Ubulettegood. it worked12:29
Ubulettelol, bad email12:30
asacplease use your full name and a good email12:31
asacso i can use that for credits et al12:31
Ubulettegood now12:31
Ubuletteit is12:31
Ubulettethe "+" part is just a spam trap12:31
asacso you want to b eknown as  Fabien Tassin <fta+launchpad@sorafaray.org> ?12:31
Ubulettewell, more a triage part12:32
asacso what is your email?12:32
asacfta@ or what?12:32
asacand don't you want your real email in credits?12:32
Ubuletteanything fta@ or fta+.*@12:32
Ubuletteyou can put that email12:32
Ubuletteit works12:32
asacyeah ... but do you really want to use that?12:32
asacfor credits?12:32
asaci am fine with that but .... ;)12:33
asacits launchpad in it :)12:33
Ubuletteif I ever get spam to that adresse, I'll know it comes from LP or debs changelogs12:33
asacwhich is useful info in which way?12:33
UbuletteI have hundreds of fta+xx so I eventually redirect to /dev/null when it's too heavily spamed without having to handle zillions of mailbox or change email every few weeks12:34
UbuletteI've been doing that for more than 10 years now12:34
asacright so ftp+.... is probably not a good email to use as reference12:35
Ubulettewhy ?12:35
Ubuletteit works just right.12:35
asacwell ... if people want to reach you through the email you use to maintain something they should be able to12:35
Ubulettetry it :)12:35
asacbut if you pipe /dev/null its not a long term email12:35
UbuletteI'll probably never do that12:36
asacso giving credits to patches needs a long term email imo ... in case somebody wants to get copyright permission or whatever12:36
UbuletteI still receive tons of emails for CPAN perl modules I haven't touched in around 10 years12:38
Ubulettesome are even in ubuntu :)12:38
Ubuletteand debian12:38
Ubuletteans suse, redhat, solaris, mac os and who knows what else12:39
Ubuletteenough of this, I have to commit the rest of it12:39
Jazzvaasac: Hmm, I don't need the tabbrowser extensions for Firefox, since FF already has tabs, and stuff... Right? (Do I need it for Iceape?)12:44
asacJazzva: test it12:45
asacmaybe it gives you enhanced tabs for firefox12:45
asacif its installable and works then we should add that extension as well12:45
JazzvaYeah... I suppose...12:45
JazzvaWhat's Iceape?12:46
JazzvaI can't find the real package for it and both iceape and iceape-browser are metapackages...12:47
asacJazzva: he?12:48
asacits in universe12:48
asaciceape-browser is the browser package12:48
asacnot a meta one12:48
JazzvaI didn't say it right :)... I can't find the package info... iceape and iceape-browser... really? apt-cache show doesn't show anything12:48
asacdo you have universe in your sources.list?12:49
asacor just main?12:49
asacits only in gutsy12:49
asacwell ... you should really setup a chroot and get the rdepends from there12:49
asacwe currently maintain this data for gutsy12:49
asacwhat you see in feisty might be outdated12:50
asacbut most should still be the same12:50
asacmaybe a few new extensions12:50
JazzvaOk, I'll check them later in chroot too :)12:50
JazzvaBut I found about Iceape in extension description: "blabla for Iceweasel and Iceape", so I was wondering should I put "Blah extension for Firefox/Iceweasel/Iceape"?12:51
asacyes at some point we might want iceape extensions as well12:51
asacbut it would just be addition of a new mime-type12:52
asacso no new desktop file12:52
asacunless its an iceape only extension of course12:52
asacfor now we want thunderbird+firefox12:52
asacthats good enough12:52
asacto begin with12:52
JazzvaUmm, ok... But I was wondering about the Name field. Should I put "Firefox/Iceweasel/Iceape" in Name field? Both Iceweasel and Iceape are mentioned in that extension description12:53
Ubuletteasac, should be okay now. Did it in 3 commits12:55
asacUbulette: can't you usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso/firefox-granparadiso usr/bin/firefox-granparadiso ... create a link instead?01:01
asace.g. like it was before?01:01
asacand install it to usr/lib/ for real?01:01
Ubuletteit is01:02
asacthen i misread01:02
Ubulettelrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 48 2007-08-08 23:26 /usr/bin/firefox-granparadiso -> ../lib/firefox-granparadiso/firefox-granparadiso01:02
asacmight be true ;)01:02
asacdid you use bzr mv ?01:02
asace.g. has the make_install patch history if yuo do bzr log on it01:02
Ubulettebzr st01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/fix_make_install.patch01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/granparadiso-fsh01:03
Ubulette  debian/firefox-granparadiso.install01:03
Ubulette  debian/firefox-granparadiso.links01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/fix_toolkit_xre_install.patch01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/ftbfs-with-branding-dir01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/no-have-stdint-h-ftbfs.patch01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/series01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/bz389673_fix_make_install.patch01:03
Ubulette  debian/patches/granparadiso-appname01:03
asacwell you could bzr revert debian/patches/fix_make_install.patch01:03
asacbzr mv debian/patches/fix_make_install.patch debian/patches/bz389673_fix_make_install.patch01:03
asacthen copy /tmp/bz389673_fix_make_install.patch debian/patches/bz389673_fix_make_install.patch01:03
asac(which you backed up before) :)01:04
asacanyway i can live without history for that file01:04
asacafter all it was broken i guess01:04
UbuletteI think so01:04
asachave you verified that the modules are really just scripts that are platform indpendent?01:05
Ubulettehmm no01:05
asacwhy is debian/patches/fix_toolkit_xre_install.patch modified in the diff?01:05
asacok its just a refresh ... but without much diff ;)01:05
Ubuletteyep, sorry01:06
Ubulettequilt's fault01:06
asacsame for debian/patches/ftbfs-with-branding-dir01:06
asacreview fault before commit i guess01:06
asacanyway ... looks good ... cool.01:07
asacmany thanks01:07
asacpatch fails to apply01:09
asacfix make install patch fails01:09
asacwhat kind of orig did you use?01:10
asacthe patch is empty here ;)01:10
Ubulettefirefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha7.orig.tar.gz containing just:01:10
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- bbot/bbot  35319889 2007-08-08 13:39 firefox-granparadiso-3.0~alpha7/granparadiso-alpha7-source.tar.bz201:10
asachuh ... the patch is not there01:11
Ubulettewhat ?01:11
asacits really missing01:11
asacyou forgot to add it :)01:12
asacthen maybe move while you are at it :)01:12
asacsorry ... you need to explicitly add files to bzr ;)01:12
Ubulette<Ubulette> unknown:01:12
Ubulette<Ubulette>   debian/patches/bz389673_fix_make_install.patch01:12
Ubulette<Ubulette>   debian/patches/granparadiso-appname01:12
asacbzr add path/to/file01:12
asacplease uncommit01:12
asacthen mv the make install patch01:12
asacand copy over the good/new one ;)01:12
asacand add the granparadiso ... et al01:13
asacsorry if i misread that above01:13
asacis the bzr st what you are getting after commits?01:13
asacok ... yes do as above and we are happy ;)01:14
asacor just add and commit ... your choice ;)01:14
asacif you choose uncommit way you might want to revert the patches that are just timestamp refreshed as well01:15
asacso they don't show up in diff01:15
JazzvaWoo :)... bzr+ssh works on Feisty :D...01:19
JazzvaPushed new revisions in few seconds :D01:19
JazzvaBTW, how to run this in chroot? Log in, install gnome-app-install, then pull my branch, compile it and install it?01:22
Ubulette  debian/patches/fix_make_install.patch => debian/patches/bz389673_fix_make_install.patch01:23
Ubulette  debian/patches/granparadiso-fsh => debian/patches/granparadiso-appname01:23
Ubulette  debian/firefox-granparadiso.install01:23
Ubulette  debian/firefox-granparadiso.links01:23
Ubulette  debian/patches/series01:23
Ubulette  debian/patches/bz389673_fix_make_install.patch01:23
Ubulette  debian/patches/granparadiso-appname01:23
asaclooks good ... though i am unsure about fsh -> appname ... anyway ... this is getting close to religion so01:26
asacgo ahead ;)01:26
Ubulettedoes it apply now ?01:41
asacits building now01:41
asacso yes01:41
asaclets see what comes next ;)01:41
Ubulettewell, at least it worked on my side. I'm running it now, stable after ~2h01:44
Jazzva*sighs* pbuilder doesn't let me start X programs... Any link on how to setup a chroot that allows you that?01:48
Jazzvaasac, Ubulette ^01:48
asacJazzva: well01:50
asaclook in wiki.ubuntu.com01:51
asacsearch for chroot ?01:51
asacthere should be instructions01:51
JazzvaOk, I'll take a look... thanks :)01:51
asacuse schroot ... not dchroot01:51
Ubuletteif you mount /proc and /tmp, that should do it01:51
asacin case the wiki still refers to dchroot01:51
JazzvaStill refers to that...01:52
Ubulettegoogle is your friend01:53
JazzvaThanks, Ubulette :)01:53
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacmaybe we should ship a -dev package + sdk ?02:19
asaci think i should get a xulrunner build done asap and see how to build paradiso against that ;)02:20
Ubulettewell, I need ff-dev for some of my non-official packages. So far, it's messy02:21
asacfeel free to build xulrunner :)02:22
Ubulettepackages are liferea, totem-mozilla, miro (ex democracy player), etc...02:22
asacmaybe just drop xulrunner snapshot in the firefox dir and see what happens02:22
asacisn't totem already prepared on trunk?02:23
asace.g. in terms of upstream configure.in ?02:23
asacwhat kind of layout does totem assume for gecko 1.9 ?02:24
Ubulettelet me see02:25
Ubulettechecking whether to compile the browser plugins... autodetect02:26
Ubulettechecking which gecko to use... firefox02:26
Ubulettechecking for MOZILLA_NOT_LINKED... yes02:26
Ubulettechecking for BROWSER_PLUGIN... yes02:26
Ubulettechecking for DBUS... yes02:26
Ubulettechecking for dbus-binding-tool... /usr/bin/dbus-binding-tool02:26
Ubulettechecking for xpidl... /usr/lib/firefox/xpidl02:26
Ubulettechecking for xpt_link... /usr/lib/firefox/xpt_link02:26
Ubulettechecking for libxpcomglue_s... no02:26
Ubuletteconfigure: WARNING: libxpcomglue_s not available; plugins may not be portable02:27
asacplease look in configure.in code02:27
asacthey test for 1.9 branch somehow02:27
asacat least from what i remember02:27
UbuletteI need to tell my bot to fetch sources, I just preserve build logs02:28
Ubulettecouple of sec..02:29
asaci am off ... its late :)02:30
asac@time berlin02:30
asacubotu: is asleep as well02:30
Ubulette        GECKOS="xulrunner firefox mozilla-firefox seamonkey mozilla"02:31
Ubulette        case "$gecko" in02:31
Ubulette                mozilla) MOZILLA_VERSION_MIN=1.7 ;;02:31
Ubulette                seamonkey) MOZILLA_VERSION_MIN=1.0 ;;02:31
Ubulette                *firefox) MOZILLA_VERSION_MIN=1.0 ;;02:31
Ubulette                xulrunner) MOZILLA_VERSION_MIN=1.8 ;;02:31
Ubulette        esac02:31
Ubulettebtw, would be nice to support APNG with a7. I've been looking for that for a while :)02:35
Ubulettebug #12273702:36
Ubulettenight all02:44
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ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Berlin: August 09 2007, 02:53:47 - Next meeting: Ubuntu Development Team in 14 hours 6 minutes02:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 122737 in firefox-granparadiso "No default search engines" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12273702:54
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=== Admiral_laptop [n=Freddy@adsl-68-72-98-110.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacUbulette: well we cannot *not* support apng :)09:47
asacread: you cannot build trunk without apng anymore10:01
asacUbulette: ok i still experience some instabilities11:05
asacwith a711:05
asace.g. live-bookmarks are more or less broken ... and it crashes frequently11:06
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
JazzvaMorning :)12:38
Jazzvaasac: I'm building the app-install-data in gutsy chroot...12:39
asacJazzva: morning12:41
Jazzvaasac: Hmm, doesn't seem to show up. Maybe I removed some important fireld from .desktop files. I'm gonna check it now and try to correct the .desktop files.01:01
JazzvaI think that I shouldn't remove the Type=Application and Categories=Application;... Field, since they're probably used to determine where to put the program/extension.01:02
Jazzvaasac: It works :D...01:09
JazzvaOk, I'm gonna correct all .desktop files I added and then push changes :)01:09
asacJazzva: thanks01:09
Jazzvaasac: No prob...01:09
Jazzvaasac: New revision is pushed :).01:36
asacJazzva: good01:37
JazzvaI suppose I could only fix categories for extensions later (for example, in my opinion mozilla-biofox (some bioinformatics thingie) should appear also in Education)01:37
asacso lets wait for mime-types01:37
Jazzva(and Mime-types)01:37
asacJazzva: application/x-debian-xul-extension-APPNAME01:41
JazzvaAPPNAME=? Firefox or extension name?01:41
asacjust appname01:43
JazzvaAnd for thunderbird extension?01:43
asace.g. firefox extensions get:01:43
JazzvaOk, got it :)01:43
asacthunderbird extensions get application/x-debian-xul-extension-thunderbird01:43
JazzvaAnd what if they're for both?01:43
asacand i think you start gnome-app-install with01:43
asacget latest gnome-app-install from core-dev-branch01:44
JazzvaUmm, just that one question... What if the extension is both for firefox and thunderbird?01:44
Jazzvato just assign it to firefox?01:44
Jazzva*assign it just01:44
asacadd both mime-types01:45
asacapplication/x-debian-xul-extension-firefox, application/x-debian-xul-extension-thunderbird01:45
asacjust play around a bit01:45
JazzvaK :)01:46
asacok lets use that for now ... later we might want to replace firefox with the application id01:46
asacso it would work for compatible forks like iceweasel as well01:47
asacbut for now go what we discussed above01:47
JazzvaOk... I'm on it...01:47
asacok please test gnome-app-install --xul-extensions=firefox with bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-core-dev/gnome-app-install/main/01:47
asace.g. use that gnome-app-install branch01:47
JazzvaSure :)...01:48
asachave there been new extensions in gutsy?01:48
asacdid you take a look (be sure you have universe/multiverse/restricted in apt as well)01:48
JazzvaOh, I forgot about that... I'll take a look before adding mime-types then01:49
Jazzvathat is, now :)01:49
asacdoesn't really matter ... we have to track if there are new extensions regularly anyways01:50
asacso adding more later isn't a problem01:50
asacof course having a complete list in the beginning is a good thing ;)01:50
JazzvaSure :)01:50
JazzvaThere are... also, some changed their names01:52
JazzvaI could just rename X-AppInstall-Package to new name, but I'll also rename .desktop and icon file, just to be easier to find later, if someone adds new corrections01:53
asacmaybe adjust desktop file name using 'bzr mv OLDFILE NEWFILE'01:54
asacso we have in sync ones for initial release at least01:54
Jazzvabzr mv?01:54
Jazzvahmm ok :)01:54
asacgive it a try01:55
asacbetter then rm + add01:55
asackeeps history for the file01:55
asacand even helps to merge changes if you have renamed files locally but another branch changes original filename01:55
asac(though doesn't matter much for now)01:55
JazzvaHmm, I wanted to do it with mv OLD NEW :)01:55
JazzvaBut I'll give it a try :)01:55
asacyeah use bzr mv01:55
JazzvaAnd if I make a typo or something, is there a "bzr unmv" or something?01:56
asacJazzva: just bzr revert01:58
asacthen bzr mv again01:58
JazzvaOk :)01:58
=== Ubulette [n=Ubulette@APuteaux-153-1-74-204.w81-249.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Jazzvaasac: Should I include ubufox as extension?02:37
JazzvaHello Ubulette :)02:39
UbuletteJazzva, how's your chroot ?02:40
JazzvaPretty much good :)...02:40
JazzvaI managed to set it up, build app-install-data, install bzr, set my home dir... and stuff. :)02:41
asacJazzva: yes02:42
JazzvaUbulette: Much better than pbuilder :). Though, I'll keep pbuilder for checking deps.02:42
Jazzvaasasc: Ok :).02:42
Jazzvaasac: One notice about my a-i-d branch... As I added some MimeTypes I also noticed some typos, so I fixed them along. They're in the same commit, as they're not pretty big for a single commit...02:44
Ubulette<asac> Ubulette: well we cannot *not* support apng :)02:45
Ubulette<asac> read: you cannot build trunk without apng anymore02:45
Ubuletteso what ? is there a #id open for libpng ?02:45
asacUbulette: no ... but your build should support apng02:51
asacactually i don't know about the id for libpng02:52
asacits known there, but they refuse to let the patch in02:52
asacJazzva: well typos should go to single commit02:53
asacJazzva: in this way you mix things02:53
asacJazzva: even one line change deserve its own commit if are tackling a distinct topic02:53
Jazzvaasac: Ok... I will do that next time.02:53
asacare the typos documente in commit log at least?02:54
JazzvaYes :)02:54
Ubuletteasac, right, it's okay: http://littlesvr.ca/apng/images/blend-1a.png02:55
Ubulettebut I was refering to your comment02:56
Ubulette* debian/rules: drop --with-system-png configure option as02:56
Ubulette  configure is now hard about the fact that we don't have apng02:56
Ubulette  support in our system-png library; previously it just silently02:56
Ubulette  used the in-source png, so now its more explicit - which is not02:56
Ubulette  really bad. TODO: investigate if we want apng support in02:56
Ubulette  system-png shipped by ubuntu.02:56
asacwe don't use system png atm03:08
asacmost likely we will have to either add new lib: libapng03:08
asacor patch png ... but the latter will not happen without upstream (png) following03:08
Ubuletteyou said a7 still doesn't work for you ?03:10
Ubuletted'oh, 1st a7 crash03:14
Ubulette /usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso/firefox-granparadiso-bin: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so: undefined symbol: _ZN8nsMemory5CloneEPKvj03:14
Ubulettehm, that an xpcom issue03:21
Ubulettetotem complains in configure03:23
Ubulettechecking for libxpcomglue_s... no03:23
Ubuletteconfigure: WARNING: libxpcomglue_s not available; plugins may not be portable03:23
Ubulettetotem regression03:34
asacwell totem is broken of course04:11
asactrunk now hides everything04:11
asacso you need to compile against static glue04:11
Ubulettein the past, just adding -L/usr/lib/firefox -lxpcom fixed it04:16
asaceverything has changed04:17
asacno shared libs anymore for you plugin implementros04:17
asacthank benjamin with his narrow minded view04:18
Ubulettenote it's still using ff204:18
asacthat is even worse04:18
asacdon't try to link against ff2 and run in ff304:18
Ubulettethis is ubuntu's totem04:19
asacmaybe see if latest upstream has gecko 1.9 configure.in04:19
UbuletteI'm don't know which FF users will be running04:20
UbuletteIdon't know which FF users will be running04:20
asacyes of course not04:20
asaceither don't support ff3 then04:20
asacor build twice: ff2 ... next run ff304:20
asace.g. independent plugins04:20
asacof course totem build system has to support ff3 first04:20
asac(and code as well)04:20
UbuletteI was assuming that FF3 will replace FF2 in a few months right ?04:21
asacwell ... not sure when04:22
asacat some point it will04:22
asacif you want to help getting totem prepared for that better start providing them soonish :)04:22
asacmaybe ask on #epiphany channel how well 1.9 support is working out04:22
Ubulette<asac> maybe see if latest upstream has gecko 1.9 configure.in04:35
UbuletteI'm running totem 2.19.6+svn20070809r449004:35
Ubulettein fact, I'm running all from HEAD04:36
asacbut doesn't work?04:38
Ubulettedamn,  /usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso/libxpcom.so is no longer exposing that symbol like /usr/lib/firefox/libxpcom.so04:38
asaclike i said04:38
asacno shared libs for anyone04:38
asacyou have to link static glue04:39
asacthats the only way its ment to work04:39
asacits ment as a measure to prevent stupid folks from using shared libs04:39
asachowever, my opinion is that *this* is stupid04:39
Ubulettehmm, not sure what you mean as   /usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso/libxpcom.so still exports:04:39
Ubuletteundefined symbol: NS_CStringSetData     (/usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so)04:39
Ubuletteundefined symbol: NS_StringContainerFinish      (/usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so)04:39
Ubuletteundefined symbol: NS_Alloc      (/usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so)04:39
Ubuletteundefined symbol: NS_CStringCopy        (/usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so)04:39
Ubuletteundefined symbol: NS_CStringContainerInit       (/usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so)04:39
Ubulettejust one is missing04:40
Ubuletteundefined symbol: _ZN8nsMemory5CloneEPKvj       (/usr/lib/totem/libtotem-gmp-plugin.so)04:40
asacbut its in static glue04:40
Ubulettebut I also need libxpcom.so04:40
asacwell ... you still can use shared libs right04:40
asacbut lot more has been hidden now04:40
Ubuletteso I need  libxpcomglue_s04:41
asacwhich is only available as static lib04:41
asacUbulette: iirc, you *just* should use that one04:41
asacbut i might be wrong about that04:42
asaci think you have to link against -llibnspr4 and static glue04:42
asac-lnspr4 obvioulsy04:42
asacthat one ... which means we have to package the sdk04:42
Ubuletteneeds to go to -dev?04:42
asaci think we will end up having firefox-granparadiso-headers == headers + idls04:43
asac+ firefox-granparadiso-sdk04:43
Ubuletteor -sdk, right04:43
asacmaybe everything in one package right04:43
asacbut what should go in there and in which directory to place that is still open04:43
asacfurther we should at least try to minimize transition pain04:44
asacat best just require a respin04:44
Ubulettemaybe the whole content of build-tree/mozilla/dist/sdk04:44
asacanyway ... first and for most we have to understand the idea behind all this04:44
asacits not so obvious because its somehow soaked with windowish attitude04:45
asacUbulette: well ... we should try to obey hierarchy standards04:45
asacso headers should go to /usr/include/firefox-granparadiso04:45
asacfor instance04:45
Ubulettesdk has bin, lib, include and idl04:45
asacyes ... we can install everything from sdk04:46
asacand then add links to include et al04:46
asachowever ... the make install result of sdk is already linked ... so maybe it just works04:46
asactry to just package up the -devel dir04:46
asacmaybe even keep the -devel name04:46
asacso just one rule in -devel.install:: debian/tmp/usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso-devel-3.0a7 usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso-devel04:47
asacand include dir as well04:47
asacdebian/tmp/usr/include .... if that exists04:47
asacand tmp/usr/include/share04:50
asacif that is all packaged we have to look whats going on with .pc files04:50
asachonestly i would like to rather see xulrunner packaged than firefox-devel04:50
asace.g. xulrunner-trunk package04:50
asacthat ships sdk and xulrunner and all04:50
asacthen try to build firefox against that04:50
asacand see whats left ;)04:50
asacUbulette: ^^^04:51
asacmaybe think about it04:51
Ubulettewill apps such as liferea and totem be able to link with xulrunner and still work ? (ie like totem-plugin withing ff2, ff3, mozilla)04:54
asacif ffox builds against xulrunner and we get those building then yes04:54
Ubulettehmm. someone needs to work on xul 1st :)04:55
asaci will bootstrap it latest beginning next week04:56
Ubulettebefore I get a look at ff3 -dev again, you mentionned to see frequent crashes04:56
asacwell bookmarks on toolbar are broken04:56
asacif i start ff2 with previously trunked profile, they are gone completely04:57
asacstart trunk with ff2 profile04:57
asacsee that bookmarks in toolbar are somehow there, but somehow borken04:57
asacthen start with ff2 again and see that they are gone04:58
Ubuletteff3->ff2 is broken for sure, as this is now in .sqlite files04:58
asacfurther on first start of trunk after ff2 usage it crashes on startup04:58
asacand it will always crash on shutdown04:58
Ubuletteand there's that "preplaces" stuff04:58
asacok have meeting now bbl04:59
Jazzvaasac: The application/x-...-firefox mime-type is not working :/... I built gnome-app-install branch, run it with --xul-extensions=firefox and nothing. I'll see later what went wrong. BTW, fixed branch of app-install-data is pushed.05:13
Jazzvaall: I'm off... See you tonight :)...05:13
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cwong1asac: moring/afternoon05:31
asaccwong1: hi05:32
asacits almost evening :)05:32
asac@time berlin05:32
ubotuCurrent time in Europe/Berlin: August 09 2007, 17:32:48 - Current meeting: Ubuntu Development Team05:32
asacdepends on how your definitions are aligned of course ;)05:33
asacso how do hildon menus semantically work? any findings on that?05:33
asacand what other hildon features would we need to put into a mozhildon component?05:33
cwong1asac: I was playing around with a sample hildon app and learned how it work.05:34
cwong1asac: I was trying to hildonize the beast and ran into the same crashing problem we had before.05:35
asaccwong1: please explain what you tried05:35
asacin detail05:35
asaca bit05:35
asacand then lets see05:35
Ubuletteasac, why would we use usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso-devel instead of usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso ? (there's not usr/lib/firefox-devel in ff2-dev)05:36
cwong1asac: Just 1 sec.05:36
asacUbulette: its ok for now ... its because -devel package is not just a -dev package but more an application05:36
asacwe can later change that et al05:36
asacnote: i am still in meeting ... so high latency05:37
UbuletteI'm concerned but configure scripts that would have to search for libs and includes05:37
UbuletteI'm concerned by configure scripts that would have to search for libs and includes05:37
Ubulettethere's no overlap for libs anyway05:39
asacdon't be05:39
asacall will work out well ;)05:39
asacbut ... as i said ... lets package xul05:39
asacand do it right from the beginning05:39
asacwe might waste precious time otherwise05:39
UbuletteI'm almost done05:39
asaccwong1: i really have to understand what you tried05:40
asaccwong1: as i am pretty sure that we should just implement a mozilla hildon api ... e.g. not rely too much on libhildon at all05:40
Ubuletteasac, I only put stable includes in usr/include/firefox-granparadiso and libs from sdk in usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso05:41
asacno ... all please (if you do it)05:41
asacunstable as well05:41
asacUbulette: don't put them in sdk ... link them ... e.g. just install complete sdk and see if all is properly linked05:42
asacwith 'in sdk' i mean below -devel folder05:42
cwong1asac:  I added a call to hildon_program_get_instance (requrired to be an hildon app). I then added the call to hildon_program_add_winodw (program, MShell) after the call to hildon_window_new().  But it still died in libhildon.05:42
asacin mozilla?05:43
cwong1asac:  I can send you a simple hildon app if you want.05:43
asacor just in an example app?05:43
cwong1asac: in mozilla05:43
asacwhat did you try to tackle with that?05:44
Ubulettemake install is broken for sdk.. too many links to /usr/...05:44
cwong1that could be a bug in libhildon.05:44
asaccwong1: actually i am more interested on the hildon semantics ... e.g. what menu is accessible how05:44
cwong1asac: I can send you the sample app.05:44
asacwell ... can't you just assemble the menu with xul you later wnat to become a hildon menu?05:45
asaci will take care of the rest then05:45
asace.g. make this menu only appear when it would appear if build with libhildon05:45
asaci haev meeting ... lets talk about that while mobile meeting ;)05:46
asaccwong1: ^^05:46
asacok i think i can spare some cycles05:48
asacso you really want to use libhildon?05:49
cwong1asac: here is the link to a sample hildon app.05:49
cwong1asac: http://maemo.org/development/documentation/tutorials/Maemo_tutorial_bora.html05:49
cwong1asac: I dont think we have a choice here.05:50
asaccwong1: there is no menu in that05:50
cwong1asac: u mean in that url?05:50
asaccwong1: did you find out what hildon does for us?05:51
asacin that example code05:51
cwong1scroll them further05:51
asaccwong1: imo it doesn't do much05:51
asacbut correct me when i am wrong05:51
cwong1asac: It make the app behave like a hildon application.  I.e.  The menu will look right. That's what was spec out by Bob.05:52
asaccwong1: so does the menu look different than a normal gtk window atm?05:54
asace.g. from theming point of view?05:54
cwong1Have you tried running the image built using the image creator?05:55
asacyes .. can't remember05:55
asachow it looked like05:55
asachave no visual memory05:55
asaccan you produce a screenshot?05:56
asacof a midbrowser menu like atm and a context menu of a working app?05:56
cwong1asac: I will send you a screen shot in a few menus05:56
cwong1asac: Take a look at http://www.moblin.org/screenshot_mousepad.html05:57
asacand how does midbrowser look like?05:58
asacjust plain grey?05:58
cwong1asac: the menu will appear when user click on the "Mousepad-untilite" button.05:58
cwong1asac: did you see the menu05:58
asacyes i know about all that ;)05:58
asaccwong1: i can't remember ... so its just grey or what?05:59
asacotherwise plankton should be fixed imo05:59
cwong1asac: did you see the file, edit...05:59
asaccwong1: read above ... i can't remember05:59
cwong1asac: the browser just grey and like normal app06:00
cwong1asac: non hildon app06:00
asacok ... thats a theme issue then i guess ... unless hildon does something really wierd06:01
asacwe have 2 options:06:01
cwong1asac: if we do it right the main menu will not appear until user click on that button.06:01
asac1. we can hack around and create handcrafted GtkMenus06:01
asac... and probably fix lots of hildon code that has never been exposed to low level gdk apps06:01
asac2. we can add libmozhildon component which makes *our* menu popups appear at right place when we receive the X events hildon listens to06:02
asacobviously 2 is the right way and the way with much more benefit, as we will get real xul in menus et al06:03
asacwith all the benefits we hope to get from xul in the first place:06:03
asacmainly: extensions can just overlay and extend everything of our browser06:03
cwong1asac: 2 seems to be hard to do.06:03
asacso for me its obvious: 2. is the final goal06:03
asacquestion is if its harder than 106:03
asacfrom what i saw in hildon code, hildon doesn't do a thing ... its pretty naive06:04
asacwhich is why i currently think that 2 is ever much easier06:04
cwong1asac: hildon has api for an app to call to manage the menu.06:04
asacas we will probably run into lots of wierd things when forcing 1. into mozilla06:04
asaccwong1: which doesn't map to xul at all06:04
asaccwong1: so either we hard code GtkMenu and hope that we can fix all crashes in hildon06:05
asaccwong1: or directly do it proper06:05
asace.g. just use xul menu which will only appear when that hildon button is pressed06:05
cwong1asac: does Xre use gtk_menu call to create its menu or it uses pop up?06:05
asacit doesn't06:05
asacwhich is why 2 is final goal06:05
asacwhich is why i asked you to get info whatelse hildon provides06:06
cwong1if it doesnt uses gtk_menu_new then 2 sounds reasonable06:06
asacif its just menu + toolbar then we should directly go 206:06
asacit doesn't use gtk menus at all06:06
asacits all done on its own06:06
asacit takes theme from widget prototypes and just draw that06:06
asacso if we can theme normal GtkMenus in the same way Hildon Menus are themed then we are done06:07
asacok i will lurk abit on mobile meeting ... then going sport ... lets talk later06:08
cwong1asac: ok06:08
Ubuletteasac, there's no clean solution to have totem plugin working with a7 at the moment. Either we go the --with-gecko=xulrunner way or we temporarily re-add the (now) missing symbol in libxpcom06:36
Ubuletteasac, what sources should I start with to package xulrunner ?06:58
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asacUbulette: get them from cvs08:11
asacUbulette: we have a wiki page ...w ait08:11
asacUbulette: just do:08:13
asac cvs -d:pserver.... co mozilla/client.mk; cd mozilla; make -f client.mk checkout MOZ_CO_PROJECT=xulrunner08:14
asaci think we don't need a special tag to do the packaging08:14
asaci will care for upstream release tags later08:14
asacUbulette: look up the pserver using google08:14
Ubuletteasac, I've modified totem to no longer use nsMemory::Clone but only things from libxpcom.. so glue is no longer needed to run totem-plugin on FF3.08:25
Ubulettemeaning even if totem is compiled with ff2-dev, it can run under ff308:26

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