theCoreI will probably have some free time for the guide in mid September, after I finish my Python project12:42
theCorebut until then, I am not sure if I can commit to anything12:43
LaserJockmight be best if for Gutsy the packaging guide just gets looked over for stuff that needs to be updated12:47
LaserJockand not adding any new content really12:47
theCoreHmm... I still have my notes about packaging lying around.12:52
theCoreI think I will polish them up, and put them in the guide12:53
theCoreand I still have a half written blog post "Debian Packaging 101 (Part 2)"12:55
theCorein which, I mostly talk about creating a good packaging environment12:55
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mdkemorning all09:13
=== dsas [n=dean@ubuntu/member/dsas] has joined #ubuntu-doc
dsasmoin popey09:36
mdkehiya popey, good move with the screencasts mailing list09:36
popeyhey dsas, long time no type09:36
popeythanks mdke09:36
mdkeis it going well?09:36
popeyi have a major blitz planned09:36
popey30 screencasts in 30 days09:36
mdkewe haven't got anywhere to adding links in the documentation09:37
popeyzero to hero09:37
mdkedo you fancy preparing a list of suitable screencasts to be added?09:37
popeyfunny you should say that mdke :)09:37
popeyit was suggested to me that screencasts should be more integral to apps09:38
mdkethen we'll get our minions *cough* docuMENTORS on the job09:38
=== popey is writing a spec
=== bhuvan [n=bhuvan@ubuntu/member/bhuvan] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkepopey: right. But adding links to the documentation is something easy we can probably do now09:38
popeysure, but only once there is content?09:39
popeyand there is currently very little09:39
mdkeyes, of course.09:39
mdkeoh, ok09:39
popeyi.e. I would wait until there was a critical mass, if that makes sense09:39
mdkepopey: ok, let us know how it goes :)09:40
popeyi have a meeting at canonical tomorrow about it09:40
mdkeoh rly09:40
popeyhopefully it can be moved on a bit09:40
popeyya rly09:40
popeybrekkie time!09:40
mdkeabout integrating them into the desktop?09:40
mdkeinteresting to get a balance between screencasts and documentation09:41
mdkegood luck with that09:41
mdkeand let us know how it goes :)09:42
mdkepopey: if we could find a way to integrate videos with yelp, then we could integrate both documentation and screencasts alongside each other better into the desktop09:43
=== mdke -> work :(
dsaspopey: Indeed :) I've finished at uni now, so I've got a real job and I'm back living close to Sara, so I've cut down my involvement in many things Ubuntu.09:47
popeyahh, the influence of real life :)09:50
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dsasaye :), someones started an nderbys LUG though, so maybe Real Life and Linux will merge more closely again.09:51
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: mantha * r4288 debian/changelog: committed changelog for 7.07.2 upload09:54
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nixternalclonezilla is the way to go for something like this02:31
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@ubuntu/member/gwaihir] has joined #ubuntu-doc
Gwaihirmdke: is there a way of having a bzr checkout of gnome-user-docs/ubuntu-change in some sort of tarball? I'm behind a dial-up and in 3 hours I've seen no progress...02:37
jjesseGwaihir: are you doing a bzr branch or bzr checkout?  i thought i read bzr checkout is faster cause you don't download the history?02:59
GwaihirI'm doing a bzr checkout...02:59
jjessehmm don't know for sure if there is a tarball03:00
GwaihirIf it's faster than bzr branch... I don't know how slow should it be...03:00
Gwaihiranyway... i'll wait and see... :)03:01
Gwaihirhmmm... I'll stop and restart... I see there's a --lightweight option that maybe could useful...03:05
mpt"Lightweight checkouts depend on access to the branch for every operation."03:18
mptSo if you use --lightweight, your commits will take longer (on dial-up, probably much longer)03:19
mptand so will your merges03:20
mptIf you want to invest some time (and learning) now to make branching faster, I suggest setting up a local repository03:21
mptsee "bzr init-repository --help"03:21
GwaihirI'll check it out...03:21
mptThen create your branches within the repository03:22
=== mpt hopes he's not talking nonsense
=== jjesse understands
Gwaihiroh.. that's a good resource...03:24
mptIf you maintain a local copy of mainline, you can make each new branch from that, rather than branching from Launchpad each time03:26
mptThat should cut your branching time down to a minute or less03:27
Gwaihirgot it... (think and hope) easier to maintain with a dial-up...03:27
mptthen you can run "bzr pull" on your copy of mainline, when convenient, to update it03:28
mpt(The longer you leave it without updating, the more likely your branches will have conflicts when people try to merge them)03:28
mptSorry, by "mainline" I mean "trunk"03:30
Gwaihiryes... I'm starting to know bzr now... and made a little confusion with terminology coming from SVN03:30
Gwaihirif I lost the connection or have to shutdown the PC... how am I supposed to restart branching? simply by bzr branch http://... again from inside the directory?03:53
jjessei don't know, but i think so04:02
GwaihirI'll ask on #bzr ;)04:10
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CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: lucius * r4289 xubuntu/switching/C/applications.xml: patch from george04:47
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: lucius * r4290 xubuntu/printing/C/printing.xml: other patch by george04:55
CIA-32Ubuntu Documentation: lucius * r4291 xubuntu/switching/C/applications.xml: oops, i missed that george provided a slightly updated version of his first patch, so here comes the update05:01
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sommerhey all.  I was following: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Contribute and when I get the the make part it works fine.06:56
sommerexcept the links to the server documentation area ping to genhelp:basic-commands06:56
sommerjust wondering if there's something I've done wrong?06:56
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #ubuntu-doc
mdkesommer: that's normal; nothing you've done wrong.07:39
sommermdke: ah...I updated the mail.xml file Dovecot section and I was testing to make sure everything looks good.07:47
sommeris there another way to view that content in a browser?07:47
mdkesommer: best way is to view the xml file directly in Yelp07:47
sommermdke: okay, I did that and everything looks good.07:48
sommershould the contrib page be updated?07:48
mdkesommer: the other thing is to check the document using the validate.sh script07:48
mdkesommer: sure, you can include that in your patch if you like07:49
sommermdke: cool thanks for your help.07:50
mdkethanks for your efforts07:51
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LaserJockmdke: "There are 27 direct members of the "Ubuntu Documentation Project" team, and 73 people are members in total, directly and indirectly" is that going to cause problems if we use ~ubuntu-doc for access control?09:16
mdkeLaserJock: I don't know, but we'd certainly have to think about the appropriate way to structure things.09:18
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CIA-33Ubuntu Documentation: lucius * r4292 xubuntu/libs/xubuntu.ent: update location of thunar and terminal in the applications menu. closes LP #13246211:56
ubotuLaunchpad bug 132462 in ubuntu-doc "Xubuntu help list terminal located at Application>System>Terminal" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13246211:56
jjesseooo i love it when bugs get closed :)12:18
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jribis wiki.ubuntu.com not aware of the help.ubuntu.com/community wiki?  I can't find it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/InterWiki12:20
=== astro76 [n=james@unaffiliated/astro76] has joined #ubuntu-doc
LaserJockno, they are separate, I believe completely12:21
LaserJockhi jjesse12:21
jribbut wiki.ubuntu.com is aware of wikis like PythonWiki.  Is there a reason not to allow InterWiki links from wiki.ubuntu.com to help.ubuntu.com/community?12:23
jjessehiya LaserJock12:23
LaserJockjrib: I guess we never thought of it12:24
LaserJockjrib: they are supposed to be pretty orthogonal12:24
LaserJockjrib: but maybe ask the list, it's a good question12:24
jribhelp.ubuntu.com/community does have wiki.ubuntu.com in its InterWiki page so I found it strange12:25
jribLaserJock: thanks, I'll mail ubuntu-doc about it then12:25
LaserJockah, well I doubt wiki.ubuntu.com has been touched much since the wiki was split12:26
jjessefor a note is it <note> <para>text</para></note>12:42

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