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Burgundaviaanybody around?05:58
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Hobbseegreetings all09:59
juliuxhi Hobbsee 09:59
Hobbseejuliux: have you guys been asked to fix up https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyGibbon/Tribe4 yet? 09:59
juliuxHobbsee, i don't know10:00
juliuxi think there was something on the mailinglist10:00
Hobbseejuliux: okay, can you add stuff to there, and find others to help you out if required?10:01
juliuxi think everybody can add stuff there;)10:01
Hobbseejuliux: indeed.  hence, find the pile of "everybody" people, and get them to write please :)10:01
juliuxi am sorry i can't do it, i am busy at the moment with ubucon in germany10:02
Hobbseeah, darn.10:02
juliuxi have to search speakers10:02
juliuxand i have to found some sponsors10:02
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Hobbseehiya mrmonday 11:16
mrmondayhey Hobbsee 11:16
Hobbseeoh hooray, this doesnt blow up11:17
Hobbseemrmonday: i dont suppose your'e interested in helping write release notes?11:17
mrmondayrelease notes for what?11:17
Hobbseetribe 4 - gutsy11:17
mrmondaywould do...11:20
mrmondaybut I'm busy11:20
mrmondaygotta do 2 articles for full circle11:21
=== Hobbsee sighs
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gerr2juliux: i contacted dell for you but the lady is awat01:24
juliuxgerr2, ok01:46
juliuxgerr2, i will call them directly in germany, i found a dell communication manager and a pr manager01:47
juliuxgerr2, there is a replay from here;901:49
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gerr2juliux: i would go through whomever Caroline sets you up with 04:10
juliuxgerr2, yes i found a phone number from the pr men for germany04:10
juliuxgerr2, i think i will call him in the next days04:11
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