Innatechso, I can't make much headway w/just a busybox shell--or, at least, I don't see how.  Is there a better way for me to get dmraid going during a server install?12:12
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leoneldidn't had noticed before  ..   Feisty server  has universe enabled by default 01:01
ScottKIt was by design.01:02
ScottKOnly for new installs.01:02
mathiazScottK: but also for server ?01:03
ScottKmathiaz: I don't think it was specified, it was for everything.01:03
ScottKWhy would server be different?01:03
ajmitchScottK: I was thinking that I was only going to be turned on for the desktop cd01:03
leonelI saw a bug report today  about the same for gutsy being  triaged01:03
=== ScottK marked it invalid and now mathiaz and I can argue.
=== ScottK was waiting for it to come up.
leonelbut checking   there's nothing  installed from universe  01:04
ScottKLet me see if I can find the spec.01:04
mathiazI was just surprised when I tested the latest iso for tribe-4.01:04
ajmitchScottK: I think that a server should only have packages available from the supported repositories by default :)01:04
leonelwell I've  selected only DNS01:04
ScottKajmitch: Why is it different than a Desktop that also has support contract issues?01:04
mathiazthe reason it suprised me at first was that universe is not supported01:06
mathiazand main is supported01:06
mathiazso when I install a server for a production environement I don't want to install any stuff from universe.01:06
leonelthis is the  greatest from ubuntu ..  we can  support  universe  ;)01:06
mathiazwhich could happened if universe is enabled by default.01:06
ajmitchleonel: not in the sense of a support contract, unless it's by !canonical01:07
leonelajmitch:  I know01:07
mathiazon the other hand, I've read and heard a lot of time that if you need to enable universe any way to be able to install something.01:07
leoneland that was the same thing that keep me from installing  ubuntu as server     01:07
leoneland now  that  I can help to support universe   things have changed for me 01:08
ScottKHere's the spec https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlwaysEnableUniverseMultiverse.  Gotta run.01:08
=== ajmitch couldn't run a server without universe (on dapper) right now due to having to use PHP4
ajmitchwe're trying to get away from php 4 as fast as possible :)01:08
mathiazI don't have strong opinion about it... Just suprised and asked around.01:08
ajmitchall those use cases are for (home) desktop users, too01:09
ajmitchfor a server I'd always err on the side of caution & not enable it01:09
mathiazajmitch: agreed. I've just had a quick look at it.01:10
mathiazand it's clearly targeted toward desktop users (in which case I agree).01:11
mathiazthere is a small section about the command line changes.01:11
mathiazand it hasn't been implemented yet.01:12
leonelis there any news about the  servers down  in ubuntu I mean   doc.ubuntu.com  and how got compromised ?01:19
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jpowermacg4Anyone know the EASIEST!!! way to install a Postfix and Courier - Email System, Where I can make user accounts and actually log in?01:20
leoneljpowermacg4: http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu_6.0601:21
jpowermacg4i did the one for 7.0401:21
jpowermacg4and it didn't work unfortunately01:21
jpowermacg4ISPConfig wasn't able to be installed01:21
jpowermacg4stupid php mod error01:21
mathiazjpowermacg4: did you have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer ?01:23
jpowermacg4nope... i looked at...01:24
mathiazjpowermacg4: there is also the ubuntu server guide with a mail section: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/email-services.html01:24
jpowermacg4and 01:24
jpowermacg4ok i'll try that last one mathiaz01:24
jpowermacg4lemme --purge all this stuff LOL01:25
jpowermacg4ok i'll try this and see.. looks like a diff setup.. hope this time it works.01:27
mathiazjpowermacg4: give it a try. And you find some mistakes in the documents, don't hesitate to correct them.01:28
mathiazjpowermacg4: these are wiki pages.01:28
jpowermacg4ok... i been trying.. i been looking at 6 articles so far.. only seen 1 i had to correct.. and then even then i didn't know nothing about the mysql i setup.. because the ubuntu wiki was lacking some info the other was.. so maybe this one for 7.04 work01:29
jpowermacg4Glad I'm setting this up on a deb system though... nothing like apt-get --purge remove postfix* courier* and whatever* and cleaning up /etc/ if anything left behind and starting fresh.. LOL01:31
jpowermacg4gosh.. already missing the /etc/postfix/sasl/smtpd.conf ... hmmm..01:33
jpowermacg4ok new file it is i guess01:34
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jbrouhardhowdy all02:02
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jpowermacg4gosh the wiki sucked... LOL02:45
jpowermacg4Anyone know the EASIEST!!! way to install a Postfix and Courier - Email System, Where I can make user accounts and actually log in?02:47
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dthackerjpowermacg4: There's a very easy howto on howtoforge.com.  If you wait a minute I'll grab you a link.03:07
jpowermacg4i've done that howto on that site03:09
jpowermacg4ISPConfig fails to install though03:09
=== dthacker doesn't use ISPConfig
Janet32766anyone have any clues for me? ifconfig eth0 mtu 9000 #gives: SIOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument03:10
jpowermacg4i assume u running a postfix and courier?03:10
dthacker6 virtual domains03:11
jpowermacg4ok maybe this one will work better than the one for ubuntu-server 7.04 with ISPConfig03:11
jpowermacg4dt.. i had did this whole thing.. http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_ubuntu70403:12
jpowermacg4but it failed on ISPConfig.. lol03:12
jpowermacg4so i purged it all03:12
dthackerwhat was ISP Config's problem?03:12
jpowermacg4mod php03:12
dthackerJanet32766: I'm googling....03:13
jpowermacg4said mod php not compatible with the system or something.. lol03:13
dthackerthat's just a package and an apache edit.  Minor hacking03:13
jpowermacg4yeah.. but postfix didn't work at all when i did it.. lol03:13
jpowermacg4or anything at all03:14
jpowermacg4SMTP wasn't capable of sending a e-mail from telnet.. when i run the commands like MAIL FROM: x@x.com.. it never responded 250. LOL03:14
jpowermacg4i dunno what was up, with that.. but that so far is running now.... but obviously no users03:15
dthackerJanet32766: the mtu number could be out of range.   My eth0 is set to 1500 now and when I run that command with 1500 it returns without error. 03:15
jpowermacg4janet .. you can't tell eth0 to give you a mtu of more than 150003:16
jpowermacg4at least.. i havn't figured it out myself.03:16
Janet32766dthacker, maybe ubuntu didn't pick the best driver for my gigabit ethernet card.... thanks :)03:16
jpowermacg4janet are you getting mtu errors with 1500?03:17
dthackerJanet32766: could be.   Try a search for your card/driver combo in the forums.03:17
Janet327661500 works03:18
=== dthacker is reading....
dthackerJanet32766: yes, I've experienced that slowdown in production with a mismatched switch ;)03:21
dthackerare you using the same card as the forum author?03:21
Janet32766no, it is an integrated device in my dell server (broadcom)03:22
dthackerJanet32766: I'm afraid you're in for trial and error unless your research finds someone using your NIC successfully with a different driver.03:24
dthackerhmm, what would SLES do.  I've got a dell with that installed at work.03:25
jpowermacg4dthacker you here often?03:27
jpowermacg4i'm a little too busy to start the setup right now.. lol03:28
dthackerI stop by most evenings03:28
jpowermacg4cool.. hope to see you hear if it doesn't work.. lol03:28
jpowermacg4i think yours might work though.. it's 7 pages of e-mail setup.. lol.. or 6.. lol03:29
dthackerI'd post to the forums on howtoforge. they answered my questions within a day. 03:29
jpowermacg4so did the setup pretty much fully set it up without any issues?03:30
jpowermacg4does it tell you how to setup the users and all that at least?03:31
jpowermacg4that info seems to be lacking from everything i've done.. lol03:32
nealmcbJanet32766: Thanks for a link to an interesting forum thread.  Exactly what device are you using (lspci -vv)?  you might want to post your experiences on the forum thread.  03:35
dthackerjpowermacg4: Yes, it goes right into data entry through phpMyAdmin.   03:39
jpowermacg4ok i've had one that did input to mysql.. but it was sloppy.. lol.. and didn't work at all with the info.. LOL.03:40
jpowermacg4i even installed squirrelmail to do a "localhost" type connection cause i thought it was blocking externels.. but was no help.. but it was a ubuntu wiki that's not accurate i did it from.03:41
jpowermacg4i do like this guys how to's though... so maybe his will work for this better.03:42
Janet32766nealmcb, it's a Broadcom 5754 NetXtreme, do you know how can i verify the tg3 driver is associated with this card?03:58
nealmcbJanet32766: the output of lspci -vvn may also be helpful03:59
nealmcband do lsmod to see which modules are in use03:59
nealmcbdmesg may also be of use04:00
Janet32766lsmod shows tg3...04:00
nealmcbJanet32766: the howto was done with skge drivers - I don't suppose those work with your card??  But I'm afraid I don't have any of the above equipment and that's about all I can suggest - post to the forum and see if readers can help.04:14
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jpowermacg4nice... Ex-Chat.. lol05:19
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ScottKjpowermacg4: For Postfix setups, when I was first learning and still when I try something new, I find "The Book of Postfix" invaluable.05:33
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jpowermacg4ScottK where is that located? and i'm just about to start this thing dthacker said05:55
ScottKjpowermacg4: The book's web site is here: http://www.postfix-book.com/ but it's an actual dead tree book.  It's also the best Postfix reference I've found yet.05:57
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etamDoes anyone have experience with DL360 G1 with DLT06:51
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etamDoes anyone have experience with DL360 G1 with DLT07:15
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ScottKetam: This is the quietest period of the day for this channel.07:24
ScottKTrying again US AM/European PM is you best bet.07:25
etamTks ScottK07:27
jpowermacg4dthacker you there?07:44
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stiv2kwhat command can i use from within a PHP script to get the version numbers and status (up/down) of services like apache and such...?08:51
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coNPEasiest way to dump everything is to invoke phpinfo()08:54
stiv2knah but i mean09:00
stiv2ki want to make a page showing the version of apache, whether its up or down, then other services09:00
stiv2klike mysql, ircd, sshd09:00
stiv2kall the crap on my server09:00
stiv2kiirc, phpinfo() doesnt give all taht09:00
coNPstiv2k: if apache is down you won't get the page :)09:02
stiv2kyeah 09:03
stiv2kbut i just want to try and do it anyways09:03
coNPYou might work with external calls. Some initscripts can give a "status" that shows if they are up. You can also use some ad-hoc diagnosis (e.g., telnet to the specific port) or base your results on an existing monitoring tool (e.g. munin is simple and straightforward). I would use the latter.09:04
infinityapache2ctl status, mysqladmin version, sshd has no status reporting, so just a ps | grep might be all you've got there (and a test if port 22 is open), same with ircd.09:09
infinitymysqladmin version can dump stuff like:09:10
infinityServer version          4.0.20-log09:10
infinityProtocol version        1009:10
infinityConnection              Localhost via UNIX socket09:10
infinityUNIX socket             /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock09:10
infinityUptime:                 799 days 9 min 31 sec09:10
infinityThreads: 1  Questions: 30101170  Slow queries: 2023  Opens: 195335  Flush tables: 1  Open tables: 64  Queries per second avg: 0.43609:10
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=== jpowermacg4 is away: thanks dthacker
=== jpowermacg4 is away: thanks dthacker it worked
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ivoksman, aren't we blind, or what... :)11:45
ivokswe have partman-auto-raid already in ubuntu11:45
ivoksjust, it's in universe :/11:45
fabbioneivoks: it's only raid preseeding afaik11:49
ivoksrecipe for partman11:50
ivoksthis is what was requested at last meeting11:50
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coNPHey! I did some security patches for lighttpd.02:41
coNPAnyone running dapper / edgy / feisty and lighttpd please help test them.02:41
coNPDebdiffs for these targets are available (bug 127718) 02:42
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127718 in lighttpd "lighttpd security fixes" [High,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12771802:42
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ElazarI'm trying to configure MySQL such that the lower_case_table_names setting is 2. I've tried creating a custom file in /etc/mysql/conf.d, I've tried editing the my.cnf file directly, and I've restarted mysql after each attempt, but it just doesn't seem to see the setting change. Any suggestions?06:12
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ekimushello, i'm on 6.06 LTS normally using debian. now i need a mailer that can send to my smarthost. nullmailer is what I use normall but that is broken any hints?07:17
ScottKPostfix can be configured to send through a smarthost, but may be overkill in your case.07:19
ekimusthat is why i normally use nullmailer. our 3 postfixes are configured properly and i just would like some simple mta that i don't have to care about...07:20
ScottKIIRC sending through a smarthost is one of the Debian config options and so trivially easy to configure (unlike more complex Postfix setups).07:22
ekimushmm msmtp doesn't provie mail-transport-agent. that would brake a hell lot of dependencies....07:22
ekimusha! ssmtp seems to work... now i gotta wait until all the cronjobs run to see how it behaves with a lot of messages.07:31
ekimusthanks anyway...07:31
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ElazarI'm trying to configure MySQL such that the lower_case_table_names setting is 2. I've tried creating a custom file in /etc/mysql/conf.d, I've tried editing the my.cnf file directly, and I've restarted mysql after each attempt, but it just doesn't seem to see the setting change. Any suggestions?07:40
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stiv2kwhat commands can i use to fetch the version of certain packages (like, have it return ONLY the version number in the result) and a way to check the status of certain services running on the machine?08:32
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