asacplease ignore the broken ubuntu3 package12:20
asacif it induces complexity into prerm/postinst scripts12:20
asacjust fix those scripts done12:20
asacpygi: ^^^12:20
asacplease bring up a branch asap12:21
asacthen it should be fine12:21
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pygiasac, well, scripts are fixed in ubuntu4 :)01:03
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alex-weejasac: you got any idea about my VPN problem in Gutsy?01:59
=== manchicken__ [n=manchkn@74-134-231-37.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
geseralex-weej: the same problem as in bug #124238?02:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124238 in vpnc "[gutsy]  vpnc terminates directly after establishing a connection" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12423802:03
alex-weejgeser: maybe -- NetworkManager (the daemon) just bails on me02:04
alex-weejbug #13134902:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131349 in network-manager "NetworkManager crashed with signal 5 when attempting to connect to VPN" [Medium,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13134902:05
geseralex-weej: this might be unrelated but does setting up a vpn connection from a terminal works?02:07
=== alex-weej [n=alex@cpc2-darl3-0-0-cust237.midd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
alex-weejcan you believe esd manages to cause all GNOME apps to break?02:10
alex-weejgeser: sorry what did you say?02:11
geseralex-weej: this might be unrelated but does setting up a vpn connection from a terminal works?02:11
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@S0106000b6a5631f9.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
alex-weejgeser: no idea how to do that02:11
alex-weejgeser: i can test it if you tell me how02:11
gesersee /etc/vpnc/example.conf02:12
alex-weejon /etc/vpnc02:13
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Exit,]
gesertry /usr/share/doc/vpnc/examples/vpnc.conf then02:13
alex-weejgeser: so no, it does not work. :P02:13
geseryou need a config file for your vpn02:14
alex-weejdon't have /usr/share/doc/vpnc02:14
geserhave you vpnc installed?02:14
alex-weeji have no idea02:14
alex-weejone moment02:14
geseror do you use some other VPN?02:14
alex-weejgeser: i just use what Gutsy gives me02:15
alex-weeji figure if it's giving me the option to configure a VPN, letting me configure a VPN, and then letting me log on to a VPN... i must have some facility to be on a VPN :P02:15
alex-weeji'll install network-manager-vpnc02:15
alex-weejthis sounds promising02:15
geserthere seem to be 3 vpn plugins for n-m: network-manager-{openvpn,pptp,vpnc}02:16
geserwhich one you need depends on the vpn you want connect to02:16
alex-weeji use PPTP02:16
alex-weejso vpnc is not useful for me02:16
geserthen it's not a vpnc problem :)02:17
=== alex-weej apt-get removes vpnc :P
=== jsgotangco [n=JSG@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
alex-weejok, bed time02:18
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thinhanyone here?02:25
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=== Hobbsee waves
=== RAOF waves back.
LaserJockhi Hobbsee05:52
Hobbseeheya RAOF, LaserJock!05:53
=== tonyy [n=anthony@ubuntu/member/tonyyarusso] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ajmitchhi LaserJock, Hobbsee06:01
Hobbseeheya ajmitch06:01
LaserJockhi ajmitch06:01
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Hobbseemorning fabbione!07:03
fabbionehi Hobbsee07:06
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Hobbseefabbione: why are you pointing people towards me?07:18
fabbioneHobbsee: because you are one of the RM? :)07:18
Hobbseefabbione: one of.  i have no say.07:19
Hobbseeor close to none07:19
fabbionewell on some stuff you do07:20
fabbioneand given what was discussed, you have enough knowledge and power to handle it07:20
ajmitchmore say than the rest of us07:20
Hobbseefabbione: besides, i'm not the RM.  'im only one of the release team.  the release team only has anything to do if the RM allows it :P07:20
Hobbseefabbione: i've got no idea what's happening, with our RM change.07:20
fabbioneHobbsee: ok07:21
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pittiGood morning08:05
StevenKMorning pitti08:06
pittihey StevenK08:06
Hobbseemorning pitti!08:07
=== pitti hugs Hobbsee
=== Hobbsee hugs pitti
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doko_good morning08:30
Hobbseemorning doko08:31
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siretartgrmpf. somehow my lvm devices don't appear in /dev/vg/name anymore. known problem?08:53
=== Lure [n=lure@external-1.hermes.si] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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siretartstuff segfaulting in /scripts/init-bottom ain't no good, are they?09:08
siretartI see 3 segfaults at the end of the startup09:11
=== sabdfl [n=sabdfl@ubuntu/member/pdpc.silver.sabdfl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
siretartdon't we have a log of the startup process somewhere?09:12
siretartisn't upstart supposed to do that somhow?09:12
siretarthm. according to the manpage, it is logged to /var/log/boot, but that file only contains a '(Nothing has been logged yet.)'09:14
=== jetscreamer [n=jetscrea@unaffiliated/jetscreamer] has joined #ubuntu-devel
siretartoh, that'll be bug #98955. hrmpf09:16
ubotuLaunchpad bug 98955 in upstart "logd not running" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9895509:16
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pittihey seb12809:28
seb128hey hey pitti09:29
siretartfiled as #132138. I'm available for further questioning09:32
siretarthey pitti, hi seb128!09:32
seb128hi siretart09:32
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=== blazemonger [n=blazetek@c-75-66-196-18.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
blazemongerI have to say that the one thing i dont like as a pc newbie and os newbie is too many OS's have these fancy installs09:38
blazemongeri say include a text mode installer in ubuntu09:38
mdkesabdfl: around?09:41
pittiblazemonger: you mean the one we have for ages? :-) (the alternate CD)09:41
pittiblazemonger: in fact that one came first, the live CD installer was added relatively late (in Dapper)09:42
sabdflmdke: yes, what's up09:43
blazemongeri'm interested in development09:43
blazemongerbut i don't feel like learning network security09:43
blazemongeri'd like to develop applications for gnu linux and bsd in general09:43
siretartblazemonger: cool. just go on and do it!09:44
blazemongerwhat apps do i need to install09:45
blazemongerwhich would you reccomend i do to secure my box? learn iptables manually or use a third party firewall09:46
siretartblazemonger: sorry, this is not an educational channel. I'd suggest you ask in #ubuntu09:47
blazemongerprob is i come from Amiga world09:47
blazemongerbut i seriously want to develop for ubuntu09:47
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=== Zic [n=Zic@Final-Fantasy.FF-IRC.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rulushi, can anyone point me to a guide to go from a Python bzr application branch to a .deb package? It's really hard to find it seems..09:50
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siretartrulus: I'd suggest to look at existing bzr packages, no?10:14
rulusI'm spitting through Bughelper sourcecode atm10:14
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Watersevenub [n=Watersev@242-118.dial.nortenet.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflasac: i found another AP that the X60 won't associate with10:30
sabdflalso netgear10:30
sabdflcombination of wpa_supplicant and dhclient works fine in both cases10:30
=== pygi [n=mario@157-249.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacsabdfl: do you use wpa_supplicant using a wpa_supplicant.conf file?10:36
asacsabdfl: ok ... i will setup an example to do it the way network-manager tries it.10:36
=== norsetto [n=cesare@host61-217-dynamic.181-80-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacsabdfl: network-manager just sets ssid + psk10:37
asacsabdfl: do you see 00:00:00:00:00:00 disconnect events in syslog?10:38
sabdfli see nothing like that, no10:39
=== mario_ [n=mario@157-249.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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asacsabdfl: does it work without scan_ssid=1 as well?10:53
pygiasac, good morning10:58
asacpygi: hi ;)10:59
pygiasac, working on creating branch as we speak10:59
pygiofcourse, versioned one ... so you'd have both ubuntu3 and ubuntu4 there11:00
asacpygi: cool ... can you please commit changes and changelog changes in separate commits?11:00
pygiasac, ergh, it just finished pushing stuff :-/11:00
asace.g. first do your changes for ubuntu3 -> commit ... then change ubuntu3 -> commit11:00
pygiah, yes, that's what I did xD11:01
asacpygi: url?11:01
pygiasac, https://code.launchpad.net/~mario-danic/gnash/trunk11:01
asacpygi: please redo11:01
asacpygi: you have to start from the existing branch11:07
pygiaha xDD11:07
=== spike [n=spike@unaffiliated/spike] has joined #ubuntu-devel
spikehi, trying to package some java app. echo $JAVA_HOME -> /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-sun/, sun-java5-jdk is installed and that dir is symlinked to it11:07
spikedpkg-buildpackage -b -rfakeroot -uc -us -> ... You must specify a valid JAVA_HOME or JAVACMD! make: *** [ant-sanity-check]  Error 111:07
spikerunning feisty11:07
=== pygi wonders why we cant delete a branch xD
sabdflasac: i'll try tonight and see11:07
pittiRiddell: kdesudo approved and promoted, so feel free to rebuild kubuntu-meta11:07
norsettowrong channel spike; try #ubuntu-motu11:07
=== jono [i=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Riddellkiosktool, obexftp, kvkbd and opensync is the current Kubuntu main inclusion queue :)11:07
=== asac [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacpygi: reconnect :(11:08
pygiasac, no worries11:08
asac11:02 < asac> and if you at it ... do as above ... for 2 new revisions you should at least have 4 commits ;)11:08
asac11:02 < asac> pygi: https://code.launchpad.net/gnash ... its the core-dev branch there11:08
asac11:03 < asac> hmm am i offline? or is launchpad down?11:08
pygiasac, I saw the way you do commits, and found main branch, thank you :)11:08
asacpygi: ok ... cool11:08
asacsabdfl: reconnect ... in case you answered my scan_ssid questions :/11:09
sabdflasac: will test this evening11:10
=== manchicken_ [n=manchkn@74-134-231-37.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lutinpitti: can you give-back aolserver4-ns{imap,openssl} on amd64 and aolserver4-ns{ldap,postgres} on amd64, i386, ppc please ?11:14
pittiLutin: done11:16
Lutinpitti: thanks11:17
pygiasac, ok, pushing changes for ubuntu311:19
pygihopefully fine now  :)11:19
pygiasac, breakfast now, you tell me if it's fine ^_^11:22
=== spike [n=spike@unaffiliated/spike] has left #ubuntu-devel ["bbl"]
asacpygi: ok let me check ;)11:23
asacpygi: either it failed to push or http servers haven't been synched yet11:23
asacpygi: https://code.launchpad.net/~mario-danic/gnash/trunk ... still just 2 revisions ... so i think it has not been synched11:24
=== dexem [n=dani@14.Red-88-26-177.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, or push didn't happen xD11:33
pygisomething about merging, will solve11:33
pittistgraber: can you please give Riddell admin powers on the iso tracker?11:34
asacpygi: you need to --overwrite11:35
pittistgraber: thanks11:35
asacpygi: as your initial branch is f***ed11:35
=== pygi tries that magic
stgraberRiddell,pitti: done11:37
=== jsgotangco [n=JSG@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, Pushed up to revision 100.11:37
Riddellthanks stgraber11:37
pygiasac, ha, it worked xD11:37
asacpygi: yeah!11:37
=== GmanAFK is now known as Gman
asacpygi: looks good (judging from commit log messages)11:37
asacpygi: please push ubuntu4 as well11:37
pygiasac, will do so now11:38
asacpygi: great!11:38
asacpygi: maybe consider to setup your email properly11:38
asacpygi:  Mario Danic <mario@rex>11:38
pygiergh, right, well :)11:38
asacpygi: in ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf ... i have11:39
asac[DEFAULT] 11:39
asacemail = Alexander Sack <asac@jwsdot.com>11:39
=== pygi will do that
pittipygi: "bzr whoami"11:40
pygicompletely forgot, thanks pitti ;)11:41
=== mc44 [n=mc44@unaffiliated/mc44] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Havis [n=Havis@adsl-d22.87-197-137.t-com.sk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, seems done11:45
asacpygi: you can look at bzr log before pushing to verifiy if your email is correct11:45
pygiasac, yes, ubuntu411:46
pyginow my mail is correct =)11:46
asacstgraber: did you recently get ipw3945 connect to a hidden wpa net?11:46
=== pygi knows much more about bzr codebase then using it, ergh
asacpygi: fine11:46
=== manchicken__ [n=manchkn@74-134-231-37.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, so all changes to gnash in bzr?11:47
asacpygi: every package that has a release branch should not be released without getting those changes to release branch first11:47
asacpygi: e.g. if you get a warning when running apt-get source gnash11:48
pygiasac, kk11:48
asacpygi: anyway ... sponsor should have known better as well ;)11:48
pygiasac, will be better for the future now anyway :)11:48
asacpygi: at best try to approache the Maintainer: for sponsoring first ;)11:48
pygiasac, for ubuntu maintainer is most of the time motu or core-dev ;)11:49
pyginot here tho =)11:49
asacno problem ... we got it right now ;)11:49
pygiyup ;)11:50
pygiwhat I did now? :)11:50
=== ssam [n=ssam@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asaclook at bzr diff -r 98..11:51
asacwhere did you resurrect this bunch of files from?11:51
pygiI did a bzr add probably11:51
asacpygi: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/18368511:52
asacpygi: please redo ;)11:52
pitwalkerHi, all! Anybody know an image manululator program (like gwenview) that can rotate serious files by manual click, andt DON'T modify the last modification time?11:52
pygiasac, yup, that's a bzr add xD11:52
asacits really important to never run bzr add without looking :)11:52
asacand check before you commit with bzr diff11:52
pitwalkerI have problems vitw Gwenview 1.4.111:53
asacpygi: the basic idea is to always have minimal checkins that only contain changes that are documented in commit comment  ... but i guess you know ;)11:54
pygiasac, I know, yes xD11:54
=== pygi isn't really as clueless as he seems :p
stgraberasac: no, all my wlan are public11:54
asacstgraber: can you help to test that scenario for a few minutes when you get home?11:55
stgraberasac: I'm at home (my last week of holiday :))11:55
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
=== hjmf [n=hjmf@7.Red-83-44-173.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, seems fine this time ;)12:00
pygiasac, working on ubuntu4 now12:01
asaclet me know12:01
pygiasac, is up, waiting for servers to sync12:03
=== dexem [n=dani@14.Red-88-26-177.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, synced12:05
stgraberasac: aren't hidden networks supposed to be shown in iwlist but with <hidden> as essid ?12:07
stgraberasac: it doesn't seem to be the case here ... but that's the first time I use the hide ssid thing12:08
pygistgraber,                     ESSID:"<hidden>"12:08
pygiiwlist eth1 scan ^_^12:08
stgraberpygi: that's what I do, but I don't see my network :)12:09
=== seb128 [n=seb128@ubuntu/member/seb128] has joined #ubuntu-devel
stgraberlet's see if an AP reboot helps12:10
asacstgraber: hmm12:10
stgraberok, it helped ...12:10
stgraberbuggy AP :)12:10
pygiasac, is the branch fine now?12:11
asacstgraber: i guess it won't connect with nm .. but try anyway12:11
asacpygi: let me look12:11
stgraberasac: Aug 13 12:11:03 laptop kernel: [ 2188.668839]  nm-applet[6246] : segfault at ffffffffac106b90 rip 00002aeddeccaef6 rsp 00007fffce096010 error 412:11
=== pygi doesn't think that sounds good :p
stgraberasac: I have that sometimes when trying to use the Other network thing12:11
stgraberasac: but only ~ 1/312:11
asacstgraber: can you get a backtrace?12:12
asacor submit the crash to lp ?12:12
stgraberasac: I think so yes12:15
asacstgraber: anyway ... could you setup the hidden network?12:15
stgraberasac: btw, hidden network doesn't work12:15
asaccan you try with wpa_supplicant.conf?12:15
stgraberasac: it doesn't even seem to set the essid12:15
asacstgraber: i think scan_ssid=1 ssid and psk should be enough12:16
asacstgraber: look at http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net/ ... changes for 1.2.1 ... i somehow have the feeling that we need some fixes in there12:17
asaclike: Fix iwconfig essid any doesn't associate problem12:17
asaclike: Fix driver not make associate request when required12:18
asacand: Fix hardware/software RF kill switch problem during module loading time12:18
asacmaybe those would fix our open network issues12:19
stgraberasac: http://paste.stgraber.org/250912:20
stgraberasac: it sees the hidden network and doesn't connect ...12:21
stgraberasac: "essid missmatch" :)12:21
pygistgraber, ap_scan=2 ?12:21
=== pygi uses that for hidden network
=== Starting logfile irclogs/ubuntu-devel.log
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-devel): set by pitti at Thu Aug 9 16:01:54 2007
=== pygi opens the file
asacstgraber: from what i see in code for non-broadcast networks nm uses ap_scan 212:24
=== Lure [n=lure@external-1.hermes.si] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asac        if (!nm_ap_get_broadcast (ap) || is_adhoc || !supports_wpa)12:24
asac                ap_scan = "AP_SCAN 2";12:24
stgraberso none of both seem to work :)12:24
asacstgraber: well would be intersting to see if .conf works12:24
asacjust to rule out that nm goes crazy somehow12:25
pygiasac, daemon.log claims scan_ssid 112:26
pygithat ap_scan=2 was from my .conf file12:26
RiddellTheMuso: do you have to set GNOME_ACCESIBILITY=1 for accessibility stuff?12:27
stgraberasac: it just associated :)12:27
=== Kopfgeldjaeger [n=nicolai@p54AD5927.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacstgraber: through nm or manually wpa with .conf ?12:27
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
asacpygi: so nm won't connect without that .conf?12:29
stgraberasac: manually with wpa_supplicant12:29
pygiasac, ofcourse it connects without .conf12:29
asachow long did it take? does some timeout hit nm?12:29
pygiasac, I use non-standard configuration file anyway12:29
=== Havis [n=Havis@adsl-d22.87-197-137.t-com.sk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacpygi: ok ... so you have no problems at all.12:29
asacgood to know ;)12:30
pygiasac, nod =)12:30
pygiasac, it worked in dapper (then I was working on the package :P), after that it didn't work (n-m) until now12:30
asacstrange ... so it started working in ubuntu9 ?12:30
pygino, no, I meant it didn't work until gutsy :)12:31
asacthats more reasonable12:31
Mithrandiriwj: are you interested in "omg, my raid didn't work" stories?12:31
pygiasac, it was only once that n-m package was broken in gutsy, but we know which one, hehe :)12:31
pygiasac, had time to look at the branch perhaps? :)12:32
=== norsetto [n=cesare@host82-213-dynamic.21-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== \sh_away is now known as \sh
iwjMithrandir: Yes, but it's not primarily my version of the udev glue now so I may have to handwave rather.12:34
asacpygi: so what cleanup would be needed to fix people that had ubuntu3 ?12:35
Mithrandiriwj: it only stops the md device a lot of times in the initramfs, it doesn't appear to ever start it12:35
Mithrandiriwj: if I start it by hand, all is good.12:35
stgraberasac: is the minimal apport crash report enough for you (for the nm-applet crash), the big one crash firefox :)12:36
iwjIIRC the scripts attempts to assemble it and if it fails try to delete it again.12:36
iwjBut this aspect may have changed like many of the others.12:36
Mithrandiriwj: hmm, shouldn't I see some evidence of trying to start it?12:36
pygiasac, something like flashplugin-nonfree has: http://pastebin.com/m3602678812:36
asacstgraber: minimal? ... we need the full coredump i guess12:36
iwjI think you should probably be talking to Scott.12:36
asacstgraber: otherwise try to retrace locally12:36
Mithrandiriwj: ok, I'll prod him when I see him around12:37
Mithrandiriwj: thanks12:37
iwjNP, sorry not to be more help.12:37
pittistgraber: at this stage it shuold have already updated the file in /var/crash/12:38
pygiasac, just sending a correction there to show how should that dpkg --compare-versions look for gnash12:38
pittiasac: the .crash file will work fine with apport-retrace, yes12:38
pygiasac, http://pastebin.com/m5775c66612:38
stgraberasac: it's a gtk_combox_box problem (when doing the set_model())12:38
asacstgraber: NULL-deref or access to freed mem?12:39
asacpygi: so it adds failed-upgrade code?12:41
pygiasac, yup12:41
=== Kopfgeldjaeger [n=nicolai@p54AD5927.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacpygi: ok can you please bump changelog ... use distribution UNRELEASED and then add that to gnash?12:42
pygiasac, you mean add the needed changes to gnash?12:42
pygiI could try12:42
asacopen up branch by commiting new changelog12:42
stgraberpitti: is the "full" report supposed to send everything you got after an apport-unpack ?12:43
asacthen modify ... and document and so on12:43
LutinRiddell: python-qt3 contains pyqtconfig.py, which brings a (missing) dependancy on python-sip4-dev. in debian, this file has been moved to python-qt3-dev (the only change) , maybe we should merge it ?12:44
stgraberasac: http://www.stgraber.org/download/nm-applet/12:45
pittistgraber: yes, it is12:46
asacstgraber: can you please install -dbgsym packages and redo?12:46
stgraberpitti: so it'd have uploaded my 47MB coredump :)12:46
RiddellLutin: sure, if someone wants to do that (I can upload if given a debdiff)12:47
LutinRiddell: I've prepared a merge. I've got to go now, is it ok if I give the diff in a couple of hours ?12:47
RiddellLutin: sure12:47
pygiasac, can we just remove the old prerm script from the system? That's the easiest way to handle this12:48
=== Kmos [n=gothicx@unaffiliated/kmos] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pygi thinks at least
asacpygi: why not what was done by flashplugin-nonfree?12:49
=== jsgotangco [n=JSG@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiok, then that12:49
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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norsettoshouldn't mozilla-mplayer be in multiverse (depends on mplayer, which is in multiverse)?01:02
norsettotalking about feisty; for gutsy is indeed in multiverse01:03
=== pygi [n=mario@157-249.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, want me to commit?01:04
pygiergh, push01:04
=== rodarvus [n=rodarvus@ubuntu/member/rodarvus] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, pushing01:07
=== glatzor__ [n=renate@p57AED8DB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, pushed01:08
pygiplease review that :)01:08
pygimight be that we'll really have to remove old prerm but I think this should do01:09
asacpygi: have you verified?01:09
asacpygi: please test the upgrade path01:09
pygiasac, no, I didn't test01:09
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, ah, you want me to install ubuntu3 then?01:09
asacpygi: if you sure i will review and upload01:09
pygiasac, ok, will test then01:10
asacpygi: yes ... verify that the fix fixes the breakage01:10
asacpygi: at best double check ;)01:10
pygiasac, understood sir!01:10
=== Spads_ [i=spacehob@nat/canonical/x-2f1c84147473e14f] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== RadiantFire [n=ryan@c-69-180-43-27.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, building package of gnash will take some ages here =)01:19
Riddellpitti: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/33565/  u-d-a posting01:23
=== Zic [n=Zic@Final-Fantasy.FF-IRC.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== SniperBeamer [n=sniper@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacpygi: thanks01:27
pygiasac, nah, thank you for pushing me to fix stuff :)01:27
pygiasac, if it does fix the problem, you'll merge to mainline and upload?01:28
=== jrib [n=jrib@upstream/dev/jrib] has joined #ubuntu-devel
asacpygi: obvioulsy yes01:31
stgraberasac: http://www.stgraber.org/download/nm-applet/01:32
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Zic [n=Zic@Final-Fantasy.FF-IRC.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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asacstgraber: can you run "valgrind /usr/bin/nm-applet --disable-sm 2>&1 | tee /tmp/nm-applet.valgrind.log" as well please and attach both to a bug?01:40
=== stub [n=stub@ppp-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ryu [n=chris@unaffiliated/ryu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kmos* added Dutch translation by Bart Cornelis. Closes: #43686501:51
Kmosthis is the only change on a package that can be synced01:51
Riddellmvo: where is the original dpkgpm.cpp?  I can't see it in dpkg01:51
Kmosit's a valid reason to request the sync ?01:51
RiddellKmos: sure (until UVF)01:52
LutinRiddell: here's the dif against the current python-qt3 ubuntu version: http://people.dunnewind.net/lutin/python-qt3_3.17.3-2ubuntu1.debdiff01:52
=== pedro [n=pedro@pc-65-202-214-201.cm.vtr.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KmosRiddell: the UVF of gutsy is in which date?01:53
=== pbn [i=pbn@wopr.geekshells.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograKmos, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule01:54
=== dendrobates [n=rclark@adsl-065-005-186-012.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kmosogra: thx01:54
=== zul [n=chuck@ubuntu/member/zul] has joined #ubuntu-devel
RiddellKmos: thursday01:54
KmosRiddell: yeah.. 16th, thx01:56
stgraberasac: the valgrind immediately end with an error before nm-applet appears and apport report a crash from memcheck01:56
pygiwho do I poke to drop swfdec0.3 from archives?01:57
=== pbn [i=pbn@wopr.geekshells.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== svolpe_gerrath [n=Gerrath_@unaffiliated/gerrath] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Riddellpygi: file a bug with an explanation of why and subscribe ubuntu-archive01:58
pygiRiddell, oki, thank you ^_^01:59
=== hggdh [n=hggdh@pool-71-170-39-244.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygiasac, no swfdec release after all, we'll get it in during UVF02:04
pygiis there a branch for swfdec as well?02:05
=== slomo [n=slomo@ubuntu/member/slomo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shhmmm....what do I have to do to have this "zoom out all windows from all desktops" on gutsy, running gnome?02:05
geser\sh: you mean that one from compiz?02:07
\shgeser: i think so...if this is enabled by default in tribe4 ;)02:07
geserdo you have desktop effects enabled and working?02:08
\shlooks like...with open source radeon driver02:09
\shi have some shadows around my windows,..desktop effects is running...but I don't find any key binding for this effect..(if it's enabled in desktop effects)02:10
geserI don't know the defaults for compiz, but you can change them easily with compizconfig-settings-manager02:10
geserif you start ccsm check if "scale" is enabled below Window Management02:11
=== glatzor__ [n=renate@p57AEF545.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
\shgeser: but this tool isn't installed by default,02:11
\shjust because i don't find it02:11
geserit's in universe02:11
=== dobey_ [n=dobey@ip68-229-101-154.hr.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
geseryou can also use it to look up the key bindings and configure new ones02:12
\shgeser: k...installing it02:12
ogra\sh, it works here if i move the mouse in the top right corner02:12
ograbut no idea what the keybinding for that is02:12
\shogra: nope not here02:12
ogramight be because i have to use Xgl ... even though i wouldnt expect difference in compiz due to that02:13
Kmoskernel is out :)02:14
ograthat will make kernel.org happy :)02:14
Kmosand ubuntu too if the fix are applied :)02:15
RiddellLutin: uploaded pyqt302:16
LutinRiddell: thank you02:16
asacpygi: why do you think that swfdec will be released soon :) ?02:16
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=== pygi [n=mario@157-249.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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\shogra:  geser: works as expected...thx :)02:29
=== Hobbsee waves
Mithrandirhi Hobbsee02:30
mvoRiddell: that is part of libapt (apt-pkg/deb/dpkgpm.cc)02:30
=== Hobbsee stomps on Mithrandir's feet, and runs off
Riddellmvo: yep, got it.  adept doesn't use a fork but rather derives from the libapt version.  I'll keep looking at it for a bit but this may be beyond my abilities02:31
\shhow can someone disable trackerd?02:32
mvoRiddell: ok, that is fine, let me know and I have a look02:32
Hobbseepitti: good post02:32
pygi\sh, there's that thing in the preferences I think02:33
pygiIndexing preferences02:33
\shfound it...but I think I have to restart trackerd to catch the new settings02:34
pittiHobbsee: thanks02:35
\shupdate-notifier runs every 5 seconds?02:35
asacpygi: can you please fix the trailing comma+whitespace in Npp-Application line as well?02:38
pygiasac, possible =)02:38
pittiRiddell: I think requiring specs to be implemented is a bit harsh; "beta available" is more suitable IMHO02:39
=== pygi looks about that
ion_I really like the new zoom plugin in copiz. Having a keybord shortcut to zoom the current window to fullscreen rocks.02:40
=== Lure_ [n=lure@external-1.hermes.si] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Monk-e [i=guido@c529dd229.cable.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Riddellpitti: ok, I'll change that02:41
pygiasac, you want to have no whitespace between coma and id?02:41
pygi(just trying to make it right ^_^)02:42
Riddellmdz: posting to u-d-a needing approval02:47
=== dobey_ is now known as dobey
HobbseeRiddell: there should be others who are more here around, to unmoderate that...02:48
asacpygi: yes02:49
asacno comma nor whitespace at EOL please02:49
RiddellHobbsee: I don't see any02:49
pygiasac, done02:49
HobbseeRiddell: pitti, Mithrandir02:50
asacpygi: so did you verify your work?02:50
pygiasac, still building xD02:50
HobbseeRiddell: either of them can02:50
RiddellHobbsee: don't seem to be admins of u-d-a02:50
pygiasac, not too fast laptop =)02:50
HobbseeRiddell: i've had Mithrandir unmoderate a couple of posts of mine before.  they may just have the p/w or somethign02:50
Riddelloh maybe they're moderators but not admins02:50
pygiasac, ubuntu3 still being build :-/02:51
HobbseeRiddell: quite possible02:51
pygiasac, feel free to build ubuntu5 from my branch, and send me the debs02:51
=== Spads [i=spacehob@unaffiliated/spads] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== xxxxx1 [n=xxxxx1@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TheMusoRiddell: I think it has been depricated. I do think that one has to se tanother environmental variable for standard GTK apps to use the framework however.02:56
pittiRiddell: I'll moderate it02:57
xxxxx1mornin' pitti and TheMuso02:57
pittihi xxxxx102:58
Kmosthis one is valid for a request sync ?02:59
Hobbseewlassistant has ubuntu changes, i'm sure02:59
=== cr3 [n=marc@modemcable178.77-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
StevenKI daresay I made them. Twitch.03:00
=== Zic [n=Zic@Final-Fantasy.FF-IRC.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HobbseeStevenK: or did.  someone's synced it.03:02
HobbseeStevenK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/wlassistant/+bug/11774903:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 117749 in wlassistant "sync wlassistant 0.5.7-1 from debian unstable" [Wishlist,Fix released] 03:04
=== jgoss [n=josh@unaffiliated/jgoss] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== kylem [n=kyle@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kmos visualboyadvance (1.8.0-3) unstable; urgency=low03:15
Kmos .03:15
Kmos   * visualboyadvance-gtk Depends on visualboyadvance (>= 1.8.0-2).03:15
Kmos     (Closes: #434724)03:15
Kmosthis is important to sync ?03:15
Kmosit's a dependency problem03:16
Hobbseedebian bug 43472403:16
ubotuDebian bug 434724 in visualboyadvance-gtk "visualboyadvance-gtk: depends on visualboyadvance but conflicts with a file in it" [Grave,Fixed]  http://bugs.debian.org/43472403:16
HobbseeKmos: the only version in the system in ubuntu is 1.8.0-2, so we dont actually have a lower version that it can use.  however, whether that affects upgrades, etc03:18
=== fqh [n=root@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== A20 [n=lacky@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittikylem, BenC: can we go through the dapper.2 bugs when you wake up and are sufficiently coffeinated?03:19
KmosHobbsee: so it's better not to sync03:19
HobbseeKmos: unsure if there's a need to sync03:19
Kmosit has Severity: grave; on debian bug03:21
=== Hobbsee thought you had to have the full C/R's on that, incidently
KmosC/R's ?03:21
Hobbseeconflicts & replaces03:22
Hobbseeas well as depends03:22
Riddellwe do have versions >= 1.8.0-2, so depending on which versions it affects, it may need syncing03:22
=== glatzor_ [n=renate@p57AEEB2A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kmosvisualboyadvance-gtk if installed, doesn't provide visualboyadvance03:24
Kmosso it can run03:24
xxxxx1i think fglrx is not supported by xorg 7.2. anyone here is using fglrx on newer version of xorg on gutsy?03:24
Riddellmvo: adept's dpkgpm.cpp seems like a rewrite rather than anything else in libapt, I think the missing features would need to be added by manually by someone who understands what it's doing03:26
Riddellmvo: it inherits from dpkgpm.cc in libapt but doesn't seem to use very much of it03:27
mvoRiddell: ok, I take a look03:27
Riddellmvo: thanks03:27
=== milli [n=milli@famfrit.acmeps.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== xhaker [n=xhaker@83-223-176-59.cpe.netmadeira.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jml [n=jml@ppp121-44-212-26.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Fjodor [n=sune@0x55510b65.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Lutinpitti: can you give-back edbrowse, gtk2-engines-magicchicken and gnomescan amd64, i386 & ppc please ?03:31
xhakerHobbsee, Hi! fabbione advised me to let you know about my discoveries on libmtp03:31
Hobbseexhaker: greetings!03:32
Hobbseexhaker: what are they?03:32
\shwooha...trackerd is not allowed to index anything but takes 8.3 CPU time03:32
kylempitti, benc is on holiday this week, but i can do it if you'd like03:33
xhakerHobbsee, the main objective is to bring a libmtp package of the latest version, including many fixes and an improved device list (udev)03:33
Hobbseexhaker: right.  do the things that depend on support the newer version?03:34
Hobbseeit looks like gnomad2, rhythmbox, mtp-tools and amarok are the things of interest, there03:34
\shhow can I tell trackerd to not eat my cpu time...03:34
Kopfgeldjaegerpitti: does installing the bcm43xx firmware now work on the live-cd?03:34
xhakerHobbsee, yes, almost there: mtp-tools is built from the libmtp source package.03:35
xhakerHobbsee, gnomad2 and amarok work03:35
xhakerI've not tested rhythmbox03:36
xhakerbut if there was space for breakage it would be on amarok as a libmtp lead developer said in a response to a mail03:36
=== alex-weej [n=alex@cpc2-darl3-0-0-cust237.midd.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
xhakerHobbsee, this testing was conducted because there was an API change, (two new fields in a struct and  new function)03:37
Hobbseexhaker: right03:38
Hobbseexhaker: assuming rhythmbox doesnt break too, it should be fine03:38
xhakerHobbsee, i cant even use my device with rhythmbox :D03:39
xhakermust be a bug03:39
xhakeror the plugin is a stub for things to come03:40
\shgrmpf...every 5 seconds there is a nm poll...nm__policy_device_change_check: old_dev && new_dev!!03:40
xhakerHobbsee, pygi did the libmtp6 packages for me. the udev rules should have GROUP="audio" so the files can be accessed by anyone03:42
Hobbseexhaker: right.03:43
\shoh god...I did tell trackerd to stop indexing everything, but it doesn't stop, and eats around 10m Resources....including 10% of cputime...03:43
Hobbseexhaker: assuming it doesnt break anything, i cant see a problem with it03:43
xhakerHobbsee, so who can package it and rebuild the rdepends?03:44
=== RadiantFire [n=ryan@c-69-180-43-27.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== kylem [n=kyle@amnesiac.heapspace.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Hobbseexhaker: you, pygi.  amarok's going to get rebuilt anyway, so you can ignore that one.03:45
xhakeri think those are all packages in main03:46
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@S0106000b6a5631f9.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
AndyPwhat's the logic behind having NoDisplay=true in gvim.desktop? i see it's getting some ubuntu-devel-discuss@ attention03:56
=== Skiessi [n=qwe@dsl-roibrasgw1-fe88fb00-133.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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AndyPdoko: ^^ ?04:02
=== _jason [n=jrib@upstream/dev/jrib] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ogra [n=ogra@ubuntu/member/ogra] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Kopfgeldjaegerpitti: r-m just crashed after clicking on OK (bcm43xx, download wl_apsta.o from this google-code page). here the console output: http://www.ubuntuusers.de/paste/13726/04:11
=== TomaszD [n=tom@unaffiliated/tomaszd] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
=== glatzor__ [n=renate@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: that's useful, thank you04:15
pittiLutin: done04:16
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: it should work theoretically (bcm43xx fw on live CD)04:16
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: if not, please file a bug04:16
pittikylem: that would be good; when is a good time for you?04:16
=== j_ack [n=j_ack@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograpitti, we ship the bcm firmware ?04:17
Lutinpitti: thanks04:17
kylempitti, do you have the list somewhere handy? i can look through them quickly then we can discuss it in an hour or two?04:17
pittiogra: no, downloading them from the web04:17
pittikylem: that would be good04:17
ograah, k04:17
pittikylem: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-6.06.204:17
pittikylem: sort by assignee is most useful, I think04:18
=== mathiaz [n=mathiaz@dsl-207-112-93-134.tor.primus.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittikylem: there is kernel team, Ben and you, those assignees are not very suitable yet (that was part of what I wanted to discuss)04:18
kylemin how many hours does your work day end?04:19
=== lamont [n=lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
alex-weejis it cool to remove ubuntu-desktop yet or is it still responsible for bringing in some essentials?04:22
=== chrisle [n=chris@e178120243.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittikylem: no Taekwondo today, so I'll be online for at least another 6 hours (with breaks in between, though, since we have to do some wedding preps)04:23
Hobbseepitti: you are going to provide pictures, now arent you?04:24
pittiHobbsee: of the wedding? sure I will04:25
Hobbseepitti: great :)04:25
StevenKPhotos of preparing for the wedding will be boring ... :-P04:25
=== Hobbsee beats StevenK with a rubber mallet
StevenKOuch! That tickles.04:25
pittia honking one?04:26
Hobbseemaybe a spiky one :P04:26
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pittimhb: debian/restricted-manager-core.install is weird04:43
pittimhb: ah, I see, it's needed for the package split04:43
mhbpitti: I am innocent, I tell you :-)04:44
mhbpitti: kidding aside, what did I do?04:44
pittimhb: it's not common to hardcode python versions and meddle with usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages in maintainer files04:44
=== bddebian [n=bdefrees@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
alex-weejwhatever file system ubiquity creates, grub never recognises. even with another ext3 partition on the same disk, grub picks that one up. but it just sees the installed file system as "unknown"04:45
=== MagnusR [n=magru@c83-252-237-96.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimhb: but nevermind me, it's necessary due to the package split; s/2.5/*/ should do04:45
alex-weejfscking it shows no problems. i'm stumped04:46
Kopfgeldjaegerpitti: i thought this just 5 minutes ago while looking through the deb04:46
mhbpitti: ah... sorry for that, I have never been goot at packaging.04:46
pittimhb: nevermind, was pretty much a think of mine04:46
Lutinseb128: would you mind having a look to bug 131596 ?04:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131596 in gtkmm2.4 "[Typo]  Typo in iconview.h causes FTBFS on other packages" [Medium,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13159604:47
mhbpitti: did you read the thread somewhere about translators wanting to have the %(os)s gettext line explained in a comment?04:47
pittimhb: I faintly remember04:48
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pygiasac, ergh, my computer turning itself off every 15 minutes04:48
bddebianHey gents, doko is our resident Java expert?04:48
mhbpitti: I could add that if you don't mind04:48
=== ryu2 is now known as ryu
pittimhb: not at all, please do04:49
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pittimhb: can you please take a look at http://www.ubuntuusers.de/paste/13726/? error_invalid_text only occurs once in the entire tree04:57
Kopfgeldjaegerpitti: i found the bug in r-m (live-cd)05:00
Kopfgeldjaegerit's because universe isnt enabled while using the live-cd (see your FIXME in backend/bcm43xx.py). there are surely ways to avoid this (in worst case, with awk)05:01
=== blackskad [n=blackska@d54C4A53D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: hm, I remember fixing that a while ago (telling the user that the package repo is not available in a messagebox); I guess this broke in the refactorization for KDE porting05:03
Kopfgeldjaegerpitti: may be, but it is not fixed in the newest r-m source package (trunk/RestrictedManager/backend/bcm43xx.py, line 50 / 51)05:05
mhbpitti: added the comment in my branch05:07
seb128Lutin: will have a look05:07
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: hm; WTH?05:08
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Kopfgeldjaegerwhat about05:13
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: ^ that's where I added it05:13
pittimhb: ^ seems that didn't get merged for some reason?05:13
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: indeed, thanks for pointing out; it's not in trunk any more05:14
ograpitti, breaking all your stuff before leaving so we dont get bored ? :)05:15
pittiogra: I actually try to do some fixes05:15
ograheh, i know :)05:15
mhbpitti: hmm, that reason was most-likely me overlooking a conflict somewhere05:16
mhbpitti: I'll fix it then05:16
pittimhb: thanks05:16
pittimhb: please merge trunk first, I shuffled the files a bit05:17
pittimhb: RM/backend -> RM/handlers/, and I moved core.py back to RM/05:17
mhbpitti: sure05:18
Kopfgeldjaegerim not sure if it matters, but "software-properties-gtk -e universe" should enable universe (at least in feisty it seems to work)05:20
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mathiazkylem: did you have a chance to look at the latest apparmor patches ?05:47
mhbpitti: it seems http://boredklink.googlepages.com/wl_apsta.o is not valid anymore05:47
mhbpitti: it's the firmware file URL link in broadcom handler05:47
mhbpitti: shows 40405:47
Kopfgeldjaegermhb: argh05:49
kylemmathiaz, yes.05:50
mathiazkylem: is there a chance it'll get into the kernel by FF ?05:53
mathiazkylem: cause I'm blocked on the new kernel version to update the latest userspace.05:53
mhbpitti: by the way, your code is executing "apt-cache show package", which shows a package even if the package is already removed from the system, the archives/ are clean and no universe enabled.05:59
=== jonib1 [n=jonas@ua-83-227-144-18.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mhbpitti: so it probably won't show to the people that never installed it, but there would be another bug to close once somebody removes the package & universe and then tries to do this06:01
pittimhb: damn, so we should find another URL06:02
pittimhb: apt-cache show> What do you mean?06:02
mhbpitti: there are several I googled up06:03
pittimhb: apt-cache show <universe package> does not display a package any more after disabling universe in apt sources06:04
mhbpitti: it seems to do here, probably because I already had this package installed06:04
pittimhb: yeah, bcm43xx-fwcutter should have several in its README and/or postinst06:04
=== amitk_ [n=amit@a91-154-122-129.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimhb: yes, when it's installed, it's fine06:04
pittimhb: but it tests that before06:04
mhbpitti: well, it's not installed06:04
mhbpitti: I uninstalled it, then removed universe06:04
mhbstill shows up06:05
pittimhb: that would be weird; doesn't here06:05
=== luisbg [n=luisbg@21.Red-88-17-116.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittioh, hm, I didn't test it with a previously uninstalled package, I think06:05
pittimhb: so we probably do have to use apt-cache policy06:05
pittimhb: but *shrug* corner case for later06:06
mhbpitti: shows up here, too06:06
mhbpitti: I cannot either install or uninstall it (it's simply not here), but the messages show up06:06
pittimhb: nope, not here06:07
pittiinstall pmount - purge pmount - remove universe from apt sources - apt-cache show pmount is empty06:07
gesermhb: did you only uninstall it or did you purged it?06:08
=== Demitar [n=demitar@c-212-031-190-120.cust.broadway.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mhbpitti: no purging ,that might be it06:09
norsettokeescook: ping06:10
keescooknorsetto: hi!06:10
norsettohi there :-)06:10
norsettokeescook: just saw your note on eggdrop06:10
keescookcool; yeah.  I haven't seen the Debian changes yet (1.1 isn't in the archives I've looked at yet)06:11
norsettokeescook: its a merge; the fix is in incoming.debian.org, should be in the archives soon06:11
keescooknorsetto: merges need to include the upstream changes too; your patch didn't include the debian changes.  :)06:11
norsettokeescook: let me check....06:12
keescookdiffstat -p0 /tmp/eggdrop_1.6.18-1.1ubuntu1.patch  shows only the changes I added06:12
norsettokeescook: what I did was: I took the debian changelog, added your changes and the new ones to it (changed all the other files) and then made the debdiff06:14
gesernorsetto: add the new changelog entries as a comment to the bug06:15
geserI guess that would be sufficient06:15
norsettokeescook: so the debdiff only list the ubuntu specific changes, the debian ones come from the debian package to which my patch applies?06:15
keescooknorsetto: the patch (since it's a merge) needs to include all the changes against the orig.tar.gz (which hasn't changed).  You took the changelog but not the Debian changes between -1 and -1.106:16
keescooknorsetto: as in, I do not see the debian -1 to -1.1 changes in the debdiff you attached.06:16
norsettoyou mean, all the ubuntu changes, before your changes!06:17
norsettokeescook: of course, you are right06:17
norsettokeescook: ok, so it would be better to use the ubuntu changelog and add the debian changes manually to it06:17
keescooknorsetto: heh, no problem; I just want to make sure the fix gets in.  :)  Do you have the diff between -1 and -1.1?06:18
geserkeescook: so the whole diff.gz should be uploaded?06:18
keescooknorsetto: what you did was fine, you just missed the Debian code changes.06:18
=== rulus [n=rulus_|@5.155-244-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
geserkeescook: or the debdiff between lastubuntu.dsc and merged.dsc?06:18
keescookgeser: no, just add the diff between -1 and -1.106:18
=== jetscreamer [n=jetscrea@unaffiliated/jetscreamer] has joined #ubuntu-devel
norsettonorsetto: its the 1st time I do a manual merge (one should not get used to grab-merge....)06:18
keescooknorsetto: yeah, it can get complex.  :)06:19
keescookthe steps would be:06:19
keescookget the debian changes (-1 to -1.1)06:19
keescookget the ubuntu changes (-1 to -1ubuntu1)06:19
keescookapply the ubuntu changes to debian's -1.106:19
keescookdebdiff between -1ubuntu1 and your new -1.1ubuntu106:20
keescookverify that the debian changes are in your debidff06:20
keescookverify that the ubuntu changes are in your debdiff06:20
keescookI think you likely did a debdiff between -1.1 and -1.1ubuntu1 instead of between -1ubuntu1 and -1.1ubuntu106:20
norsettokeescooK: indeed, thx for pointing this out, I'm preparing a new patch with an updated changelog06:20
norsettokeescook: yes06:21
keescooknorsetto: sure, no problem; thanks for getting it prep'd!  :)06:21
geserkeescook: can you also look at bug #130348? this merge would fix CVE-2007-407406:24
ubotuLaunchpad bug 130348 in festival "[Merge]  festival 1.4.3-21ubuntu1" [Undecided,Incomplete]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13034806:24
ubotuThe default configuration of Centre for Speech Technology Research (CSTR) Festival 1.95 beta (aka 2.0 beta) on Gentoo Linux is run locally with elevated privileges without requiring authentication, which allows context-dependent attackers to execute arbitrary commands via the local daemon on port 1314, a different vulnerability than CVE-2001-0956. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2007-4074)06:24
keescookgeser: sure, one sec06:24
geserI hope I got all the necessary debdiffs attached to the bug now06:25
Nafallothe damn bot knows about CVEs \o/06:25
infinityWould be nicer if CVE summaries weren't notoriously inaccurate.06:26
ograor if the short description would actually be short :P06:27
keescookgeser: looks good to me; I'll upload it06:28
geserkeescook: thanks06:28
=== jamiemcc [n=jamie@82-32-8-26.cable.ubr02.azte.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
norsettokeescook: sorry, still one question; I really would like to understand; I did the debdiff between -1.1 and -1.1ubuntu1 instead of between -1ubuntu1 and -1.1ubuntu1: in principle they are both right, or not?06:38
Hobbseenorsetto: if it was with different upstream releases, that would effect which tarball and source you applied it against06:39
Hobbseenorsetto: well, it still effects which source you apply it against06:39
norsettoHobbsee: sure, but its a merge; same tarball06:40
Hobbseenorsetto: then it effects which source, ie which dsc you've used to unpack the tarball06:40
norsettoHobbsee: indeed, so the policy is always to merge from ubuntu to ubuntu?06:41
Hobbseeie, if you take -1ubuntu1 and -1.1ubuntu1, which is the changes in debian, if you apply them against the debian tarball, it'll bail on you06:41
Hobbseebecause the changes are already there, and it cant find the ubuntu entries06:41
Hobbseenorsetto: the "Common Sense" policy is used - but yeah, tends to be ubuntu to ubuntu unless otherwise stated06:42
keescooknorsetto: with a _merge_, you need to do ubuntu-to-ubuntu debdiffs, yes.06:42
norsettoHobbsee: ok06:42
Hobbseekeescook: and in the case that the tarballs differ, due to upstream versions?06:42
pittiTBH I *much* prefer Debian-Ubuntu debdiffs for merges06:43
Hobbseekeescook: where we tend to diff debian --> ubuntu, and apply that to the debian source?06:43
keescookwell, it depends on the thinking involved.  in norsetto's case, he's uploading a debdiff to be sponsored, in which case the u-u changes are needed06:43
keescookfor doing one's one merges, I agree with pitti: the d-u delta is important.06:44
norsettokeescook: right; thats the bit I was missing06:44
keescookpitti: the result is u-u though06:44
pittikeescook: I usually compare the old and new d-u debdiffs06:44
keescookpitti: if you scroll up, you'll see the steps I recommended, which follow what you mean06:44
norsettokeescook: but if I use grab-merge, will that do d-u or u-u?06:45
Hobbseenorsetto: both06:45
Hobbseenorsetto: you get two .patch files06:45
keescooknorsetto: grab-merge will provide all of them, but if you use in the included changes tools, you'll get a dsc that will produce the u-u06:45
norsettobecause I always uploaded u-d :-(06:45
=== norsetto shuts his mouth :-X
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psusianyone got a moment to discuss https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UdevLvmMdadmEvmsAgain ?06:51
=== j_ack [n=j_ack@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kopfgeldjaegerpitti: @wl_apsta.o here's a little mirror: xeve.de/down/wl_apsta.o . but thats not THE solution, why cant the driver be hosted on a ubuntu server?06:52
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: if we could do that, we wouldn't need the entire thing06:53
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: the problem is that we are not allowed to redistribute that thing06:53
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: if it was, we could just include it into our kernel (or at least l-r-m) and be done with it06:53
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: TEH SOLUTION comprises buying hardware from vendors which don't suck, I'm afraid :/06:54
Kopfgeldjaegerah.. hm... i knew that its "restricted" somehow (oh.. really? :d) .06:54
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: we even asked Broadcom whether we may redistribute it, but didn't get an answer (at least not a positive one)06:55
=== bddebian curses broadcom
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Hobbseenight all07:23
pittibye Hobbsee07:24
Kopfgeldjaegerpitti: what about just creating a mirror list, and a mirror list mirror list? :d just like it works for TOR07:25
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: one level of indirection would be good, yeah07:25
norsettog'night Hobbsee07:25
pittiKopfgeldjaeger: point to a static URL in r-m, and we can then tweak that one07:25
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tkamppeterCan someone tell me which package provides the definitions of the autoconf macros AC_DISABLE_STATIC and AC_PROG_LIBTOOL?07:37
ijuz__i guess: libtool07:40
kagoutkamppeter, sorry for Bug #127152 i didn't have time to do tests. I will do this next week (end of holydays)07:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127152 in system-config-printer "Samba printers are not displayed" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12715207:43
tkamppeterkagou, OK.07:44
tkamppeterijuz__, thank you I will try.07:44
=== mbiebl [n=michael@e180072090.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tkamppeterijuz__, it was libtool. Thanks.07:55
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psusianyone got a moment to discuss https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UdevLvmMdadmEvmsAgain ?08:00
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pygimr_pouit, poke08:25
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mr_pouitpygi: pong08:31
pygimr_pouit, are you available in two hours for a discussion?08:31
mr_pouitpygi: I can try (but it'll be late in the evening)08:33
=== pygi [n=mario@157-249.dsl.iskon.hr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pygimr_pouit, ok08:34
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mr_pouitpygi: you aren't available to discuss now? (on #brasero for example?)08:37
pygimr_pouit, on #brasero I won't discuss08:37
pygidiscussion is useless there08:37
mr_pouitpygi: why?08:38
pygimr_pouit, because metalgod refuses to listen?08:38
mr_pouitdon't you think you also don't want to listen? :] 08:38
pygiI think I listen, and know more about the situation then he does08:39
pygimr_pouit, you do what you think is right08:41
pygiI won't argue anymore, I'm tired from that08:41
mr_pouitpygi: the point is : I don't want gutsy to ship a half-working brasero08:41
pygimr_pouit, just see what I said above ;)08:41
pygiI have nothing more to say on the matter08:42
mr_pouitand for the moment, it think cdrkit is a better solution... libburn needs to be more mature08:42
pygimr_pouit, let's not go into that, I stated my opinion on that thousand times, ok?08:43
=== tck [n=tck@213-202-131-254.bas502.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mr_pouitpygi: if you don't want to discuss, what are we going to do with brasero? nothing,08:43
pygimr_pouit, lemme quote:08:44
pygi<pygi> mr_pouit, you do what you think is right08:44
pygimr_pouit, don't you agree that's the best?08:48
pygiI won't stand in the way08:48
bashelierhello pygi08:50
pygihey bashelier08:50
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pittikylem: I'm about to leave for dinner and RL stuff; can we talk about the dapper.2 list at your morning tomorrow? they you have some more time to review the list09:20
kylempitti, certainly.09:22
psusianyone got a moment to discuss https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UdevLvmMdadmEvmsAgain ?09:24
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pittigood night everyone09:43
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mdkeis control-center being used by default yet in gutsy? or are we still with the old preferences menu?10:37
bhalepreferences is back10:37
bhaleafter a short run with the novell style CC10:38
mdkebhale: thanks; is it going to stay that way until 7.10?10:39
mdkeseb128: thanks10:39
bhalehi seb10:39
seb128hey bhale10:39
mdkeseb128: is vanilla Gnome like that too?10:39
seb128mdke: yes, we will likely switch when they do10:39
seb128but there is still some work to be done and upstream reached freezes etc already10:40
mdkeseb128: ok, cool10:40
mdkethe documentation needs to be corrected upstream then too :)10:40
tkamppeterIt seems that in a few minutes CUPS 1.3.0 will be released. Should we put it into Gutsy?10:40
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Lutinseb128: got some time to look at bug #131596 ?10:48
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131596 in gtkmm2.4 "[Typo]  Typo in iconview.h causes FTBFS on other packages" [Medium,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13159610:48
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seb128Lutin: looking now10:57
seb128Lutin: an extra ";" should not break anything, weird10:57
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Lutinseb128: yep, but seems to break some builds though10:58
seb128are you sure it's due to it?10:58
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Lutinseb128: have a look at http://launchpadlibrarian.net/8189200/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-amd64.gmult_5.3-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz10:59
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alex-weejwhy do we use this terminology: "Sorry, the program "%s" closed unexpectedly" vs. "... crashed"11:08
mdkebecause the word crash is associated with cars, not programs11:08
alex-weeji'd be interested to see whether people understand the term "to crash" more than "to close"11:08
alex-weejbut the word "close" is associated with doors, not programs11:09
mdkeI don't think that's true11:09
dobeyyou close windows11:09
mdkehover over the x over there -->11:09
dobeyyou don't crash a window when you click the [x] 11:09
ScottKSome apps you do....11:09
alex-weej"Close Window". We don't say "Close Program", we say "Quit" or "Exit"11:10
LaserJockit has the same effect, bye-bye window11:10
bddebiancrap, I need a sync before a merge11:10
mdkelol @ ScottK11:10
dobeybut maybe a good metaphor would be to use the wiimote, and "throw a baseball through the window" to close it11:10
alex-weejEvolution crashes when i click the [x]  :P11:10
alex-weejin fact this is exactly what made me notice this :P11:10
dobeyalex-weej: so quit unexpectedly is probably the better term. but crashed is not11:10
dobeyi think in windows the popup says quit11:10
alex-weej"The application closed unexpectedly..." no it didn't, i just told it to f***ing close! :P11:10
dobey"Sorry, the program '%s' has met with an untimely demise."11:11
mdke"You might want to try program '%t' instead"11:11
alex-weejactually it seems to say "Sorry, the program\n"%s" closed\nunexpectedly"11:12
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alex-weeja lot of GTK dialogs do that, never quite figured out why o_011:12
alex-weejacres of grey space11:12
dobeyprobably bad pango math causing it to wrap wrong11:12
dobeyor something11:13
alex-weejaccording to most menus, we seem to Close Files11:14
alex-weejand Quit Files11:14
alex-weejno mention of Windows or Programs :<11:14
seb128Lutin: uploaded, next time could you add the LP: #nnnnnn to the changelog?11:14
Lutinseb128: oh yeah, sorry, forgot it. thanks11:15
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seb128you're welcome, thank you for working on the change ;)11:15
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psusiiwj: ping11:22
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bddebianseb128: Don't yell at me for the vips sync request! :)11:39
dokoseb128: does libgtk2-perl just breaks on lpia, or is this general glib2.0 breakage?11:41
seb128doko: no idea, I don't know about any glib2.0 or libgtk-perl current breakage11:42
bddebiandoko: !! Hi.  You don't happen to know anything about freemind do you?11:42
seb128bddebian: the request looks ok ;)11:42
dokobddebian: ?11:43
bddebianseb128: Thx11:43
bddebiandoko: Are you the java "expert"?  Freemind currently ftbfs's because of j2re1.4 but I was able to build it with gcj11:43
bddebianBut I don't know the package well enough to know if it actually "works"11:44
dokobddebian: so fix it, test it, and upload it11:44
bddebianf****ck seb128 You haven't processed that have you?11:45
seb128bddebian: no11:45
bddebianDamnit, how can I unsubscribe Ubuntu Archive?11:46
seb128left column, unsubscribe11:47
infinityYou can't unsub a team you're not in.11:48
=== bddebian goes back in to hiding. :-(
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dokoseb128: iz a g' bug11:53
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DarkSun88Hi all11:54
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