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tckjust wondering why the fridge doesn't show the latest https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue5205:22
tckbecause well there's a meeting on tomorrow and well maybe people might not see it in time05:23
Rinchentck, I see 49, 50, and 51.  52 was submitted apparently05:32
Rinchener 52 was NOT submitted. sorry tck05:41
tckRinchen, say 10 hail marys please ;)05:41
beunotck: that's my fault, I haven't had time to submit it05:47
beunoit will be on there by the end of the day  :D05:47
tckreplication takes that long? :P05:47
beunotck: it shouldn't now  :(05:48
beunoer,  "no"05:48
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leftyfbI would like to put in a request for an article on the Fridge please :)05:55
leftyfbThe badges are VERY nice and are getting really popular. The more orders we get, the cheaper the price will be.05:55
tckleftyfb, i saw this being mentioned in ubuntu-uk chan the other day06:02
tckhave you decided on which design ?06:02
leftyfbnot yet06:02
tcki think the black works better06:03
tckstands out more06:03
leftyfbI like either06:03
tckyes both are good06:03
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leftyfbso how is it people go about getting articles up on the fridge?06:49
=== tck pokes Rinchen beuno
beunotck: I'm here, what can I help you with?06:57
tcki was just helping leftyfb06:58
leftyfbyou were? :)06:58
leftyfbwe were talking, but I don't recall seeing an answer to my inquiries :)06:58
tcksurely stickers belong on a fridge ;)06:59
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