laga_superm1: i've just kicked off the build12:41
laga_i hope this work12:41
superm1me too12:41
laga_if not then i'm gonna.. um.. ask you to do it for me ;)12:42
superm1well luckily the entire build env is pretty simple now12:42
laga_i guess i need to upload my gpg key to a key server now12:44
superm1not really12:44
superm1it just manually injects it12:44
superm1into the iso12:44
laga_well, for my own repo, though12:44
superm1oh ya12:44
superm1well if its public12:44
laga_not yet12:44
laga_superm1: i'd liketo have weekly package builds for feisty12:45
laga_is that something that could be done on mythbuntu.org?12:45
superm1that was what i was thinking12:45
superm1it'd be logical to just keep both there12:45
superm1sorting out how to use PPAs though12:45
superm1thats the trouble12:45
superm1there is a cron that does the source package builds12:46
superm1and then i've just apt-get source'd them and built and uploaded back12:46
superm1but with ppa, that won't be necessary12:46
superm1as long as that warning and backup work, i dont think too much needs to be worried about with people using those packages12:48
laga_ah, i need to export my gpg key to the mythbuntu-live dir12:50
=== laga_ gets weird error messages from the build script and tries again with LC_ALL=c
laga_LC_ALL=C even01:06
laga_superm1: ever seen this: http://www.pastebin.ca/65045801:07
superm1laga_, is this on gutsy?01:08
superm1it looks like it doesn't like my time command that normally calculates the amount of time to run a few commands01:08
superm1because line 03 and 05 right there are when it runs the two chroot commands01:08
laga_that's on feisty01:09
superm1well those time commands work for me01:14
superm1maybe its a locale specific thing01:14
superm1with the way they are done01:14
superm1they are at the bottom of the script01:14
laga_i have replaced "time" with "01:15
laga_         err01:15
laga_"/usr/sbin/time" now01:15
laga_hope that works01:15
superm1which time was it using?01:15
laga_it's annoying that there are two ways of doing copy&paste in linux/kde/X1101:15
laga_superm1: i hae no clue. i was assuming it's a shell builtin, but there is none01:15
laga_let's see if i get the same error again01:15
superm1well the time command isn't 'necessary' i mean you can just run it01:16
superm1its just useful to know how long things took01:16
tgm4883superm1, as an administrator of mythbuntu, can you kill series?01:21
superm1which series did you need nuked?01:21
tgm4883well for future reference01:22
tgm4883im reading some stuff about launchpad01:22
tgm4883and i plan on testing something01:22
laga_superm1: ah. the script called nvram-wakeup: usr/sbin/time01:22
tgm4883so it will need to be nuked01:22
laga_which was wrong obviously01:22
laga_sorry for bother you01:22
tgm4883and probably the 8.04 release under trunk01:22
tgm4883but let me test some things first01:22
superm1laga_, ya i should have realized when you put /usr/sbin/time... i've got my time in /usr/bin/time01:23
laga_superm1: i was confused, too, but i chalked it off to "time" being a ber1337 benchmark tool for system administrators01:24
superm1i wish i had cool keys like that on my keyboard.01:24
superm1but i finally figured out how to write a  in gnome on a us keyboard01:25
laga_here are some umlauts for ya: 01:26
laga_use them wisely ;)01:26
laga_you could use xmodmap to remap some keys01:26
superm1prehaps i should01:26
superm1who cares about F5-F7 anyway01:26
superm1gnome had an option to map "right-alt + e" to the , which is very convenient01:26
laga_i mapped my windows/menu keys to /{[}] \01:26
laga_quite convient for coding01:28
laga_i use them rarely, though :(01:28
=== Tari [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1well i've been using languages that don't use a lot of those01:28
superm1so wouldn't do me much of good01:29
superm1sh and python lately01:29
laga_i used perl01:29
laga_still need to finish my epg grabber01:29
laga_and do lots of other stuff, heh01:29
superm1i know... me too.  next week i'm trying to plan ahead for what i will do what day01:29
superm1since its my last sprint01:29
superm1that i can get a lot of time to code01:29
laga_mythmusic still fails to build in pbuilder-feisty. pbuilder-gutsy works great, though. *sigh*01:30
superm1why is that?01:30
laga_cddecoder.cpp: In member function 'virtual Metadata* CdDecoder::getMetadata()':01:30
laga_cddecoder.cpp:403: error: 'M_QSTRING_UNICODE' was not declared in this scope01:30
superm1that's really really odd...01:31
superm1something like that failing on feisty01:31
laga_i'll ask the mythmusic guy01:31
laga_i have to run some RL errands.. like getting my lazy ass out of bed before 1pm ;)01:32
laga_gbee is about to go to bed. i don't want to give him nightmares so i'll ask him tomorrow01:33
=== tgm4883 smacks head
tgm4883I get it now01:34
superm1laga_, so build is working then before you run off :)01:35
laga_superm1: i hope so01:35
laga_/tmp/mythbuntu-iso-script: line 104: mksquashfs: command not found01:37
laga_almost ;)01:37
laga_i do have mksquashfs01:38
superm1laga_, that is done in the chroot01:39
superm1check for any errors above01:39
superm1like a problem during debootstrap01:39
superm1or unable  to install somtehing eles01:39
laga_i'm in the chroot now.01:42
laga_E: Couldn't find package mksquashfs01:42
laga_i'm stupid, it's not called that :)01:44
superm1laga_, that commonly happens if ubuntu-standard and ubuntu-minimal don't install properly01:45
superm1if you dont get something from one of the mirrors right01:45
laga_i used de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/01:46
laga_i didn't log $stuff, though01:46
laga_so i can't tell for sure01:46
laga_there's a log file in the chroot, righ01:47
laga_ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard are installed01:49
laga_there were some problems in the bootstrap.log01:49
laga_dpkg: base-passwd: dependency problems, but configuring anyway as you request:01:49
laga_ base-passwd depends on libc6 (>= 2.6); however:01:49
laga_  Package libc6 is not installed.01:49
laga_and some ignored pre-depends01:49
laga_Setting up base-passwd (3.5.11build1) ...01:49
laga_didn't look to problematic, though01:49
laga_the pxe-booting spec looks interesting01:54
laga_i think i'd like to work on that01:54
laga_too bad that i already hae more frontends than necessary01:54
tgm4883i think we need to rename trunk01:55
superm1laga_, just run it again01:55
superm1if something like that went wrong during bootstrap01:55
laga_superm1: i'm doing that now01:55
laga_it's fetich moe packages01:56
laga_i need to get some sleep probably :)01:56
laga_184M /home/remastersys/mythbuntu.iso01:56
laga_that's not big01:56
superm1wrong size....01:57
superm1it comes out to ~404mb01:57
laga_there were some errors01:57
laga_i'll just run it again01:57
tgm4883Looking around launchpad, I think we need to rename trunk to 7.10.  That way, after we release 7.10, we can create a series for 8.04 and move development to there (moving focus is easy).  In doing that, all the bugs for 7.10 stay with 7.10 and 8.04 would be fresh01:57
=== tgm4883 here crickets
tgm4883ok, i'll go ahead and rename it, sec01:59
tgm4883now the question is, can you kill the 8.04 release under 7.10 (and kill the entire supported series),  I cannot02:01
superm1I'll try02:01
laga_superm1: it didn't install mythbuntu-live, likely because it's not signed.. for whatever reason02:03
superm1the package doesn't need to be02:04
superm1just the repository02:04
superm1and that's the apt key you inject02:04
laga_the repository is signed, it decided to "Ign" that when apt-get update02:04
laga_Ign http://screwless gutsy Release.gpg02:04
superm1laga_, and that apt key is being added at the start of the script?02:06
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
laga_that apt-key is added, but there is no Release.gpg in my repo. only falcon.gpg02:06
=== superm1 sighs.
superm1okay well perhaps add some sort of --force-install for now?02:07
laga_i must be stupid. *sigh*02:07
laga_i wonder where falcon got that key ;)02:07
superm1tgm4883, i dont think it can be nuked02:08
superm1i think you need to nuke the whole 7.10 series02:08
tgm4883cant do that either02:08
tgm4883i think a launchpad admin can, i remember reading that02:09
tgm4883any idea how to become a distrobution instead of a project?02:09
superm1okay how about this then..... rename the 7.10 series to 8.05, the 8.04 to 7.10 and the 8.05 to 8.04?02:09
laga_superm1: does falcon ask you for your passphrase?02:17
superm1laga_, I dont recall offhand02:18
=== Tari_ [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== laga_ starts over with falcon
tgm4883the extra series and release should be removed tomarrow superm102:19
superm1ah ok cool02:19
superm1poked in #launchpad?02:19
tgm4883also asked about distrobutions02:20
tgm4883anyway, now when we release alpha4 we should also make a release for it on launchpad02:22
tgm4883and hopefully, people will file bug reports there02:22
tgm4883still dont know anything about distrobutions though, although was refered to kiko if we want to know more02:23
laga_superm1: re-created the repo. falcon asked me for my passphrase now. yay.02:26
superm1great :)02:26
laga_falcon 2.x comes across as being a bit fragile.02:27
laga_still better than any of the other hacks i used to use ;)02:27
laga_all worky now02:30
laga_drbl.sf.net must have a great webmaster02:34
tgm4883https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+spec/mythbuntu-control-centre, would this also connect to NFS servers02:36
tgm4883and someone spelled center wrong ;)02:36
superm1That's the way its supposed to be spelled02:36
tgm4883i konw02:36
superm1according to those people on the other side of the large body of water02:36
superm1i've considered adding something like that to it02:37
tgm4883they can't help it if they're wrong02:37
superm1but probably not for hte first revision02:37
superm1i might work on it more tonight02:37
superm1depending on what else comes up after i leave work02:37
tgm4883i ask cause there is another blueprint that asks for it in the control center02:37
superm1woah, its 8pm, maybe i should leave soon02:37
tgm4883what do you think about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+spec/mythgame-configuration02:38
superm1not for this release, but sounds like a good idea for a future one02:38
tgm4883ok, ive been marking things for next release as defered02:39
tgm4883and assigning others to 7.1002:39
tgm4883whats the status on firmware finder, still needing infrastructure02:39
laga_would be cool to have a simple DRBL frontend integrated into the control centre..02:40
superm1tgm4883, i've not talked to him for a while, i anticipate that he didn't make much progress02:40
superm1leave it as is for now02:40
superm1with no target02:40
tgm4883see full specification02:40
superm1oh drbl.sf.net02:40
superm1of course02:40
superm1yea we'll see, need a 'basic' release first :)02:41
tgm4883are the new video drivers in ?02:41
tgm4883ie nvidia-glx-new02:41
superm1oh that...02:42
superm1yea about that02:42
superm1"which" one gets installed needs some work02:42
tgm4883anticipated for 7.10?02:43
superm1but i think i need some help on that one02:43
superm1well i've gotta get home, i'll be back on in an hour or so02:44
tgm4883to make it choose which driver?02:44
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tgm4883foxbuntu, whats happening02:47
foxbuntutgm4883, not alot good news though, I got what I needed to finish up my package for the apple thing02:47
tgm4883it works good then?02:48
foxbuntugotta finish it02:49
foxbuntusuperm1 is gonna help me finish it up02:50
tgm4883he should be back on in about an hour, signed off 2 minutes before you signed on02:50
laga_superm1 is a star02:52
tgm4883a shining star02:52
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rocketsIs it possible to run mythtv as a server that streams video to another PC?06:10
Tari_if the other one can run a myth frontend, sure06:12
tgm4883_laptopthere is also an unofficial plugin called mythstreamtv06:13
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=== defendguin [n=justin@ip5-155.tvmax-fiber-1.hou.ygnition.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
defendguini'm having some difficulty trying to get a dvd to play using mythtv06:30
=== Tari__ [n=Tari@CPE-72-133-204-1.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
defendguinthe screen just goes black for a second06:32
defendguinit really pisses me off that it doesn't work and i can't see where i went wrong it appears as though all the software is installed properly06:43
troy_sdefendguin: You don't happening to be running a gl accelerated desktop do you?06:53
defendguini am06:53
troy_sdefendguin: Try turning it off and doing the dvd playback attempt.06:54
troy_sdefendguin: GL accelerated desktops in Linux just aren't there yet and can be a source of pain.06:54
defendguini dont think that is the source of the problem06:55
troy_sdefendguin: Is it trying to run fullscreen?06:56
defendguinERROR[ogle_nav] : faild to open/read the DVD06:56
defendguincallbacks.on_opendvd_activate(): DVDSetDVDRoot: Root not set06:56
defendguini'm running ogle through a ssh session and i get this error06:56
defendguinthis is what the output is when trying to use xine through a ssh session06:57
defendguinlibdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.9 for DVD access06:57
defendguinlibdvdnav:DVDOpenFileUDF:UDFFindFile /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO failed06:57
defendguinlibdvdnav:DVDOpenFileUDF:UDFFindFile /VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.BUP failed06:57
defendguinlibdvdread: Can't open file VIDEO_TS.IFO.06:57
troy_sdefendguin: Ok... obvious questions first, you have the decss code installed yes?06:59
defendguinlibdvdread: Using libdvdcss version 1.2.9 for DVD access07:00
troy_sdefendguin: Yes, but you have decss yes?07:02
defendguini wasn't aware they was a package named decss07:03
defendguinnope there isn't07:03
troy_sthe package is libdvdcss207:04
troy_sde-css -- the decrypter portion.07:04
defendguinlibdvdcss2 is already the newest version.   according to apt07:04
troy_sodd... where did you pull it from?07:05
defendguinthe mediabuntu repo probably07:05
defendguinyup mediabuntu07:06
troy_sdefendguin: What error does mplayer spit?07:06
defendguinPlaying dvd://1.07:07
defendguinCouldn't open DVD device: /dev/dvd07:07
defendguinFile not found: '1'07:07
defendguinFailed to open dvd://1.07:07
defendguinseems odd to me07:07
troy_sSee that just _stinks_ of lack of the decrypter portion.07:08
troy_sTry the install shell script and see if that helps.07:08
defendguini did and it didn't07:08
troy_sHow completely odd.07:09
defendguinif i install using the script apt prompts to upgrade libdvdcss2 anyway07:09
troy_sdefendguin: That might be a byproduct of the 'medibuntu' garbage.07:11
defendguinwell i'm not sure what to do07:13
troy_sdefendguin: To be honest, I have _never_ had dvd playback issues with the script.07:13
troy_sdefendguin: And it most certainly sounds like your decrypter isn't working.07:14
defendguinwhich script are you using?07:14
troy_sdefendguin: /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh07:22
defendguinyup i have used it07:23
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superm1Daviey, you here?09:52
superm1or awake yet09:52
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laga_408M /home/remastersys/mythbuntu.iso02:05
=== cooper77 [n=epieper@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
laga_i'm getting increasingly fed up with this image creation stuff03:00
laga_iso seems to be created sucessfully now03:00
laga_it won't log in automatically, though03:00
laga_there is no ubuntu user. *sigh*03:01
laga_in the original mythbuntu live disk, i can't find out to which package "/etc/gdm/gdm-cdd.conf" belongs...03:28
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Rimershey guys04:06
Rimerssuperm1_: ive been looking at the lcdproc you send me, but i cant get it to load with the settings changed to imon, it tells me it cant find the driver module server/drivers/imon.so04:09
Rimerssuperm1_: i cant seem to locate the placement of the directories or the imon.so file04:09
superm1_laga, it is a symlink04:17
superm1_in ubuntu-mythtv-frontend04:17
superm1_Rimers, is that imon.so in the package?04:18
superm1_or somewhere else04:18
laga_superm1_: i'm in livecd mode of alpha 3 now. it's not a symlink there04:18
Rimershmm not sure04:18
superm1_laga_, you can do an update-alternatives gdm-config-derivative04:18
superm1_to move it around04:18
superm1_and reassign it04:18
laga_superm1_: where? in the chroot?04:20
superm1_laga_, ya04:20
superm1_or even while you've got the disk booted04:20
superm1_i really dont know why it wouldn't have generated the first time around04:21
superm1_it should have04:21
laga_i can't login when my iso is booted. no ubuntu user04:21
superm1_no ubuntu user?04:21
superm1_the script makes one explicitly04:21
laga_i found out why the iso was too small, though. i forgot to add some debs to my repo ;)04:21
laga_yes, it does04:22
laga_i'll make another run04:22
laga_and log everything.04:22
superm1_easiest way to log it all is with tee04:23
superm1_sudo sh script | tee file04:23
laga_and 2>&1 i suppose04:23
superm1_probably a good idea04:23
superm1_that is how pegasus creates the logs too04:23
Rimerssuperm1_: ive found the imon.so file in /usr/lib/lcdproc just not sure how to get LCDd to load it and not look for somthing else04:25
superm1_hm interesting, imbrandon.com is down again i wonder if he is finally making some progress with getting things back up an' runnin04:25
superm1_Rimers, well that patch is supposed to update the location of the Driverpath to be /usr/lib/lcdproc04:26
superm1_so thats a bit odd04:26
Rimershmm okay04:27
superm1_maybe try editting the LCDd.conf file04:27
superm1_and adding a trailing /04:28
superm1_to the end of the driver path04:28
Rimershmm problem is ive yet to find a driver path04:28
superm1_well that should be in /etc/LCDd.conf04:28
superm1_if anything04:29
Rimersah found it, must have been blind on first look04:29
foxbuntu_superm1_, so you doing your usual all night packing frenzy tonight?05:23
superm1_ah crap i gotta do that soon don't i05:23
superm1_i wanted to work on the control centre more05:23
superm1_i made a lot of progress on it last night05:23
foxbuntu_oh yeah?05:24
superm1_yea you got a sec?05:24
superm1_wanna see?05:24
superm1_run this: "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre"05:24
superm1_you should get revision 905:24
superm1_you dont have to build it05:25
superm1_just ./mythbuntu-control-centre05:25
foxbuntu_do I need to have myth installed or anything?05:26
superm1_well i dont have all the helper functions tied to anything but modifying gui stuff05:26
superm1_so no05:26
superm1_you might need mythbuntu-lirc-generator though05:26
superm1_and python-mysql something05:26
foxbuntu_well, I will have to look at it later then05:27
superm1_okay then05:27
foxbuntu_I have like 12 servers to build and one to migrate yet today05:27
superm1_i'll be back in a bit05:27
DaveMorriscd ..05:29
DaveMorriswrong focus :(05:29
DaveMorrishttp://mythtvnews.com/2007/08/09/mythbuntuorg-is-down/ more news spreading of where to get the iso's from :)05:31
laga_can anyone point superm1 to mythbuntu_create_iso.log.gz once he's back? that's the build log for mythbuntu05:44
tgm4883is that something we could do?  Or should it be assigned elsewhere (either official plugins, or not assigned because mythtv is not on launchpad)05:44
laga_tgm4883: he fails to provide a reason *shrug*05:45
tgm4883im guessing its because if you don't have mythweather installed it still shows up05:45
tgm4883in mythweb05:45
laga_i doubt that05:45
laga_maybe it's different in trunk, though05:46
tgm4883must be05:46
tgm4883mine still has it and i haven't had mythweather since it broke05:46
laga_mythweather is fixed in ubuntu, btwe05:47
tgm4883it is, sweet05:47
tgm4883i haven't checked it in so long05:47
=== jono__ [n=jono@88-107-67-156.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
laga_at least for mythbuntu05:48
tgm4883what are the requirements for getting a package in the universe05:48
tgm4883or multiverse, whatever is easier05:48
laga_dunno about that05:48
=== superm1 [i=malimonc@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
laga_huggy feelings06:07
tgm4883i was pointing you to06:08
laga_i forgot to add the host in my older message. duh.06:08
tgm4883but i noticed that i didn't know the first part06:08
superm1The requested URL /mythbuntu_create_iso.log.gz was not found on this server.06:08
laga_<- stupid today06:09
tgm4883thats quite long06:09
superm1laga_, what's with all the LANGUAGE LC_ALL errors?06:09
superm1did the locale not apply right or somethin06:10
laga_superm1: i guess the image didn't contain my german locales06:11
superm1Unpacking mythtv-common (from .../mythtv-common_0.20.1+trunk14147-0.0ubuntu2_all.deb) ...06:13
superm1[: 91: false: unexpected operator06:13
tgm4883superm1, are there any more requirements (besides us running though linda and lintian) to get a package into Universe?06:14
superm1well a proper copyright06:14
tgm4883thats all, those three things basically06:15
superm1and properly placing things in the right areas and such06:15
superm1those are the three big ones at least06:15
superm1there are small other things that people can nag on though06:15
tgm4883Basically follow the guide and read revu and we're good?06:16
tgm4883also, possible to remove mythweather from mythweb when not installed?06:17
superm1mythweather from mythweb?06:23
superm1it shouldn't be showing up there unless its installed i thought06:23
superm1but yea reading06:23
ubotuREVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU06:23
superm1is about all you would need to do06:23
superm1once you have it up on revu, i'll give it another more formal look06:23
tgm4883yea mythweather still shows up06:25
tgm4883let me just verify real quick06:25
superm1its probably because weather info is entered into mysql06:25
superm1i'd say its probably a moot point -06:26
superm1i mean if you dont want to look at it, you dont have to :)06:26
tgm4883so just kill the blueprint06:26
tgm4883not my request06:26
superm1oh didn't realize there was a blueprint for it06:26
tgm4883new today06:26
superm1is it just a request to not have it there if you dont install it?06:26
tgm4883also, i think you get points for anything you do in launchpad, i just jumped another 200 from yesterday06:27
tgm4883doesn't say why he wants it split, but i figured it out06:28
superm1is there contact info?06:29
superm1i dont think so06:29
superm1but if there s, perhaps contacting jhim for further info06:29
tgm4883nope no info06:31
tgm4883laga thinks its fixed anyway in trunk06:32
tgm4883so im gonna kill it06:32
superm1well leave a status not06:33
superm1explaining that06:33
tgm4883yep did that06:33
superm1foxbuntu,  Daviey (and other interested parties)  http://home.eng.iastate.edu/~superm1/centre06:36
laga_wrt the mythweather blueprint: i dunno if it's fixed in trunk or not06:36
laga_tbh, i don't see a problem because the OP does not mention any.06:36
tgm4883well i said it is believed to be fixed in trunk, so were covered ;)06:39
=== tgm4883 should have said "Laga told me it was fixed so if it isn't blame him. Send all mail to Laga, PO Box..........."
tgm4883there are 4 blueprints that I dont have a status on.  They are marked new (not the deffered ones)06:43
tgm4883what are the status on these?06:43
superm1defer the web myth and the v4l-dvb06:43
superm1control centre - you can see the progress above06:43
superm1gather system info, someone needs to write a useful tool for i think06:44
tgm4883start fe from init?06:46
tgm4883is the above control centre fancy photoshop or semi functional app?06:47
tgm4883im thinking good progress06:47
superm1i wrote that whole gui last night06:47
superm1so its semi functional06:47
superm1it needs the backend functionality to do things now06:47
superm1the start fe from init though, it'd be great to visit it this cycle, if someone here can06:48
superm1and explore it06:48
superm1tgm4883, if you want to after your done with unofficial plugins06:48
superm1because that can be ~25 mb memory savings06:48
superm1by doing so06:48
tgm4883i'll take a look, no promises though06:50
superm1well at least investigate the feasibility of it06:50
superm1because by doing so,  there are some odd ramifications regarding automatic login06:50
superm1and which user is logged in06:50
tgm4883ok, our blueprint pages looks alot different than it did a few days ago, if its confusing let me know, i may be able to answer some questions06:54
tgm4883but i am leaving today and wont be back until sunday06:55
superm1okay tgm488306:55
superm1thanks a lot!06:55
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