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lamont`BenC: it still says find: /lib/firmware/2.6.22-10-hppa64: No such file or directory with -10.30, just fyi. :)01:38
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dokokylem, BenC: please could you add lpia support to: linux-backports-modules-2.6.22 linux-meta linux-source-2.6.22 linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.2203:16
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tseliotBenC: can I steal a minute of your time?11:30
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parancould someone look at bug 92553? I have sent two mails about it to the kernel-team list, the last one with a patch attached, but both have been ignored.01:54
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paranif there is something wrong with my solution i'd really like to know so that I can fix it.01:54
jwendellHi, BenC. I'm seeing on changelog you dropped snd-hda-intel on version 10.30. Now i have no sound on my laptop01:55
jwendellBenC, what should i do in order to have my sound back?01:55
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zulhah someone wants cfs02:41
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verwilsthi zul02:59
verwilstzul: you have mail03:00
verwilstzul: already gets a lot further than without the patch :)03:00
zulill send you a patch03:05
verwilstgo ahead, i'll test it right away03:07
verwilstan updated "diff" ?03:07
zulyeah it'll have to be later though since I just got into work03:08
verwilstah ok :) after work you mean?03:12
verwilstok! enjoy your work then :)03:12
ograzul, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2007-August/121818.html is that known ?03:29
zulogra: not that i know of03:30
zulogra: http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-users/2006-10/msg00103.html03:33
ograi'll point him to that, thanks03:35
zulno probs03:36
verwilstzul: found the problem i think03:44
verwilstyou set LOCALVERSION to "-xen"03:45
verwilstbut you have an EXTRAVERSION in make, that's -10-xen03:45
verwilstmaking it -10-xen-xen03:45
verwilstsetting the localversion in config.amd64 to "" should fix it03:45
verwilsttrying now03:45
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verwilstzul: the kernel itself compiles fine though03:46
paranignored once again. am I the only one actually using the linux-image-debug-packages? :-)03:52
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verwilstzul: linux-headers-2.6.22-10-xen_2.6.22-10.30_amd64.deb and linux-image-2.6.22-10-xen_2.6.22-10.30_amd64.deb are present! ;)04:26
verwilstso it works04:26
verwilsti'll go home in 30 mins and try booting with it04:26
verwilst( had to add amd64 in control first :)04:26
verwilstand the small fix to config.amd6404:26
verwilstzul: Signed-off-by: Bart Verwilst <bart@verwilst.be>04:31
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Kanoconfig-2.6.22-10-generic:# CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL is not set04:33
Kanois that by purpose?04:33
rtgKano: CONFIG_SND_HDA_INTEL is fubar'd. It being worked on.04:34
mjg59Kano: Check Launchpad. It's a known issue.04:36
tseliot hi, does anybody know why my patches (for Feisty and Gutsy) haven't been approved yet? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20/+bug/98641/comments/66 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20/+bug/98641/comments/6704:36
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Kanohmm system lock with that kernel...04:38
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@host57-130-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
BenCtseliot: I thought that were in there...I'll check them in a few04:40
Kanowhy was hda-intel not active??04:40
tseliotBenC: thanks04:40
mjg59Kano: Because it was in linux-ubuntu-modules instead04:41
Kanoany specific reason why it was not patched directly04:42
mjg59Because of a desire tokeep the Linux source as close to upstream as possible04:42
Kanowhy have been most of my kernel patches ignored04:43
Kanoonly the one from mm was integrated04:43
mjg59What makes you think they've been ignored?04:44
Kanothey did not have been applied04:44
Kanoand i added a bug one month ago for each of em04:45
Kanohow do you compile linux-ubuntu-modules for one flavour only04:45
zul*sigh* here we go again04:46
mjg59Kano: linux-restricted-modules is generally handled at a lowerpriority than the core kernel. I'll be done before the release.04:48
Kanopatches that only change 1 or 2 lines...04:48
Kanobut the 2 others04:48
Kanoabout hostap_cs and the via southbridge on intel04:48
Kanocurrently i even patch the a new siemens id04:48
Kanothese 2 where against 2.6.22 directly04:49
BenCKano: fakeroot debian/rules binary-modules-generic04:50
KanoBenC: thanx. and for restricted too?04:50
BenCfor lrm, you're just going to have to build the whole thing04:51
BenCno one has switched it over to the new build system yet, because it's ugly and hairy04:51
Kanonot good...04:52
mjg59Kano: Working patches welcomed04:52
Kanothey work04:52
Kanobut still ignored04:52
mjg59There's no real incentive to change it - lrm builds correctly, and for the purposes of Ubuntu development there's no real incentive to build it for a single flavour04:52
lamontit's not like the build takes a long time04:53
verwilstzul: just to let you know, the kernel boots fine04:55
lamont13 minutes is quick04:55
verwilstxend starts, xm list works, ...04:55
Kanopatches working, not included04:55
mjg59Kano: Thank you. We can list your bugs.04:55
mjg59Kano: They're patches of low importance and low risk, so they're not high priority righ tnow04:55
mjg59We're part-way through a development cycle. If they're not there by beta, then please feel free to remind us.04:56
Kanowell risk is really low, just apply em04:56
Kanoi know that they are correct. otherwise pure ubuntu kernels are absolutely useless for me04:56
mjg59But there's no point whatsoever in doing so until then. It won't make things happen any faster.04:56
BenCKano: it's true, we could "just apply them", but the reality is, those are not the only two bugs we have to look at...we have to prioritize, else we'll never get the big problems taken care of04:57
BenCKano: but your fixes will get in04:58
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.nixternal] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Kanothere is a new one i currently patch. the one who found it reported it here:04:58
Kanoalso only id changes04:59
Kano2 lines04:59
mjg59Kano: Please file a bug and link to the upstream bug04:59
nixternalquick question...with gutsy, my realtek 8139 lappy eth connection craps out on the wan, works fine on the lan...happens after a while of use, and then comes back...would this be kernel related at all? I just started noticing this yesterday (24+ hours ago)04:59
=== lamont bets he meant wlan
BenCKano: if you want things faster, apply for a kernel.ubuntu.com account, clone our tree, commit the patches and send a pull request05:00
nixternalnot wireless05:00
nixternalI can hit my gateway fine, but anything outside of my network I can't...and it is only this laptop, it doesn't happen with any other gutsy machine here05:00
lamontah, ok05:00
BenCnixternal: doesn't sound like kernel05:00
lamontthat sounds more like a router issue05:00
nixternalwhy only this laptop and not my other machines?05:01
=== lamont was trying to picture plugging a laptop into a WAN
nixternalyou know, I wouldn't 100% put it past the router either after our storms and issues last night, but it is just odd that it only happens to one machine05:02
BenCnixternal: could be something whacky with network-manager :)05:02
nixternalBenC: network-mangler you mean :)05:02
BenCfor example, if it dropped the default route05:02
mjg59nixternal: Are the other machines running Linux?05:02
nixternalmjg59: yessir05:03
mjg59Hm. Ok.05:03
mjg59If the card is able to talk to your local network, it's highly unlikely that it's a kernel issue05:03
mjg59Unless your upstream is *very* odd05:03
nixternalie. I am connected to my server which is running gutsy, that is how I am able to stay on IRC05:03
BenCnixternal: next time it happens, check "route" output to see if it's sane05:03
nixternalBenC: will do05:03
mjg59Best you could do would be to get a tcpdump of the the traffic when it's affected05:03
Kanoubuntu is really fast... just as fast as the ntfs-3g development. there is 1.8 out and 1.7 in repository...05:04
nixternallooks sane05:04
nixternalit is affected right now...let me try tcpdump05:04
Kanodo i really have to report every bug...05:04
zulthen it would never get fixed05:05
BenCKano: when we hit kernel freeze, we only take fixes that have bug reports associated with them05:05
Kanois nobody tracking upstream on major packages, and ntfs-3g is major05:05
Kanoit writes on ntfs05:05
mjg59Kano: We're past upstream version freeze.05:05
BenCKano: pkl is taking care of our ntfs-write support05:05
mjg59No new upstream versions will be accepted unless somebody explicitly requests them.05:06
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Kanoi use it since 14 days without problems05:06
zulBenC: what should i do with the cfs wishlist bug report?05:07
BenCzul: bug#?05:07
nixternalheh, as soon as I run tcpdump the connection comes back05:07
rtgzul: revert it to wishlist from confirmed.05:08
zulits already wishlist05:09
rtgzul: never mind. I confused status with importance.05:10
zulBenC: i say tell them to wait til gutsy+1 05:11
BenCzul: mark as wont fix in 2.6.22 with a comment about being too late, and tag it gutsy-plus-one05:11
BenCzul: actually, better tag may be deferred05:12
=== AlinuxOS [n=vsichi@host57-130-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulBenC: done05:15
BenCzul: gracias05:15
zulno probs05:15
=== AlinuxSOS [n=vsichi@host57-130-dynamic.1-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
tseliotBenC: if you have any questions on my patches I'll be glad to answer05:20
=== m0rg0th [n=m0rg0th@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Kanowhy do you compile ipw3945 and iwlwifi?05:23
mjg59Kano: Because iwlwifi is currently not stable on 394505:24
Kanoand why is it compiled then05:24
Kanoyou would need to blacklist it05:24
mjg59The 3945 IDs have been removed05:25
mjg59It's used for 496505:25
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Kanothats older lirc or05:26
BenCtseliot: sure thing05:26
BlueDevilBenC: can you share how you built the packages for nvidia 100.14.11 driver and l-r-m please?05:26
BlueDevili'd like to build the same packages for my system. thanks05:26
BenCBlueDevil: I'm not sure what you mean05:26
Kanohmm lirc is new05:26
Kanobut why is ttusbir not there05:26
BenCBlueDevil: install the latest nvidia-glx-new and you have that05:27
BlueDevilBenC: i'm running a custom kernel (because the stock kernel does not support more than 4G of ram) so i need to build l-r-m myself, right?05:27
Kanoany specific reason to skip that module?05:27
BenCBlueDevil: you're better off just downloading the nvidia installer and running that for your kernel05:28
BenCKano: lirc support came from a community member, we didn't decide what to put in there, we too what the guy gave us05:28
BlueDevilBenC: would i be able to deinstall what the installer installed if I ever wanted to?05:28
BenCBlueDevil: yes05:29
tseliotBlueDevil: you can install nvidia-glx-new nvidia-glx-new-kernel-source (or whatever it is called) and build the kernel module with module-assistant05:29
KanoBenC: i think he missed that the new lirc has a new module05:29
BenCBlueDevil: the installer will uninstall too05:29
BlueDeviltseliot: i'm not sure how to build that05:30
BenCKano: I wasn't very keen on lirc being included in lum anyway, but the ubuntu-media folks needed it to support hw out of the box05:30
Kanoyes it is needed just like the new module 05:30
BlueDevilare there any chances that the kernel in gutsy will support more than 4G ram by default?05:30
BenCKano: then by all means include it05:30
tseliotBlueDevil: you can uninstall it by typing sudo sh nameoftheinstaller --uninstall05:30
Kanoi think only the CONFIG_LIRC line is missing05:30
Kanothe source is there05:30
BenCBlueDevil: Not likely to happen in our default 32-bit kernel...why not run 64-bit?05:31
Kanowill check it05:31
tseliotBlueDevil: this is something we can discuss elsewhere. I can show you how to do that in just few mouse clicks05:32
BlueDevilBenC: because i'm in the online video business and 64bit is nothing but trouble in that respect (flash + w32codecs) :(05:32
BlueDeviltseliot: can I pm you?05:32
tseliotBlueDevil: sure05:32
BenCBlueDevil: Maybe you should run the -server kernel?05:32
BlueDevilBenC: i tried the -bigiron but nvidia wouldn't work, would i have better success with -server?05:33
BenCBlueDevil: it's worth a shot05:33
Kanoit seems you manually added those, well should be no problem...05:34
=== verwilst [n=verwilst@d51A4A585.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
=== BenC [n=bcollins@debian/developer/bcollins] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Kanowell the makefile mod is simple, whats with that 0list?05:41
Kanoor should it be in every arch05:41
BenC0list is a template05:42
Kanoshould i add it everywhere?05:43
BenCeach arch needs the CONFIG_* line in it05:43
BenCyeah, including the 0list file05:43
Kanowell you have to check if it compiles..05:44
BenCI'm not going to include a patch that I know I have to test05:44
Kanoi can not compile sparc and such things05:44
Kanothat is no real patch, i just added the line in the makefile05:45
BenCyou don't have to test it everywhere05:45
BenCjust binary-modules-generic will make me happy05:45
BenCKano: does it apply with the patch command?05:45
Kanotested that on i38605:45
Kanowait one second05:46
Kanoshould i dcc you the patch05:49
Kanoor upload05:49
cjwatsonpeople still use dcc?05:49
Kanoa very simple one05:49
=== cjwatson checks the century indicator on his clock
BenCI haven't used dcc since the efnet days05:50
BenCKano: email to kernel-team is preferred05:50
verwilstzul: could i recommend 1 more patch?05:54
verwilstit's a one-liner05:55
verwilstbut it makes sure you don't need to do ethtool -K ethX tx off05:55
Kanowhy is ndiswrapper 1.45 not 1.47?06:01
Kanodo you really know how long 1.47 was avalable06:02
BenCunless we have a compelling reason to do so, it wont get upgraded06:02
BenCKano: can you list the bugs?06:02
BenCKano: can you tell me how severe they are?06:02
Kano1.47 is out since 27. 04.06:02
Kano4 months06:02
BenCif we go by bug-fix alone, we'll be upgrading till release day06:02
HobbseeBenC: Kano seems to be out to troll, so probably wont answer that06:03
KanoHobbsee: should i add all changelogs since 1.46 to the bugreport?!06:03
HobbseeBenC: that being said though, upgrades of ndiswrapper are usually a good idea, for the hellish cards that require them.06:03
HobbseeKano: list the bug fixes.  not changes.  06:03
mjg59Kano: If you can point us to people who are having bugs in Ubuntu, that's significantly more compelling06:04
KanoVersion 1.46 has been released. Short summary of changes since 1.45:06:04
Kano    * Fixed crash with large transfers (bug in version 1.45)06:04
KanoVersion 1.47 has been released. Short summary of changes since 1.46:06:04
Kano    * Fixed random (occassional) crash issues with 64-bit drivers (observed with Broadcom driver)06:04
Kano    * Fixed compilation issues with version 1.4606:04
Kanoso you see 64 bit fixes06:04
verwilstzul: mail sent06:05
BenCKano: 64-bit doesn't concern me too much06:06
BenCpeople have way too many excuses already to use 32-bit even on x86_64 hw06:06
Hobbseendiswrapper seems to have a disobliging habit of *breaking* some cards, the further up they go.06:06
KanoHobbsee: i really prefer to use latest code06:07
BenCyeah, hence, fixing things may not be worth breaking other things06:07
HobbseeKano: i prefer to use code that *works*.06:07
HobbseeKano: tell that to my old wifi card, which broke with later versions of ndiswrapper.06:07
KanoHobbsee: then you are not able to go to #ndiswrapper and speak to giri06:08
Kanoi did serveral times, even donated to him06:08
HobbseeKano: you assume, wrongly, that i did not.06:08
Kanoand it still does not work with 1.47?06:09
Hobbseesee the part about "old"06:09
=== Hobbsee changed machines since then.
Hobbseeit broke in 1.17, iirc.  i no longer have that card.06:09
Kanowhat i absolutely know is that the feisty ndiswrapper was unusable at all for my card06:10
Kanoso i skipped feisty not because of that, but due to other problems06:11
Kanohmm even 1.48rc1 there...06:13
mjg59We're not shipping a release candidate06:16
=== tuxmaniac [n=aanjhan@unaffiliated/tuxmaniac] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
Kanothen use 1.4706:18
mjg59Kano: As I said, if you can point us to bugs filed against Ubuntu that show people having problems, it's much easier to convince the release team that we should do that06:19
mjg59But if we have no evidence of people having problems, we're not going to take the risk of introducing new and unknown bugs06:19
Kanothe only reason that i see is that your current ubuntu users are not heavy ndiswrapper users. but kanotix users are06:20
Kanoand when i want use ubuntu as base then i dont want to have worse hw support than before06:21
mjg59Kano: Perhaps the needs of your users do not align well with the Ubuntu release methods?06:21
BenCKano: any time you use a release distribution, you are going to have slightly out-dated software06:23
BenCthere's no way to get a stable dist with latest software all around06:24
KanoBenC:  sure, but not the main drivers06:24
BenCKano: I'd hardly call ndiswrapper a main driver06:24
Kanontfs-3g, ndiswrapper are thing that i monitor06:24
mjg59Kano: We don't accept new upstream versions after the 16th of August unless there are important bugs that we know they will fix06:24
BenCKano: important to you doesn't mean important to all of our users06:24
mjg59Kano: If that's unacceptable to you, then I suggest that you either changethe process (you'll want to contact the technical board) or find a new source of kernels06:25
=== pmjdebruijn [n=pmjdebru@ds9.pcode.nl] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
=== BenC notes that mjg59 is on the technical board
dokokylem, BenC: please could you add lpia support to: linux-backports-modules-2.6.22 linux-meta linux-source-2.6.22 linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.2206:29
BenCdoko: I'm pretty sure it's in linux-source, linux-meta and linux-ubuntu-modules06:33
BenCdoko: just needed for lbm and lrm06:33
dokoBenC: linux-meta doesn't build linux-headers-generic and linux-image-generic . correct?06:40
BenCdoko: yeah, it does06:42
dokoBenC: and linux-ubuntu-modules and linux-backports-modules-2.6.22 is not needed for the live CD, apparently06:43
BenCdoko: linux-ubuntu-modules is06:44
dokoBenC: ok, was confused that lpia doesn't have a -generic, but just a -lpia kernel. but as long as that's roughly the same config as i386 that will let us boot from the liveCD06:47
BenCdoko: well, linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22-abi-generic is, not sure about the meta package06:47
BenCdoko: lpia flavour is pretty much the same as ume06:48
dokoapt-cache -n search linux-ubuntu doesn't show anything06:48
tseliotdoko: linux-restricted-modules06:51
dokoyes, missing as well06:51
tseliotdoko: instead of linux-ubuntu-modules06:52
zuldoko: i was wondering why you added ipia to xen-3.1?06:57
tseliotdoko: doesn't this command return anything??? apt-cache -n search linux-restricted-modules 06:58
dokotseliot: it does on amd64, not on lpia07:00
dokozul: looking if it builds and works with gcc-4.207:00
zulah ok07:01
tseliotdoko: sorry, I didn't read ipia flavour...07:02
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BlueDevilwhat is the downside of compiling a kernel with HIGHMEM64G=y vs HIGHMEM4G=y?08:04
BenCBlueDevil: more overhead08:05
BenCyou really only want 64G enabled if you have > 4G of memory08:05
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BlueDevildo you know if any benchmarks have been done?08:06
BenCotherwise it hurts you performance wise and takes up more memory just for memory management08:06
BenCBlueDevil: I can't point you to any, but I'm pretty sure it's been done08:06
BenCI think most people assume that you'll be running a 64-bit kernel on such machines08:08
BenCthere are ways to run 32-bit stuff decently on 64-bit08:08
BenCia32-libs and friends help a lot08:08
BlueDevilthe last time i ran flash in a 32bit chroot it took away part of my filesystem when it crashed; i didn't even think that was possible08:09
BenCwere you running it as root?08:10
BenCI don't see how it can corrupt your fs if it isn't run as root08:10
BenCthat would be a major bug :)08:10
BlueDevili didnt investigate much the machine being a production one; i just reinstalled 32bit08:11
BlueDevilAFAIK it didn't do anything outside of the chroot but i wasn't going to risk it08:12
BenCBlueDevil: why not ditch the chroot and use ia32-libs and the 32-bit firefox plug-in wrapper?08:17
BlueDevilBenC: i don't think those were available at that time08:18
BlueDevili was on dapper-108:18
BlueDevilor -208:18
BlueDevileverybody was recommending 32-bit chroot to run flash08:19
BlueDevillooking now at ia32libs08:20
BlueDevilwhat are my options for w32codecs?08:21
JanCw32codecs are illegal, so...  ;)08:25
tseliotBlueDevil: have a look at this sticky in the forum: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19120508:26
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BlueDevilJanC: why are w32codecs illegal?08:27
BlueDevili own a windows xp oem copy for the machine08:27
pmjdebruijnBlueDevil, because MS' license probably says you may only use the codecs in conjunction with WinXP08:28
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JanCthat license says that, but that part might be illegal in itself in some countries08:32
JanCOTOH, there is no license that allows redistribution of those codecs in the way w32codecs does08:33
JanCso if you use the codecs on your WinXP partition, that might be okay, but w32codecs certainly isn't08:33
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verwilsthttp://pastebin.ca/669541 <- anybody knows about this?10:14
verwilsthad to modprobe dm-mod manually10:16
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