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sbalneavEvening all04:05
LaserJockheh, I'm stalking you04:07
LaserJockI've been waiting 1.5 hrs for you to show up ;-)04:08
sbalneavWell, I'd always hoped to be stalked by Christie Brinkly, or Gisele Bundschen, but, you'll do in a pinch, I suppose :)04:08
LaserJockok, local devices04:09
LaserJocknow, I believe the user has to be added to the fuse group, right?04:09
=== sbalneav checks the magic 8-ball
sbalneav"Answer is certain"04:10
LaserJockok, well I don't have a fuse group04:10
LaserJockshould I?04:10
sbalneavDid you check the libfuse dpkg install script? "if ["$USER" = "LaserJock" ] ; then exit; fi04:11
sbalneavYes, you should.04:11
sbalneavgot ltspfs package installed on the server?04:11
sbalneavWow, I'm full of beans tonight :)04:11
sbalneavMust be in a good mood :)04:11
sbalneavInstall the ltspfs package.  That'll pull in fuselibs which will add groups.04:12
LaserJockyeah, I don't have ltspfs04:12
LaserJockjust ltsp-server and ltsp-server-standalone04:12
sbalneavThen add yourself to fuse group, log out, log in, and.... magic!04:13
LaserJockhah, it worked04:19
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electric_penguinquestion about italc can any help?06:34
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RichEdhey there mr savage09:34
RichEdI had a mate at school called Bruce Savage ... went on to sail for South Africa in the olympics09:34
RichEdcbx33: Jill sent me some more artwork samples ...09:37
cbx33yes I was about to reply09:37
cbx33howz it going RichEd09:37
highvoltageRichEd: isn't there a radio DJ who's name is also Peter Savage?09:38
RichEdhighvoltage: I am trying to remember his first name, ex capital radio ... now does voice overs for Top Billing09:39
highvoltageRichEd: that's the one, yes09:40
RichEdhighvoltage: Kevin Savage09:41
RichEdanyone who is interested ... check out the artwork samples here and make comments:09:46
=== RichEd is back in 30 min
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RichEdhi ogra10:45
RichEdhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Volunteer <- new samples added ... I dig #1 global10:46
RichEdsee what you think10:46
ograi think she loves our logo to much, but beyond that .... BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!10:46
ograi think if the shadow behind the logo would just be a bit more fuzzy so its not as much in the foreground that would suffice10:49
RichEdcool ... can you add a comment to the page10:49
ograwill do10:49
jsgotangcothats nice10:50
RichEdI think the global one has some great elements: earth (geography and global village) old writing like sailing records (history) maths & biology etc.10:50
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RichEdjsgotangco: not bad for a granny who usually illustrates kids books working with with pen & paper !10:50
ograyes, its perfect for a default10:50
ograwe need it at 1600x1200 for the final version10:51
ograso it scales down to all sized10:51
RichEdadd that all to the comments on the page, it is easiest to have it all in one place for her to refer to ... and then we can also save the comments / specs for later guidance for any other volunteers10:52
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gordonanybody to help me with x11vnc?11:16
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highvoltagefroud: long time no see!11:27
froudhighvoltage: yip, I am still kicking. Good to see you 211:42
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Nubaehi, anyone here got experience setting up ltsp with ATI video cards?12:14
ograNubae, you want the prorietary driver ?12:17
NubaeI guess so, I've tried, using fbdev, ati, vga, fglrx (guess this isnt precompiled for ltsp) and nothing works as the XSERVER setting12:18
NubaeI'm running laptops with radeon x1450 mobility12:18
NubaeI can get it to shell with the screen_07=shell command... but thats about it12:18
ograits just not installed by default (teh binary blob drivers are loaded into a tmpfs on boot, that would eat 15M of syour ram, so we dont install tehm by default)12:19
ograwhich release is that ? feisty ?12:19
Nubaeah, ok... feisty yeah12:19
Nubaebut is it normal that no other driver works?12:19
ograit should fall back ro vesa by default if it cant detect a matching driver and you didnt fiddle with the lts.conf file12:20
Nubaevesa doesnt work either12:21
Nubaeat the point nbd-client starts up, screen goes black, as if it were starting up X12:21
Nubaethen goes back to console, then repeats12:21
NubaeI'm pretty sure its the graphics card that is giving me problems, but could it be something else?12:22
ogracan you check what drive gets detected by default with SCREEN_07=shell and checking the generated xorg.conf in /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?12:22
Nubaeyup, just a sec12:23
Nubaeso leave XSERVER empty then?12:23
ogradont modify the default lts.conf ;)12:24
ograits only used for overriding autdetection nowadayxs12:24
Nubaeok, this might seem like a stupid question, but where do I add users to use the ltsp environment...12:32
ograon the server12:32
Nubaeyeah, I added a user there and added them to the fuse group12:32
ograthe ltsp client doesnt have any users and root is locked ...12:32
ograif you log in in an X session you are actually logging in on the servers desktop, soyour users need to be created there12:33
Nubaeyeah, I added a user there, put him in the fuse group and gave him all permitions...12:33
ograright, thats fine then12:34
Nubaedo I need to restart dhcp?12:34
ograonly if you make changes to the dhcpd.conf12:34
Nubaeweird... cant login12:34
ogragot X ?12:35
Nubaeno X on the ltsp... just shell12:35
ograyou wont be able to log in12:35
ograas i said, there are no users in thin clients and root is locked12:35
Nubaeok... problem is I cant get to anything but shell12:35
ograadd SCREEN_07=shell or set a rootpw in the client chroot12:36
ogra(go with the first)12:36
Nubaei did screen_07=shell12:36
ograthat should give you an open shell on tty712:36
Nubaenot open12:36
ogra(no login prompt)12:36
Nubaeasking me for login and password12:36
ogractrl-alt-f7 ?12:36
ograok :)12:37
Nubaeochams razor12:37
ograso have a look at the xorg.conf and check which driver was detected12:37
NubaeI'm guessing I have to build the fglrx driver in the ltsp environment, right?12:40
ogracan you run startx ands check what output you get on teh console ?12:40
ograyou dont have to build anything in ltsp5 ;)12:41
ograits all there12:41
ograor easily installable12:41
Nubaeok, sounds cool12:41
ograwhyt does startx give you ?12:41
NubaeVESA(0) No matching modes12:41
ograwhat kind of monitor do you have there ?12:41
Nubaeits a laptop12:42
ograwidescreen ?12:42
Nubae17inch wxga+12:42
Nubaewidescreen yeah12:42
ograddcprobe vesa12:42
ograrun that, see if it properly reports its modes12:43
Nubaeseems to12:43
ograthen xorg should pick them up ...12:43
ogrado you have a xorg.conf that works with these laptops ? (from a former install or so)12:44
Nubaenope... theyve got windows installed on them12:44
Nubaebut I can I look for one on the web12:44
Nubaecould it be changing the res might help?12:45
NubaeI've got 1440x900 received by dtiming12:45
ograthe card should work with something free as well, i'll happily help you to get fglrx going, but would like to find out why it doesnt work with vesa at least12:45
Nubaeyeah, same here, its a weird issue12:45
Nubaebtw... you're being a great help, thankyou...12:46
ogradid the ddcprobe command return any standard modes like 1024x768 or so ?12:52
ograor only widescreen ones12:52
Nubaelet me retry12:58
NubaeI just did a dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg12:58
Nubaeadded 1440x900 and startx dies with the same error, vesa no modes found, no screens present12:59
Nubaebut yeah lots of modes found up to 1600x120001:00
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NubaeI've been looking for a xorg.conf on the web, but they are all with fglrx01:10
ogralets get that then01:10
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-38601:11
ograthat command will install the kernel driver for fglrx01:11
ograsudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx01:11
ograthis installs the Xorg driver01:11
ograsudo ltsp-update-kernels01:12
ograthat copies the new initramfs with the restricted drivers to the tftp dir you boot from01:12
ogranow set XSERVER=fglrx and it should work01:12
ograoh, indeed, all these commands need to be run on the server01:14
highvoltageit would be nice if restricted-manager integrated nicely with ltsp01:17
highvoltage(on the server, of course)01:17
ograit should integrate with ltsp-manager ;)01:17
ograif i ever get that done :P01:18
Nubaehmmm... internet works, but apt-get doesnt01:18
ograwe have a spec for update-manager integration r-m shoudl work similar here :)01:18
Nubaeapt-get update... no go01:19
ograNubae, sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 apt-get update ?01:19
ogracheck /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/resolv.conf ...01:19
ogramight be wrong ... if so, just copy the one from /etc over01:19
Nubaenope, its correct01:20
Nubaeping google.com works anyway from the chrooted env.01:20
ograwhats the error with apt-get update ?01:20
Nubaefile not found01:21
ograwhich file ?01:21
Nubaemain packeges and restricted01:22
Nubaelet me check sources.list01:22
Nubaeok... thast the problem01:22
Nubaeits empty01:22
Nubaejust the install CD01:23
Nubaecopy from normal root should work right?01:23
ogracopy over the servers one01:23
ograand apt-get update it indeed01:23
ograi wonder if its sensible to just copy that over on CD installs ...01:24
ograits very unlikely that you actually use the CD in the chroot after install01:24
Nubaehardly use the CD on normal installs... its a pain that it asks u for it all the time01:25
Nubaeand u get the failed errors if the cdrom is not in the drive when u do a apt-get update01:27
ograi'll see that i get that fixed for gutsy01:27
Nubaebut guess not everyone has internet 8-)01:27
ograi'd guess the majority of our users wont have broadband even but still ...01:28
ograits unlikely you upgrade ltsp from CD01:28
Nubaeyeah, its the same in regular ubuntu too though01:28
Nubaeso, I've got a question... I've got a pretty high end setup here... HP Proliant G5 server with 4 gigs ram, gigabit ethernet throughout and duo core2 laptops with 1 gig ram...01:30
Nubaewill I loose out using ltsp instead of regular install?01:30
ograsimkply because you have to do your maintenance only on one machine you will always have an advantage here ....01:31
Nubaethats what I thought... ltsp is always advertised for low end setups, but guess high end benefits just as much01:31
ograits a bit of a waste, but the advantages weight it out imho01:31
NubaeI guess, but new laptops with a decent size screen are all core 2 duo now01:33
Nubaeand this school absolutely wanted laptops01:33
Nubaewith big screens :-/01:33
ograwhich somewhat defeats the purpose :)01:33
ograwhat did you pay per laptop ?01:34
Nubae900 $01:34
ograwith think clients you would have made it for half the price even with 20" screens01:34
NubaeI know... but they wanted laptops01:35
ogratheir choice ...01:35
Nubaeat least I have vista and xp installed too, in case they need that crap for anything01:35
Nubaehopefully not, I wont support it01:35
Nubaecrossover with various win apps should suit them fine01:36
ograjust be careful with the licensing :)01:36
Nubaeah yes... wine then01:36
ogracrossover or wine on ltsp enable you to use single user apps in a multi user env ... you usually break the licenses with that01:37
Nubaeyeah crossover has a server version01:37
Nubaewine is free so I'll stick to that01:37
Nubaefrom what I understand its the same anyway01:37
Nubaewithout fancy frontend01:38
ograi'm not talking about wine or crossover ... i mean the apps you  run through them01:38
ograthe windoews apps with the restricted licenses01:38
Nubaeoh ok...01:38
NubaeI'll let the school know, not to use more than one computer at a time :-/01:39
ogranot sure what MS piracy ploce would say about that though ...01:40
Nubaewell, right now, I'm migrating the school from a windows only system with NO licenses for any software01:41
ograimprovement at least :)01:42
NubaeI live in Spain, and no one pays for anything here01:42
Nubaeits terrible01:42
NubaeI know very few companies that have licenses for their software01:43
ograbut every village has its own linux distro at least :P01:43
Nubaeall of the schools in the area run pirated windows01:43
Nubaewell... in theory everyone should be using linux01:43
Nubaein practice no one is01:43
ograi guess spain had the most linux distros per headcount of inhabitants in the world :)01:44
NubaeI just dont get it... the perfect garden of eden is staring them in the face and they continue to spend money on useless products01:44
Nubaehehehe, yeah indeed01:44
Nubaeits great for creating custom solutions... if only people would use it01:45
NubaeI was looking into molinux, which has a great small business management software integrated01:45
Nubaegesticam its called01:45
Nubaeu can stick it on a usb stick and use wherever u want01:46
Nubaeits the perfect solution01:46
ografrom gutsy on ubuntu will hhave ebox as default solution01:46
Nubaethe problem is that business law and tax laws change so much from location to location01:46
Nubaehaving something truly universal is gonna be difficult01:47
ograits a spanish product afaik01:47
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Nubaereally? wow, have to check that out then01:47
Nubaehey what is ltsp-update-sshkeys used for?01:49
NubaeI read u need to use that whenever u change IPs... but which ones?01:49
ograthe one of the NIC your thin client network is connected to on the server01:50
ograin gutsy it gets some extra functions so you can add more servers (ldm has a server selection menu in gutsy so you can have per department servers etc)01:50
Nubaegreat... still needs a lot of documentation... but its a wonderful solution ltsp01:51
Nubaewhen I'm done, I'll try and help out in any way I can01:51
ograwe'ree missing a lot here WRT docs01:51
Nubaeok, testing with fglrx01:53
Nubaebeautiful... thanks... I should write up a how to for ati users01:55
ograyeah, put it under https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP if you are done01:55
=== ogra goes for a coffeebreak, bbl
Nubaeyeah I will, thanks again01:56
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Nubaedoes beryl work through ltsp?02:20
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jbarryhi all I would like to ask on how to remotely shutdown the clients from an admin logon session04:13
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sbalneavMorning all04:30
jbarryhello all, can anybody help me on how to remotely shutdown LTSP clients?04:32
highvoltagejbarry: I don't think that has been implemented yet (or even feature-requested, for that matter)04:32
highvoltageogra: is it in ltsp-manager perhaps?04:32
ograhighvoltage, ltsp-manager is a mockup04:33
highvoltageaaah, I thought it was the latest incarnation of the student control panel04:33
jbarryi was using client manager but it has only disconnect04:34
sbalneavjbarry: I just posted something about this last night to the ltsp-discuss list04:34
highvoltagewell, fortunately it's easier to get a feature into a mockup than into a real tool :)04:34
ograthere is no way yet, we havent found a safe way to do that yet04:34
jbarryi was hoping to like issue an init 0 to a client04:34
sbalneavjbarry: Check the ltsp-discuss list.  I implemented a solution.04:35
highvoltageogra: in terms of security?04:35
jbarryok ill go look04:35
sbalneavMy way's not particularily safe, but it works.  :)04:36
ograhighvoltage, i dont see a way witrhout opening a port wide04:36
ograsbalneav, ltsp-discuss != ltsp-devel ?04:37
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sbalneavWell, there is a separate ltsp-devel list, but not many people ever use it :)04:38
ograi'm only subbed to -devel04:38
=== ogra adds the 68st ML to his evo :/
sbalneavOh, you're missing out on all the fun :)04:38
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:38
ograah, well, over 500 mails a day ... i doubt adding more gains more fun04:39
sbalneavit's exCEEDingly gross.04:39
sbalneavbut, for someone who wants the functionality....04:39
sbalneavIt's better than the old infod, which didn't have a password at all :)04:40
ograwhat i was thinking about was some kind of monitor we start from an ldm rc script ... that monitors a dir thats owned by the logged in user04:40
ograso we just need to drop stuff in that dir and the client picks it up on next poll04:40
ograindeed that doesnt help if nobody is logged in04:41
ograbut it has slightly more safety04:41
sbalneavyeah, that's the problem04:41
sbalneavPersonally: IP controlled powerbars :)04:42
sbalneavOne assumes something under snmp could handle this somehow, but then that means running an snmp agent on each box.  Urrrgh04:42
sbalneavMy solution's ugly, the password's sniffable.04:43
ograsame prob .. thenm we can leave a port open as well :)04:43
ogralets put that up for speccing in boston :)04:43
ograhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuArtwork/Volunteer btw04:44
highvoltageogra: what if, the server writes shut-down information on a file in the chroot? and if the client sees a file that exists, it shuts down?04:46
ograhighvoltage, wont work04:46
ogranot with the squashfs implementaition at lest04:46
highvoltagewell, nbd makes it easy to add additional mounts04:46
ograwith nfs this would work though, but only locally04:46
ograhmm, thats actually an idea04:47
highvoltagethe shut down file wouldn't need to be in the chroot, could be in a control directory in the server on a seperate moun too04:47
highvoltageand it could be mounted on bootup, so you know the shares come from the same server04:47
ograeven from initramfs if we want04:47
highvoltagethat's what I was thinking04:48
ograeven though i'm getting cauitious about the initramfs stuff04:48
ograi'd love to move *everything* configuration related in there, but that would make it extremly hard for other distros04:48
ograso we need to keep the balance here04:49
highvoltageah, that's a very good consideration04:49
ograwell, i'm seeing them all struggle at the same point04:50
ograredhat tried with anaconda for building the boot image and didnt get it working ....04:50
ograopensuse had the same with kiwi04:51
ograso they all heave probes wwith the initramfs creating step04:51
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boyamogra: she did an awesome job on the artwork...I likey likey. I agree with your suggestion to tone it down....I'd use them all as backgrounds though06:36
ograyeah, lets see how space we have left on the CD in the end ... i'll try to add as many as i can06:36
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Nubaehi again...07:00
NubaeSo, I've got LTSP working fine now, on ati, but looking at the ltsp based xorg.conf I see its using ati as the video driver instead of fglrx, is this normal?07:01
ogranot if you set XSERVER in lts.conf ... that would be a bug then07:02
Nubaethis morning Ogra was kind enough to help me out getting the fglrx drivers installed07:02
Nubaeoh.. hi Ogra07:02
Nubaewell... I did set fglrx in XSERVER yeah07:03
Nubaethought it was odd07:03
ograit is ... thats a bug ...07:03
Nubaeok... and if I change it locally in xorg.conf, will that fix it?07:03
ograbut it shouldnt happen in gutsy07:03
Nubaehmm... so what shall I do to get fglrx working? I'd like to use blender on these machines and I'm gonna need the proprietary drivers07:04
ograif you save the xorg.conf to the server and copy it into the chroot, then you can point to it with the XF86CONFIG_FILE variable and use the static file07:04
ograspeeds up booting a lot btw07:04
Nubaethe variable... where does that go? in lts.conf?07:09
ograand the path needs to be relative to the chroot07:10
ogra(/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/my-xorg.conf becomes XF86CONFIG_FILE=/etc/my-xorg.conf)07:10
Nubaeallright, out of curiosity... the actual xorg.conf that is in each ltsp computer, is that not a copy of /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/X11/xorg.conf?07:11
ograno, /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/X11/xorg.conf gets overwritten during client boot07:12
Nubaeright... so when I edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf on the ltsp terminal07:12
ograthen its gone on next boot07:12
Nubaeriiight... gotcha07:13
ograsince all writeable bits in a booted client sit in ram07:13
ograif ram is gone, data is gone ....07:13
Nubaemakes total sense... now... I've got 120 gigs on each computer... is there a way to use those drives under ltsp?07:14
Nubaemake them central storage somewhow?07:14
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obiyodaHi all. Does edubuntu only serve out dhcp address to thin clients?07:15
Nubaeobi... no07:16
obiyodaThats what I thought but. I have a windows pc in one of my labs for multimedia stuff and it isn't grabbing an ip address from the edubuntu server.07:16
ograNubae, well, you could try to tweak teh chroot with some kind of network filesystem like GFS or AFS and export them to teh net... but that requires at least tw machines to be online constantly07:16
ograobiyoda, it depends on your setup ...07:17
Nubaeyeah defeats the purpose07:17
obiyodaRight now it is a vanilla setup from the cd. Do I need to tweak the dhcp config files.07:17
ograif you have a server with two network cards, it will use one interface for the thin clients (and for serving the dhc stuff) and one interface where it acts as client on another LAN07:18
Nubaeif you're not careful, the thin client dhcp can end up serving the other network card07:18
obiyodaYes that is my setup the two cards. One is the internal lab the other is going to a dsl router07:19
ograif you have only one interface we dont start the dhcp server at all (since we assume your network might have one already and dont want to cause conflicts)07:19
ograif your windows box is sitting on the internal lab network it should get an IP07:19
ograby default the dhcp server wont attach t the outbound interface07:20
obiyodaI also have a network enabled printer that should be grabbing an ip address but I can't tell if it is. Is there a way on the server to see which addresses have been leased?07:23
Nubaesyslog should tell u07:27
obiyodaahh never mind the printer is now showing up now under nmap. So I will check my windows box settings and see why it is being such a beast07:27
obiyodanubae: thanks07:27
obiyodaogra: thanks also for your help I will be back in a bit07:28
Nubae<cntrl><alt><del> wont work to reload the new xorg will it, have to restart the terminal client right?07:35
Nubaebtw... dont know if this another bug or not, but X_MODE doesnt work either07:37
ograits unsupported up to feisty :/07:37
ograthe xserver-xorg package simply desnt accept it07:37
ografixed in gutsy where we use a new mechanism for x detection07:38
Nubaesounds like gutsy is gonna be a big step forward07:38
Nubaeat least for edubuntu07:38
ografor ltsp :)07:39
ograit is, yes07:39
ograit radically changed some things07:39
ogralike dropping nfs07:39
Nubaeyeah sorry... didnt wanna undermine the already massive amount of work done ;-)07:39
Nubaereally, no nfs?07:39
ograit boots about three times as fast07:40
Nubaelol... I copied the xorg.conf line for line from chroot ltsp and now X wont start07:40
Nubaeok... stupid me.. when u open up a terminal session... ssh into the server, then open up a tabbed terminal, you are automatically logged into another ssh session to the server, instead of to ltsp terminal07:45
ograscp from the client console ;)07:46
Nubaebut isnt it logical for it to open a new terminal session in the tab instead of copying it?07:46
=== Amaranth [n=travis@ubuntu/member/Amaranth] has joined #edubuntu
Nubaeok... I'm a little stupid maybe here... but... when u open a terminal session its always from the root of the server?07:59
ograi you are in X its always on the server08:00
Nubaebut if I open a terminal session in X, then how do I check the local xorg.conf?08:00
NubaeI was trying to view it from the console...08:00
ograyou cant ...08:00
ograright, that works08:01
Nubaeso.. have to less it from a shell session?08:01
ograon the thin client console you can see the locally used file ... in X you are always on the server08:01
Nubaebut not from applications->accessories->terminal08:02
Nubaeok, just trying to get my head around this, its confusing08:02
ograif you log in graphically its like you are locally sitting on the server08:02
ograimagine a thin client like additional keyboard/mouse/monitor to the server08:03
Nubaeok, yeah its just another X session08:03
Nubaebut then the extra xorg.conf created locally doesnt work that way :-)08:03
ograright, it needs to be in the client chroot08:04
ograthe stuff under /opt/ltsp/i386 is what the client mounts readonly during boot ...08:04
ograif the file lies in there you can access it on a running client08:04
Nubaeread only... but writes to ram08:04
Nubaegotcha.... think I've got it now08:05
ograin the old nfs days we mounte a tmpfs and copied all files we needed writeable into that, thne changed them wher needed08:05
Nubaeslower I take it08:05
ogranowadays unionfs does that for us08:06
=== cbx33 [n=pete@ubuntu/member/cbx33] has joined #edubuntu
Nubaeits still difficult to access local config files that have been changed though08:07
Nubaelike xorg.conf08:07
ograyou change them in /opt/ltsp/i38608:11
Nubaeyeah but if they aren't always saved08:11
Nubaeautodetection and then flush after exit... or am I getting confused08:12
Nubaeif I edit the /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/X11/xorg.conf that is there, its not gonna work, I need to grab the xorg.conf from ram08:13
ograyou need to copy the xorg.conf from ram to the server08:15
ograand dont call it /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/X11/xorg.conf08:15
ograthen point the lts.conf var to it08:15
ogracall it /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/X11/xorg.conf-custom or so08:15
Nubaeyeah I've done all that, thats y I'm saying... its not that simple to edit config files08:16
Nubaemaybe this is an exception08:16
ograyou just need to keep in mind that you shouldnt edit on the cliet :)08:16
Nubaehow would u get the ram based xorg.conf then? or do u mean, u shouldnt have to be getting the client xorg.conf thats in ram08:17
ogralog in on console08:17
ograscp /etc/X11/xorg.conf <your_user>@server:/tmp/xorg.conf-custom08:18
ogrause an existing user of teh server for <your_user>08:18
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool2.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
Nubaeyeah I've got all that... but logging into the console by changing the lts.conf to get there seems complex for most users08:19
Nubaebtw... is there a page where all the lts.conf options are shown for ubuntu?08:20
ograyou are special :)08:20
ograthere are not many thin clients out there using ati cards :)08:20
Nubaereally? seems it would be half the market08:20
Nubaenvidia bein the other hald08:20
ograthin clients usually dont have nvidia or ati cards :)08:22
ograthe have via, trident or any other embedded graphics chip usually08:23
Nubaewhat about users that are using graphic intensive programs08:23
Nubaecant imagine blender running on an s308:23
=== Nubae [n=Nubae@168.Red-88-23-117.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #edubuntu
Nubaewow... smart to hit the reboot button on a terminal session08:28
Nubaewell, after all this, I realised I was looking at the servers xorg.conf when I thought I was looking at the local rammed xorg.conf, as luck would have it the server has an ati card too08:35
Nubaeso guess fglrx is working fine after all08:35
=== highvolt1ge [n=highvolt@dsl-241-191-116.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
Nubaeu know, if u have the fglrx driver loaded and have screen_07=shell on, the screen goes black and freezes08:41
ogramight be an fglrx bug i notced console switching doesnt work sometimes on the ati systems i use with it08:43
ogranot much we can do about bugs in the binary drivers :(08:43
NubaeI can console switch allright, just cant get into shell session with fglrx driver loaded08:43
Nubaewell, at least I know its working... just one last question and I promise I'll leave u alone ;-)08:44
ogratry SCREEN_07=ldm and SCREEN_06=shell ....08:44
ograthen tty6 should have a shell08:44
Nubaecan I Install Beryl as I normally would, or not?08:44
Nubaeregardless of the problems its known to have with ati...08:45
=== tck [n=tck@213-202-189-119.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #edubuntu
ograyou should use compiz, not beryl ...08:46
ograbut you are aware that fglrx doesnt have composite support ?08:46
Nubaenot proper support, but I've seen it work08:46
ogranot with a default X server08:46
ograonly with Xgl which we dont support and which will surely be tricky to set up in the client08:47
Nubaeyeah dont the proprietary drivers also support some sort of internal composite?08:47
Nubaemaybe thats nvidia08:48
ogranvidia does08:48
ograand the ati driver does with some cards08:48
ografglrx does it only through Xgl which adds a layer inbetween and is nearly as bd as using plain software rendering08:49
=== thelockkeeper [n=rob@] has joined #edubuntu
Nubaeyeah, ok, forget it then... I was so explicit about asking for nvidia containing laptops...08:50
ograyou mean ati08:50
Nubaeno, I wanted them to get nvidia containing laptops08:50
ograbut they did get you ati08:50
Nubaeyeah :-) might as well have been s308:51
ograyou could try if the ati driver supports composite with your card though ...08:51
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@dsl-244-192-185.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu
Nubaegonna look it up, but setting it up is just as In would nin a normal install right?08:51
Nubaeonly thing that I would change is the xorg.conf which has now been hard linked to a file in chroot08:52
Nubaeok, well, thankyou again for all your help, really you've been terrific, and I promise I'll give back to the community by writing up a how to for ati cards... including composite, if I can get it to work08:53
ograenjoy your ltsp :)08:54
Nubaedo u guys actually get paid? or am I asking something I shouldnt be ;-) ?08:55
ograi am, yes08:56
ograi'm working for canonical and doe edubuntu and ltsp08:57
Nubaejust you?08:57
ografor these two ? yes08:57
ograi would be nothing without sbalneav though :)08:58
Nubaeand u do online help and software development?08:58
ograwell, less support, more development usually, but i had a hard week with the tribe5 release and needed some relaxation today08:59
sbalneavI get paid to develop LTSP.08:59
sbalneavOgra pays me in beer :)08:59
Nubaeu guys are in SA?08:59
ogra<- germany09:00
sbalneavI'm in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada09:00
sbalneavI do it because I love it.09:00
ograi do because i have to09:00
Nubaeyeah I can feel the love too... I used to be a gentoo user09:01
ogra(living in germany i mean)09:01
Nubaebefore the entire politics destroyed the distro09:01
Nubaenow ubuntu seems to be miles ahead of everything else09:01
sbalneavGot tired of waiting for things to compile? :)09:01
sbalneavSorry, low blow :)09:01
Nubaetrue, some years ago, it actually made sense to make things that little bit faster09:02
sbalneavI'm one to talk.  I spend more time waiting for ltsp-update-image to finish than I do USING the image :)09:02
Nubaewith todays hardware.. theres no point09:02
Nubaeyeah but you're doing it to beta test I'm sure09:03
sbalneavWe've managed to attract some good people.09:03
sbalneavyeah, test, test test.09:03
sbalneav8 years ago I was looking for a thin client solution, and bumped into ltsp.09:03
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavLoved it so much I became one of the code devz09:04
sbalneavdevs, sorry09:04
Nubaeit is great I must say... I cant even imagina how much time I've saved with 40 computers in this School I'm setting up right now09:04
cliebowsbalneav Rocks!09:04
sbalneavAnd I got involved in Ubuntu and Edubuntu because that was the first distro that actively sought us out to work towards getting LTSP tightly integrated.09:05
cliebowwe all do..09:05
NubaeI was gonna setup K12 first09:05
Nubaeseemed to be more active09:05
Nubaebut I didnt like the idea of a rpm based distro09:05
Nubaeltsp and ubuntu are pretty new friends though09:06
Nubaenot that much info on the web at all09:06
sbalneavYeah, we're developing so fast, docs are suffering.09:06
ogranew friends since 2,5years :)09:06
boyamsbalneav: now if we can knudge you over to saboyan....get that project up to date ...it'll make me happy :)09:06
sbalneavIn the old days, LTSP docs were good, because we had two guys working with LTSP that JUST did doco.09:06
ograwe're not new :) we just suck a lot wrt docs09:06
sbalneavNow, it's the old problem: do I write code, or write docs.09:07
sbalneavWe're WAY better than we were.  At least the handbook has SOMETHING in it now.  And I'll be adding more over the next couple of weeks.09:07
ograboyam, we'll get there ...09:07
ograyeah, i'll have to look after TCM ... :/09:08
ograits such a mess09:08
sbalneavogra: Where's the bzr repo for it?09:08
ograwell ...09:08
ograthe last one *might* be petes,09:08
ograbut best might be to just create a ew one from the source package09:09
Nubaewell, like I said, Ill be glad to help writing upn something for getting ltsp working with ati09:09
sbalneavYou gonna do any work for tcm this go-round?09:09
ograsbalneav, bugfixing09:09
ograthe userlist stuff is totally f*cked up09:09
sbalneavHow fast can you throw up a bzr repo?09:09
ograthat nedds to be done at least09:09
sbalneavGet one up, I'll give you a hand.09:09
ogranot tonight anymore09:10
ograill try to get it up over the weekend09:10
sbalneavWhat time's it there? 8-something?09:10
sbalneavCripes, I was up last night working 'till 1am09:10
sbalneavslacker :)09:10
NubaeI've got composite 0 in extensions, setting it to 1 should turn it on right?09:10
ograsbalneav, recovering from tribe09:11
sbalneavheheh, just razzing you.09:11
Nubaein local rammed xorg.conf09:11
sbalneavWhen you put one up, shoot me an email.09:11
ograNubae, you shouldnt need to do anything but check the checkbox in the desktop-effects applet09:11
ogra(wile using the ati driver)09:11
ograif it works it will just switch over09:12
ografglrx wont work09:12
ografglrx is fine fo GL but doesnt have composite as i said before09:12
Nubaeok, well ati wont work at all, so no composite I guess09:12
Nubaeok, when u said some ati cards have composite u meant with ati driver09:13
ogradidnt you have ati in the xorg.conf right after you installed fglrx ?09:13
ograi thought you said something like that09:13
NubaeI was looking at the servers xorg.conf which happens to have an ati card09:13
ograah, k09:13
ograto many ati cards in this world09:13
sbalneavogra, you gonna do the big merge on Monday?  I got one more ltspfs bug to fix that I know of.09:13
Nubaeedubuntu used to come with tons of educational apps09:14
ograNubae, they are on the server-addon CD now09:14
ogradidnt fit on one CD anymore09:15
Nubaeahh... k09:15
ograsbalneav, before monday i hope09:15
sbalneavGonna be in chat on the weekend?09:15
ograwe'll see09:15
ograsusie is grumbling already ... that i'm still typing09:16
ograand we need to pick up a new guinea pig she bought (first female in the herd)09:16
sbalneavGo! Don't piss off your better half.09:16
ograbut i'd like to get some stuff done ...09:16
ograso we'll see ....09:16
Nubaesi there a list somewhere of the education software that comes with edubuntu (addon disc)?09:19
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=== cberlo [n=berloc@] has joined #edubuntu
cberloHi folks.  Any able to tell me how to run a script at logout for an LDM user (ltsp thin client)09:30
cberloogra: Help?  :)09:30
sbalneavWhich version of ltsp?09:31
cberlogot 99.9% of what I want working, now I just need to be able to unmount some remote shares at logout...09:31
sbalneavProbably modify ldm09:32
cberlosbalneav: Okay.  Where does that live, and how do I make my mods permanent across upgradeS?09:32
sbalneavLook at the "ssh_remote_command" variable at about line 180 or so09:33
sbalneavand you don't. :)09:33
sbalneavIf you modify a distributed package, you'll have to maintain the mods yourself.09:33
cberloAlright, it's a start.09:33
sbalneavYou could also probably put something in for pam sessions, that or /etc/X11/Xsession.d09:34
sbalneavyou'd have to play around a bit.09:34
cberloI like that idea better -- where would you put the pam stuff for logout?09:34
cberloI'm currently using libpam-script09:34
sbalneavI'm merely making suggestions of where you can do investigating.09:35
cberloSounds decent.  :)09:35
cberloThanks.  Gotta run for the weekend!  Have a good one!09:37
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cbx33ping encompass10:57
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