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Davieysuperm1_: any news on mythbuntu.org; I tried phoning imbrandon the other day - but no reply09:40
superm1_Daviey, you here?09:57
superm1_you tried to phone him too?09:57
Davieythe other day.. no reply09:58
superm1_Well i phoned him friday10:03
superm1_and spoke for a moment10:03
superm1_and have had a few line of text here and there10:03
superm1_but nothing that explains whats going on here even10:03
superm1_i contacted someone in canonical to see the feasibility of hosting on a canonical box, and it looks like we'd be able to fit into the loco team boxes10:04
superm1_so i'm giving imbrandon till tomorrow to get a reasonable explanation10:04
superm1_and/or up and running10:04
superm1_otherwise, i'll get the ball rolling on setting this up on another box10:04
superm1_this whole thing really isn't cool though10:08
superm1_none of /var/www is backed up - including the new theme, and also the gpg key for the package signer is on there10:08
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DaveMorrisanyone know when does the dow jones start trading?02:56
DaveMorrisI wiki'ed it03:11
DaveMorriswas wondering how it'll take the market news today03:11
laga_market news?03:11
laga_i didn't have time for a long breakfast so i just skipped through the newspaper03:12
DaveMorristhey closesd down 3% yesterday03:12
DaveMorrisFTSE100 is currently 3% down again, big losers are all banks03:12
DaveMorrisCentral banks world wide are pumping alot more money in than normal03:13
laga_weather is totally fscked up here03:15
laga_it's august and it's raining all the time03:15
DaveMorrisit was like that here (UK) for all of June/July03:15
laga_that's normal for UK, though03:16
laga_imho ;)03:16
DaveMorrisnot really03:16
laga_it's actually cold03:17
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superm1_keescook, you here?06:33
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laga_hey superm1_06:45
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superm1_hey laga_06:45
laga_superm1_: i checked out falcon from bzr last night and played with buildd support. it's not quite there yet but looking good06:45
superm1_laga_, does it use pbuilder or sbuild?06:46
superm1_or do its own thing06:46
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laga_superm1_: it uses pbuilder06:48
superm1_ah so you can use pbuilder-gdebi for it06:48
laga_superm1_: well, you can specify your own build command.. i filed a few bug reports which were closed as invalid. he doesn't want bug reports because it's not a release yet06:49
superm1_laga_, your on kubuntu right?06:49
superm1_can you check out the bzr branch for mythbuntu-control-centre, and just run the script (dont build the package)06:50
superm1_and see if it detects your system correctly06:50
superm1_it won't make any modifications yet, i'm just working on the system query stuff for it06:50
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laga_my gutsy pbuilder is still broken. *sigh*06:53
laga_well, might just take some time for de.archive.ubuntu.com to update06:54
keescooksuperm1_: here, but distracted.  lirc upload?06:54
superm1_keescook, yes if possible :)06:54
superm1_how'd you know?06:54
superm1_bug 12903806:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 129038 in lirc "lirc overwrote my lircd.conf" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12903806:55
keescookI saw the bug mail go by.  :)06:55
keescookrawk, I'll get it spun up, I've doing some other sponsoring right now too06:55
laga_superm1_: the control centre depends on the lirc module i guess07:09
superm1_yes laga_07:09
superm1_you can comment those lines out for now07:09
superm1_if you dont have it installed07:09
superm1_its just 3 includes07:09
superm1_err imports07:09
laga_i'll just install it07:09
superm1_(the code to use it to write out the results isn't in yet)07:09
jamscontrol center that depends on lirc..sounds interesting07:28
keescooksuperm1_: lirc uploaded.  :)  thanks for tracking down the fixes.07:28
superm1_thanks keescook07:28
superm1_jams, http://home.eng.iastate.edu/~superm1/centre07:28
laga_jams: it depends on a lirc module for the control centre :)07:28
superm1_you can see some captures from yesterday's gui, i'm still working on more07:28
laga_superm1_: i'll try it later, gotta run to the shops now07:28
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jamsinteresting..looks good07:29
jamsisthat gtk?07:30
superm1_it will be usable as a mythtv installer on ubuntu boxes, or a control area on mythbuntu boxes07:31
jamsfor the remote's do youhave a largish collectin or lirc files?  I'm thinking of settings up something to get them all in one place.  Specificly for cable boxes07:32
superm1_jams, are you on gutsy?07:32
superm1_you can see what is there for the collection07:32
jamsoh no...07:32
superm1_lirc now ships a lirc.hwdb07:32
jamsat the risk of being yelled at, i'm not a ubunta person07:32
superm1_which maps remote names to module lists and a lircd.confs07:32
superm1_so upon lirc install now, you choose your remote, and it preloads the appropriate modules and lircd.conf07:33
superm1_and saves those settings for the next boot07:33
jamsright..makes perfect sense07:33
superm1_to generate a lircrc, foxbuntu and i wrote mythbuntu-lirc-generator07:33
superm1_which parses the lircd.conf07:33
superm1_and makes a sane lircrc07:33
superm1_and now this control centre further expands upon that by making it easy to choose your remote and change and regenerate from a gui07:34
superm1_also, gutsy ships with all the lirc modules prebuilt in the linux-ubuntu-modules package07:35
superm1_so you won't need to recompile any of them yourself upon kernel upgrades07:35
superm1_not an ubuntu person?  what brings you in here then :)07:35
jamsoh i see..it's something recent with lirc07:36
superm1_yea the ubuntu media center guys have a pretty in depth lirc spec to fix things upstream07:37
superm1_and make it more pleasant07:37
superm1_i've worked with them on improving the ubuntu side of things07:37
superm1_for now, for gutsy, until everything is sane upstream07:37
jamsgot it.07:38
jamsto answer your question, i'm just interested in how mythbunta is getting along.07:39
jamsgotta keep laga_  on his toes!07:39
superm1_well having the website down has really been bad...07:40
jamsyes i imagine it would be07:40
superm1_and no one can get ahold of imbrandon to get a straight answer out of him07:41
superm1_he hasn't responded to my last email07:41
superm1_and we're running on a week now of downtime07:41
jamsi don't know if things are free for you or not. But i have found linode to be a good hosting company.07:41
superm1_well imbrandon was hosting for free for us07:42
jamslittle light on performance (as they are virtual machines)  but it'w workedwell for me07:42
superm1_if he doesn't come back around i'm gonna move things over to a canonical server07:42
superm1_only problem is that I wouldn't have root on such a box likely, so some of the nicer things that were done (cd builds need root), will need to be done locally and uploaded07:43
jamsunderstand that07:43
superm1_but i'd prefer to not invest money in hosting, i already invest enough time here :)07:43
jamsdoes mythbunta have an /etc/mythbunta-release file  or some other way to brand it as mythbunta  vs ubunta?07:44
superm1_well since everything is uploaded in ubuntu archives, its more of a reconfiguration of ubuntu rather than a derivative07:46
superm1_that can easily be switched between having a desktop or not07:46
jamshmm ok07:47
superm1_after that control centre is finished up, adding the desktop role back to an mythbuntu box should just be a matter of checking one of those radio buttons07:50
jamsi asked because i'm working on a project that will report back the os  and hardware config for a mythbox.  I thought reporting back mythbunta of ubunta might have some value, but it doesn't matter to me.07:52
superm1_Report back to where?07:52
jamsfor now it will report back to me and i will publish the results.  But depending how things go it could end up on mythtv.org.07:53
jamsi'm just thinking out loud, nothing set in stone07:53
jamsforget i mentioned it until i have something more concrete =)07:54
superm1_well i say this because are you intending this to go into mythtv?07:55
superm1_as an option to report back?07:55
superm1_an opt in sort of thing07:55
superm1_have you talked to the devs about it?07:55
superm1_and how was their feedback?07:56
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jamsplease, i would hate it  if my mythbox reported back somehting that i couldn't view or initiate07:56
superm1_well hence it being op-in07:57
superm1_well i think it sounds like quite a useful idea07:58
jamsthats the general reception, with concerns of privacy and all that jazz07:58
jamsdon't go stealing my idea!07:59
superm1_haha, don't worry07:59
superm1_i'd rather see it upstream rather than a mythbuntu specific thing either way07:59
jamsoh course08:00
jamsbut in terms of myth  i see value in mythbunta vs ubunta08:01
superm1_well i'm not sure there will be much of a distinction any more should this control centre pick up08:01
superm1_and people start to use it to manage/do regular installs08:01
jamsso the control centre will/might end up in the ubunta repo?08:03
jamsif so then i see your point08:03
jamsany way i should get back to work, nice chatting with you08:03
superm1_okay see you08:04
=== laga_ backports lirc from gutsy to feisty...
=== superm1_ already has done such procedures. if he had webspace on mythbuntu.org still, he would have uploaded it there
laga_superm1_: did you see axel thimm's offer?08:13
laga_he offered you webspace on atrpms08:13
laga_you already have an account there08:13
superm1_oh i forgot i have space there08:13
superm1_that's right08:13
superm1_laga_, what offer are you referring to?08:14
superm1_ah yes08:15
superm1_i wouldn't have seen that until later tonight08:15
superm1_when i opened up tbird08:15
superm1_well at least for -fixes for now, i guess that can work08:15
laga_i could offer lots of webspace, too, but i'm too concerned about distributing stuff like libdvdcss and friends08:15
superm1_although ppa might make more sense08:16
superm1_for the -fixes08:16
laga_does it already work?08:16
superm1_well kinda08:16
superm1_the uploads have to be timed right08:16
superm1_so that you don't build mythplugins until mythtv has built08:17
laga_so it doesn't work08:17
=== jams cracks the whip towards laga_
jamsno idle chit chat..back to work!08:18
superm1_if anything, i'll do the builds on ppa, and sync them to atrpms08:18
superm1_with falcon08:18
laga_jams: what work? :)08:19
laga_i wonder why apt keeps complaining about unsigned packages from de.archive.ubuntu.com on my box08:21
laga_maybe i'm missing a key from my keyring08:21
laga_dput is also not very useful with falcon since you can't easily pass it a component08:22
laga_superm1_: control centre fails with "IOError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '/etc/mysql/conf.d/mythtv.cnf'08:24
laga_i've touched the file and it's working08:24
laga_maybe such things could be handled more gracefully08:24
superm1_laga_, ah that's another thing that is in gutsy packages08:24
superm1_oh but only if mythtv-database exists08:25
superm1_good point08:25
laga_let me know when the control centre is ready to be translated08:26
superm1_how to get it translatable, i'm not sure08:26
laga_superm1_: control centre detects "kubuntu desktop" as "desktop role" if that's what you wanted to know08:27
laga_superm1_: the control centre looks very good, btw. great job.08:27
superm1_laga_, okay great so it saw kubuntu-desktop08:28
superm1_good good08:28
superm1_tell me great job once it does things :)  at this point it's a glorified app for gathering info :)08:29
laga_i had another interesting idea but i forgot. duh.08:30
laga_superm1_: are we already loading nividia-settings when starting X?08:30
laga_good good08:30
superm1_in the ubuntu-mythtv-frontend package's login script at least08:30
laga_that's good enough :)08:30
superm1_if its a desktop, then its up to the user08:30
laga_superm1_: it's written in python and glade, right?08:31
laga_i'll found how to translate stuff08:32
superm1_i think the same way ubiquity handles it is likely the way to go08:33
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laga_superm1_: seems like intltool is the way to go for translations09:07
superm1_laga_, the way that ubiquity does it, all text is in the .templates file in debian/09:08
superm1_and then in the initialization stage, it's overridden appropriately09:08
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laga_superm1_: ubiqity seems to be using intltool09:10
superm1_is it a python module?09:10
laga_DESCRIPTION intltool-extract  extracts  strings  in the specified XML/INI type SOURCE_FILE and writes them into a C header file. Then xgettext(1) can merge these strings  inside  header  file into po template.09:11
laga_intltool-extract  is  usually  not  executed manually, but called from intltool-update(8) instead.09:11
laga_i'll play around with it and let you know09:12
laga_seems to be easy09:17
superm1_well if you want to add translation support to, be my guest :)09:18
laga_i'm going to09:19
laga_need some food first09:19
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borga2Does anyone know which version of v4l-dvb that comes with ubuntu 7.04?10:02
superm1_borga2, it's the version that shipped with the kernel in 7.04, nothing special10:03
superm1_its not a special snapshot after that kernel release10:03
borga2Hmm actually it is version 2.6.21 of the kernel10:04
superm1_7.04 shipped with a 2.6.20 kernel i had thought?10:05
borga2yes that's right, so I thought that v4l was a separate module/program10:06
laga_this i18n business is confusing10:06
superm1_well v4l is indeed a sep project, but they are included in the kernel now.   so development happens outside the kernel tree10:07
superm1_but they regularly sync in10:07
borga2the problem is that i extracted the latest version to help me get rid of a problem with my nova-t 500 card. So I downloaded latest hg version10:08
borga2But I ended up with a broken knc1 card and a what seems to be a working nova?! :-(10:08
superm1_oh that's quite a shame10:09
borga2So I would like to downgrade to a previous working version to try to locate the problem.10:09
laga_use git-bisect?10:09
borga2And that is?!10:10
=== laga_ hasn't had a lot of food today so apologies for any grumpiness
borga2google works, but it's allways easier to get some actual hands on help10:11

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