cornellOk... first time, it crashed, tried again.  Seemed to go normally (left out second capture card (ASUS))01:25
cornellAnd it rebooted into myth fe !!01:28
cornellHit watch tv, with the remote, it worked !!01:29
cornellWell... it's silent01:29
=== foxbuntu [n=nfoxqci@12-216-16-102.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1cornell, great that it worked :)01:31
superm1figure out what is reason for it to be silent?01:31
cornellWell...  remote isn't working fully.01:32
foxbuntusuperm1, how soon do you need that GTK theme bug fixed?01:32
cornellBefore I address silence, I want to configure lvm, then load the db with my recordings01:33
superm1foxbuntu, if yo ucan this week01:33
foxbuntusuperm1, I will give it a shot...tonight I am burnt out though01:33
foxbuntugot a paid day to go screw around...our team at work went out to Red Robin for lunch, then to some Nascar Sim thing at the big mall, then out bowling then out to the driving range01:34
superm1foxbuntu, also not addressed there the checkboxes need to be fixed too01:34
foxbuntucan you post a screen shot of what you mean? I don't have a VM up right now01:35
cornellsuperm1: Got a question... I'm looking at /var/lib/mythtv/recordings and there's an nfslockfile.lock.  When I configure the lvm, it will be mounted at /var/lib/mythtv.  It's recordings directory will ... supercede the actual one.  Will that cause trouble with the nfslockfile.lock?01:36
superm1foxbuntu, sure01:37
superm1it will be made automatically again01:37
superm1foxbuntu, http://img137.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshotmythbuntuconteq1.png01:38
cornellBut is something using it?  By stomping on it will something get... locked while unlocked?  i.e. can't lock cause it's unlocked, can't unlock cause it's locked?01:38
superm1stop the backend process before start01:38
superm1sudo /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend stop01:38
foxbuntusuperm1, what do you want them to be?01:38
superm1and things will be fine01:38
superm1foxbuntu, anything more readable01:38
cornellMe? stop backend?01:38
superm1yes cornell01:38
superm1cornell, before you mount the new LVM01:39
foxbuntusuperm1, alright, I will come up with something01:39
superm1foxbuntu, but you see what i mean right?01:39
foxbuntusuperm1, yeah, the colors are a little too close together01:39
superm1foxbuntu, maybe actually making a "check"01:39
superm1in the box01:39
superm1would work better01:39
superm1in addition to the light blue01:40
superm1i don't know01:40
superm1compare against how other gtk themes might do it for better ideas01:40
superm1but ideally going to generate alpha 4 early next week01:40
superm1one more thing in ubiquity needs fixing and mythtv 0.20.2 needs to come out01:40
cornellPresumably "start" will start it again, superm101:40
superm1cornell, yea01:40
foxbuntuI can drop a check in pretty easy I think01:40
=== tgm4883 confused his web host when asking about cron jobs
foxbuntuThe background for firefix is going to be a little harder to track down01:41
cornellCan I delete the files in recordings?01:41
superm1tgm4883, did you end up needing them for some plugins of yours?01:41
=== foxbuntu never asks his ISP specific questions because he knows they are all retarded
superm1cornell, that's up to you :)01:41
tgm4883no, but I was reading on the cron page, aparrently it does some daily cleanup too01:42
cornellk, thanks, superm101:42
superm1tgm4883, interesting.01:42
tgm4883it shouldn't be too much of a problem as I can do 1 daily cron job from my control panel01:42
=== Tari__ [n=Tari@mke-66-97-122-194.milwpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883but it's supposed to be set to access cron.php as a web browser and thats what im asking my host right now01:43
cornellmmm lvm not found,  apt-get install lvm2, right?01:44
tgm4883i did end up intragrating gallery2 into drupal though01:44
superm1cornell, sounds right01:44
superm1tgm4883, how's it work/look?01:44
tgm4883superm1, well, we'll see when I get it configured more01:44
tgm4883it wasn't too much setup though01:44
cornelloopos, should do sudo apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade first, right?01:45
tgm4883you do have to setup both drupal and gallery2 fully, then integrate them with a drupal module01:45
tgm4883and 2 databases01:45
superm1cornell, i wouldn't worry about that right this moment01:45
superm1there will be tons of updates01:45
superm1make sure $things are working for you as is01:45
superm1tgm4883, so what is the advantage of gallery2 over the image module?01:46
foxbuntuwell superm1 I am off to be uber lazy, as I feel like I got the crap knocked out of me today01:46
foxbuntucatch you later01:46
tgm4883superm1, not really sure yet, i assume more powerful features, but I was going to setup a test case on both and see which works better for me01:48
tgm4883I did see this, and it doesn't list that many more features.  As long as I can do what I want with the built in image module I will go with it, I just wanted to be ready for the test01:49
cornellOk... lvm vgcfgrestore worked... pvscan shows the pv's, vgscan says it found it.  What's it called?  I'm trying /dev/vg, nada01:51
superm1try /dev/mapper/*01:51
superm1and you might need to activate it using vgchange01:51
cornellAh... vgchange01:52
cornellDid that... Complains about no entry for device-mapper, ending with 0 logical volumes in volume group now active01:54
cornelllvscan now shows inactive /dev/vg/myth01:54
cornellIt also complains of /proc/misc: No entry device-mapper01:55
=== marC-- [n=marc@pool-72-80-24-27.nycmny.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
marC-- Anyone know if there is a help channel for LinuxMCE?01:56
tgm4883well I have to use the cron-curl.sh script as my host doesn't have wget01:56
tgm4883so I hope it works, as I don't know how to test that01:56
=== claydoh__ [n=claydoh@66-252-52-22.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
cornellsudo lvm vgchange  -a y vg ends with 0 logical volumes in volume group now active01:58
cornellSorry, said that before ;-(01:58
tgm4883marC--, afaik, no there is not01:59
tgm4883superm1, what about a bit torrent tracker module?02:00
cornellsuperm1:  I did restore vgscan pvscan lvscan and vgchange... results in: http://cornell.pastebin.com/m668d73a802:01
superm1tgm4883, that looks really sweet02:02
superm1that would really streamline hosting there if we could use something like that02:02
tgm4883superm1, i'm also looking at image and image assist modules.  So we can put images in stories02:02
tgm4883we can test these02:02
tgm4883on the test site :)02:02
superm1tgm4883, that sounds pretty neat too02:05
superm1i like both of these02:05
tgm4883superm1, you said you had a recent iso right?02:05
superm1tgm4883, i generated one yesterday02:05
superm1locally, since we dont have hosting for iso's atm02:05
superm1until Daviey or foxbuntu give up the login info to their servers02:05
tgm4883want to make a torrent of it and i will install both those modules on the test site?02:05
superm1well ubiquity is broken for it, so i dont want to make a torrent of it until at least that is fixed02:06
superm1just make a torrent of anything though02:06
superm1a folder filled with backgrounds or something02:06
superm1but yes install both modules on the test site02:07
superm1cornell, you have to reboot after installing lvm2 i think02:07
superm1because device mapper support isn't activated yet02:08
cornellDIdn't think of that...02:10
cornell(Which is why you're "super" ;-) )02:10
=== tgm4883 had that same problem cornell, you do have to reboot
superm1you might also be able to modprobe the device mapper module, but i dont remember its name02:10
superm1rebooting will load the module02:10
superm1and run the init script02:10
cornellThe stop?02:13
cornellAnd then the restore vgscan pvscan lvscan and vgchange ?02:16
superm1there is an init script that initializes lvm stuff i thought02:16
cornellApparently there is.  After the reboot, (and your "huh?") I did a ls -la and it's there ;-)02:19
marC--anyone happen to know if ubuntu-mythtv will work well with a WINTV 1600 ?02:20
tgm4883marC--, has hauppauge released their linux drivers for it yet?02:22
superm1marC--, http://www.hauppauge.com/pages/support/support_hvr1600.html02:22
tgm4883superm1, it doesn't look as if the bit torrent module works02:22
tgm4883it puts the whole site in a mess02:23
superm1tgm4883, just give it some work, make it work02:23
tgm4883look at mythbuntu.weilandhomes.com02:23
tgm4883i'm looking at the offending line, but i don't know whats wrong with it02:23
tgm4883foreach($bparsed as $key => &$value) {02:23
cornellNow, mount says: /dev/dm-0 on /var/lib/mythtv type ext3 (rw)02:23
cornellShould I use /dev/dm-0, or /dev/vg in fstab?02:23
superm1yuck tgm488302:24
superm1cornell, matter of opinion again :)02:24
marC--tgm4883: I take that as a no02:24
tgm4883marC--, actually i dont know, check the link that superm1 posted02:25
superm1marC--, see the bottom of the page02:25
superm1no linux support yet02:26
tgm4883superm1, sec, I may have fixed it02:26
cornellmmm... /dev/vg/myth is owned by root, should be mythtv, right?02:32
superm1cornell, not the device02:34
superm1the place its mounted02:34
cornellBTW... in /etc/fstab,  /dev/vg didn't seem to work, /dev/dm-0 seems to02:41
cornellCourse, I could've fat fingered something ;-)02:41
superm1@schedule chicago02:44
ubotuSchedule for America/Chicago: 24 Aug 07:00: MOTU Team | 27 Aug 10:00: Screencast Team | 28 Aug 10:00: Ubuntu Server Team meeting | 28 Aug 14:00: Technical Board | 29 Aug 15:00: Edubuntu | 30 Aug 15:00: Ubuntu Development Team02:44
superm1yikes... 7am02:45
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cornell Dang....  The mysqldump has drops....  I'm trying to edit it...  it's bogged down the editor03:07
superm1use a better editor :)03:07
superm1i'm a fan of geany personally lately03:08
cornellStandard with ubuntu ;-)03:08
=== claydoh_ [n=claydoh@66-252-52-22.dyn-adsl.midmaine.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
cornellI want to get rid of the drops and the creates, just keep the inserts03:09
cornellgeany is better than gedit?03:11
cornellDang... gedit is still hung, and it's got my unsaved notes ;-(03:11
superm1well i love geany03:12
superm1for an all around editor03:12
cornellAnd it's in synaptic ;-)03:13
cornellok.... geany opens the file with 315 lines...  It's 36M ??03:19
cornellThe file that's got gedit hung is 36M...  When I open it in geany... its 315 lines...03:25
superm1315 long lines03:26
cornellRIght, just got that, it's not wrapping03:26
superm1gedit does the same thing, but horribly with too long of lines03:26
cornellmmm  but all the inserts seem to be on one line, no lf at the end of each insert... strange03:29
cornellBut now... I"m wondering...  I got rid of the drops and all, from the old database, because some of the tables were defined differently... but this dump is from the new, why not just run it.  It's only the recorded* tables03:35
superm1shouldn't hurt....03:40
cornellWow, gedit just came back, and I saved my notes ;-)03:45
cornellNow... installed, hooked up lvm, loaded database.  next... sound03:46
cornellOh... and create another user for mysql03:47
superm1personally, sound would have been top priority to me03:47
superm1but thats me03:47
cornellmmm... watch tv... it's already using all available inputs?  But it's not recording anything.  I haven't configured the second card, but the first one... should be available.03:51
superm1you imported things03:53
superm1perhaps schedules?03:53
cornellWell... the recorded* are all... past tense.03:55
cornellBeside, if it was recording something... wouldn't it show up in watch videos/all programs, top of the list, no?03:55
superm1well check the log then03:56
superm1and see whats up03:56
cornellAnd it's response to the remote is sluggish.03:56
cornelllog... backend log, or one I don't know how to find ;-)03:57
superm1backend log03:57
cornellmmm... this probably isn't to good: ERROR: no valid capture cards are defined in the database.03:58
cornellA trip to mythtv-setup sound about right?03:59
cornellWell, my time is up...04:03
cornellThank you much, superm104:03
superm1see ya cornell04:03
superm1sounds like you're close again :)04:03
cornellSorry about the quick punch out, the little woman comes home from work between 9 and 10, and then I have to quit.  I don't know until the little one rings the doorbell.04:11
cornellThanks again, superm104:11
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superm1laga, here?04:42
superm1the weekly build script should now work from both fixes and trunk04:42
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=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, there is also a digg plugin05:59
superm1tgm4883_laptop, i had that on last time05:59
superm1but didnt this time05:59
tgm4883_laptopi put in an email to the bittorrent dev, hopefully he has some insight on the issue06:00
tgm4883_laptopI also had an idea of putting a form for people to email about what they think of mythbuntu06:01
superm1well i dont that will be necessary06:01
tgm4883_laptopor maybe a google map where people input their location and it gives us a map of all users06:01
superm1i think the forums06:01
superm1would do06:01
tgm4883_laptopwhat about ^, it's kinda neat on some sites06:01
superm1well i've never seen that under heavy usage06:02
superm1mapping things like that06:02
tgm4883_laptopi mean http://www.frappr.com/ddwrt06:02
tgm4883_laptopfor instance06:02
superm1we can already do that actually06:02
superm1from the logs06:02
tgm4883_laptopyea, i think there is a drupal plugin too if we want06:03
superm1any luck with the image upload plugin06:04
superm1for inline stuff06:04
tgm4883_laptopi haven't tested it yet, it's on their though06:04
tgm4883_laptopi'll test it right now06:04
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DaveMorrisare our packages build with the debug symbols turned in yet?10:31
superm1they are built with debug symbols10:31
superm1ddebs are auto available10:32
superm1in the event of  a crash10:32
DaveMorrisyou know of any guides where I can take a stack trace from apport and produce the stuff upstream want?10:32
superm1there were a few on wiki.ubuntu.com10:32
superm1that explain how to do it10:32
superm1i don't have a link off hand10:33
DaveMorrisI'll have a look see then10:33
superm1speaking of which: laga : if you can get the changes for -fixes in today, it'd be most appreciated.  it would appear they just tagged the 0.20.2 release10:33
superm1so sometime tomorrow will go through and submit the UVFe10:34
superm1i had to clean up quite a bit of stuff that changed because they backported a few things from trunk10:34
superm1but the things build right now with the -fixes bzr branches, just need the loving on the type of build done10:34
superm1in any which case though10:35
=== superm1 = bed
=== DaveMorris needs to upgrade his machines to gutsy to get those packages
superm1DaveMorris, we're going to do SRUs10:35
superm1or try to at least10:35
superm1if the SRU process fails us, then i'll push them to PPA10:35
DaveMorrisSRU?  PPA?10:45
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cornell_workMorning DaveMorris.  Used the livecd last evening to do a new install.  Seems to've gone much better.  The process... actually crashed the first time, but the second went well.01:08
cornell_workThe first time, I'd specified that I wanted to configure both cards.  The second time, only one.01:08
cornell_workWatched TV, silent.  Hooked up the lvm, restored the database, watched recordings, silent.01:09
cornell_workThe remote got installed during the installation.  I think that earlier this week, with my very first try, I'd failed to properly interpret the "checkbox" for including the remote.  Those fancy button things, I can never tell which way is "on".  What's the matter with an empty box vs a box with a check in it?01:10
cornell_workBy quitting time, I had only to get the sound working (probably play with alsamixer) and the response to the remote seemed sluggish.01:11
cornell_workI press a remote button and wait a second or two, or 10 for a response.  I did find out I could run irw via an ssh terminal, so I could watch the mythtv for the button response, and the workstation for it's, more ... raw, primitive... button response.  irw shows virtually instantaneous, and correct, responses.01:13
cornell_workI'm thinking... A) hauupauge.lircrc is big, containing the instructions for many devices, perhaps editing out all but the 350.  And/or B) check that the lircrc is in the right place and linked from the right place.01:14
cornell_workAnyway... that's how I spent my evening...  (Oh, and I bogged down gedit with a file that was too large, took about an hour for it to close it, superm1  suggested geany as an editor, so far so good ;-) )01:15
DaveMorrismy remote seems sluggish02:08
DaveMorrisI'm considering buying a wireless keyboard and using that02:08
cornell_workDo they have small wireless keyboards?  I'm close to the machine and can use it's wired keyboard, but that makes 3 keyboards on my desk ;-(02:48
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hugol1cornell_work:  use a bluetooth remote02:51
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hugol1whats the comand to create the mythtv database?04:58
hugol1I had mysql installed and the mythtv installation didnt create it04:58
lagasudo apt-get install mythtv-database04:59
lagaor sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database04:59
hugol1thanks laga04:59
hugol1mythtv-database is a dependencie right?04:59
=== Tari_ [n=Tari@mke-66-97-123-251.milwpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
hugol1so it should have been installed05:00
hugol1laga, mythconverg was just created and its empty05:01
hugol1can I just create manually it automatically and give acces to the mythtv user and thats it?05:02
lagait's supposed to be empty05:02
hugol1well that wasnt my best english but you got it05:02
lagano, i didn't.05:03
hugol1I mean that I run the command dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database05:03
hugol1and it created the user mythtv and the empty database mythconverg05:03
hugol1if I do this manually it will be ok as well right?05:03
hugol1if I set the user mythtv to be able to manage mythconverg....05:04
lagayes, should be OK as well.05:05
lagabasically, look at at mc.sql is doing05:05
lagaand please don't complain here about broken database stuff when you do it manually05:06
=== hugolp [n=tu@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasuperm1: here?05:23
lagasuperm1: looks like -Os is not recommended for mythtv05:30
lagasuperm1: line 2772 and following in trunk's configure:05:31
laga# not all compilers support -Os05:32
laga#test "$optimize" = "small" && check_cflags -Os05:32
laga# disabling -Os for now (2007-01-31) since it has build problems after ffmpeg sync [12645] 05:32
lagatest "$optimize" = "small" && check_optflags -O205:32
lagasuperm1: this doesn't have to apply to -fixes, though05:32
lagaall this reading about gcc flags makes me want to use gentoo again05:38
tgm4883laga, or anyone, can you do me a favor?05:43
tgm4883I need someone to test out the drupal torrent plugin.  Basically go to http://mythbuntu.weilandhomes.com/ and download the PNW Contest torrent05:44
lagalegal download?05:44
tgm4883it's just pics i put together for my loco team contest05:45
tgm4883I took all the pics05:45
lagaAccess denied05:45
lagaYou are not authorized to access this page.05:45
tgm4883it's of the pacific northwest05:45
lagalet me log in05:45
superm1laga, i'm here05:45
lagatgm4883: wait, is that mythbuntu.org?05:45
tgm4883the test site for mythbuntu.org05:46
tgm4883laga try it now05:46
lagasuperm1: i don't see an obvious way to build just ffmpeg with optimizations while leaving the rest unoptimized05:46
tgm4883superm1, you can try it too05:46
superm1laga, hm that's not good.05:47
superm1how is it being handled by other packages i wonder then05:47
superm1like j-rod's05:47
superm1and Cardoe's05:47
lagasuperm1: i need to investigate the build system more properly05:48
lagasuperm1: cardoe is the gentoo maintainer. the users can recompile themslves05:48
lagasuperm1: i'll check for the rpms05:48
superm1ah that's right laga05:48
lagai'll bug j-rod..05:49
foxbuntusuperm1, I have the check boxes fixed on the GTK2 Theme...just gotta figure out how to handle the colors with the FG and BG05:50
superm1foxbuntu, good05:51
tgm4883can someone check this torrent so I know if everything is working right?05:52
lagatgm4883: it's "stalled" here, but that could be my firewall05:53
tgm4883anyone else?05:53
lagasuperm1: see #mythtv05:53
tgm4883laga, I guess the key is that you connected to the tracker05:54
tgm4883I have comcast and apparently they are causing some problems with bittorrent now05:54
superm1well the torerent downloaded and connected to the stracker05:54
superm1but there is not a single person on it05:54
tgm4883so it's working, but a problem with my stuff somewhere05:55
tgm4883but it's working per the site05:55
tgm4883which is good05:55
superm1tgm4883, i'll trust its "working" once i'm connected to someone and start getting something :)05:56
tgm4883well maybe I should send the archive to laga and he can serve you :)05:56
tgm4883stupid comcast05:56
tgm4883I need to figure out where the tracker info is on the site05:57
superm1tgm4883, oh neat with image assist06:01
superm1it imports from the image module06:01
superm1or and upload06:01
tgm4883superm1, is it working?06:01
tgm4883I can't see the pic, thats why im asking06:01
superm1well kinda06:02
superm1i edited the torrent node06:02
superm1but it wont let me do a full edit06:02
superm1unless i attach the torrent06:02
superm1so i guess it's 'not' working then06:02
tgm4883well you should be able to use image assist on any content type06:02
tgm4883i do have a few up their, but non show the pics06:03
tgm4883I am making progress though, as now you can tell the pics are supposed to be their.   Before it was just giving me the code06:03
superm1well once it's working it looks like a pretty sweet module06:03
tgm4883yea its pretty cool06:04
tgm4883once it starts working06:04
tgm4883oh btw superm1, i was asking some questions over in #drupal-support, and somebody said they liked the design of the site.  So I just thought I'd pass that on to you06:05
superm1tgm4883, you need to find a setting to make sure these things dont post to the front page too necessarirly06:05
superm1awesome :)06:06
tgm4883well that would be the promote to front page thing right?06:06
superm1so you'll need to make sure for the 'torrent' node type06:06
superm1that doesnt happen06:06
=== tgm4883 promotes to frontpage for testing purposes and will clear that out later
tgm4883superm1, mythbuntu.org uses php4 or php5?06:07
tgm4883that was my problem yesterday, my host defaults to 406:07
superm1do they have both though?06:08
tgm4883so it was just a quick override in .htaccess06:08
superm1keescook, what was that command again to compare two version numbers to make sure one is newer?06:11
superm1i'm about to prepare the mythtv UVFe since 0.20.2 was tagged last night06:11
tgm4883I also found at least 1 thing I can't do because im not the administrator06:11
superm1what's that?06:11
tgm4883database upgrade06:11
keescooksuperm1: dpkg --compare-version ?  checking06:11
superm1keescook, yup that sounds right06:11
keescook       dpkg --compare-versions ver1 op ver206:12
keescook              sion: lt-nl le-nl ge-nl gt-nl. These  are  provided  only06:12
superm1and explains why i couldn't find it by ls /usr/bin | grep compare06:12
keescookyeah, sneaky hidden options.  ;)06:12
superm1keescook, okay it appears to pass.  for the UVFe and SRU's i'm going to list it as 0.20.2-ubuntu1 since there are no "added" fixes by the +fixesXXX,  and then in the future if we adapt anything else from -fixes make it 0.20.2+fixesXXX-0ubuntu106:14
superm1just did it as like this:06:14
superm1if dpkg --compare-versions 0.20.2-0ubuntu1 lt 0.20.2+fixes12345-0ubuntu106:14
superm1        echo "its less"06:14
superm1        echo "its more"06:14
keescookyeah, I think that's right06:15
lagasuperm1: i found a way to change the optimizations used in debug mode, i think.. let's see06:18
lagayeah, i can come up with something.06:23
superm1laga, awesome!06:24
lagawhen do you need it? today?06:28
superm1laga, if its going into the UVFe yes06:29
superm1otherwise it can go into a small upload06:29
lagai'll see what i can do. it should be simple..06:30
lagai can immediately give you a ugly patch which just changes default behaviour...06:30
lagai'd rather make it configurable, though06:30
superm1well the other worry will be the performance consequences06:31
superm1hopefully there should be only positive :)06:31
lagamythtv itself won't have any optimizations then. only ffmpeg will have them06:31
lagaif i remember the discussion in #mythtv correctly.. a few weeks ago06:31
superm1didnt you put it in blueprint on LP06:32
lagathanks for reminding me06:33
lagatime to get a fresh -fixes checkout :)06:36
superm1laga, actually06:36
superm1let me push my change here06:36
superm1it tags it as 0.20.206:37
superm1laga, grab revision 906:53
superm1its got the tagging support06:53
lagai won't need to build a package right now06:54
superm1don't run it though.  it appears i did something wrong :)06:54
superm1i just ran it and it seems to have rm -rf `pwd` somehow.06:54
lagaawesome :)06:55
superm1ah rm -rf $(CURDIR)/$(BASE)  when $(BASE) wasn't defined yet :)06:57
superm1okay that's fixed07:04
superm1so if you check out the latest -fixes bzr branch07:04
superm1its all good07:04
laga./configure --compile-type=apport07:05
lagalet's see if this works07:05
superm1ooh compile-type apport?07:05
superm1sounds fun07:05
lagalibavcodec is now building with -O3. let's hope the other libs built without it ;)07:08
superm1laga, if things work here, i say that you use a dpatch for now to patch configure, and then push this patch upstream, in case any other distro packagers end up adapting apport07:10
lagaother distros have the same problem, so it could be renamed to "package" or something07:11
lagai want to take upstream a look first07:11
lagai don't wanna be yelled at for breaking the build system :)07:11
superm1ah good point07:12
superm1or somethign to that effect07:12
lagait was surprisingly easy to add07:13
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=== hugolp [n=tu@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1laga, +15 dexterity for solving this :)07:20
superm1laga, and i got the translation stuff in place now for mythtv packaging on launchpad.  so if you want to have at the german one: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy/+source/mythtv/+pots/pkg-mythtv07:21
lagasuperm1: i think i already translated the german one07:23
lagaah, whatever, i'll just copy & paste the strings07:23
lagasomeone should clean out the cruft in those files07:23
superm1well this way its automated07:23
superm1well mostly07:23
superm1its automated there, i just need to import it into the packaging regularly07:23
lagawhat about ubiquity?07:23
superm1ick.  yea forgot about that.  those need to be cleaned07:24
superm1but they are on LP already i believe07:24
lagadid you build a new livecd?07:25
superm1Not yet.07:25
superm1i need upstream ubiquity to do a release07:25
superm1with all of my  changes these last few days07:26
superm1there was a lot07:26
superm1they're going to try to tonight07:26
hugolpI reinstalled my backend and got a different pasword. Now my frontend in other computer wont load07:27
hugolphow do I change the pasword?07:27
laga16:50 < laga> or sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database07:28
hugolpno, I mean the pasword in the front-end07:29
hugolpthat way too?07:29
lagaunless it's set in ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt07:31
hugolpI dont have the directory ~./mythtv07:33
hugolpand when I do dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database it sais that package its not installed07:33
hugolpIm in the computer with only the front end07:34
hugolpI reinstalled the backend in another computer and got a new pasword for the database07:34
hugolpso this computer with only the front-end wont load mythtv07:34
lagahugolp: i'm sorry.07:34
lagahugolp: use dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common07:34
hugolpIm trying to change the pasword but dont find where07:34
lagaspend too much time in the sun today07:34
hugolpsounds good to me07:35
hugolpok, that worked but the front-end wont come up07:36
hugolpI have to kill it or it just wont do nothing07:36
superm1laga, will this easily be portable onto mythplugins too07:36
superm1keescook, were you at the motu meeting today?07:40
keescooksuperm1: sorry, wasn't07:40
superm1keescook, i'm wondering what this means: <ScottK> You got a blanket UVFe at today's MOTU meeting.07:40
superm1that mean mythtv/mythplugins are then exempt from UVFe?07:41
keescookhunh, no idea07:41
=== superm1 hunts for #ubuntu-meeting logs
lagasuperm1: um07:41
lagaplugins. right.07:41
lagasuperm1: the way it's done now... mythplugins *should* build with -g and with -O0, eg compile-type=debug07:42
superm1laga, i heard something along the lines of mythweb is off by default on builds.  since we --enable-mythweb, i dont think it will affect us07:42
superm1so i'm double checking07:42
lagasuperm1: aren't we just cp'ing mythweb?07:42
lagai got a patch the other day because mythweb contains .svn dirs.. on trunk, though. dunno if it applies to -fixes07:43
lagahere's the patch, haven't even looked at it yet07:43
superm1keescook, okay i poked around with it.  all mythbuntu-* and ubuntustudio-* packages are exempt from UVFe's07:51
superm1mythtv/plugins aren't07:51
tgm4883superm1, can you test this http://mythbuntu.weilandhomes.com/node/4407:54
tgm4883and laga too07:54
lagathe firewall, i think ;)07:56
superm1no peers or seeds07:56
tgm4883superm1, could you seed?  I sent you the file in an email07:57
tgm4883i think there is something up with my firewall and such07:57
superm1okay i'm seeding07:58
tgm4883laga, are you receiving?07:59
lagai'm not a very good tester08:00
lagalet's see08:00
tgm4883apparently me neither08:00
tgm4883aparently the web site sees the three of us though, 1 seeder 2 leechers08:01
tgm4883superm1, can i get the backup of the site again?  I'm going to kill the test site and database and start with something that I haven't been messing with and changing random settings for days08:04
superm1tgm4883, yea same URL08:04
lagai do get a "!" in my client so something is likely wrong here08:04
=== tgm4883 forgot the url :)
superm1tgm4883, look at logs, i PMed it to you didn't i?08:05
=== tgm4883 checks logs
tgm4883the channel logs?08:09
lagaif your PMs show up in the channel, something is wrong08:11
tgm4883what logs then?08:12
=== tgm4883 feels dumb
superm1well pm logs08:12
superm1keescook, for the SRU's, i fear we won't be able to easily get two MOTUs to test across dapper,edgy,feisty08:17
superm1unless I can count for one of them08:17
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883unless it's kept somewhere online, it's not in any of my logs08:20
superm1tgm4883, let me check my cron job for the url then08:20
superm1how did i get it to you before?08:21
=== tgm4883_laptop just checked his gutsy pm logs, so he must have been on his feisty machine at the time
tgm4883_laptopprobably pm, but i didn't have my feisty machine set to log convos08:21
tgm4883_laptopi checked the channel logs, but they aren't up to date yet08:21
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://people.ubuntu.com/~fabbione/irclogs08:21
superm1laga, did you see this on the 0.20.2 feature list: "Reduced mythfrontend memory consumption by up to 75% depending on theme and resolution."08:24
lagasuperm1: yes.08:25
superm1that's quite exciting to read08:25
lagasuperm1: that would be gbee's fixes. they went in some time ago08:25
superm1my frontend will thank him then08:26
superm1once these are in feisty-proposed08:26
lagai didn't know you were running "stable" stuff, i thought you used your own -fixes packages :)08:27
superm1well i do08:27
superm1but i'm going to test the proposed stuff08:27
superm1since it needs to be done for the SRU08:27
superm1laga, i'm going to go ahead and file the UVFe as is, since this won't affect the decision by motu-uvf whether 0.20.2 gets in, but we'll put the rebuilding debug stuff in the upload08:30
laga^^ preliminary patch08:33
superm1laga, ah looks easy enough08:46
superm1is that current?08:46
laga"working copy"08:47
lagai was too lazy to s/apport/package/, though08:47
lagai'll mail it to mythtv-dev later08:48
lagasuperm1: do we already have forums at mythbuntu.org?08:51
superm1laga, no.  they will be on ubuntuforums08:51
superm1after alpha508:51
superm1or at least at beta announce08:51
lagaah, i was just going to porpose a partnership with mythtvtalk.com, but we already have a partner :)08:52
=== superm1 rubs his shiny new MOTU badge on launchpad.net/~superm1
lagasuperm1: congratulations :)08:53
superm1thx :)08:53
tgm4883ohhhh, motu badge mmmmmm08:53
=== tgm4883 well i just did a little testing around, im happy with the security in drupal :)
superm1tgm4883, oh do i need to give you access on your server again :)08:54
tgm4883i have access now ;)08:54
tgm4883gave myself access08:54
superm1oh modifying SQL eh?08:54
lagagotta love that ssh exploit08:55
tgm4883just made me the first user08:55
superm1laga, did yours tests come up okay on the -fixes branch08:55
superm1with that patch?08:55
superm1as in things compiled sanely and such08:55
tgm4883then I wanted to see if someone could get the passwords, but you can only request a new password, not view your current password08:55
superm1keescook, i'm going to prepare the SRUs now and send them up to RELEASE-proposed, regarding packaging, I should just use the packaging that was present in the older release, correct?08:56
lagasuperm1: i haven't really tested that patch. heh. i'll try a build08:58
laga(i can't really test because my mythtv is trunk)08:58
superm1grab the new bzr branch and you should be able to do it all at once08:58
lagayou talking to me?08:59
lagaalready building. ;)09:01
superm1ok, you grabbed the new source with the tagged release right?09:01
lagashould be the same09:02
superm1well i mean the new bzr branch09:02
lagacan do that later09:03
superm1woah neat, i'm part ubuntu-qt and all the bug triaging stuff now too09:03
lagasounds like "lots of email" ;)09:03
superm1oddly enough thats not the first thing i thought09:04
superm1but i think i need to add some more t-bird filters09:04
superm1you don't even want to see what t-bird looks like for me nowadays09:04
lagai'm a pessimist, y'know ;)09:04
superm1well this means i can finally adjust bug priorites09:05
lagathat's cool then09:06
lagai hope the new backtraces won't be misleading09:09
lagaeg if only half of the libs can be trust to be sanely debuggable.. :(09:09
superm1well i dont think it will be if this gets adapted by others like fedora and such09:10
lagai'll wait for the feedback on mythtv-devc09:14
superm1so should i go ahead with the upload and add this in next week then?09:15
superm1or wait today09:15
lagabetter wait09:15
superm1well now that i have upload rights, its easy enough to add though :)09:16
lagatrue enough09:17
lagai'll go for a walk first.. although it's dark outside ;)09:18
superm1okay i'll be around for an hour or two09:19
superm1i'd just like to get this on the buildds asap :)09:19
lagai'm afraid of breakage, TBH09:20
superm1okay then as soon as the UVF is approved i'll just upload without your change09:22
superm1we'll test with your change this next week09:22
superm1and then upload an ubuntu2 revision containing it09:22
lagasounds good09:23
tgm4883superm1, you got mail09:23
tgm4883can you try downloading the torrent first, and it that doesn't work try seeding it as I also sent you the pic09:24
superm1woah tgm4883 its like your psychic.  i do have mail!09:24
=== tgm4883 is pulling his hair out with this torrent thing
=== tgm4883 is psychic
=== tgm4883 can read his own mind :)
=== drunken-wallaby [n=drunken-@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
keescooksuperm1: yes, older packaging as much as possible.09:55
superm1keescook, ok09:56
drunken-wallabyhi together. I've a little problem with my hauppauge pvr-150 using feisty. the problem is, that i've kind of jittering image when watching live-tv. according to dmesg the card is initialized correctly, though. the card itself is working fine, since i don't have any of these problems watching tv using windows. anyone has a clue for me what to try? I'm kind of clueless....09:56
keescooksounds like they've included some build changes, so we need to keep an eye on it09:56
keescooksuperm1: will mythplugins need to be rebuilt given the 0.20.2 bump in the SRUs?09:57
superm1there is a new ABI version09:57
superm1keescook, yes there are a few build changes, that need to be carried in from the gutsy packages09:57
keescookis it just a rebuild, or does mythplugins need patches?09:57
keescookI don't think it makes sense to do a dapper SRU -- that's a huge step09:58
superm1well dapper had a backport09:58
keescookah, okay09:58
superm1so perhaps just another backport for dapper09:58
superm1but SRU on edgy and feisty09:58
superm1mythplugins needs the new version too afaik.09:59
superm1because of the ABI change09:59
keescookokay, yeah, reading that now too.  wow, what a lot of churn.  :P09:59
superm1yea this is going to be big :)10:00
superm1keescook, do i have to subscribe to technical board's mailing list to post to it do you know?10:04
keescookversioning is going to be fun.  each release will need it's own version.  i.e.  0.20.2-0ubuntu0.6.10  0.20.2-0ubuntu0.7.04 etc10:05
keescooksuperm1: I'm not sure; I don't think so10:05
superm1okay then i'll fire this off10:05
superm1oh yikes your right10:05
superm1didn't consider that10:05
superm1so it can't just belike 0.20.2-0ubuntu1~proposed110:06
superm1keescook, do you have an edgy box you'll be able to test it on?  I've got a feisty i will be able to10:14
keescooksuperm1: I have no edgy boxes, but I can do something in vmware10:17
superm1okay likewise10:17
keescookyeah, 0.20.2-0ubuntu0.6.10~proposed1  0.20.2-0ubuntu0.7.04~proposed110:18
superm1okay well i'll prepare these packages then for the sru10:20
superm1see what i can turn up10:20
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, were you even able to download that other torrent I sent you?  I have another seed now so it might be worth testing10:20
superm1tgm4883_laptop, yea i downloaded it but forgot to open deluge10:21
tgm4883_laptopopening the bt client usually help ;)10:21
superm1well it says i'm seeding fine10:21
tgm4883_laptopnow we have 6 seeders according to the tracker, but I still can't download it10:22
=== tgm4883_laptop networking is screwed up
superm1well no i cant either10:22
superm1i deleted the file and opened back up the .torrent10:23
superm1and same thing10:23
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=== ph0t0nix [n=Ph0t0nix@karssen.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, the site is showing 5 seeders for that torrent.  The thing is, I only gave the complete file to 3 people (myself included)10:30
tgm4883_laptopyea, and when you were seeding, it showed 610:31
tgm4883_laptopso somehow 3 other people got the file10:31
superm1maybe we're both broke10:31
superm1but laga isn't?10:31
tgm4883_laptopcould be10:31
tgm4883_laptopweird, the third says no downloads from him either10:34
=== tgm4883_laptop runs to check his seeder
tgm4883nope, not me10:36
superm1keescook, we can't introduce a NEW binary package here can we...10:36
superm1because mythtv-transcode-utils has a few things that need to be moved appropriately then10:36
keescooksuperm1: I think we should focus on minimal change...10:36
=== superm1 shrugs. Okay i'll work around it
=== tgm4883 [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1keescook, i'm gonna have to run for the evening.  i'll upload those when i return late tonight if there is a +1 on the bug.  I've got the SRU for feisty and edgy mythtv packages made, need to go over it once more and do it for the plugins yet though11:07
superm1i'll catch up with you later11:07
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keescooksuperm1: okay, cool.  cya11:10
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, when you get back, check to see if you have the torrent11:22
lagasuperm1: mail sent to mythtv-dec12:12
lagastupid fingers12:12
lagagah, stuck in moderation queue12:12
cornellI configured the one card, the Hauppauge 350 ...  the capture card setup has one card, type PVR-x50,probed info ASUS!!!12:43
cornellThe card at /dev/video0 is supposed to be the PVR350.  video2 is supposed to be the ASUS.  When I installed, I configured one card, the 350.  I couldn't watch tv, checked the capture cards, the one card configured has type 350, but the probed info says it's the ASUS.12:45
lagawhat does dmesg say?12:45
cornellDon't know quite what I'm looking for... but there's a bunch labeled ivtv0:  Ending with: Initialized Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350, card#012:47
cornellCare to see it?12:47
cornelldmesg | egrep ASUS has two lines, one is: [   32.142364]  CORE cx88[0] : subsystem: 1461:c111, board: ASUS PVR-416 [card=12,autodetected] 12:49
cornellAnd the other doesn't say autodetected.12:49
laga[   27.031646]  ivtv0: Registered device video0 for encoder MPEG (4 MB)12:49
laga^^ my ivtv says that12:49
cornellMine says: [   35.368520]  ivtv0: Registered device video2 for encoder MPEG (4 MB)12:50
cornellAnd a bunch of other registerd devices.12:50
cornellOk... so it IS dev/video2?12:51
lagawell, video2 is the 350 then.12:51
lagawhat's video1, btw?12:51
cornellCan I paste 5 lines here?12:52
lagapastebin would be better12:52
lagapeople in here tend to read the backlog and it's a bit annoying if there's much noise12:53
cornellK...  well it's right in front of the ivtv, so I'll pastebin it all12:53
cornellWell... not ALL ...12:53
cornellAnyway...  I guess I should make the card type for the ASUS12:57
=== galatas [n=galatas@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
galatasno hay ninguno este canal01:03
lagagalatas: ?01:05
galataseste cnal es en espaol?01:05
lagano, es en ingles01:05
galataspero hablas espaol por lo que veo01:06
cornelllaga: In connect source to input... do I want to Fetch channels from listins source?01:07
tgm4883_laptopno hablas espanol01:07
lagagalatas: mi espanol no es bueno01:08
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galatascomo hago para entrar en un canal en espaol01:10

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