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superm1evand, i'm back around if you got a chance to look at my branch now12:31
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superm1evand, i solved the page skipping problem tonight! i pushed it up to the ~mythbuntu branch.  would you be able to merge me and do a release with my set of changes?  We wanted to prepare our next disk for the next mythbuntu alpha release this coming weekend, so it'd be nice to be able to use the builds off ubuntu rather than a PPA/personal repo for it.10:06
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JDcjwatson: I've rebuilt d-i, but it hasn't picked up the new module01:42
cjwatsoncheck its build output to make sure it really used the one from localudebs rather than downloading01:42
JDis it looking for a particular version of the udebs?01:43
cjwatsonmight be looking for a particular kernel ABI though, so make sure yours matches01:44
cjwatsonthe 2.6.15-<number> part of the package name01:44
JDyeah, that's what I'm thinking01:45
cjwatsons/might be/is definitely/01:46
JDit's looking for -26. not sure what the kernel I built is01:46
cjwatsonthe version of d-i you're building should have come from the same place (dapper vs. dapper-proposed vs. dapper-updates) as the kernel source you based your work on01:47
JDso I think I've used the wrong one01:48
cjwatsonbut worst case, just grep for 2.6.15-23 in build/config/ and change all those to 2.6.15-<whatever you built>01:48
JDnah, my d-i was from dapper-proposed01:50
JDusing the one from dapper should work01:50
JDw00t that worked. cheers01:54
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evandsuperm1: looking over the changes now03:32
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saispocjwatson: i try to generate a custom cd but i have an error with debootstrap, apparently, some packages in scratch/1.packages file are not present, such as bash or something else. Which program generate 1.packages for example ?04:05
saispoMissing debootstrap-required bash04:06
saispoMissing debootstrap-required bsdutils04:06
saispofor example04:06
saispoi have no problem when i try to generate a feisty cd04:07
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CIA-20ubiquity: evand * r2197 ubiquity/ (31 files in 5 dirs): Merged with ubiquity.mythbuntu04:12
evandsuperm1: skip_pages scares me somewhat, but I can't think of a better solution right now, short of turning on --automatic, which is less than ideal.04:13
evandif we don't have any other changes by the end of the day, and there are no objections, I'll put out a new release tonight.04:14
cjwatsonsaispo: usually means the Priority fields in the Packages files in your archive are bust04:17
evandactually, hrm04:17
saispocjwatson: i merge with your repos today...04:18
saispomy ubuntu repository is up2date too04:19
cjwatsonI'm sorry, there is no reasonable way for me to debug your setup from here; it works for us04:21
evandsuperm1: if I have some free time I'm going to play around with this a bit.  I'm not seeing why you can't just handle everything in set_page, but I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.  I wont hold up the release though.  I'm assuming you've tested this, right?04:21
saispoPackage: bash04:22
saispoEssential: yes04:22
saispoPriority: required04:22
saispocjwatson: i generate the cd on the feisty for a gutsy, it may be this or not ?04:23
cjwatsonno. we generate all our CDs on edgy at the moment.04:24
cjwatsonI'm sorry but you're going to have to dig into this yourself04:24
saispoi will :)04:25
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superm1evand, yes i've tested it within a virtual machien05:44
superm1i cant seem to handle this all in set_page because set_page has no idea of whether this is a forward or backward request05:44
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