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ryanakcaphew, finished creating the accounts on egroupware, now I just need to create the maildirs, set the passwords, and mail out the account info01:59
mhbryanakca: nice work02:01
ryanakcamhb: I can see your appointment / meeting :)02:18
mhbryanakca: great02:19
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ryanakcamhb: still awake?03:04
mhbryanakca: barely03:06
ryanakcaIf so, and you want to test kontact, fire it up, click on Contacts, Add..., XML-RPC, and then configure it as following https://groupware.kubuntu.co.uk/~ryan/kontact.png (substitude ryanakca with 'mhb')03:08
ryanakcasame for calendar03:08
=== claydoh_ [n=claydoh@66-252-52-22.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbryanakca: nice!03:11
mhbryanakca: if I edit the contacts, will the edits get merged with the egroupware server?03:12
ryanakcayou just have to hit the sync button when you're done (see the swirly blue icon)03:13
mhbryanakca: it would be nice to have a LP-confirmed email address first, then the eGroupware email03:13
mhbryanakca: I can't find the sync button, though03:17
ryanakcamhb: under edit03:18
ryanakcathere's a card, to the right a blue circle, and to the right of the circle a pencil on paper?03:18
mhbryanakca: I must be stupid, do you have a screenshot?03:20
ryanakcaThat's in calendar03:21
ryanakcabut it's at theh same place under contacts, just a sec03:21
ryanakcarefresh kontact1.png03:22
mhbryanakca: no such icon there03:23
ryanakcareally? wierd.03:23
ryanakcaHave a screenie?03:23
mhbryanakca: could it be that I don't have enough rights to edit the contacts?03:23
ryanakcahmm. dunno, give me a screenie... should work.03:23
mhbryanakca: http://image.bayimg.com/dagagaabe.jpg03:25
ryanakcaOk. Wierd.03:26
ryanakcaCan you edit contacts threw the web interface?03:26
mhbryanakca: nope03:26
mhbryanakca: which made me think03:26
mhbI don't have enough rights03:27
=== freeflying [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ryanakcahmm. I'll look into it.03:30
ryanakcaI guess it's to prevent someone from editing system wide contacts03:31
mhbryanakca: okay, I'll look into sleeping in the meantime.03:31
ryanakcasee yah03:31
=== ryanakca should probably do the same thing
ryanakcanight ;)03:31
ryanakcafreeflying: Hey03:34
freeflyingryanakca: hi03:34
ryanakcaumm, are you willing to help me test the egroupware server?03:34
freeflyingryanakca: what can I do for you?03:35
ryanakcaok, just a sec, I'll create your account03:37
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nixternalsurvived today's storm...whicked storm, lots of damage, but everyone is OK04:36
VaelenSo what is the egroupware server?04:42
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ryanakcaVaelen: it's a way to figure out meeting times and set a global todo list for kubuntu members... with the added bonus of imap email05:31
VaelenIs it web based, or does it integrate with Kontact?05:32
ryanakcabug 13385705:32
ubotuLaunchpad bug 133857 in kdepim "In gutsy, kontact now crashes on startup (SIGSEGV)" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13385705:32
ryanakcafreeflying: see manchicken's workaround ^^05:32
=== maniacmusician_ [n=maniacmu@24-151-1-102.dhcp.nwtn.ct.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
freeflyingryanakca: ok05:33
VaelenSo how does one go about getting involved with kubuntu or kde development in general?05:34
ryanakcawell, for Kubuntu, you can start out packaging, or writing documentation... or triaging bugs... I started out with translations.05:39
ryanakcaVaelen: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HelpingKubuntu05:39
ryanakcayou could also answer questions on #ubuntu or #kubuntu05:40
ryanakcaVaelen: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate if you want to participate in Ubuntu as well05:40
Vaelenryanakca: Thanks! I'll see what I can help out with.05:41
VaelenI'm running kubuntu-devel right now.05:41
VaelenAnd I'm especially looking forward to KDE4.05:42
=== ryanakca nods :)
Vaelenryanakca: What language did you work on translations for?05:45
ryanakcaVaelen: french05:49
VaelenAh, cool.  I'm a linguistics student, and I managed a translation project at IBM for a year or two, so I find that all very interesting.05:50
VaelenBut I don't speak any other languages well enough to translate anything into them.05:50
ryanakcacool :D05:50
=== Vaelen is away: Reading to my daughter...
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=== Vaelen is away: Gone away for now.
=== Vaelen is back.
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ryanakca wicked thunderstorm out, I'm unplugging this, and going back to bed :)10:17
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danimoRiddell: just installing the debug packages doesn't yield a useful backtrace at all :(10:29
Riddelldanimo: how about poingint LD_LIBRARY_PATH at wherever they install to?10:32
=== vprints [n=laur@213-35-242-149-dsl.end.estpak.ee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
danimoRiddell: you said it should just work :)10:33
danimoRiddell: there is even a special binary, which I however cannot launch10:33
danimoRiddell: will look into it10:34
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vprintsdoes the new kubuntu restricted manager get the translation strings from th restricted-manager package or some other package01:32
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Riddellvprints: you'd have to ask mhb, but it should do02:03
vprintsRidell, thanks.02:08
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manchickenMan, adept has a lot of critics, but very few people willing to actually work on adept or something better.  That sort of thing just gets really old.03:03
\shmanchicken, adept is a monster03:07
=== ScottK considers apt something better and is happy.
manchicken\sh: I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as folks say.03:07
ScottKmanchicken: I think it's pretty decent in general, I just find it slow and so don't bother.03:08
manchickenI think it brings a lot of functionality to the table.03:08
\shmanchicken, it's big, takes too long to load, and is written by a RedHat ,-)03:09
manchickenEither way, if people don't want adept anymore, I'm willing to work with something else.  I'm just getting bored with the rather consistent criticism from folks who won't do anything to help.03:09
\shmanchicken, no serious...the "takes too long to load" is right...and it has too much of functionality (IMHO)03:09
manchicken\sh: And I'm willing to look at something else :)03:09
\shmanchicken, idea was (even during montreals ubuntu meeting) to write something like update-manager for gtk and qt (just like ubiquity, a working backend, and two frontends)03:10
manchicken\sh: But I'm not willing to listen to the same criticism over and over again with no ideas on how to fix the problem.... especially on kubuntu-users.03:10
manchicken\sh: I think that's a good idea.03:10
manchicken\sh: Common code among the buntus makes sense to me.03:11
\shmanchicken, regarding a chat with mvo during UBZ it is not difficult...reading the update-manager code from mvo it's a mess right now, and needs some refactoring03:11
manchicken\sh: And I'd even be willing to help hack something like that.03:11
\shpython-apt is not difficult to learn....03:11
=== \sh needs more time off from work ,-)
\shlet's see if my wife is giving me time of from private life03:12
=== xRaich[o] 2x [n=raichoo@i5387FD6F.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
manchickenI don't mind picking up python to help out with this.03:12
manchickenEspecially since I've got my new System76 in the truck speeding its way towards me as we speak.03:13
\shmanchicken, python-qt is simple...if you know c++ qt libs you know pyqt/pykde syntax03:13
manchickenNaw, I don't know python itself.03:13
manchickenShouldn't be hard though.03:13
manchickenRuby was simple, I've been hacking Perl forever, and I picked C++ back up in a weekend.03:13
manchickenPython should be a cake-walk.03:13
\shhehe...riddell didn't know python in former times as well, and he hacked ubiquity ,-)03:13
Hobbseebah, you people suck.03:13
manchickenProof positive that one language is as good as another.03:14
manchickenExcept Java.03:14
=== Hobbsee seems to find *all* programming difficult.
Hobbseethen again, it probably doesnt help that i'm still doing the first language.03:14
manchickenHobbsee: Nonsense, you'd make an excellent hacker!03:14
manchickenHobbsee: It just takes a lot of boring sittin and figuring stuff out at first.  Very frustrating.03:14
Hobbseemanchicken: yeah, true.03:14
manchickenI remember when I first learned to hack.  I was about 8, and I only really stuck it out because my dad was helping me out.03:15
Hobbseeat 8.  i'm jealous.03:15
\shprogramming is easy...just start with: try to explain an idiot how a coffee machine works...from top to bottom or bottom to top...depends what style you like...so write this doc into pseudo code like "if idiot.listens():\t print "This is a coffee machine"03:15
Hobbseewe only *started* doing programming last year.03:15
manchickenStuff like that is always more fun when you've got someone else helping.03:15
manchickenHobbsee: I didn't wait for school to teach me.  I don't even really believe formal education will do me any good.03:16
\shnow replace "idiot" with "computer" and you developed your first program ,-)03:16
manchickenI don't do the "sit down, shut up, and pay attention" thing very well.03:16
Hobbseemanchicken: well, true.03:16
manchicken\sh: Nice03:16
=== Hobbsee does, to a reasonable extent.
Hobbseeof course, it'd probably help if i got off irc03:16
manchickenHobbsee: IRC does take up a lot of time.03:17
manchickenWe need to make catapult more like the free software windows program "launchy"03:17
manchickenkatapult does not handle multiple matches well.03:18
manchickenlaunchy has a much better way of handling those situations.03:18
\shHobbsee, the best way to start with programming: http://www.amazon.com/Algorithmen-Datenstrukturen-Pascal-Version-Niklaus/dp/3519222507/ref=sr_1_2/002-2454269-0499254?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1187961487&sr=8-203:18
\shlets see if there is an english translation03:19
manchickenWe don't all speak your strange european languages.  That's just unamerican.03:19
\shah here it is03:20
\shThat's a standard for IT students (well not today anymore, today you just need visual basic or visual java and you code like a god ,-=>03:21
\shok...time to go home :)03:23
=== \sh is now known as \sh_away
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RiddellHobbsee: did you kick BlueVette?03:37
HobbseeRiddell: removed.  couldnt tell if he was also trolling03:37
RiddellI didn't see anything trollish from BlueVette03:38
Hobbseeoh, hmm, seems legit.03:38
Hobbsee[23:26]  <BlueVette> tristan_ is pretty freaking sweet.03:38
Hobbseecouldnt tell if that was an accomplice03:39
RiddellI'd have assumed that was just sarcasm03:39
Hobbseehmm, seems i cant invite them back, they've left the network03:39
Riddell"If there was one thing you wish you had known before getting started in Summer of Code, what would it be?" tricky one03:40
=== ryanakca yawns
Tonio_hi there03:40
Tonio_allee: ping ?03:40
Tonio_Riddell, Hobbsee: bonjour ;)03:41
Hobbseebonjour Tonio_03:41
alleeTonio_: hi!03:43
Tonio_allee: hey ;)03:43
alleeTonio_: with switched on BT.  kbt is showing up in systray :(03:43
Riddellisn't that good?03:43
Tonio_Riddell: well on kubuntu previous version, the icon was hidden, but I cannot do that now due to a bug in the systray hidding functionnality03:44
alleeTonio: IHMO yes. ;)03:44
Tonio_allee: well imho the icon should appear when a bluetooth key is present03:44
alleeTonio_: I would prefer to see BT in systray when the bt device is on/available03:45
Tonio_allee: and it should hide otherwise03:45
Tonio_allee: exactly03:45
Tonio_allee: but what about hotplug key detection ? does this work or not ?03:45
HobbseeTonio_: kdebluetooth is still broken, btw03:46
alleeTonio_: I've tried: switch on Mighty mouse with 'invisible' kbt in systray.  Nothing happened03:46
Tonio_Hobbsee: for updates ?03:46
HobbseeTonio_: yes03:46
HobbseeTonio_: see the bugs about it03:46
Tonio_Hobbsee: hum, should be fixed now03:47
alleeHobbsee: I could pair to my BT isdn device (after command sudo ciptool search).  I've got a PIN dialog and then I was paired03:47
Tonio_Hobbsee: last upload didn't reach the repos yet03:47
Tonio_Hobbsee: should be fixed now03:47
alleeah, Hobbsee talked about pkg not 'functionality' ;)03:48
HobbseeTonio_: ubuntu2 was the broken one03:48
Tonio_Hobbsee: I have it installed here, what is broken ? I don't understand03:48
Tonio_Hobbsee: lemme look03:48
HobbseeTonio_: doesnt upgrade.  check launchpad03:48
Tonio_Hobbsee: k03:49
alleeTonio_: reason why I would like to see kbt, when bt is turned on/plugin in is that  system settings module has 'zero' functionality compared to systray icon03:49
alleeTonio_: after you tried the bt system setting.  The systray icon shows up.  But that a more than confusing feature ;)03:50
Tonio_Hobbsee: hum, libkbluetooth0 should conflict/replaces the old version of kdebluetooth, and therefore avoid that problem, so I don't understand03:51
Tonio_Hobbsee: version 0ubuntu2 at least03:51
alleeTonio_: hciconfig | grep .    in try_exec should fix session startup, but I've no idea (yet) how to start kdebluetooth when bt device is turned on/plug in :(03:52
ryanakcahmm. Konqueror seems to be deadly slow... odd.03:52
Tonio_allee: same for me03:53
Tonio_allee: isn't that easier to just make kbluetooth autostart and only showing the icon when a device is inserted ?03:53
Tonio_Hobbsee: any idea concerning the dist-upgrade problem ?03:53
HobbseeTonio_: havent tried, tbh03:54
Tonio_Hobbsee: I don't understand how can that bug with the 0ubuntu2 version03:54
Tonio_Hobbsee: bug report are before I uploaded the new version03:54
HobbseeTonio_: right, but they do seem to refer to the newer version03:54
Hobbseei didnt get that problem, it seems03:54
alleeTonio_: looks like --dontforceshow  != --showonlyadeviceisavailable03:55
Tonio_Hobbsee: sure, but they refer to upload 0ubuntu1, latest did reach the repos tomorrow evening only03:55
Tonio_allee: sure, but as long as there are functions in the code to hide/show the icon and to detect if a device is available, I suspect that showing the icon dynamically shouldn't be that hard for a kde dev :)03:56
Tonio_allee: wold be interesting to ping _Stefans_ on that point as he seemed interested on working on kbt :)03:56
HobbseeTonio_: oh, i must have misread them03:57
Tonio_Hobbsee: no pb, good thing you remind me to check that point :)04:00
alleeTonio_: I've asked on #kdebluetooth about 'why not change --dontforceshow'04:01
alleeTonio_: I'll ping him.  But will be mostly offline this weekend04:02
Tonio_allee: I'll try to ping him too :)04:02
alleeTonio_: just for your information.  I've tried to pair the Apple mighty mouse via the hid dialog -> error04:03
Tonio_allee: btw there is a bug in the iconn hidding thingy, did you saw that ?04:03
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Tonio_first : hidding doesn't hide, you have to stop and restart the app04:03
alleeTonio_: this worked before (asked for pin 0000) then as paired04:03
Tonio_allee: and then only the icon is hidden, but the space is still used in the tray04:03
Tonio_not the way adept does for example04:03
alleeTonio_: this allocated space but no icon seem to be fixed now04:04
Tonio_allee: hum, interesting, I didn't notice any regression on that point04:04
Tonio_allee: hu ?04:04
Tonio_fixed ? lemme check04:04
Tonio_allee: nope still fails here04:04
Tonio_allee: up to date svn snapshot04:04
Tonio_I can right click o nthe hidden icon04:05
alleeTonio_:  mhmm, lemme retry04:05
Tonio_allee: k04:05
Riddellhmm, should I give mhb $2000?04:10
Hobbseegive it to me instead!04:10
allee#$$% after log in the icon show up (if paired or not)04:10
Riddellgoogle don't seem to offer an option for "give it to hobbsee instead"04:11
HobbseeRiddell: google is out of date, then.04:11
HobbseeRiddell: your employer has my bank details.  use them :P04:11
manchickenHow does one get firefox to use konq for the file manager/04:17
ryanakcahmm. What would be the priority of strigi crashing at every login? Medium?04:17
Riddellpretty high04:17
ryanakcabug 13429904:18
ubotuBug 134299 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/134299 is private04:18
Riddellalthough an upstream issue, nothing we can deal with04:18
=== ryanakca nods, has in been filed in KDE yet?
alleeTonio_: bt starts to annoy me.  Now suddenly systray bt icon always shows up, even for a fresh created user and not like before.  On the other hand: cool that's what I wanted ;)04:20
Riddelldunno, you'd have to look04:20
=== ryanakca can't see strigi on bugs.kde.org under products... would it be kdebase?
Riddelloh, it's sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=171000&atid=85630204:22
=== ryanakca nods
nixternalmornin' ladies and gents04:23
ryanakcahigh nixternal04:24
nixternalin gutsy, has anyone else had issues when doing an apt-get upgrade? ie. it hangs on installing a package?04:24
nixternalI only notice it when there are quite a few package updates04:24
=== Lure [n=lure@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternallike right now, it hung up on the ttf-dejavu-extra package04:25
ryanakcanixternal: hehe, we got a wicked thunderstorm last night, I wonder if it's the same one you had earlier yesterday04:25
ScottKnixternal: The only problem I've had is I had to remove kdebluetooth.04:25
=== ryanakca tests apt-get
ScottKWith tribe 5 just out the repos may be a bit hammered.04:25
nixternalit is constantly hangin' on me04:25
nixternalwell it has been happening on and off for a couple of weeks now04:25
=== nixternal checks LP
ryanakcanixternal: it hangs at '(Reading database ...'?04:26
Tonio_allee: hehe ;) well better pinging stefans to make a point I guess04:27
=== d3ce1t [n=srg@144.Red-88-2-126.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
VaelenI apologize for coming back to an earlier thread and all, but I just got here. :)04:39
VaelenWhat sort of interface would this new KDE based apt wrapper have? (I mean, what are you looking for it to do, etc.)04:40
ScottKnixternal: Do you apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade?04:40
kwwiilol, we received 1900+ wallpaper submissions for the kde4 contest :-)04:43
nixternalit actually does it either way04:45
nixternalkwwii: do you have a link to the wallpaper submissions yet?04:45
nixternalI have been waiting to check them out04:45
nixternallet me know if there are any cool beach wallpapers04:45
kwwiinixternal: nope, we are not going to make them public...only the winners04:45
kwwiioh, there are quite a few nice beach pics04:45
nixternalahh, that stinks04:45
nixternaldamn kwwii!! I want to see :D04:45
kwwiimaybe after the contest is over or such04:46
nixternalthey need to all be uploaded to kde-look04:46
ryanakcahaha, that would take forever... unless they all go into a .tar.gz04:46
nixternalI have only found a handful of great beach pics that will scale correctly at 1200x80004:47
kwwiihehe, there are something like 1.4 GB in files04:47
=== kwwii takes a break
nixternalI am a little upset with my java instructor this semester. she is a games development instructor at the uni, and our main project will be to create a game04:49
Riddellthat sounds fun04:49
ryanakcamake a MUD :)04:49
Riddellkwwii: wow, really?04:49
nixternaldude, I know absolutely nothing about games04:49
VaelenIt seems like most universities don't teach any useful Java, like junit or j2ee.  It's the same here at UT.04:50
kwwiiRiddell: yepp, it took me like 4 hours to sort through them to pic my 30 favorites04:50
nixternalVaelen: same here04:50
nixternalI used digiKam recently to sort through a ton of wallpapers I downloaded to see which ones I liked and which ones I didn't..it was nice, I could tag the ones I liked and then filter ont he tag04:51
nixternalthis guy at school which I got him to almost switch 100% to Kubuntu, he uses the "we are gears" wallpaper that comes with KDE, but he uses a cool color scheme with it, and it looks really cool..never thought that was possible04:52
=== ryanakca nods, should get him to stick a screenshot somewheres
nixternalI will tell him to do that if I remember during the next class04:53
nixternalhe uses some off the wall colors for the gradient..I mean colors that would normally make you feel ill to your stomach, but it makes that wallpaper stand out nicely04:54
=== Vaelen needs a new computer so that he can turn on the kde4 3d effects.
nixternalargh, this annoying network issue is happening again..I thought it stopped04:55
nixternalVaelen: whatever you do, don't try to turn them on with an Intel vid card...04:56
VaelenYeah, too late. *laugh*04:56
nixternalI did it this week at the LUG meeting, and it was painful to get back04:56
VaelenI even played with the settings and tried some stuff out.  It took /forever/.04:56
nixternalforever is an understatement04:56
VaelenMy next laptop will have an nvidia graphics card.04:57
VaelenUnfortunately, I need to have a laptop and not a desktop because I work from home and sometimes I need to work from school as well.04:58
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alleeTonio_: uhm, bad.  When I switch off BT and login: kblueooth display an dialog that's no adapter available and quits.  After switch on BT kblueooth gets not started :(05:21
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #kubuntu-devel
alleeTonio_: Please add  TryExec=hciconfig | grep -q .   to the autostart file.  At least this may we get no anoying 'no bt adapter found' on login for system without bt05:30
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
alleeTonio_: I was too fast.  Now kbt does not autostart anymore at all :(  (works fine when started from cmdline).  Confusing05:40
Riddellmanchicken: about?05:43
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ryanakca wonders about kded
ryanakca 5607 ryan      15   0  178m  88m 9760 S 93.6 20.2  86:57.66 kded05:47
ryanakca93.6 CPU :D05:47
ryanakcaUmmm... Has anyone else had their sound card randomly 'disappear' ?05:52
ryanakcaSeems to be a common bug on launchpad... since yesterday (linux-generic-2.6.22-10)05:52
=== maniacmusician_ [n=maniacmu@24-151-1-102.dhcp.nwtn.ct.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellnixternal: I've uploaded qdbusbridge06:03
Riddellnixternal: any plans to package qdasher?06:03
Riddellnixternal: oh and fancy adding kvkbd to be run as part of the session for the appropriate accessibility profile in k-d-s?06:03
manchickenRiddell: Sorry, what?06:05
Tonio_Riddell: I can do that if you want :)06:08
RiddellTonio_: please06:09
Tonio_Riddell: oki, I'm not there toonight, that'll be done tomorrow06:09
Riddellmanchicken: did you get any backtraces from your kontact crashes?06:09
manchickenNot anything useful.06:11
Riddellmanchicken: did you file any bug reports?06:11
alleeTonio_: eh, TryExec never did what I wanted by  the standard :(06:16
alleeTonio_: This works:   In the autostart.desktop file.  Change  Exec=hciconfig | grep -q . && kdeblueooth || echo no BT device found06:18
alleeNo I get no annoying BT device not found warning when autostarted without BT and kblueooth is running when I have a BT device06:18
alleeTonio_: fwiw here's the script suse uses instead of 'my' solution:  [17:26]  <dgollub> http://pastebin.ca/669265.   dgollub gave it on #kdeblueooth, but I'm no fan of it06:22
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== manchicken_ [n=manchkn@74-134-231-37.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
alleeTonio_: fwiw, some more infos from suse about start on plug:06:32
allee[18:26]  <dgollub> in openSUSE we let the mediamanager call someting called "suseplugger" if the hal reports an event which is not a storage...06:32
allee[18:26]  <dgollub> then the suseplugger is going to call kbluetooth if the device is something about bluetooth_hci06:32
=== allee has to leave BBQ. ahhhh :)
=== jjesse [n=jjesse@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jjessenixternal survining chicago after the storm?06:34
=== xRaich[o] 2x [n=raichoo@i5387FD6F.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== xRaich[o] 2x [n=raichoo@i5387FD6F.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== jjesse [n=jjesse@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
jjesseafternoon :)07:26
=== milian [n=milian@p57BB0CCD.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
milianis there a workaround for the flash hickup yet?07:33
milian(that is: konqueror freezing because of nspluginviewer)07:33
Riddellno :(07:37
Riddellexcept revert to old glib/pango/cairo/gtk07:37
miliantoo bad, thank you riddell07:46
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=== mhb slaps LongPointyStick
=== ScottK steps far away from mhb.
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbScottK: you are a nice guy, no need to fear me :o)09:23
mhbRiddell: that comment sounded like you are disappointed, so I hope it is not that so09:24
ScottKmhb: New restricted-manager-kde does NOT crash for me.09:24
mhbScottK: yay! Thank pitti, we worked together on that bug even though he should care about totally different things by now09:26
ScottKI've still got the kernel module thing, but you can't fix that.09:26
mhbScottK: I wrote what I know to the relevant bug, and I am sure it will be fixed soon09:27
ScottKI recall IRC discussion about it somewhere.09:27
mhbgood night everyone09:27
mhbI have to go offline now09:28
ScottKGood night.09:28
mhbScottK: thanks!09:28
mhbRiddell: and I really hope you are not disappointed much :o)09:28
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nixternaljjesse: ya, we survived...never lost power, but we lost a gazebo, a set of french doors, 2 windows, and our pool hut09:39
=== jonasp [i=jonas@i59F730DE.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalour weather station that is in our neighborhood recorded an 81mph gust and sustained winds of 64mph for 7 minutes09:40
nixternalpretty insane and scary09:40
jjessewow that is insane and scary09:40
nixternallike a tsunami :)09:40
nixternalwe are supposed to get more today09:40
jjesseor a hurricane09:40
jjesseits raining here09:40
nixternalya, I have been through a hurricane in the military, not a big one, but still yesterday was scarrier I think09:40
nixternalchicago messed up and didn't sound their sirens...our at least blared for 5 minutes prior to the storm hitting09:41
jjessein south west mi they sounded the sirens a long time before the storm got here09:42
nixternalya, we were talking to my family who lives in berrien county and told them all hell is coming their way09:42
nixternalbut they didn't get it as hard09:43
nixternalwe never lost power either yesterday, which was amazing09:44
nixternalpower is out all around, but the community we live in, did not lose it09:44
jjessei heard like 300k were out of power09:44
ryanakcahehe, scary09:44
nixternalya, they have fixed almost half of it now09:45
nixternalthe town over, all of the fences are gone, roofs are torn up, siding all over, trees all over, and stupid drivers trying to beat others through a stop section w/o traffic lights09:45
nixternalI was driving big foot today because I had to go over to my sisters, swim into her house and help pull stuff out09:46
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalya, she lives in Des Plaines, and the water is up to about, just under 3' of their ceiling09:47
nixternalyou know it is bad when there are catfish swimming in your house :)09:47
jjessewow that is crazy, you sure she doesn't live in new orleans09:48
nixternalwe went to sears and was going to buy a john boat to help us, and the manager told us as long as we don't damage it, we can bring it back to him..he will let us borrow it...which was pretty cool09:49
nixternalher subdivision reminded me of new orleans09:49
nixternalwe live way up on a hill, so flooding has never hit us here...she lives in between a river and a creek which flood yearly09:49
ryanakcahmm. how far away from Chicago are you?09:50
nixternal20 minutes depending on traffic09:50
=== ryanakca nods
nixternalor an hour by train :)09:50
jjesseryanakca: aren't you from around chicago area or something like that?09:50
ryanakcajjesse: nah, Kingston Ontario09:50
jjesseno idea why i thought that09:51
ryanakcaI could get to chicago by boat though...09:51
nixternalya, that would be a long boat ride through the st. lawrence seaway09:51
jjessewould you have to go through the st lawrence to get ther efrom ontario?09:51
ryanakcawell, I'm right on lake ontario...09:51
jjessethat's what i thought09:51
nixternalOK, you can go from lake to lake, and then through mackinac (spelling)09:52
ryanakcajjesse: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:official&hs=LNK&q=chicago+tornado&um=1&sa=N&tab=wl09:52
ryanakcajjesse: if you zoom in close enough, there's a canal near detroit, and then one from algonac to sarnia joining lake erie to lake huron09:54
=== ryanakca brb
nixternalhaha, they have the dude who hacked the iPhone on Fox News09:57
jjessethats funny09:57
jjessei saw  on usa today or something like that09:57
nixternalthey were calling him a hacker in the bad sense and he snapped at them09:57
nixternalhe is/was selling hacked iPhone for $2,000 each09:57
nixternaljeesh, he made some cash09:58
jjesseso whats going on w/ endgaget reporting ti only took 5 minutes to do and the report on  usa today says 2 hours09:58
nixternalI didn't even follow the hack, so I have no clue10:00
jjessehmm time to head home for thee weekend10:04
=== nosrednaekim [n=michael@02-178.200.popsite.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== ryanakca back
nixternalthanks for the warning10:14
=== ryanakca pulls out his pipes and watches as people run
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DaSkreechGood job on tribe 5 :)11:46
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