=== cellofellow had to help someone with that particular problem once before, so he had it down.
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SayersWhat's the best media player. I will have about 24 hours of music eventually. I don't care if it's lightweight, and perferably not amarok.01:30
SayersI hear songbird is cool but I'm not sure.01:31
cellofellowTry Exaile or BMPx.01:31
=== M_42 [n=chatzill@h44.28.29.71.ip.alltel.net] has joined #xubuntu
Sayersthanks. I've tried the mainstream media players, something differnt would be neat.01:32
M_42does anyone here know what mode ext3 is in by default in feisty???01:32
kekkI like audacious01:38
=== cellofellow too, but it's not a jukebox that will manage your collection.
kekkum, did I just say all those names or was that xchat freaking out?01:39
kekkindeed. but I haven't got the need for one. audacious is lightweight and I like that. it's also like winamp which I used when I had windows01:40
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P_blohi, there..03:22
P_bloim trying to install xubuntu in my laptop compaq presario f506la03:23
P_blowhen im try to particionate using live cd xubuntu mount my disck and cannot install on it03:24
P_blosomebody can help me out?03:25
PumpernickelP_blo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/10725903:25
PumpernickelIt's a known issue, with a workaround posted.03:26
=== sayers [n=ubuntu@] has joined #xubuntu
sayerswhy does the stable partioner fail so misserably :(03:26
Pumpernickelsayers: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/10725903:28
P_bloim trying now installing from the alternate cd03:29
P_blo...it is progressing03:29
sayersPumpernickel: hm03:30
sayersPumpernickel: does that provide a solution03:30
P_blobut it hasnt finished yet03:30
sayersthat should work03:31
P_bloi just wanted to check if i was doing correctly03:32
sayersI wish I remembered the media player I was using earlier03:32
sayersIt was great but I forgot it's name. They say it's the GTK of amarok.03:32
P_bloi thinl its exaile03:33
sayersyeah that was it03:33
sayersif I had paper03:33
sayersill try to remember03:33
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Sayerswhy isnt open-office on the CD?04:10
zialsbecause xubuntu is meant to be lightweight04:28
zialsopenoffice is... quite heavy04:28
zialsbut you can always get it from the repos04:28
Sayerszials, oh yes it's a bit heavy, but all programs like that are.04:33
SayersI use XFCE because it has the qualitys from kde, gnome, and flux without the downsides of the 304:34
zialswell, some use xfce because they're computers can't handle heavy apps04:35
zialsnot having heavy apps would be the best compromise ;)04:35
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Sayerszials, Well, Flux is still a bit greedy04:36
SayersFor a laptop that is just for web-browsing I guess i'd go fluxbox.04:37
SayersXFCE is good for Older computers that aren't THAT old but still old04:37
Sayerszials, you probably get what i mean :)04:37
=== The-Kernel [n=thomas@67-150-247-12.oak.mdsg-pacwest.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45XFCE is also just a realy nice DE04:47
Jester45i use it on my new machines04:47
Sayersmy new machine05:04
Sayersmy only computer05:05
Sayersmy love05:05
SayersJester45, i wish Enlignement was a bit easeir to get05:06
Jester45i dont like enlightenment05:08
Jester45i dont like anything that tries to take over all my gui05:08
Jester45like kde and gnome05:09
SayersI like xfce the most05:09
Sayersand hint hint in unstable gutsy which is unstable05:10
Sayersxfce looks 1000x better05:10
Sayersbut still the same speed05:10
Sayersbut I hate testing because everything breaks05:10
Sayersand right now I /need/ to get some stuff done05:10
SayersJester45, i think gnome and kde copy eachother to much anymore05:12
Sayerskoffice and gnomeoffice >.>05:12
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Sayerswow does my Xfce look odd now that i've made it all odd05:26
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Catoptromancy_mine is so custumized it hardly looks like linux06:24
Jester45i dont know how linux is suposed to look06:26
=== VR_ [n=NULL@6532232hfc18.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
VR_hi all, are the missing menu icons gonna be fixed in gutsy? the main menu on the panel, i mean.06:32
Jester45right click on the panel -> add new item -> xfce menu (at bottom of list i think)06:33
Jester45once you press ok06:33
Jester45the config window opens06:33
VR_no, i mean, for example the 'About Xfce' icon is missing, when you click on the 'Applications' button06:33
VR_on the panel06:34
=== Jester45 doesnt see it
=== Jester45 also doesnt have a menu
VR_right here > http://tinyurl.com/2e52jc06:35
Jester45i dont think that ever had a pic06:36
Jester45i dont remember its not a bug06:36
Jester45plus im not sure what they would put06:37
VR_yeah, there are some other things missing, like xfburner06:37
Jester45i dont have that also06:37
Jester45i dont have much of xfce left06:37
Jester45im going to bed now06:38
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Naughtyboyguys...any1 know how to easily check your OS up time....in terminal or whatever..?06:48
cynomySjust type it06:50
Naughtyboyaha...nice and simple.....thnx a bunch06:51
cynomySalso check out http://linuxcommand.org/06:52
Naughtyboynice...very useful site.....saved....thnx06:55
=== michaelpo [n=presario@] has joined #xubuntu
cynomyShey, how do I know how much time has passed in a clip in mplayer started via the terminal?07:12
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bambamisn't there any package for bitbake in feisty?10:04
=== Ed933 [n=chatzill@c211-30-95-218.carlnfd4.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
Ed933I am thinking of installing xubuntu on my old computer10:10
Ed933the specs are10:10
Ed933Win ME10:10
m0u5eanyone know how to make alsa your default on xubuntu10:11
m0u5ei have both esound installed and alsa10:11
m0u5ean di want to check to make sure alsa is the default10:11
m0u5ecause i suspect its currently not :/10:11
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ThirtysixwayWhen I tried to install xubuntu it would error when setting up the file system10:54
ThirtysixwayDo you think it's just a bad cd?10:54
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m0u5ethirtysixway: do i md5sum on the cd, and run the "integrity" check11:16
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wlfwhiterabbithi! please, can you tell me how I have to set xchat to see the time every message is sent?11:58
kekkSettings > Preferences > Interface > Text Box11:59
kekkand from that the last passage is Time Stamps12:00
kekkI use (%H:%M:%S)12:00
wlfwhiterabbitoh god! i knew i had to abilitate time stamps, but i hadn't seen that part of the windows... thank you!12:01
kekkno problem12:01
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joseph1110216how do i check if ubuntu is using my vid card?12:05
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kekkhmm. I have this quite old pc, I have xubuntu on it. every time I open a terminal window or press ctrl+alt fx to get a virtual terminal window, the screen goes crazy and the system logs out, giving me the login window12:54
kekkI can't do much without a terminal so any help would be good12:54
kekkI can log into the failsafe terminal though12:55
RamlaI had a similar problem which was caused by boot parameters 'quiet splash'. Try removing them from the first boot choice in /boot/grub/menu.lst01:01
kekkhmm, there's a lightning storm where I'm at, the power went out01:02
kekkoh, good, at first the machine wouldn't give any image, restarted and it booted01:03
kekkI will try the quiet splash removal01:03
=== Catoptromancy [n=cat@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
kekkRamla, I see this line: # defoptions=quiet splash01:06
kekkshall I add another #?01:07
RamlaTheres a lot of comments first, the line is near the end of the file01:07
Ramlaafter "## ## End Default Options ##01:07
kekkI don't see one ofter that01:08
kekkit's after the kernel location?01:08
kekkjust delete it?01:09
Ramlathem two words, ya01:09
kekkokay, thanks01:09
kekkand how do I save a file in nano? heh01:09
Ramlaif it makes the situation even worse, you can edit those even in the grub boot menu01:09
kekklet me reboot01:10
kekknope.. still logs out when I open the terminal01:13
Ramladamn :(01:14
kekkI can access the virtual terminal now though01:14
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BWMerlinhi im looking to remote admin xubuntu from windows with a gui so i was wondering which of the various vnc servers was the best option in people's opinion01:28
kekkI just installed freenx01:35
kekkor rather nx free01:35
kekkvery fast, I'm very happy with it01:35
kekkif you don't use the jpg settings but rather rgb, it's not that bad looking also01:36
kekkthough it seems my old comp can't handle it01:36
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EddyI've got problem with gxine02:05
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp86-38.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #xubuntu
Eddyit can't play MP3 files02:05
EddyI installed probably all lib files for xine with Synaptic to make it working02:06
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Adamskahi, i'm on xubuntu and i'm trying to type unicode characters holding ctrl+shift, i know it works under gnome but it doesn't seem to work here. do I have to use other keys than control+shift?03:44
TheSheepAdamska: what character are you trying to type?03:47
Adamskathe copyright character03:48
TheSheepargh, that one is covered with  on the polish keyboard :(03:48
TheSheepAdamska: I think that to get the behavior of ctrl+shift from gnome, you need to define a compose key in your xorg.conf03:49
TheSheepAdamska: but I'm not sure that this is what you mean03:49
Adamskai'll try that TheSheep, thanks03:50
TheSheepAdamska: here is some howto, I htink: http://www.linuxhowtos.org/Tips%20and%20Tricks/compose.htm03:51
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AdamskaI have to restart X, thanks for your help ;)03:58
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PCUser_I was wondering, Xubuntu could get more users if the concept design was similar to that of the OS-X, what does anyone think?04:36
=== michaelpo [n=presario@] has joined #xubuntu
David-Athere are 3 forces: similar to OS X, to WinXP, and to Gnome.04:38
David-A... 4 forces: and to  prev version of xfce/xubuntu04:39
PCUser_I've worked with people who use OSX at day, but XP at night and most of them said they would switch to linux if a distro came ready similar to OSX concept. I thought I should pass it on :)04:41
=== totalwormage [n=worm@flits102-83.flits.rug.nl] has joined #xubuntu
David-AI think ubuntu/gnome is better than xubuntu/xfce re userfrendliness.04:43
David-AI plan to convert my dad to ubuntu. I dont think xubuntu is good for him, thou I use xubuntu myself.04:44
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Ramlais true, userfriendliness04:45
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TheSheepusability is a tricky beast :)04:56
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Nomemohessomeone can help me?05:09
Nomemohesi download the alternate cd of xubuntu 6.06 3 times05:10
Nomemohesbut always when i do the md5 checksum give me the message corrupted files05:10
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cjaebest opengl ubuntu games?05:54
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mattgyver83anybody here use x11vnc with xubuntu?06:50
totalwormfaceask your question ;] 06:50
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mattgyver83How do you setup x11vnc with Xubuntu.  I cant seem to find the correct directory for /xinetd.d/ which is where it needs to be created06:53
TheSheepmattgyver83: that's because ubntu doesn't use xinetd, it uses inetd06:54
TheSheephmm... but I guess you can install xinetd too06:55
TheSheep!info xinetd06:55
mattgyver83Oh crap... i totally forgot i had to do that earlier as well06:55
mattgyver83I just got it running on ubuntu, but not xubuntu... i forgot i did that06:55
mattgyver83:\  Thanks very much06:55
mattgyver83i feel retarded06:55
TheSheepmattgyver83: it'll be in /etc/ then06:56
TheSheepmattgyver83: meh06:56
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homa_ranoI have a problem trying to install xubuntu on a partition. gparted sees the entire hard drive as unallocated space, but `sudo fdisk -l` correctly sees the 4 partitions including the ext3 one that it should be installing on07:15
orbit7homa_rano, are you shure gparted is listing the correct disk? is there only one disk in the pc?07:24
homa_ranoorbit7: it is a laptop, and there is only one hard disk07:24
orbit7strange, i don't know what's wrong07:25
zialserm, you're using the Xubuntu LiveCD?07:26
homa_ranozials: yes07:26
homa_ranoand I originally created this partition with the xubuntu livecd07:26
zialsthe partitioner is buggy in the LiveCD07:27
homa_ranobut then it crashed without instaling07:27
zialshence its usually recommended to use the alternate CD for installation07:27
homa_ranozials: ok, I'll try that07:27
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=== kstr [n=kstr@d5153A643.access.telenet.be] has joined #xubuntu
radioaktivstormok...  so I forgot how to get the icons to work in OOo....again. >_< alls I get  is the text only buttons.07:52
radioaktivstormdoes anyone know how to restore the icons on OOo buttons in Xubuntu?07:52
TheSheepradioaktivstorm: it should be in the configuration07:52
TheSheepradioaktivstorm: in 'view' iirc07:52
radioaktivstormTheSheep: its set on icons only T_T in OOo and my user interface has icons for toolbar as well :/07:55
radioaktivstormand im using the tango iconset07:56
radioaktivstormugh... an I fixed this on my other computer like 2 months ago07:59
kekkany networking gurus?08:00
=== kstr [n=kstr@d5153A643.access.telenet.be] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepkekk: no, we ate the last one yesterday08:04
kekkoh dang08:04
radioaktivstormyum. <_<08:04
kekkdid you leave some in the fridge at least?08:05
kekkI desperately need my networking-guru fix ;)08:05
TheSheep!ask | kekk08:05
TheSheepubotu, oh ubotu, where art thou?08:05
ubotukekk: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)08:06
=== anderssons [n=a@h89n6c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
anderssonsHi! I cant drag and drop select icons on my desktop08:06
TheSheepanderssons: that's normal08:07
kekkhehe, okay. well, the problem is that my wifi signal is too weak. I have one router set up for two houses, need wifi in both of them. plus the wimax signal isn't doing nay good, it's frying the wifi from time to time. what are my options to improve this? I thought I could set up another router in the scond building for a better signal there. is it possible to get the second router to kind of relay the traffic?08:07
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #xubuntu
anderssonsTheSheep: hm ok..can I somehow do that?08:07
radioaktivstormanderssons, use select  and click on each one... or open the desktop in your file manager for drag and drop08:07
radioaktivstormer *ctrl08:08
anderssonsradioaktivstorm: is that a bug or "funcion"?08:08
TheSheepanderssons: you can open the 'Desktop' directory in thunar to do maintenance08:08
TheSheepanderssons: xfdesktop is very simple, it's going to be more advanced in future versions of xfce08:08
radioaktivstormanderssons as I recall.... icons are pretty new to the xfce desktop. im sure it'll come soon :)08:09
anderssonsok I have another question...when I start there is a blackish thing in the over right corner..it often disapeears after a while..what is that? :s08:09
radioaktivstormif you really are bothered by it.. you could try turning off xfce desktop management and open nautilus...should give you the gnome style desktop..which has drag and drop08:10
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TheSheepkekk: no idea, but that's not ubuntu-related, is it?08:10
kekkTheSheep: that's why i asked for networking gurus ;) just thought someone might be able to help me08:11
kekki don't know what to search for either08:11
TheSheep.oO( wonderi f there is a #wifi channel... )08:12
kekkmaybe this: http://meanderingpassage.com/2007/04/15/dd-wrt-setting-up-a-home-wireless-distribution-system-wds/08:13
radioaktivstormkekk this is totally a stab in the dark but http://www.vicomsoft.com/knowledge/reference/wireless1.html08:13
=== radioaktivstorm knows not of the dark art of networking...
kekkradioaktivstorm, I think the stuff there needs a wired connection for both APs, I can't do that08:14
kekkbut thanks anyway08:14
kekkI think I have something useful there after all08:15
radioaktivstormno problem kekk :)08:15
=== JohanSalim [n=guest@ip84-223.cbn.net.id] has joined #xubuntu
kekknow all I need is a second router, I should have one somewhere 08:16
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anderssonsI have a floppy icon on my desktop but dont have a floppydrive...08:45
radioaktivstormclick it and see what happens?08:46
radioaktivstormwhat device does it open?08:46
anderssonscould not mount floppy drive08:47
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anderssonsi dont have anything in fstab08:48
radioaktivstormnothing in fstab and it still shows up? not really sure how that happens... did you try restarting the xfdesktop?08:48
=== cjae__ [n=cjae@142-165-37-205.estv.hsdb.sasknet.sk.ca] has joined #xubuntu
anderssonsany ideas?08:50
radioaktivstormthats pretty weird. im not sure :( sorry. i guess you could turn off the removable icons in xfdesktop...but that only hides the problem.08:51
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laserbeaki have a dell latitude d520 with an integrated broadcome wireless adapter but it wont work in xubuntu09:31
laserbeakwhen i choose eth1 (forgot the command) it is detected tho09:31
viddyou need to install bcm43xx-fwcutter09:36
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laserbeakvidd thanks i'l try that09:49
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anderssonsCan I upgrade to latest xfce somehow?10:33
cellofellowanderssons: compiling from the svn/cvs.10:34
anderssonscellofellow: hrm ok..ive never compiled a desktop before..is it harder than an application?10:34
viddyou can either compile it yourself from source, or upgrade to the experimental gutsy10:35
cellofellowwell, once you get all the libraries worked out, it shouldn't be too hard. Will take a while though.10:35
cellofellowoh, yeah, Gutsy.10:35
=== cellofellow bonks his head.
cellofellowYou might even be able to use the packages from Gutsy in Feisty if you wish.10:35
cellofellowMaybe not, though, it might break.10:36
cellofellowMost likely it'll be no problem.10:36
anderssonscellofellow oh ok..to bad..that sounded easy10:36
cellofellowIt's just XFCE is like a dozen apps, so it'll take a dozen-apps worth of CPU time to compile.10:37
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anderssonscellofellow: ok10:38
anderssonscellofellow: have yyou tried gutsy?10:39
cellofellowI have not.10:39
cellofellowI am not a guy who likes that sort of thing.10:39
viddi have10:39
cellofellow(I prefer upgrading than reinstalling.)10:39
viddsome font issues is all i have found10:40
cellofellowI'll keep my good-old Feisty system here until a little after Gutsy is released, so that one or two bugs can get worked out and the update servers calm down.10:40
anderssonsvidd: okok any exiting new functions in xfce? :)10:40
viddnone that i found10:40
anderssonsok...as I understand it, icons on the desktop is a pretty new function in xfce?10:42
cellofellowanderssons: you'll get exciting new functions once the 4.5 development branch gets going.10:42
cellofellowWhich will be released someday as 4.6.10:42
anderssons cellofellow:  ok:)10:42
cellofellowYeah. Dapper and Edgy actually had 4.3.something (4.4beta) XFCE. Feisty was the first with 4.4 stable.10:43
cellofellowI bet once 4.5 is pretty-stable, I mean to be calling it 4.6beta, it'll be in Xubuntu.10:43
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anderssonsI have a strange problem there is a floppyicon on my desktop..10:59
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowanderssons: remove it then11:00
anderssons I have no floppydrive..and noting in fstab about floppys11:01
anderssonshow do I do that?11:01
cellofellowanderssons: in the Desktop Settings, uncheck the Floppy Disk checkbox under Behavior, and then restart xfdestkop by unchecking and rechecking that box at the top of the dialog.11:01
anderssonscellofellow: there is no floppy disk checkbox..removable media?11:02
cellofellowumm, that will get rid of it but also get rid of USB thumbdrives, CDs, etc.11:03
anderssonscellofellow: yeah..and that I dont want :(11:03
cellofellowThere may be a more specific option in one of the conf files. Ask in #xfce.11:03
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c0c4c0l4 How can i change default file manager in gnome from nautilus to thunar?11:04
cellofellowummm, no idea, never used gnome.11:04
cellofellowtry #ubuntu11:04
anderssonsc0c4c0l4: heard its not possible..11:05
anderssonsc0c4c0l4: nautilus is apparently to "baked in"11:05
cellofellowMetacity is rather baked in, but Compiz-Fusion works good.11:05
cellofellowWasn't the default WM in GNOME E16, once upon a time?11:08
anderssonshaha #xfce was not a very nice channel11:09
=== grumpymo1e [n=warren@c211-28-135-80.lowrp2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowthey don't like Xubuntu very much and prefer ZenWalk or VectorLinux or just Debian with XFCE.11:10
anderssonsoh ok11:10
anderssonsanyone has sucessfully installed iconthemes in xubuntu?11:11
cellofellowit's too easy11:12
cellofellowunpack them in /usr/share/icons for you whole system, or ~/.icons/ for just you.11:12
cellofellowThen they show up in the User Interface control panel.11:12
=== vidd [n=vidd@207-172-178-217.c3-0.tlg-ubr6.atw-tlg.pa.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowNow, if the icon theme is not packaged correctly you are in trouble. (I get some of that.)11:12
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu
anderssonscellofellow: As far as I got..I installed two iconthemes but they dont have icons for folders11:13
cellofellowThey may have icons for folders but they are probably named wrong. (This is what I meant by packaged wrong.) Search in the themes directory for something to do with folders, and you may have to rename it. (Use the gnome or Tango icon themes as naming guides.)11:14
cellofellowI've had to screw around with that before. Use symlinks to rename, though, not copy/paste.11:14
anderssonscellofellow: do you have one or two examples of iconpacks that are fairly complete and works?11:17
cellofellowonly the ones in the repositories honestly. Oh, and Nimbus+Blueprint (get it on xfce-look.org) is complete.11:17
anderssonscellofellow:  oh is it more in the repositories than is installed by default?11:18
cellofellowsearch for icon11:18
cellofellowoh, and the KDE ones don't work in GNOME/XFCE for some reason. They should work the same way, stupid.11:19
anderssonscellofellow: so I can use gnome icons in xfce? :O11:19
cellofellowyeah, they are no different.11:19
cellofellowNo gnome dependancies, just a bunch of svg or png files.11:20
anderssonsnice thanks! ;D11:20
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KlrSpzhey guys, I just booted the xubuntu livecd, and dhcp will NOT for the life of it discover correctly11:21
KlrSpzactually, at all11:21
Jester45wireless or wired11:22
KlrSpzalso, is the xfce desktop custom for xubuntu? I noticed right clicking on the desktop acted as expected (one of the big complaints that the svn releases do NOT do --- which is to have folder/icon options to add/etc)... I normally run gentoo, so I'm new to the ubuntu world11:22
KlrSpztg3 module11:22
Jester45what module11:22
Jester45yes its customized a bit11:23
cellofellowKlrSpz: the xfce in Xubuntu is customized. It looks and behaves a bit like GNOME>11:23
Jester45im not any good with networking but i was just helping you give more info :)11:23
KlrSpzcellofellow: ok yeah I noticed it was different... man, they should patch to upstream11:24
cellofellowKlrSpz: right clicking the desktop gets you a settings menu, instead of the default of presenting the main menu. It has two panels, on on top one on bottom. etc.11:24
cellofellowKlrSpz: other xfce distros do. Or just xfce in Fedora or Debian or Slackware or Gentoo or any of the other "generic" distros.11:25
KlrSpzok so this dhcp issue... wtf?  if I use static it works fine... problem is IT gets pissy about it11:25
cellofellowyou at some kind of office or school dorm?11:25
KlrSpzI can't stand windows, and don't have the time to compile all of gentoo11:26
cellofellowwell, I think you need to set up something like wireshark on a neighboring computer to see what the heck is happening on the cables when the dhcp request is sent.11:27
Jester45gentoo has binaries11:27
cellofellowDebian rocks.11:27
viddmaybe you should request a static ip from IT,,,, explain the issue, they should understand11:27
KlrSpzJester45: not for EVERYTHING does it? is there an overlay you know of?11:27
KlrSpzvidd: well the crappy part is just about every othe rdeveloper is running standard ubuntu 7.04 and it's all working fine for them11:28
KlrSpzone of the devs insists I try it which he's dl'ing now for me.. but I don't forsee it working any better as it should be the same subset of pkgs right?11:28
viddlet him try it....11:28
cellofellowyeah, the networking and kernel stuff is exactly the same.11:28
KlrSpzI'll try it, but I have serious doubts11:29
Jester45idk you probly know more i think doing a stage 3  install would get you most of the stuff then binary the rest11:29
Jester45but i dont know if a stage3 installs via source11:29
cellofellowMaybe try a different ethernet card. Unless it's onboard, they are super easy to replace. If you need a new one they are only like $10.11:29
viddonce it is installed, you can always apt-get xubuntu11:29
Jester45its xubuntu-desktop11:29
KlrSpzJester45: these days all you should isntall from is a stage3, which yes does install from source11:30
KlrSpzyeah I read that on one of the many pages about the xubuntu-desktop11:30
KlrSpzbut can I then uninstall gnome?11:30
KlrSpzwithout losing the gnome-libs?11:30
cellofellowbut removing ubuntu-desktop will likely remove only a half-dozen packages anyway.11:31
cellofellow(that's apt-get for yah.)11:31
KlrSpzshoot... I might have to go home and emerge -eB world and build a binary cache11:31
=== vidd always removes x11-common and then auto remove
viddthat gets rid of everything11:32
cellofellowwhy you do that?11:32
viddcuzz that gets rid of everything gnome11:33
cellofellowcheck it out. We need to sort of fix Ubuntu's rating though. http://bentham.k2.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/media/linux-srom.html11:33
KlrSpzyay gentoo wins :)11:34
cellofellowAnd I thought at first it was SuSE that lost, but looks like it's Fedora.11:35
cellofellowThe three most popular distros are getting the most flak, what do you know.11:35
cellofellowThey should have Vista in a separate box, just for fun.11:36
cellofellowIt'll probably have worse ration than Fedora.11:37
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laserbeak43i get big errors when i try to install that bcm thing for broadcom wireless11:37
cellofellowyou tried the wiki?11:39
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:39
laserbeak43nah i'll try that thanks11:39
cellofellowwhat command did you use?11:40
laserbeak43i just installed the bcm thing from synaptic11:40
cellofellowoh, huh.11:40
cellofellowWhat's with the boredklink.googlepages.com stuff then?11:41
laserbeak43no clue11:41
laserbeak43i was wondering that myself11:41
cellofellowlooks like the bcm driver package actually downloads the driver from a website, the way that the flash installer does.11:41
cellofellownot sure though.11:41
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #xubuntu
laserbeak43the first time i ran the installer, it asked me to extract the firmware11:43
laserbeak43after extracting it and trying to install i got the error11:43
=== cellofellow has no idea exactly what to expect. He's never used wireless on linux. No laptop.
laserbeak43cellofellow: i tried this command: /usr/share/bcm43xx-fwcutter/install_bcm43xx_firmware.sh and i did get the same error as synaptic11:46
laserbeak43about the google thing11:46
laserbeak43so it must be trying to download it11:46
laserbeak43that page needs to be updated?11:46
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cellofellowlaserbeak43: well, first things first, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure thepackagename11:49
viddlaserbeak43, get the needed file here: http://www.vidd.us/downloads/deb/wl_apsta.o11:49
cellofellowcool vidd11:49
cellofellowyou just need to set up a full-blown mirror don't you?11:49
cellofellowjust joking around.11:49
cellofellow(I kind of forget that joking doesn't work too well in chat. Your tone of voice doesn't translate.)11:50
laserbeak43vidd: what do i do with this?11:50
laserbeak43vidd: nvm11:52
laserbeak43it's in a tutorial i'm following11:52
laserbeak43thanks :)11:52
KlrSpztrying standard ubuntu disk now, bbiaf11:53
=== KlrSpz [n=KlrSpz@66-193-248-206.static.twtelecom.net] has left #xubuntu []
cellofellowwell well, there I go, updating my server. New kernel image, apache2 update, yada yada yada.11:53
=== KlrSpz [n=ubuntu@66-193-248-206.static.twtelecom.net] has joined #xubuntu
KlrSpzok i just tried the standard ubuntu cd, and i'm talking to you from it now... wtf12:03
KlrSpzdhcp works fine if i use the networking service from init.d12:03
KlrSpzifdown/up does NOT work for me12:03
KlrSpzwhy is THAT happening?12:03
KlrSpzdon't everyone talk at once :S12:04
viddKlrSpz, dont know why12:05
KlrSpzbbias, i'm gunna try something12:05
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laserbeak43i'm wireless12:07
laserbeak43cellofellow: thanks12:07
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=== laserbeak43 telepathicaly thanks vidd since he left the room > . <
cellofellowdrop him a line on his server. I think there's a way to do that. I did set up an email server but I didn't set it up for receiving mail.12:11
laserbeak43i dunno what his website is since i had to reboot12:12
laserbeak43oh wait12:12
laserbeak43maybe i can look in my history12:12
laserbeak43cool thanks12:13
laserbeak43his contact page doesnt seem to be working12:15
laserbeak43i'm sure i'll see him again..12:15
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowThat website is very much in development.12:15
cellofellowbah, ShoutCAST + Aptitude means slow download and pauses in stream.12:16
cellofellow(what's up with all the best shoutcast stations being british?)12:17
=== laserbeak43 thinks i guess americans are too lazy to broadcast
=== laserbeak43 is lazy
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KlrSpzok so the installer totally just wiped out my windows install12:36
KlrSpzwelp, hope my boss doesn't care :S12:36
cellofellowYou did it the easy way.12:37
cellofellowThey can put an image on easily I bet.12:37
KlrSpzeh i don't think they hve it set up that way12:38
KlrSpznot sure though12:38
KlrSpzargh that makes me mad though12:40
KlrSpzi just spend the last week configuring it12:40
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=== KlrSpz [n=john@66-193-248-206.static.twtelecom.net] has joined #xubuntu
laserbeak43that sucks for him12:43
KlrSpzi guess s*&$ happens12:44
KlrSpzbut it sucks that it had to happen to me12:44
KlrSpzi dont' know why it failed though12:44
KlrSpzthere weren't any errors, it just started creating the new partitions and filled the entire disk12:44
cellofellowyou didn't partition it before hand?12:45
cellofellowor in the installer?12:45
KlrSpzit asked me in the installer how i wanted it to partition it12:45
KlrSpzso i told it to make the windows partition 33% of the entire disk12:45
KlrSpzit even said in the summary page what it'd be doing, and it didn't do it12:46
cellofellowuh oh12:46
KlrSpzwhatever 7.04 is12:46
KlrSpzdownloaded <1hr ago12:46
KlrSpzi guess? dunno12:46
cellofellowUm, that shouldn't happen in Feisty. Gutsy maybe, but Feisty should be good and stable.12:47
KlrSpzThank you for your interest in Ubuntu 7.0412:47
KlrSpz                - the Feisty Fawn - released in April 2007.12:47
cellofellowWell, that's weird.12:47
cellofellowDid you use Ubiquity (the LiveCD installer) or the Debian installer?12:47
KlrSpzugh, this is the OLD compiz... looks like i need to read up the git-src stuff for ubuntu12:47
cellofellowCompiz and Beryl are both in the Feisty repos, but Compiz-Fusion is not.12:48
=== ron_x is now known as ron_o
KlrSpzwell i guess i'm gunna go home and sulk12:48
=== KlrSpz [n=john@66-193-248-206.static.twtelecom.net] has left #xubuntu []
Jester45there is the compiz-fusion repo12:53
Jester45its works good12:53
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