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CIA-20ubiquity: cjwatson * r2182 ubiquity/ (doc/ubiquity.8 debian/changelog debian/rules): * Add a manual page for ubiquity.10:20
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superm1_cjwatson, don't worry about the lirc bug, keescook uploaded it this morning08:12
cjwatsonok, just as well08:31
cjwatsonabout to go on vacation :)08:31
superm1_cjwatson, before you dissappear then, can you look over the email i sent to you regarding mythbuntu-meta?08:32
superm1_Riddell just wanted you to double check it before he uploaded08:32
cjwatsonok, checking out08:33
cjwatsonsuperm1_: urgh, seed branches *must* be properly branched off the main ubuntu.gutsy seeds08:39
cjwatsonI'm afraid that's a requirement08:39
cjwatsonthe one you gave me just starts at revision 108:39
cjwatsonI haven't found it necessary to keep *-meta in bzr, to be honest08:41
cjwatsonsince it's generating all the data from bzr anyway08:41
cjwatsonanyway, I'll send you a review by e-mail08:41
superm1_sorry stepped out for a few.  Not too big a deal to branch off that branch instead, I'll watch for that mail and adjust accordingly.  Thanks08:56
cjwatsonyou have mail now09:03
superm1_oh interesting, i was wondering how the apt archive was produced along side the CD.  i've been doing it by hand currently..  Thanks for looking this over, i'll update everything accordingly later this evening09:06
superm1_one question would be regarding the -live metapackage, since we won't have tasks for a while, is it "ok" to do the -live for now, and then at a later time (gutsy +1) nuke it in the archive09:07
cjwatsonI only mentioned it because we found it to be a maintenance pain after a while, but that was more due to the repeated language pack dance than anything else09:14
superm1_ah i see09:17

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