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krautdoes anybody know, how i could send a magic-sysrq through a remote terminal-console over  cyclades tsc?10:27
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sommerhey all, anyone know if there's an issue in changing www-data user's home directory?03:32
dendrobatessommer, yeah, if you delete the user, you lose your website.03:33
sommerheh...I'm trying to run a command over ssh using PHP, but the command runs as www-data.03:33
sommerjust wondering if there's any problems in changing the home from /var/www to /home/something.03:34
sommerthat way I can setup ssh keys outside the web space.03:34
dendrobatesthat is not because of the directory, that is because of the user apache runs as.03:34
coNPsommer: thanks for the lighttpd testing03:34
dendrobatesoh your not using apache.03:35
sommercoNP: no problem.  anytime you need some testing ping me and I'll see if I can help.03:35
coNPthanks sommer 03:35
coNPwill do :D03:35
sommerdendrobates: yeah I'm using apache for this project.03:35
sommermore of a hack really.03:35
sommerI'm thinking as long as the www-data user exists and it has rights to /var/www it shouldn't be an issue if it's the Home directory or not.03:36
sommerjust wondering if anyone has experience in changing that.03:37
dendrobatessommer: you can change it, as long as the permissions are all still correct.03:37
sommercool, thanks for the input.  03:38
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sommersweet, home directory changed home directory and no issues so far.03:42
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ewookAny opinions on running a 'packaged' firewall or iptables? server sits behind a ipcop dist, but I wish to be on the safer side, and log traffic.05:18
tsurc_on feisty ubuntu-xen-server is built with but the headers for that kernel are not available in the repos. I would like to be able to get xen and drbd on the same host os05:21
ewookPackage xen-headers-2.6.19-4-server05:25
ewook    * feisty (devel): Common header files for Linux 2.6.19 [universe] 05:25
ewook      2.6.19-2ubuntu7: i38605:25
ewookhttp://packages.ubuntu.com | was that the package you were looking for?05:26
tsurc_now why didn't i find that when I searched. Thanks should do nicley.... I hope05:27
ewookdunno how you searched :)05:28
ewookhope it helps.05:28
ScottKI was a little slower, but went to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu and searched on xen-server and found the same.05:29
tsurc_bugger....  /usr/src/modules/drbd/drbd/drbd_fs.c:31:26: error: linux/config.h: No such file or directory05:38
tsurc_installed feisty server ok, followed docs on getting ubuntu-xen-server installed ok, now I'm trying to get drbd to work but to do that (now I have the kernel headers for the running kernel)  I need to compile the drbd module. when I try using "sudo m-a a-i drbd0.7-module-source" it fails with that error05:43
ewookyou're way out of my leage now *_*05:44
tsurc_my idea is that I work in a grammar school and we have just got two identical dell servers. I want to have mega redundancy. so I install ubuntu-server, then ubuntu-xen-server so I can run a number of servers on the same machine then use drbd to replicate the running virtual servers to the other box. Then use heartbeat to monitor them, If one machine goes down the second should auto start the virtual servers again05:49
tsurc_I have seen it done on CentOS but not ubuntu05:50
ewooksounds like a good idea.05:50
ewookshould be doable.05:50
tsurc_"should" thats a nice word05:51
ewooknever worked with xen tho.05:51
ewookya... it is.05:51
ewookdid you check all depend. ? http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/base/ubuntu-xen-server05:52
tsurc_just trying that now I guess apt-get build-dep is my friend here05:54
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sls_Hi, I have files using swedish charactrers () stored on a samba server -- evntually I notice that the proper characters are replaces wirh odd ascii characters instead (like *~)... any Ideas why?05:55
sls_the files are not corrupted...05:55
sls_I have not noticed this when the files are stored on a windows server.05:55
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jbrouhardhi all07:38
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jhutchinsSeems to be some corrupted packages at the british mirror - two users reprot bad MD5sum for http://gb.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/main/source/Sources.bz208:21
nealmcbsls_ Tell us more about what application produced the file, on what operating system, and what is reading it, what character set you think is being used, etc.  Different applications interpret character sets very differently.  And #ubuntu may also have good insights.08:23
ScottKjhutchins: There is new support for (IIRC) SHAH1 signatures in the new Apt.  Dunno if the repo is bad, or the Apt has a problem.08:26
jhutchinsScottK: One of 'em switched to the "in." server and it worked fine.08:27
Nafallowhat's in?08:27
ScottKIndia I think.08:27
Nafalloit's Canonicals DC anyway.08:28
mathiazin. points to archive.ubuntu.com08:28
Nafallojhutchins: I get that for universe and multiverse btw.08:30
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Nafallojhutchins: problems seems to have gone away on gb08:51
stiv2ki have a really weird issue09:09
stiv2ki already asked it in #cups but im waiting for a response09:09
stiv2kfor some reason, the printer i have in cups keeps disappearing every few hours09:09
stiv2kand I have to constantly re-add it again09:09
stiv2kit's so annoying, why?09:09
nealmcbWe (and #cups?) need more details - see the Seriously good guide to asking questions on IRC: http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html09:18
stiv2kright eight09:19
stiv2kright right*09:19
stiv2klet me think09:19
stiv2kok so im running feisty09:19
stiv2kand cupsys 1.2.809:19
stiv2kwell someone in a different channel said it might have something to do with dbus09:19
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