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oldmanstanj1mc: any suggestions on what i should work on next in the xubuntu docs now that printing has made progress?01:07
oldmanstanapplications.xml needs updating it would seem, at least for gutsy since gaim is pidgin now01:09
fijam_oldmanstan, have a look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Documentation/Assignments01:20
fijam_pick one and start digging, if in doubt email either j1mc, Admiral_Chicaco, me or ubuntu-doc01:21
fijam_it's 1AM here and I feel rather sleepy. see you.01:22
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oldmanstanin the office.xml doc do we want to mention stuff like the fact that gnome office may run faster than OOo?02:54
nixternalsounds like a personal opinion02:56
oldmanstanhaha, a personal opinion with a wealth of anecdotal evidence, but yes, a personal opinion02:57
oldmanstani wasn't suggesting stating it as a fact though, only as a suggestion, sorta like how xubuntu itself is suggested for people with low-end hardware02:58
nixternalmaking it a suggestion makes the documentation feel personalized..we don't want that02:58
nixternalI am currently going through a ton of KDE docs where developers thought they could document02:58
nixternalI am seeing documents with :), LOL, HAHA, and what else in it02:59
nixternaland don't use "I"02:59
oldmanstanok, so we're aiming professional, that's cool, just a curiosity02:59
oldmanstananother question: are we leaving the "add application" links? they don't seem to work03:02
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oldmanstanj1mc: thunder was just to make it shorter, some of the others are shortened like that, should i change them? or is short ok?04:00
=== oldmanstan reminds himself that tab completes nicks, enter sends messages
Admiral_laptopoldmanstan: whats the question04:03
oldmanstanthe most recent one was about a patch, i made a section id "thunder" instead of "thunderbird" b/c it was shorter04:07
oldmanstansome of the others in the doc already were like this, i wanted to see if i should change all of them04:08
oldmanstanthe question before that was whether we should leave "add application" links in the docs, when i open them in yelp the links dont work so i wasn't sure if maybe they only worked in ubuntu or something04:09
Admiral_laptopchange all of them04:10
Admiral_laptopoldmanstan: its a problem with the linking i think04:10
Admiral_laptopi'll have to look at it a bit more some other time04:10
oldmanstanok, i'll just leave them for now then04:11
oldmanstanrather than possibly reinventing the wheel04:11
oldmanstani'll change the ids though04:11
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Admiral_laptophiya jjesse04:12
jjessehiya Admiral_laptop04:15
Admiral_laptopoldmanstan: looks like a question for the doc lit04:19
Admiral_laptoplike we need more email in our boxes...04:19
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bodhizazenIs this the channel to send folks interested in the mentoring program ?05:21
Admiral_laptopthis is the perfect channel for that bodhizazen05:21
bodhizazenOK I may make a few referrals ...05:22
bodhizazenI am also interested, but I am too pressed for time at the moment ...05:22
bodhizazenDo you have a quick link for the program ? I know I saw it, but I did not book mark it :(05:23
Admiral_laptopi don't...sorry05:24
bodhizazenOK, I can find ...05:24
bodhizazenIt is impressive to see the interest in the program \o/05:25
Admiral_laptopme too05:25
Admiral_laptopit was nuts05:25
bodhizazenI think it is a good idea :05:26
bodhizazen1. There is an interest on the forums, but there is a learning curve to wiki05:27
bodhizazen2. good to build a core of reliable people in order to divide and conquer the material ...05:27
Admiral_laptopyea we have a lot of people looking at the docs now. we need to have people assigned to specific tasks05:33
Admiral_laptopthe wikis need a lot of love too05:33
bodhizazenYea, I am giving a few wiki pages a little love ...05:35
bodhizazenI have my eye on the grub page, I would like to add some simplified information near the top, a "quick fix" kind of thing as I think the document intimidates new users05:37
Admiral_laptopbodhizazen: you mean grub pages05:44
Admiral_laptopthere are like a 6 of them, i just looked at them today05:44
bodhizazenI was thinking of the restore grub after windows page ...05:44
bodhizazensorry about that ...05:44
Admiral_laptopi know, but a lot of them have the same info05:45
bodhizazenI would respectfully suggest the restore grub after windows page be simplified, moving some of that information on that page to other or pages or more advanced grub pages, but that is just me05:47
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Admiral_laptopi agree05:52
j1mcoldmanstan: sorry, i was away06:03
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bodhizazenOK, I added a "quick start" section to this grub page : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows06:41
robotgeekbodhizazen: good work, could you maybe add a sentence or two explaining that it is okay to overwrite your windows boot loader?06:47
bodhizazensure, np06:48
bodhizazenthank you for reviewing my work06:48
robotgeekbodhizazen: i was scared for a second after reading that, it took me a second or two to realize that it is okay!06:48
=== bodhizazen rests the urge to incite world domination wahahahaha
bodhizazenBetter now ?06:56
=== j1mc is now known as j1mc|ZzzZzz
robotgeekwell, typos seem to be a lost cause. i have been theu 2 documents, and not one error.07:23
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: robotgeek * r4217 kubuntu/musicvideophotos/C/musicvideophotos.xml: Added digikam section08:11
robotgeekwell, ty CIA-3208:11
robotgeekwohoo, my last commit was on Wed, 13 Sep 2006. Almost a year. It is good to be back!08:15
nixternaland it is even better for me that you are back :)08:17
=== robotgeek reads https://wiki.kubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/Tribe4/Kubuntu
robotgeekyou posted in -devel :)08:17
nixternaland jjesse as well, although he was busy for Feisty with the book, and I seem to have gotten him addicted to working with KDE now08:17
nixternalthese people are all Gnome'ites, that's why08:17
robotgeeki try to use gnome from time to time, but i always end up coming back to kde.08:18
robotgeeki'm pushing my work place to do new developments in qt4 and python (we'll probably buy a license)08:18
nixternalsweet...but to buy a license means you aren't doing the open source thing :)08:19
robotgeeknixternal: well, our customers get the code if you buy the 90K machine that goes with it08:19
nixternalholy smokes08:19
robotgeekmy company builds testers, and I write almost all of the code on it. from firmware to gui08:20
robotgeeki make it a point to give them the code (it is mostly written in Labview)08:21
robotgeekthey usually dont care08:21
robotgeeknixternal: well, the release notes seem nice. thanks!08:25
nixternalwhy thank you08:25
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robotgeeki have moved 5 people in my workplace including the company president to Firefox and Thunderbird.08:26
nixternalKonqi and Kontact! :)08:26
nixternalalthough, if you use IMAP, stay away from Kontact/KMail08:27
robotgeekwell, it is still a windows only shop mostly. and doing tech support takes time away from "real" projects08:27
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tckis there anyone in charge or canonical website bugs?06:00
nixternalMatthew Nuzum is his name...06:03
tckso all bugs get assigned to him ?06:06
nixternalif they are website bugs they do06:21
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LaserJockanybody running Ubuntu gutsy?06:44
=== popey is now known as pebkac
pebkacyes LaserJock06:57
LaserJockcan you load up Gnome Help?06:58
pebkacwhat? system --> help and support  ?06:58
pebkacfails to start06:58
=== pebkac is now known as popey
popeymanually starting yelp works06:59
LaserJockare you dist-upgraded?06:59
popeytakes an age06:59
popeylooks like trackerd is killing my system06:59
LaserJockwhat a mess07:00
popeyahh, it did start eventually07:00
popeyok, killing that, now System --> Help & Support works07:00
LaserJockk, that's about right07:00
LaserJocknow the main page07:00
LaserJockis it all Gnome stuff?07:01
popeyhow do you mean?07:01
LaserJocklike Gnome User Guide, etc.07:01
popeydesktop user guide07:01
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popeygnome 2.14 desktop accessibility guide07:01
LaserJockk, yep07:01
LaserJocktry to do a search07:01
=== popey searches for totem
popeyapport 100% cpu07:02
LaserJockhehe, it crashed?07:02
LaserJockok, one last thing07:02
LaserJocktry System-> About Ubuntu07:02
popeyone mo, sending report07:03
LaserJockheh, you actually use that thing? ;-)07:03
popeysomeone has to :)07:03
popeyah, already reported, good07:04
popeyright, System --> About ubuntu07:04
popeypage not found07:04
LaserJockok, thanks07:05
LaserJockthat confirms everything I've seen07:05
popeyno problem07:05
LaserJocki.e. Yelp has lost our front page modifications, segfaults on search, and can't find Ubuntu documentation (reason why the front page is messed up I imagine)07:06
popeybug 131284 i guess ?07:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131284 in ubuntu-docs "about ubuntu menu item results in page not found" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13128407:07
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CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r4218 kubuntu/musicvideophotos/C/musicvideophotos.xml:08:31
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: Add space after audacity08:31
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: LP: #13136608:31
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