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sanzkyhi, does anyone knows if sun-java6 has some problem with the keyboard under feisty?05:59
sanzkyi have problems with many applications not responding to keyboard05:59
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marcin_anthi all10:20
marcin_antI got a question: why eclipse *.jar files goes to /usr/lib/eclipse/* while debian java policy says that architecture independent files should go to /usr/share not /usr/lib10:22
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dokomarcin_ant: these are jars containing binaries10:52
marcin_antdoko: you mean *.class files?10:53
dokono, so10:53
marcin_antright - jars with *.so files should go to /usr/lib other to /usr/share10:54
marcin_antdoko: so? am I right or not?10:56
marcin_antdoko: am I right that architecture independent jar's should go to /usr/share/eclipse not to /usr/lib/* ?11:00
dokomarcin_ant: which ones, and why are the arch-indep?11:01
marcin_antdoko: imho almost all eclipse plugins are arch-indep11:02
man-dimarcin_ant: in general you are right, but eclipse is and its osgi impl is very special11:03
marcin_antdoko: only these with *gtk.linux.x86.* in their name are platform dependent11:03
man-dimarcin_ant: we had split that into /usr/lib and /usr/share in the past and this gave much problems11:03
man-dimarcin_ant: that was why we move alled into /usr/lib again11:04
marcin_antman-di: hmm if you say so11:10
marcin_antman-di: then another question - why do you keep images and other simmilar files in their original localizations (and then in /usr/lib) and override lintian warnings instead of moving these files to /usr/share/pixmaps and symlink to original?11:11
man-disame problem11:12
man-dieclipse osgi insists on all being in /usr/lib/eclipse11:13
man-diand this way its easier to handle for all11:13
man-diits know that this is not really FHS conform11:13
man-dibut it works11:13
man-diafaik OOo does handle this similar, at leat in Debian11:14
dokomarcin_ant: why don't you just help packaging 3.3 instead of insisting on policy conformance? ;-P11:14
man-dimarcin_ant: if you want to help join pkg-java on alioth11:15
marcin_antdoko: can you give me some info how to help?11:16
dokomarcin_ant: man-di and vil would know better. build-deps need to be packaged, then eclipse 3.311:17
man-dimarcin_ant: we are currently work on jetty and lucene11:18
marcin_anthmm I really don't know what is the problem I got my own packages with eclipse 3.3 up and running 11:19
man-dimarcin_ant: a good helper would be to get icedtea into debian/ubuntu11:20
man-dimarcin_ant: the main problem is that get the build-dependecies right to get eclipse 3.3 build and running11:20
marcin_antman-di: well iced-tea afaik is far away from something far from usable and I don't really have time to spend on something that I cannot use11:21
marcin_antman-di: I could prepare packages for various eclipse plugins instead of iced-tea11:21
marcin_antman-di: hmm I got jars with lucene and jetty...11:23
man-dimarcin_ant: eclipse runs better on icedtea then on gcj11:23
man-diand for eclipse plugins we need first eclipse 3.311:23
man-difeel to package plugins for 3.3 now but dont upload them into some official repo11:23
marcin_anthmm weird - you compile eclipse with ecj right? not with gcj or sun java directly - am I wrong?11:24
man-dibut ecj is executed with gcj11:25
man-diwhen I meant was runing eclipse. not building11:26
marcin_antman-di: just a moment I need to try :)11:27
man-dimarcin_ant: there are lots of GCJ specific bug reports for eclipse11:28
marcin_antright my package doesn't want to work with gcj11:37
marcin_antsomething with equinox launcher - bu to be honest - I don't care11:38
marcin_antif I got sun-java6 in universe then I will use it11:49
man-disun-java6 will never be in universe11:50
man-diicedtea/openjdk will (or in main, I dont know)11:50
marcin_antman-di: oh then in multiverse - who cares ;)11:51
man-dimarcin_ant: its in multiverse since a long time11:51
marcin_antso better idea than fighting with gcj is to prepare good packages that will run with sun-java6 right now and with openjdk/iced-tea in future11:52
man-dimaking eclipse build with sun java6 would mean to move it to multiverse, which is a nogo11:53
man-diand as I said already, building is not the problem11:53
marcin_antman-di: imho it's better to have eclipse-3.3 in multiverse than no eclipse-3.3 at all11:53
man-dimarcin_ant: feel free to do, but not with the eclipse package11:54
man-dimarcin_ant: and again: building with gcj ist not the problem, currently the dependencies are11:55
marcin_antman-di: I know - in fact you build eclipse with ecj...11:59
man-diyou should really start to read what I write12:00
marcin_antI do - but be honest do you know anyone that runs eclipse with gcj (and for _work_ not for fun) while there is sun-java widely available and runs a loooot faster?12:02
man-diI do12:04
marcin_antman-di: while I am very happy that I can run eclipse 3.2 with gcj I still switch to sun-java because I need to do my job12:04
marcin_antman-di: you have very fast machine don't you ;) ?12:04
man-diI do, but I use it on an old Athlon 1.2 Ghz too12:05
marcin_antman-di: and you are happy with it's performance on gcj?12:06
man-diits okay to use12:07
marcin_anthow much ram do you have on this athlon?12:07
man-diof course you need to make sure the -gcj packages are installed12:07
marcin_antman-di: I got duron 1,8 with 1GB and eclipse on gcj with aptana is impossible to use, with sun-java I would say that it's minimal configuration12:08
man-dimarcin_ant: did you isntalled the -gcj packages? I guess not12:09
marcin_antI did12:09
marcin_ant"vanilla" eclipse is ok12:10
man-diI have never seen big problems regarding speed with native eclipse with gcj12:11
man-dianyway, lunch time12:11
marcin_antbut believe me - with some plugins and especially when you open help system ( with tomcat) I need to wait to see what I wrote on keyboard12:12
marcin_antand I can forget about usable 'intellisense' because it's useless when I need to wait for code completion longer than I could write code for myself12:21
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