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tepsipakkiwow, we should be able to sync ati from experimental11:45
tepsipakkimeans dropping 105_fdo_att7409_bug5437.diff, which is a hacky patch just for some acer11:46
tepsipakkiand upstream hates that patch11:46
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brycetepsipakki: excellent05:21
mvo/home/egon/devel/compiz/compiz/src/display.c:2018: undefined reference to `XGetXCBConnection'06:14
mvo ^--- I assume this is only availabe with a xcb enable xlib?06:14
mvo^--- byce, tepsipakki ? any idea?06:40
brycethat sounds likely06:50
brycehere's my todo notes for xcb enablement:06:50
bryce   * libx11 with xcb reactivated06:50
bryce     - Problem is a static lib inside java06:50
bryce     - Current package in debian should patch java not to use06:50
bryce     - Needs a fix for06:50
bryce       https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1139006:50
mvohrm, that is pretty bad is it makes it impossible currently to follow compiz06:50
bryce     - http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/lib/libX11/06:50
ubotuFreedesktop bug 11390 in Lib/Xlib "Locking hooks not called from software built against non-XCB Xlib without XTHREADS" [Blocker,Resolved: notourbug]  06:50
mvobryce: how likely is that for gutsy? oh, and will we get the latest ati driver from experimental :) ? it contains some nice fixes for compiz06:51
brycemvo, I can talk more about it with timo, however I had been planning on postponing it until gutsy+1 since I get the impression we'll need debian's involvement but I get the sense they won't be looking at it in the near term06:52
bryceyes, the ati driver should be here soon06:52
mvoI'm not adcoating that we need to enable it if it is a risk, its just unfortunate that compiz upstream is using it now and we are sort of excluded06:52
brycetepsipakki said he'd upload it today.  Sounds like maybe we can just sync from debian06:53
=== bryce nods
bryceI think it's going to be a moderately-high important task for gutsy+106:53
mvoit seems that other distros (opensuse, fedora) ship with a xcb-xlib?06:53
mvohow do they manage?06:53
jcristaulast i checked, fedora didn't use xlib-xcb06:54
brycesorry, I'm being called to breakfast.  bbiab.06:54
bryceBtw, I put in the main inclusion request for displayconfig-gtk the other day :-)06:54
bryceI'm hoping it gets in soon, since that's a prereq for two specs06:55
jcristauoh, it does now06:57
seb128mvo: previous cycle when we had the xlib-xcb issues fedora was not using it, I've not looked recently though06:57
jcristau* Mon Jul 23 2007 Adam Jackson <ajax@redhat.com> 1.1.2-106:58
jcristau- libX11
jcristau- Enable XCB for libX11 transport.06:58
mvobryce: rock!06:58
mvojcristau: thanks06:58
mvoseb128: right, as I said, I'm not advocating to enable it (yet ;) - just getting a picture of it06:59
seb128mvo: do we still want to track compiz git at this point? we are not too far from UVF now, and they just rolled a new stable, might make sense to just use it?07:00
jcristaui don't know when java is going to be fixed...07:00
mvoseb128: its a stable unstable ("Compiz 0.5 is the developmental version")07:01
seb128on an other hand we should better push those change this cycle that next one if they need some adjustments07:01
mvoseb128: currently we do not have any option, we need to stop tracking it07:01

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