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gnomezalo all04:52
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antoinexphello evrybody !10:39
antoinexpis there anybody ?10:46
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kwwiiagoliveira: feel like helping me figure out how to use the theme tools? I have a template pic ready02:54
agoliveirakwwii: Hi. I can try, sure, but right now I have to finish something to upload. Can you wait a bit?02:56
kwwiiagoliveira: sure, no hurry02:56
agoliveiraI'll ping you back02:56
kyleNmy favorite topic ;)03:07
kwwiiit won't be once you hear how it works :p03:11
kwwiithe one good thing I've found so far is that the colors used in the theme are also defined in template.png03:15
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asackwwii: hi bavarian master ;) ... how is the theming going?03:57
kwwiiasac: coming right along03:58
asackwwii: i think bob already asked you ... do you expect to run into issues to theme GtkMenus the same way as the other hildon menus?03:58
kwwiiyes, but I haven't tested things enough yet really03:59
kwwiiI think it will be a matter of making them look nearly the same03:59
asacok ... no problem ... so you cannot say if its possible or not?03:59
asackwwii: is a hildon menu technical different from a gtk menu (from theming pov)?04:00
kwwiiyes, I think so as the hildon version uses pics to define the look iirc04:03
kwwiiimplementing our test theme should clear up a lot of issues (and raise others)04:05
agoliveirakwwii: Hi. Want to take a look at those tools?04:06
kwwiiagoliveira: love to04:10
kwwiibasically, take a look at the hildon-theme-bootstrap 04:10
agoliveirakwwii: Ok, what can I do for you? I actually just fixed a bug and packaged it :)04:10
agoliveiraHmmm... what do you need specificaly?04:11
kwwiiit seems that this tool downloads a whole environement to build in, and creates a new copy of the existing theme with new names (so one can simply replace pics)04:11
agoliveiraYes, so it seems.04:12
agoliveirakwwii: Did you check the maemo wiki about this?04:14
=== renatofilho [n=renato@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
kwwiiyes, all I found was info that there was no documentation yet04:14
agoliveirakwwii: Weird... there was some information about how to make themes.04:14
kwwiithat is the best I could find04:15
kwwiiand that has nothing to do with these tools04:16
kwwiiit does explain the pieces pretty well though04:16
agoliveiraI see. I'm sorry but I cant' help you with that. Maybe you should ask one of the Nokia guys or at the maemo maling list. They should be able to help you.04:18
kwwiiI asked the person who made the other theme but I think he is on vacation04:18
agoliveiraOh crap...04:19
kwwiiI promise you that I will not be able to figure this out alone and still get my other work done04:20
kwwiithis tool creates a clean package, so if I change the artwork in it (all the names, etc are changed) how can we build this to see if it works?04:21
agoliveirakwwii: Let me try to figure something out but I may not have the time to do it for you today as I need to deliver some uploads before you-know-who nail my b**** on a table :)04:23
kwwiino problems, I just want to move forward on this sometime soon04:23
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CharliefjohnsonNeed help on USB NIC - Drivers loaded but no interface.  (SMC USB NIC on a Menlow) Any ideas ?  04:44
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: ifconfig -a doesn't list it?04:44
mjg59Charliefjohnson: Correct driver?04:45
=== vivijim [n=vivijim@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
Mithrandirwhat does the last couple of lines of dmesg say when you plug in the driver?04:46
CharliefjohnsonI'm wrong.  ifconfig -a does show it. 04:47
Mithrandirok, just do dhclient eth0 ; apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade and reboot and it should be fixed.04:47
Mithrandirmoblin-image-creator is broken and doesn't build images correctly right now and I don't think I have time to fix it before the weekend04:48
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: What about the GUI.   I assume I have to install the flash player first ??04:50
Mithrandiryes, you can install flashplugin-nonfree too04:50
CharliefjohnsonThen is it just a "startx" ??  Or is there some other step to get the GUI up ?  Right now if you "startx", you just get Xwindows with a xterm.04:51
Mithrandirno, if it upgraded ume-config-crown-beach, then just reboot.04:52
Mithrandir(you should have 0.10)04:52
CharliefjohnsonI downloaded the 20070824.1 build, so how do I know ? The manifest says ume-config-crown-beach 0.304:54
Mithrandiryeah, probably due to said moblin-image-creator bug.  Just do the apt-get line I wrote above.04:56
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: I'll try it thanks.04:58
Mithrandirplease tell me if that fixes it.  (It does for me, but independent verification is good)04:58
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CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: OK. Another dumb question.  Does the current UI have way to get to an xterm ??  05:14
mjg59Running it from the menu appears to work05:14
mjg59(top left corner)05:14
Charliefjohnsonmjg59: It isn't there on the ume-config-crown-beach package.  (i.e. the Menlow build instead of  the Samsung.)05:16
mjg59Oh, sorry, confused05:16
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CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: Can we work on getting Menlow on par with Samsung ??  05:23
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: it should be now.05:24
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: it's the item above the network tools, iirc05:25
Mithrandirwe should just get whatever prevents the titles from being shown fixed.  It's silly.05:25
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: Not there.  The Extras menu just shows Calculator and Network Tools05:25
=== Lure [n=lure@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
mjg59xterm is in utilities, not extras, IIRC05:26
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MithrandirCharliefjohnson: yes.  Click just above it.05:27
Mithrandirthis is the same way on the q105:27
=== asac_ [n=asac@debian/developer/asac] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir:  OK.  Got it. Thanks05:32
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: Got GUI, Network and even Browser up on Menlow.  Thanks for bearing with me.  05:36
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: ok, sounds good.  No problem05:37
CharliefjohnsonMithrandir: Do we expect ume-config-crown-beach 0.10 to be in Monday's daily build ?05:39
MithrandirCharliefjohnson: I hope so.  I need to fix moblin-image-creator, and given it's getting a couple of hours outside my work hours already and I'd like to spend some time with my wife before flying to boston, it might not happen for Monday morning.05:40
MithrandirI'll do a build when I have something working, thouh05:40
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MithrandirI'll tell you once I know more05:43
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seb128agoliveira: did you do the tasks changes since yesterday?05:56
agoliveiraseb128: Hi. DOing it right now. Will upload in a few minutes.05:58
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seb128agoliveira: I do a work break now, I'll look at the update later06:04
agoliveiraseb128: Ok, thanks.06:05
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agoliveiraseb128: Tasks sent06:27
mjg59I've uploaded contacts-snapshot - this includes a hildon version that will be built on lpia06:28
mjg59(Oh, oops - except I think I've probbly forgotten the build-depends for lpia)06:28
mjg59There's no ability to edit contacts in the hildon interface yet06:28
mjg59With luck we'll get that added over the weekend06:28
mjg59Mithrandir: Weirdly, the fan on my Q1 just started working again06:30
agoliveiramjg59: Does it have a fan? Didnt notice.06:39
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Mithrandirmjg59: weird.06:41
agoliveiramjg59: Could you please also upload Cheese, even with the bugs you mentioned? I would like to have as much applications as possible available next week.07:06
mjg59agoliveira: Yeah, working on it now07:07
seb128agoliveira: what is required in cheese?07:07
agoliveiraseb128: Hildon interface.07:08
agoliveiraseb128:  mjg59 is working on it.07:08
seb1280.2.2 has been uploaded today07:09
seb128just for information07:09
Sciriagoliveira: Will this new updated Cheese that's getting uploaded be configured to use V4L2 instead of V4L1? On our test box Cheese doesn't work out of the box with our camera because the camera is V4L2?07:09
mjg59It tries v4l2 by default07:09
mjg59It always has done07:09
agoliveiraseb128: But falls back to VL107:09
agoliveiraduh... V4L1 :)07:10
SciriHmmm...odd. Thanks mjg59, I'll look at it some more. Tony in the office here said that the problem was it didn't work with V4L2...07:10
SciriSomething about gstreamer pipelines needing to get configured properly07:10
agoliveiraseb128: Thanks. BTW, I have a question for you. The hildon support for stardict requeires version 3.0.0 and we have 2.4.8 in the repo so I need to request a sync first and then send my patch?07:11
seb128and you also need an UVF exception now to get a new version07:11
seb128agoliveira: did you try to build this package?07:13
agoliveiraseb128: Which one?07:14
seb128the tasks update I mean07:14
agoliveiraYes, sure.07:14
agoliveiraseb128: Why? What`s wrong?07:14
seb128you patch configure.ac and don't update configure07:14
seb128so the change should not be used during the build07:15
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agoliveiraseb128: Strange... let me check this. Anyway, is the format right this time?07:15
seb128agoliveira: yes, the configure.ac should be in the same patch though07:16
seb128and the second patch I was mentioning was the autoconf run to update the configure07:16
agoliveiraSo the patch would also to have configure file on it?07:16
agoliveiraOr a patch to an updated configure?07:17
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seb128agoliveira: 01_hildon_build.patch would have the changes which are in your 02_autoconf.patch at the moment07:20
seb128agoliveira: 02_autoconf.patch is made this way07:20
seb128cdbs-edit-patch 02_autoconf.patch07:20
seb128rm -rf autom4te.cache07:20
seb128exit 007:20
agoliveiraseb128: Weird because AFAICT, I did exactly like that.07:20
agoliveiraGeez... let me see this.07:21
seb128that's the diff you attached07:23
agoliveiraseb128: Ok, I can see there's a code patch, an autoconf patch, changelog and rules patches. You're telling me that the second pacth is missing a patch for configure file, correct?07:26
seb128agoliveira: the build uses the configure, not the configure.ac07:26
seb128if you edit the configure.ac you need to run autoconf to get the configure updated07:27
seb128and your changes used07:27
agoliveiraOk, let me try again07:27
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lenkawellagoliveira, hi07:32
agoliveiralenkawell: Hi Len. Just a sec.07:33
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agoliveiralenkawell: DId you get my message?07:40
lenkawellyes, did you get my reply?07:40
lenkawellagoliveira: yes - did you get my reply?07:41
agoliveiralenkawell: No. I guess that's because I'm registered user and you're not. I had this problem before. Would you mind to email me? Even better.07:42
lenkawellagoliveira: will do07:42
agoliveiralenkawell: Got it. Thanks.07:45
lenkawellagoliveira: ok, great07:46
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kyleNagoliveira, how would I figure out what the current control panel applets are (paths and packages)?07:56
agoliveirakyleN: Sorry but I don't understand what you're asking.07:57
kyleNI recall there was mention at the status meeting ago about new control panel "applets", wasn't there? 07:57
kyleNI am wondering what we now have07:58
kyleNa "week" ago (left out the word week)07:58
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mjg59Woo. Cheese working nicely.08:17
agoliveirakyleN: Sorry, I didn see youa;;;;;;;[;;;s;.;;;08:19
agoliveirakyleN: Gee... sorry again. I didnt see you're message before. You shoud ask some Intel guys. They are working on the applets.08:20
=== robr_ [i=chatzill@nat/intel/x-86bf09201edfbe6f] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
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agoliveiraI think that rob_ can answer that.08:21
agoliveirarobr ?)08:21
mjg59agoliveira: Just doing one last test build, then I'll upload cheese08:23
agoliveiramjg59: Cool. Thanks Mathew.08:24
=== ChrisJTortoise [n=tortoise@] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
mjg59Ok. Cheese works happily with a plug-in webcam08:32
mjg59Fits the ui nicely08:32
agoliveiraCool. Is this camera recognized as v4l1 or 208:34
=== Charliejohnson_ [i=cfj@nat/intel/x-d9e5f77ce7baaa49] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
SciriI had cheese working fine with a Creative Webcam on our menlow test system yesterday...it's just that prototype board camera I can't get Cheese to recognize.08:35
SciriI can get luvcview to see the prototype board camera by giving it a -f luv but cheese complains about /dev/video0 can't read memory...08:37
mjg59agoliveira: This is a v4l1 device08:38
=== Charliefjohnson [i=cfj@nat/intel/x-05f9c8ed47aacc63] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
mjg59I suspect that the issue is driver functionality rather than v4l1/208:38
agoliveiramjg59: Nice. Should work on mine too. I'll give it a try later if I have time.08:38
Scirimjg59: That's what I figured...we're looking into the driver issue now...08:39
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kyleNrob_, how can I determine what's been added to control panel applets in the last week or so?08:49
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kyleNHi, are there any intel folks who could help me get a handle on what's been added in the way of control panel applets in the last week? thx09:03
kyleNI'm striking out here in my efforts to get a sense of control panel plugin status ;-)09:10
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seb128agoliveira: the diff looks ok now, I would rather do the configure.ac change to 01_hildon_build.patch to split code change and autotools run but that's up to you09:33
seb128agoliveira: you should likely add Build-Depends on some hildon package on lpia though 09:34
seb128I doubt it'll build without it09:34
agoliveiraseb128: Finally :) Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.09:34
agoliveiraseb128: Now I'm strugling with quilt :(09:35
agoliveiraTotally different approach09:36
seb128agoliveira: the tasks upload still need that Build-Depends changes before being uploaded09:37
agoliveiraseb128: Ok. Can you give me a tip on this case that the Build-Depends is specific to an arch?09:43
seb128agoliveira: libhildon-1-dev [lpia] 09:44
agoliveiraseb128: I understadn what to put, just not sure about the syntax of debian/control in this case.09:45
seb128I just give it to you09:45
seb128what else do you want?09:45
agoliveiraseb128: I meant, should I create a whole new entry like this:09:49
agoliveiraPackage: tasks09:49
agoliveiraArchitecture: lpia09:49
agoliveiraDepends: ${shlibs:Depends}, ${misc:Depends}, libhildon-1-dev09:49
agoliveiraDescription: a simple to do manager09:49
agoliveiraOr this can be simpler?09:49
Mithrandirwhy do you force it to lpia?09:50
Mithrandirand why on earth does it depend on libhildon-1-dev?09:50
agoliveiraMithrandir: I'm not, I'm trying to understand seb128 instructions.09:50
seb128Mithrandir: bug #13433609:50
seb128Mithrandir: the patch uses --enable-hildon on lpia, that requires a Build-Depends on some hildon lib, no?09:51
=== rustyl [i=rusty@nat/intel/x-825c4fca3d64f1cf] has joined #ubuntu-mobile
Mithrandirseb128: yes, it does, but the line above was Depends, not Build-Depends.09:52
=== agoliveira feels like being caught in a middle of a fire fight...
seb128agoliveira: hum, no, you just want to add the packages to Build-Depends with a "[lpia] " next to them to specify it's for this arch only09:52
agoliveiraI miswrote the line09:52
agoliveiraSo it should just be Build-Depends: cdbs (>= 0.4.37), debhelper (>= 5), intltool, libecal1.2-dev, libgtk2.0-dev... libhildon-1-dev [lpia] 09:53
agoliveiraNot miswrote, I actually misread seb128's message.09:53
seb128agoliveira: right09:54
agoliveiraCool. Fixing. Sorry for the mess.09:54
seb128and probably some others as well09:54
seb128I didn't check but the configure has 09:55
seb128libosso,  libossomime09:55
seb128so you need to add the package shipping those .pc as well09:55
agoliveiraYou're talking about the libs metioned having the .pc files? If so, they are ok already.09:57
agoliveiraOh, understand now09:57
Mithrandirthe point is you need to build-depend on what provides those.09:58
agoliveiraMithrandir: Got that. Just got a little confuse on the phase above.09:59
=== agoliveira makes a quick break for a coffee
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Charliefjohnsonagoliveira: What chat apps is being considered ??  (are you still on ?)11:47
agoliveiraCharliefjohnson: Hi. Chat is what sense? irc, im? (if I'm here, I'm on :) )11:47
Charliefjohnsoninstant messaging.  11:48
agoliveiraThis is to be privided by intel according to the last info I have.11:49
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Charliefjohnsonagoliveira: It does say that in the SOW that I'm looking at. Let make sure that is an agenda item next time.  11:55
agoliveiraCharliefjohnson: Just raise your concern and we can discuss that, no problem but last time we speak abot this, there was concernregardign add stuff like giam/pidgim due problem with patents over the protocols.11:57
Charliefjohnsonagoliveira: Yes. I just talked to Mauri about it.  Empathy is a possibility right ?11:59
agoliveiraYes, technicaly, there's no problem. I can say legally thougt as this kind of silly patents are not valid here in Brazil but if you use jabber you will fine AFAIK.12:00
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_Fanfare_Hi there12:15
_Fanfare_anyone with wacom knowlege here?12:54
_Fanfare_any chance to get my usb wacom tablet Bus 004 Device 002: ID 056a:0090 Wacom Co., Ltd to work?12:55
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