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Ubuletteasac, i've started to work on xulrunner.10:23
=== asac waves at Ubulette
Ubuletteit's based on from Debian but if you have a bzr/svn/git/whatever somewhere, please tell me10:24
asacUbulette: please take care that you get the diffs we currently carry in ubuntu over to it10:25
asac... e.g. do the merge10:25
asacUbulette: anyway ... maybe it would be worth to consider how upstreams idea about packaging this is10:26
Ubulettewe should discuss the "mozilla" vs "debian" way.10:26
UbuletteI'll email you a proposal10:26
Ubulettei don't have time right now.10:26
Ubuletteyep, that's my plan10:27
asactake your time ... you already did a lot in the last week(s)10:27
Ubulettei'm out, see you.10:30
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shirish_Ubulette: you there m8?10:35
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asacshirish: no he had to leave10:53
shirishasac: ok cool, I just wanted him to know that yesterday's firefox-trunk has issues with downloading, it segfaults when you try to download stuff.10:57
shirishasac: btw do you also have your own mini-repository or do you take stuff from Ubulette or he takes the new trunk stuff from you?10:58
Bernardogood morning11:00
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asacBernardo: morning11:15
asachmm shirish is gone11:15
jeromegasac : could you have a look at bug 131743 ?11:18
jeromegit could be a problem with firefox11:18
jeromegliferea-add-feed works perfectly with epiphany or in command line11:19
jeromegand used to work with firefox in feisty11:19
asacbug 13174311:25
asachmm ubotu is dead11:25
asacjeromeg: how do you set the external application?11:26
jeromegasac : let's do an example11:27
jeromeggo to the planet ubuntu page11:27
jeromegon the adress bar click on the rss icon11:27
jeromegthe yellow "thing" to set the external application appears11:27
jeromegthen I browse to set the external application to liferea-add-feed11:28
jeromegclick ok11:28
jeromegand nothing happens11:28
jeromeg(of course cilck suscribe now before saying that nothing happens)11:29
asaci don't see a yellow thing11:30
asacplease show a screenshot11:31
jeromegthing is not very percise :)11:31
asacwell for me it works11:31
jeromegit's a frame on top of the feed11:31
asacthen i use "susbribe to feed using ... Other Application ...11:32
asacthen i go to /usr/bin/ and select lifearea-add-feed11:32
jeromegand liferea-add-feed11:32
asacjust works11:32
jeromegwith gutsy ?11:32
asacit was added to my lifearea11:32
asacno ;)11:32
jeromegahhhh :)11:32
jeromegI perfer this :)11:32
jeromegtry with gutsy and you will see11:33
asacyes ... can you ping me later today?11:33
asaci have to ramp up my gutsy box, but i am currently doing something else :)11:33
jeromegif you want, no problem11:33
asacin 3 hours or so11:33
JazzvaHello :)...12:24
asacBernardo: there?01:01
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JazzvaHello, asac :)01:19
asacJazzva: how is your study going?01:19
JazzvaHmm... so far so good :). Well, unless we don't talk about analog electronics exam... But it's not obligatory for me at the moment.01:20
JazzvaFor the second exam... well, I knew the subject pretty much  good before, but made few writing mistakes, which was bad. I hope I learned how not to make them :).01:21
JazzvaI'm here just to see and do two or three bugs for the Ubuntu Bug day :). BTW, I think I know why gnome-voice-control doesn't start, just have to check it, which will probably be after saturday.01:23
JazzvaHow's your work going?01:23
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asaclots of work ... and little time ;)02:03
asaci have an appoint ment now ... so will be gone for 1.5-2h02:03
JazzvaHave fun ;)...02:05
JazzvaI'll probably be away for the rest of the afternoon and studying...02:06
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jeromegasac : you asked me to ping you03:17
JazzvaOff for some time... Have fun.03:30
Jazzva|awayjeromeg: asac is off for the appointment, should be back in the next 15-20 minutes.03:35
jeromegJazzva|away: thx03:37
Jazzva|awayNo prob :)...03:37
asacjeromeg: in what context?03:46
jeromegasac: the liferea bug03:46
asaca ... see how slippy my memory is03:47
asacjeromeg: ok let me move to my other system03:58
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jeromegyou remember how to reproduce ?04:00
asac_the_2ndok running liferea-add-feed http://planet.ubuntu.com/rss20.xml from command line works04:02
jeromegasac_the_2nd: yep and this fonctionnality works in epiphany ( with an extension)04:04
jeromegi reported upstream (liferea) but I wanted to be sure it's not a problem with firefox04:04
jeromegdo you know another feed agregator we can test ?04:04
asac_the_2ndjeromeg: can you please try with upstream binary ffox release?04:23
jeromegasac_the_2nd: where can I find it ?04:25
asac_the_2ndfrom there browse down04:27
asac_the_2ndfirefox / releases ... version04:27
asac_the_2ndi doubt that its an upstream bug04:27
jeromegasac_the_2nd: ok I'm launching my VM04:28
asac_the_2ndyou can just download unpack ... then run04:28
asac_the_2ndyou need old libstdc++5 installed04:28
jeromegasac_the_2nd: ok i'm downloading it04:30
jeromeg30 kb/s ...04:30
asac_the_2ndjeromeg: its probably not an upstream bug ... if you don't see it there, please close it as invalid04:31
asac_the_2nde.g. we still carry debian/patches/flat-chrome-fix.patch ... which was needed in feisty as we shipped firefox with (unsupported) flat chrome04:31
asac_the_2ndi think that patch now comes back with a bug04:32
jeromegasac_the_2nd: so it must be a firefox problem ?04:32
jeromegand not liferea ?04:32
asac_the_2ndits definityl a firefox (ubuntu) bug04:33
jeromegasac_the_2nd: ok thx, I will warn upstream04:33
asac_the_2ndyou see the errors in Tools -> Error Console04:33
asac_the_2ndwhere is the upstream bug?04:33
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asac_the_2ndat mozilla?04:33
jeromegno no, liferea04:34
asac_the_2ndah ok ... then its not that bad :)04:34
shirishasac_the_2nd: is it ok to upgrade to, does anybody know? http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/34653/04:34
asac_the_2ndno idea ... this box did refuse to upgrade the kernel a few hours ago04:35
asac_the_2ndso maybe its impossible ;)04:35
asac_the_2ndshirish: better as on motu ... and let me know :)04:36
shirishasac_the_2nd: yup, you are right, Hobbsee just confirmed it couple of mins. ago, the kernel is not full done yet04:36
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jeromegasac_the_2nd: ok you were right, it's not in upstream04:40
asac_the_2ndok , please assign it to firefox then04:40
asac_the_2ndor better add firefox target so liferea users find it04:40
asac_the_2ndand give me bugid04:41
jeromegasac_the_2nd: ok04:41
asac_the_2ndjeromeg: do you know how to build a package so you can test if it goes away when we drop this patch?04:42
asac_the_2ndor do i need to provide test packages?04:42
jeromegasac_the_2nd: yep I will do it04:43
jeromegasac_the_2nd: but not now my granma arrived :)04:43
asac_the_2ndjeromeg: just apt-get source firefox; apt-get build-dep firefox04:43
jeromegasac_the_2nd: yep yep I know it's ok04:44
asac_the_2ndthen comment out the flat-chrome patch in debian/patches/series04:44
asac_the_2ndah ok04:44
jeromegin one or two hours04:44
jeromegsee you04:44
asac_the_2ndjeromeg: thanks ... have fun with your granma04:44
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jeromegasac : ok I will start to build the package05:10
jeromegthe bug id : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+bug/13174305:10
jeromegasac_ : what patch should I remove ?05:21
jeromegI can't remember05:21
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jeromegasac : are you here ?06:05
asacthough i had some connection outage06:09
jeromegwhat was the patch concerning the firefox/liferea bug ?06:11
asacor something like that06:21
asacsearch for feed in series06:21
asacshould be only one match06:21
asacjeromeg: ^06:21
jeromegasac: ok it's what I had thought, it has been building for a long time...06:22
jeromegnever build something so long06:22
asacwhat sys spec?06:23
jeromegamd athlon 3200 +06:26
asacok ... maybe 1h ?06:26
asacmight depend on your disks06:27
asacmaybe less ... maybe longer06:27
jeromegand you compile it often ?06:27
asacyes ... for me it takes a little less than 30 minutes if i use 2 cores06:28
asacbut i usually don't build to test something06:28
asacto test i just build incrementally06:28
asaceither just a make; make install if i change upstream code ... or dh_install et al to see if other changes are good06:28
asacfor upstream code changes i usually test in build-tree/mozilla/dist/bin06:29
asacso i don't build packages at all ... but just start ./firefox there06:29
jeromegah ok06:29
asacbut anyway ... i build 5 or more mozilla apps regularly in ubuntu and for security releases even all debian stuff et al ... so ;) its painful still06:30
jeromegyep, poor kernel devs :)06:32
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shirishasac_the_2nd: have you been able to upgrade the kernel? I'm upgrading it now07:01
asacno i am not really after getting a kernel upgrade :) ... what is new?07:02
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jeromegasac : just realized I didn't run debuild -S -sa ...07:06
shirishasac: I haven't yet looked at the upgrade notes, what I'm looking forward to is a kernel build so debugging can begin again, 4 months & not once I could give any good debugging stuff :(07:07
shirishscratch the good07:08
jeromegasac : I will do that tomorrow07:08
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Ubulettemozilla bug 37391108:02
Ubulettehmm, didn't know that some bugs were private08:02
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shirishand I see Ubulette has returned08:23
shirishUbulette: hi ;)08:23
shirishUbulette: there is/was an issue with firefox-trunk yesterday, downloading any file would result in a crash/segmentation fault.08:25
UbuletteI've modified my bot to build dbgsym ddebs08:26
Ubulettedon't know if it worked yet08:26
shirishUbulette: that's super08:27
shirishUbulette: I just updated the archive & it doesn't show dbgsym ddebs as of yet :(08:28
Ubulettethey're build but not pushed yet08:28
shirishUbulette: ah ok, in that case cool enough, most probably with tomorrow's build perhaps, or are you going to start with 200708211908:29
Ubulettehmm, trunk failed to build today, not sure of the reason yet, maybe my dbgsym patch.08:33
asac_the_2ndUbulette: you found something that might cause  dbgsym to be borked?08:34
asac_the_2ndmaybe it has something todo with the sequence dh_strip is run against the bin packages?08:35
Ubulettemy bot produces logs, but not this time.. strange as it's the 1st time in months08:35
shirishUbulette: i was wondering, as yesterday it was up about an hr. earlier.08:35
UbuletteI have to wait for the email at the end of the batch to have clues..08:36
shirishasac_the_2nd: partly my fault perhaps, I asked Ubulette to make the -dbgsym packages08:36
asac_the_2ndUbulette: you remember out of your head if -dev package is debbed-up before the plain binary paackage?08:36
asac_the_2ndwell ... if he hasn't found the reason why dbg symbols go to wrong package then they will be pretty useless08:37
Ubuletteshirish, cvs20070821t1129 represent the date and time (2007/08/21 11:29) of the last commit on mozilla bonsai08:37
asac_the_2ndUbulette: do you build on every commit?08:38
Ubulettegod no08:38
asac_the_2ndwho knows ... maybe your systems are idle otherwise :)08:38
Ubulettetime is not mine, it's theirs08:38
shirishUbulette: thanx for clearing up the 1129, I was able to pick up till the date but not the time08:39
Ubuletteit did that so it's easy to see what inside looking at bonsai08:39
Ubuletteas the stupid cvs has no revision number08:40
Ubulettehm, i have several ddebs for other packages.. only trunk failed08:41
shirishUbulette: they should update/upgrade to svn, as I understand svn has revision numbers.08:41
Ubuletteor git/bzr/hg or whatever.. everything but not cvs08:42
Ubulettebranching into cvs is horrible08:43
shirishUbulette: git & bzr I know/heard what's hg?08:43
Ubulettehg = mercurial08:43
asac_the_2ndUbulette: maybe try to export from hg.mozilla.org08:44
Ubuletterefering to chemistry08:44
asac_the_2ndif you have luck it just works08:44
asac_the_2ndUbulette: Stripping package directory...08:44
asac_the_2ndthats what i see in build log08:44
asac_the_2ndprobably --disable-strip --disable-strip-libs is not honoured in new make install08:44
asac_the_2ndLinking .xpt files...08:45
asac_the_2nd[browser] 08:45
asac_the_2ndLinking .xpt files completed.08:45
asac_the_2ndStripping package directory...08:45
asac_the_2ndthats a bit more context ...08:45
asac_the_2ndyeah its really in make install08:45
asac_the_2ndso that is the reason ... now we just need a fix ;)08:46
shirishUbulette: then how do you know to pick up the daily build or is really random build?08:46
Ubulettemy build has nothing to do with mozilla's daily builds08:48
asac_the_2ndi thought its our build+08:48
Ubulettei fetch cvs daily and build that using the rules in bzr trunk08:48
asac_the_2ndwhich is broken in regards to dbgsym creation08:48
shirishapologies gentlemen, I was under the impression that we are just syncing with mozilla's daily build08:49
Ubuletteasac_the_2nd, maybe but I'll have a clue once i get the email ;)08:49
asac_the_2ndUbulette: have you forgotten?08:49
shirishi do know that they have an hourly build also08:49
asac_the_2ndUbulette: they are ... don't wait for the mail ;)08:49
asac_the_2ndUbulette: you can look at paradiso build log ... http://launchpadlibrarian.net/8886883/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.firefox-granparadiso_3.0%7Ealpha7-0ubuntu6_FULLYBUILT.txt.gz08:50
asac_the_2ndthere it reads what i pasted above08:50
shirishasac_the_2nd: also I was not trying to emphasize or say who's build it is or meant anything like that, I'm just looking to see what's new cooking & that's that.08:50
asac_the_2ndshirish: i don't put anything in question here08:51
asac_the_2ndhavin regular builds is good ... we detect things earlier and can react faster08:51
Ubuletteasac_the_2nd, yes, i remember our -dbg is bad, but ddeb are not based on -dbg but on dh_strip08:53
=== shirish will just hang about & try to catch conversation although some stuff off the head for the moment.
asacUbulette: right ... but dbgsym are borked as well08:54
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asacfor the veriy same reason08:55
asacwe found that so you don't have to wait for them :)08:55
asacread above for the reason ;)08:55
asacnew mozilla install just doesn't obey --disable-strip apparently08:55
Ubuletteasac, well, -dbg needs work for sure. but i'm also wondering why my build aborted so abruptly (that's why I'm waiting for the email of the bot).. but that's my problem ;)08:57
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Ubulettehmm, just found another bug in trunk08:58
Ubulettehi gnomefreak !!08:58
gnomefreakok i think i have a steeady connection now :(08:58
gnomefreakUbulette: your gonna find alot of them ;)08:58
gnomefreakhi Ubulette08:58
Ubulettecould anyone try http://paris1900.lartnouveau.com/cartes_postales_anciennes/la_crue_de_1910.htm on trunk / gp ?08:58
gnomefreakdid we fix the profile issue yet?08:59
Ubulettethere's a syntax error in the page but FF2 is okay with it, not FF308:59
gnomefreakblank page?09:00
Ubulettegnomefreak, profile issue ? we create a different profile now (importing FF2 one)09:00
Ubuletteyep, FF3 shows a blank page09:00
gnomefreakok just as long as its not overwriting ff2's09:00
gnomefreaktrying iceape09:00
gnomefreakworks in icepae09:01
gnomefreakoh screw it you know what i mean09:01
Ubuletteasac, lol, my build failed because i was using my own bzr branh, which i renamed yesterday09:02
Ubuletteso it failed at the beginning :)09:02
Ubulette(i knew the email would help)09:03
asachi gnomefreak09:03
gnomefreakhi asac09:03
asacUbulette: i think i will take a look09:03
asacwait a second09:03
Ubulettehmm, ftbs in totem too. gasp09:03
Ubuletteasac, btw, i haven't touched -dbg, afair09:04
asacUbulette: read again what i wrote ;)09:06
asacit has nothing to do with you09:06
asacor your work :)09:06
Ubuletteit was working with a5, no ?09:06
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asacyes .... read what i wrote ... the new make install patch is ignorant09:07
asacit just doesn't honour --disable-strip09:07
Ubuletteoh,really ?09:07
asacyes ... look at what i pasted above ;)09:07
asac20:45 < asac_the_2nd> Linking .xpt files...09:08
asac20:45 < asac_the_2nd> [browser] 09:08
asac20:45 < asac_the_2nd> Linking .xpt files completed.09:08
asac20:45 < asac_the_2nd> Stripping package directory...09:08
asac                      ^^^09:08
asacand its definitly the output of the new make install09:09
asaci am currently extracting trunk tarball ... lets see ... maybe its something trivial09:09
Ubulettei have it here, looking (damn tracker is useless)09:11
asacifndef PKG_SKIP_STRIP09:11
asac@echo "Stripping package directory..."09:11
asacwhy the hell is PKG_SKIP_STRIP not on?09:12
asacanother config option?09:12
Ubuletteyou sure ?09:15
Ubuletteit's a find removing files, not a strip of binaries09:15
Ubuletteoh, lol, no09:15
=== hjmf_ [n=hjmf@7.Red-83-44-173.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asacUbulette: http://people.ubuntu.com/~asac/patches/installer_shouldnt_skip_strip_if_disable_strip_configured09:18
hjmf_hi all09:18
asacUbulette: try that09:18
Ubuletteyou just did it ?09:19
asacshould be the proper place09:19
asacotherwise even more central in rules09:20
asaci mean09:20
gnomefreakasac: thunderbird now default inswtall in gutsy?09:20
asacUbulette: i think there is a generic install target ... you could set the PKG_SKIP_STRIP in case ENABLE_STRIP isn't set there to get a healing for all apps09:21
asacgnomefreak: why do you think?09:21
gnomefreakasac: because someone said on clean feisty update-manager wanted to install thunderbird09:22
=== gnomefreak cant see user set up though
asachaven't heard of that09:22
asacmaybe some universe package recommends thunderbird?09:22
asac(or main package) ... can't know09:23
gnomefreakasac: i think he had something else he installed but hes gone now09:23
shirishIIRC there is something in dpkg some switch which tells if any package is a dependancy of something else. (think its called reverse dependancy or something like that)09:25
asacapt-cache rdepends09:25
shirishyup that was it, apt-cache rdepends used it, looked at it, forgot it09:27
gnomefreakasac: :(09:30
gnomefreakasac: 15:28 <            kiba >  Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you  should09:30
gnomefreak15:28 <            kiba >  reinstall it before attempting a removal.09:30
gnomefreakagain no issues here with it09:31
shirishUbulette: that reminds me you guys have mozilla-gnash-plugin too, in your repository?09:31
asacyeah ... not my fault ... pygi pushed an update through a MOTU without asking ... actually it should be fixed here09:31
gnomefreakoh ok09:32
asacshirish: maybe it just works?09:33
asacshirish: can you try with paradiso?09:33
Ubuletteshirish, i don't package that09:33
Ubulette(i'm not even using it :p)09:33
shirishasac: sure can do although haven't installed it, lemme see.09:35
asacUbulette: ok for now it should work with the patch above ... the real patch should be a bit different ... e.g. just for install target09:35
asacas we still want to strip in package: target09:35
asacbut for our package its ok09:35
asacits just that the patch cannot go upstream that way09:35
gnomefreakdamn my chroots keep getting fucked up everytime dchroot gets updated09:35
asacgnomefreak: yeah ... that happens if you stay away too long ;)09:36
Ubuletteasac, i've integrated your patch as tentative into my branch and i'll build it in a moment.. just patching to move the ddebs in the repo09:36
hjmf_gnomefreak: use schroot it hasn't give me any problem09:37
asacUbulette: its fine for us ... if you confirm that the ddebs have proper size afterwards i want to push it until we have the real patch09:37
Ubuletteok, so building..09:37
asaclet me know ;)09:38
Ubulette"New Flash Player beta features better video and performance. Adobe has released a beta version of Flash Player 9 Update 3 (code name Moviestar) for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X."09:38
Ubuletteyeah i know, you don't care09:38
Ubulettenon free stuff09:38
asacbeta are always full crashers ... personally i won't touch them ;)09:38
asac(maybe this one is different though)09:39
shirishUbulette: also I have had an awful time with flash-player, also all those crash reports lying there :(09:39
Ubulettejust had cpu going over the roof with video.. this one seems to have improved that09:40
Ubulettebut i haven't tried09:40
Ubuletteand will problably wont09:40
shirishUbulette: what are your system specs?09:41
Ubulettedual core 209:41
Ubulettedont remember which one09:41
Ubulettewith nvidia GS760009:42
shirishcool, me on aging 1.8ghz don't remember also which one09:42
shirishintel 845 GE/GV chipset 8 mb VRAM integrated09:42
Ubulettemy previous pc was a P2 450.. still in 200709:42
Ubulettewas enough for me, until HDTV..09:43
Ubuletteasac, any progress with PPA ?09:43
shirishso I'm guessing I can creak out a yr. or 2 more out of this fella, touchwood.09:44
Ubulettemine did 1998-2007 in debian unstable. no problem. it's still alive in my basement ;)09:45
shirishwow , cool09:45
shirishasac: you wanted me to check out gnash 0.8.1~trunk.070802-0ubuntu409:45
Ubulettejust added ram and disks and a 5.1 sound card during all those years09:45
hjmf_asac: here is a list of plugins edited with Xb-Npp-xxx that need to be sponsored: https://bugs.launchpad.net/~hmontoliu/+reportedbugs?field.searchtext=Xb-Npp-xxx09:46
asac_the_2ndwell ... helping on mozilla-trunk packaging on P2 450 would not have been possible ;)09:46
hjmf_asac: so far, the plugins already processed (though some still to be sponsored) are flashplugin-nonfree, gcjwebplugin, gxineplugin, mozilla-helix-player, mozilla-mplayer, mozilla-openoffice.org, mozilla-plugin-gnash, mozilla-plugin-vlc, mozplugger, sun-java5-plugin, sun-java6-plugin, totem-mozilla, xine-plugin09:46
hjmf_asac: tomorrow when I'll get home, I'll look for more (but probably there shouldn't be much more)09:46
asac_the_2ndhjmf_: i wonder what openoffice plugin does?09:47
asac_the_2ndhave you tried it?09:47
hjmf_yep, seems to open oo files09:47
gnomefreakthats what it should do :)09:47
asac_the_2ndotherwise thanks for the work, though we probably don't want mozplugger ... unless it depends on all packages needed to serve the mime-types it claims to serve :)09:47
asac_the_2ndhjmf: just display ... or an embedded editor?09:48
hjmf_let me check it again...09:48
asac_the_2ndhjmf: do you have an idea which plugins are still missing?09:48
gnomefreakwe dont have a mozilla editor atm09:48
hjmf_asac_the_2nd: I cant think of any other atm09:49
hjmf_but tomorrow I'll dig into it09:49
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: well .. to ooo plugin in mozilla a mozilla editor is an interesting perspective :)09:49
gnomefreakit may allow you to edit it on firefox but pretty much what everyone was looking for in it was to intergrate mozilla and OO.o to better play with eachother09:49
asac_the_2ndhjmf: pretty cool ... many thanks ... i will upload those when freeze is over09:49
asac_the_2ndhjmf: we will probably get mozilla-swfdec as well09:50
hjmf_k asac :)09:50
asac_the_2ndor swfdec-mozilla09:50
hjmf_it is swfdec-mozilla09:50
Ubulettehmm, cool, new trunk is now able to print to pdfs09:50
asac_the_2ndhjmf: is that package done already?09:51
gnomefreakshould brb as long as net connetion plays nicely09:51
asac_the_2ndhjmf: if not at best don't do for a few days ... we will get a new source package09:51
shirishasac_the_2nd: are you saying that swfdec-mozilla will get a new source package?09:53
asac_the_2ndwell ... maybe :)09:53
asac_the_2ndits not yet decided ... when freeze is over i will have come to a decision ;)09:53
hjmf_asac_the_2nd: let me five minutes and swfdec-mozilla will be done09:54
asac_the_2ndwe will probably stuff all swfdec stuff into a single source package and don't put swfdec libs to $lib, but to $pkglibdir instead ... because upstream atm doesn't care for abi tracking09:55
asac_the_2ndhjmf: yes ... will let you know :)09:55
shirishasac_the_2nd: If I understand correctly then the freeze will remain now till 7.10 releases, is that correct or would it be just till the tribe 5 cycle?09:55
asac_the_2ndi am speaking of the tribe-5 archive freeze09:56
asac_the_2ndi think it will open up again09:56
asac_the_2ndand if not, we can get exceptions for things that are reasonable and well prepared09:56
shirishasac_the_2nd: then its cool ;) I have been waiting to see what the swfdec thing is all about ;)09:57
asac_the_2ndme too09:57
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: Current meeting: Xubuntu Developers | 23 Aug 15:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 24 Aug 12:00: MOTU Team | 27 Aug 15:00: Screencast Team | 28 Aug 15:00: Ubuntu Server Team meeting | 28 Aug 19:00: Technical Board09:58
hjmf_are we going to have any meeting soon?09:59
asac_the_2ndno idea if we need one ... we should add Ubulette to the mozillateam however09:59
gnomefreakhjmf_: yeah ill work on setting one up09:59
asac_the_2nddon't know if we need a formal vote for that09:59
gnomefreakasac_the_2nd: have her apply09:59
=== shirish has no idea that Ubulette was a woman, not that it matters
Ubulettei'm not10:00
hjmf_gnomefreak: cool, I've been too long away from here, so it will be cool to see how things are now10:00
gnomefreakshe has done enough with ff3 i wouldnt think a vote is that important unless someone disagrees10:00
gnomefreakhjmf_: me too10:00
gnomefreaksorry Ubulette i said her not thinking10:00
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: s/she/he/10:00
=== gnomefreak knew Ubulette was male
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: what did they give you in hospital?10:01
asac_the_2ndmust have been pretty cool drugs10:01
gnomefreakthey were :) but whatever it was (not sure of name) didnt last very long10:01
shirishI can't make sense of names so doesn't really matter, just have to be careful, that's all.10:01
hjmf_good night all10:02
asac_the_2ndi think in linux communities its pretty safe to say he unless you know she is she10:02
gnomefreakasac_the_2nd: true10:02
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: i think you can just add ... without application10:02
asac_the_2ndUbulette: whats your new launchpad id?10:02
shirishUbulette: firefox-trunk segfaulted again on another extension, this means the yesterday's segfaults that I kept having were with all extensions.10:03
Ubuletteshirish, not cool10:04
Ubulettegnomefreak, cool10:04
asac_the_2ndUbulette: congrats ;) ... feel free to push to mt branches directly10:04
Ubulettegnomefreak, got the confirmation by email10:05
=== gnomefreak thinks there is gonna be alot of that until the plugin/extensions are updated for ff3
asac_the_2ndUbulette:  personally i don't push experimental things there for those packages for which that branch is the release branch10:05
shirishasac_the_2nd: I installed the gnash plugin, but it doesn't show up in about:plugins10:05
shirish"about: plugins10:05
gnomefreakafaik right now most are hacked to work with ff3 but may not be safe10:05
gnomefreakshirish: did you removve flashplugin-nonfree?10:06
shirishgnomefreak: didn't have it in the first place10:06
shirishgnomefreak: in the sense, not installed10:07
gnomefreaki only show 2 plugins in ff310:07
Ubuletteasac, i plan to redo xul the mozilla way, or closer than today at least, then see if nss/nspr still make sense the way they now10:07
Ubulettethen move trunk to system libxul/nss/nspr10:07
shirishgnomefreak: are you using granparadiso or trunk?10:08
gnomefreakright this sec gp10:08
gnomefreaksoon to be neither10:08
gnomefreak    File name: libflashplayer.so10:09
gnomefreak    Shockwave Flash 9.0 r4810:09
gnomefreakis in gp10:09
shirishgnomefreak: mine shows up number of plugins, but not gnash10:09
gnomefreakflashplugin-nonfree: Installed: (none)10:09
gnomefreakhow the hell does that happen10:09
shirishshirish@Mugglewille:~$ dpkg -l mozilla-plugin-gnash10:10
shirish| Status=Not/Installed/Config-f/Unpacked/Failed-cfg/Half-inst/t-aWait/T-pend10:10
shirish|/ Err?=(none)/Hold/Reinst-required/X=both-problems (Status,Err: uppercase=bad)10:10
shirish||/ Name                  Version               Description10:10
shirishii  mozilla-plugin-gnash  0.8.1~trunk.070802-0u free Flash movie player - Plugin for Mozilla and derivatives10:10
shirishso its installed but nothing shows up in plugins :(10:10
gnomefreakshirish: does it show libflash.so in about:plugins10:11
gnomefreakto be exact10:11
shirishin the sense of gnash, other plugins such as mplayer, totem,10:11
shirishare there.10:11
shirishgnomefreak: hol don10:11
=== gnomefreak has gnash installed but shows up as flash
gnomefreakas soon as i find out what was done to profile and i find it i guess i will have to add the .so files by hand10:12
shirishgnomefreak: in about: plugins there is no libflashplayer.so , in fact there is no libflash or anything, using find10:13
gnomefreakshirish: my gnash is showing up as libflashplayer.so10:13
gnomefreaknot real sure why ive been away for a while10:13
shirishlol, and it shows up nothing in mine, lemme see in firefox10:13
=== PoofDaddy [n=sgpsaros@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
gnomefreakin ff2 it also shows up as libflashplayer.so10:14
gnomefreakasac_the_2nd: why is this like this10:14
shirishgnomefreak: it also doesn't show up in ff2 :(10:15
gnomefreakmaybe because i had flash at one time and switched to gnash after removing flash and it doesnt know any better10:15
shirishasac_the_2nd: i can see libgnashplugin.so in /usr/lib/gnash10:18
Ubuletteshirish, do you also have issues with copy/paste of urls in trunk ?10:19
shirishUbulette: what do you mean? Can you extrapolate?10:19
Ubulettedouble click the url bar (to copy it), then middle click somewhere else (a term or an editor) to paste it.10:20
Ubulettefor me, the pasted text is not what i copied, but the previous thing in the buffer10:21
shirishUbulette: its working fine here.10:21
shirishUbulette: its the same build, or a new build?10:22
shirish21 1:19 ?10:22
Ubuletteit's been doing that since i daily build trunk10:22
shirishno idea m810:23
shirishUbulette: Is the new build ready or it still has some time to go?10:24
Ubulettestill compiling10:24
Ubulettethat's a huge beast10:24
shirishUbulette: btw congratulations for being able to upload stuff, guess you are also now a MOTU10:25
Ubuletteam i ?10:25
Ubulettei can push in bzr, not sure for the rest10:25
shirishUbulette: ah ok, but still its cool ;)10:26
JazzvaHmm... Wasn't reading. Congrats, Ubulette :)...10:27
shirishUbulette: how much time does the compiling take?10:27
shirishUbulette: If I understand correctly you make only i386 builds or also AMD stuff or all the architectures?10:28
Ubulette45min at home, 50~55 for the bot10:28
shirishok cool10:28
asac_the_2ndshirish: did you manage to link gnash into paradiso/trunk plugins forlder?10:28
shirishasac_the_2nd: nope, how do I link them?10:28
Ubuletteshirish, my mini repo is i386 only. no other h/w there10:28
shirishasac_the_2nd: I just installed gnash & gnash-mozilla-plugin, shouldn't that have got linked by itself.10:29
asac_the_2ndln -s /usr/lib/mozilla-plugin-gnas*/*.so ~/.mozilla/plugins/10:29
asac_the_2ndshirish: only to firefox 2 directory10:29
asac_the_2ndshirish: not for paradiso yet ... mostly because i don't know if it will crash paradiso10:29
asac_the_2ndshirish: sorry10:30
gnomefreakasac_the_2nd: gnash crashing gp?10:30
asac_the_2ndln -s /usr/lib/gnash/libgnashplugin.so ~/.mozilla/plugins/10:30
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: might be the case ... yes ... but i don't know :)10:31
Ubulettedh_strip -pfirefox-trunk  --dbg-package=firefox-trunk-dbg10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: all non-arch-all packages for this build platform i386: firefox-trunk firefox-trunk-gnome-support firefox-trunk-dbg firefox-trunk-dev10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: not adding gnu debuglinks since --dbg-package is given10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: packages to act on: firefox-trunk10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: ignored packages:10:31
Ubulettedpkg-deb: building package `firefox-trunk-dbgsym' in `../firefox-trunk-dbgsym_3.0a8pre+cvs20070822t1116+bbot-1_i386.ddeb'.10:31
asac_the_2ndUbulette: please give size of new dbgsym packages10:31
gnomefreakasac_the_2nd: ok, what is the name for gp ~/.10:31
Ubuletteno done yet10:31
asac_the_2ndhave you looked if you saw this "Stripping package libs"10:31
Ubulettedh_strip -pfirefox-trunk-dev  --dbg-package=firefox-trunk-dbg10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: all non-arch-all packages for this build platform i386: firefox-trunk firefox-trunk-gnome-support firefox-trunk-dbg firefox-trunk-dev10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: not adding gnu debuglinks since --dbg-package is given10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: packages to act on: firefox-trunk-dev10:31
Ubulettedh_strip debug symbol extraction: ignored packages:10:31
asac_the_2ndUbulette: ok if it takes some time its a good sign10:32
asac_the_2ndbut ../firefox-trunk-dbgsym_3.0a8pre+cvs20070822t1116+bbot-1_i386.ddeb'. shoudl already be available to probe size10:32
asac_the_2ndbecause thats the one that matters for us10:32
shirishasac_the_2nd: thanx for the symlink , now gnash shows up both in gp as well as trunk10:33
asac_the_2ndshirish: please try youtubue10:33
asac_the_2nddoes it work?10:33
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 500 500     1603 2007-08-22 22:32 firefox-trunk-dbg_3.0a8pre+cvs20070822t1116+bbot-1_i386.deb10:34
asac_the_2ndsame for debug sym?10:34
Ubulette-rw-r--r-- 1 500 500 48552096 2007-08-22 22:30 firefox-trunk-dbgsym_3.0a8pre+cvs20070822t1116+bbot-1_i386.ddeb10:34
asac_the_2ndthats decent10:34
asac_the_2ndso lets not care for dbg10:34
Ubuletteoh no, dh_builddeb -pfirefox-trunk-dbg is taking ages10:34
Ubulettestill running10:34
asac_the_2ndshould be well as well then10:35
asacUbulette: ok i have just opened granparadiso 3.0~alpha7-0ubuntu7 changelog and pushed to mt10:37
asacfeel free to add that patch there for now10:38
asac(rev 62)10:38
asacif now let me know ... i can do it as well then10:38
asac_the_2ndi could also merge over the patch from yours or mozillateam trunk branch10:43
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
shirishasac_the_2nd: sorry I was out, youtube hanged/freezed my system, gonna try again10:43
shirishasac_the_2nd: that was with gp10:44
asac_the_2nddoes it freeze with ffox2 as well?10:45
Ubuletteasac, http://www.sofaraway.org/ubuntu/minirepos/firefox-minefield/pool/firefox-trunk/10:45
shirishasac_the_2nd: now it works, don't ask me but it does work, no audio output but video is working10:46
asac_the_2ndUbulette:  yep ... looks sane (judging from sizes)10:46
gnomefreakwtf happened to my repo?10:46
asac_the_2ndno idea ... i didn't touch it10:46
Ubuletteall: feel free to use the repo if you want10:46
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: can you still log in?10:47
gnomefreaki cant get in from browser and its not opening in nautilus with ftp it just keeps sitting there10:48
asac_the_2ndwhat was the url?10:48
asac_the_2ndhttp://gnomefreak.youmortals.com/ ?10:48
gnomefreakbut it opens something else10:48
asac_the_2ndwell either high-jacked10:48
shirishasac_the_2nd: the audio works with some youtube videos while not with some10:48
shirishasac_the_2nd: also it doesn't stay up the whole time10:49
asac_the_2ndor the guy that gave it to us dropped stopped the subscription?10:49
asac_the_2ndshirish: ffox 2 or 3 ?10:49
shirishasac_the_2nd: ff3-gp10:49
shirishbtw gnash has tonnes of debugging stuff built into it.10:50
asac_the_2ndtry ffox if you see the same10:50
asac_the_2ndyes ... thats not a problem10:50
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: i think it was still up a few days ago10:50
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: if it was high-jacked you should probably use sftp to connect next time :)10:51
gnomefreaki will check with the person who gave it to me10:51
shirishasac_the_2nd: will do, btw here's sample of the stuff http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/34707/10:51
asac_the_2ndshirish: is that a video that doesn't play sound or that does?10:52
shirishasac_the_2nd: dunno why most of the time, I need to use CTRL+C to gain control of the terminal10:52
shirishasac_the_2nd: that all of 4 videos output10:52
asac_the_2ndtry to install jackd and see if it helps10:52
Ubulettehmm, dpkg-scanpackages doesn't know about ddebs10:52
shirish3 of which don't play, the last one plays, each video is known by its url10:53
=== gnomefreak checking email ill be back sometime a bit later im sure i got thousands of them
shirishasac_the_2nd: what is this jackd, I have heard of it but never really understood10:53
asac_the_2ndUbulette: interesting ... for pitti it appears to work10:53
asac_the_2ndUbulette: better ask him tomorrow as he goes on holiday soonish10:53
Ubulettemaybe he patched it10:53
asac_the_2ndyes ... no idea10:53
Ubuletteshould be easy as a ddeb is just a deb10:54
asac_the_2ndmaybe one can specify special extension ?10:54
Ubulettethere's already -u for udebs10:54
asac_the_2ndappears to be patched then10:55
asac_the_2ndfrom what i see in code there is no hidden option to pass $ext10:55
asac_the_2ndmy $ext = $options{udeb} ? 'udeb' : 'deb';10:55
asac_the_2ndmy @find_args;10:55
asac_the_2ndif ($options{arch}) {10:55
asac_the_2nd     @find_args = ('(','-name',"*_all.$ext",'-o','-name',"*_${arch}.$ext",')',);10:55
asac_the_2ndelse {10:55
asac_the_2nd     @find_args = ('-name',"*.$ext");10:55
Ubulettesaw that too.10:55
asac_the_2ndmaybe it deserves an official enhancement patch that allows to pass --ext=ext1,ext2,ext3 :=10:56
shirishguys bbiaf10:56
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam ["Leaving."]
gnomefreakrepo does today10:56
asac_the_2ndhow? .... end of subscription?10:56
Ubuletterip repo10:56
asac_the_2ndyeah ... damn ... now i have to get a ppa or something else10:57
asac_the_2ndno idea if ppa will support dapper and all this stuff10:57
Ubulettecan I request a ppa too ?10:58
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #ubuntu-mozillateam
asac_the_2ndUbulette: probably ... i am actually sure that individuals can get one (though don't know if everybody) ... but i am unsure if teams can get one10:58
shirishUbulette: the firefox-dbgsym is not yet built10:59
Ubuletteasac_the_2nd, suse allows that.. http://en.opensuse.org/Build_Service10:59
Ubuletteshirish, ??10:59
shirishUbulette: or it has issues10:59
shirishUbulette: I tried to see if there was anything like firefox-trunk-dbgsym or something, there is firefox-trunk-dbg but not -dbgsym package11:00
Ubuletteoh, it's in the repo but not recognized in the index, fetch it manually for now. I have to find a way to fix that11:00
asacUbulette: ppa should be possible for teams as well ... i am just unsure if just now11:01
shirishUbulette: ok will do11:01
asacUbulette: i think you can just copy dpkg-buildpackage to a user place and patch it there11:02
Ubulettecan't the way my bot works11:02
UbuletteI could post a patch on lp but people behind apt/dpkg seems to ignore bugs11:05
shirishasac: on ff2 I watched one video & the video played+audio output ;)11:07
gnomefreakoh new lp looks harder to use11:07
Ubulettethere's a new lp ?11:08
shirishgnomefreak: its slightly different, that's all, you have to use other than the name if you want to change values of a bug-report11:08
gnomefreakshirish: i know11:08
gnomefreakUbulette: https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/11:08
shirishUbulette: yup lp got updated/upgraded to 1.18 or something like that, I used it for sometime on edge.launchpad.net11:08
gnomefreakUbulette: thats a demo page click on bug11:08
gnomefreakshirish: i dont know why it wasnt given to me since im part of the testing team11:09
shirishgnomefreak: I have no idea m811:10
gnomefreakand i dont see PPA anywhere\11:10
shirishasac: http://pastebin.ca/667264 this is of that one youtube file which i just saw with audio11:10
asacok we will get a ppa tomorrow (most likely)11:11
shirishppa as power pc architecture ?11:11
gnomefreakshirish: no11:11
gnomefreakasac: the email i just read said it takes the place of your dogbone(whatever its called) account that is only for employees of canonical or is it just one example?11:12
gnomefreakshirish: its an auto build tool for LP11:12
asacits a personal apt archive thing afaik11:13
asacwith auto-builders11:13
shirishgnomefreak: ok, cool I know there is something to do with a dog & a bone rofl ;)11:13
asacjust like the one used by ubuntu iteself11:13
shirishasac: I know, I have seen the builds building up11:13
asacgnomefreak: wait till tomorrow ;)11:14
Ubuletteppa = personal package archives11:14
shirishUbulette: thanx, will subscribe to that spec. once the trunk is out11:15
Jazzvaasac: Hmm, I found a bug in gnome-voice-control (well, it was a packaging bug) and fixed it... should I file the bug in LP and send the patch?11:15
gnomefreakYour PPA on production Launchpad will work in the same way as your11:16
gnomefreakdogfood PPA. However, the URLs you use will change slightly:11:16
asacJazzva: yes attach the patch ...11:16
gnomefreakread it wrong11:16
asacJazzva: actually attach the debdiff11:16
Jazzvaasac: Though it crashes upon running the listening part, which is not package related :/... I'll try to work with upstream about that.11:16
Jazzvaasac: Ok :)11:16
shirishgnomefreak: if it makes it better, i don't mind changing URL's at all ;)11:17
Jazzvaasac: And to subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors before uploading the debdiff?11:17
asac_the_2ndno before ... after11:19
=== gnomefreak wonders if i will beable to use PPA as a repo
asac_the_2ndJazzva: you have bug id?11:19
JazzvaDidn't file one :)...11:20
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: we will have a ppa for mozillateam ... which hopefully is our archive then11:20
asac_the_2nda zero administration one though ;)11:20
gnomefreakasac_the_2nd: it looks like i lost the domain11:20
gnomefreakit looks like he lost domain11:20
asac_the_2ndJazzva: ah right ... you are the maintainer ... i forgot11:20
gnomefreakso i lost it as well11:20
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: I found the bug yesterday... Will submit the diff tonight :)11:21
asac_the_2ndJazzva: is it derived from a debian package?11:21
asac_the_2ndor does debian need this one as well?11:21
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: Debian needs it... I thought of doing that... but probably after the exams...11:21
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: I checked and there's no ITP filed in Debinan11:21
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: if you are here .... please poke me to death to submit testcases to stgraber tomorrow ;)11:22
shirishubotu ITP11:22
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about itp - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:22
gnomefreakasac_the_2nd: for what?11:22
asac_the_2ndfor our qa site on stgraber.com11:22
shirishJazzva: what's ITP?11:22
gnomefreakoh ok tomorrow?11:22
asac_the_2ndi want to organize tests through that on next security uploads11:22
asac_the_2ndyes the sooner the better11:22
Jazzvashirish: Itention To Package...11:23
asac_the_2ndi already have that on my todo list ... but its too important to forget ;)11:23
gnomefreaki agree11:23
shirishJazzva: cool11:23
gnomefreakbut atm we have nothing in tessting :(11:23
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: https://mozilla.qa.stgraber.org/11:23
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: yes we need ppa :)11:23
Jazzvashirish: A type of bug report in Debian where you state that you're packaging something11:23
shirishmeanwhile I'll be having an ITS - Intention to sleep in another 30 mins.11:24
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: actually i want to use it for security builds first ... they are the ones that make me sweat most11:24
asac_the_2ndi always don't try to open bugmail for three days after an upload ;)11:24
Jazzvashirish: Lol... I think I won't have that in next 5 hours, though I would like to have it *sighs*...11:24
shirishJazzva: its 3 a.m. IST here11:25
asac_the_2ndwere are you from?11:25
asac_the_2ndUTC+5 ?11:25
Jazzvashirish: Middle East? India?11:25
shirishUTC+5.30 India11:25
asac_the_2nddidn't know that there exist timezones that have a non-natural time offset :)11:26
Jazzvashirish: I always liked those someting.30 zones :)... Anyway UTC+2 over here...11:26
asac_the_2ndgood to know11:26
asac_the_2ndyeah here too11:26
shirishasac_the_2nd: there are actually I would be 5+45 or something like that, as I'm pretty far from equator11:27
shirishasac_the_2nd: India is big11:27
=== Jazzva would like to visit South pole so he can go through all 24 hour zones in a minute or less :)
=== shirish would like to go to the himalayas, he has been there & has fallen in love with the mountains.
shirishits a magical place in itself & pretty addictive.11:30
asac_the_2ndshirish: welll the world is big too ... still there are often even offsets11:30
asac_the_2ndi mean by daylight i am probably UTC+1.4511:31
asac_the_2ndstill i am in +2 ;)11:31
shirishasac_the_2nd: true, btw I don't understand by what this daylight thing is all about11:31
asac_the_2nddaylight time ... or daylight saving?11:31
shirishasac_the_2nd: daylight time, I think that's what America follows nowadays, right11:32
asac_the_2nddaylight time is just the *real* time ... at the place you are ... daylight saving is the most stupid thing11:32
asac_the_2ndshirish: nobody follows daylight time11:32
asac_the_2ndthey do daylight saving11:32
shirishok daylight saving then, what's that?11:32
asac_the_2ndthey try to shift the clock in winter so the work day is better aligned to daylight11:33
asac_the_2ndbecause someone smart calculated that you can save power in that way11:33
asac_the_2ndproblem is that this was done when most people started work at 8 am ... but nowadays the majority starts at 9 or later11:33
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: Do you know if DST is used in every country? *unsure*11:33
asac_the_2ndhowever they don't revert it ... so our time bounces back and force (in winter and summer)11:34
shirishJazzva: its not used in our country for sure11:34
asac_the_2ndJazzva: i doubt it is11:34
asac_the_2ndits most likely used just in places where you have strong seasons11:34
asac_the_2ndbecause the days are really short in winter11:34
asac_the_2nde.g. 4 hours daylight or even less11:34
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd, shirish: Oh... I see...11:34
asac_the_2ndactually countries that haven't adapted that are lucky imo11:34
shirishasac_the_2nd: same here, although 6 hrs. here in winter, also it depends where you mean in India11:34
asac_the_2ndits robs my daylight because i wake up late ... i don't need sunshine at 8 am in winter11:35
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: Yeah... no fuss about switching the clock back and forth... It's bad if you forget to adjust it...11:35
shirishif you go up north then it might be in that 4 hrs. range, down south it would be 6-8 hrs. it really all depends on where you are located11:35
asac_the_2ndshirish: i doubt that india goes that far north11:35
gnomefreakwhen do we change clocks?11:35
=== gnomefreak cant ever keep track of that
asac_the_2ndgnomefreak: no idea ... for us its around 21th sep and 21th mar11:36
Jazzvagnomefreak: I think it's not the same for every country *sighs*...11:36
asac_the_2nde.g. geological spring/autumn11:36
asac_the_2ndyeah most likely its not the same11:36
gnomefreakits close i think let me see if i can google it11:36
shirishasac_the_2nd: I know if we cross the border up north, then one can go to china, pakistan & Russia in 4 hrs. or something.11:36
asac_the_2ndactually i planned to ignore it this time and just shift my work hours accordingly11:36
JazzvaFor Serbia... well, last time on 2nd or 3rd Oct and 26th or 27th Mar :/11:37
asac_the_2ndor set my calendar to UTC :)11:37
gnomefreakJazzva: that sounds closer for me as well11:37
asac_the_2ndshould be more or less the same everywhere11:37
asac_the_2ndmaybe one week back and forth11:37
gnomefreak2007  March 11  November 411:38
shirishfinally have the firefox-trunk-dbgsym downloaded, now the firefox-dev-dbgsym11:38
gnomefreakit looks like is mine11:38
asac_the_2ndshirish: most likely you don't need -dev11:39
shirishUbulette: are you up m8?11:39
shirishasac_the_2nd: I think so too, as it is its at 50 MB hefty11:40
asac_the_2ndshirish: the libs in -dev are not used during runtime ... so you don't need it11:40
shirishok cool11:40
shirishasac_the_2nd: can you pass on the message to Ubulette that the bug he had, I have it two, about taking URL/link from webpage & putting it somewhere, it gives the link before11:41
shirishasac_the_2nd: I wish I had ubulette's e-mail id, maybe you can give him mine, mine's shirishag75@gmail.com11:43
Ubuletteasac_the_2nd, "Suche nach '*.ddeb' statt '*.deb'." is that correct ?11:43
shirishUbulette: I have the same issue as you, the URL/link bug which you were talking about before.11:43
shirishUbulette: also what's your mail address?11:43
Ubuletteit's everywhere on lp :)11:44
Ubulettei hate to show emails here as it logs11:45
Ubulettei hate to show emails here as it's logged11:45
shirishUbulette: I tried to find it yesterday but wasn't successful. I did find the fta bit but nothing much11:45
shirishUbulette: nice move11:45
Ubulettetry lp /~fta11:45
shirishthat was stupid of me, didn't think of the spam & rest of the nasty stuff.11:46
asac_the_2ndUbulette: why do you want to know that?11:47
asac_the_2ndshirish: i don't understand your question ... Ubulette is right here ;)?11:49
shirishasac_the_2nd: when I was trying to reach him, he was not here, thought he had gone to sleep or something.11:49
Ubuletteasac, just patched dpkg and there's a man page in en/fr/de11:49
Ubuletteanyway, should be ok as it was like that for udeb11:51
asac_the_2ndUbulette: honestly i don't know how to phrase it correctly ;) ... but what do you want to say? "include .ddeb in addition to .deb?" or search for .ddeb instead of .deb?11:51
asac_the_2ndwhat you wrote above means more or less the latter11:51
Ubuletteinstead of11:51
asac_the_2ndone would understand it that way ... yes.11:52
asac_the_2ndprobably you can just copy the doc for udeb and s/ud/dd/11:52
Ubulettein fact i did just that, even for french11:56
asac_the_2ndprobably the best :)11:56
asac_the_2ndoh cool there are new fglrx drivers11:58
asac_the_2ndmaybe i can play quake4 without system freezes again :)11:58
shirishok guys, eyes shutting, see you all tomorrow11:58
=== shirish out
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has left #ubuntu-mozillateam ["Leaving."]
asac_the_2ndshirish: night11:58
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: Filed the bug #134145, attached the debdiff... Dinner time :yay:11:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 134145 in gnome-voice-control "data/Makefile.* not using $(libexecdir) var" [Undecided,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13414511:58
asac_the_2ndJazzva: fix committed is not right11:59
asac_the_2ndfix committed is used to indicate that sponsor has uploaded11:59
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: Oh, right... forgot that... *sigh*11:59
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asac_the_2ndplease read the universe sponsoring wiki page11:59
Jazzvaasac_the_2nd: In Progress?11:59
asac_the_2ndin progress would be if you are working on them ... read the wiki page ;)12:00
asac_the_2ndbut thats not the page i use to remember ... anyway ... maybe it provides the needed info as well12:01
JazzvaThanks :).. I'll take a look now :)12:01
asac_the_2ndotherwise: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Sponsorship/SponsorsQueue?highlight=%28sponsor%2912:01
asac_the_2ndthats the other page i think12:01
asac_the_2ndit outlines the general workflow12:01
asac_the_2ndif there are contradictions in those pages let me know :)12:02
asac_the_2ndok i am doing a reboot ... and will play abit with this bad wifi chipset ... cu later12:05
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Jazzvaasac: Read the wikis... Seems fine now.12:20
asacJazzva|away: didn't know that it wasn't fine in the first place ;)12:52
Jazzvaasac: Well... It was, but the State wasn't good :)...12:52
asacah ;)12:53
Jazzva"Seems fine now" as in "The bug report seems fine now" :)12:53
asacthought you'd said that you fixed the wiki ;)12:53
Jazzvaasac: Yeah... now I figured it sounded like that...12:53
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asac_the_2ndi must admit that this bcm43xx chipset works pretty well01:08
asac_the_2ndwpa/web/open ... all work01:08
asac_the_2ndonly glitch is that somehow nm doesn't differentiate between wep and wpa passphrase01:09
asac_the_2ndso if i change my encryption type on ap i have to remove the key from keyring manually01:09
asac_the_2ndotherwise nm always thinks that connection fails01:09
asac_the_2ndbut doesn't ask for new passphrase01:09

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