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montesluanyone here using smbldap-installer ?01:25
LaserJocknope might ask moquist if he's around01:30
LaserJockBurgundavia: did you know System76 was selling Edubuntu servers?01:31
BurgundaviaLaserJock: nope01:31
LaserJockI just saw it01:31
Burgundaviaoh very cool01:31
Burgundaviayou should blog that01:31
montesluLaserJock, fixed the ldap problem01:33
monteslugot a new one :)01:33
LaserJockI think I will, I was already going to blog about Tribe 4 Edubuntu01:33
montesluedubuntu/Muekow is alot different than fedora/ltsp4, which is the dhcpd.conf that is actually being used?01:34
montesluseems like there's more than one01:34
LaserJockhmm, I'm not exactly sure01:37
LaserJockyou might want to ask #ltsp01:37
montesluno one awake in there :)01:39
LaserJockhmm, there should be somebody latter, sbalneav should know01:40
monteslusbalneav is the man01:41
montesluhim and orgra and a couple others convinced me to ditch k12ltsp for edubuntu :)01:41
LaserJockyes, they are a lot of fun to be around01:50
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montesluI have a user in sudoers, but doing sudo synaptic wont work, and just launching synaptic runs without root privledges02:13
Burgundaviamonteslu: your user shoudl be in the admin group02:16
Burgundaviadon't directly edit sudoers unless you really know what you are doing02:17
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montesluBurgundavia, guess I don't.... but I did use visudo :)02:21
Burgundaviathere is an admin group for a reason :)02:22
montesluguess I'll have to add that group to my smbldap server02:22
monteslusynaptic runs fine from the server, just not a thin client02:26
Burgundaviaahh, hmm02:28
montesluis flash with thin client sound support in an included repo?02:29
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montesluis flashplugin-nonfree the current adobe flash plugin for edubuntu?02:40
montesluthe ubuntu wiki says it is, but I cant find it in synaptic or apt-get command line02:41
monteslu.... there's a thousand people in #ubuntu, how can anyone talk in there?02:43
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poningrumonteslu: search for nonfree02:52
monteslui think the problem is that my apt-get update is failing02:52
monteslureally strange because the packages its choking on I have no problem wget'ing02:53
montesluno idea how to fix it02:53
montesluponingru, do you have an edubuntu box you can apt-get update on?02:55
poningruwhat package is it chocking on?02:56
poningrujust remove it02:56
montesluhttp://security.ubuntu.com feisty-security/restricted02:57
montesluany idea why I can sudo a GUI app only on the server on edubuntu?04:21
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montesluany idea if there really is a gzipped lts.conf example file, like the one specified in the real lts.conf file ?04:42
jamesstilwell3rdSorry everyone.  I'm a fairly experienced sysadmin who has never used IRC (or any chat) so please forgive any random dumbness on my part.04:44
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jamesstilwell3rdHow many are deployed with ltsp?04:47
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sbalneavWell, got the language window and the session window sort of going in the greeter.07:27
sbalneavAs well, if there's only one possible host to log into, you don't get a host popup07:28
sbalneavGonna need some code cleanup, tomorrow I'll get the values passed back to ldm.07:28
sbalneavRev's pushed.07:41
sbalneavTired.  Heading to bed.07:41
sbalneavNight all07:41
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stgraberogra: ping10:46
ograstgraber, pong10:53
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stgraberogra: do you have a working ltsp package or a patch so I can have a working ldm2 ?11:01
stgraberogra: I'll be updating my school test network (feisty server + gutsy ltsp) this afternoon and would like to have something more or less working :)11:01
ograstgraber, nope :/ sbalneav committed a fix in his branch but broke tons of other stuff that break login ...11:01
ograso i cant merge atm11:01
stgraberok, I'll have a quick look at the sources and see if I can simply add a system call so it kills the other ssh link :)11:03
ograthat should work11:03
ograapart from that, i'd just wait and ask scott ;)11:04
ograhe might be able to just give you a patch11:04
stgraberI also have his bzr branch here, I can try to find the fix in it11:06
ograi guess its that commit that fixes it11:08
ograhe reworked all the pipes and forks11:08
stgraberogra: especially the end of the diff I think11:14
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stgraberogra: I've just built a new set of ltsp packages from sbalneav's branch (he did some commit last night), I'll see if it works (I doubt but we can still try), if not I'll just try to manually patch the source01:40
stgraberogra: what's the way to force the resolution with ldm.conf ? I can't remember it and don't find it in the ldm.conf settings list01:41
stgrabers/ldm.conf/lts.conf/ ofc01:41
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stgraber(I need to set 1024x768 on all thin clients, so I doubt I can use HORZ/VERT SYNC for that)01:44
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ograstgraber, X_MODE_0=1024x76802:30
ograworks in gutsy ;)02:30
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stgraberogra: cool :)03:05
stgraberogra: oh, just a detail I came across, it'd be a good idea to copy /etc/apt/apt.conf before doing apt-get update in the chroot03:18
stgraberogra: otherwise the generation get stuck at the first apt-get update (020 IIRC)03:19
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stgraberogra: any cluse on why pulseaudio isn't listening on port 4713 after running it with "pulseaudio --system" from tty1 ?04:06
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stgraberogra: ergh, you also see the mouse cursor flickering when the screenshot is being made by xwd :(04:20
stgraberogra: sound fixed (I forgot to tweak the /etc/pulse/daemon.conf)04:22
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LaserJockhi edubuntugirl06:51
edubuntugirlhi, LaserJock!06:51
LaserJockedubuntugirl: how are you doing?06:51
edubuntugirlLaserJock: I already know stuff about what how are06:51
LaserJockedubuntugirl: oh really?06:51
edubuntugirlLaserJock: I'm not following you...06:51
LaserJockedubuntugirl: nevermind then06:51
edubuntugirlLaserJock: I'm not following you...06:51
highvoltageedubuntugirl: you are such a dumbass06:51
edubuntugirlhighvoltage: I already know stuff about what you are06:51
=== LaserJock hugs edubuntugirl
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Amaranthedubuntugirl: whee07:11
edubuntugirlAmaranth: *blink*07:11
edubuntugirlI'd like a Wii instead.07:15
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AmaranthNo, I want to keep mine :)07:20
=== Amaranth goes to play bowling
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lnsHey I'm building some brochure-type documentation for LTSP based networks, does anyone have any existing (completed) stuff like this? If not, I would be more than happy to submit what I complete08:44
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highvoltageedubuntugirl: ping10:29

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