntu04:13
nosrednaekimah ok, never knew that existed :)04:20
mhbnosrednaekim: there's not much about Kubuntu usually04:21
nosrednaekimyeah... I noticed that.04:21
mhbactually, I don't consider nosrednaekim's proposal that bad. With our plans to redesign and reshape the content, we could also expand the current "Kubuntu News" to more than just official announcements04:22
nosrednaekimit could be a place to review new applications and such.04:23
mhbwe could post just anything interesting about Kubuntu, like simple articles about applications, or news from the Kubuntu front and so on04:23
jjesse+1 to mhb04:23
nosrednaekimyeah, thats what I was thinking.04:23
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jjessehiya bddebian04:30
bddebianHi jjesse04:30
DaSkreechAnyone uses Krecipes?04:35
DaSkreechHey jjesse04:36
nosrednaekimDaSkreech: yep04:36
nosrednaekima little04:36
nosrednaekimformy mom04:36
DaSkreechIt seems to not have any documentation in Feisty04:36
nosrednaekimI never noticed ;)04:36
DaSkreechI remember reading through the help file in Edgy04:36
jjessehiya DaSkreech04:37
DaSkreechThere seem to be quite a few apps in Kubuntu that ship with no help04:37
DaSkreechWhich is not helpful :(04:37
nosrednaekimbut is that a problem with Krecipes or with kubuntu?04:38
nosrednaekimI mean, does documentation exist?04:38
jjessetrhen join #kde-docs and start writing the odcumentation :)04:38
DaSkreechnosrednaekim: I remember reading through it when I downloaded it04:40
DaSkreechInteresting programs I normally install it, setup katapult to see it, open it then press F1 to see if it reveals any secrets to me04:41
DaSkreechKmymoney2 ftbcb!04:44
nosrednaekimI have to go all, I hope the blog thing works out, I think it would be helpful.04:44
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nixternalgood mornin'05:21
Riddellmorning nixternal, thanks for another great tribe page05:21
DaSkreechreading it now05:22
nixternalno prob05:27
=== Lure [n=lure@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbnixternal: yeah, thanks for that05:30
DaSkreechnixternal: OMG05:31
mhbnixternal: also thanks for the cookie :o)05:31
DaSkreechthe write up for OO.o is hilarious05:31
nixternalya, I had to put a little fun in there to spice up OO.o for the time being :)05:32
nixternalmhb: you deserved that cookie big time :)05:32
DaSkreechMMM Qt 4.4 looks nice05:33
DaSkreechRiddell: Is edubuntu-desktop-kde eventually supposed to be a replacement for edubuntu-desktop ?05:34
mhbDaSkreech: no05:34
DaSkreechmhb: Never?05:35
Riddellit's an equivalent package05:35
Riddellit's unlikely to replace it, since ogra seems to still prefer the other desktop05:35
DaSkreechit installs all the apps that edubuntu-desktop does ?05:35
DaSkreechOh yes of course but power is in the hands of the user :)05:36
mhbDaSkreech: I would say it will stay that way as long as Ubuntu will prefer GNOME05:37
DaSkreechmhb: Yeah. I don't care about defaults :)05:37
DaSkreechI care that if I install edubuntu-dsektop-kde I will get all the edubuntu apps on a KDE desktop05:37
DaSkreechMaybe someday with a nice Kids theme05:37
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mhbnixternal: I disagree with that, you are the one that deserves cookies way more than me05:41
mhbnixternal: you spend your own free time doing documentation, Tribe news, and so on05:42
nixternalwhy thank you :)05:42
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nixternalAlright everyone, time for my tribal speech...Good work everybody with this latest release. Granted nspluginwrapper/viewer and OO.o is broken, but we do have a beautiful splash screen :) Here is to all of the Kubuntu devs and for those who made Tribe 4 possible!05:48
ScottKYeah Hah!05:52
ScottKoops, that's the US Western meme, not the Tribal meme ;-)05:52
mhbDoes anyone know whether Fedora had made any Fast User Switching applets for KDE?05:54
nixternalmhb: I didn't notice any...their KDE is nothing more than KDE with the same icons from Red Hat in the 90's...I was upset they talked it up so much and I feel didn't do KDE justice05:55
nixternalI was hoping for something better from them05:55
nixternalI wonder when Fedora in general will wake up and realize they are not Red Hat and their icons are oogly :)05:55
nixternalit is quite fast though, just doesn't feel user friendly that much to me05:56
mhbnixternal: have they created the ISO spin yet?05:56
nixternalthe next KDE implementation I can't wait to see is Foresight05:56
nixternalmhb: they did have a LiveCD for KDE at one time, err DVD that is05:56
mhbnixternal: I wanted to test fedora 7 the other day, but there was not even a simple way to download a KDE install iso05:57
nixternalI think it is all apart of their 4308430 CD bundle05:57
nixternalthere used to be the KDE dvd, but I don't know what they did with it05:57
nixternalUbuntu Restaurant and Yoga Studio, a vegetarian eatery and yoga studio, plans to open for dinner Aug. 20.05:58
nixternaloh wow, that is a non-community type person right there06:00
mhbI would so like to see the Tribe4 GNOME features in KDE soon-ish06:10
mhbthe deskbar applet, fast user switching, no flicker when logging out...06:14
DaSkreechIsn't that like Katapult?06:14
mhbDaSkreech: it looks like spotlight to me06:14
DaSkreechWell with Multiple hits06:15
DaSkreech katapult still needs to get that sorted06:15
mhbDaSkreech: I don't use katapult because when I input "Firefox" it offers me "Firefox news" bookmark06:15
mhbDaSkreech: which is what spotlight seems to avoid, and deskbar applet too06:15
DaSkreechmhb: I used to type web since that brought up Firefox web browser06:16
DaSkreechmhb: apparently you can type any unique section06:16
DaSkreechSaves loads of time with OO.o apps06:16
DaSkreechbut eventually I just turned off the bookmarks plugin since I have never and probably will never call a bookmark from katapult06:17
DaSkreechmhb: Which makes it a) faster and b) much less annoying to use06:17
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mhbDaSkreech: isn't katapult going to be "made obsolete" by krunner?06:27
DaSkreechmhb: Hopefully not06:28
mhbDaSkreech: I am afraid it will be.06:28
DaSkreechKrunner can maybe replace some of the things that katpult is currently doing but katapult can be made to be much more :)06:28
DaSkreechmhb: Probably for casual users06:28
mhbDaSkreech: which could mean disabling it in Kubuntu in the end06:30
mhbhaving two apps do the same thing is not really the Kubuntu install CD way06:30
RiddellDaSkreech: why do you hope not?06:32
DaSkreechRiddell: Cause I hope that katapult will progress and find a position for itself06:33
DaSkreechIt may be for advanced users in which case krunner wil be sufficent for the needs of most06:33
DaSkreechpertty much like Konsole and yakuake06:33
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Riddellanything that needs you to type an application name is for advanced users06:34
RiddellI don't really need why katapult and krunner should be any different06:34
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bddebianHey folks, it appears that okular has been removed from Debian and has unmet deps in Gutsy.  Should it be removed?06:42
bddebianHi nixternal06:43
nixternalwasabi bddebian...where have you been hiding?06:43
bddebianRL work :'-(06:43
nixternalnot a valid excuse, but OK :)06:43
bddebianTell my bosses that will ya? ;-P06:44
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bddebianSo, anyone care about okular?06:53
Hobbseebddebian: vaguley.  it's kde4 stuff06:53
bddebianAye but it was dropped from Debian06:53
nixternalRiddell: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MainInclusionKvKbd07:07
nixternalI am updating kvkbd right now to 0.4.507:07
nixternalhe included the one-button/button repeat/macros and has resizable fonts now07:07
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Riddellnixternal: oh, interesting07:10
nixternalhe is quick :)07:10
=== duloup_ [n=duloup@ABordeaux-253-1-76-220.w83-200.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalkvkbd 0.4.5 update complete and uploaded07:25
mhbRiddell: well, if nothing else, at least I help the author of onboard to clean up his code :o)07:30
RadiantFirerandom question, were there every any plans to add a Roaming checkbox to knetworkconf?07:32
mhbRiddell: but if I should abandon onboard-qt, tell me07:47
nixternalmhb: I don't think you should, option/choice is good in this situation.07:49
nixternalunless you feel that onboard-qt wouldn't be as powerful of course..but you could always make it more powerful right :)07:50
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mhbnixternal: well, I prefer making a good app greater than creating a separate app which does the same thing07:53
nixternalwhich is better in your opinion between kvkbd and onboard?07:54
mhbnixternal: onboard has some features that kvkbd doesn't, also I prefer to have apps that share a common core, whereas kvkbd a single purpose app with no interest in portability07:56
nixternalif onboard would be the better solution, then I would say go for it07:56
ScottKArghh.  You can add sourceforge to the list of sites that can cause Konqueror to freeze.07:59
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mhbnixternal: yeah, what troubles me is that I can't reuse kvkbd's code and vice versa08:02
mhbnixternal: I really hate the situations when someone does the app, then another guy comes, recreates the same thing and gets all the credit because of his power to push his own implementation08:03
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=== DaSkreech falls off his chair at nixternal's boo
DaSkreechbddebian: Why?08:07
bddebianDaSkreech: Why what?08:07
DaSkreechDid it get dropped08:07
bddebianOh, probably because it was never in Debian.. Duh :-)08:10
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bddebianWas libgs-esp8 replaced with libgs8 ?08:17
Riddellanyone want to do a library transition on openbabel?08:17
Riddellbddebian: yes, gs-esp has been merged into gs08:17
Riddelland the library followed08:17
bddebianAh, thx, I think that's okular's problem08:17
Riddellokular should pick up libgs8 fine?08:18
jjesselooks like open office is still giving problems in tribe 4?08:18
bddebianMay just need a rebuild08:18
Riddelljjesse: yes08:18
Riddelljjesse: you can tell because we have two complaints here, despite the warning at the top https://wiki.kubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/Tribe4/Kubuntu/Feedback08:18
bddebianAre we supposed to just throw up another version to pick up newer libraries?  I think both of oculars (libpoppler1-qt4 and libgs-esp8) unmet deps would get fixed on a rebuild08:22
bddebianRiddell: What's needed for openbabel?08:29
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jonathan__did nixternal mark that on release notes?08:31
=== jonathan__ is now known as jjesse
nixternalof course :)08:31
=== bddebian crawls back under his rock
jjessethe wireless sucks today at work, keep dropping off and on08:32
nixternalRiddell: we have a kdelibs4-dev issue on amd64 builds right now it seems08:34
nixternalin the buildd that is08:34
=== ScottK notes the lpia buildd is building stuff and wondering how much fun that's going to be first time through.
Riddellnixternal: what's the issue?08:35
RiddellScottK: building anything in paticular?08:35
nixternalfor PPC as well08:35
nixternalRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/33164/08:36
ScottKWell it looks to me like it's working it's way through the entire archive for an initial build for that arch.08:36
DaSkreechjjesse: wouldn't know :( Gutsy killed my Wireless :-(08:36
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ScottKDaSkreech: What bug?08:37
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jeroenvrpadept_manager: Unknown option '--dist-upgrade-devel'.11:29
jeroenvrpusing a up to date feisty11:29
jeroenvrphow to update to gutsy?11:29
DaSkreechjeroenvrp: I was really confused about that11:40
DaSkreechnixternal: can I get a confirmation on that11:40
jeroenvrpDaSkreech: it is on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/Tribe4/Kubuntu11:40
jeroenvrpso why doesnt work11:40
DaSkreechjeroenvrp: I know.11:41
DaSkreechI meant to ask about it :)11:41
jeroenvrpok :-)11:41
Riddelljeroenvrp: in feisty it's --version-upgrade or similar11:41
Riddelljust like it says on that wiki page11:42
jeroenvrpRiddell: prior stable release11:43
jeroenvrpmmm, ok that was not clear for me11:43
jeroenvrplet me try11:43
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jeroenvrpRiddell: ok thanks; maybe it's an idea to mention how to it with feisty on that wiki-page also11:46
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jhutchinsDang, I need to make note of who runs the bot.11:46
jhutchinsfdoving: ping?11:46
Riddelljeroenvrp: it's a wiki, edit!11:46
Tm_Tjhutchins: seveas, and he's off11:47
jeroenvrpoh can I11:47
jeroenvrplets see11:47
Tm_Tjhutchins: bot issues at #ubuntu-ops ;)11:47
jhutchinsTm_T: Tnx.11:47
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DaSkreechnixternal: The Wiki page says --dist-upgrade-devel11:50
jeroenvrpRiddell: it's now: "...simply press Alt + F2 and type kdesu "adept_manager --version-upgrade" if you are running Feisty (7.04) and kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel" for older releases."11:50
Riddelljeroenvrp: that's wrong, --dist-upgrade-devel is for latest gutsy11:52
jeroenvrpbut, is updating gutsy not just updating daily with the normal update procedure11:53
Riddellnot if you do it this way :)11:53
jeroenvrpRiddell: so I won't be able to daily update when I update with adept_manager --version-upgrade11:54
Riddellsure, do whatever you want11:55
Riddellbut if you want to use the dist upgrade tool, --dist-upgrade-devel is the way to do it in gutsy11:55
jeroenvrpRiddell: well, when people have a gutsy prerelease, they will see verery morning the update-notification, so they will use that I guess11:56
Riddellyes, they can do that too11:56
DaSkreechRiddell: Sorry about this but I wasn't clear before edubuntu-desktop-kde will give me all the apps that edubuntu-desktop will? or is it just KDE-edu?11:57
RiddellDaSkreech: yes, it includes the same educational apps11:58
jeroenvrpRiddell: "and kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel" if you already run a pre-release of Gutsy."11:59
Riddelljeroenvrp: good enough11:59
jeroenvrpok great11:59
DaSkreechRiddell: Sweet I'll roll this out on half of the machines a the school we run on edubuntu12:00
DaSkreechsee what the students say12:00
RiddellDaSkreech: well, it's entirely untested :)12:01
DaSkreechRiddell: Even better :)12:01
DaSkreechNothign like feedback from the mouth of babes12:02
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