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jribpaulmaul24: what's the name of your current account?04:09
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jribpaulmaul24: ok, is "paul" the first account you created?04:10
jriband you unchecked everything for him in the "users and groups" program?04:10
paulmaul24yea i was trying to imitate the settings under root04:10
paulmaul24so it was like i was the administrator04:10
jribyou are the administrator by default04:11
jribbut now you're not since you unchecked everything :)04:11
paulmaul24well now im not becus all the boxes r uncheked04:11
paulmaul24yea lol04:11
jribopen up a terminal and type 'groups' and press enter04:11
jribwhat is the output?04:11
paulmaul24paul video netdev lpadmin powerdev04:12
paulmaul24paul video netdev lpadmin powerdev04:12
paulmaul24sory for the double04:12
jribk, to be able to use 'sudo', you need to be in the admin group, so we'll add you back to that and then you should be able to go to "users and groups" again and check everything again for "paul"04:12
verb3k_jrib, following your conversation is really helpful for newbies (like me) thx04:13
jribto add "paul" to the "admin" group, you need to: reboot and choose "recovery mode" from the grub menu.  Then enter the command 'adduser paul admin' and reboot04:13
jribverb3k_: great, np04:13
paulmaul24ok thanks ill try it! thanks for all the help jrib04:14
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time_travler_tihow goes it10:28
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