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asacJazzva: no problem ... do as much as you can ... but not more ;)10:27
asacanyone seen gnomefreak?10:33
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asacdamn thing ... nspluginwrapper is broken in gutsy11:02
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Bernardogood morning11:17
asachi Bernardo11:18
Bernardoasac: I'm jbernardo from ubuntuforums, the one with IPW3945 problems11:18
asachidden networks are known to be problematic still11:18
asacyou are using latest gutsy?11:19
BernardoI know, but 12 hours ago I had the same problems connecting to my fonera WPA2 network, which has a visible SSID11:19
Bernardoyes, updated this morning (except multiverse, that was giving hash errors)11:19
Bernardothis morning - 2 hours ago (I'm on gmt)11:20
asacok ... so if you upgraded this morning ... is your brokeness already with latest network-manager ?11:20
asaclatest was uploaded on 2007-08-0711:21
asacand version is  0.6.5-0ubuntu911:21
Bernardoyes, I think the syslog I posted was after the upgrade, let me check11:21
Bernardothe syslog is from yesterday, at 19h gmt (+1 - DST)11:22
asaccan you see in logs if you got new network-manager today?11:22
asaci think its /var/log/apt/term.log11:23
asacunless you use aptitude11:23
BernardoI updated on the 8th from 0.6.4. to 0.6.511:25
asacwhat i see in your syslog looks like what we tried to fix in latest upload ... which is why i asked11:25
asaci have received a few negative feedbacks ... but for most it fixed the issue11:25
asacBernardo: no upgrade afterwards?11:25
Bernardoof network-manager, no11:25
asacok ... then you are most likely on latest11:26
asacyou are at work and cannot test atm, right?11:26
Bernardoat least the upgrade was to 0.6.5-0ubuntu911:26
Bernardoyes, there are no networks nearby, open or closed11:27
BernardoI could try to see if host mode works on my zaurus with a prism3 adapter... :)11:27
asacok ... unfortunately i will will not have net access this weekend ... maybe tomorrow in the evening11:27
asachmm ... i would like to investigate the ipw3945 issues ;) ... but feedback about other wifi chipsets is appreciated11:28
Bernardook, I think I'll also have to go to beach or somewhere, or I'll get killed by the wife... :)11:28
asacif you can try other chipset please post your results to the forum thread so I can get the big picture11:28
BernardoI meant using the zaurus as a AP11:28
BernardoI do have a USB Ralink adapter, but that one needed some specific commands to use WAP11:29
asacah ... ok. I have no idea yet if it really is AP dependent11:29
BernardoI don't think it is AP dependent, as MacUnto has the same AP using the same firmware as I do as has no problems11:30
asacfeedback on ralink is welcome too ... if its just broken, please just state ;)11:30
BernardoI was just thinking if it worked as a AP I could test it here at work11:30
asacBernardo: ah ok11:30
Bernardobut the last time I tried that was a couple of years ago11:30
Bernardowith a unsecure network11:31
asacwell ... open networks are inheritantly broken with ipw3945 atm too i guess11:31
Bernardoso I'll have to check on how to use wpa_supplicant in AP mode11:31
BernardoI get connected to open networks, even if I don't want to11:31
asacthats strange ... i get the feeling that there are variants of ipw3945 ... or some firmware differences11:32
asacBernardo: does open network work through NM as well ... or just manually?11:32
BernardoI think it's quite possible - check my lspci -v output on the forum11:33
BernardoI think thru NM as well, if I choose a open network, it connects11:33
asacdid someone with a working setup post lspci as well?11:33
Bernardobut I didn't test it extensively, as I was more interested in wpa11:33
asac.... so i can compare11:33
Bernardowe can ask MacUnto, as his setup works11:33
asacright ... which is why we investigate wpa with higher prio atm11:33
asacyeah ... i already have asked him to post his info to devlink thread as well11:34
BernardoWe'll see11:36
BernardoI'm also going to re-install this machine today11:36
BernardoAs I'm having some strange compiz problems11:36
asacBernardo: ok fine ... let me know ... and try to ping me if you have some time to test things11:36
asacwell compiz might still cause a lot of problems11:36
asacBernardo: thanks!11:36
asac(at least for me it does)11:37
BernardoI had it working under feisty, building my own debs using trevio's script11:37
Bernardoand it all went bad after I tried kde4 from backports11:37
BernardoIt just hung my X server11:37
Bernardoso I tried all, ending up by upgrading to gutsy11:38
Bernardoand I still have some X server hangs, even though a lot less since I switched acceleration to exa11:38
Bernardoso I'm going to try a clean gutsy install... that's the problem when you use lots of bleeding edge tech, you never know what breaks what11:39
asacright ... sorry that I can't help on that ... I am the wrong person for compiz ;)11:53
Bernardoto think I gave up on a source based distro because I didn't have the time to keep updating and fixing stuff... :)11:57
Bernardobbl, time to reinstall...12:21
Jazzvaasac: I started writing that script. So far it just gets the rdeps for ff and tb and puts them in the separate files :). I thought that maybe I could have three files: firefox-ext, -other and -new.01:46
JazzvaIn the first one would be firefox exts, in the second rdeps that are not extensions01:46
Jazzvaand in the last one the new rdeps...01:46
asacJazzva: actually i think you just need one file01:46
asacwhich means: all packages that are in that file are already properly processed01:46
asace.g. we have sorted them out01:46
asacthen you can just see if there is an rdepends that is not in that file01:47
asacand we would know that we need to look at it01:47
JazzvaOk :)...01:47
JazzvaUmm... do you know how can I read a string from a file?01:47
asacso we would need just one file in bzr for each distribution01:47
asacJazzva: you just grep for every package you get by rdepends01:48
asacdoes that answer your question?01:48
asacfor rdep in $(apt-cache rdepends firefox); do grep -C $rdep firefox.packages.investigated; done01:49
asactest if grep yields 001:49
asacof course you have to clean the output of apt-cache01:49
asace.g. remove | and , i guess01:49
JazzvaRight, I used temp file for that...01:49
asacso for rdep in $(apt-cache rdepends firefox | sed -e 's/[|,] / /g') ...01:50
asacjust do what you like most01:50
JazzvaPiping is fun... :)01:50
JazzvaWell, your method looks better :). I still have to find out commands and stuff :)01:50
asacin the end it just should be : aretherenewrdepends.sh /path/to/current/package.file01:50
asacJazzva: sure01:51
asacJazzva: just do what you can ... your skills will improve by time then01:51
asacand aretherenewrdepends.sh just spits out any new rdepends rthat are not in package.fil01:51
asacok ... lunch brewak for me01:51
JazzvaI suppose... Off to work on it and to check those bugs after :)01:51
asacJazzva: so is the current branch ready for merge?`01:52
asaci mean from the .desktop file point of view`01:52
JazzvaWell, afaics yes...01:52
JazzvaIt works with g-a-i and --xul-extensions01:52
asacok please post link ... i will take care for that after lunch01:52
JazzvaMost of them have icons01:52
asacyes ... not all need icons ... but is a nice to have ;)01:53
JazzvaWell, I left the Icon field empty for those that don't have... In case an icon appears :). I don't think that g-a-i minds :).01:53
asacright ... sounds good01:54
JazzvaHere's the link: https://code.launchpad.net/~jazzva/app-install-data-ubuntu/ubuntu.mozilla-extensions01:54
JazzvaHave fun ;)01:55
Ubulettelo all01:55
asachi Ubulette01:55
asacJazzva: ok thanks01:55
asacnow lunch ;)01:55
JazzvaHello Ubulette :)01:55
Ubuletteasac, can't find the Profile Folder :(01:58
Admiral_Chicagohello everyone02:16
Admiral_Chicagoi'll be back soon :), been freaking busy with work and other projects02:16
asacUbulette: hehe02:22
asacAdmiral_Chicago: hi02:23
Admiral_Chicagohey there asac02:23
asacUbulette: most likely its still set in the nsAppInfo class02:23
asacUbulette: previously that was instantiated in nsBrowserApp.cpp02:23
asacUbulette: however ... i guess now that went into some config file02:23
asacAdmiral_Chicago: other projects? shame ;)02:24
Admiral_Chicagogrrr, our meeting wasn't reserved, let me go kick nixternal02:24
Admiral_Chicagoasac: non software "real world" things02:24
Ubuletteasac, starting to wonder if it's not in application.ini now..02:25
Admiral_Chicagono, some things related to school02:25
asacUbulette: might be ... most likely its in a file that contains both strings: Mozilla and Firefox02:25
Admiral_ChicagoI wish I had the time to volunteer on political campaigns but I have no idea who I want to vote from02:26
asacAdmiral_Chicago: ah ok02:26
asacAdmiral_Chicago: hehe02:26
Admiral_Chicagoi have to run and get to work so I can get home early. ttul02:26
asacAdmiral_Chicago: you have to join a party and shape that one like you want ;)02:26
asacAdmiral_Chicago: though you will probably die first ... given the fact that most people don't even see what is so obvious to me that its even hard to explain02:27
asacAdmiral_Chicago: its always funny if you want to lobby for something, but then you find that people do disagree even on the most basic things02:27
Ubuletteasac, bingo. It's application.ini02:29
Ubulettebut it's not enough02:29
Ubuletteit wants things like /projects/firefox-granparadiso/3.0a7/firstrun/02:29
asaclet me look inside02:30
Ubuletteit sends the user to http://www.mozilla.org/projects/firefox-granparadiso/3.0a7/firstrun/02:30
Ubulettewhich doesn't exist of course02:30
asacyes right... its Vendor + Product02:30
asacUbulette: change Product to Granparadiso02:31
asacor Firefox-Granparadiso02:31
asaci think even =Firefox Granaparadiso might work02:31
asacas whitespaces are replaces by dashes02:31
Ubulettewants http://www.mozilla.org/projects/granparadiso/3.0a7/firstrun/02:31
Ubulettenone exists02:32
asacwhere do you see that?02:32
asacas homepage?02:32
Ubulettein the default profile02:32
asacyes its generated02:32
asacwe cannot do much about that ... other than hacking the template for that profile file02:32
asacUbulette: however ... lets first do the profile migration for now02:33
asacUbulette: maybe we should setup our own homepage ... which states clearly that the profile will not be synched with their real firefox profile02:33
asacotherwise we should just target the homepage to the right location forcefully02:34
asacUbulette: pref("app.releaseNotesURL", "http://www.mozilla.org/projects/%APP%/%VERSION%/releasenotes/");02:35
Ubuletteown homepage stored where ? locally or ubuntu ?02:35
asacUbulette: sorry wanted to paste the path: browser/branding/unofficial/pref/firefox-branding.js02:35
asacUbulette: if we do our own homepage we should store it locally02:35
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asac14:35 < Ubulette> own homepage stored where ? locally or ubuntu ?02:38
asac14:35 < asac> Ubulette: sorry wanted to paste the path: browser/branding/unofficial/pref/firefox-branding.js02:38
asac14:35 < asac> Ubulette: if we do our own homepage we should store it locally02:38
asacUbulette: in fact we should use the same homepage as firefox ... if we want a first run page we should summarize the features and the profile thing02:43
asacon another page02:43
asacfor now we should just not care ;) ... maybe just replace %APP% to be firefox in that file02:47
asaclets get this thing out asap02:47
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
Ubuletteasac, http://pastebin.mozilla.org/18298803:03
Ubuletteit tries to be smart by using application.ini directly03:04
Ubuletteoh, I should also check the name is not Mozilla + Firefox03:05
asacok ... isn't != a bashism?03:10
asacor is it just ==03:10
Ubulettedon't think it is03:11
UbuletteI've been coding like that long before bash ever existed03:11
asacok what about the corner case where there is a file $HOME/.$vname/$pfname ...03:11
asacwe don't care?03:11
asacor do we ant to rename it?03:11
Ubuletteno, it's not a 1st run if  $HOME/.$vname/$pfname is already there03:12
asacwell ... i mean in corner case if there is a FILE03:12
asacnot a directory03:13
asac(however that might have happened) :)03:13
asacanyway  ... make a quilt patch out of it with --diffstat -U8 ... then go03:14
asaclooks good from what i see03:14
asacplease make a quilt patch out of it ... commit ... push and let me know so I can do testbuild and then upload03:17
Ubulettethe patch should also include application.ini change03:18
Ubuletteunless you prefer the script in a separate commit03:18
Ubulettedo we want granparadiso or firefox-granparadiso ?03:22
Ubuletteasac ?03:22
asacgranparadiso vs firefox-granparadiso is your choice03:26
asacand your choice if you want two or more commits03:27
asacaeh or one :)03:27
asaci would prefer two commits (my guts feeling)03:27
Ubuletteoops, too late03:28
asacno problem03:31
asacso is everything pushed?03:31
asacUbulette: ^^?03:31
JazzvaHmm... what's the NOT operator in bash?03:31
asachmm not yet as it appears03:31
Ubulettepushed 4203:31
asacJazzva: for what?03:31
asacJazzva: in a test?03:31
asac[ ! x$a = x ]  ?03:32
JazzvaHmm... I'll try03:32
asacbut i think Ubulette knows more variants ;)03:32
JazzvaWell, here's the test03:32
asaci prefer to use test and not []  brackets03:32
Jazzvaif [ $(grep -c pat test) ] ;03:32
JazzvaI need it to be false when it returns non-zero value :)03:33
asacJazzva: it returns 0 in case there is no mach03:33
asacso test = 003:33
asac$(..) = 003:33
asacor != 003:33
Jazzva...stupid me.03:33
Ubulette$() is bashism03:33
JazzvaI got used to programming where == 0  in a test would be a blasphemy :)03:33
Jazzva!= 003:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about 0 - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:34
asacUbulette: so you need to use ` ?03:34
Ubulette` is the original sh way03:34
asacit works on posh03:34
asaceah dash i mean03:34
JazzvaOk, so to use `...` instead of $(...)03:34
Ubulettebut nowadays, every script is more or less bash03:35
asaclets try posh03:35
asacUbulette: in ubuntu we regularly have errors because debian uses bash while we have dash03:35
asacwell posh works as well03:35
UbuletteI know03:35
asacso i assume $(..) is posix03:36
asacJazzva: use what you want ;)03:36
asacbut better don't mix both ;)03:36
JazzvaHmm... ok.03:37
JazzvaThat test still doesn't work... I'll try to find what else I did wrong :).03:37
asacfor me if test $(grep -c tt1 /tmp/tt) = 0; then echo hello; fi ... works03:38
JazzvaOk :)03:39
JazzvaI used []  again...03:39
asacboth should work03:39
Ubuletteshould be -eq03:39
Ubulette= is for strings03:39
Ubulette-eq for integers03:39
JazzvaOh... thanks :)03:40
Jazzva-ne or -neq for not equal?03:40
Ubulette-eq -ne -ge -gt -lt -le03:40
Ubuletteman test03:40
asacwell ... why wouldn't it work?03:40
asaci mean equal check should be more or less the same03:40
Ubulettehere it's the same03:40
Ubulettebut 0 != 00 while 0 -eq 0003:40
Jazzvaasac: The script works :D03:42
Ubulettebe careful with temp files03:42
Ubulettecould be a security issue03:43
JazzvaYou mean to try not to destroy something I need?03:43
Ubuletteno, users tempering with them03:43
Ubuletteuse mktemp03:43
JazzvaWell, right now there is no temp file... It has one file which keeps the processed packages and outputs the new packages in file.new03:44
Ubulettewill me the name unique and chmod safe03:44
Ubulettejust an advise for later then :)03:44
JazzvaThanks :)03:44
Ubuletteasac, tell me if it works as expected. I'll have to go out soon03:45
Ubulettearg, should have tempered more with firefox-branding.js03:47
Ubuletteasac, I've updated commit 4203:52
asacthats bad03:53
asaccan you resurrect and check-in on top?03:54
Ubulettethat's what I did03:54
asaci think you updated commit 42?03:54
Ubuletteuncommit, fix, commit, push --overwrite03:54
asacthat is not on top03:54
asacUbulette: please never use --overwrite in future ;)03:54
Ubulettelooks ok on LP/code03:55
asacusually if you publish things you should never --overwrite03:55
asacits a pita03:55
asaci already pulled03:55
asacthen checked in stuff on top03:55
asacnow i cannot merge your changes03:55
Ubulettejust uncommit my 42 and repull03:55
asacwhich is why overwrite is evil on published things03:55
asacplease give me the diff03:56
asaci already have done changes on top03:56
asacor tell me what you did03:56
Ubuletteneeded more changes in mozilla/browser/branding/unofficial/pref/firefox-branding.js03:56
Ubuletteit's in the new patch03:56
asactell me the changes please03:57
asaci can edit the patch here03:57
asacor give me link to code03:57
asaci can then pick the changes03:57
Ubuletteclick diff for 4203:58
Ubulettelines 70-88 of debian/patches/granparadiso-profilename03:59
asacactually the app-update urls is not needed04:01
Ubulettedoesn' hurt04:02
asacplease remember to no overwrite once you have asked me to merge in future ;)04:06
asacok ... to save time previously lost i just push without test build ;)04:12
Ubulettepush where ?04:14
asacdput ;)04:15
asacok i pushed what was uploaded to bzr as well ... to mozillateam branch04:16
asaceither wipe your branch, overwrite or whatever  ... its has now diverged04:16
asacbut please don't merge as i will otherwise get unreasonable merge conflicts next time because of the uncommit ;)04:17
asaci knew i had a problem04:17
asacnow granparadiso mozillatewam branch has diverged because i didn't merge04:17
asacand i am forced to overwrite ... or redo all this stuff04:18
asacUbulette: use ~asac branch04:18
asacthat is the one i uploaded04:18
Ubuletteneed to go now. I'll do that this evening. I let you sort this out :)04:18
asacgranparadiso uploaded04:20
=== jeromeg [n=jerome@gra94-2-82-66-142-60.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Jazzvaasac: Should I put these files in my branch? The ff-ext, m-tb-ext, tb-ext and update-rdeps in my branch?04:26
asacUbulette: ok mt branch is now good04:27
asacUbulette: well ... profile dir is now with whitespace04:44
asaci will fix it04:44
Jazzvaasac: About app-install-data... In changelog I put the version, the latest is 0.4.4. Well, just to sort that out before merge :)...04:56
asacyou should work on latest05:03
JazzvaWell, it was latest when I downloaded it...05:04
JazzvaIt was later I saw that 0.4.4 is out05:04
asacyes ... just merge it05:05
asacbzr merge ... then fix conflicts et al05:05
asacor just push it and ask mvo to merge it05:05
JazzvaHmm... where do I do that?05:05
Jazzvabzr merge?05:05
asacJazzva: you just say bzr merge05:05
JazzvaIn my branch dir?05:05
asacbzr merge URL05:05
asacin worst case you can uncommit the merge05:06
asacand retry05:06
asacbut better push to launchpad first so you have a backup ;)05:06
JazzvaOk... And I merge it with ubuntu-core-dev's branch?05:06
JazzvaWell, it's already on LP :05:06
asacyes merge it with release branch05:07
asacwhich is core-dev iirc05:07
JazzvaOk, the only conflict is in debian/changelog... Should I manually edit or with bzr?05:24
Jazzvaasac: To edit debian/changelog, then brz resolve debian/changelog?05:26
asacJazzva: yes ... fix changelog ... make a new changelog entry on top and put your changelog entries there05:28
asacthen just do05:28
asacbzr resolved05:28
asacwithout a file05:28
asacbzr should detect that the file is clean now05:28
asacand allow you to commit05:28
asacremember to not specify a file or path when committing05:28
asacyou have to commit the full merge at once05:28
asace.g. look at05:28
asacbzr st05:28
asacyou should see the merge info that will be kept that way05:29
Jazzvaasac: If the version was 0.4.4 should I update it to
asacno idea about the versioning scheme05:30
asacjust use i guess05:30
asacand tell mvo when you ask for the merge so he can adapt according to his needs/polcies05:30
JazzvaMichael Vogt did that for a little fix - 0.4.3 ->
Jazzvaasac: Ok, I'm pushing the merged branch... After that I'll ask mvo for the merge...05:39
asacJazzva: hurry ;)05:40
asacweekend is coming nearer ;)05:41
JazzvaTell that to my cable...05:41
Jazzvaand my cable provider05:41
asacyou should not --overwrite05:41
JazzvaI'm not...05:41
asacthen its really fast05:41
asacinitial push?05:41
JazzvaIt just has a lot of files that mvo added...05:41
asactake a look of the diff to core-dev branch so you can verify if you forgot something05:42
JazzvaHuh? :)05:42
asacjust bzr diff URLTOCOREDEVBRANCH05:45
asacmight work05:45
JazzvaHmm... ok05:46
asacotherwise branch it somewhere then05:46
JazzvaBut didn't I do that if I merged from core-dev?05:46
asacbzr diff /path/to/core-dev/ .05:46
asacJazzva: well you merged05:46
asacthe final result you can still verify ;)05:46
asacif you are sure you didn05:46
asac't mess anything up05:46
asacjust ask for merge05:46
asacmvo is nice ;)05:47
asacso don't worry05:47
JazzvaOk, I'll do the bzr diff first :) (99% sure I didn't mess anything)05:47
Ubulette<asac> Ubulette: well ... profile dir is now with whitespace05:48
Ubulettewhat ?05:48
asaci reuploaded05:48
asacwith Name=granparadiso05:48
asacand updated bzr branches05:49
Ubulettetr should have taken care of whitespace05:49
asacwell ... i told you that it would be replaced ... so not your fault ... except for not testing it ;)05:49
asacit was replaced till that Name went into application.ini apparently05:50
UbuletteI did: grep ^Vendor $moz_libdir/application.ini | cut -d= -f2 | tr 'A-Z ' 'a-z-'05:50
Ubuletteecho "Foo Bar"  | cut -d= -f2 | tr 'A-Z ' 'a-z-'05:50
Ubuletteno space05:50
asacyeah ... but firefox doesn't replace spaces anymore05:50
asacso the profile used ended up in .mozilla/firefox granparadiso05:51
asacwhile we copied to firefox-gran..05:51
Ubulettei see05:51
asacanyway ... is uploaded now05:51
UbuletteI changed Name at the last minute without re-testing.. and you skipped test too :(05:51
asacwell if you remember ... i deferred test, but and just uploaded05:52
asaci found it right after build was finished ;)05:53
asacall fine now05:53
Ubulettecan't see it in buildfarm05:56
JazzvaI get an error... And I think I need to pull the core-dev branch...05:57
JazzvaAnd it'll take a while.05:57
JazzvaWell, 99% sure I haven't messed anything. I'll ask mvo to take a look and merge if he likes it :)05:57
Ubuletteoh, it's pending. ok05:59
asacUbulette: oh fails to build06:03
Ubulettewhere ?06:03
Ubulettehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-granparadiso/3.0~alpha7-0ubuntu2 show pending06:04
Ubulettehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-granparadiso/3.0~alpha7-0ubuntu2/+build/375396 shows queued 9 min06:04
asac--disable-airbag we need06:04
Ubuletteoh, I had that in my tree initially06:05
Ubulette3.0a6:   * add --disable-airbag as libcurl is still causing build issues in Gutsy06:06
Ubulette3.0a7:   * remove --disable-airbag now that libcurl mess is fixed in Gutsy06:06
Ubulette  * add libcurl4-gnutls-dev to Build-Depends in debian/control06:06
asacthen you removedit?06:06
Ubulettebut you need curl on Build-Depends06:06
UbuletteI can fix that if you want06:07
asacbetter ask me next time then ;)06:07
asacno we don't want airbag06:07
asaci have fixed it now06:07
=== Ubulette shouldn't have reused the same chroot env :(
asacUbulette: i don't see anything about airbag06:08
asacin changelog06:08
asacnor bzr log06:09
asacwhat is going on?06:09
Ubulettemy own tree, not the one in LP06:09
asacwhere do you get that from?06:09
asacits in trunk branch from us iirc06:09
asacwe should have merged trunk up before doing anything06:09
asacanway, now its gone06:09
Ubulettenext time, I'll trash my chroot as I usually do06:09
UbuletteI have a bot for that.06:10
Ubuletteit creates, pack, unpack, clean envs on demand06:10
Ubuletteprobably cleaner than the ubuntu one06:11
asacwelll usually we don't need that06:11
asacas build-depends are pretty stable06:11
asacand having one bad upload is usually not a problem06:11
asacif ubuntu3 fails now as well06:11
asacthen i have to duck though06:11
Ubuletteit usually catches stuff detected by configure but not mentionned in builddeps06:11
asacits good to do a final build in pbuilder though06:11
asacok done bzr branches updated as well06:12
asacnow hope06:12
Ubulettegrrr, ubuntulog should hide ips and emails06:14
Ubulettewe're all exposed :(06:14
asacwhy do you care?06:15
asaci mean we have to live with loads of spam06:15
asacif you try to reduce spam its probably something wrong with your spam filter rules ;)06:16
UbuletteI catch ~99.5% of incoming spam, but the remains one are still too much for me06:17
Ubuletteand it's also a privacy issue imho06:18
asacwell ... might be different for you, but I choose to be public so ... so be it :)06:19
asacwork in freesoftware + privacy doesn't work welll unless you only go for a pseudonym06:20
asacmaybe get a freenode cloak ;)06:20
asacfor ips06:20
UbuletteI was supposed to be known only a ubulette in the ubuntu community.. it's clearly impossible06:21
asacyou could have not added your name to launchpad :)06:21
JazzvaPublic is the new private ;)...06:21
Jazzva(kidding... a bit :))06:22
asacand then insisted on "i am a pseudonym" :)06:22
Ubulettethought it was obvious06:22
Ubulettewho would like to be named ubulette in real life ? :)06:22
asacno idea06:23
asacbut yoour name was in launchpad before ;)06:23
Ubuletteit doesn't internationalize well anyway...06:23
Ubulettein french, boulette means typo in slang06:24
=== Ubulette lacked inspiration when he opened it's LP account...
=== Ubulette is tired
Ubulettetiered ?06:26
asacwas correct06:26
asactired ;)06:26
Ubulettewell, as I said06:27
asacJazzva: did you ping mvo06:27
JazzvaYes... He told me everything's fine06:27
JazzvaJust not to put files into menu-data :)...06:27
JazzvaI moved them to menu-data-mozilla (which will make it easier to track all extensions :))06:28
Ubuletteubuntu3 is stuck06:28
asacit was accepted afaict06:29
asacJazzva: ok06:29
asacUbulette: its all fine ... it takes some time ;)06:30
JazzvaTold on query :)06:30
Ubuletteok. I'm out again. See u06:30
JazzvaHave fun :)06:30
asacJazzva: maybe menu-data-xul-extensions ?06:31
asacanyway ... I am fine with it as long as this gets merged soon ;)06:31
Jazzvaasac: Hmm, I don't have time right now to switch it to menu-data-xul-extensions.. *sighs*06:33
asacJazzva: is there a menu-data-codecs dir as well?06:33
asacor are those in menu-data directly?06:33
asacJazzva: just push your bzr branch up06:34
asacif i find time, I wil do it06:34
asacon weekend06:34
JazzvaOk... Pushing it now...06:34
asachave you tried that it still works?06:34
JazzvaHmm, I'll have time later... I just can't do it right now :/.06:34
asace.g. are those .desktop files pulled in during build?06:34
asacJazzva: ok06:34
Jazzvaasac: mvo will take care of it. It has to be added to debian/rules06:35
JazzvaGotta go now...06:35
JazzvaSee you tonight...06:35
=== cwong1 [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-b998c2bf6ef6701d] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asachi cwong107:03
asaccwong1: just a short question about mobile-basic-flash07:04
asaccwong1: its currently a bit messy:07:04
asacbuild-depends: firefox-dev07:04
asacdepends: libxul0d07:04
asacwe should fix it07:04
asacat best make use of midbrowser-dev07:04
cwong1what should it depends on?07:04
asacmidbrowser-dev in build-depends07:04
asacand midbrowser in depends07:04
asacfurther you have to fix configure.ac07:04
asacwhich tests xulrunner-gtkmozembed07:05
asaci think midbrowser-gtkmozembed should be available as well07:05
asacif you have committed that, please let me know so i can upload to gutsy07:05
asaclpia port needs that to go ahead :)07:05
cwong1ok  I will look into it07:05
asaccwong1: yes ... try to use midbrowser ... if it doesn't work for any reason, just ping me07:06
asac... though i am more or less in weekend mode from now on07:06
cwong1asac: the latest mobile-basic-flash does have "build-depends: firefox-dev".07:19
cwong1asac: it looks like this: Build-Depends: debhelper, libgtk2.0-dev, libxul-dev, automake1.9, pkg-config, libtool, libhildondesktop-dev, libdbus-glib-1-dev, libhildonwm-dev07:19
asacit was fixed by doko07:20
asaci think its not in git07:20
asacbut it was just a quick fix to get something build07:20
asaclets do it right07:20
asaceverything should be midbrowser-dev et al07:20
cwong1you want me to change libxul-dev to midbrowser-dev?07:21
cwong1asac: ?07:23
asactry midbrowser-dev ... yes07:23
asacand fix configure.ac07:23
asacfurther remove the explicit Depends: to libxul0d07:23
asacreplace it by just midbrowser for now07:23
asacplease try and if it breaks the build let me know07:24
=== Bernardo [n=Bernardo@sourcemage/Bernardo] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Bernardoasac: you're here?07:26
cwong1asac: in configure.ac I change to -> PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MOZEMBED, midbrowser-gtkmozembed >= 1.8.1)  is the 1.8.1? should still be there?07:28
asacBernardo: a bid07:28
asaccwong1: install midbrowser-dev ... and see if midbrowser-gtkmozembed exists07:29
asace.g. pkg-config --cflags midbrowser-gtkmozembed07:29
asacif so ... then yes07:29
asaccwong1: you can drop the versioning for now i guess07:29
asacBernardo: a bit ;)07:29
Bernardoasac: I'm home now, can do a little debugging on nm07:30
asacdo you know how to start wpa_supplicant manually?07:31
cwong1asac: looks like pkg-config on midbrowser-gtkmozembed work.  I will do a test build and commit the change in a few minutes.07:35
BernardoNever tried, I used to start it from ifupdown, using either the config in interfaces or a specific file07:35
Bernardoit's something like wpa_supplicant -i interface -c conf file07:35
asacwell ... thats not the way nm uses it07:38
Bernardomeanwhile, nm keeps attaching the wifi to the open networks in the neighbourhood, and my default route gets messed up...07:38
asacnm uses it completely without arguments07:38
Bernardonot even the interface?07:38
asacBernardo: can you stop network-manager?07:38
asace.g. setup a static connection so you still can be online?07:39
asacor is that a different system anyway?07:39
BernardoI can, just a sec07:39
Bernardook, unloaded knetworkmanager, and there is no "network*" process running07:40
asacok lets go07:42
asacBernardo: open two terminals07:42
asacin both become root like:07:43
asacsudo su07:43
BernardoI usually do sudo -s07:43
asacnow start wpa_supplicant like:07:43
asacwell first check that there is no process running please07:43
asacthat is called something like wpa07:43
asacand tear down your interface07:43
asacwith ifconfig down wlan007:44
Bernardoyep, a ps ax |  grep came out empty07:44
asacwith ifconfig down eth107:44
Bernardoifconfig eth1 down07:44
asacnow start wpa_supplicant like:07:44
asacwpa_supplicant -g /var/run/wpasupplicant-eth1-global07:44
asacmaybe use -dd07:44
asacto get verbose output07:44
asacso wpa_supplicant -dd -g /var/run/wpasupplicant-wlan0-global07:44
Bernardook, running - and with dd gave a little feedback07:45
asacnow in a nother temrinal as root we have to frist add the interface07:45
asacwpa_cli -g /var/run/wpasupplicant-eth1-global interface_add wlan0 "" "" /var/run/wpasupplicant07:46
asacwell replace wlan0 with eth1 of course07:46
asacand observe what you see in other terminal07:46
asacthere should be output07:46
asacBernardo: did you receive OK from wpa_cli ?07:46
asacok can you paste what the main wpaXXX spit out so far?07:47
Bernardochecking the output now, what do you want me to look for?07:47
asacplease paste everything for now ;)07:47
Bernardohere, or pastenbin.ca ?07:47
asacsomewhere ... but not here ;)07:48
asacshould be plenty of lines after all07:48
BernardoI didn't want to be kicked out... :)07:48
asacnow try to enter wpa_cli shell07:49
asacwpa_cli -i eth107:49
asacdoes it connnect?07:49
Bernardo"Could not connect to wpa_supplicant - re-trying"07:49
cwong1asac: how long ago did you make the midbrowser-dev available?07:50
=== jbs [n=Bernardo@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== jbs is now known as Bernardo
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
cwong1asac_: how long have the midbrowser-dev been available?07:58
=== Bernardo [n=Bernardo@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asac_had disconnect07:58
asac_didn't get a thing ;)07:58
BernardoI did the wrong grep 10 minutes ago - for "network" instead of "Network"07:58
asac_last i saw is 19:49 < asac> i mean do you end up in an interactive shell ;)07:58
asac_19:48 < asac> ok07:59
asac_19:49 < asac> now try to enter wpa_cli shell07:59
asac_19:49 < asac> like07:59
asac_19:49 < asac> wpa_cli -i eth107:59
asac_19:49 < asac> does it connnect?07:59
Bernardo[18:49]  <asac> does it connnect?07:59
Bernardo[18:49]  <Bernardo> "Could not connect to wpa_supplicant - re-trying"07:59
asac_19:49 < asac> i mean do you end up in an interactive shell ;)07:59
asac_thats what i said before disconnect07:59
asac_Bernardo: ok07:59
asac_Bernardo: try instead of -i07:59
Bernardolet me try again, now I killed all NetworkManager processes07:59
asac_wpa_cli -p /var/run/wpasupplicant07:59
asac_e.g. the socket you passed as last argument to interface_add07:59
asac_Bernardo: yes thats important08:00
asac_nm has to be dead for this i guess08:00
Bernardowpa_cli -i still doesn't connect08:00
Bernardotrying -p now08:00
Bernardowpa_cli -p /var/run/wpasupplicant-eth1-global08:00
asac_not the global08:01
asac_exactly what i said above08:01
asac_no problem08:01
asac_use whatever you passed as *last* argument to interface_add08:02
Bernardook, connected08:02
Bernardogot the shell08:02
Bernardogot the shell08:03
asacwell ... now its always:08:04
asac> 008:04
asacset_network 0 essid "yournet"08:04
asac> OK08:04
asacset_network 0 psk "your password"08:05
asacenable_network 008:05
asac.... then see how it associates08:05
BernardoFAIL at the essid08:05
asactry ssid08:05
asacnot essid08:05
BernardoRX ctrl_iface - hexdump_ascii(len=30): [REMOVED] 08:05
BernardoCTRL_IFACE: SET_NETWORK id=0 name='essid'08:05
BernardoCTRL_IFACE: value - hexdump_ascii(len=10): [REMOVED] 08:05
BernardoCTRL_IFACE: Failed to set network variable 'essid'08:05
asacyes ssid08:05
asaccwong1: since the beginning08:06
asacBernardo: does it associate?08:07
asacstill in shell?08:08
asacsay disable_network 008:08
asacfor now08:08
asacso the output stopps flushin in the wpasupplicant terminal08:08
asacthen lets try08:08
cwong1asac: 2 weeks ago?  The build failed on my local build server because it failed to apt get the midbrowser-dev package.  The only thing I can think of is it pulls packages from a local mirror.08:08
asacmost likely08:09
asacits in official gutsy08:09
cwong1asac: ok. I will check with my build person08:09
asaccwong1: to test you could use firefox-dev instead of midbrowser-dev ... but that is probably not the way we want it08:09
asacso lets do it right08:09
asaccwong1: i have the feeling that the way you work is not the way its ment to be ;)08:10
asacdo you always develop in an image-creator created environment?08:11
=== asac guesses that thats the case
asacBernardo: what does scan_results give you?08:11
asacwhen you run that in the shell?08:12
asacfor me it looks like your wpa network is hidden08:12
Bernardoyes, it is08:12
asacBernardo: ok ... lets go ahead then08:12
asacBernardo: what does scan_results yield?08:13
BernardoI can also try to connect to a visible network08:13
BernardoI also have one here08:13
asacBernardo: hidden networks are known to not work08:13
asacBernardo: if its wpa then try08:13
asacotherwise don't dare08:13
asacwpa should be fixed08:13
Bernardobssid / frequency / signal level / flags / ssid08:13
Bernardo00:14:bf:d2:61:23       2437    236     [WPA-PSK-TKIP] [WPA2-PSK-TKIP]    <hidden>08:13
Bernardo00:16:b6:5c:4a:b7       2462    165     [WPA-PSK-TKIP+CCMP] [WPA2-PSK-TKIP+CCMP]  ADCAPITA08:13
Bernardo00:c0:49:60:40:eb       2462    171     [WEP]    RLXAPF0108:13
Bernardo00:18:84:10:7c:d1       2417    223             FON_AfonsoL08:13
asacdo you have an open network ?08:13
asacwith wpa?08:13
Bernardothe first is the hidden one08:13
asacis the second one yours as well?08:14
Bernardono, and neither is the third08:14
asaccan you unhide your first network to test that it really works for you?08:14
Bernardothe fourth is on the same ap as the visible one, which isn't showing in the scan results08:14
asacjust as a check-point08:14
Bernardoyes, just a sec08:14
asachuh? i see four networks .... what do you mean "its not in the scan results" ?08:15
cwong1asac: yes using the image creator.  :(. The build built fine on my local environment but not the damn build system.08:15
asaccwong1: ok08:15
asaccwong1: the build system doesn't matter for us imo (though it probably matters for you) as i have to upload the fixed package to gutsy anywa08:16
asacits kind of blocking our lpia porting effords ;) ... which is why i cared in the first place08:16
cwong1lpia stands for ?08:17
asacits the mobile architecture you guys develop (afaict)08:17
asacthe processor architecture08:17
asaclike i686 ... but some modified commandsets i gues08:17
asacat least our toolchain guy is working heavily on get things bootstrapped ... so i has to be something important ;)08:18
cwong1must be08:18
Bernardothere is another network, "MyPlace", that is the fonera default wpa, and is the same ap as the "FON_AfonsoL". It isn't showing in the scan results above08:18
BernardoI'm trying to find where to unhide my ssid in dd-wrt...08:19
cwong1lpia -> low power Intel Arch. :)08:19
asacok ... might be that its confusing that they have the same AP08:19
asaccwong1: thanks!08:19
asaccwong1: finally i feel omnicious :)08:19
=== jbs [n=Bernardo@89-180-69-73.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacBernardo: i cannot really help you there ;)08:20
=== jbs is now known as Bernardo
asacjbs: Bernado?08:20
Bernardofound - it's called "wireless ssid broadcast"08:20
asacBernardo: you appear to not have a stable network :)08:21
asachow comes :-D08:21
Bernardowonder why... :)08:21
asacBernardo: how does this hidden network show up in nm-applet?08:21
Bernardoit usually shows well, with the correct name08:21
Bernardoas I had it set up in feisty08:22
asacso initially it doesn't know the name?08:22
asaci am just curious to get the scene08:22
BernardoI think it didn't, just showed as hidden08:23
Bernardothen I did a "connect to another network" and entered the data08:23
Bernardossid, psk, etc.08:23
Bernardoand it worked well since, until I upgraded to gutsy08:23
Bernardonow when I check scan_results, my network shows up08:24
Bernardoshould I try network_enable again?08:24
Bernardook, it connects, but then disconnects08:26
asacwait a sec08:26
asacwhat exactly did you enter now in wpa_cli as ssid ?08:27
Bernardohttp://pastebin.ca/652662 - this is the output of the wpa_supplicant daemon08:28
Bernardothe ssid I had previously hidden08:28
asacwhat did you type at command line?08:28
asacso scan_results shows the ssid now properly?08:29
asacok .... try starting everything fresh08:29
Bernardothis is the output I get in wpa_cli when I enable the network08:29
asacor wait08:29
asacset the psk again08:29
asaci think it was cleared08:29
asactry to disable_network 008:29
asacset_network 0 psk "asdasd"08:30
asacenable_network 008:30
asacif that doesn't help lets restart wpasupplicant (for real)08:30
asacoh ok08:30
Bernardook, exactly the same08:31
BernardoI've closed wpa_supplicant, and I'm restarting it now08:32
asacBernardo: wait08:32
asacBernardo: please try to just use network-manager08:32
asacwith applet08:32
asac(now that the network is visible)08:32
Bernardook, let me launch the applet again08:32
asacthose 00:00:00 events is exactly what we tried to workaround in latest nm upload08:32
asacBernardo: well network manager as well ;)08:33
cwong1asac: which ubuntu repository is the midbrowser-dev in?  It is not in our local mirror and that is why it failed.08:33
asaccwong1: universe08:33
asacits not yet in main08:33
Bernardohow do I relaunch network manager, do I restart networking?08:33
asacbut there are other things that are not yet in main i guess08:33
asaccwong1: gutsy - universe ... tell that to your build monkeys ;)08:34
asacBernardo: no08:34
asac/etc/dbus*/even*/25Net* restart08:34
asacBernardo: ^^08:34
asacand use stop next time you want nm to stop ;)08:34
asacnot kill ;)08:35
BernardoI'm here08:37
asacis that good?08:37
Bernardoshould I try to connect to my network using the applet?08:38
asacbe sure that wpa supplicant et al are not running anymore08:38
asacotherwise there will be issues08:38
Bernardoyes, I exited both08:38
=== jbs [n=Bernardo@89-180-69-73.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
=== jbs is now known as Bernardo
Bernardook, connected08:43
Bernardobut it disabled eth0 as soon as I clicked on my network08:43
Bernardohere's my syslog08:44
asacso you are now on wifi ?08:45
asacits normal that nm only allows you to have one nm-managed iface up at a time ... so not to bother if eth0 is now disabled08:45
BernardoI'm on wifi, yes08:52
asacok cool08:52
asacthen it works for wpa without hidding network08:52
Bernardothe only problem was that when eth0 got disconnected, I got kicked out... :)08:52
asacgood to know08:52
asacright ... but thats currently a feature08:52
asacof nm08:52
asacjust *one* interface at a time08:52
Bernardotoo bad ppp isn't integrated yet08:53
asacwell ... i hope that this is not my job ;)08:53
asaci will now try to figure out what is going on with hidden networks08:53
asacthanks so far08:53
asacBernardo: one question: when you setup your hidden network through "Other Network ..."08:54
Bernardowhen I gave wpa_supplicant a config file, I had to pass it a AP_SCAN entry, or something like that08:54
asacwhat did you provide as ssid? a name?08:54
Bernardothe ssid of the network08:54
asacwhich is?08:54
asacthat ws enough?08:55
Bernardoyes, in feisty that was enough08:55
asacwhatelse did you need to specify?08:55
Bernardothe psk08:55
Bernardoand that it used tkip08:55
BernardoI don't even know if this was needed08:55
asacBernardo: ok thanks! .... once i figured out what is going on with hidden net here, I will come back :)08:57
asacfor me it doesn't even connect on feisty08:57
asacthough i have a different chipset08:57
Bernardowhat is your chipset?08:57
asacwelll ... my nm might be broken because i hacked around, but it didn't work so far08:57
BernardoI had a ralink pcmcia on a older laptop08:57
asacrealtek 3xxx =?08:57
asacis my driver08:58
Bernardofor that one I needed to set things up in interfaces, as the drivers used a lot of iwpriv stuff08:58
asacits a netgera usb thing08:58
BernardoI have both, the pcmcia and the usb08:58
asacof what?08:58
Bernardothe pcmcia can't use anymore - this laptop is cardexpress08:58
asacdoes usb work with your hidden network?08:59
asacon feisty?08:59
Bernardoit did - but as I said, I had to use a lot of iwpriv stuff in interfaces08:59
Bernardohave to go now, dinner time... bbl08:59
asachmmm ... well then thats not my business ;) ... i want the *real* solution ;)08:59
asacbut unfortunately my gutsy box is currently severly crashed :)08:59
Bernardoah, before I forget, I think that in gutsy you have the new rtl24x driver09:00
Bernardowhich shouldn't need iwpriv09:00
Bernardohave to run, bye09:00
asacyeah ... which is why I shouldn't bother that much about hidden nets here09:00
asacUbulette: welcome ;)09:08
UbuletteI see i386 build is ok09:09
asacbuildd network appears to be a bit slow nowadays ;)09:09
asaci would have expected at least amd64 builds by now09:09
asacbut well i uploaded firefox at the same time09:09
asacso ... two long builds going ;)09:10
asacother archs are still waiting09:11
asacbut they should work out well ;)09:12
Ubulettenice link09:20
UbuletteLP is a real maze. not easy to find that kind of stuff09:20
asacit lacks a site-map ;)09:23
asacthere are even things you cannot find i guess :)09:23
asacfor instance:09:23
asacor https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+queue09:24
asaci have no idea how you can reach those without typing in url bar09:24
UbuletteI knew /+builds, nice. I've made mine too :)09:25
asacanyone here who plays chess and has ever beaten gnuchess (without book)?09:27
asacUbulette: wanna try if ubufox works on paradiso?09:36
asacnevermind ;)09:36
Bernardoasac: I have here the Ralink usb stick09:37
Bernardodo you want me to try it out?09:37
asacof course... if you are on gutsy all feedback is welcom09:38
asacthough i heard that ralink still has a damn buggy driver09:39
asacbut maybe things are fixed .... iirc edubuntu needs ralink09:39
asacBernardo: do you know if a ipwXXXX usb-stick exists?09:39
asaci would like to buy about 10-20 sticks if that would bring me a great variaty of chipsets ;)09:40
asacbut i think the most important ones are the built-ins :(09:40
asacwhich might not exist as external devices09:40
asac(but i am pretty igorant about hardware markets)09:41
=== jbs [n=Bernardo@89-180-69-73.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacBernardo: there?09:45
=== Jazzva [n=sasa@cable-89-216-184-157.dynamic.sbb.co.yu] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
JazzvaEvening :)...09:54
Jazzvaasac: mvo merged and uploaded a-i-d :)...09:55
=== asac hugs Jazzva
asacthanks a lot09:55
JazzvaNo prob :)...09:55
asacyou want to do the final dance as well?09:56
JazzvaFinal dance? menu-data-mozilla => menu-data-xul-extensions?09:56
asacits about adding a link in firefox -> Add-On dialog to start it :)09:56
asacJazzva: no09:56
asacwe keep it as it is now09:56
JazzvaOooooh... fuuun :)09:56
asacits not that important after all09:56
JazzvaAs for directory change09:57
JazzvaI thought to rename it and then just push next time mvo makes a new upload...09:57
=== Bernardo [n=Bernardo@sourcemage/Bernardo] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
Bernardoasac: got connected, but apparently it didn't recognize a valid key for my ap09:57
asacJazzva: i think renaming is pretty low priority09:58
asacJazzva: we should keep it on todo list09:58
asacJazzva: maybe when we add new extensions or something we can do it in same step09:58
Jazzvaasac: Well, that's why I thought to push it with next version... It's not too big for upload.09:58
Jazzvaasac: Right...09:58
asacah ... ok09:58
asacJazzva: what you can do is you rename it on your private branch09:58
asacJazzva: fix the rules file09:59
asacJazzva: and then keep it until we ask mvo to merge next time09:59
Jazzvaasac: I'll pull the mvo's branch, just to see what he fixed in rules :).09:59
asacBernardo: looking09:59
asacJazzva: right09:59
asacJazzva: get your branch in sync first09:59
asacJazzva: you can either just pull09:59
asacor merge (if pull fails)10:00
asacin your existing branch10:00
Jazzvaasac: Will do... Ok, off to dinner now. I'll try to take a look at those two wrong-deps bugs I filed last night :).10:00
asacJazzva: e.g. no need to start from scratch10:00
Jazzvaasac: Sure thing :)...10:00
asacBernardo: thats strange10:01
asacBernardo: maybe restart NetworkManager ... or even dbus10:01
asacBernardo: did the applet ask you for a password at all?10:01
Bernardono, not at all10:01
Bernardoit usually did, when I got that error with the IPW394510:02
asacBernardo: or is the password usually taken from some keyring thing?10:02
Bernardobut that was with the hidden ssid10:02
asacyes ... try to restart these things and try again10:02
Bernardothe password is usually taken from kde wallet10:02
asacif it isn't too time consuming10:02
Bernardook, brb10:02
asacit most likely will still fail10:02
asacbut better be sure10:02
asacBernardo: at best restart dbus as well10:02
asacBernardo: i think just restartung dbus will restart nm anyways10:02
asacso restart dbus from /etc/init.d/10:03
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Bernardook, no luck10:08
Bernardohttp://pastebin.ca/652775 - ipw3945 won't connect too when I have the ralink connected10:09
asacBernardo: what driver is ralink?10:13
asacdmesg | grep wlan010:17
asacmight yield something10:17
Ubuletteasac, "Pending (305)", 305 seems to be a weight. It is a good one or very low priority ?10:19
Ubuletteasac, or is it better to have 1 or 100000000010:19
asacUbulette: i am innocent; no idea about infrastructure specifics ;)10:30
Jazzvaasac: Branch is updated... I just have one more thing to finish and then I could do the add-on menu :)...10:31
Jazzvaasac: I would need some hints...10:31
asacJazzva: welll ... i guess its almost ready ;)10:31
asacJazzva: but i think that is good that way10:31
asacJazzva: its simple, so you learn a bit extension mechanisms10:32

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