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spettiti have a few questions and i need some help on where to direct them01:49
spettiti'm looking for some help with video drivers01:49
spettiti'm assuming this isn't the propper channel01:50
BFTDwhat OS?01:50
BFTDbut I'll start you off01:50
spettiti'm assuming this isn't the propper channel01:50
spettiti could use any help you could provide01:51
BFTDWell, the main help chan is #ubuntu, but if you have kubuntu then go into #kubuntu, or Xubuntu go to #xubuntu01:53
BFTDbut what video card?01:53
spettita nVidia 7600 GT01:53
BFTDnice card01:54
spettita nVidia 7600 GS is listed in the HCL01:54
BFTDyeah that's fine01:54
spettitand it's PCIe 16x01:54
spettiti'm having a hell of a time getting the thing to run01:54
spettitand i've seen a few other people who have had problems with fiesty fawn getting it to run as well01:55
BFTDsudo apt-get install nvidia-glx01:55
spettitthat's it?01:55
spettitbecause after install i can't even get x to start01:56
spettiti had to install in text mode01:56
BFTDthen run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"01:57
BFTDor maybe its xorg-xserver01:58
BFTDI can never remember01:58
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spettiti'll have to try that when i get hom02:04
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aboganiTheMuso: Bug #131029 would be great to have.10:24
TheMusoabogani: You mean the RT on PowerPC, yeah it would.10:29
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krautdoes anybody know, how i could send a magic-sysrq through a remote terminal-console over  cyclades tsc?01:08
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aboganikraut: "echo char_of_sysrq_command > /proc/sysrq-trigger" ?02:56
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TheMusois there a way of binding a particular PCi device to a kernel module? I will be looking at a PCI device that I think may be a serial device, but there is a good chance the kernel serial drivers don't know about it.03:30
Nafallox86_64 generic isn't tickless?05:07
Nafallois there a reason? :-)05:10
mjg59Becuse x86_64 doesn't support tickless yet05:13
Nafallohehe. clear enough.05:36
NafalloI'll go with x86 then.05:36
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elmoe1000: 0000:02:00.0: e1000_probe: The EEPROM Checksum Is Not Valid06:07
elmoACPI: PCI interrupt for device 0000:02:00.0 disabled06:07
elmoe1000: probe of 0000:02:00.0 failed with error -506:07
elmoI just got that on a laptop, which I swear to god, was working 2 weeks ago06:08
elmocan someone please tell me, why on earth, we don't just kill that check with EXTREME prejudice06:08
elmoit's complete crack06:08
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NafalloI have a weird error on Tribe-4 x86 :-)06:15
NafalloI have to keep control pressed in for the live to boot...06:15
mjg59Nafallo: Turion?06:18
mjg59Should be fixed in git06:18
Nafallothanks :-)06:19
Nafalloah. it works once its graphical :-)06:19
mjg59Because there's plenty of stuff generating interrupts then06:22
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Nafalloaha :-)06:56
NafalloI hope it's a new one soon then :-P06:57
Nafallohmm. I can't boot at all from harddrive :-P07:00
Nafallohehe. funny bug :-)07:05
BenCNafallo: "nolapic_timer nohz=off"07:09
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NafalloBenC: thanks. any idea when you upload the fix? :-)07:12
BenCNafallo: sometime before the next tribe :)07:13
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BenCkylem: ping07:16
BenCelmo: I believe e1000 has an mod param to ignore that07:16
BenCkylem: since I'll be gone next week, I'll need to hand over gutsy kernel to you during that time07:17
mjg59elmo: It's a bug - it's reading the eeprom before it's completely powered up the chip07:17
kylemBenC, yeah, that's fine.07:17
elmoBenC: users shouldn't have to twiddle mod params to get their wired network working though07:17
mjg59elmo: Try booting with the ethernet plugged in07:17
kylemelmo, can you test kernels on that box?07:17
BenCkylem: you can still reach me if you need to via email, but I don't suspect you'll have a problem07:17
mjg59Intel have known about this for over a year07:17
elmomjg59: ok - but until that's fixed, can we just turn it off? :/07:17
elmokylem: not that specific laptop, the owner just left for 2 weeks07:18
kylemBenC, it'll be fine, though i'll be off friday, so i'll make sure stuff gets done by then.07:18
mjg59elmo: I suspect that would be the sensible thing to do07:18
kylemelmo, fuck. ok.07:18
BenCkylem: thanks07:18
kylemelmo, i suspect it is fixed.07:18
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MmikeWhere do I find help on 2.6.22 kernel compilation with fiesty? I downloaded kernel src from kernel.org (2.6.22), got .config from gutsy, make oldconfig, make-kpkg, and got .deb that is 140 MB large... that's a bit too much, right? :)09:00
mjg59Disable CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL09:02
Mmikethnx, i'll try09:04
MmikeI tought I did disable that :) thnx09:06
=== lamont recreates his diff for hppa, pushes his archive. now to email the list and maybe get it into -9.26
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Nafallolamont: that will make that version come quicker I hope ;-)09:36
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BenCmjg59: actually, it's CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO09:41
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lamontNafallo: given that I successfully built -9.25hppa1 with that config, the (non-LP as yet for other reasons) hppa archive is happy.09:54
lamontwhich is to say, I'd like to see -9.26 soonish, just so that I can work through getting d-i and such built.09:54
lamontPlan is to light up hppa in LP real soon now.  (there's a little java debugging to do)09:55
lamontthat also requires a small (arch/parisc) kernel patch to let gdb build, so that the gcj folks can have a working debugger.09:55
mjg59BenC: Ah, close :)09:59
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