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mptGoooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!03:00
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Amaranthcprov-afk: it might not be the 'Priority: optional' bit causing problems anymore but people that have just now added my repo still get the constant upgrade offer for compiz-core04:21
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cprov-afkAmaranth: tomorrow morning we can investigate it with the help of Michael Vogt (mvo).04:30
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MFenare there any problems with the code of conduct signing form?06:42
MFeni just signed mine and pasted it in, and it says "(7, 9, 'No public key')06:42
MFeni have verified a public key already.06:42
spivI'm not aware of any problems with that form.06:49
spivNot sure how best to debug that though.06:49
MFenthat's all i get. :(06:50
MFencould it be a timing thing? i tried to sign about 1 minute after i verified my key06:50
fabbioneMFen: is your key available on keyserver.ubuntu.com ?06:51
fabbioneperhaps it didn't propagate all over the gpg keyserver network?06:51
MFenis there a web interface there?06:52
MFenlooks like it.06:52
fabbionejust use gpg --keyserver --recv-key 123456706:52
MFenthis work for you?06:52
MFengpg --recv-keys 70221d07 --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com06:52
fabbioneyeah it's there06:53
fabbionegpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 70221d0706:53
fabbionegpg: requesting key 70221D07 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com06:53
fabbionegpg: key 70221D07: public key "Cory Dodt <cory@decipherinc.com>" imported06:53
fabbionegpg: Total number processed: 106:53
fabbionegpg:               imported: 106:53
MFenthass me.06:54
MFenstill getting the same error. maybe it's a temporary issue06:55
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jameshMFen: what does your signed text look like?07:05
MFenjamesh: -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----07:07
MFencode of conduct, signature, END PGP SIGNATURE07:07
fabbioneMFen: can you please put that file somewhere I can download it?07:07
fabbioneat least we can verify it's signed properly07:08
MFeni added spaces and stuff like it said to do07:08
MFenoh, ffs07:08
MFeni think i know what i did wrong, grr07:08
MFeni added spaces *after* i signed it07:08
jameshgpg: Signature made Wed 22 Aug 2007 12:41:29 WST using DSA key ID D6B09B0207:09
jameshgpg: Can't check signature: public key not found07:09
MFenthe signature won't match any more07:09
MFenthe error message cbb07:09
spivMFen: Heh.07:09
jameshMFen: key ID D6B09B02 doesn't seem to be linked to the key you mentioned earlier07:10
MFenjamesh: wth?  i don't know why it signed with that key07:10
jameshperhaps you have multiple private keys and signed it with a different one?07:11
=== spiv hates gpg's ui
fabbioneMFen: gpg --default-key 70221d07 ....07:11
MFenthanks. know how to make that permanent?07:12
MFennm, found it07:12
jameshpublic key cryptography: ready for your grandmother07:12
Amaranththat's what seahorse is for :)07:13
MFenyeah, if her surname is lovelace07:13
jmljamesh: I still can't sign my wii-mail.07:14
RAOFjml: Hm, it works for me in Evolution.  When the phase of the moon is right.07:14
jameshjml: maybe you should have got a PS3 then07:14
jmlhow do I *really know* who I'm losing to in Mario Strikers?07:14
jmljamesh: hahaha07:15
jamesha PS3 probably has enough grunt to run GPG07:15
jmlRAOF: you don't have a wii07:15
RAOFjml: Oh, sorry.  EPARSE07:15
superm1jml, lol07:15
jameshyou could run GPG 7 times in parallel07:15
AmaranthWii == awesome07:16
jameshPS3 == $100007:16
Amaranthi bought a bunch of games but all i do is bowling and boxing on wii sports :P07:16
superm1jml, is strikers worth it, even if you can't verify your opponents?  I've considered it myself :)07:16
jmlsuperm1: it's a really good game.07:17
jmlsuperm1: but whether it's worth it depends on how much time you spend playing it, how much you value your money etc :)07:18
superm1right.  well maybe worth a rental first07:18
superm1if i didn't spend so much time on ubuntu and school stuff and work, i might have more time to play it :)07:18
Amaranthit's mario tennis on speed, right?07:19
jameshMFen: got everything sorted out?07:39
MFenjamesh: yep! i am an ubuntero now07:41
MFeni'll have to stop sinning and abusing :(07:41
jameshMFen: only when participating in the Ubuntu community :)07:43
MFenah, true07:44
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lifelessBjornT: email tag support, is that planned ?08:18
Hobbseeooh, that might be fun08:19
lifelessI basically don't use tags because I don't use the web ui except when I'm looking for bugs (and then I use google ;))08:21
lifelessif I'm doing rm I'll tag things08:22
Hobbseerm? 08:22
Hobbseeoh, yes, i see.  then it might have a point08:22
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BjornTlifeless: yes, it's even implemented for 1.1.8, so it should be available in a day or so.08:29
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Hobbseemorning carlos 09:29
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lifelessBjornT: woot09:37
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Treenaksis it possible to change my address in launchpad? I tried logging in on shop.canonical.com, but it displays my old (home) address, not my new one09:49
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BjornTTreenaks: either way, you can change your address on shop.canonical.com.09:53
TreenaksBjornT: ok, it's still a bit confusing :)09:54
BjornTTreenaks: i agree, i was a bit confused about it as well :)09:54
mptTreenaks, we know about that problem and we're discussing a solution09:54
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Treenaksmpt: thanks10:14
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helix84hello. i'm managing a few packages at translationproject.org. how do i get new version of .po files into rosetta?03:07
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jameshhelix84: at present, PO files for upstream packages need to be manually imported into Launchpad (although some people do use scripts to automate the process)03:14
helix84how can i do that?03:14
jameshhelix84: the registrant for the project in Launchpad can upload new PO files03:15
=== carlos -> lunch
helix84so for each package i have to contact the registrant?03:16
helix84is there a way to get permissions for this for a set of packages or for a language?03:16
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jameshhelix84: perhaps carlos or danilos can give you a pointer.  At present I believe the registrant needs to upload the PO templates though.03:45
helix84thanks. carlos? danilos?03:46
helix84what about pushing changes from rosetta to upstream packages? who's responsible for that?03:46
daniloshelix84: start with https://help.launchpad.net/TranslationsImportPolicy and if something is not clear there, feel free to ask03:46
helix84how can i tell if a template is distribution or product?03:53
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=== barry supposes its time to start the eu/us reviewer meeting
barryhi everybody.  for the next 45 minutes or less, we're going to be conducting the eu/us launchpad review team meeting04:01
barry== Agenda ==04:02
barry * Roll call04:02
barry * Next meeting04:02
barry * Queue status04:02
barry * New reviewer nominations04:02
barrywho's here?04:02
BjornTbarry: btw, does this mean that you'll be chairing the eu/us meetings from now on?04:02
barryBjornT: i just kind of assumed so, but if you want to keep doing it... :)04:03
BjornTbarry: no, i'm fine with you doing it :) you should update ReviewerMeetingAgenda, though04:04
barryBjornT: will do!04:04
barrysalgado: ping ?04:04
barrysalgado: awesome thanks04:05
barrythere are no other apologies so i think have everyone04:05
barryoh wait  SteveA ping04:05
barry * Next meeting04:06
barrysame bat time, same bat channel?  any objections?04:06
barrysome of us will be sprinting but i think we can still make it04:06
barry * Queue status04:07
barry7 in needs-review with 4 over the 2 day limit04:07
barrylifeless has the oldest branch04:08
barrykiko and stub have old branches too, but theirs are in conflict04:08
kikoI am the winner of the "unreliable reviewer of the cycle" award :-(04:08
BjornTi'll review the one in my queue soon, it was was assigned to me while i was on vacation04:08
barryi think we're done with 1.1.8 branches right?  does anybody have anything left to review for 1.1.8?!04:08
barryBjornT: cool thanks.  kiko's blue ribbon is in the mail04:09
barrydoes anybody have any 1.1.8 branches in needs-reply?04:09
kikoI did04:10
kikobut I'll update now04:10
barrykiko: thanks04:10
barrythere's nothing in the general queue so i think we're looking pretty good04:10
barrygreat work everyone04:11
barryget ready to start all over again :)04:11
kikoI wanted to say04:11
kikothat the allocations this month worked really well I thought04:11
barrykiko: i totally agree.04:11
kikois that mostly to do with salgado's dilligence?04:11
barrysalgado was doing most of the assignments out of general?  if so, way to go salgado!04:12
kikoI think so04:12
salgadoI was doing them once a day at least04:12
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salgadobut jamesh did some as well04:12
salgadoand so did lifeless, I think04:12
barryit's great to have multiple coverage.  thanks all three of you.  i don't think our general queue was ever backed up04:13
salgadobarry, are you going to do allocations now as well?04:13
barrysalgado: you're doing such a good job, i'll let you continue :)04:13
barrysalgado: do you think this is something you'll get burned out on at some point or is it mostly painless?04:14
barryi ask because if it's a big burden, then we should round-robin responsibility for it to spread the love04:14
salgadoit's painless if you do once a day04:14
salgado(and with the help of the It's All Text firefox extension)04:15
=== barry loves IAT too
kikois that a good thing?04:15
salgadothe important thing is to have a good timezone coverage so that branches stay less than 24h on the general queue04:15
salgadowith me and jamesh doing the allocations I think we have that04:15
barrysalgado: agreed.  okay, please let us know if you start to get burned out and we'll find someone else to take over for a while.  same goes for jamesh and lifeless04:16
barrykiko: IAT rocks04:16
carloshelix84: distribution templates are usually under launchpad.net/ubuntu/.... url space04:16
kikoPendingReviews is a mess04:16
barrykiko: well it should be a web app instead of a wiki page, and it should be merged with pending-reviews but that's not on the agenda for today :)04:17
barryanything else on queue status?04:18
barry * New reviewer nominations04:18
barrydid anybody not see the list of nominations that i sent out a few hours ago?04:18
=== statik is still behind on mail
=== Adri2000 [n=adri2000@ubuntu/member/adri2000] has joined #launchpad
salgadoI didn't04:19
=== salgado checks
=== bac_ i'm having mail problems so i haven't seen it
barryokay no problem04:19
statikbarry: I've read it now04:19
barryin summary: i received 6 responses to my call for nominations04:19
barryjtv: 3, jml: 3, mwhudson: 2, sinzui: 1, intellectronica: 104:20
barrythe list makes sense to me and i propose we invite them all.  if you have objections state them now, or in pvt msg or pvt email.  if the au folks agree, we'll invite them and figure out mentor assignments for next cycle04:21
kikosounds fine to me04:21
barrythanks kiko04:22
BjornTthe only objection i'd have, is that the more new reviewers, the more time will be needed for mentoring04:22
BjornTit might make sense to limit the number of new reviewers each cycle04:22
kikoBjornT, that's a good point. I also want to do reviewer training at allhands04:23
barryBjornT: true, but we have 12 reviewers now, which is i think 3 more than the last round04:23
barryi think that means we can have a primary mentor for each new nominee, and still have a backup for vacation and illnesses and such04:24
barrywithout any one reviewer having more than one mentoree04:24
barryBjornT: your opinion is noted and i'll add that to the meeting summary.  we'll see if anybody else has similar reservations.  thanks.04:25
barryif there's nothing else, then that's it for the agenda.  just one last thing to note04:25
barrywe've all agreed on a 2k limit for branch sizes so don't feel bad about kicking big branches out immediately04:26
barrylet us know if 2k is unreasonable, and also it's up to you to let your branch authors convince you to accept a bigger branch.04:27
barryi really think this limit will help us all feel much less pain04:28
barryi guess that's it.  anything else?04:28
BjornTwell, i could just add that i've started a list thread for discussion the 'add notes to reviewers' issue04:28
BjornTplease read it and discuss04:29
barryBjornT: yes, thanks for that.  i have a reply to that i'll send after this meeting04:29
barryMEETING ENDS04:29
barrythanks everyone!04:30
BjornTthanks barry 04:30
salgadothanks barry!04:30
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LucidFoxI have uploaded a translation template for my upstream project. How do I make the corresponding Ubuntu package use it?05:52
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kikoLucidFox, you contact the package maintainer06:12
kikoLucidFox, or, you work with the Ubuntu translation team to update the translations for the package06:12
Hobbseegreetings kiko 06:14
kikohello Hobbsee 06:15
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LucidFoxkiko> I'm the upstream developer. The package maintainer is from Debian., as the package was imported from Debian with no Ubuntu changes.06:21
Hobbseeit's probably in universe, too, which doenst export rosetta translations, iirc06:23
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kikoLucidFox, so yeah, you need to talk to the debian maintainer, or get a MOTU to maintain a delta :)06:32
sourcercitohi, there is any launchpad admin here?06:32
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LaserJockso, are we there yet? ;-)06:56
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=== LaserJock starts planning all the packages he needs to upload to his shiny new PPA :-)
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ubotuNew bug: #134012 in launchpad "script monitor needs a database user" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13401207:15
ubotuNew bug: #134014 in launchpad-bazaar "Branch-in-bug-report status pages have "no title" and snoozing tabs" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13401407:15
ubotuNew bug: #134016 in malone ""Are you sure you want to request a fix anyway?" needs tweaking" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13401607:15
mayecowhat is http://ppa.launchpad.net/?07:17
LaserJockmayeco: it's for https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart07:18
mayecoheyy that is nice :D07:21
mayecoi'm testing now07:21
mayecothanks LaserJock07:21
LaserJockmayeco: you probably want to wait until the new Launchpad release lands07:22
=== zyga [n=zyga@ubuntu/member/zyga] has joined #launchpad
LaserJockas URLs are going to change, etc. when it "goes live"07:23
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ubotuNew bug: #134090 in launchpad "valid_name and valid_branch_name are not consistent" [Critical,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13409007:31
kblinppa is a good idea, but wouldn't cooperating with existing services like the OpenSuse build service better?07:35
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kblinis there any reason apart from the usual issues when trying to cooperate with a competing project?07:37
LaserJockbecause it's a part of a much bigger system, and it's a different approach, I believe07:37
LaserJockbut I'm not an LP dev so I can't say for sure07:37
LaserJockthe big thing for me is that we can eventually integrate everything07:38
kblinwearing my "upstream developer" hat, I'd like to have to use as little different tools as possible07:38
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kblinof course in an ideal world, everybody would just use debs07:39
kblinor whatever other package format07:39
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mdkeanyone know what the easiest way to get a commit bot going for launchpad code uploads?08:19
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mdkeseems jelmer has a script for a CIA bot post commit hook; can that be made to work  with LP somehow?08:21
kikothat's a good question for thumper and ddaa and mwh, since I asked about exactly this today :)08:21
mdkecool; if it helps, the script is here: http://cia.vc/clients/bzr/cia_bzr.py08:22
mwhright now you'd have to have something driven by email, i think08:22
ddaawe have an branch email subscription mechanism08:22
ddaathat should give you all you want08:22
mdkeit would be neat to include a feature directly in LP though; apparently sourceforge does it, and I'd have no idea how to go about setting up something email driven08:23
ddaamdke: no idea what else you would expect08:23
ddaarunning a IRC bot from Launchpad?08:24
mdkeddaa: integration with an existing IRC commit bot  such as CIA?08:24
mdkelemme see if I can find out what sourceforge offers08:24
ddaamdke: I'm fairly sure CIA supports email-driven stuff08:24
ddaacommit mailing lists is a fairly ubiquitous mechanism08:25
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ddaamdke: I have no idea what "integrating with CIA" involves.08:26
ddaaactually, I have no clue what CIA is.08:26
ddaaIs that a web service?08:26
ddaais that a piece of software you run on your workstation?08:26
mdkenor do I, I just read that sourceforge includes built-in support for it; you can see it here: http://cia.vc/doc/adding-projects/08:27
mdkeanyway, was just an idea; I'll investigate doing something by email08:27
ddaaLooks like CIA is svn-specific08:28
mdkeno, not at all08:28
mdkethose three bullet points are alternatives08:28
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ddaaoh well, then I guess we'd need to implement "built-in CIA support"08:28
ddaasuggest you file a bug about it08:29
mdkeis it a realistic feature to ask for?08:29
ddaaI do not know.08:29
ddaaIt does not appear particularly insane on face value.08:30
salgadoisn't http://cia.vc/clients/baz/cia_baz.sh enough?08:30
kikobaz? 08:30
kikowhat's baz for?08:30
ddaasalgado: commit hooks mechanisms do not work will DVCS08:31
ddaathey require everybody to run the commit hook locally08:31
ddaathat's why launchpad branch email is very useful08:31
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salgadoisn't it enough to run the commit hook only on the mainline branch?08:33
ddaasalgado: it does not work if the branch is team owned.08:33
salgado(and I meant to say http://samba.org/~jelmer/bzr/cia_bzr.py instead of that baz thing)08:33
kikohe said baz again08:33
ddaait relies on the hook being run by every committer, on every commit.08:34
ddaaThat can be made sort of works in some cases, but it's always a half-assed solution for stuff like commit mail or cia integration.08:34
ddaa(unless the only comitter is a pqm bot)08:34
ddaaThe problem is that it requires 1. collaboration from every committer 2. server grade reliability on developer workstations.08:35
salgadohmmm. I was thinking it'd be possible to run the commit hook on the server side08:35
ddaaBoth of which are unrealistic in general.08:35
ddaasalgado: which server? sftp server?08:36
ddaathere's no server in bzr08:36
ddaathe commit hook needs to be on a mirror08:36
kikoon /the/ mirror ideally :)08:37
kikobecause if you have multiple mirrors..08:37
salgadowell, there's one central point to which everybody commit their work at some point, no?08:37
ddaanot necessarily08:37
ddaabut assuming it's true, that does not mean there's a single server08:38
ddaasome people may be using sftp, other direct filesystem, other bzr+ssh to access the same repository08:38
ddaaunless it's hosted on Launchpad08:38
ddaabut if you mean the Launchpad server you are just saying the same thing as me08:38
salgadoah, right. I see the difference now08:38
ddaawhich is "we need a centralized authority to make it work"08:39
ddaaThere are ways to make this work without launchpad, but they all involve a similar architecture: A single smart server, or intermediate mirror.08:40
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mdkeddaa: ok, I'll file it and see what happens08:58
ddaamdke: on launchpad-bazaar project08:59
ddaafrom a quick glance, it appears to be just a custom form of email notification08:59
ddaanothing really hard to implement, I guess the question is more whether the power that be think we should support CIA or do NIH.09:00
ddaain any case, it will likely at least a few months before we get there09:00
mdkein the meantime, I might ask Seveas if the bug bot could do something similar09:01
Seveasmdke, ?09:01
mdkeSeveas: ah rock you're here09:01
mdkeSeveas: subscribe to code updates on projects and notify new uploads to a channel09:02
Seveasdoes launchpad send emails on code updates?09:02
Seveasit does for package uploads, that drives my rss feeds 09:03
mdkesee for example https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-doc/gnome-user-docs/ubuntu-changes/+addsubscriber09:03
Seveaswhat does the CIA bot display?09:04
Seveasfirst line of log?09:04
mdkethink so09:04
mdkehere's what it does for an svn commit - 15:47:47 < CIA-32> Ubuntu Documentation: lucius * r4289 xubuntu/switching/C/applications.xml: patch from george09:04
Seveasbzr changeset often span many files and have a more-than-one-line log09:05
Seveashow to display those?09:05
mdkewell, all revision controls do I guess; lemme see09:06
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=== mdke can't find an example, continues looking
tonyyarussoLaunchpad PPAs where due to go public today iirc; has that happened yet?09:09
radixaccording to the announcement email I just got, yep09:09
=== tonyyarusso can't see it in his options yet, might be blind
cprovtonyyarusso: radix: not yet, the announcement says "after 1.1.8" which will be tomorrow morning09:10
tonyyarussocprov: aah.09:10
mdkeSeveas: seems to display multiple lines; I'll just do a paste of recent activity in #commits09:11
mdkeSeveas: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/34691/09:11
radixwoops :)09:11
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Seveasmdke, too spammy for something for ubotu09:12
mdkeSeveas: maybe there is a trimmed down solution? just take the first line or something?09:13
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SeveasHow often are uploads of new translation files for projects reviewed?09:55
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ubotuNew bug: #134131 in soyuz "NoMoreAptFtpArchive generates incorrect Releases file" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13413110:45
LaserJockwill LP be down when 1.1.8 is rolled out?10:46
mrevellLaserJock: mthaddon is the best person to answer that10:48
mthaddonLaserJock: yes - for approx 45 mins - 1 hour in about 7.5 hours10:51
LaserJockmthaddon: excellent, that's exactly what I wanted to know :-)10:51
mrevellthanks mthaddon10:54
LaserJockmrevell: get my pm?10:59
mrevellLaserJock: Yes, and I replied. Bloody Freenode didn't have me recognised by nickserv. I'll re-post my replies11:00
LaserJockheh, that's 2 people who've cursed freenode in the last hour ;-)11:00
mrevellI love Freenode really :)11:00
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gnomefreaki havent seen the beta testing pages in a long time is there something i need to do to get them back, it used to redirect me to edge.LP.* but no longer does this11:15
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mrevellgnomefreak: We haven't redirected to beta for a while now. We should have some news on beta team redirection soon, though.11:26
gnomefreakmrevell: ok ty11:26
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ubotuNew bug: #134143 in rosetta "translation dates incoherency" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13414311:40
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