asac... it haven't received the changes we did on paradiso branch yet ... if thats what you asked12:34
Ubuletteno. is it build and pushed to the ftp ?12:34
asacits not in official archives ... just in mozillateam preview archive12:34
Ubulettewhy that ?12:35
asacusually we do weekly trunk uploads to that repo ... if trunk is not broken12:35
Ubulettecouldn't it be like granparadiso ?12:36
asacwell ... because we cannot support trunk  anyway ... and we push paradiso to help mozilla expose their software to ubuntu users12:36
UbuletteI see12:37
asacmaybe in next release cycle12:37
Ubuletteas for xulrunner, it's already there12:37
asacwell ... thats not trunk12:37
Ubulettei know12:37
Ubulettebut that's like trunk12:37
Ubuletteit will not be pushed12:38
asaci don't follow?12:38
asacwhy not?12:38
Ubulettenot released yet (xul 1.912:38
asacbut we could support it more or less12:39
asacat least in terms of security12:39
asacok off for today12:51
Jazzvaasac: Have fun :)...12:51
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Bernardogood  orning08:31
Bernardogood  morning08:31
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asacBernardo: have a nice day ;)10:01
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asacJazzva: ola02:16
Jazzvaasac: Hola... I haven't made it yet to add an event listener... I think I'll have to read more about propagating events in XUL :)...02:17
asacJazzva: try to get the window ... addEventListener("load", your function")02:18
asacJazzva: keep your time02:18
asacJazzva: its good to learn ... but isn't really important for now02:18
asacJazzva: its important to get the features for gutsy in this week .... they do not yet need to be perfect i guess :)02:18
Jazzvaasac: Tried that... then I noticed (which I didn't earlier) that there was already an window.addEventListener(...) in overlay.js, though it was using another function. Now I'm trying to edit the function it calls and to see if it'll work :)02:19
asacJazzva: what event does it register on?02:20
asacJazzva: you need to register "load"02:20
JazzvaThat one...02:20
asacyou can add a new listener02:20
asace.g. no need to edit existing one02:20
asacso you keep code encapsulated/stable02:21
asac... buf for testing its probably ok :)02:21
JazzvaOk... And this was bugging me... If I add another listener which one will be called?02:21
JazzvaOk :)02:21
asacin order you added them02:21
asac(usually its that way ... though i saw occurrences where people failed to name setXXXListener :)02:22
asacbut usually its afe to assume that *add* allows multiple listeners02:22
JazzvaOk... I'll try it out now.02:23
JazzvaEasier for now to edit the existing function02:23
JazzvaIf I get it to work that way I'll try to split them :)02:23
asacyes please do :)02:23
JazzvaHere's one more thing: The second package with wrong dep does not install :/... The extension doesn't show up in Add-ons dialog in TB.02:25
JazzvaAnd it does if I manually run the XPI file...02:25
JazzvaSame result was with changed and unchanged package deps...02:25
JazzvaThat's mozilla-thunderbird-bidiui...02:25
JazzvaHeh... Managed to get label hidden :)...02:32
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Jazzvaasac: Ok, managed to add separate event listener :)... I will push the code to my branch as soon as I add the changes in separate commits.02:42
asacJazzva: please look at bzr diff to ensure that you just touched the code you wanted before pushing (last time that I say somthing like that:))02:49
Jazzvaasac: Right :)...02:50
asachi Ubulette_02:53
=== Ubulette_ is now known as Ubulette
Ubuletteasac, I've committed and tested #52 and #5302:57
UbuletteI would like to set was we can do for the other ftbfs before we push02:58
asacUbulette: how do they fail?03:01
JazzvaHello Ubulette...03:02
Ubuletteand what we can do about it. at least ppc03:02
Jazzvaasac: Pushed to my branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~jazzva/ubufox/ubuntu03:02
Ubuletteppc a5 was fine03:02
Jazzva(though it's not really appearing :/. Will check if something went wrong)03:03
Jazzva(it's ok)03:03
asacJazzva: what is the the problem with your current branch?03:04
Jazzvaasac: Nothing, it just took a minute or so to show up...03:04
asacwhat did take a minute?03:06
Jazzvaasac: For new code to show up in branch...03:07
Jazzvaasac: I think I could have done this better...03:07
Jazzvaasac: The file checking...03:07
Jazzvaasac: So far, I think that ubufoxCheckFile() is not needed, as it checks if file exists in event listener (see Revision 19). I tried not to do that, but I couldn't make it :/...03:08
asacJazzva: ok ... commit message: "if file exists" ? ;)03:08
asacwould have been a simple thing to name the file ;)03:09
asacok let me look at code03:09
JazzvaAdded check for /usr/bin/gnome-app-install presence. If it doesn't03:09
Jazzvaexist, the 'Get Ubuntu addons' label is hidden.03:09
JazzvaIt's named :)03:09
JazzvaOH, you mean rev 20 :).03:09
JazzvaWell, it's not some specific file... There are two of them, so I used the generic commit message :).03:10
asacis isExecutable really not a property?03:10
JazzvaWell, it didn't show up an alert message when it was called as a property...03:10
asacwell ... then say of "application installer binary"03:10
asacfile is really broad03:10
Jazzvaasac: Ok :).03:11
asacdid you try to chmod a-x ?03:11
asacand see if it works?03:11
JazzvaHmm... Nope...03:11
JazzvaBut I think I have read that on MDC03:12
asacwhy did you add a new onLoad method?03:12
asacat least you should have dropped the other03:12
asacoh right03:12
JazzvaThe other?03:13
asacwe can drop that03:13
asacbut please insert the template code for getting the strings to your method as well03:13
JazzvaonLoad? That?03:13
asacor is it used elsewhere?03:13
JazzvaHmm, I can take a search to see...03:14
Jazzvabut I don't think it is03:14
asacif its not used, drop it ... but copy the strings expression in it :)03:14
JazzvaNope, just there...03:15
asacrevno: 1803:16
asaccommitter: Sasa Bodiroza <jazzva@gmail.com>03:16
asacbranch nick: ubufox.main03:16
asactimestamp: Sat 2007-08-11 01:00:47 +000003:16
asacmessage: Enabled ubuntuAddonsOverlay.xul in chrome.manifest Fixed startUbuntuAddonsWizard(event) in content/overlay.js03:16
asacthe comment plays down what you did :)03:16
asacyou did not fix that function, you implemented it :)03:16
JazzvaUmm, why don't we lose the onAddonsLoad, and switch that to onLoad :)...03:18
asacwell ... overlay.js is a generic .js file (not specifically bouond to addons dialog)03:18
asacso it looks reasonable either to move onLoad to addonsOverlay.js03:18
JazzvaOh, ok :)...03:18
asacor give it a bit namespace if we keep it03:18
asacin overlay.js03:18
Ubuletteasac, don't merge my branch just yet.03:19
asacsure .. i am 120% utilized anyway03:19
asaci have to finish my specs till friday? !03:19
asacwhenever feature freeze is ... its scary close.03:19
Ubulettespecs about ?03:20
Ubuletteone more question, you said last friday you bumped changelog, I can't see that committed anywhere...03:21
asacJazzva: can you please try something:03:21
Jazzvaasac: sure...03:21
asacuse .run(true03:21
asacinstead of false03:21
asacand tell me if the UI freezes while our dialog is opened?03:22
asacwhile it is open i mean03:22
JazzvaOook... .run(true) where? :)03:22
asacUbulette: I didn't push it because I didn't upload ...03:23
asac debian/changelog: document 3.0~alpha7-0ubuntu4 release for gutsy03:23
JazzvaOh... see it :)03:23
asaci don't like pushing those entries without uploading03:23
asacso feel free to commit on top of 5103:23
asacJazzva: thanks ... just look while gnome-app-install is open if the firefox UI still repaints on resize etc.03:24
JazzvaOk... just let me install g-a-i :)...03:24
Ubuletteasac, so I have to uncommit 3 times, update, re-commit all and push --overwrite ?03:25
UbuletteI've already pushed up to 5403:25
asacUbulette: revno is your own commit03:25
asacso where is the problem? 51 is your revision ... I have that merged in my try03:26
asacso whatever you do on top without replacing any commit with revno <= 51 is ok03:26
Ubuletteoh, thought you wanted me to bump changelogs in 5103:27
Ubuletteforget it03:27
asacactually yes, but its not important03:27
asaci forget it often enough as well ... e.g. bump version + distribution UNRELEASED to open up tree03:27
Ubuletteso I'll bump at 54 this time, but remember to do it sooner next time03:28
asacUbulette: as long as you stay above revno 50 i am ok with that03:28
asacbecause thats the current revision published on release branch03:28
asacUbulette: ok.03:28
asacJazzva: does it stop to redraw?03:29
Jazzvaasac: So far no...03:29
asacJazzva: so you have it running with gnome-app-install ?03:29
asacand you can resize it?03:29
asacwithout getting not-painted areas?03:29
JazzvaYep... both FF window and Addons dialog03:30
asacJazzva: can you please insert an alert to see that the run invocation doesn't return before you close gnome-app-install?03:30
asace.g. alert after .run ...03:30
JazzvaDamn... wrong run...03:31
JazzvaI've added to func that calls ubuntu-bug03:31
JazzvaWait a sec...03:31
asacplease give me good news :)03:33
JazzvaHmm... nope03:34
JazzvaIt blocks FF until g-a-i exits03:34
JazzvaThen the run method is over...03:34
asacyeah ... would have been too fateful anyways03:34
asacyou can switch it back to non-blocking03:35
JazzvaAnd that was blocking parameter? :)03:35
=== Jazzva searches for page on run(...) method :)...
asaclookup nsIProcess03:35
asacin mozilla developers refernece03:35
asacor xulplanet03:36
Jazzvaasac: Why did you want to switch it to blocking? :)03:37
asacwell i hoped that they do really smart things ;)03:37
asacbut actualy it was hopeless03:38
asacnow i have to run processes in a thread ... push result into UIevent queue03:38
asacinterestingly they don't provide a callback03:38
asacfor the async case03:38
JazzvaBut doesn't run provide a new thread for called app?03:39
Ubulettehm, the 3 ftbfs are in xptcall, but for different reasons03:39
Jazzva(just a guess)03:39
asacrun forks a process03:41
asacUbulette: yeah ... thats fun03:41
asacUbulette: if you have luck its assembler code that needs to be adapted03:41
Ubuletteone is asm03:41
Ubulettewhy would they want asm in a web browser ???03:42
asaccan you fix it?03:42
JazzvaOk, off for a smoke... BRB...03:42
asacUbulette: for xpcom03:42
Ubuletteno, I can't fix asm, I haven't written asm code since early 90s03:45
=== IdleOne [n=idleone@unaffiliated/idleone] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asaci only did asm on 68000 :) so i am not really of help here03:46
asacdo all fail in xptcall?03:46
IdleOneso what browser can I install and test with gutsy?03:46
=== Jazzva is back...
Jazzvaasac: Pushed the new branch...03:49
IdleOnedo I want to install/test firefox-granparadiso? meaning is it going to work fairly well or is it to broken to bother?03:52
UbuletteIdleOne, what's your platform ?03:52
Ubuletteno. i386, amd64, sparc, ppc...03:53
Ubulettethen granparadiso a7 should be fine. maybe just wait for -ubuntu403:53
IdleOnealready running tribe403:53
IdleOneif that is what you meant03:54
Ubulettethen an update will bring you firefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha7-0ubuntu303:54
IdleOneyup I see that now03:55
Ubulettefirefox-granparadiso_3.0~alpha7-0ubuntu4 will have a few more fixes, maybe this evening, maybe tomorrow03:55
IdleOnewell it is installing and I'll do updates later and get fixes :)03:55
Ubuletteif you want your profile to be automatically migrated, install -dev (in addition) for now03:56
Ubulettewill no longer be necessary later on03:56
IdleOnefirefox-granparadiso-dev also?03:57
Ubulettethen start it04:01
Ubuletteyou should see your previous profile active04:01
JazzvaHave to go now... See you in the evening. Have fun :).04:02
Ubuletteasac, http://grumpymole.blogspot.com/ :)04:08
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
shirishasac: you up buddy?04:10
shirishor for that matter Ubulette04:10
Ubuletteall, I need to go now. I'll come back in a few hours.04:10
shirishok cool04:10
shirishIdleOne: you up around m8?04:10
Ubuletteshirish, I'm here but need to go really soon04:10
shirishok guys, either of you have fff 3.0a7 on your machine?04:11
UbuletteI do04:11
IdleOnewhats the command to update java alternatives?04:11
IdleOneso do I04:11
shirishok good, either of you know how to get rid of incomplete downloads, I had an incomplete download & it does not clean up even after clicking clean up in downloads, its persistent since 3.0a5 :(04:12
asacshirish: downloads.rdf please04:13
asac(in your profile directory)04:13
shirishI made a bug-report way back bug 127668 but haven't received04:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127668 in firefox-granparadiso "does not clean up incomplete downloads" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12766804:13
shirishasac: I just rm the downloads.rdf for manual removal04:14
asacwell then your bug is invalid ;)04:15
asacas its probabyl not reproducible anymore04:15
IdleOnejust upgraded to 3.0a7 -ubuntu3 and now I am getting a jre popup. I do have sun-java5-jre installed though04:15
asacIdleOne: its not installed for paradiso most likely04:15
asacIdleOne: install an alternative manually04:15
asacand let me know if it crashes04:16
shirishasac: not to worry, I have lost count of how many bugs have been termed invalid & how many valid, it doesn't matter anymore.04:16
IdleOneasac, so I need to install sun-java*-jre again?04:16
shirishasac: I did file another bug about firefox-granparadiso not coming up in the alternatives which somebody re-assigned to dpkg I guess04:16
asacshirish: that is wrong ... do you still have bug-id ?04:17
asacIdleOne: if you want to try ... then yes04:17
shirishasac: sure, hang on04:17
shirishasac: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/13220104:18
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132201 in dpkg "firefox-granparadiso does not show up in alternatives" [Undecided,New] 04:18
shirishasac: even deleting downloads.rdf in my profile .mozilla/granparadiso doesn't clear up the incomplete download :(04:20
asacshirish: firefox just installs the x-www-browser alternative04:22
asacshirish: i updated the bug04:23
IdleOneasac, I installed sun-java5-jre and still getting same error. ( yes I restarded paradiso )04:23
shirishasac: I would tell you the real issue, the real thing is if I put ubuntu-bug in the CLI, firefox comes up, in preferred applications I had put up firefox-granparadiso, even then apport uses firefox in new window to put up bugs not firefox-granparadiso04:23
shirishasac: sharing the same on ubuntu+1 somebody told me this is most probably an alternatives issue, hence put up a bug about that04:24
asacshirish: multiple issues/approaches: alternative would allow you to set x-www-browser04:26
asachowver afaik, gnome preferred applications dialog needs manual modification of code04:26
shirishasac: with gconf-editor I assume?04:26
asacanyway ... yes, setting x-www-browser should allow you to use granparadiso with apport04:26
asacwith gconf-editor you can set it now04:27
shirishasac: actually I did set it up, lemme get it up again, so you know what's happening04:28
shirishasac: shouldn't it be /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/http & https had set both of them to firefox-granparadiso but it defaults back to firefox, doing either with gksudo gconf-editor or just like that doesn't do anything :(04:32
shirishasac: you got that right, now I have 2 issues, one that even after removing downloads.rdf the cancelled download isn't cleaned, and the other one, that firefox is still the default for ubuntu-bug04:35
shirishor any bug-reporting, ideally I would like it to be firefox-granparadiso & that too in a seperate tab04:35
IdleOneok what Im thinking is paradiso doesnt know where to look for java so think what I need to do is make a symlink but dont know how to do that04:43
asachave to do a short break .... bbl04:45
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
shirishasac: had issues with xserver-xorg, anyway any ideas, what to do next for setting up  alternatives in gconf-editor?05:12
asacshirish: first ensure that the application selected in gnome is actually used05:15
asace.g. change browser in it ... and see if that changes the browser opened at all05:15
asactry to open an url from gnome-terminal05:15
shirishasac: I am in xfce, which uses gtk, shouldn't it hold true even here05:16
shirishasac: I just updated some stuff at https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/132201 , didn't understand whatever you have written, no scripter or something, but looked up the man & put up whatever I could find. Please lemme know if you need more info.05:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132201 in firefox-granparadiso "firefox-granparadiso does not show up as browser alternative" [Undecided,Confirmed] 05:21
shirishasac: also updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-granparadiso/+bug/127668 the downloads.rdf solution doesn't work for me, perhaps I need to delete the downloads.rdf as well as the other downloads.sqlite also?05:27
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127668 in firefox-granparadiso "does not clean up incomplete downloads" [Undecided,New] 05:27
shirishyup it was finally the downloads.sqlite which cleaned up the whole thing.05:28
asaca you where in paradiso ... sorry05:28
shirishdoesn't matter, would mark as invalid I guess for now, but will give feedback about downloads.sqlite, its cool to see lot of stuff using sqlite ;)05:29
IdleOnehow do I run paradio from terminal?05:52
IdleOnewhats the command05:53
Ubulettei'm back05:53
UbuletteIdleOne, firefox-granparadiso05:53
IdleOneI had it granDparadiso :/05:54
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Bernardobefore disconnecting the modem, I was about to say I've been able to connect to my wifi network everytime since I unhid the ssid05:56
IdleOnetonyyarusso: runing paradiso from terminal doesnt seem to show anything05:57
tonyyarussoIdleOne: dang..05:58
UbuletteIdleOne, what are you looking for ?05:58
IdleOneUbulette: trying to get java working05:58
Ubuletteoh, it's easy.05:59
Ubulettecd  /usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso/plugins/05:59
Ubulettesudo ln -s /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/libjavaplugin.so05:59
Ubulettethen restart05:59
Ubuletterestart FF (not everything) :)06:00
IdleOneyup I figured06:00
IdleOnereboots are rare occasions on linux06:01
Ubulettebut I have to reboot 100x times more with ubuntu than I did with debian.06:02
IdleOnehmmmm paradiso just closed06:04
Ubuletteany message ?06:05
Ubulette(int the term)06:05
IdleOnewasnt running from terminal06:05
Ubulettecould you retry in a term ?06:06
IdleOneapport is starting a crash report06:07
Ubuletteany message in the term before the crash ?06:10
IdleOneBug #13223506:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132235 in firefox-granparadiso "firefox-granparadiso-bin crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13223506:13
Ubulettewhat were you trying to do ? maybe I can try on my side (it's not confidential)06:13
IdleOnejust trying to get hjava working so I can go and play on pogo.com06:14
Ubuletteit started correctly ?06:14
IdleOneparadiso starts fine it is when I click on the link to load the game that the screen goes white and after about 30-45 seconds it closes06:15
IdleOnewill try again06:15
Ubulettecould you start it, then visit about:plugins ?06:16
Ubulettesee if java is detected correctly06:16
IdleOneevberything is enabled06:17
=== Bernardo is away: Ausente por agora.
IdleOnethis is Java(TM) Plug-in 1.6.0_02-b05 that is being used06:18
Ubuletteok, me too06:19
Ubulettehmm, pogo needs a subscription06:20
IdleOneyes it does06:20
IdleOneit is  pay sit06:20
IdleOneidleone@ubuntu-box:/usr/lib/firefox-granparadiso/plugins$ firefox-granparadiso06:21
IdleOneSegmentation fault (core dumped)06:21
IdleOnethat is the message  just got after trying to load a game06:21
Ubuletteany "free/no reg" site crashing on you that I can try ?06:21
IdleOnelemme check and see if I can find one06:22
IdleOnejust closed out on me06:24
IdleOneand got a core dump again06:24
=== cwong1 [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-3699f6e3614cddd2] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
UbuletteIdleOne, me too.06:27
IdleOneok so it is a bug06:27
IdleOne132235 updates06:28
IdleOnebug 132235 updated06:28
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132235 in firefox-granparadiso "firefox-granparadiso-bin crashed with SIGSEGV" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13223506:28
IdleOnewell hopefully it will be fixed soon06:28
IdleOnebe back later06:30
Ubuletteit crashed just after reading /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-
Ubulettecrashes with sun-java5-plugin too06:41
Ubuletteasac, can I put my name/email in changelogs or should I put yours ?07:01
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Ubuletteasac, just had a look at ppc build in a5. it didn't do anything in xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix in a5 yet build was successful, now, it's still doing nothing except dying with an assert "XPTCall not implemented on this platform"08:41
Ubuletteso no idea if a5-ppc debs were even working before08:41
Ubulettesparc is failing at the same place for a5 and a7 => need to be reported upstream08:44
Ubulettesame thing with ia64 (but another issue)08:45
asacUbulette: i think that its a ppc64 machine .... which mozilla build system doesn't recognize09:04
asacUbulette: you can check in bonsai.mozilla.org if there have been checkins in the a5-a7 timeframe in the xpcom/reflect tree09:05
UbuletteI diffed a5 vs a7, no real change for those 3 platforms09:05
asacyes, so its something else09:06
asacUbulette: have there been changes in xpcom ?09:06
asacat all?09:06
asacso what is the time window we are looking at?09:09
asacok 6 jun09:09
asacwas a509:09
asacon sparc there is a missing `NS_InvokeByIndex_P'09:13
asacwhere is that defined?09:13
Ubulette./mozilla/xpcom/reflect/xptcall/public/xptcall.h:# define NS_InvokeByIndex      NS_InvokeByIndex_P09:16
Ubulettethen it's in asm09:16
Ubulettein mozilla/xpcom/reflect/xptcall/src/md/unix09:17
asacbut that asm is not tried to compile?09:18
asaclooks like a build system issue then09:18
Ubulettedo you see anything in mozilla/xpcom/reflect/xptcall between a5 and today ?09:21
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
shirishasac: you up m8?10:01
shirishOr IdleOne or Ubulette either of you guys?10:01
shirishok cool, I just put up another bug report against FF 3.0a710:03
Ubuletteid ? (bot missed it?)10:04
shirishseems to, its bug 132266, just reported it, a minute ago or less10:05
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132266 in firefox-granparadiso "firefox-granparadiso crashes with gstreamer-plugin" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13226610:05
shirishUbulette: lemme know if you need any more info. on this one10:06
UbuletteI've fixed it in totem a few days ago10:07
Ubulettebug 13165810:07
ubotuLaunchpad bug 131658 in totem "[gutsy]  totem browser-plugin makes firefox-granparadiso crash" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13165810:07
shirishUbulette: ok cool, seeing the bug report10:07
UbuletteI've posted my patches in the bug and I'm running my own svn+patch debs10:08
Ubulettenow it's up to totem maintainer to adopt my patches or not10:10
Ubuletteor produce FF3 compatible debs10:10
shirishah ok, so we wait for asac to do the right thing whenever he can10:10
Ubulettehm, no.10:10
Ubulettetotem maintainer10:11
shirishoh, ok10:13
shirishUbulette: do you know how to play let's say a .wma song in totem?10:15
Ubulettemine just works10:16
Ubulettewell, I only have 1 file10:16
shirishUbulette: I get this all the time http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/33606/ in each & every app. which can play wma file.10:17
shirishUbulette: why does it need wine/module ?10:18
Ubuletteno, I got this dll using the codec essential from mplayer10:21
shirishUbulette: these work alongside the stuff from win32codecs from debian-multimedia or what?10:23
Ubuletteno idea. I doubt debian will ship that. it's a pile of binaries coming from god knows where10:25
shirishUbulette: apart from the fact that mplayer plays lot more different formats http://debian-multimedia.org/faq.html10:28
Ubuletteasac, I give up for the ftb sparc/ia64/ppc for now.10:28
shirishubotu multimedia10:28
ubotuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications10:28
Ubuletteshirish, if you just want wma, extract the mplayer zip somewhere and just take the file you need.10:29
shirishUbulette: ok will do10:31
Ubuletteasac, please have a look at my branch and merge if you're happy. it's #51 (granparadiso-fsh from friday), #52 (Re-enable master password previously hidden) and #53 (granparadiso-profilename tiny update to allow whitespaces)10:39
Ubuletteand add changelogs so to push -ubuntu410:39
shirishUbulette: this is odd, as both the debian-multimedia as well as mplayer both seem to have the same time-stamp & everything?10:48
Ubuletteso maybe it's the same thing. where do that package came from ?10:50
shirishUbulette: which one, the debian-multimedia one, its at www.debian-multimedia.org10:51
Ubuletteoh, ok so it's not official debian. maybe it's just the same thing10:52
Ubuletteso you should have that dll somewhere10:52
shirishnow I re-installed it & it works, although came to know about another bug in exaile ;)10:55
Ubuletteexaile is no longer usable for me. I'm back to rhythmbox10:56
Ubulette(both cvs/svn)10:56
shirishUbulette: that's strange, I am using the one in gutsy & it works cool at my end, although there are glitches of course.10:57
UbuletteI'm with 0.2.11+svn20070813r2819+bbot-1 (ubuntu provides 0.2.10+debian-1.1ubuntu1)11:01
shirishUbulette: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/exaile/+bug/13228611:03
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132286 in exaile "Exaile should use /usr/lib/codecs for codec installation" [Undecided,New] 11:03
shirishActually that's worded wrongly, it should look for codecs in /usr/lib/codecs & not somewhere else.11:03
Ubulette"it" = ?11:04
shirishit= exaile11:04
Ubulettei have a symlink11:04
shirishUbulette: I like the idea to make it simple for everybody, so that even my grandma can install stuff without going over it ;)11:05
Ubuletteyet you mix ubuntu with other non-supported repo ;)11:06
Ubuletteboom, http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/outages.html11:07
shirishUbulette: IIRC there is also an ubuntu multimedia or some repository happening too, isn't there?11:07
Ubulettemaybe but you can't open a bug on LP for those without being either ignored or rejected11:08
shirishUbulette: either way I would atleast know what to do, and what is the right thing which should happen.11:10
asacUbulette: is debian/patches/bz390451_master_password_lost.patch unmodified upstream patch?11:11
shirishUbulette: the first time I'm seeing mozilla having outages, although its a cool page11:12
Ubuletteit is11:12
Ubuletteasac: it is11:12
Ubuletteasac: it fixes the issue and revert the hidden ui11:12
Ubulettetested, fine11:12
Ubuletteshirish, this is my exaile issue: bug 12340911:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123409 in exaile "[exaile/gutsy]  crash in lib gtkembedmoz" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12340911:13
asacmozilla bug 39045111:13
ubotuMozilla bug 390451 in Libraries "Remembered passwords lost when changing Master Password" [Critical,New]  http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39045111:13
shirishUbulette: didn't know exaile could also display lyrics11:15
Ubuletterhythmbox too11:16
shirishUbulette: how do you get the lyrics in the first place? I can't see any plugin in exaile or in the preferences for doing so?11:17
shirishUbulette: just ignore that last statement, I just saw what's written in there to reproduce it, would be trying it now11:19
Ubuletteasac, if i co MOZ_CO_PROJECT=browser, I get trunk right ?11:20
shirishUbulette: I also get  a seg. fault, now reporting it, bbiaf11:22
asacwhat you get depends on how you checked-out client.mk11:22
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Ubuletteasac, what's the status of mt trunk ?11:23
asacneeds to be updated with what we did for granparadiso11:24
asace.g. merge things down11:24
Ubuletteshould I start with fresh sources or dl your .orig.tar.gz somewhere ?11:24
Ubuletteasac ?11:43
asacah right11:45
asacjust run debian/rules new-orig11:45
asac(look in rules for the right target)11:45
asacit will checkout the date named in changelog version from CVS11:46
asacthen copy that tarball to your tarballs dir to use bzr bd as usual11:46
asacUbulette: ^^11:48
=== Ubulette just realized he did manually jsut that :(
Ubuletteasac, so, granparadiso.. push or not push ?11:51
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Ubuletteasac, good :)11:54
asacUbulette: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/firefox/granparadiso11:54
Ubuletteasac, should I start trunk from mt or you ?11:54
asacplease look at the new postinst prerm11:54
asacif you don't see a typo i will upload it that way11:54
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asaci think it should be #!/bin/sh -e in prerm11:55
shirishUbulette: off to sleep now, but did manage to upload a bug report about deluge/python2.5 or whatever is at work.11:56
asacok pushing --overwrite to ~asac ... then pushing that to mt before upload11:56
shirishUbulette: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python2.5/+bug/13230411:57
Ubuletteshirish, I'm ruling deluge from svn. it works great :)11:57
Ubulettecompletely redesigned11:58
shirishUbulette: cool, then perhaps a wishlist bug-report about that on lp11:58
Ubulettenot sure it's released yet11:59
Ubuletteasac, looks ok11:59
Ubuletteasac, I prefer a set -e though11:59
shirishUbulette: going off to sleep, would probably bug you in another 12-13 hrs. or so if possible, let's see if I can use the new exaile.12:01
Ubuletteasac, why did you do -4 and -5 in the same commit ?????????12:01
asacUbulette: pushed12:01
asacdamn :)12:01
asactoo late ;)12:02
Ubuletteshirish, sure. Good night12:02
asacthat happens if you do things at midnight12:02
shirishUbulette: Good night, thanx for your time12:02
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Ubulettewell, as long as it goes forward :)12:03
asacfuck ... why doesn't bzr complain that i have a modified changelog file when pulling changes12:03
asacit usually complained about everythin12:03
asacshame on me12:04
asaclive goes on12:04
Ubulette<Ubulette> asac, should I start trunk from mt or you ?12:04
asaca second eralier and i could have stopped this ;)12:04
asacwhats the difference?12:04
Ubulettedont know. that's why I ask12:05
asacok mt12:05
asacmine can be considered abandoned12:05
=== asac marks as such
UbuletteI'd like to see it pushed, even if it's maintained as best effort... so I can daily build it with my buildbot12:06
asacsame for my personal paradiso branch12:07
asaci'd rather not waste my credits with archive team12:07
asac... i already get haragued for the amounts of mozilla copies in the archive12:07
Ubuletteit's not automatic ?12:07
asacUbulette: why can't you build from mozilla?12:07
asacmozilla team i mean12:08
asacor just from bzr branch?12:08
Ubulettemy bot is designed to build HEAD on top of debs12:08
asacdon't really understand12:08
Ubuletteit gets diff.gz for gutsy and apply it to SVN/CVS/git/hg/bzr/whatever12:08
asacnow its just bzr branch ... ; cd debian/; fakeroot ./debian/rules neworig; dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot12:09
asacadd that to your cronjob12:09
Ubulettelol no. I have a full system12:10
Ubuletteforget it :)12:11
Ubulettegrr, bug 123103 is driving me nuts12:12
ubotuLaunchpad bug 123103 in firefox-granparadiso "Firefox Granparadiso changing workspace" [Low,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12310312:12
Ubulettewhy did they had to change that !12:12
asacok our recommends is wrong ...12:14
asacfor gnome package12:14
asacwas pointed to by query12:14
asacdunno ... maybe take a look at the recommends12:17
Ubuletteit passed before ?12:19
asacah Suggests:12:20
asacis wron12:20
asacfirefox-gnome-support -> firefox-granparadiso-gnome-support12:20
asac(if we have that package at all)12:20
UbuletteI'm using it.. yet I haven't checked what's in it :P12:21
Ubulettegasp, that's also something I had in my tree12:22
asaci pulled you tree12:25
Ubuletteno no, not bzr.12:26
Ubulettethat was in my a6 and pre-a712:26
Ubuletteno longer matter12:26
asacUbulette: i open up the tree by adding changelog for next release to mt branch12:29
Ubulettehe? -6 ?12:32
asacrev 5612:33
Ubuletteso, I just need to pull ?12:33

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