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qmanhello...I have a bit of an issue with ip forwarding03:22
qmanI had my box set up and the power went out. Once I booted it back up, for some reason, ipv4/ip_forward was set to 0, even though /etc/sysctl.conf is set to have it as 103:23
qmanam I missing another conf file or something?03:23
qmanSetting it manually as root fixed the problem, so I'm fairly sure it's not a prerequisite issue, although it required opening a root terminal with "sudo -i"; simply "sudo echo "1" > .../ip_forward" gave access denied.03:28
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dezmaethhi, i used to have ubuntu 5.10 and i use it as a server, now i installed 7.04 server, the thing is , i was used to lampp on the /opt/lampp folder, but ubuntu server allready installed lampp... but i dont know on wich folder :S ...07:41
pschulz01dezmaeth: Any particular package?07:49
dezmaethpschulz01, xampp07:49
pschulz01dezmaeth: Try - dpkg -L xampp07:50
dezmaethpschulz01, k07:50
pschulz01dezmaeth: Is is a debian/ubuntu package?07:50
dezmaethpschulz01, yes...07:50
dezmaethpschulz01, k , didnt find it... so i suppose it installed apache2 , mysql and php407:51
dezmaethpschulz01, how can i disable or enable a aplication from starting on boot?07:51
pschulz01Most LAMP packages go into /var/www07:51
qmanwhat method did you install it with?07:51
pschulz01Install what?07:51
dezmaethqman, i installed it via the install of the ubuntu server07:52
qmanlike, did he use a deb package, apt, the check box07:52
pschulz01qman: Sorry.. confused :-)07:52
dezmaethqman, it said to me "do you wish to install one of the following" DNS Server , Lampp server, so i sayd lampp07:52
qmanthe check box sets apache's htdocs location to /var/www07:52
dezmaethso, if i want to use phpmyadmin , i just get it on that folder?07:53
qmansudo apt-get install phpmyadmin07:53
dezmaethqman, :D07:53
qmanit'll install it and set it up for you07:53
dezmaethquite impresive :D07:54
dezmaethqman, thanks! it worked!07:55
qmanno problem, things like these are why I use ubuntu07:56
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qmanthis ip_forward issue still has me quite confused, though08:00
dezmaethqman, u r using iptables?08:00
qmanthing is08:01
qmanI have sysctl.conf set correctly to enable ipv4 forwarding08:01
qmanbut for some reason, after the system boots, ipv4 forwarding is turned off08:01
dezmaethdo u have a batch file with the port forwading config?08:01
qmanI set up a bash script with my config, yes08:02
dezmaethi really couldnt help u 08:02
dezmaethhey, one last thing , do u know where the php.ini is?08:02
qmanafter the system boots, if I manually do "echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" as root, everything magically starts working08:03
dezmaethi cant seem to find it anywere08:03
qmanlet me find it08:03
dezmaethqman, how do u use the "find" command?08:05
qmanI don't, I use slocate08:05
qmanyou have to install it to use it, though08:05
dezmaethits asking me for the cd in order to install it :S08:06
qmanyou first generate the database with "sudo slocate -u", then you can find files with "slocate filename"08:06
qmanyou don't need the cd08:06
qmanjust comment out the cdrom repository in /etc/apt/sources.list08:06
qmanit'll look online instead08:06
dezmaethok! :D08:06
dezmaethqman, perfect08:08
qmanjust remember to update the slocate database once in a while, or else it'll get out of date08:11
qmanprobably a good thing to schedule on a cron job during slow hours08:12
qmanif you don't have a lot of files it doesn't take long at all, but on my desktop system I've got around 450 gigs of data and it takes a good five to ten minutes08:13
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sommerhey all, anyone know if there is a way to migrate machine account from Samba using smbpasswd file to LDAP without having to rejoin the domain?05:05
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nealmcbI'm interested in the ramifications and clean-up solutions related to debian Bug#39788605:35
nealmcbThis has been committed as part of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/12753705:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127537 in apache2 "[Sync request]  Sync request apache2 (2.2.4-2) from Debian unstable (main) (dup-of: 126641)" [Undecided,New]  05:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 126641 in apache2 "sync apache2 (2.2.4-2) debian sid main" [Wishlist,Fix released]  05:36
nealmcbfor gutsy05:36
nealmcbThe deal is that during some period of time, ubuntu and debian  apache installs set up a default charset, and now we recognize that was a bad idea.05:38
nealmcbI'm not sure when it started, and I'm wondering if we have advice for folks that want to remove that config and make sure that they don't break any pages.  Actually my issue is that my colleagues upgraded a big site to ubuntu, and this bug is probably affecting a bunch of pages, and now I don't know of a good way to find out which ones, and whether taking the default charset out would help or hurt now....05:39
nealmcbso are there good tools for scanning a site and finding charset problems?05:40
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reya276Can anyone help me setup POSTFIX?06:48
ScottKPossibly.  What help do you need?06:49
reya276I actually have most of it setup, I can send and receive email, I'm just having issues with Evolution it tells me it can't find the host name06:49
reya276I configure Evolution with the standard pop and smtp protocols but for some reason is not working.06:50
Nafallodoesn't sound like a postfix issue then.06:50
Nafallorather DNS06:50
reya276POP is mail.frgtracker.com and smtp is also mail.frgtracker.com06:50
reya276I'm using BIND on webmin for that06:51
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Nafallomail.frgtracker doesn't resolve.06:52
ScottKreya276: I agree with Nafallo.06:52
Nafallomail.frgtracker.com doesn't resolve.06:52
ScottKAlso, get rid of webmin would be my other advice.06:52
Nafallooh. I misspelled it.06:52
Nafalloit does resolve.06:53
reya276yes I know, but I come from a wincrap server background and right now SSH is not an option I need something with a GUI as setting up this mail server is extremely time sensitive06:53
reya276I will get rid of it as soon as I configure this06:54
Nafallohave you tried just following the tutorials on help.ubuntu.com?06:54
Nafallothat would be the sane thing IMHO06:55
reya276nah I rather not mess with the command line right now as I don't know how to really do anything with it06:55
reya276and I like I said this Email stuff is a sensitive issue for the company06:56
reya276so you guys are saying it does not resolve, I wonder why06:57
Nafalloreya276: a quick nmap on that host says smtp is filtered. can you verify thats what I should see?06:57
Nafalloreya276: no. I changed my mind. it does resolve.06:57
reya276oh ok06:58
reya276filter I never setup any filter, maybe is the default config06:58
reya276let me check, you guys are awsome06:58
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Nafallogrep 127 /etc/postfix/main.cf should give you a first thing to check.07:00
reya276grep: /etc/postfix/main.cf: No such file or directory07:02
Nafallohave you installed postfix?07:03
reya276installed it through webmin07:04
=== jdstrand [n=james@mail.strandboge.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
reya276ok try ping to mail.frgtracker.com07:04
Nafalloplease get a shell and try to type the command I gave you.07:04
Nafallono luck07:05
reya276I wonder if it is a firewall issue07:06
Nafalloare the MUA behind the firewall?07:06
NafalloMail User Agent07:06
reya276oh yes07:07
reya276try this telnet mail.frgtracker.com 2507:07
Nafallowont work. I've already ran nmap and told you the port is filtered.07:08
Nafalloand it still is07:08
reya276I though I opened that port on my firewall, port 25 right07:08
Nafallomy ISP blocks outgoing SMTP. sorry.07:09
Nafallojust remembered.07:09
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ScottKreya276: I can connect to it via telnet.07:20
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reya276wow some can and some Can't I wonder why07:21
reya276but no one can do a regular ping that is an issue07:22
reya276but I can send and receive email, the only host that rejects the mail is yahoo.com07:22
infinityWhat exactly are you trying to diagnose here?07:22
infinityIf the issue is that Evolution can't connect, that may be because you don't have a POP server installed.07:23
reya276well I need to be able to setup my Evolution so that I can check the email I setup with Postfix email server07:23
reya276but when I do a sent and receive it gives me an error07:23
ScottKreya276: As infinity says, for that you need either a pop or imap server (and Postfix doesn't do that).07:23
infinityPostfix is an MTA, not a POP server.07:23
reya276hostlookup failed 07:23
reya276ok what do I need to install so that it can wok07:24
reya276what is an MTA07:24
ScottKMail Transfer Agent07:24
ScottKreya276: Which release are you using?07:24
ScottKOf Ubuntu07:24
infinityadconrad@cthulhu:~$ telnet mail.frgtracker.com 11007:24
infinitytelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused07:24
infinityadconrad@cthulhu:~$ telnet mail.frgtracker.com 2507:24
Nafalloinfinity: hehe. good point. I understood it as sending mail :-)07:24
infinityConnected to mail.frgtracker.com.07:24
infinityEscape character is '^] '.07:24
infinity220 krusty-desktop.localdomain ESMTP Postfix07:24
reya276can I use DOVCOT IMAP/POP3 server07:24
infinityYou have Postfix setup just fine, you have no POP server.07:25
infinityYeah, dovecot works fine.07:25
infinityapt-get install dovecot-pop3d07:25
ScottKreya276: What Ubuntu release are you on?07:25
reya276feisty 7.0407:25
ScottKYes, Dovecot is good then.07:26
reya276I did not download the server version07:26
reya276I just got the additional packages07:26
ScottKDoesn't really matter.  It's all in the same repository.07:26
reya276ok I tried to install it through webmin and it failed, let me go to the actual machine and do it07:26
ScottKreya276: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/server/C/dovecot-server.html07:26
ScottKreya276: Don't use webmin.  It's just not a good idea.07:27
infinityreya276: webmin is going to cause you a lot more problems than it solves.07:27
infinityThere's a reason I completely removed it from the Ubuntu archive.07:27
reya276I know, but is the only thing close to GUI I can use right now, unless you know of something better07:27
infinityAnd it's not just beause I'm a big meanie.07:27
ScottKreya276: Don't use a gui.07:27
ScottKThe directions I posted a link for aren't that hard.07:28
reya276I'm not experience enough to use CLI07:28
reya276and I need to get this up ASAP07:28
ScottKWell if you use webmin you'll probably end up shooting yourself in the foot.07:28
reya276after this is done I will dive into using the CLI07:28
infinityWhat you'll break following simple instructions on the command line will be a lot less than what you'll break using webmin.07:28
infinityI assure you.07:28
infinityAt this point, you'll pretty much want to reinstall fresh and start over, because webmin mangles packages and config files in ways that you can't recover from, unless you really know the system.07:29
infinityWhich, as you admit, you don't.07:29
ScottKOr if you insist on using webmin and need someone to come in and clean up the mess afterwards, I have consulting rates.... ;-)07:29
infinityOn the command line, you can't really break anything without knowing exactly what you're breaking when you do it.07:29
reya276can I use synaptic to install Dovcot07:29
infinitySynaptic is just a front-end to apt, anyway.07:30
reya276got yah Scott07:30
ScottKreya276: Did you look at the documentation link I gave you?07:30
reya276no not yet07:30
infinityWell, a GUI apt-alike, but let's not split hairs.07:30
ScottKThat's a step byt set way to do it.07:30
ScottKstep by step07:30
infinityThere's more than one step to installing dovecot?07:31
reya276I use that guide07:31
ScottKinstalling and configuring.07:31
ScottKIt's not much more than one step.07:31
infinityMeh, I hate "configuration toturials" in our official documentation.07:32
infinityIt's always "community member X thinks this is how it should be tweaked, and now everyone will cargo-cult that same config to their systems".07:32
infinityThis being a good example:07:33
infinitypop3_uidl_format = %08Xu%08Xv07:33
infinityNo explanation of what that does, just that someone thinks it's a good idea.07:33
infinity(If it was necessary, it should be in the package's default config, not on a website)07:33
Nafalloinfinity: isn't it?07:33
NafalloI think I recognise it...07:33
ScottKinfinity: That isn't community documentation though.  That's official docs.07:34
NafalloScottK: from wiki.dovecot.org?07:34
ScottKNo, Ubuntu docs.07:34
NafalloScottK: or maybe even the configfile?07:34
Nafallohm. oki.07:34
infinityScottK: help.ubuntu.com is community driven.07:34
Nafalloinfinity: no07:35
Nafalloinfinity: help.ubuntu.com/community, right?07:35
infinityCanonical doesn't write those docs, and neither does core-dev.07:35
ScottKIt's not in the comunity section, no, but the ubuntu-docs team controls it.07:35
Nafallohmm. ubuntu-docs team should count as communitydriven... :-)07:35
ScottKIt's not a random driveby wiki update.07:35
infinityNo, I realise it's not a drive-by wiki update, but it's still cargo-cult stuff from various sources, afaict.07:36
infinityI'm occasionally bitter that we think having everything documented poorly is better than having no docs sometimes. :)07:36
infinity(Note that uidl formats, for instance, don't matter one bit, unless you're changing POP servers... And if you are, you want to set the format to be the same as your last one, which varies)07:37
=== ScottK considers mumbling something about patching the docs, but realises infinity is busy...
reya276how the heck do you configure this07:38
reya276 You should configure your Mail Transport Agent (MTA) to transfer the incoming mail to this type of mailbox if it is different from the one you have configured.07:38
Nafalloinfinity: that string is suggested in the package configfile that we ship. commented, but still suggested.07:38
infinityNafallo: In which case, the docs are redundant.07:38
infinity(FWIW, that string matches the uw-pop3d uidl format, which is why it's recommended, because when we originally rolled the dovecot sources into Debian, we were trying to do it as a UW upgrade path)07:39
Nafalloinfinity: they sure it. I just looked, and it's not only suggested, but the default :-)07:39
infinitySomeone who's not an Exim disciple (like I am..) might want to help reya276 with his "how do I tell postfix to deliver to mbox or maildir" question above...07:40
infinityAnd don't start any mbox versus maildir holy wars in the process. :P07:41
infinityWe all know that mbox works great for everyone except nerds who keep 6 gigs of mailing list archives in their IMAP folders.07:41
=== Nafallo gives it to ScottK then, since he would engage in the war ;-)
Nafalloinfinity: or bosses that keep ALL mails ever received in the ticketer ;-)07:41
infinityYeah.  The default ISP-like setup of "limited size mailboxes, and users download-and-delete from POP" though works well with mbox.07:42
infinityAnd much less hassle.07:42
=== ScottK just uses maildir.
ScottKreya276: I'm looking for some docs for you.07:44
infinityI would suspect, without even looking, that a default potfix and a default dovecot will "just work" without configuration on that front.07:45
infinityUnless webmin mangled his postfix config beyond repair.07:45
ScottKThat's probably true.07:57
ScottKThe key point I do remember is that you put "/" on the end of the delivery path to get maildir and leave it off to get mbox.07:58
reya276wow people take to heart when you ask for help, I just went into the Dovecot channel and these guys are like you wont get any help from us, LOL08:03
reya276pretty much useless to go there08:04
reya276why would they even have a channel, I though that it was the reason to have a channel so people can go there for help08:05
=== gamble|food is now known as gamble
=== gamble is now known as gamble6x
infinityMost of us use IRC to get work done, not to provide free support.08:06
infinityThis channel used to have a "no support" policy too, until I handed off the server team to kinder, gentler people than I.08:07
reya276well I understand, but what is the point to have a channel then?08:08
=== khermans [i=khermans@nat/cisco/x-f6c1a47f5b11bcb9] has joined #ubuntu-server
infinityreya276: To communicate with fellow developers.08:08
khermansapache2-ssl-certificate is missing from feisty, it is a known bug, how to fix?08:08
khermansi cannot generate my cert08:09
infinityreya276: I, for instance, work for Canonical.  I live in Melbourne, and not a single one of my coworkers does.08:09
infinitykhermans: It's not a bug.  Use ssl-cert instead.08:09
reya276oh for some reason when I installed DoveCot it generated one for me08:10
khermansinfinity, thx dude -- hey maybe i will work for canonical :-)08:10
infinityreya276: Yes, it does.08:10
khermansinfinity, do they pay well?08:10
mathiazkhermans: bug 7767508:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 77675 in apache2 "apache2-ssl-certificate has gone missing since feisty" [Wishlist,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/7767508:10
infinityI get paid in satisfaction and love.08:10
infinitymathiaz: Ooo, a bug.  Can I go invalid it? :P08:11
khermansinfinity, yeah thats cool too08:11
mathiazinfinity: hum... it's tagged as a whishlist.08:11
khermansi lovew ubuntu, since warty baby!08:11
mathiazinfinity: I wouldn't marked it as invalid.08:11
khermansanyways, thx for the help08:11
mathiazinfinity: the reason being that a lot of people still expect apache2-ssl-certificate08:12
infinitymathiaz: The whole point was to move to ssl-cert being the One True Way to make all this go, instead of each package having its own broken certificate generation.08:12
mathiazinfinity: it's referred by a lot of ressources on the internet.08:12
mathiazinfinity: I agree. I don't say that we should reinclude apache2-ssl-certificate08:12
infinitymathiaz: Documentation needs to keep up.  Keeping cruft for the sake of docs is wrong.08:12
mathiazinfinity: may be have a warning that says to use ssl-cert instead of apache2-ssl-certificate08:13
infinityI'd perhaps be amenable to including an apache2-ssl-certificate shell script that just tells you to use make-ssl-cert. :P08:13
mathiazinfinity: that would be a good compromise.08:13
mathiazinfinity: we cannot change all the documentation that refers to apache2-ssl-certificate08:14
mathiazinfinity: that's why I'd like to keep the bug open to avoir more reports.08:14
infinityNo, but I will happily ignore it.08:14
infinity(the docs, that is)08:14
mathiazinfinity: now that LP has a way to present potential duplicate when filling a new bug.08:14
infinityIt's like claiming that Debian could never change its default MTA, because all the docs refer to how to configure smail.08:15
infinity(Yes, I'm old, shut up)08:15
=== Nafallo smiles
ScottKinfinity: How old?08:17
infinityScottK: Younger than you, I think we established.08:17
ScottKI'm old and I forget stuff.08:17
infinityBut "old" in the sense that "I remember when Debian's default MTA was smail".08:17
=== ScottK agrees that's "old".
Nafalloinfinity: Potato had that, no? :-)08:19
infinityActually, how old were you?  Now it's my turn to forget things.08:19
infinityI'm 30 in a month.08:19
infinityNafallo: potato was exim.  So was slink, I believe.08:19
infinityNafallo: hamm might have been smail.08:19
NafalloI don't even remember my first Debian :-/08:20
NafalloI know I switched to Ubuntu 2004 :-P08:20
tcki think everyone got tired of waiting for debian releases :P08:23
tckswitched to ubuntu 08:23
=== infinity shrugs.
infinityI still run both.08:23
tckto infinity and beyond08:24
Nafallotck: well. I wanted official x86_64 :-)08:25
leonelin  my  case  better than  releases  ..  security updates ...08:25
leonelthe kernel had no security updates more than a year .. and  as soon sarge was released  no updates for a month08:26
infinityI always roll my own kernels on Debian anyway, so that was never a concern for me.08:26
infinityAnd their userspace security support was fine.  It was only that period of kernel silence that got them bad press.08:26
tckwhen people are paid to do it, always more enthusiasm ;)08:26
leonelthat was what I ended  doing  but  always  a bad feeling on reboot to new kernels  and even for my customers ..08:27
leoneltck: yes 08:27
leonelthe bad thing  about security is when  everyone  thinks  there are no security bugs  because there are no security updates08:28
infinityLess about the enthusiasm, more about the fear of losing our jobs. :)08:28
Nafallohmm. so the box isn't dead...08:28
Nafallowhat the heck is it doing then...08:28
tckdoes anyone have the Ubuntu Certified Professional cert ?08:29
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Nafallobtw. what is the best nullmailer out there? and why isn't that one in main? :-)08:31
infinityHow null do you want it?08:31
infinity"nullmailer" is about as good as it gets for just losing your mail.08:32
Nafallojust sending the stuff to another smtp08:32
infinityFor relaying, I like ssmtp08:32
Nafalloit's a backupserver.08:32
infinityThat is, relaying from local to remote.  ssmtp doesn't accept mail.08:32
infinityJust provides a sendmail binary to get stuff off the system to a smarthost.08:33
Nafallonice! thanks Adam :-)08:33
Nafalloexactly what I want08:33
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infinityI tend to have it on all my hosts (because not being able to use mail(1) form the command line makes me a sad panda), and forward to my One True Relay on the edge of my network, which spools and spits mail off to wherever.08:35
infinityThat way I get no sending delays or queueing on the desktop machine.08:36
Nafalloyea. this server should only run backuppc really :-)08:36
Nafallo(and deps ofcourse)08:36
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close2__hello, i have my / on a software raid1 and lvm08:59
close2__but when I disconnect a disk, and try to boot08:59
=== BFTD [n=thomas@67-150-253-125.oak.mdsg-pacwest.com] has joined #ubuntu-server
close2__i get the message that "ALERT! /dev/mapper/ROOT does not exist. Dropping to a shell"09:00
close2__right after grub09:01
ivokscd to /dev/mapper09:01
ivoksand check if there is ROOT09:01
ivoksi'm sure that's wrong name, there should be something like option1-option209:01
Nafallovg-lv even :-)09:01
close2__only a control09:01
ivoksright :)09:02
close2__i.e. /dev/mapper/control09:02
ivoksthen there aren't lvm groups09:02
Nafalloand I'm not sure you can use dm-thingies in the bootline anyway.09:02
close2__FYI i am in the initramfs shell09:02
infinityIs this raid-over-lvm, or lvm-over-raid?09:02
close2__lvm over raid09:02
infinityKay, then I suspect I know your problem.09:03
infinityLet me just install mdadm quickly here. :)09:03
infinityclose2__: "sed -i -e 's/--no-degraded//' /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/local-top/mdadm"09:06
reya276hey you guys happen to know what it the default web URL for SquirrelMail09:06
infinityclose2__: The problem is that, in our infinite wisdom, we've decided to not allow you to boot from degraded arrays.09:07
infinityclose2__: There's much discussion surrounding this issue right now.09:07
ivokskill that feature :/09:07
infinity(There are valid reasons for it, like not being able to tell the difference between a degraded array, or one that udev is still activating the hardware for...)09:07
infinitySo, it needs some thought to solve correctly, sadly.09:08
close2__ok, so if I reboot, with my 2nd disk attached, and execute this command, it should boot, right?09:08
infinityclose2__: Anyhow, if you yank "--no-degraded" out of that file, and then "update-initramfs -u", you should be good to go.09:08
close2__because, I was just testing, if it would boot09:08
=== dantalizing [n=dan@wsip-70-184-147-28.ga.at.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
close2__thanks, i will try it right away09:09
Nafallofuck this!09:12
Nafallothe damn server doesn't come back :-(09:12
close2__do I have to fear, that this "feature" will be reactivated whenever I update the kernel?09:12
Nafallo[42952646.970000]  3w-9xxx: scsi0: AEN: <NULL> (0x04:0x00E6): :09:12
Nafallonafallo@remembrance:~$ dmesg | grep NULL | wc -l09:12
infinityclose2__: It's a feature of the "mdadm" package.  If you don't want that change overwritten, you can put it on hold...09:12
infinityecho "mdadm hold" | dpkg --set-selections09:13
Nafalloafter a while of that I rebooted, and now the mac doesn't come up on the switch. link is up at full speed though.09:13
Nafalloa collegue thinks one of the SATA-cables got disconnected again and it stopped in BIOS trying to tell us...09:14
infinitySeems plausible.09:14
close2__another question, when I boot my server the boot-lines are messed up, as if there was no CR (and the login starts right at the beginning)09:23
Nafalloinfinity: thanks for backing that up. I will move to London on Thursday, so I'll know whats up on Friday.09:24
Nafallo*sigh* I hate that server.09:27
Nafalloif it's the cable I will glue to fuck in place.09:28
Nafallofucker even09:28
close2__it's bug: 6523009:36
close2__Nafallo: instead of using glue, you could just by sata-cables with clips09:39
Nafalloclose2__: will see what crap we got now. and the boss want me to spec a new box09:51
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NafalloPERC 5/i is good on dapper?10:03
sommerhas anyone ever had two Samba domains on the same network with the same SIDs?10:05
sommerkind of a wierd question I know.10:05
Nafalloinfinity: do you know? :-)10:05
sommerThe domains have different names, but I'm just wondering if the SIDs will cause problems.  Or if anyone knows...10:06
sommerright now they both aren't running...one is test the other live.10:06
sommerI'll find out tomorrow at any rate...going live with Samba and LDAP.10:09
khermanssommer, where did you get info on how ot set it up?10:09
khermanssommer, i see many online sources10:09
khermanssommer, which is the best guide, or did you crib form many source?10:09
sommera few places acutally.  The Samba online docs have probably the best guide.10:09
khermanssommer, the goal is to replace an existing AD, is it easier now?10:10
khermanssommer, could you email me any links/guides/configs you found helpful?10:10
sommerkhermans: No I currently have Samba as PDC, but it's authenticating to local smbpasswd.10:10
sommerkhermans: sure, I'll compile a list.10:11
khermanssommer, thanks dude10:11
khermansi will try to put it on the wiki.ubuntu.com10:11
khermansthere is already a guide there10:11
khermansbut want to enhance it10:11
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syuroffhi all.  I'm having a network problem with a new ubuntu server install10:16
syuroffI can move files around the LAN all I want.  But any downloads (notably, apt-get) croak at about 5 megs.10:17
syuroffI've knocked down the MTU, and turned off window scaling- no good.  Anything else to try?10:17
ScottKsyuroff: Look at firewall configurations/logs10:19
syuroffit's an out of the box 6.06LTS configuration- just installed it this morning.10:20
ScottKI'm thinking between the box and whatever you are downloading.10:23
syuroffthing is, I can apt-get from the machine right next to it.  same network path.10:24
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syuroffScottK: well, this is interesting.  I bypassed the NAT router, and all is well.  It's been here for years and never had a machine behave like that.11:23
ScottKOdd, but NAT can be odd in unexpected ways.  Not sure what to tell you.11:23
syuroffyeah... since this is going to be a problem for the long term.11:24
ScottKI'd take a tcpdump and look at the details if I was in your position.11:24
=== gamble6x [i=bbg@gateway/tor/x-6b64d85443f36185] has joined #ubuntu-server
syuroffI'll have to do that.  And maybe, just maybe, software upates will make it behave like the other machines.11:26
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