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mrevellHey - I've put a story about UDS in the queue for Jono.06:37
mrevellCould someone take a look and edit/publish it please? :)06:37
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beunoRinchen: ping09:46
Rinchenbeuno, pong09:46
beunoyou have a minute?09:47
Rinchenfor you? sure thing09:47
beunoheh, :D09:48
beunoI saw the Boston UDS has been announced09:48
beunoI was wondering what one could do to apply for sponsorship09:48
beunoI had talked this over with Corey, but he's on vacation now09:49
beunoI didn't want to ask earlier since I didn't have a US visa, and those are hard to come by here09:50
beunobut I went ahead a few weeks ago and applied, and got my approval in the mail today09:50
RinchenThere should be a wiki entry on the ubuntu wiki09:53
RinchenYou can put your name on the sponsorship page to be considered09:53
beunoah, I'll look for that, thanks!      Any news on the Launchpad API/09:54
beuno(can't find anything on the wiki though)09:57
Rinchenit was an Ubuntu Live press notice so there won't be anything for a while yet from me09:58
beunoah, right, I won't bug you for a while then09:59
beunowe've been working on getting some statistics from ubuntustats.com, so I hope to have a beta out the following week09:59
beunowhat I can't get yet are automatic rosetta stats10:01
beunothere is that blueprint you helped me get approved, but it hasn't made it to any milestones yet10:02

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