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scooperHello - just wondering if anyone can advise how to rename a project.  Delete and re-add?12:38
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mrignsI made some suggestions for the German translation of Gutsy, but only four translations are listed on my Profile. Is this the maximum number, or did the others get deleted?01:30
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mptmrigns, if you're talking about your karma records, I think karma is updated about once a day03:52
mptso a translation wouldn't show up immediately03:53
mrignsmpt, nope that's not what I meant, I just realised the translation history will only show 4 translations03:53
mrignsthey are all listed at the karmapage though03:53
mrignsI wasn't sure if I saved them correctly03:54
mptmrigns, that doesn't seem right. What is the URL of the page you're talking about?03:54
mrignsoh, 503:54
mptmrigns, that's listing applications and packages, not individual suggestions03:59
mrignsmpt, oh, :D03:59
mrignsthank you03:59
mptIt gives only the most recent suggestion from each application/package03:59
mptthat doesn't mean it's forgotten all the others :-)03:59
mptI'll report a bug about that, it's a bit confusing.04:01
mrignsthank you for the clarification04:01
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ttmrichterAh.  That was my mistake.  OK, is there a launchpad administrator alive and kicking in here?04:14
ubotuNew bug: #132111 in rosetta "Person Translations page overemphasizes latest translations" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13211104:20
Fujitsuttmrichter: What do you want? You may be better off filing a support request.04:22
ttmrichterI'd like to know how to delete my launchpad account, actually.04:22
ttmrichterStop wasting Canonical's disk space.04:23
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ttmrichterThanks, guys.04:33
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mptThat won't make any difference to the amount of disk space...04:41
sydhartis now a good time/place for questions about using launchpad with two new projects and their packages? 04:46
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mptsydhart, not many of the Launchpad team are awake now05:23
mptYou could try in ~12 hours, or you could e-mail the launchpad-users mailing list05:23
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mptGoooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!06:31
Hobbseeheya mpt!06:33
pooliehello Hobbsee, mpt06:35
mptAustralasians represent06:36
Hobbseehi poolie 06:36
poolieoi oi oi06:38
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lifelesspoolie: oy oy oy vey06:49
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=== thumper doesn't understand lifeless's accent
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mpt_hi carlos09:50
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mpt_mdz, do you have 30 seconds to test something for me on Launchpad?09:51
mpt_In particular I'd like to know if, for you, there is a "Define Launchpad usage" link on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu09:51
mpt_(in the Actions box)09:52
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mdzmpt_: ok10:19
mdzmpt_: yes, there is10:19
mpt_mdz, thanks10:20
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matkor:#launchpadHi ! Is it possible to get mail if _any_ bugs from given project is changed/ added / commented ? TIA01:33
matkor:#launchpadI am registered, and I would be noticed if https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr-gtk/+bugs changes ...01:33
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BjornT:#launchpadmatkor: the only way atm is to become a bug contact for the project. for bzr-gtk, this means that you should ask to be added to this team: https://launchpad.net/~bzr-gtk/01:37
matkor:#launchpadBjornT: Thanka a lot !01:38
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Fujitsu:#launchpadHi cprov.01:56
cprov:#launchpadFujitsu: hi, good morning.01:57
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harcesz:#launchpadhi guy's - i'm doing a translation of miro at the moment and just had an idea02:15
harcesz:#launchpadI think it would be extreamly usefull to give the translators a place for a note, under every line(string)02:16
harcesz:#launchpadmost of the wouldent be used, but sometimes it would be great to have a way to inform other translators why the choice for a particular form was made02:17
harcesz:#launchpadit could looklike that - the extra form is displd. only in the 1 string view, so id doesent mess up the multiple strings view, but in the multiple view, theres a small icon informing that there is a note attached to this translation02:18
harcesz:#launchpadwould be cool cuz I just changed about 10 only male forms that appeard in the translation into forms that address both sexes + some other similiar changes that other ppl didnt think off, and I would like them to know why I edited their translations02:19
harcesz:#launchpadas well a shoutcast/wiki in the generall/trank view for each language might be usefull so I can say "hey guys, I'm going thrue the whole thing to find plural forms, don't translate them at the moment" - cuz I dont c any other way to inform them bout that fast...02:21
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harcesz:#launchpada shoutcast could be placed on the left bar - where the statistics, translation file details an other thingis are02:22
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ubotu:#launchpadNew bug: #132180 in soyuz "Check and document archive indexes generated by Soyuz with apt_pkg" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13218002:25
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harcesz:#launchpadtheres a blueprint similiar to mine, so I just added my idea in the wideboard, here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rosetta/+spec/suggestion-approve-rejection-explanation03:03
harcesz:#launchpadwould be great if somebody can take a look and proceed with it03:03
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jkakar:#launchpadmrevell: Heya!07:29
jkakar:#launchpadmrevell: I've just been going through https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart07:30
jkakar:#launchpadmrevell: Couple of suggestions to make it a bit more user-friendly.  Including a "Preparing your system" section with something like "Run 'apt-get install build-essential dput'" would be nice.07:31
jkakar:#launchpadmrevell: Also, suggesting that 'debuild -S' is one way to generate suitable output for use with dput would be helpful.07:31
jkakar:#launchpadmrevell: In general though, the instructions worked!  Thanks. :07:31
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mrevell:#launchpadjkakar: Sorry, I've been having dinner. Thanks for the suggestions, that's really helpful! I'm glad the instruction worked for you.08:38
jkakar:#launchpadmrevell: Yeah, they were nice and simple for the most part. :)08:38
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mdke:#launchpadI'm still getting bugmail for bugs which were filed a long time ago when I or someone else changes their status (I received the bugmail when it was originally filed too!)10:58
mdke:#launchpadis that known? it's been like that for a long time10:58
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kiko:#launchpadmdke, I don't quite understand11:14
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mdke:#launchpadkiko: ok, I'll try and explain better11:18
mdke:#launchpadkiko: so someone files a bug, I get bugmail for it11:18
kiko:#launchpadso far so good.11:19
mdke:#launchpadkiko: then, a few months later, someone changes the status of the bug, and I get 2 emails, one as if it were a new bug (but detailing a status change at the bottom), and another just detailing the status change11:19
kiko:#launchpadthat's not right11:19
kiko:#launchpadare you being subscribed?11:20
mdke:#launchpadkiko: it says I am, yeah. But I was already subscribed11:20
mdke:#launchpad(through being a bug contact)11:20
kiko:#launchpadbut are you being /directly/ subscribed?11:20
kiko:#launchpadbecause that mail is sent when you are directly subscribed.11:20
kiko:#launchpadit's unusual then11:21
mdke:#launchpadwhat about being assigned?11:21
mdke:#launchpadmaybe it happens only when I get the original email from being bug contact, then get subsribed or assigned to the bug11:25
kiko:#launchpadI think that's the case11:25
kiko:#launchpadwe have no way of knowing you are subscribed via ubuntu-bugs, remember. :)11:25
mdke:#launchpadkiko: well, I'm a member of the team that is bug contact for the product11:25
mdke:#launchpadis there no way of telling that LP has already sent me the email?11:26
kiko:#launchpadit shouldn't send you email twice, that's for sure11:26
kiko:#launchpadif you are indeed a member of the team11:26
mdke:#launchpadI definitely am11:26
mdke:#launchpadam example is bug 12409411:27
ubotu:#launchpadLaunchpad bug 124094 in ubuntu-doc "Incorrect path to Lock Desktop." [Low,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/124094 - Assigned to Matthew East (mdke)11:27
kiko:#launchpadmdke, sounds like a bug. to help, file a bug and attach the two full-messages11:29
mdke:#launchpadkiko: ok, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't expected behaviour11:29
mdke:#launchpadI'll try and make a test case bug to reproduce it11:29
kiko:#launchpadmdke, I think you shouldn't 11:30
kiko:#launchpadjust send the emails you got11:30
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kiko:#launchpadthe test case bug will just litter the system11:30
mdke:#launchpadkiko: alright.11:30
mdke:#launchpaddanilos: did you have any luck with our translation-credits issue?11:31
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ubotu:#launchpadNew bug: #132300 in launchpad "duplicate bugmail when a bug contact gets personally subscribed/assigned to a bug" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13230011:50
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sydhart:#launchpadis now a good time/place for questions about using launchpad with two new projects and their packages?12:00
kiko:#launchpadsydhart, sure it is. what's up!12:06
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cr3:#launchpadI created a project in launchpad and now I would like to commit the code to the trunk using bzr, so how can I create the trunk (which seems to be created already) and start committing code?12:11
mdke:#launchpadcr3: https://help.launchpad.net/FeatureHighlights/BazaarHosting is an excellent guide12:13
cr3:#launchpadmdke: I'm not sure how I get a branch on bazaar.launchpad.net :(12:17
mdke:#launchpadcr3: if you follow those pages, it tells you how to do exactly that, but you do have to read them12:19

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