tormodI added some gdb results to bug #89853, all I have time and energy for today.12:21
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tormodgood night12:49
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tormodtepsipakki: before you release any new ati driver, please include the "Always assume LVDS is connected" commit. It fixes (at last) my X700.09:51
tepsipakkitormod: really? that's wonderful news :)10:05
tepsipakkiI guess it's wise to wait for .192 before pushing it in10:05
tepsipakkithere's a fix that calculates the default Virtual value correctly10:06
tormodit is! after all these years, my card finally works without patches.10:06
tormodyes there's a a lot of things coming into git ATM10:07
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tepsipakkihmm, I could just pull those commits in and build a new package10:19
tepsipakkithose two10:19
tormodtepsipakki: that would be nice, while we wait for .192 we can get the X700 people try this.10:47
tepsipakkitormod: you can find a new version on the same place to test11:12
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tepsipakkihmm, tribe5 has compiz on by default12:01
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tepsipakkiah, has been since tribe212:13
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sorenI've just attached a new LCD screen to my machine. My Xorg.0.log is at http://pastebin.ca/669121  The problem is that the log shows the 1440x900 resolution (the max), but I can't seem to chose that with xrandr (and gdm shows up with 1280x1024, too). What to do?02:34
sorenI have no xorg.conf, so running the script in /topic won't do me any good.02:34
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tepsipakkisoren: running without the conf isn't probably a good idea for you04:32
sorentepsipakki: Clearly not.04:32
tepsipakkigenerate the conf, and then change the driver to "intel"04:32
tepsipakkiif it's not already04:32
sorenI dpkg-reconfigured it, forcing it to use intel instead of i810 and now I'm happy :)04:32
tepsipakkioh, cool :)04:32
sorenDidn't X used to have a "autogenerate a conf file" option?04:32
soren"X -docoolstuff" or something.04:33
jcristauXorg -configure04:33
sorenI'll try that next time I feel like cycling X.04:33
jcristauit might be better than dpkg-reconfigure in some cases, and worse in some others...04:33
sorenAny particular reason why no xorg.conf means "use i810" rather than "use intel"?04:34
sorenEven if I removed the i810 driver package, it didn't fall back to intel, but rather to vesa. eek.04:34
tepsipakkithe server probably has some hardcodings..04:35
jcristauwithout xorg.conf? that's weird04:35
sorenjcristau: That's what I thought.04:35
sorentepsipakki: Based on what? pci id's?04:36
jcristauit should just try stuff in /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/04:36
jcristaui think04:36
sorenjcristau:  I don't think so.04:36
sorenThe logs never mention anything about any other video driver than i810.04:38
jcristaucan i see that log?04:41
tepsipakkijcristau: http://pastebin.ca/66912105:03
tepsipakkimentioned above05:03
jcristauah, indeed, hw/xfree86/common/xf86AutoConfig.c has some hardcoded stuff based on pci ids05:15
tepsipakkiyuck :)05:16
jcristauaiui gravity's trying to fix that05:16
sorenI thought -intel was supposed to replace -i810 ?05:28
tepsipakkiit is05:31
tepsipakkibut some chips still have problems with intel, so i810 is kept for those05:31
tepsipakkiI'd wish more frequent releases of intel..05:53
bryceyeah I was just fiddling with that code yesterday, and noticed it's hardcoded to use i810 instead of intel08:05
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