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monteslu_how do i reset the keyboard setup for all users to be a standard US keyboard?02:40
monteslu_my quotes currently look like this  instead of  " and I have to hit the key twice to get it.02:42
wantokum. shift+key?02:42
monteslu_no, the apostrophe is without shift+, but that broken too btw02:43
monteslu_notice the funny  ?02:43
wantokdo you know what keymap you have?02:44
monteslu_no idea, nor how to fix it.02:45
=== wantok isnt sure if he can help for all users
wantoki think its a per user setting.02:45
monteslu_im on edubuntu 7.0402:45
monteslu_I guess I chose wrong doing the initial server install02:45
wantokwas there a keyboard setting during install?02:45
monteslu_it something system wide02:46
monteslu_yeah, it asked me to type in keys and it would guess which layout it had02:46
monteslu_bad move02:46
monteslu_I should have said no and just picked US02:46
monteslu_maybe it something in xorg02:47
=== wantok fires up a terminal
wantokis this just a terminal thing, or system wide?02:47
monteslu_system wide02:49
LaserJockmonteslu: what does env| grep LANG give you?02:50
LaserJockhmm, I know how to do it for an individual user02:53
LaserJockbut I'm not sure how it's done system wide02:53
monteslu_it cool. Il work on it more tonight. bbl02:54
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sbalneavEvening all04:25
sbalneavHey LaserJock04:26
LaserJocksbalneav: I've been waiting for you, mwuahahaha04:26
LaserJockok, so crossover cable worked04:27
LaserJockbut it can't find tftp04:27
LaserJockI get a timeout04:27
sbalneavok, well, first things first.04:27
sbalneavWhat's your /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf file look like, and what's the ip address of your fixed interface?04:28
LaserJockok, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/34606/04:29
LaserJockand my eth0 is
sbalneavok, looks fine.04:31
sbalneavnetstat -an | grep :6904:31
LaserJockudp        0      0   *04:31
LaserJockudp        0      0    *04:31
sbalneavCan't find tftp. or can't find the FILE it needs via tftp?04:32
sbalneavsudo ltsp-update-kernels04:32
LaserJockso I get dhcp04:33
LaserJockTFTP ....04:34
LaserJockPXE-E32: TFTP open timeout04:34
sbalneavYou running gutsy?04:34
sbalneavWhat's the client?04:34
sbalneavThat's pretty standard.04:35
sbalneavgot stuff in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp?04:35
LaserJockin i386/ yeah04:35
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LaserJockI see pxelinux.004:36
LaserJockand kernel stuff04:36
sbalneavcan you paste the result of ifconfig eth<whatever>04:36
sbalneavseems ok04:37
sbalneavjust on the off chance something's amiss04:38
sbalneavinvoke-rc.d openbsd-inetd restart04:38
LaserJockno help :(04:39
LaserJockis there anything special I need to do because I'm using Ubuntu and not Edubuntu?04:40
sbalneavdpkg -l | grep tftp04:40
LaserJockii  tftpd-hpa                                  0.43-1ubuntu2                              HPA's tftp server04:40
sbalneavthat's ok04:40
sbalneavlets do this.  Add the line:04:42
LaserJockin dhcpd.conf?04:42
sbalneavafter the "option subnetmask"04:42
sbalneavin dhcpd.conf04:42
sbalneavthen restart04:42
sbalneavinvoke-rc.d dhcp3-server restart04:42
LaserJocknope :/04:45
sbalneavHumour me.04:47
sbalneavchange the ip address of the fixed interface to
sbalneavand remove the next-server line.04:47
sbalneavand restart dhcpd again04:47
LaserJockchange the actual interface? not just in dhcpd.conf04:48
LaserJocknow, what about the gateway?04:49
sbalneavI'm wondering if something's hardcoded somewhere.04:49
sbalneavdoesn't matter.04:49
LaserJockI wasn't sure what to do with the gateway04:49
sbalneavYou're not going to be routing through anywhere.04:50
LaserJocksam thing05:06
LaserJockhmm, my other interface wouldn't be interfering would it?05:06
sbalneavwhat's the ip address of the other interface?05:06
LaserJocksbalneav: do you remember ogra having any problems with netbooting his Classmate?05:06
sbalneavand I've netbooted mine.05:06
sbalneavthey should work fine.05:06
LaserJockmy other interface is on
sbalneavIf it's on .1, that should be fine.05:07
sbalneavanything in /var/log/daemon.log, or messages?05:08
LaserJockin messages ther's a lot of eth0: link down05:10
LaserJocketh0: link up05:10
LaserJockI'm an idiot!!!05:10
LaserJockI allow only 192.168.1.* in /etc/hosts.allow05:11
sbalneavWell, nonstandard config, eh.05:11
sbalneav20 raps on the knuckles for YOU! :)05:11
LaserJock log/daemon.log was full of tftp saying connection refused05:11
LaserJockwell, I've been broken into before, I've tried to tighten the ship05:11
sbalneavThe great thing about Unix/Linux in geneal is, if there's something wrong, you can work through it/check in a log/SOMETHING, and find the answer.05:12
sbalneavOn windows, you'dve just got a bluescreen, and that's that.05:12
LaserJockyep, exactly05:13
LaserJockdaemon.log told me exactly what the problem was05:13
sbalneavMan, I've done a TON of updates today.05:13
sbalneavFixed the security problem in ltspfs05:13
sbalneavsimplified a ton of code.05:13
sbalneavcleaned up jetpipe some more05:13
sbalneaveliminated about 5 crufty files out of the tree05:14
sbalneavI is MOTORING.05:14
sbalneavjust testing stuff now.05:14
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LaserJock\o/ \o/ \o/05:18
=== LaserJock hugs sbalneav
LaserJockit's .... alive!!!05:18
sbalneavAlive's always good.05:19
sbalneavCareful, once you get bitten by the thin client bug...05:19
=== LaserJock hugs ldm
sbalneavThat's the OLD ldm05:19
sbalneavWait'll you see the NEW ldm05:20
LaserJockok, now when go to a console05:21
LaserJockcan I log in locally to the client05:21
LaserJockor is logging in on the server?05:22
LaserJocksbalneav: ^^05:33
sbalneavWhich, a character console on the terminal?05:34
sbalneavalt-f1 you mean?05:34
sbalneavThat would be on the client, and there's no logins defined there.05:35
sbalneavyou'd have to set a root password in the chroot05:35
sbalneavchroot /opt/ltsp/i38605:35
LaserJockwell see if that works05:37
LaserJocksweet yeah05:39
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sbalneavMan, what a night.07:33
sbalneavHeading to bed.07:33
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LaserJockanybody know where ldm gets it xsession info?08:01
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LaserJockhi highvoltage08:20
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highvoltagehi LaserJock08:45
=== zsh [n=zsh@213-229-48-187.sdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #edubuntu
highvoltageRichEd-2: are you here at govtech? sabdfl and mdz are giving real nice talks09:00
LaserJockhighvoltage: govtech?09:02
highvoltageLaserJock: yep09:03
highvoltageLaserJock: oh, right. govtech is an expo for technology in local government09:03
highvoltagepeople who decide things in government visit govtech and look at new technologies that government can use. there's a big open source awareness here this year.09:04
LaserJockI wonder if they do anything like that here for state and local governments09:05
zshhighvoltage, hi, for which government is this govtech?09:08
highvoltagezsh: south african09:09
=== RichEd-2 is now known as RichEd
RichEdhello highvoltage09:09
RichEdhey LaserJock got your toy I see :)\09:10
wantokhi RichEd09:10
highvoltagehey RichEd09:10
wantokhighvoltage, h09:10
highvoltagehi wantok09:10
RichEdmr goetz ... another nick change ?09:10
RichEdhighvoltage: where is govtech happening ?09:10
highvoltageRichEd: CTICC09:10
wantokRichEd, only for a few days.09:11
RichEdhighvoltage: is mdz here as well ? in cape town ?09:11
highvoltageRichEd: he is indeed, he's speeking in the Audi Auditorium atm09:11
highvoltagemark gave a keynote speech just before09:11
RichEdand did it go down well ?09:11
=== RichEd looks for a web link
LaserJockRichEd: yes yes, I've showed it off to my boss and labmates09:12
LaserJockRichEd: they love the notetaking thingy09:12
RichEdLaserJock: and were they impressed with the device / price etc as a whole ?09:12
LaserJockwell, "I can't type on this thing"09:13
LaserJockand some of the "Why wouldn't I just buy a real laptop"09:13
RichEd"the fatty finger syndrome ?"09:13
LaserJockbut then I discussed the educational aspect09:13
LaserJocknot as a personal laptop for professors ;-)09:13
LaserJockit's very light and has a long battery life09:14
LaserJockright now I basically can go all day on a charge09:14
LaserJocksince I'm not doing a lot with it09:14
LaserJockI've been testing out the Windows install they're using09:14
LaserJockwhile trying to get my LTSP setup going so I can start working on putting Edubuntu on it09:15
LaserJockI don't think they're going to be able to do much with Windows until they get bigger drives09:15
RichEdLaserJock: you can get an image from oliver ...09:15
LaserJockdoing much of anything cause it to run out of memory09:16
LaserJockthen bad things start happening09:16
LaserJockthey put MS Office 2003 on it (which surprised me) but I'm not sure how you'd use it for much09:16
LaserJockRichEd: yes, I need to09:16
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zshof which device are you speaking?09:17
RichEdzsh: the intel classmate PC09:18
LaserJockIntel ClassmatePC09:18
LaserJockit definitely seems speedy enough09:18
zshand how is it compared to the olpc?09:19
LaserJockI don't have an olpc to specifically compare09:20
LaserJockbut I imagine one of the big things is that the classmate runs a regular OS09:21
LaserJockso Windows XP, Madriva-derived, SUSE-derive, and Ubuntu/Edubuntu09:21
zshI had the chance to try a olpc for 10 minutes09:22
zshhas the classmate a touchscreen?09:24
LaserJockat least not this version09:25
LaserJockit's a 7" 800x480 screen09:25
LaserJockCeleron M 900MHz processor09:25
LaserJock2GB flash drive09:25
LaserJock256MB RAM09:25
LaserJockintel graphics, raylink wireless09:25
RichEdhttp://www.classmatepc.com/ <- zsh09:28
LaserJockon the app level I think the screen resolution is the killer09:28
LaserJockon Windows they've got a fairly nice app that somehow zooms/compresses the screen so 1024x768 fits09:29
LaserJockor something like that09:29
zsh"approximately 4 hours Usage" hmm09:30
LaserJockand it takes ~ 2hrs to charge back up09:31
zshcan I set a dummy audio device in pulseaudio?09:48
zshbecause I have no audiodevice on my ltsp-server and flash crashes sometimes firefox09:48
zshso I think a dummy audio device would solve the problem09:49
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pawanhow to install edubuntu10:01
RichEdjust insert the CD and boot10:01
pawancant it be used as a live cd10:01
RichEddecide if you want to dual boot (keep old partition) or complete install10:01
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RichEdpawan ... you'll need to check that ... what CD version do you have10:02
pawani have edubuntu 7.04 for pc and server10:02
pawani have currently installed ubuntu windows xp and windows 2008 server on my pc10:03
pawannow i am going to install edubuntu10:03
pawanwhat type of partition to use for edubuntu10:07
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zshpawan, what to you mean with "type"?10:11
pawanext3 ext210:11
zshpawan, take ext310:11
pawanhow much space to allocate10:11
zshpawan, for a default install?10:13
zshhow much do you have?10:15
pawan3.3 GB10:16
zshwant you use ltsp?10:18
pawanwhats that10:18
zshthe thinclient setup10:18
zshI guess not10:19
zsh3.3 gb should be enough10:19
zshfor the default install10:19
pawanhow much space to allocate for the root and swap10:19
zshyou can use your swap partition from ubuntu10:20
pawanis it10:20
zshbtw, if you have ubuntu, why to you want install edubuntu?10:21
pawanjust to have a look at some new features10:21
zshis your ubuntu also feisty?10:21
pawanyes feisty 7.0410:22
zshyou get the edubuntu feisty stuff with "sudo aptitude install edubuntu-desktop"10:22
pawanno need to install edubuntu10:23
zshwhat have I done?10:25
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zshwhich app/script creates: .asoundrc.asoundconf?11:12
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zshhow can I file a bug against flashplugin-nonfree?01:09
=== tck [n=tck@213-202-177-23.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograzsh, whats your issue ?01:14
ogra(https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/+filebug BTW)01:14
zshI have on my feisty ltsp-server no soundcard and I watch a youtuby video01:16
zshfirefox crash at the end of the video01:16
zshif I have:  pcm.!default { type null }01:17
zshctl.!default { type null }01:17
ograunlikely we can do anything about that but file izt anyway01:17
zshas asound.conf it don't crashed01:17
ograits likely the plugin uitself thats crashing01:17
zshI think so01:18
zshbut with this asoundrc I get "..to many files open on /dev/null" but firefox/flashplugin don't crashes01:18
ograand if you need to set sound to the null device its likely the old bug that flash doesnt close its device sockets (which the libflashsupport package works around, but it doesnt fix the real issue)01:19
zshhmm, it seems so01:19
ograyou have libflashsupport installed i assume ?01:19
ogra(the one from the FAQ page)01:19
zshfrom which?01:20
ograor ... https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuFAQ as you like01:21
zshwow, every week I find new edubuntu docs01:22
ograyeah ... they are pretty badly organized01:22
ograbut there is work going on constantly, so eventually we'll have them all in the edubuntu handbook01:22
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zshogra, this would be great01:28
zshogra, I only have to install this deb?01:34
ograyes, on the server01:36
ograit will add a layer that circumvents the bug in flash ...01:36
ograbut note that package isnt supported and not packaged very well either01:36
zshogra, and do you know if it is possible to add the nxclient-screen script?01:42
ograi want to talk with Gadi before so we dont produce duplicated work ... i havent met him yet01:44
zshwho is gadi?01:45
ograone guy from #ltsp who cares for the screen scripts ...01:48
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zshwe use the script, I told you01:49
zshonly 1 small bug so far, the nxclient starts a second time01:49
zshso on login, you have to cancel the 2. nxclient01:49
zshI don't know why I can't fix this01:50
RichEd=== edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting === in 10 mins01:52
zshRichEd, is the meeting open for everyone?01:54
RichEdalways :)01:54
zshok, I will listen01:54
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zshbye, I have to go02:26
nosrednaekimogra: hey ogra, are you around?02:26
ogranosrednaekim, in the edubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting atm02:27
nosrednaekimogra: ok.... when is that finished?I have to talk to you.02:27
ograjust talk then but dont ecxpect immediate answers :)02:28
nosrednaekimogra: ah ok :) I asked riddell about his offer to mentor someone porting the Thin Client Manager to Qt, and he said to talk to you. Not neccesarily for mentorship, but for how it is coming along I guess.02:30
ograah, well, the code is a mess, i'm just starting to try to get it sorted so it works again in gutsy ... but pete did at least do a proper frontend/backend split so adding a QT gui instead of thin-client-manager-gnome shouldnt be problematic02:31
nosrednaekimogra: So there are a lot of problems with the backend, but making a QT4 frontend shouldn't affect that?02:34
ograwell, lots of probs is to much ... it used to work and needs adjustments for the new ldm ...02:35
ograthe code is in very bad shape thats the prob ...02:35
ograi'm missing the spare week to go through it and clean it up from the ground up02:35
nosrednaekimSo would now be the best time to write a frontend, or should I wait till you have that spare week?02:36
ograbut if you use the communication layers the studentcontrolpanel.py module provides you should be fine for frontend stuff02:37
ograwell, you should wait until you see the next upload (saying that i fixed userlist polling)02:37
nosrednaekimok, thats great.02:37
ograwithout that being fixed you woont get the basic list of users to work with in your gui+02:37
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nosrednaekimalrighty... I suppose I'll need a full thin client set up. To you have a tutorial handy?02:43
nosrednaekimogra: ^^02:45
ograor use the edubuntu server Cd on a system with two NICs, it will set up everything automativcally02:48
nosrednaekimogra: :( I don't have a system with two NICs. In fact, I don't have any computer that I could try it on if it requires a dedicated server.02:49
ograit doesnt02:49
ograits just esier than manually setting it up02:49
nosrednaekimogra: looks like I'm manually setting it up. Thanks.02:50
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sbalneavMorning all03:05
RichEdhi sbalneav :)03:05
sbalneavHey there RichEd!03:06
moquistgot a weird TC auth/session/login problem.03:08
RichEdhi moquist ...03:08
moquistI've got two servers (they belong to a client) and one allows TC logins, the other does not03:08
moquistRichEd: hey03:08
moquistRichEd: good news. we're going Edubuntu across the board. :) :) :) :-D03:08
RichEdogra asked if you had any status answers on moodle for gutsy ?03:08
RichEdmoquist: \o/03:09
moquistRichEd: mysql is going, need to add postgresql; I've heard from pitti on that and just need to sit down to figure it out/do it03:09
moquistI've got a package in REVU03:09
moquist(since the server came back up)03:09
ogramoquist, re-uploaded ?03:09
moquistI don't think anybody's REVUed it yet, though...03:09
moquistogra: yes, re-uploaded (yesterday, once I realized REVU was back)03:09
ogracool !03:10
moquistanyhow,  here are two LDM logs, where one works and one doesn't. if somebody could take a glance at it I'd appreciate any advice:03:10
moquistI cranked the ldm ssh logging up with -vvv03:10
moquistthe user(s) I'm testing work fine on the server03:11
sbalneavWhat happens on login?03:12
moquist/var/log/auth.log looks normal on both servers (i.e., pam_winbind fails ('cuz I'm not testing a Winders(TM) user) and then ssh auth succeeds)03:12
moquistsbalneav: can you be more specific?03:12
ograteh only intresting log is ~/.xsession-errors03:12
moquiston the TC I see the spinning wheel and then X restarts03:13
moquistogra: Oh... I'll grab that, then. :p03:13
=== moquist thought ldm.log was pretty interesting...
moquist(in general)03:13
sbalneavLike, does the greeter come up at all, or do they log in and it restarts, etc.03:13
ograwell thats about the ssh probs ... usually you will have session probs oif one login works and the oither doesnt03:13
moquistsbalneav: ah. yep, the greeter looks fine, I enter un/pw, [the server auth.log shows that authentication succeeded, ldm.log on the client shows that we've sent the ssh command, ldm.log shows that the server has closed the connection] , then X restarts and I get a fresh greeter03:14
moquistogra: right. makes sense.03:14
sbalneavyeah, it's something on the server side.03:14
moquistso the .xsession-errors file I want lives server side?03:15
=== moquist checks
ograin the users home03:15
=== moquist nods
moquistNo profile for user 'moquist' found03:17
=== moquist scratches head
moquistnot sure that's the problem03:17
moquistI'll have to log back out of this TC to check03:17
monteslumoquist, that's what happened to me until I put the ssh keys from the second edubuntu server onto the server that the client was booting from... but it's probably something totally different :)03:17
moquistyeah, in my scenario I've stopped dhcp on the other server so I know the TC has the right host keys03:18
monteslui did the same03:18
montesluonly one dhcp server, but two ldm servers03:18
moquistwell, I meant during testing.03:18
montesluoh, right03:18
moquistlong term I'll have two dhcp servers03:18
moquistso we'll have to copy the ssh keys over03:19
ogramoquist, uninstall sabayon03:19
ograor add the user to a profile, then it will work03:20
ograthats bug 38410 btw03:20
moquistogra: awesome. thanks.03:26
highvoltageheh, it's nice having Burgundavia here, he's doing all my work :)03:29
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ograhighvoltage, so you are invaded bycanadian burgers ?03:33
highvoltageogra: yes, although only one of them is here at the moment (the loud one)03:33
highvoltage(here being the govtech expo)03:34
highvoltagemadpilot is trying to get a local pilot license so that he can fly here. canadians have way too much money :)03:34
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Riddellogra: merging your seeds, do you want tangerine-icon-theme?04:26
sonjagI have edubuntu fiesty installed at a school, and would like to be able to play shockwave games on ltsp clients. Is this possible? I read on the restricted formats page that it's not supported. Any workaround?04:27
ograRiddell, hmm, we dont use it, is that the new ubuntu default ?04:27
ograsonjag, ask adobe to provide shockwave for linix :)04:27
ograthere is no linux version at all ...04:28
sonjagSo they have flash but not shockwave? Bummer!04:28
Riddellogra: dunno, you'd have to ask dholbach, I'll leave it out04:29
ograRiddell, ok ... i assume it wouldnt do any harm beyond eating CD space ... we use gartoon anyway so its not important to have for edubuntu04:30
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LaserJockogra: ping06:13
ograLaserJock, about to leave, whats up ?06:14
LaserJockogra: I just wondered if you had an Edubuntu image for CMPC available06:15
LaserJockor could make one available somewhere for me06:15
LaserJockI got LTSP working and dd'd the existing WIndows06:15
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boyamIf I convert edubuntu to ubuntu CE are there any ltsp gotchas I need to be aware of....such as tftp being blocked once dansguardian is installed and running...is it pretty straight forward?08:15
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LaserJockboyam: dansguardian is pretty tough to figure out sometimes from what I've seen on the forums08:18
LaserJocksometimes you get no network at all08:18
LaserJockbut I suppose you could try it and see :-)08:18
LaserJockboyam: are you wanting dansguardian specifically?08:19
boyamLaserJock: ouch...no network defeats ltsp's purpose...08:19
LaserJockwell, I'm not saying that's the way it always happens08:20
LaserJockbut I've seen several cases where people lose their network after installing dansguardian08:20
LaserJockbut I don't think there's an inherent reason why it shouldn't work08:20
LaserJockI'd think especially if you've got 2 nics and are separating LTSP network from outside internet08:21
boyamLaserJock, not exactly ...i saw ubuntu CE was out there so I didn't want to reinvent the wheel if it's already been done08:24
LaserJockboyam: well, I can't give a resounding endorsement of CE, but I think you can turn dansguardian off after installing it08:28
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boyamLaserJock, I'll look into it and give it a go.....08:29
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LaserJockwow. the Edubuntu meeting this morning was nice and short09:30
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jollisI am having problems with the gnome settings daemon on login to the server09:45
jollisI have searched google an no good replies09:45
jollisAny thoughts?09:45
sbalneavjollis: What trouble are you having?09:46
jolliswon't login, frozen09:46
jollisit also takes a long time to get to the error screen09:47
sbalneavThis happening for all users, or just for one?09:47
sbalneavWhen the user is logged out, make sure there are no processes running as that user,09:48
sbalneavand rm -rf /tmp/gconfd-user09:48
sbalneavie, my username is sbalneav, so rm -rf /tmp/gconfd-sbalneav09:48
jollisI will try another user, and your suggestions and get back with you09:48
LaserJocksbalneav: so, I got ltsp working great, was able to dd the existing Windows partition over to my laptop as a backup09:53
LaserJocksbalneav: I logged in via ldm to see what all the LTSP hubbub is all about09:54
LaserJockit's quite amazing09:54
LaserJockonly thing is that hit pegs my laptops CPU09:54
LaserJockand one time it overheated it and it shutdown09:54
sbalneavThat's due to the ssh encryption of everything over the wire.09:54
LaserJockfor just 1 client should it be *that* CPU intesive?09:54
sbalneavShouldn't.  I'd check your laptop.  It'll be dust-clogged somehow.09:55
sbalneavI run 40 clients off of one server.  this one:09:55
LaserJockI've recently dusted it out09:55
LaserJockI does run hot, especially in this weather09:56
LaserJockbut like literally, the CPU was pegged09:56
LaserJockfrom the moment I logged in to LDM09:56
sbalneavsputnik:  1.4609:56
LaserJockI mean, it was worse than compiling from source or something like that09:56
sbalneavGot anything whacky animated on your desktop, or were you also logged in on the laptop as the same user?09:57
LaserJockI was logged in as the same user on the laptop09:57
sbalneavGnome doesn't like more than one person logged in at a time.09:57
sbalneavA problem we need to get gnome to fix, exentually.09:57
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LaserJocksbalneav: so that'll account for the CPU usage?09:59
sbalneavyeah, gconf gets all whacky, starts sucking air.10:00
LaserJockI was going to create a separate user for it anyway, just thought I'd give it a go while I was there10:00
LaserJocksbalneav: I was actually surprised how fast bootup and login is10:04
LaserJockI was expecting a long wait from all horror stories you guys had at Sevilla ;-)10:04
sbalneavWell, there's kindof a line you cross at about 700 mhz10:04
LaserJockI can't imagine how fast the new ltsp is going to be10:05
LaserJockI see10:05
sbalneavif you're BELOW 700 mhz, things start getting exponentially slower everytime you drop 100 mhz10:05
sbalneavif you're above 700mhz, things don't get much faster, really.10:05
LaserJockwhat speed is the average TC on the market today?10:05
sbalneavThe problem is: ltsp caters to a LOT of older slower hardware.10:06
sbalneavWell, in the $300 range, it's about 650-700 megs, so they're ok10:06
LaserJockthat's a pretty penny if you've got to do a whole lab10:08
LaserJockI suppose that's why you see a lot of PIIs and PIIIs used10:08
sbalneavWell, the box jammcq had was like a $100 box.10:16
sbalneavThe problem with those is: they're like 250 mhz.10:16
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sbalneavSo they were painful.10:16
LaserJockheh, makes this CMPC look like a very cheap TC10:17
sbalneavBut now, mine boots in under 90 seconds.  With ltsp 4.2, they booted in 42 seconds, but ltsp 4.2 was so finely tuned, and we'll never get quite that level of ability to tweak startup scripts in ltsp5.  But, in my view, 90 seconds isn't that long, and a perfectly acceptible wait.10:18
sbalneavEspecially since, once it's booted, it's just as fast, performance wise, as ltsp4.210:19
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jollishas anyone encountered a NFS over TCP not available issue?11:07
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LaserJockogra: I don't get how https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/edubuntu-meta/+bug/48402 is an Edubuntu bug?11:21
ubotuLaunchpad bug 48402 in edubuntu-meta "Gnome WEP key hex entry '0' parsed to 'o'" [Medium,New] 11:21
LaserJockoh ubotu is in here11:21
jollisthis issue occurs and stops clients from booting (NFS over TCP error)11:25
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