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tgm4883_mythbuntsuperm1, whats happening?01:20
superm1hehe hey tgm4883_mythbunt01:20
superm1appears to have worked eh?01:20
tgm4883_mythbuntalthough i dont know how well it would integrate to drupal01:20
tgm4883_mythbuntyou can check it out at mythbuntu.weilandhomes.com/cgi-bin/irc.cgi01:21
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superm1you can put it in as #mythbuntu as well01:21
superm1that redirects here01:21
CGI117but it is indeed pretty neat01:22
tgm4883well thats a very unique name01:22
CGI117perhaps an iframe within a drupal page01:22
CGI117it does support full html and all01:22
tgm4883yea the config file is pretty long, but it should be fully customizable01:23
superm1well i gotta run for a bit again01:24
superm1got class this evenin01:24
tgm4883i'll take a look at this config file01:24
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tgm4883anyone around?01:49
cornellEvening all02:11
cornellHi tgm488302:11
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cornellEvening again...02:16
cornellThe joy and convenience of ssh'ing into another box...02:16
cornellUntil you "sudo shutdown" from the wrong terminal ;-(02:16
cornellIt seems I don't know the password for user mythtv02:24
tgm4883_laptopi dont think there is one02:25
cornellI've been logging in as me, I thought maybe mythfrontend would start on its own if I logged in as mythtv02:32
tgm4883_laptopmythtv should auto login in a fe/be setup02:32
cornellI kinda figured02:33
cornellBut that's not the only thing bizarre about this install ;-)02:33
tgm4883_laptopwhat else?02:41
cornellOy... um... no sound, bad video, no remote.   I'd done a install from the livecd.  I  interrupted before setup to hook up my existing lvm.  Then the setup.  mythfilldatabase.  Then I loaded my old database.  (probably should've done thowe in a different order ;-)02:47
cornellAny, with alsamixer, I've got sound.02:47
cornellVideo will probably be enhanced after apt-get install nvidia-glx.02:48
cornellRight now... I'm focusing on lirc02:48
cornellmmm... found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_Lirc_Gutsy?highlight=%28lirc%29%7C%28mythtv%29%7C%28remote%2902:50
cornelldo apt-get install lirc, which I did and a config popped up.  I picked hauppage tv-card.  Still doesn't work.  That link doesn't seem to indicate how to start the config again ;-(02:51
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cornellmmm... command irw reports Hauppage_350.  That's good ;-)02:52
cornellmmm... and it's reporting the right buttons.02:53
cornellDoes it matter that I did it logged in as me, instead of mythtv?02:54
cornellCan't ssh with mythtv.  with no password, or any of my expected passwords.02:56
tgm4883_laptopi think thats expected02:57
tgm4883_laptopyou shouldn't need to though02:57
cornellmmm... irw reports the buttons.  But mythfrontend doesn't recognize it...  Any ideas?02:57
Tari_sounds like a .lircrc problem02:58
tgm4883_laptopsorry, play gears of war02:59
tgm4883_laptopyou need to copy the .lircrc file02:59
cornellLike mythbuntu-lirc-generator?02:59
tgm4883_laptopdang it02:59
tgm4883_laptopfind the section about copying the lircrc files03:01
tgm4883_laptopand making symbolic links03:01
cornelltgm4883: no luck yet...03:03
tgm4883_laptopin finding it or trying it?03:03
cornellFInding.... only one instance of "copy"03:05
cornelllircd.conf has the hauppage_350 in it.03:05
tgm4883_laptopln -s ~/.lircrc ~/.mythtv/lircrc03:05
tgm4883_laptopyou need to put the (or link) the .lircrc in your home dir to the mythtv home dir03:06
tgm4883_laptopand also do the above for that03:06
cornellNo .lircrc in ~03:07
tgm4883_laptopwhere is your .lircrc file for your 350 ?03:08
cornellDon't know, looking for it (it's not in ~/.mythtv either03:08
cornell  sudo find / -name .lircrc03:09
cornellFinds nothing03:09
tgm4883_laptopdid you download one?03:09
tgm4883_laptopis the 360 remote the same as the 150 remote?03:10
cornellNot manually.  I did apt-get install lirc03:10
cornellI don't know, think it's close03:10
cornellDownload one from where?03:10
tgm4883_laptopsearch that page for lircrc.hauppauge03:11
cornellBut this fiesty seems to indicate that the .lircrc is for overriding the lircd.conf file03:11
tgm4883_laptopits not03:12
tgm4883_laptopthey work in conjuction03:12
cornellI see:   Here is the example lircrc taylored for mythtv only on a hauppauge remote:03:12
cornellFollowed by a link.  It wants to down load a BIN file.  Ok?03:13
tgm4883_laptopyou should be downloading the lircrc.hauppauge file03:13
tgm4883_laptopah yes, a bin file03:13
cornellRight, it says it...k03:13
tgm4883_laptopthen stick it in the mythtv user home directory03:13
tgm4883_laptoprename it .lircrc03:13
tgm4883_laptopand run the command that i put in here03:13
tgm4883_laptopln -s ~/.lircrc ~/.mythtv/lircrc03:14
tgm4883_laptopnow I have to go for a bit, but that should get you where you need to be.03:14
cornellok... gonna scp it to my home, rename it and then link it03:14
tgm4883_laptopI should be back in about an hour03:14
tgm4883_laptopif you want to use it as your user03:15
tgm4883_laptopyou need to do that for every user you want to be able to use that03:15
cornellThanks tgm4883_laptop.  I'll be gone by then, little woman coming home soon03:15
tgm4883_laptopso you need to do it for the mythtv user too03:15
cornellOn this front end... should only be me and mythtv03:15
tgm4883_laptopthen only the two of you then03:15
cornellTouch typing, I don't watch ;-)03:16
cornellThanks again tgm488303:16
cornellThanks again tgm4883_laptop03:17
cornellDo I need one in /home/mythtv?03:19
cornellor /home/mythtv/.mythtv ?03:20
cornellmmm speaking of which... there's a file in /home/mythtv/.mythtv called backend-configured.  Should there be one frontend-configured?03:21
cornellNope... I don't seem to need one there ;-)03:22
cornellIt's WORKING!!!03:22
cornell(that time I meant it ;-) )03:22
cornelloops... lost "Watch TV"... comes up with static, saying "ASUS"03:24
cornellAnd media library, watch recordings... no sound :-(03:26
cornellAnyway... time to go...03:32
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tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, go to mythbuntu.weilandhomes.com/support and tell me what you think05:37
tgm4883_laptopthere are 2 versions05:37
tgm4883_laptopi think the second one is best05:37
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superm1well each does have it's benefits05:38
superm1i like the fact that 2 doesn't close out the window05:38
superm1i'd say 2 is better05:39
superm1especially if there is a good description to go with it05:39
tgm4883_laptopi think 2 is better to, you can navigate away from the page and it still works05:39
superm1yea that is better then05:39
tgm4883_laptopI figured if it was in the drupal page, it would be too skinny05:40
tgm4883_laptopyou want the code?05:40
superm1sure link me to the cgi script and i'll drop it in place05:41
superm1and then you can edit the support page05:41
tgm4883_laptopjust use the main config file (not the full one) and set it to irc.freenode.net and this channel05:44
tgm4883_laptopoh and make the default user name something like mythbuntu??? so we know they are from the web page05:45
superm1make it like mythbuntu.org_guest05:45
superm1well thats long05:45
superm1something that indicates its from the website05:45
tgm4883_laptopwell thats up to you as that is in the config file05:46
superm1well wait its packages for ubuntu isn't it05:46
superm1perhaps i'll just apt-get it:)05:46
tgm4883_laptopoh yea i think it is05:46
tgm4883_laptopthe website says it is anyway05:47
superm1yea i just apt-got it05:47
superm1i'm not sure about where it's installed and all though05:47
tgm4883_laptopwell find out where the config file is05:48
tgm4883_laptopmaybe i can email the one i have to you05:48
superm1ah found it05:48
tgm4883_laptopyou want me to email you my config?  there aren't that many changes05:49
tgm4883_laptopits pretty simple05:49
superm1default_server = irc.ubuntu.com05:49
superm1default_port = 666705:49
superm1default_channel = #mythbuntu05:49
superm1default_name = Mythbuntu.org Web Visitor05:49
superm1basically right?05:49
tgm4883_laptopdefault nick should have like ???05:50
tgm4883_laptopon it05:50
tgm4883_laptop??? gives it a random num05:50
superm1okay well it's in place05:50
tgm4883_laptoplooks good though05:50
superm1so i'm not sure how to use it now05:50
tgm4883_laptoplet me do support real quick05:50
superm1er test it or anything05:50
superm1hm *** Access Denied: No connections allowed05:52
tgm4883_laptoplet me check mine05:53
tgm4883_laptopmaybe try irc.freenode.net05:54
superm1well i'm not sure that permissions are even allowed on this server05:57
superm1the issue may be the port too05:57
tgm4883_laptopcould be, same port as im using though05:57
superm1well i mean the outbound rules for  this server05:58
superm1i think it's best we check with jumpkick05:58
superm1when he returns05:58
tgm4883_laptopwheres it installed in respect to drupal?06:00
superm1well i took it off for now, but it got installed systemwide06:00
superm1in /var/www/cgiirc06:00
=== superm1 queues up a test mythbuntu build. wonder if the new ubiquity works right :)
superm1provided new ubiquity works right, since you got the autologin fixed tgm4883, all that would be left is to include mythtv 0.20.206:06
superm1and then alpha 4 should be ready06:06
superm1tgm4883, if you see any other things you want to nab up, i'll be glad to help coach you through more06:06
tgm4883_laptopare we still planning on waiting for .21?06:06
superm1well i mean i'll double check on a date with those guys06:08
superm1to see where they are feeling06:08
superm1after they do 0.20.206:08
superm1if it's later than november06:08
superm1then i say no on the 0.2106:08
tgm4883_laptopi agree06:09
tgm4883_laptopi haven't seen progress on the bugs since ive been watching, but maybe after .20.2  comes out and SD is up and running06:10
superm1if you want another place to have at with ubiquity, this one might be good: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+spec/hdhomerun-config06:12
superm1we can just include it by default, and then have it as an option that is removable in advanced installation06:13
superm1i expect that it would include touching a sizable amount of files too06:13
tgm4883_laptopIdeally wouldn't we want it to pop up if hdhomerun is picked in the tuner chooser?06:14
superm1well the tuner selection stuff is disabled for now06:19
superm1because twodeko didn't get the firmware detector done in time06:20
superm1so it will have to be deferred to gutsy+106:20
tgm4883_laptopnow did that input it into mythtv or was it just a firmware finder?06:23
superm1that was just a firmware finder frontend06:24
tgm4883_laptopso there really needs to be a repo or something for the firmware06:29
superm1yea that would be sensible06:35
superm1well the issue is legality06:35
superm1otherwise it'd be in ubuntu already06:35
=== tgm4883_laptop always overlooks that
tgm4883_laptopso really we need a database of some sort with locations of firmware and a downloader06:37
tgm4883_laptopthe legality just involves having them right, what about a downloading tool?06:40
superm1well it involves hosting them06:41
superm1and redistributing06:41
superm1so a downloading tool is just fine06:41
superm1ideally the control centre can be a frontend for it06:41
superm1if its architected right06:41
superm1and it can have a standalone frontend06:41
superm1and also a ubiquity frontend06:41
tgm4883_laptopi think what needs to happen (and this can be improved upon) but perhaps a database on mythbuntu.org that the downloader access to get the location of the firmware, and where it need to be installed to06:44
tgm4883_laptopthat way when new versions arize it can be updated06:44
superm1well perhaps it would be even better to ship such a database in the file06:45
superm1and offer to check for updates06:45
superm1from mythbuntu.org06:45
superm1or somewhere else06:45
tgm4883_laptopthats even better06:45
tgm4883_laptopunless we can program it to look for newer versions automatically, but wouldn't that be hard since we can't control the filenames?06:46
superm1well i dont like the idea of automatic updates for *anything* personally :)06:46
superm1i like to be given an option06:46
tgm4883_laptopwell true06:47
tgm4883_laptopwhat I meant was that we didn't have to manually update the database with new firmware versions06:47
tgm4883_laptopthe user could perhaps be given a list of the firmwares and choose which one06:48
tgm4883_laptopthat may be easier to do as we could list all firmwares that are say firmwarepvr150.*.*.*06:49
superm1well i'd say moot point atm, and we should just differ discussion for now :)06:52
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superm1well it appears that builds won't be possible right now08:19
superm1since linux-image-generic isn't done propagating the mirrors08:19
superm1so the whole build doesn't finish08:19
superm1i'll hvae to try again tomorrow08:19
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cornell_workMorning all01:06
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cornell_workHi DaveMorris, I know you're fascinated by my journal into mythbuntu, so I'll add the next chapter.  Used alsamixer.  (which controls more things than I knew I had things ;-) ), got the sound going, though it was a bit tinny, which may be the quality of monitor's speakers.  So I could watch tv, but still no remote.  So I apt-get installed lirc, ran irw, which showed the buttons worked, but still no control.01:34
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lagacornell_work: you need to create a lircrc01:34
lagacornell_work: are you using gutsy?01:34
cornell_workDownloaded a hauppauge lircrc, into ~ and then symlinked it to ~/.mythtv.  And Voila!, I have remote control.01:35
nihmIs there currently a way to run 'something' when the normal mythtv session runs? I tried .xsession, but /usr/share/startmythtv.sh runs by default.. I patched this file to look for a ~/.mythtv/session executable file. should I send a patch, or is there a better way01:36
laganihm: sure, submit a bug report at launchpad for mythbuntu/the mythtv packages and attach your patch01:36
nihmyeah, but only if there is not already a way to do it01:37
cornell_workLost my video though.  All I got was static.  And the letters ASUS.  It took till this morning to dawn on me... "ASUS" is my other tv card, it's not connected.  (never used it before).  So I've got to hook it up and see if that works.  But...01:37
nihmotherwise, will do01:37
cornell_workWhy did "Watch TV" switch from my Hauppauge to the ASUS?  (I don't have any recordings scheduled)01:37
cornell_workAnd then I checked out the Watch Recordings.  Video, no sound :-(  There's not another alsamixer is there?  I mean, like a second config.01:39
cornell_workooh...  Just thought of something...  Watch TV could be using sound coming from the tv card, while Watch Recordings, the sound's coming from a file.  mmm maybe I need to adjust a different control in alsamixer.01:41
cornell_workAnd, laga, I'm using Gutsy.01:41
lagacornell_work: k. gutsy has a lircrc generator, but since you already have a lircrc..01:42
cornell_workWell... it's a download from a ubuntu feisty related page, don't have the link off-hand, my sitebar at home isn't playing nicely.  I recall it being called hauppauge.lircrc, and it has many devices in it.  And after "installing" it, my watch tv video source switched.  Don't know if that's something I did with the remote, or something in the lircrc.01:47
cornell_workDo you think I might have better luck using the gutsy generator, or just leave it be, laga ?01:48
cornell_workmmm... I wonder if one can switch the video sources from the remote, or the keyboard.  That is, if there's a one button switcher, kinda like TV/VCR on a regular tv remote.01:49
cornell_workMaybe I switched the video source myself, in my ignorance.01:49
lagacornell_work: i'm pretty sure your tv cards did not change because you downloaded a configuration file for your remote01:49
lagayou can switch the inputs.. it's Y or C01:49
lagasee keys.txtr01:49
lagakeys.txt *01:50
cornell_workAnd maybe I should look in the lircrc and see if there's a button mapped thereto.01:50
cornell_workNever had two sources defined before.  With one, if I'm recording, it says I can't watch tv, it's recording.  With two inputs, if it's recording on one and I want to watch tv, will it automatically switch to the unused input?01:52
lagado you have two video sources or one video source and two cards?01:52
cornell_workmea culpa, bad use of jargon.... "Source" is the guide, like DataDirect?  One source, two inputs, Hauppauge and ASUS.  When I get home tonight, I'll put the splitter into the cable and hook both cards to the one cable line.01:54
cornell_workOr perhaps more accurately, "Source" is the provider of TV, represented by the guide, as in the cable provider.01:55
cornell_workStill, one source, two inputs.01:55
lagait should switch to the second card seamlessly01:55
lagaheh, video source, for me, is a bunch of channels with EPG ;)01:55
nihmdoes launchpad let me attach patches. what format should diff use?02:03
nihmOr should I say. I cant be arsed downloading the bzr tree, finding where /usr/share/startmythtv.sh & doing it the 'right way'02:06
laganihm: diff -u would be good02:20
lagaor just describe what you put where02:21
lagaif it's a small change02:21
cornell_workI'm guessing that "arsed" is an Australian colloquilism, not a computer related phrase ;-)02:30
lagawhy? it's usually directly followed by "RTFM" ;)02:34
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yotuxhow fast does a machine have to be to run this os?02:55
yotuxI only want backend services02:56
yotuxI think that I am getting into waters that are deeper than I should02:57
yotuxI have a 733 right now that I store music, video, and run dovecot offer to store emails in imap02:57
yotuxwas thinking about running myth tv on there02:58
yotuxnot having X installed going to cause issues?02:58
lagayou'll at least need X libs to configure the backend. it also depends on your choice of capture cards03:01
yotuxI havea pvr-15003:03
laga733Mhz should be fine then03:04
yotuxonce your OS is out of beta and I see what it has I think I would be more than willing to mirror your cd images03:04
lagacool :)03:04
yotuxthankz I will dl a fiest alt cd this morning03:05
lagayou can already use mythtv, BTw. no need to wait for mythbuntu :)03:05
lagaand no need to 'destroy' your old setup...03:05
yotuxAorry have been using linux since 97 but never really got into server and coding, etc03:05
yotuxAorry = Sorry03:05
yotuxlaga:  I was unable to install mythtv-backend03:07
yotuxthere are two deps need I only rember libmyth not found03:07
yotuxcould be an X issue of not having it03:07
yotuxthankz for the info though03:08
lagathat shouldn't happen.03:10
lagawhat distro?03:10
yotuxLTS 6.0603:11
lagaoh, that's got a old version of mythtv03:11
yotuxthat why I was thinking of going to fiesty somewhat newer,  data should be safe it not on the root partition03:12
DaveMorrismy backend runs 2 hardware capature cards and it's a 450 Mhz machine03:13
yotuxThankz DaveMorris03:13
DaveMorrishas 384Mhz of RAM03:13
yotuxwhich OS are you running?03:13
DaveMorrisI think its Dapper or Edgy atm, but thats because I'm too lazy to update it03:13
yotuxI follow,  nebie having all kinds of fun with remote ssh and what not03:14
yotuxwow I need to go to starbucks and get some morning coffee sorry for all of the typos03:14
DaveMorrisyeah I configure the backend using ssh -X03:14
cornell_workssh-X ?03:16
yotuxI just put giga ether in my box03:16
yotuxcornell_work remote X server03:16
DaveMorrisso you'd do ssh -X user@backend-hostname03:17
DaveMorristhen once your logged in, when ever you want to run a gui program from the cli, for instance gedit, it'll forward the X back to you03:18
DaveMorrisand it's encrypted03:18
DaveMorrisif your doing it over the Internet you'll wannt use -C to compress it as well03:18
DaveMorrisalthough with mythconfig it's a bit slow03:18
lagai use ssh -X -Y ;)03:19
lagahum, -Y might have security implications03:21
cornell_workThat's ssh<space>-X?  And would this be a function of the client or the remote or both?03:41
lagacornell_work: man ssh?03:46
cornell_workI'm not on a linux box at the moment, laga.03:46
cornell_workI thought I'd tried that, but got a cli and exited.  Does the X come back in response to a command?  Like if I ssh -X and then enter the command gedit, then I get the gui?03:47
cornell_workCool, I guess I gave up too soon03:48
lagacan take some time over a slow connection03:49
cornell_work(and, of course, I can google "man ssh" and get it, man, sometimes I am sloooooow)03:49
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cornell_workWhat would be the reason that my Watch TV has sound but the Watch recordings doesn't?  Any ideas?06:43
lagadoes your sound lag behind?06:49
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tgm4883who's box is the site on?07:22
lagatgm4883: guy called jumpkick IIRC07:28
tgm4883yea i think your right laga07:31
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=== tgm4883 is a php idiot
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tgm4883superm1, did you ever get ahold of jumpkick?07:40
superm1i have no way to contact him except  when he is on IRC :)07:41
tgm4883what did we use to theme mythbuntu?07:43
tgm4883anything special or just great artists?07:43
superm1what do you mean,' theme it'07:43
superm1like which parts07:43
tgm4883well the usplash would just be a pictures07:44
superm1well the usplash was a collaborative effort between a few people07:45
tgm4883but basically putting all of it together07:45
tgm4883the usplash, window colors, login screen, etc07:45
superm1the GTK theme foxbuntu found and modified07:45
tgm4883Is that just manually packaging it all together?07:45
superm1it stlil needs some work07:45
=== tgm4883_laptop is trying to do a theme for his loco team and do the website drupal theme for work
=== tgm4883_laptop is failing at both right now
superm1well i should let you know somethign i discovered about drupal07:48
superm1it caches the css07:48
superm1so you will have to manually remove files/css/*07:48
superm1when you refresh07:48
tgm4883_laptopis that just certain themes (or theme engines?)07:48
superm1well it was everything i tried07:49
superm1but it could be07:49
tgm4883_laptopI have been able to modify the width of the sidebar in one them07:49
tgm4883_laptopbut not a different one07:49
superm1try removing files/css/* and see if that helps :)07:49
tgm4883_laptopand it's really guesswork right now07:49
tgm4883_laptopi'll try removing that07:49
tgm4883_laptop:( i only have .htaccess in my files dir07:50
=== tgm4883_laptop curses at the drupal themes
lagai've been trying for two days now to make a simple rs232 level converter using a max232. and i'm failing.07:51
tgm4883_laptopwe should start a support group07:52
tgm4883_laptophi my name is tgm4883, and Im failing at drupal07:52
lagahi my name is laga and i'm stupid07:53
tgm4883_laptophi laga07:54
lagahi tgm488307:54
jamsif it help i also found drupal to be tedious07:55
superm1hi my name is superm1 and i am having trouble adjusting to upstream ubiquity changes07:56
lagahello jams. take a seat then.07:56
tgm4883_laptophello jams and superm1, cookies or coffee?07:56
superm1well i made a sandwich07:56
superm1so i'm fine for now07:56
lagait's steak here07:56
lagabut i won't leave until this converter works07:56
tgm4883is there a good site for the gimp?  (or a better image program?)08:09
ompaultgm4883, gimp.org08:14
tgm4883lol, thanks08:14
ompaultgm4883, it comes with a multi megabyte set of docs - that is more than likely what you really want to install (check synaptic)08:15
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cornell_worklaga... sorry, I keep getting interrupted, no the sound doesn't lag.  In Watch TV, first I didn't get sound , then I altered some settings with alsamixer, and now I have sound.  But in Watch Recordings, there's silence, no sound.  I'm wondering why sound in one and not the other.09:08
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juliuxhi all09:09
superm1hi juliux09:13
juliuxdoes somebody knows if this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/99180 is fixed in gutsy?09:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 99180 in linux-source-2.6.20 "[feisty]  DVB-T USB LiteOn Problems with recognize the frontend" [Undecided,Confirmed] 09:13
superm1juliux, it's possible that it was fixed in the newre v4l-dvb checkout with gutsy, but i dont know for usre09:15
juliuxi will test the hints09:15
superm1if mrkrufkly was here09:15
superm1he would probably know09:15
superm1but i haven't seen him for some time09:15
juliuxi will try to build v4l myself09:16
cornell_workWell... TTFN, see y'all tomorrow09:38
tgm4883stupid drupal and it's multiple .css files09:52
=== tgm4883 drupal makes me feel dumb
superm1that's odd,09:54
=== superm1 makes drupal feel dumb
superm1so that mean that09:54
tgm4883oh :(09:54
=== superm1 superm1 makes tgm4883 feel dumb?
tgm4883oh nooooo, its algebra 2 all over again09:54
tgm4883highschool was a long time ago for tgm488309:55
tgm4883the good news is that when I get drupal working I can probably dump windows09:57
tgm4883yea, i use dreamweaver :(09:58
tgm4883wait, i will still need windows09:58
tgm4883otherwise, how will I run my antivirus? :)09:58
tgm4883*** WARNING *** tgm4883 is about to ask a dumb question10:09
tgm4883how important are cron jobs to drupal?10:09
superm1depends on the plugins you use10:11
superm1if they require them10:11
tgm4883it's the last warning message that im getting10:12
tgm4883and apparently someone went to my linux.weilandhomes.com site (not the mythbuntu test site) and tried to look up mythtverror.txt10:12
superm1that's odd?10:14
tgm4883i know10:14
tgm4883how do you turn off the logo?10:15
=== tgm4883 refuses to let drupal beat him
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superm1tgm4883, there is a setting on the themes page10:45
superm1for globally or theme specific10:45
tgm4883yea i found it10:45
tgm4883messing with the fonts now10:45
tgm4883had to install firebug, makes this a whole lot easier10:45
tgm4883stupid web developers that don't document anything11:37
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Davieysuperm1: ping12:16
superm1poooooooooooooooong Daviey12:16
DavieyWhere is mythbuntu.org now hosted?12:16
superm1or you mean virtually12:17
DavieyWhat server?12:17
superm1it's on zimbra.stacktrace.org12:17
DavieyHow did that get organisd?12:17
superm1jumpkick came in here and told us he put an unofficial site up12:18
superm1at which point i gave imbrandon an ultimatum12:18
superm1and then brandon didn't follow through12:18
DavieySo do we still need a VPS?12:18
superm1so tgm4883 and i rebuilt the whole thing from scratch :)12:18
superm1and google cache of course12:18
DavieyA root shell server?12:18
superm1well for building ISOs yes12:19
=== tgm4883 is currently making drupal his bitch
superm1foxbuntu should be able to do that, but no eta12:19
superm1do you have one?12:19
Davieythat's on the way ;)12:19
superm1good job tgm488312:19
tgm4883stupid common.css12:19
=== Daviey doesn't have a drupal account... `(
superm1Daviey, only for this release will we need it i think though.  next release i'd like to migrate to the standard ubuntu build process12:19
superm1you missed the day we were handing them out to everyone in the channel eh?12:20
Davieyguess so12:20
tgm4883Daviey, a drupal account or a mythbuntu.org account?12:20
superm1tgm4883, can you make him one?12:20
Daviey*both* :(12:20
tgm4883whats you email?12:20
DavieyI'm guessing the mythbuntu.org emails are not working12:21
superm1well i'm the only one with a mythbuntu.org acct right now, at least until jumpkick says its okay to give out more12:21
tgm4883Boo-ya, new account12:21
tgm4883you should be getting an email12:21
superm1no we don't have an MX yet12:21
tgm4883wait it gave me an error12:21
tgm4883it said we can't give daviey one because I always get him and davemorris confused :)12:22
tgm4883that davemorris guy is going to have to change his name :)12:22
tgm4883superm1, i thought foxbuntu got an email?12:22
Davieyhe sure is.. i was here first..12:22
Davieylet's call davemorris, john from now on12:23
tgm4883sounds good to me12:23
Davieytgm4883: mail recieved12:23
tgm4883superm1, looks like mail is up12:23
superm1tgm4883, foxbuntu was going to do the MX on his server, but we need that server up first :)12:23
superm1tgm4883, eh?12:23
=== tgm4883 shrugs
tgm4883magic ;)12:23
superm1no really, mail is up?12:24
tgm4883jumpkick has the mail setup to send it somewhere12:24
tgm4883Daviey just got the mail from mythbuntu.org12:24
tgm4883cause I didn't personally send him one12:24
superm1well mail going out works12:24
superm1but not in12:24
tgm4883thats what i meant ;)12:25
superm1yea i installed sendmail on there12:26
superm1for that purpose12:26
Davieyalthough the email did come from 'superm1'12:26
superm1did it now....12:26
tgm4883thats because superm1 is all powerful12:27
superm1tgm4883, i bet admin emails from your server come from me too12:27
=== tgm4883 runs and checks
tgm4883Whoa, you're everywhere12:28
=== tgm4883 starts making a hat out of tin foil
tgm4883superm1's getting to that point where he knows to much, and the common folk of the town are going to form an angry mob and burn him at the stake12:30
superm1where i know too much?12:31
superm1it's not like i don't share12:31
Davieytgm4883: we are not all yanks!12:31
lagadon't act innocent now12:31
tgm4883Daviey thats right, I forgot your from across the pond12:32
=== tgm4883 removes Daviey's account
tgm4883no soup for you12:32
=== superm1 realizes that tgm4883 is on a power trip now.
=== tgm4883 removes superm1's account
=== tgm4883 removes tgm4883's account
tgm4883i'll show him12:33
=== tgm4883 rm -R /
tgm4883apt-get sedative12:34

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