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nixternalmdke: svn isn't building daily it seems...everything builds fine locally, if you can find out from the logs what the problems are I can look into fixing it06:12
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r4227 /trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs): remove temp redirect for kubuntu index and update sidebar for kubuntu06:15
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CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: nixternal * r4231 kubuntu/ (5 files in 4 dirs):08:28
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: Added relevant user admin info to basic-concepts08:28
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: Removed user admin info from keeping-safe08:28
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: Added 2 example images for user admin08:28
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: Updated index links in support section08:28
mdkenixternal: the server is down for the foreseeable future08:29
nixternaldown as in not building, or going down down as in can view?08:30
mdkethat server was compromised and has been taken down08:30
nixternalahh, well doc.ubuntu.com can be viewed08:30
mdkedoc.u.c has already been migrated to a canonical server, but I wouldn't have thought they have got round to arranging to build things yet08:30
nixternalahh, OK..that's cool08:31
nixternalso then it isn't a makefile issue..that is all I was checking on08:31
mdkedoubt it08:31
jjessemdke: do you know if the change would affect logins to d.u.c08:38
jjessei can't login via ssh to doc.ubuntu.com08:49
jjessenot using the pwd i thought i had08:49
mdkejjesse: erm, yes of course08:49
jjesseis it a new install or a migration of the existing box?08:50
mdkejjesse: well, neither I think08:50
mdkeI'm not sure yet what services will be available08:50
mdkewe'll have to wait and see08:51
jjessemdke: oh08:51
jjessei just figured cause i could get to svn i could ssh into it08:51
mdkethe svn server has always been on a different machine to doc.ubuntu.com08:51
jjesseoh yeah silly me08:51
=== jjesse is having a rough day at work
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