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ubotuvocx called the ops in #ubuntu01:21
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ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, tonyyarusso said: !packages =~ /keywords/keywords or regex/02:46
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Kill_Xfolks, lol02:48
Kill_Xno way02:48
Kill_Xdoes anyone feel like testing me, please?02:50
naliothKill_X: what is 2 + 2 ?02:51
naliothhave you studied for the test?02:51
Kill_X7-3, if you want to know02:51
Kill_Xhonestly folks02:51
naliothhave you fixed your router or client?02:51
Kill_X<< WRT54GL02:51
naliothhere we go02:52
Kill_Xand my client is, like everytime, mIRC02:52
stdineww mirc02:52
=== stdin shudders
Kill_Xi just had my 24h disconnect at the wrong time02:52
Kill_Xstdin: yeah, I know.02:53
naliothyou'd be amazed at the number of folks that come here for 'the test' who've not fixed their problem, Kill_X 02:53
naliothyou can join #ubuntu now, and thanks for your patience02:53
Kill_Xnalioth: well02:53
Kill_Xthe Linksys WRT54GL is running Linux, actually02:53
Kill_Xsoon I will take it to openwrt02:54
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Toma-Hey the !factoid link, to http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl is either a redirection or is a little off :)02:54
stdinthe site seems to be down, has been for a while 02:55
Kill_Xnalioth: you certainly know, that neither the wrt54gl (standard firmware) nor mIRC 6.17 is affected by the exploit02:55
naliothKill_X: then you are a victim of coincidence (and thanks for your patience)02:56
Kill_Xnalioth: nah, you're getting me wrong02:56
Kill_XI do not want to complain02:56
Kill_Xhonestly, you're doing a great job filtering those faulty clients02:57
naliothwish i had a fancy openwrt capable router02:59
Kill_XI'm just wondering about a way to filter out the "accidents"02:59
naliothKill_X: dont quit during attacks  :D03:00
Kill_Xnalioth: well, I avoided a long time now ^^03:00
Kill_XI can't fight these disconnects my provider pushes on me :)03:01
Kill_X02:58 <+nalioth> wish i had a fancy openwrt capable router <-- why fancy?03:04
naliothif it runs linux, it's not just a router, is it?03:05
Kill_XI'd concur03:06
Kill_Xbut in case of Cisco (Linksys) I can't...03:07
naliothi like the idea of being able to have it run cron jobs and such 03:08
naliothmaintaining a nice restrictive hosts file on the router makes good sense to me, too03:08
Kill_Xnalioth: me too, that's why I'm going to switch to openwrt03:09
Toma-(dont forget allowing static IP redirectors to run like no-ip and dyndns)03:09
Kill_Xconsidering the hosts file... well... that's a clientside problem in my case03:10
tonyyarussonalioth: good point - might have to enable the ssh access just for that03:10
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Kill_Xnalioth: what about an automatic bugcheck on joi...03:16
Kill_Xnah forget it03:16
Kill_XI think I know why you're handling the problem this way O:-)03:19
naliothKill_X: don't be evil  :P03:19
Kill_XI'm not...03:19
Kill_Xjust thought about it03:20
Kill_Xand everything I thought of ended up with the same conclusion :)03:20
Kill_Xno matter what you try, it will most likely end within an infinite loop :/03:21
poningrunalioth: where do you live?03:46
naliothponingru: Houston, Texas.  Where do you live?03:46
poningrugainesville fl03:46
poningrubut the reason I ask is because of buffalo router capable of doing openwrt for 25USD03:47
poningruat cc after like 25 MIR03:47
naliothwhere does the buffalo roam?03:47
poningruin your dining room where all the fine china is03:47
tonyyarussoHome, home on the Range...where the deer and the Antilla play..03:47
poningruno more no more... PLEASE NO MORE PUNS!!03:48
poningrunalioth: you there?03:54
naliothponingru: you see my PM ?03:55
poningruerr yes04:01
poningrucircuit city04:01
poningruafter 25USD in mail in rebate04:01
poningruI would put openwrt with an awesome interface on it though04:02
naliothi don't do rebates04:06
naliothmy belief is that they should slash the price in the front of the sale04:06
poningruwell you can obviously get it for 50USD...04:08
naliothi can buy a used one off amazon or half.com or somewhere that works, too04:08
ubotubruenig called the ops in #ubuntu05:07
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firippucan someone crack down on the ubotu bot abuse in ubuntu-offtopic, its highly annoying but not worth ignoring the bot over07:41
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ubotuponingru called the ops in #ubuntu11:40
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Tm_Tstdin: what's wrong with you, you never sleep or something?11:47
stdinTm_T: basically, no :)11:48
poningru"When do you sleep?"11:48
stdinI have a strange sleep pattern...11:48
Tm_Tponingru: why sunday?11:48
stdinsometimes I'll be awake for 36 hours at a time11:48
poningruTm_T: movie quote11:48
poningruthank you for smoking11:48
Tm_Tponingru: sorry, I don't know movies11:49
Tm_Tstdin: you11:49
Tm_Tre starting to sound like me when I was younger11:49
stdinmoves? the only moves I know start with "star"11:50
ubotuponingru called the ops in #ubuntu11:53
Tm_Toh come on, give the reason with ops call11:54
poningruI did11:54
poningruRowan guy11:54
Tm_Tatleast I like to know why instead of scrolling up and down and trying to guess what's going on11:54
poningruI did !ops | rowan11:55
Tm_Tyou did?11:55
Tm_Twhy it didn't come to this side11:55
Tm_TI wonder11:55
Tm_Toh well, I don't mind :)11:55
=== Tm_T hugs poningru
Tm_Tthat's friendly hug, mind you, so keep your pants on11:56
Tm_Tstdin: so you're op? but not part of operators team?12:05
stdinwell, kinda (I haven't joined the launchpad team)12:06
Tm_Twhy not12:06
stdinI actually only just remembered about it :p12:07
stdinonly been an op for a couple days12:07
Tm_Tcongrats :)12:08
Tm_Tafter voices or before?12:08
stdinafter 12:08
Tm_TI thought you've been longer12:08
Tm_Tso I promoted you ;-P12:09
stdinyeah :p12:09
Tm_Tyour first months salary belongs to me then12:09
stdinI'm only an op in #kubuntu right now tho12:09
Tm_Tdoesn't matter12:10
Tm_Tand btw I'm not much "bigger" than you bro :)12:10
Tm_Tstdin: /nickserv info Tm_T etc12:11
Tm_Tshould tell some12:12
Tm_Tor does it, I don't know12:12
stdintells me you registered  2 years 18 weeks 2 days (4h 42m 22s) ago12:13
Tm_Tthat's all?12:13
Tm_Tbah, op rights in 6 channels, one registered12:13
Tm_Terr, not op rights, but rights12:14
Tm_Tbah bah bah12:14
stdinahh, it only gives that info to you12:14
Tm_TI didn't know that12:14
Tm_Tabout you it gives nothing12:14
Tm_T1312 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- The nickname [stdin]  is private12:15
stdinhttp://stdin.pastebin.us/38862 < is all I get 12:15
stdinhehe :)12:15
Tm_Tcarry on private!12:15
stdinI forgot I set Secure12:15
Tm_Twhy so12:15
stdinI was playing with nickserv I think12:15
stdinwasn't for any reason I can remember 12:16
Tm_Tstdin: see private12:17
stdinyeah, just realised, it's off now12:17
Tm_Tno. see private MSG12:17
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Instabin|workWhere can i find the status of the nvidia driver 100.14.1112:20
Instabin|workfor ubuntu packaging12:20
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ubotuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, zbowling said: !foo is bar04:18
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ubotupalintheus called the ops in #ubuntu04:31
Garyquite a good song though04:32
naliothserial troll singing it04:32
PriceChild"singing" :P04:33
Hobbseenalioth: might want to kline it - it's going off in #gentoo now too04:33
naliothi knew that wouldn't take long04:33
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ubotumc44 called the ops in #ubuntu06:42
ubotuCypher21 called the ops in #ubuntu06:43
naliothHobbsee: all klined06:46
Hobbseenalioth: excellent06:46
naliothtonyyarusso: any time you see mass joins like that, they'll be klined06:47
tonyyarussonalioth: all right06:48
naliothiow, the #ubuntu ban list is full of IPs that won't be coming back soon06:48
=== tonyyarusso clears his pretty regularly anyway
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poningrusomeone wanna look into this sunnyboi kid?11:45
poningruhe seems to be just there to annoy people or is actually have a giant crisis11:45
Tm_Tin what channel?11:47
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palintheusis there a reason the ubotu factoids aren't avail anymore on the website?11:53
PriceChildpalintheus, The server they are on seems to be down, and we won't be able to fix them before tomorrow.11:55
palintheusah, thanks!11:55
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