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agoliveiraYAY! Finally got dates to correctly compile with UME version of libosso. Now let's find out if it works :) If it does, should be very trivial to port the other applications, just a matter of fixing some deprecated code.04:35
agoliveiraand hildon!04:35
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CIA-20:#ubuntu-installerubiquity: evand * r2183 ubiquity/ (4 files in 4 dirs):06:39
CIA-20:#ubuntu-installerubiquity: * Merged in changes to modify the way pages are called. This is06:39
CIA-20:#ubuntu-installerubiquity:  necessary to support page skipping in automatic mode.06:39
evand:#ubuntu-installerThere is still work to do, but I wanted to clean this up and get it in trunk before I continued.06:39
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mjg59agoliveira: Hi07:23
agoliveiramjg59 : hello!07:23
mjg59agoliveira: You mailed me earlier07:23
mjg59Is now a good time to discuss the browser stuff?07:24
agoliveiraYes but we had a twist in that07:24
agoliveiraLater I was reminded that we don't need to worry about the browser for now07:25
agoliveiraHold on a second...07:25
agoliveiramjg59, If you're willing, what about take a look at the camera application, cheese?07:27
mjg59agoliveira: Sure07:28
=== etrunko [n=edulima@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
agoliveiramjg59: Thanks. Right now we should have the bases covered but it will deppend on a test I'm finishing here so we might have to change that later. I should have more info tomorrow.07:29
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agoliveirarusty_: Hi pal. Have a minute?09:00
rusty_agoliveira, just got back to me computer... what's up?09:03
agoliveirarusty_, I would like your opinion on something. I'll send you a .deb for the dates (part of PIM) and I would like you to install you there and tell me what you think, ok?09:04
rusty_agoliveira, ok09:05
rusty_agoliveira, or... can you just put the deb file on some server?09:05
rusty_you have a web server or something?09:05
agoliveirarusty_: Sorry, just sent to your email. It's small but if you can't get it I can put it somewhere.09:06
rusty_no problem09:07
agoliveirarusty_: Maybe you have to update also libosso to my experimental version. Let me know if you have problems running it.09:07
rusty_seems i need to add some dependencies 09:08
agoliveiraYou will also need evolution-dataserver and something else I don't remember but apt-get -f install should solve it.09:10
agoliveirarusty_: I don't know about you but looks like the interface is kind of hildonized?09:13
agoliveiraI'm not sure about what I saw there09:14
rusty_agoliveira, the app is segfaulting when i try to start it09:14
rusty_but this could be because my chroot is messed up.... i don't remember what state i left it in09:14
rusty_hmmm.... worked this time09:14
agoliveiraPerhaps soem socket flaoting around09:15
agoliveiraSo, what you think?09:15
rusty_let me poke around on in09:15
agoliveiraI mean, it works but it's creepy...09:16
rusty_i think i'm missing icons for the bar on the bottom09:16
agoliveiraMe too09:17
rusty_i see what looks like several buttons that are a blank page with a red X09:17
rusty_i can see clicking on the far left will create an appointment09:17
agoliveiraI got those too but do you get the date lines in the middle?09:17
rusty_but i'm not sure what the other ones do09:17
agoliveiraI mean in the main inteface09:18
rusty_oh... i see, it's cal views09:19
agoliveiraYes. Can you see the menus when you click up?09:19
rusty_in the middle set of buttons, it's show yesterday, today, and tomorrow09:19
rusty_and the far right it's workweek view, or just today09:20
rusty_i see a dialog open when i click on an event09:21
agoliveiraSo it's mostly working for you too.09:21
rusty_is that what you are asking?09:21
rusty_yea, it works09:21
=== antics [i=nemo@neptune.negativeblue.com] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
rusty_and i can drag the event around09:21
agoliveiraYes. Can you see the menus when you click in the menubar uppper left?09:21
rusty_are you talking about the button on the marquee, or the application?09:22
rusty_or... are talking about the hildon menus09:23
agoliveiraThe hildon menus.09:23
agoliveira... I guess...09:23
rusty_yes, the hildon menus are working09:23
agoliveiraCan we consider this "hildonized"? I mean, after fixing the icons, etc...09:23
rusty_yea, it must be hildonized if the hildon menus are working09:24
rusty_i don't much care for the date boxes09:24
agoliveiraCool. So it will not be difficult to have the applications coming out.09:24
rusty_meaning on a given column, in the upper left hand corner it has something like "13"09:25
agoliveiraLet me run it again...09:25
rusty_the date box isn't a big thing... just not that great looking09:25
cr3:#ubuntu-installerdoes the alternate installer look for a preseed file in a specific location on the CD, if there is one?09:25
=== avoine [n=avoine@197.36-ppp.3menatwork.com] has joined #ubuntu-installer
rusty_agoliveira, yea, this looks like something that we could check off as done with a pretty small amount of work09:26
agoliveiraCool. I just sent you a screen capture. Confirm if this is what you're seeing, please.09:27
rusty_agoliveira, yes, that is what i am seeing09:28
agoliveiraGreat. The good news is that's basically the same hildon program. I just had to hack it a bit to conform with hildon-1 instead of libhildon.09:28
agoliveiraAfter that was a matter of compile :)09:29
agoliveiraThe colors are weird. I'm wondering that's happening because it's not getting the theme or if it *is* getting it.09:31
rusty_agoliveira, how are you starting the app?09:32
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rusty_because i just realized that you picture is not exactly like mine09:32
rusty_yours looks like you started the app without using our theme... i.e. just using default gtk theme09:33
agoliveirarusty_: I'm starting from another console to follow the process09:33
cr3:#ubuntu-installerhm, it seems like the installer is getting the preseed file from the cdrom under preseed/ubuntu.seed but it's not kicking in for the initial questions09:34
rusty_agoliveira, you need to setup the environment on that console to make the app use the correct theme09:34
rusty_i take the .xinitrc, copy it to myenv, and gut out all the commands to exec anything09:34
rusty_then source it in my shell09:35
evand:#ubuntu-installercr3: you can specify one using the kernel cmdline.  It uses file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed by default.09:35
cr3:#ubuntu-installerevand: yeah, I was hoping that since it's on the cdrom itself, it could answer the initial questions such as locale09:35
evand:#ubuntu-installerindeed it can09:35
rusty_i suspect all that matters is setting GTK2_RC_FILES09:35
cr3:#ubuntu-installerevand: /cdrom is only mounted after the question though09:35
agoliveiraYeah :)09:36
evand:#ubuntu-installerah, hrm09:36
=== evand digs
agoliveiraLooks like it could use a few adjustments on the vertical as well.09:36
cr3:#ubuntu-installerevand: it would be really cool if you found a workaround, it would certainly streamline some of my operations09:36
agoliveiraI'll try to install on the Q1 now and see how it goes09:37
agoliveiraThanks for the help.09:37
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agoliveir1YAY! Works on the Q1 too :-D10:03
agoliveir1bobux: Hi Bob. Were the clouds-passing-by background your idea? It's "windows'ish" but kinda cool :)10:07
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mfreycan someone help me with the best way to set up a kernel dev environment to do driver work for the UME kernel?  I know how this is done with the moblin kernel but just not with UME.10:12
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agoliveir1mfrey: Our friend amitk_ would be the person to answer that.10:19
=== agoliveir1 is now known as agoliveira
cr3:#ubuntu-installerevand: any ideas?10:22
evand:#ubuntu-installercr3: testing now, it only picked up my partitioner choices, which is a bit odd.10:23
evand:#ubuntu-installerperhaps this is a regression10:23
amitk_mfrey: There is nothing special with the UME kernel just yet. So you PC/laptop environment works great10:27
mfreyamitk_:  I want to make sure the kernel versions match so I can load a module built on my laptop in UME.  How can I do that10:28
cr3:#ubuntu-installerevand: I'll test feisty10:29
amitk_mfrey: creating a chroot environment for gutsy would be a good way to isolate your UME builds. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot is your friend. Replace Feisty with Gutsy10:31
mfreyamitk_:  ok thanks 10:31
amitk_mfrey: after this. just use the ubuntu kernel build process and build for the UME flavour. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelMaintenance#head-ef6ca858b4b97c1ad30639e34d92abb11ef37cf8 is your friend for that10:32
mfreyamitk_: thanks10:33
cr3:#ubuntu-installerevand: heh, you'd love this script, I tested feisty with these simple commands: sudo vmware-ubuntu iso_preseed gutsy-alternate-i386.iso /tmp/gutsy.iso; vmware-ubuntu create Ubuntu-test; vmware-ubuntu cdrom_to_iso Ubuntu-test /tmp/gutsy.iso; vmware-ubuntu start Ubuntu-test10:33
cr3:#ubuntu-installerdoesn't work on feisty either, now lets try edgy :)10:33
evand:#ubuntu-installerahh, I'm an idiot.10:35
evand:#ubuntu-installerI'm trying using url, because it's easier.  But that obviously does not work.10:35
cr3:#ubuntu-installertested edgy and doesn't work either10:35
cr3:#ubuntu-installerall tests were run by overwriting the preseed/ubuntu.seed file10:36
evand:#ubuntu-installercr3: you need to put the preseed file in the initrd if you want to seed questions that get asked before the cd10:42
cr3:#ubuntu-installerevand: two questions: 1. what must be the name of the preseed file in the root of the initrd directory? 2. does that preseed override the preseed/ubuntu.seed file?10:45
evand:#ubuntu-installer1. preseed.cfg 2. not sure10:46
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