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tarvidusing a terminal window, ssh to a feisty server, run vi and the arrow keys look like ANSI03:41
tarvidanyone know where the correct terminal is set?03:42
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N6REJCan anyone give me some pointers on how to install Microsofts MDSE on Ubuntu-server?04:34
infinityUhm.  You can't.04:35
infinityMDSE is Win32 software.04:36
infinityYou could run it in WINE if you were a masochist, perhaps.04:36
dantalizingN6REJ: sudo aptitude install mysql-server04:36
N6REJinfinity: I realize its a win32 program.  Thats why I'm asking.  Unfortunately its the only DB my accounting software supports.04:36
N6REJI've been looking forever for a good linux accounting program and haven't found one yet.04:37
infinityAnd you're running this accounting software with WINE, or you're running it in Windows?04:37
N6REJunder windows.04:37
infinityThen I suppose I'm failing to see the issue, since you can install MDSE on the same box... No?04:38
N6REJI'd like to put the database server on my server so that I can free up my desktop and make it available to the network.04:38
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infinityMDSE is the desktop edition of SQL server, it's not really meant to be on a central server anyway.04:38
N6REJinfinity: right, the issue is if I can prevent it I don't want to tie up my desktop04:38
N6REJinfinity: oic04:38
N6REJinfinity: is there a place better then freshmeat to look for linux software?04:40
infinityapt-cache search?04:40
ScottKWow.  I don't feel bad at all that I missed that guy.05:06
dthackerHi, I'm answering a question on launchpad from a user that wants to install a GUI on top of server and is running into all kinds of trouble.  I'm going to recommend they install straight Fiesty and pull in the server packages they want.  Is there any major kernel/driver differences between server and desktop?05:17
ScottKWhat gui do they want to install?05:19
ScottKdthacker: ^^^05:20
dthackerThey're trying to install a package called "ubuntu-desktop" which may be a meta package for gnome. (not sure)05:21
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ScottKYes, it is.05:25
ScottKIt should install just fine.05:25
dthackerok, I'll work on finding the problem they are having with the install, then.  tnx ScottK05:26
ScottKI've done that with kubuntu-desktop, not ubuntu-desktop, but it should work.05:27
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nandemonaiHiya guys, can anyone suggest a good quality sound card that Feisty likes? Internal sound is crummy.07:11
nandemonaiGah wrong chan sorry.07:11
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stiv2kwhats a good command line partition manager???07:51
stiv2kwhats a good curses-type partition manager i can use08:04
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demritstiv2k, you can use GNU parted (parted command)08:12
stiv2kdemrit: it keeps reading my damn floppy drive08:13
stiv2k2nd, i dont know the cylinder start/end numbers to resize08:13
demritstiv2k, cfdisk is a good alternative choice08:15
stiv2kdemrit: cfdisk didnt seem to allow me to resize...08:17
stiv2kits OK, since i have to unmount it anyway08:17
stiv2ki'll just reboot with a liveCD of some kind08:17
stiv2kand use gparted08:17
demritthen you aren't looking for a command line partition manager :P08:18
stiv2kyeah i know08:30
stiv2ki /was/ till i realized it didnt matter since i ned to reboot the system anyway (so / isn't mounted)08:30
stiv2kbut thanks anyway08:30
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spikehi, is anybody running xen on ubuntu feisty amd64?03:08
spike2.6.19-4-generic-amd64 kernel03:08
spikeI've got it installed, rebooted, and since then the box will completely disappear from the network, no errors in dmesg,logs or whatnot03:09
spikeloging locally and trying to ping stuff will *sporadically* work03:09
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sommeranyone know if there is a way using Samba to limit a user to one login per computer?08:28
sommeror one domain login if that makes more sense?08:29
dantalizingsommer: look at the bottom of this page.. http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/AdvancedNetworkManagement.html08:30
sommerdantalizing: I saw that, but from the example it looks like that's a per share thing.  Do you know if it would work for actual logins?08:31
sommerI guess I can always test and find out...heh08:32
dantalizingoh you only want them to log on to one computer in the domain at a time08:32
sommerdantalizing: yep that's the goal08:32
sommermaybe if I apply that to the netlogon share?08:33
mathiazsommer: I'm not sure it would work in your case.08:34
mathiazsommer: the authentification phase is done before the connection to the netlogon share.08:35
infinityDomain authentication isn't a persistent thing, I'm not entirely sure you can enforce what you want here...08:35
sommeris there a way to do that even with AD?08:36
infinityI suspect not.08:36
dantalizingi would think you'd have to log the logins and check that log08:36
infinityErm, but you're still in trouble.08:37
sommerdantalizing: that's an idea.  The machines I'm actually worried about are in Labs so it's a limited number.08:37
infinityYou have no way of knowing if the previous login is still active.08:37
infinityAnd you can't remotely force the previous session to log out.08:37
sommercouldn't you log log ins and log outs?08:37
infinityNor can you lock someone out of the new session based on thinking that, maybe, they might still be using the old one (because it's not persistent)08:37
dantalizingisnt there a user policy or somthing?08:38
infinityThere's no such thing as a domain "log out".08:38
infinityYou log in.  You use it.  You stop using resources.  There's no log out.08:38
sommerhehe...gotcha, what if you log from the workstation to some network log08:38
infinityThat could be doable, but ugly.08:38
infinityAnd to do it properly, we're talking GINA plugins.08:39
infinity(Assuming these are NT workstations?)08:39
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mathiazsommer: It may possible to implement that within AD08:39
sommerI definitely agree, but I'm not sure this is a "pretty" sort of situation.08:39
mathiazsommer: probably with a policy.08:39
mathiazsommer: but I'm not knowledgable in that area08:39
infinityOh, true, you can have policies that run locally on workstation logout.08:40
sommerya I was thinking something like that.  Isn't there some way for Samba to use Group Policy?08:40
sommerIt may be pretty hackish, but I thought I came accross something once.08:41
dantalizinghmm... this is old...but even the microsoft way of doing it appears to be hackish08:45
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sommerdantalizing: I think I'll hack up something similar to that.  thanks for the link.08:54
jdstrandkeescook: hi!09:15
keescookjdstrand: hiya09:16
jdstrandI was talking with dendrobates earlier today, and he suggested I talk to you about it, since you are a core-dev09:16
keescookjdstrand: okay, sure, what can I help with?09:17
jdstrandI started looking at tasksel for adding an openssh-server task, and talked with cjwatson about this on devel09:17
jdstrandHe suggested that we "should just get a core-dev to create an openssh-server seed"09:17
jdstrandHe also said if we wanted to do it we would "add a seed for it to bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.gutsy/ with the right Task-* headers, and after that just run the thing in tasksel which automatically regenerates ubuntu-tasks"09:18
jdstrandI am new to tasksel, and he said there is some magic there which creates the task.  Are you familiar with it?09:18
keescookhm, it's voodoo to me, but I guess I should learn it!09:18
infinityErr, I think you misunderstood.09:18
infinityIf it's in the seeds, it ends up getting a Task: header in the archive.09:19
infinityAnd then it Just Works, with tasksel, aptitude, and apt-get.09:19
keescookinfinity: so what're the right steps for this?09:19
jdstrandthat is what I thought I understood.  I guess I didn't explain it too well...09:19
infinitykeescook: The only step required is editing the seeds.  Everything else is automated.09:20
infinityAfter the seeds are mangles, the next publisher run will give you Packages files with openssh-server having a Task: header (see "apt-cache show yelp | grep ^Task" as an example), and all the tools DTRT with that.09:21
=== keescook is grabbing a branch now
infinityI still agree with Colin that a Task for a single package is somewhat insane, but I imagine I'm at a loss for a better solution here.09:22
keescookwhat is "Task-Key:" used for?09:24
jdstrandI am inclined to agree on a technical level.  However, I think the idea is to make it very clear/easy to add openssh on installation, esp for LAMP09:24
infinityA note at the end of the install saying "If this computer is connected to a network, you might want to consider managing it remotely, rather than from the local console, use "apt-get install openssh-server" to install an ssh daemon for that purpose" might be a bit chatty.09:24
mathiazinfinity: I agree with you also. But most of the users install a ssh server.09:24
mathiazinfinity: So it's usefull in that case to have the choice to install a ssh server during install.09:25
infinityOh, and I do too, obviously, but I don't find it onerous to do so.09:25
mathiazinfinity: is there another way to install a package during install time ?09:25
infinityOr, to put my "elitist" hat on for a moment, if a new admin can't figure out how to install SSH, they're in for a world of hurt 5 minutes later when they try to figure out how to do anything else.09:26
infinityThere are countless ways.09:26
keescookinfinity: so if I add "openssh-server" file (with contents http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/34693/) that's it?09:26
infinityPreseeding d-i with an aptitude package pattern is the easiest way (that's how we used to do LAMP, before we turned it into a task)09:27
infinitykeescook: It needs to be represented in STRUCTURE as well.09:27
mathiazinfinity: ok. Let me an example.09:27
mathiazinfinity: I'd like to boot an ubuntu-server cd install, go through the install and on reboot I can login via ssh directly.09:28
mathiazinfinity: with a openssh task, I can do that with a standard cd.09:28
mathiazinfinity: is it possible to do that with the standard cd now ?09:29
infinitymathiaz: Sure, but it's less intuitive than just installing it with apt-get after the fact. :)09:29
lamont`mathiaz: there's a magic incantation to d-i that will do that (include arbitrary packages)09:29
infinity(ie: by invoking the boot with a d-i preseed)09:29
keescookinfinity: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/34694/ ?09:30
infinitykeescook: Althought it's redundant, it should be listed in "supported" too.09:30
keescookinfinity: what's the reasoning for that?  (I saw it was redundant and intentionally left it out)09:31
=== mathiaz needs to look into d-i and how pre-seeding works...
keescookinfinity: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/34695/09:32
infinitykeescook: Well, one could drop openssh-server from one of the other seeds (okay, we're not going to, but we could), and then it would fall out of the supported set if the hierarchy isn't in STRUCTURE.09:32
keescookah, okay, makes sense09:32
infinitykeescook: Diff looks good.09:33
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keescookinfinity, jdstrand: okay, pushed.09:35
jdstrandkeescook: thanks!09:35
keescookjdstrand: you're welcome!  now I know about seeds.  :)09:36
jdstrandkeescook: me too-- I peeked at bazaar and learned something myself09:37
jdstrandkeescook: that's actually pretty slick...09:38
=== Nafallo just got the bzr commit notification :-)
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ErikTheREdHey, I've got a [probably stupid]  question.. I'm trying to run a 32-bit binary application on 7.04/AMD64, and it's griping about not being able to find a library called libstdc++-libc6.1-1.so.2. I've seen suggestions for other versions of Ubuntu / Debian that call for symlinking a similar version of the same file to that name, but I don't see any similar versions under 7.04/AMD64. Any suggestions?09:58
leonelinstall : libstdc++609:59
ErikTheREdYeah, that's installed...10:00
mralphabetErikTheREd: wow, that is mildly painful10:00
leoneloo glibc ..10:01
mralphabetblinking, white background, blue text10:01
ErikTheREdSorry...wasn't intending to be blinking... is this better?10:01
mralphabetblinking, white background, black text10:02
NafalloErikTheREd: we've already got prof people couldn't read that text I think :-)10:05
ErikTheREdSorry... messing with my client... I don't use IRC much... any improvement?10:06
Nafalloleonel: he's running x86_64 and trying to run x86 on it. and no, not glibc :-).10:06
kylemsomeone with ops want to add +c to the channel modes?10:06
kylem(to strip colour)10:06
Nafallohi Kyle :-)10:07
leonelNafallo: I see and  didn't found any package with that file in packages.ubuntu.com10:07
kylemErikTheREd, you'll need to set up a 32-bit chroot10:07
ErikTheREdHmm... that sounds a bit extreme :-)10:08
kylemit's quite easy, i'm trying to find a link for you.10:08
ErikTheREdFound http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2457510:09
kylemthat's a little out of date, which application are you looking for?10:11
ErikTheREd*choke* Lotus Domino *choke* 10:11
kylemah. hmm.10:11
kylemactually, you might get it if you just install ia32-libs, i'm not really sure... do they ship support for 32-bit Ubuntu, or is this coming from an rpm?10:12
ErikTheREdI saw some notes elsewhere suggesting the ia32-libs-dev package, but that doesn't seem to be around anymore in 7.0410:12
ErikTheREdNo, they don't officially support anything other than RHEL and SLES, although people have gotten it to run under Debian and Ubuntu.10:13
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ErikTheREdOr actually, the older versions now that I look.10:14
ErikTheREdIf I download the source to ia32-libs from Debian and compile it, do you think it would make my system explode?10:16
kylemia32-libs includes ia32-libs-dev10:17
ErikTheREdYes, but apparently not the libstdc++-libc6 file :-)10:18
kylemit will just be called libstdc++10:18
ErikTheREdYeah, but symlinking the libstdc++ libraries to that name hasn't done much.10:19
kylemother than that, i'm not sure.10:19
ErikTheREdWell, I copied the file from a Fedora 7 install, and it seems to be running ... sort of.10:29
ErikTheREdOh yeah, had to copy to /usr/lib32 and not /usr/lib if anybody cares.10:30
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kshahdoes anyone here use any desktop sharing, video conferencing software that they are happy with, open source and runs on ubuntu?10:38
kshahanyone using dimdim?10:38
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ErikTheREdThanks for the help everyone... looks like I'm more or less running.10:43
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=== mralphabet cheers infinity
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Nafallohow can I tell postfix which way outbound should go if I want to deliver everything from one domain to a proxy but let the other from domains go right back out on the Internet?11:17
ScottKNafallo: Postfix doesn't have a concept of outbound and inbound being different things.11:18
lamont`Nafallo: it can be done, but it'll be sick11:18
Nafallolamont`: sick is okayish :-)11:18
lamont`worst case, you just deliver everything to a pipe mailer that reinjects things according to your design.11:18
lamont`I'm sure there's a cleaner way11:19
Nafallosomeone should have done something similiar before I hope, and then google might have it :-)11:19
ScottKNafallo: I did something like that with transport maps11:19
Nafalloit's basically to do outgoing mailscanning11:20
lamont`probably the easiest way would be to DNAT anything arriving from the "special" domain, and have that arrive on a different port (with different rules) than port 25 has.11:20
Nafallobut we only have a license on that software for one domain :-)11:20
Nafallohm... like this (more or less)11:20
lamont`or have different options on smtpd on the two interfaces (inside, outside)11:20
Nafallointernet -> mxscan0 -> mail11:21
Nafalloand the clients use mail -> mxscan0 -> internet11:21
Nafallobut if the client uses his/her smtp-auth for another domain it will get dropped at mxscan0 :-P11:21
Nafalloso in that case it should be mail -> internet11:21
ScottKNafallo: I feel obligated to point out that there are almost certianly FOSS scanning solutions that would not require this kind of convoluted architecture.11:22
NafalloScottK: sure, the thing are heavily based on postfix :-)11:23
lamont`ScottK: picky, picky11:23
ScottKI do, however, do something similar for Hotmail becaue their "wonderful" reputation system doesn't play well with low volume senders, I use transport maps to relay all mail to Hotmail through a single MTA.11:23
lamont`Nafallo: the answer to any "can I do this with postfix" question is: "Of course.  OTOH, you may not want to hurt your brain that much."11:24
Nafallolamont`: yea, I know :-)11:24
Nafallolamont`: I thought I would just put in a transport_map, but that should make it confused with delivering, right? ;-)11:24
ScottKNafallo: The only deliveries are local.  everything else is a relay of some kind.  Shouldn't be a problem.11:25
lamont`Nafallo: the issue is that postfix doesn't really distinguish based on sender in the routing decision (it's like IP routing in that regard), so you have to smack it around a bit to have it understand that you're really stupid enough to want to do what you're trying to tell it to do...11:25
lamont`er, for some value of "stupid"11:25
NafalloI might just want to use mxproxy0 for outbound for everything else then domain.tld then ;-)11:26
lamont`ScottK: deliveries aren't local either... they're tossed through the "local" service instead of the "smtp" service or whatever other transport you want to route things out...11:27
NafalloI don't have local deliveries btw :-)11:28
Nafalloor rather... dovecot LDA :-)11:28
=== Nafallo actually tried to follow KISS, but my boss had more demands.
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