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jcristautepsipakki: i'd argue that "rejected by upstream" is a good reason to drop a patch, but not my call either in this case :)01:58
tepsipakkiyes, that's true02:29
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keescookbryce: mdetect patch looks way cleaner with your new version.  I'm building it now06:08
keescookthough I thought you had a manpage at one point?06:10
bryceoh did I?  lemme look06:14
keescookyou made changes to the manpage lines in rules, but it seemed to backfire.06:14
keescook(i.e. no manpages are in the package now)06:14
keescookI'm reworking it to use dh_installman instead of the deprecated dh_installmanpages06:14
brycebtw, I noticed the mdetect package had the manpage rule commented out06:14
bryceI uncommented it but couldn't get it to work06:14
keescookyeah, the Makefile was dropping it directly into the build tree, it seems.  I don't think that's how it's supposed to work.06:15
bryceaha yes I have a man page06:15
bryceoh, and I just noticed the numbering got screwed up06:17
bryce0.5.2.1ubuntu1 s/b
keescookactually, I think it's correct as-is (since it's a "native" package)06:20
brycereally?  huh06:20
keescooke.g. see "reportbug"'s version06:22
bryceah I trust you to know all the ins and outs06:24
bryceyou'd be proud of me; yesterday at Intel I explained about the ~foo numbering option06:25
brycethey've been suffering from trying to do their internal re-numbering of things, and then running into conflicts with similarly named official packages later, etc.06:26
keescookhehe, excellent!06:58
keescookokay, mdetect uploaded.06:58
bryceyay!  thanks06:59
brycetepsipakki: one thing we should think about is using the randr-1.2 branch of the radeon driver07:40
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