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sbalneavEvening all02:11
melinatehey there02:11
melinateanyone have an idea why my DHCP server is working for workstations, but is not detected for PXE boot?02:13
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sbalneavPlease paste your /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf file to the pastebin.02:13
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)02:13
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melinatesbalneav: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/33522/02:21
cliebowmelinate:completely stock right..?02:23
sbalneavLooks stock.02:23
=== cliebow cliebow looks back'
sbalneavDo you have other dhcpd servers on the network?  Perhaps you can describe how you're network's laid out a bit?02:23
melinatesbalneav: don't think so... I have the edubuntu server a switch and one client turned on... the server isn't even plugged into a gateway02:25
cliebowsbalneav, he has an hp vectra with two choices in bios..tcp/ip or pxe02:26
cliebowhe gets some response from the tcp/ip option02:27
cliebownone form pxe..02:27
sbalneavPXE's what you want.02:27
melinateright.... pxe says no dhcp offered02:27
sbalneavWhat does /var/log/daemon.log say02:27
melinatebut I can boot edubuntu workstation with dhcp and it fetches an IP :/02:27
sbalneavPaste a few lines, that's where dhcpd logs to02:28
melinateone sec02:28
melinateokay... like I said the server is on it's own network so pasting is a bit impossible... but I just did a "tail -f" and there was no request made during the PXE boot02:32
melinateif you think there is a problem with the PXE I'd be fine booting from CD or HDD, but I'm not sure how to determine which settings to use fro rom-o-matic.net?02:34
sbalneavI'm sorry, thought you said you were using the bios boot.  Are you using etherboot?02:35
cliebowmelinate:can you boot your client to a live cd..to determine pci id of your network card?02:35
cliebowyes i think this was bios option02:36
cliebowonce you positively id your network card you eill knoe which floppy image to use in romomatic..02:37
melinatecliebow: I have edubuntu workstation installed on the hdd already... I'll log in... where do I see the pci id?02:38
melinateit is a bios option that lets me choose between two network boot options... PXE and TCP/IP [with sub choices of DHCP or BOOTP] 02:40
sbalneavYou want pxe and dhcp02:43
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melinatesbalneav: that's what I have it set to now, but it appears the pxe is not actually making a dhcp request [nothing it showing up in the /var/log/daemon.log when booting the client] 02:44
sbalneavIs the dhcpd started?02:45
sbalneavps -ef | grep dhcpd02:45
boyammelinate: got in on your problem a little late...but does that hp vectra use intel lan desk when it boots via pxe....the way you can tell is when the machine boots via pxe, it will display at the top of your screen "Intel Landesk blah blah blah....."02:46
melinatesbalneav:  yep... it's running and I can see that it is loading the right .conf file02:46
melinateboyam: yea I see a message like that at login02:47
boyammelinate: your problem sounds real similar to a problem i had booting with some old IBM Nics tha used Intel Lan Desk ver 0.99..02:48
melinateI was afraid it might be a problem related to the age of the hardware...02:50
boyammelinate: i found a site that fixed my issue...don't  know if it will work for you but you can give it a shot..02:50
melinateboyam: cool thanks02:50
boyammelinate: hold on let me fetch the url..02:50
boyammelinate: http://yogharp.wordpress.com/2007/03/01/class-room-ltsp-with-edubuntu/02:51
boyammelinate: I had some old PII's that had a buggy version of Intel LanDesk...once i adjusted the conf's from the url I gave you, the nic's could see the dhcp server...02:52
melinateboyam: cool.. I02:53
melinateI'll give that a try02:53
boyamsbalneav: didn't mean to take over, but the problem seemed sooo familiar to me...02:54
sbalneavNot at all02:54
boyami spent a few hours scratching my head over this one..so i remember the symptoms very well....not to say it will work for melinate...but it's worth a shot02:55
melinateyeah I've been on this one a few nights now :)02:56
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melinateboyam: looks like dhcp worked in the article, but the problem was with the tftp... maybe I can flash my bios or something03:03
melinatelooks like there is a new bios version... I'll try that and see if I can get any further03:11
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boyammelinate: no...the article clearly says PXE coulnd't find dhcp server same symptom i had with the old PII's.....the fix was adding -r blksize to the tftp line in inetd.conf...as well as adjusting sysctl.conf as the article states ...yes, if you can flash bios, that may help  you....03:22
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sbalneavNew greeter's done05:13
sbalneavSo, ldm's gonna have scalability features05:14
sbalneavYou can have lots of hosts, and have load balancing.05:14
sbalneavGutsy's gonna kick butt.05:14
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johnnysbalneav, all i had to do to make it work, was remove the server's hostname from /etc/hostname05:32
johnnyso.. yes dnsmasq works great05:32
johnnythe autologin works a treat now05:33
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zshI run ltsp on gutsy12:59
zshwithout nfs, and I need a different keyboard layout01:00
zshXKBLAYOUT=de do not work01:00
zshcould it be, that this is not yet implemented in ldm2?01:01
cliebowzsh, might check with Scott when he comes in..he was up late last night though01:02
zshcliebow, ok01:03
cliebow!seen sbalneav01:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen sbalneav - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:03
cliebowwhoops..wrong ch.01:04
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #edubuntu
cliebowzsh:rattle ogra's cage..he can surely help01:13
zshhi ogra01:15
ograwhats up _01:15
ograhmm ... why is mz keymap broken01:16
ograyyy... zzzz01:16
ograahh, better01:16
ograzsh, whats your prob ?01:17
zshogra, perhaps you have the same problem, then me :)01:17
zshhow can I set the keyboard layout in ltsp on gutsy01:17
ograno, i was just playing with xgl ... crappy and buggy as hell :)01:17
zshXKBLAYOUT=de does not work01:17
ograthe default should be set to the servers X keymap01:17
ograyou can override it with XKBLAYOUT01:18
ograbut note that the location of the lts.conf changed01:18
zshmy lts.conf works now01:18
ograit's used from /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf01:19
zshI have also this: CONFIGURE_X=False01:19
ograremove that01:19
ograthat causes X to not use a config at all ... which means it falls back to defaults ....01:19
ograwhich is great for graphics detection, but sadly still sucks for keyboard and mouse01:20
zshhas this something todo with config-less xserver?01:20
ogra(thats why we use a new x configrator nw)01:20
ograsee that page01:20
zshwill the new x configurator get a own lts.conf option for keyboard?01:21
ograit will just use the old variables01:23
ograjust remove the CONFIGURE_X=False from your /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf01:23
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ograand also make sue your chroot isnt outdated ... tere was a lot of development the last weeks01:29
zshogra, ok01:31
zshogra, thx it works01:35
ograi wonder why it didnt pic your servers keymap first place though01:36
ograis that set to german ?01:36
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zshwhere can I check this?01:37
ograogra@laptop:~$ cat /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/environment01:37
zshI did a edubuntu server "console-system" installation by the way01:37
ograogra@laptop:~$ grep KB /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/default/console-setup01:38
ograwell, that shouldnt matter if you choose german as default during install01:38
zshI have only: PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games"01:38
ograthe ltsp-build-client script copies the defaults from the server to the client01:39
zsh../console-setup seems ok01:40
ograthats the one that counts for X01:40
zshin .../environment I have no LANGUAGE variable01:40
ograthats fine01:41
zsha bug in ldm2?01:41
ograx configuration has nothing to do with ldm01:42
ograit runs before ldm even starts01:42
zshI could also choose no language in ldm2, but I think, this is not yet implemented01:42
ograit is, just not packaged yet ;)01:43
ograldm2 is done since the weekend ...01:43
zshok :)01:43
zshoh great01:43
ograi'm waiting for scott to sort out the last bugs and will merge this week01:43
ograhost, session and lang selection work ... autologin, unencrypted X, expired password handling and error feedback work ... and it has a lot of new themes01:44
zshwhich advantage has "unencrypted X"?01:45
ograif you have small CPUs in the clients or want to watch movies01:46
ografor both it helps01:46
zshbut the network traffic?01:46
ograis nearly the same01:46
ograencryption only encrypts01:46
ograit doesnt compress01:46
ograso you have the packages being encrypted/decrypted all the time01:47
ograthat doesnt raise any network load01:47
ograbut puts load on the CPUs on both sides01:47
zshI tried it and ... I am not sure... but I think it was a least twice the network load01:48
zshI have to try it again01:48
ograit shouldnt01:48
zshok, I will try itagain01:48
ograin any case it drops latency for video etc01:49
zshbtw, are there plans to integrate NX?01:49
ogranot before NX isnt sane, no01:49
zshI will integrate the NXclient, for us now01:49
zshit shouldn't be to hard01:50
ograthats great, if you have a proper screenscript for that feel free to contribute it )01:50
ograso users oly need to install the nx client in the chroot and set SCREEN_07=nx or so ...01:50
ograi guess local devices and sound will make probs thogh01:51
zshyes, its a shame that NX is not in an acceptable shape01:51
zshwe will not need it, but we need a very stable system01:52
zshand the session management of freenx is today quite good01:52
ograyou can detach and reattach, right ?01:53
zshand the session-management is shared between, ltsp-clients, NXclient on Linux, nxclient on windows, this is great for us01:53
zshif the connection breaks, the session supends on the server01:54
ograi was looking at xmove for ltsp to do that ...01:54
ograbut sadly thats pure crack01:54
ograanother option would be to run xvbf as default X server on thin client connection and write something that can attach to it ad forward the display01:55
ograso xvfb would run for every user all the time and you can attach/detach as liked01:56
ograindeed that raises the server reqs a lot01:56
=== Rondom [n=Rondom@p57A95C6F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #edubuntu
zshit would be a nice feature01:57
zsha perfect session-cleanup after a crash is needed01:59
zshsome gnome-programs make trouble after a crash01:59
ografixing the gnome apps is needed02:00
zshe.g. gnome-panel "gnome-panel is already running" after reconnect02:00
ograthat should be fixed since some time02:01
zshin feisty02:01
ograhmm, i dont have that in feisty, but i saw something on the mailing lists iirc02:01
ograsomeone had a crashed gdm on the server or so .. the missing socket caused that02:02
zshwith kde I didn't have such problems, but I favor it02:03
zshbut I DON'T favor it ;)02:03
zshI said nothing against KDE ...02:06
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sbalneavMorning all03:50
ograhey sbalneav03:50
sbalneavHey, how's it going?03:50
ograso so ... diggin through my weekend mail etc ... poking around in ltsp-manager a bit now ...03:51
sbalneavman, I've been hacking like a madman to get things done for upstream freeze.03:51
ograi saw that03:51
sbalneavOh, excellent.03:51
sbalneavI did some updates to the ltsp-update utils03:51
ogra"First stab at integrating completed greeter and ldm.  Horribly broken.  Will fix tomorro"03:51
ograkept me from merging yet :)03:51
ograyeah, saw that03:52
ograi commented on one of the bugs03:52
sbalneavOh, ok.03:52
ograthe image needs to know as well that you changed the nbd port03:52
ograwe have nbdroot or nbdport as kernel variables for this03:52
sbalneavDid adding the -b base options make sense?  Hopefully that moves us closer to squashing the "hardcoded /opt/ltsp" bug.03:52
ograthere needs to go an entry into /etc/default/ltsp-update-kernels in the chroot for thsi03:53
sbalneavDid I change the nbd port?03:53
ograwell, i wouldnt invent new options ...03:53
ograshould be --base etc03:53
sbalneavHow do you do the gnu longopts then?  I was using dash's getopts builtin.03:54
sbalneavI couldn't find something for the longopts03:54
ograsbalneav, if you add an option like -p it needs to change the ports on both sides03:54
sbalneavOh, that03:55
sbalneavWell, the reason I did that was because the update-image was just randomly picking a port anyway if 2000 was in use.03:56
ograi dropped the code that did increment the portnumber by one when i merged the nbdroot code from MrMoo03:56
ograi just didnt come around to reimplement it with the new varables yet03:56
sbalneavah, ok, I haven't merged from your tree in a while.03:57
ograthat was before the tribe03:57
ograyou merged that already03:57
ograi was just to busy with the tribe release to add that bit, feel free :)03:57
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sbalneavHey, I got all the UI stuff done for the greeter.04:01
sbalneavIncluding not popping up a host dialogue if there's only one host.04:01
ogradid you know that one ?04:02
ogra(just diggin for helpful stuff for the ltsp-manager backend)04:02
sbalneavYeah!  I've seen that one before.04:03
ograseems like they had lts.conf in mind with it :)04:03
sbalneavPretty handy.04:03
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sbalneavAre you still getting crash reports on nbd-server on startup?04:04
ograat least not since i upgraded this morning04:04
ogralet me reboot to check ...04:05
sbalneavor, just restart nbd04:05
=== ogra knew using xgl was a bad idea
ograi cant log out :P04:05
=== ogra fixes
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ograsbalneav, all fine here04:09
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ograsbalneav, i just remembered it telling me something about a deleted config04:10
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ogrado you have /etc/nbd-server/config ?04:10
ograwhats in it ?04:10
sbalneav[generic] 04:11
sbalneav# If you want to run everything as root rather than the nbd user, you04:11
sbalneav# may either say "root" in the two following lines, or remove them04:11
sbalneav# altogether. Do not remove the [generic]  section, however.04:11
sbalneav        user = nobody04:11
sbalneav        group = nobody04:11
sbalneav# What follows are export definitions. You may create as much of them as04:11
sbalneav# you want, but the section header has to be unique.04:11
ograthats all ?04:11
sbalneavthat's it04:11
sbalneavwhat does yours have?04:11
ograits not there04:12
ograi might have deleted it at some point04:12
=== highvoltage [n=jonathan@ubuntu/member/highvoltage] has joined #edubuntu
ograadding the file and restarting it doesnt produce any segfault04:12
highvoltagehello ogra04:13
sbalneavok, just my system then04:13
ograhi highvoltage04:13
ograsbalneav, if you remove the file does it still happen ?04:13
sbalneavI'll check04:13
ograogra@laptop:~$ dpkg -l nbd-server|grep ii04:14
ograii  nbd-server     1:2.9.6-104:14
ogradoes the version match ?04:14
sbalneavyeah, same as mine04:14
ograi havent seen any crashes since the upgrade04:14
highvoltageogra: I was just wondering, is NBD a big implementation? would it be a big deal to write into something like etherboot or pxe? if it's easy, perhaps canonical can use its relationship with intel to get nbd in there, and elimate the need for tftp as well.04:15
highvoltageheh, that actually sounds more outragous now that I've typed it out :)04:15
ograhighvoltage, well, it needs a bunch of binaries etc04:15
ograi bet its to big for something like PXE and etherboot04:15
highvoltageyes, pity.04:16
highvoltageI just love it so much that ltsp doesn't need nfs anymore, it would be so nice if it was possible to eliminate tftp too. then again, tftp is so incredibly light.04:17
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highvoltageheh, ok I read the PXE spec just now, removing tftp will never be... trivial.04:27
ograwell, you wanted to replace tftp04:27
ogradidnt you ?04:27
highvoltageit's just a kernel, just one little stream of data that needs to move from one machine to another! I don't want to run a whole service for it!!!!! :)04:30
=== highvoltage goes off to find another thing to obsess about
highvoltageomg. http://www.intel.com/support/network/adapter/pro100/bootagent/sb/cs-008191.htm still lists Red Hat 6.1 as an OS that supports PXE04:31
highvoltagethey should really list Ubuntu+LTSP there.04:32
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highvoltageheya bddebian04:46
bddebianHi highvoltage04:46
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montesluanyone know why there's two dhcpd.conf files on edubuntu?08:10
ogramonteslu, because we didnt want to break or override existing configs with something that could be modified by a script or so ...08:11
edubuntugirlogra: by the way, highvoltage told me to tell you 'ouch, here's another doc that contains bad info: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LTSPHowTo' 1 day, 8 hours, 39 minutes and 30 seconds ago (on Sun Aug 12 11:33:58 2007)08:11
ogramonteslu, so the file from /etc/ltsp will be used as default while not touching /etc/dhcpd.conf ...08:12
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ograbug 12074708:40
ubotuLaunchpad bug 120747 in linux-source-2.6.22 "[gutsy]  2.6.22 kernel option vga=xxx does not work " [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12074708:40
cbx33oh ogra i noticed some funky stuff happening on an edubuntu install at the ltsp root builder portion08:41
cbx33basically crashed the graphics and ui08:42
ografunky ?08:42
cbx33i have a video08:42
cbx33it's very strange08:42
cbx33thought i'd let you see it08:42
ograwell, i got a bugreport about that yesterday08:42
cliebowcool...internet porn08:42
cbx33ogra, got a link?08:42
ograso it seems not unique08:42
cbx33lemme get the vid08:43
ograbug 13158008:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131580 in ltsp "ltsp-build-client restart X server of the host" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13158008:43
cbx33it's just processing08:49
cbx33ogra, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6OExe0rHos08:52
ograwhat kind of graphics card ?08:52
cbx33hmm i can get that info tomorrow08:52
cbx33sorry it was an Avantis Content Cache box08:53
cbx33it's not a great card tbh08:53
ograwell, thats not related to ltsp at all08:53
ograthats the step long before ltsp-client-builder runs ...08:53
ograthe thing thats running on the screen is pkgsel ... thats one step before ltsp even starts08:54
ograi'd rather see that as a framebuffer issue08:55
ogracan you reproduce it ?08:55
ograif so, try with different graphics sessiongs from the CD bootmenu08:55
cbx33sorry ogra08:55
ograand see if it goes away08:55
cbx33i know the second time i tried it it happened at the client buikd08:59
ogralikely framebuffer then ...08:59
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montesluanyone got a link to the list of variables for lts.conf variables?09:39
monteslucould have sworn I saw one on the ubuntu wiki, but can't find it now09:40
sbalneavmonteslu: it's in the edubuntu handbook09:40
timmaI am having trouble with a new install.  Thin Client Manager says the client needs x11vnc installed.  And my server has no sound card, but my clients do and they do not work.  How do I install x11vnc?09:41
sbalneavtimma: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/InstallX11VncOnLtspClients09:42
monteslusbalneav, thanks09:44
sbalneavOut for a bit, be back later09:44
timmaokay, thank you sbalneav09:45
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timmaI am having trouble with apt sources.10:00
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timmasbalneav how do I resolve the sound issue?10:21
sbalneavtimma: Is the sound card on the client recognized by the kernel?10:25
sbalneavWhat sound card is it?10:25
timmasbalneav I think I need to activate local devices.10:28
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sbalneavThey're activated by default10:29
timmaI checked it and it is but the local cd and sound do not work, possible even the usb...10:30
sbalneavIs the user you're tesing under in the fuse group?10:31
timmano, but I added it and I went to user properties and then privileges and added use audio devices, cd and floppy10:34
sbalneavdid you add fuse?10:40
sbalneavYou have to log out and log in as well10:40
timmasbalneav sorry.  Okay fuse is working.10:40
timmafoppy and cd10:41
timmaso sorry to switch back, sbalneav.  according to dell website, most clients have Crystal Semiconductor  CS423610:43
sbalneavNever heard of that before.10:43
timmasbalneav sorry, is there a way to detect my sound card?10:50
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sbalneavDon't know.  Does the thin client load any devices for it?10:50
sbalneavHave you set a root password in the chroot, and seen if it's got any snd- modules loaded?10:51
timmasorry what command?10:54
sbalneavFor what?10:56
timmato see what modules are loaded?10:56
sbalneavon the thin client.10:57
sbalneavwon't do you any good on the server10:57
timmaOpening /proc/modules: No such file or directory10:57
sbalneavAre you doing this on the thin client, on a text login screen?10:59
timmaon the server, chroot into /opt/ltsp/i38610:59
sbalneavthat won't work11:00
sbalneavyou'll have to do it on the thin client itself.11:00
sbalneavThat's why you'll need to set a root password on the chroot11:00
sbalneavso you can login on the thin client itself.11:01
timmaHow do I set the root password?  on the server?11:02
sbalneavchroot /opt/ltsp/i38611:03
boyamsbalneav: so sudo doesn't work from the thin client? ...i've never tried it...i'm a newb as well :)11:06
montesluboyam, gksudo11:07
monteslulearned that friday11:07
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boyamsbalneav: did the person yesterday who had the dhcp issue...who i gave the link to...did they resolve their issue?...i couldn't stay around long enough to find out....if you remember11:08
sbalneavNo, I don't11:09
sbalneavI help so many people, I don't keep track11:10
timmasbalneav I change root11:10
timmachanged root password11:10
boyamsbalneav: not a problem...i fgured as much....just curious...11:10
sbalneavtimma: so, now you can log in on ctl-alt-f1 on the thin client, and see if the sound card's recognized.11:11
montesluhandbook looks like it has an error11:15
montesluisn't XMD_SERVER XDMP_SERVER ?11:16
montesluor something like that?11:16
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montesluis there udev rules stuff that needs to be done for thin clients connected to printers?12:16
montesluthis distro is great and everything, but my god, it is more difficult to set up than ltsp4.212:17

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