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tepsipakkibryce: I'm off to London for a couple of days, and thus offline until Friday :) (just in case there was something urgent)10:16
bryceheya tepsipakki10:17
brycetepsipakki: thanks for getting -ati up :-)10:17
tepsipakkiyeah, so far so good.. or no-one using it/gutsy :)10:18
brycetepsipakki: I think most everything's under control now, the one question is whether we want to shoot for xserver 1.4 for gutsy, or leave it for gutsy+110:18
bryceanyway, have a good trip to London, I'll cya Friday10:19
tepsipakkithanks, I need to pack and sleep a few hours :)10:20
tepsipakkias ig10:20
tepsipakkier, if10:20
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