laga11:30 pm?12:42
lagait's 0:30 am and i've just filled the washing machine again12:42
DaveMorrisI was too lazy to do them after dinner, so I waited till my g/f went home12:43
lagamy washing machine has been broken for the last two weeks12:44
lagai put it back together tonight and it seems to be working12:44
Paladineanyone tried to setup myth frontend on a nokia 770 yet?12:49
Paladinefriend of mine is just checking how well his n770 plays back mpeg2 over samba01:11
lagai'm bored01:33
lagano fun things to do with mythbuntu at the moment01:33
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poningruanything I can do to help bring the site back up?04:32
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foxbuntusuperm1, hows it goin?05:51
troy_sfoxbuntu: You see that 'hotdog' sample on that attachment I sent you?06:02
troy_sfoxbuntu: Do you think that could work?06:02
foxbuntuhold on06:03
troy_sfoxbuntu: If we try to mix and match hotrod with it, it means going away from television to drive-in -- which could open up a can of worms for a motif06:03
troy_s(as the motif then becomes car/screen/radio hook thing/ etc.)06:03
troy_s(and is less 'tv')06:03
foxbuntuyea...I think I would rather go drive in than TV06:05
troy_sfoxbuntu: Erk.06:05
troy_sfoxbuntu: That kind of kills the connection with a TV though... rather problematic at a glance.06:05
foxbuntuI am thinking that Era more than the drive-in itself06:06
troy_sfoxbuntu: Ok so did you see the hotdog styling?06:06
troy_s(notice the font difference etc.)06:06
foxbuntuI only saw the one attachment06:06
troy_sfoxbuntu: Do you think we should try something like that with the tv motif (as you have already seen the motif)06:06
troy_swith the stylings06:06
foxbuntuoh the bottom one06:07
troy_sfoxbuntu: _somewhere_ in there we need a TV lol.06:08
troy_sfoxbuntu: So the rest is to simply base it on a styling that is very distinctive of the era.06:08
foxbuntutroy_s, I am still not sure about that...did you get my email?06:10
troy_sfoxbuntu: yes thank you...06:11
troy_sfoxbuntu: bathroom brb06:11
troy_sfoxbuntu: Anyways, all that we really need as a starting point is for you to more or less pick one of the designated stylings for the base from that attachment.06:20
troy_sfoxbuntu: Again, I am unsure as to how much of your reaction was generated from the palette I dropped into that sample.06:20
troy_sfoxbuntu: And font selection.06:20
foxbuntutroy_s, I think its the overall look. Im not a big fan of that late 40's early 50's thing..06:22
foxbuntuI really like the idea of the era just beyond that however06:22
troy_sfoxbuntu: That is problematic as those are all 50-60s styled.06:22
troy_sfoxbuntu: So perhaps you are thinking of a different era.06:23
foxbuntuI really like the drive-in movie, hotrod, "Leave it to Beaver" "Greese", classic movie/tv feel06:24
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Rimershi guys, anyone have a good file recovery tip for a jfs partition? i lost aprox 150GB in a crash last night :S09:10
Rimersim sad and mad at the same time :S09:58
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seabagi've got 2 issues if anyone's around03:21
seabagfirst, is there anything special i need to do to get mythtv to wake up my system from standby (mem)? standby only wakes up manually now03:22
seabagsorry, acpi=standby, not mem03:23
lagai can't explain that to you, though.03:24
lagahttp://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/ACPI_Wakeup <- this might be of some help03:24
seabaghmm ok. acpi seems to work manually,it just won't let mythtv wake the machine up when needed...03:25
lagadid you configure it?03:27
seabagi'm going to run thru these verifications they describe03:27
seabagwhich config?03:27
lagayou need to configure it in mythtv-setup.. and/or use mythwelcome and friends if you want to03:27
seabagwhere in mythtv-setup?03:28
lagaplease read the documentation, i can't explain it to you03:28
seabagok no problem03:28
seabagthanks! i'll be back!03:28
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DaveMorrissuperm1: you awake yet?04:43
lagamythbuntu.org is still down04:43
DaveMorrisyeah we need to get it sorted out now, it's been down 2 weeks04:45
lagai guess superm1 is busy with moving04:45
lagai won't have nearly as much time now, GF is returning tomorrow04:45
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fxfitzI know the website is down, but is there any way to get the updates that Ubuntu is saying that I need?07:27
lagai doubt it07:28
lagasorry for the inconvenience07:28
lagaif you already have mythbuntu up and running, don't worry ;)07:28
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fxfitzYeah. Well, I'm actually not using Mythbuntu, just Ubuntu with MythTV. :-P07:54
fxfitzI just wanted to get that crazy update icon to go away. :-P07:54
fxfitzOh well, I'll wait. Thanks!07:54
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FreeKnopsweet.. i got mythbuntu running in VM10:00
Mirageas a frontend only, or be/fe?10:02
FreeKnopbut, i was just testing to see if i could get it running more then anything10:34
FreeKnopi dont have a tuner/capture card or anything like that, just testing my options first10:34
Mirageah, ok. that's what i was curious about was being able to actually access the tuner (unless of course it was external like an HDHomerun)10:40
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tgm4883anyone know the status of mythbuntu.org?12:11
tgm4883and is it to late to submit packages to revu?12:11
lagadunno anything about mythbuntu.org12:15
lagadunno about revu either ;)12:15
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