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ryubahamutHello there, can someone assist me with downloading xubuntu through jigsaw?02:33
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atarinoxanybody know a program for burning .cdi images?03:56
DocPheniXcdi images are handled by discjuggler03:57
DocPheniXits a windows only application03:57
DocPheniXas far as im aware they dont have a linux version03:57
atarinoxoh ok...03:57
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Jester45you can use wine04:00
Jester45and some windows apps to convert/use it04:00
Jester45idk why people use non standard formats04:01
atarinoxthink ill just sort it out on my windows box04:01
atarinoxlooks like there's a free trial of discjuggler04:01
DocPheniXcdi is a great format, it has unique uses04:03
DocPheniXit might work in wine04:03
DocPheniXive never tried04:03
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javierneed some help with xubuntu04:17
javieranybody there?04:17
vidd_laptopwhat kind of help?04:19
javierI don't know how to remove a pendrive from xubuntu04:19
javierkingston - datatraveler04:20
vidd_laptoppull it out04:20
vidd_laptopit will auto-umount04:20
javierbut the light on the pendrive is on04:20
Jester45xubuntu is not windows you dont have to eject it04:21
vidd_laptopor add the disk mount applet to the panel and make the call to unmount it there04:21
Jester45just wait for data to stop traveling and pull it out04:21
Jester45open it in the terminal04:21
javierjust unmount... no need for light on pendrive off ?04:21
Jester45type sudo umount -l /path/in/thunar04:22
Jester45probly /media/disk04:22
Jester45javier, as long as your not transfering data to it just pull it out04:22
Jester45once again linux != windows04:22
Jester45windows makes you do things that you shouldnt have to04:23
javierok, I thought (as in windows) that first you have to turn off the pendrive04:23
Jester45like defrag your harddrive, reboot to install programs, reboot to make the system speed up, reinstall every 3 months04:24
javierahh yes, defrag is a nightmare04:24
Jester45just make sure your not copying thigs to it04:24
javierok so first unmount, the just pull it out04:25
javierthank you jester4504:25
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Jester45you CAN defrag linux but its experimental software and linux will only frag to 5% a most like on servers normal desktops dont even get that high04:25
Jester45you dont even have to umount04:25
Jester45it will auto umount04:25
=== Jester45 uses umount and not unmount because the cli command to unmount is umount
javierahh so there is no cache ?04:26
Jester45its better04:26
javierok, I'll try now04:27
javierJester45! "Cannot unmount Volume an application is preventing the volumen KINSTON from being unmounted"04:32
javier"Unable to unmount KINGSTON Unknow Error"04:33
javiergot that  :(04:33
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vidd_laptopnalioth, how long after i take down the tor server will it be before my bot can work again?04:47
naliothvidd_laptop: which IP is blocked?04:47
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twbon the feisty live cd, what provides gdm-cdd.conf?  dpkg -S doesn't know.04:54
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naliothvidd_laptop: the kline has been removed.  if tor is detected, it'll snap back in place quicker than a school yard bully gives a wedgie04:57
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vidd_laptopnalioth, if tor gets back on my server...someone will be losing privileges faster then kline!04:59
vidd_laptop=] 04:59
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jgamiohello wich app shoul i use to make a vcd with 3 movies ?05:05
twbAh, it's an alternative05:05
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Jester45nalioth, whats wrong with tor and freenode05:09
naliothJester45: nothing at all05:10
=== Jester45 was the one that installed it
Jester45then why do they force people running the server to use the hiddenservice05:11
Jester45i just figured that they needed a lot more bandwidth on the tor network and vidd's 2 servers both have 100mbit and we only used a bit of it05:13
Jester45mostly running a irc bot and now torrents05:14
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laserbeak43hi anyone know of a nice c++ sockets tutorial?05:27
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m0u5ewill a more complete composite manager be built into xubu gusty?05:31
Jester45more complete? what is it missing05:31
Jester45i would hope for a faster one05:31
maxamillionm0u5e: i don't follow? ... Xfce4.4 has a *very* complete composite manager05:31
m0u5eyeah that would be nice05:31
maxamillionJester45: it is fast if you have the right drivers for your graphics card05:32
Jester45but... it doesnt use opengl to make it faster05:32
Jester45i di05:32
m0u5eyeah, i was hoping they'd openGL it :D05:32
maxamillionthe 4.4 composite manager will offload to the graphics card through overloading mesa just like it should05:32
Jester45full accelerated and 2.5x overclocked05:32
maxamillionbut once again ... you need the right drivers05:33
=== Jester45 likes rovclock
m0u5eim using a i845 card... -_-;05:33
m0u5eits just slow when i resize w/ transparancy05:33
m0u5eor move large windows05:34
m0u5ewill the composite manager ever integrate compiz like features into it?05:34
m0u5elike a window organizer when you go to the corners of the screen? :)05:35
Jester45i found that mine is slow when i use beryl and 75% transparent mplayers staked05:35
maxamillionm0u5e: no, that's not the kind of compositing window manager xfwm4 is05:35
Jester45but... i would REALLY love to have xfwm have an option to only decorate05:35
laserbeak43beryl is suprisingly fast on my laptop05:36
m0u5eJester45: yeah... my computer definitely slows down when im using transparent mplayer05:36
Jester45so that compiz so do the cool stuff and fast05:36
laserbeak43oh transparent mplayer05:36
laserbeak43havent tried that05:36
Jester45its quite good05:36
m0u5elaserbreak43: try using a transparent mplayer running h.264 media... if your laptop can do it... send it me O_O;05:36
maxamillionberyl is dead ... you should be running compiz fusion by now05:36
laserbeak43audacious reminds me of winamp05:36
Jester45you can full screen a movie and watch it while watching other things05:36
laserbeak43so i like that :)05:36
m0u5ei use audacious :)05:37
maxamillioni can understand not running it while it was under development, but they released05:37
m0u5ecompiz-fusion has been released?05:37
laserbeak43m0u5e: lol h.264 whats that? been hearing a lot about it05:37
m0u5ei thought it was still alpha? :X05:37
laserbeak43Jester45: that sounds cool05:37
m0u5elaserbeak43: new encoding technology? its meant to replace divx, xvid, etc05:37
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Jester45laserbeak43, its higher compressed video codec compared to xvid05:37
m0u5eerr its my apple and someone, dont remember who05:37
m0u5esteep cpu requirement though05:38
maxamillionm0u5e: yeah, they released 0.5.2 almost 3 weeks ago05:38
maxamillionm0u5e: i think there is a third party repo with a ubuntu package with it already05:38
Jester45i would guess 2x or more cycles for the same video05:38
Jester45but much smaller file05:38
laserbeak43m0u5e: u running 64-bit?05:38
m0u5elaserbeak43: no, lol old p4 2.8ghz05:38
laserbeak43oh yeah05:39
laserbeak43my school financial aid got me this dual core comp05:39
laserbeak43so that's probably why it runs smoother05:39
laserbeak43my p4 2.4 prolly couldnt handlle all this05:39
Jester45anyone know where to look to see what DNS server your using05:39
m0u5edo you know the 3rd party repos w/ compiz fusion 0.5.2?05:40
laserbeak43in the network manager05:40
Jester45on a server05:40
m0u5eJester45: does ifconfig give you that?05:40
laserbeak43m0u5e: try #compiz-fusion05:40
m0u5elaserbeak43: thx05:40
maxamillionlaserbeak43: what's the graphics card? ... i've seen beryl run on a 333mhz machine with 192mb of ram because it had a 64mb nvidia card with the latest drivers so all the 3d was offloaded to the graphics card... only took about 30mb extra of system ram05:41
laserbeak43i have an old radeon 9700 or something like that in my 2.4ghz machine05:42
laserbeak43this lappie just uses integrated intel graphics05:43
m0u5emaxamillion: compiz is slow on my machine though :(05:43
maxamillionlaserbeak43: hmmm... ATI isn't so good, intel might work if you get the opensource graphics drivers and you have enough ram05:43
m0u5elaserbeak43: yeah, the i8xx chips are a little slower05:43
laserbeak43i'm runnign beryl now05:43
Jester45ati is greate05:43
laserbeak43and it's really smooth05:43
laserbeak43ati sucks balls for linux05:44
maxamillionlaserbeak43: actually the ATI *might* work, but you need to get the ati drivers working right05:44
maxamillionlaserbeak43: oh ... nvm05:44
laserbeak43i pulled the card out and used my onboard grapics05:44
=== maxamillion needs to not irc while doing homework, he doesn't pay attention to either enough to be productive
Jester45all you need is to get 3d accell and then rovclock -c 400 -m 8005:44
=== laserbeak43 agrees with maxamillion, he could have sworn he was just reading up on sockets programming
Jester45or a higher -c05:45
m0u5eJester45: know anyways i can squeeze a little more juice out of my i845 card?05:45
m0u5edo you think theres any chance for xubuntu to openGL xfwm?05:49
maxamillionm0u5e: xubuntu doesn't maintain xfwm, xfce does ... go to www.xfce.org and put in a feature request05:50
m0u5eoh yeah haha -_-;05:50
laserbeak43no opengl in xfce?05:50
laserbeak43it still kicks butt05:51
m0u5eblah, if i use compiz do i have to use metacity?05:51
laserbeak43the 3d is nice05:51
m0u5ei cant use xfwm?05:51
m0u5eor will it be slower then metacity?05:51
maxamillionm0u5e: compiz replaces metacity05:51
laserbeak43i use and recommend xfce05:51
maxamillionm0u5e: are you familiar with the difference between a window manager and a desktop environment05:51
m0u5emaxamillion: huh?  yeah/ wait i thought metacity was the window manager?05:52
m0u5efor compiz05:52
maxamillionm0u5e: no05:52
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maxamillionm0u5e: compiz is a window manager, metacity is the default window manager for the gnome desktop environment05:52
m0u5emaxamillion:  okay okay i got confused then05:53
maxamillionm0u5e: http://www.xwinman.org <--- check there for more info05:53
Jester45use compiz+emerald05:53
Jester45got your windowmanager and decorator05:54
Jester45thats why i would like xfwm to support decorating only05:54
laserbeak43holy crap05:54
Jester45so that xubuntu could have the fancy enable desktop effects like ubuntu05:54
laserbeak43i just pused super and n and super and m and all the colors are inverted05:54
DocPheniXhow does one easily switch from say xfce to fluxbox and then back again via menu options on xubuntu?05:55
laserbeak43shutdown x05:56
laserbeak43then type whatever command it is that starts up the window manager :P05:56
DocPheniXyeah im aware of that way05:56
laserbeak43prolly not much of an answer though :)05:56
DocPheniXbut im looking for a more automated way that i could have as a menu option in xfce's menu and in fluxbox's menu05:57
Jester45make a script to do it05:58
DocPheniXwell considering this is my first dedicated system and am still fairly a n00b to linux05:59
DocPheniXthats doubtfull05:59
DocPheniXunless you have a link to a tutorial, saying make a script isnt very helpfull, just some constructive critisism.05:59
Jester45its quite simple06:00
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Jester45open  mousepad copypaste #!/bin/bash  to the first line06:00
=== laserbeak43 [n=laserbea@c-69-243-81-81.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45then every line after that is a new command that would be ran in a terminal06:01
Jester45so an example could be upgrades06:01
DocPheniXright. im not completly retarded. i understand how a script works, i unfortunately do not have a very good knowlege of the linux commands, etc.06:02
Jester45#!/bin/bash <newline> echo "upgrade time" <newline> sudo apt-get update <newline> sudo apt-get upgrade06:03
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laserbeak43how do i update my repo for boost 1.34.1?06:07
laserbeak43later Jester4506:07
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m0u5ehmm i got compiz working, but my window decorator is gone -_-;06:51
m0u5ehow do i get compiz to use my default xubuntu window decorator :X06:51
maxamillionm0u5e: you need to set it to autostart with "compiz --replace" (if i remember correctly, its been a while since i have ran it)06:53
m0u5emaxamillion: it doesnt work when i do it from ctrl+alt+f2, but when i do compiz --replace through the terminal, it works07:04
m0u5ejust without window decorations07:04
m0u5eokay ill try that07:06
laserbeak43how do i set a path for some library files that i've downloaded?07:08
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AcanarUbuntu has the nice network applet that detects my wireless network, does Xubuntu have something similar?07:15
laserbeak43xfwm does07:16
Acanarhow do I start it?07:16
laserbeak43what kind of wireless card you have ?07:17
Acanarit detects my wireless card but doesn't offer up my SSID (its brodcast)07:17
Acanarits a D-Link AirPlus. It worked on Ubuntu07:18
PumpernickelXubuntu doesn't have the kind of management tool you're talking about.07:18
PumpernickelWifi-radar is decent, and installable from the repos, though.07:18
laserbeak43oh ok07:19
AcanarPumpernickel: thanks, I'll have to plug in an ethernet cable and install it07:19
laserbeak43recordmydesktop never renders07:31
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jaxo1any reason why the sound should suddenly disappear...? thanx07:56
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tarntowi m always having the sound suddenly disappearing...apart from restarting...is there something else that can be done to rectify the problem...it does happen a lot....thank you08:05
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m0u5ehmm now that i have compiz-fusion enabled, a lot of my shortcut keys arent working anymore, and i cant start up XFCE settings managers09:39
PumpernickelIt handles shortcuts independently - you'll have to set them up again.09:49
m0u5edo you know what application xubuntu uses to capture screenshots?09:53
PumpernickelThe screenshot panel plugin, usually.09:54
=== pcfascist [n=pcfascis@74-33-84-241.dr01.jrdn.mn.frontiernet.net] has joined #xubuntu
m0u5edo you know how to configure work places? compiz fusion is screwing with the # of workplaces i have -_-;09:59
m0u5eand can i get it to have 2 rows, so its like 2x2? :)09:59
=== BrendanM [n=mccollam@92-94.res.pomona.edu] has joined #xubuntu
BrendanMHey, so I added the wavelan panel applet, and then I made it invisible when disconnected (despite the warning that it could be hard to remove) but then my wireless adapter's name changed, and so now the applet is always invisible10:10
BrendanMmy question is how do I remove it from the panel despite it being invisible? I assume there's some text file somewhere, right?10:10
m0u5ehow do i change the number of workplaces xubuntu has manually, it no longer changer the # correctly (i think it has something to do with compiz-fusion)10:31
scizzo-m0u5e: you are using beryl or something?11:08
scizzo-m0u5e: because in that case its beryl that sets the ammount of spaces...11:08
m0u5escizzo: im using compiz-fusion11:09
m0u5escizzo-: how would i change it then :D11:09
scizzo-I am not sure really11:12
scizzo-havent toyed that much with it11:12
scizzo-seems like there are ways to get it interacting with metacity and gnome but can't really say much for xfce...11:12
=== faemir [n=faemir@81-6-223-243.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
scizzo-sorry I can't be of more help11:16
m0u5escizzo-: i figured it out, thx though :D11:22
m0u5escizzo-: now just trying to figure out how i can get my compiz to auto restart in the event of a crash -_-;11:23
m0u5escizzo-: do you happen to know how to detatch an application from the terminal?11:23
m0u5escizzo-: that would be so useful for me to know... is it possible?11:23
=== Naughtyboy [n=Naughtyb@] has joined #xubuntu
scizzo-m0u5e: you mean start it from logging in?11:26
scizzo-m0u5e: you can use the startup applications to do that11:27
m0u5escizzo-: err no i mean if it crashes half way through a session, i already have it auto started11:28
=== [reaVer] is now known as reaVer
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scizzo-hmmm have no idea...haha11:36
=== adrian_m [i=adrian_m@nat/ibm/x-e27e2c2839f2ec23] has joined #xubuntu
adrian_mHello!    i am having trouble after installing Xubuntu.  More exactly:  after installation i am unable to boot the OS  ( grub error 17 : cannot mount selected partition )11:44
adrian_mdoes anyone have any idea what could cause this error ?11:45
scizzo-adrian_m: did you do the partition table yourself or something?11:57
LikeVinylhi guys, how to can select multiples icons and move?12:02
LikeVinylit's impossible?12:02
adrian_mscizzo-:  yes, i've used the manual partitioning  because i  have other os-es installed  : windows xp  and mandriva linux12:14
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adrian_mAre there any known problems with the package repositories, currently ?   I'm getting many errors when trying to update the lists of packages.02:21
scizzo-hmm I dont get any errors02:29
adrian_mi've tried to select different servers  (in the graphical  Source Manager)02:31
scizzo-what error do you get then?02:31
adrian_mi don't have the  errors in front of me.  Somethinglike :     Failed:    http://..mirror_name/feisty    Release    Translation_EN02:32
adrian_mthis happens afte ri sleect a new server,  and  it  suggests  that  the list of packages should be reloaded.  And if you  check on the "details"  you can see what is it doing .02:34
scizzo-what happens when you in a terminal runs: sudo apt-get update02:34
adrian_mthe same02:35
scizzo-exact error?02:36
scizzo-I mean can you paste the whole line here?02:36
adrian_mi'll reboot  to xubuntu again , so that i can give the exact message .  Just 1 minut e..02:36
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adrian_mi've run   apt-get  update    again .  Here are the exact messages : http://pastebin.com/d22178a0902:45
adrian_mapt0--get   says  "Ign" , not "Failed"02:45
scizzo-seems like you have loads of links02:47
scizzo-and that the GPG is not really happy02:47
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adrian_mi have checked main,universe,restricted, multiverse and updates02:49
adrian_mwhere can the gpg  public key be obtained from ?02:51
scizzo-you should uncheck a few instead02:51
scizzo-so that you can see when the links go through02:51
adrian_mhttp://pastebin.com/m47b022cc    ....  these are the messages  when  selecting only "main"02:53
scizzo-I would reconfigure the links completely02:55
scizzo-so that you get it from a country instead of just the archive link02:55
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adrian_mi'd like to fix the pgp  key first02:56
scizzo-shouldnt matter if you change the repos02:57
adrian_mi thinkthe keys are  added with apt-key.   but  where  can they obtained from ?02:57
scizzo-just use other repos02:58
scizzo-the key like that should not complain....02:58
scizzo-seems like it was using one link before then it was edited to not use the same link and then it started to complain02:58
scizzo-changing those repo links are not really something you just do.....you need to understand them to actually start changing in them...02:59
adrian_mi did  not edit any links manually02:59
adrian_mi'm usimng the graphical "Software sources"02:59
scizzo-ok....exit that program and start a terminal....then resize it so its really big03:01
scizzo-run the command: cat /etc/apt/sources.list03:01
scizzo-paste the output in pastebin03:01
scizzo-type: ls -l /etc/apt/*03:04
adrian_mi think  i'll leave  my problem  for next  week03:08
adrian_mthanks for your time scizzo03:08
scizzo-you should really consider to change the sources I belive03:09
scizzo-start from new sources in the sources.list file03:09
scizzo-and then hope for the best.. :P03:09
scizzo-as a example: mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup103:10
scizzo-cp /etc/apt/sources.list.original /etc/apt/sources.list03:10
adrian_mi've been changing the sources many times .  (not directly but with teh graphical tool)03:10
adrian_mthanks for your advices03:11
scizzo-apt-get update03:11
adrian_mbye ..03:11
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cheeseboywhats the command to restart my network?03:21
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cheeseboyanmyone here decent with networking?03:56
pleia2cheeseboy: /etc/init.d/networking restart03:56
cheeseboypleia2: got that but how do i ftp to my xbox using a crossiver cable03:57
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tuxcrafte1hello guys03:58
cheeseboyhi tuxcrafte103:58
tuxcrafte1i wanted to do some gusty testing of xubuntu03:58
tuxcrafte1and i tried creating a usb stick netinstall03:59
tuxcrafte1but it is not working03:59
tuxcrafte1that are the instructions i created03:59
tuxcrafte1does anybody see what i am doing wrong?03:59
cheeseboywhat error you get?04:00
cheeseboyor it not boot at all ?04:01
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tuxcrafte1cheeseboy: it hangs at MBR FA:04:03
tuxcrafte1my pc supports usb 1.x boot devices04:03
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tuxcrafte1i have tested that04:03
cheeseboytuxcrafte1: whats your syslinux.cfg look like?04:04
tuxcrafte1cheeseboy: you can see it in the pastebin04:04
tuxcrafte1the two echo lines04:04
tuxcrafte1how wait04:05
tuxcrafte1i see a error04:05
tuxcrafte1sudo bash -c "echo 'DEFAULT linuz' > /media/disk/syslinux.cfg"04:05
tuxcrafte1linuz should be linux04:05
tuxcrafte1new test04:05
cheeseboy'DEFAULT linuz'04:06
cheeseboyya what i was about to say04:06
tuxcrafte1cheeseboy: still the same problem04:10
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cheeseboytuxcrafte1: what about vmlinuz04:16
tuxcrafte1cheeseboy: there is no vmlinuz file in the new netboot dir of the cd04:17
tuxcrafte1i think its been replaced with linux04:17
tuxcrafte1they are about the same filesize04:17
tuxcrafte1sudo cp ./install/vmlinuz /media/disk04:17
tuxcrafte1sudo cp ./install/initrd.gz /media/disk04:17
tuxcrafte1thats for normal04:17
tuxcrafte1and this is for netboot04:18
tuxcrafte1sudo cp ./install/netboot/ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz /media/disk04:18
tuxcrafte1sudo cp ./install/netboot/ubuntu-installer/i386/linux /media/disk04:18
tuxcrafte1at least that is what i make out of it04:18
cheeseboyso is kernel linux in sys cfg file?04:18
cheeseboy"kernel linux"04:18
tuxcrafte1DEFAULT linux04:19
tuxcrafte1is in there04:19
tuxcrafte1i dont know about kernel linux04:19
cheeseboytry putting kernel linux04:21
tuxcrafte1cheeseboy: ok04:22
tuxcrafte1instead of DEFAULT linux?04:22
tuxcrafte1or append it04:22
cheeseboytry both04:23
tuxcrafte1yes i see04:23
tuxcrafte1i picked a example file04:23
tuxcrafte1default is used for the labels04:24
tuxcrafte1and i dont have tose04:24
tuxcrafte1cheeseboy: still same problem04:28
tuxcrafte1however i stiil have that stupid U3 system on my disk04:28
tuxcrafte1it cant be removed under linux04:28
tuxcrafte1i have t find a windows pc04:28
cheeseboydoes the U3 remover tiol run in wine?04:29
tuxcrafte1dont use wine04:29
tuxcrafte1but don't count on ti04:30
tuxcrafte1it does not work under vmware windows xp04:30
cheeseboymine has U3 but i still boot it04:30
tuxcrafte1hum ok04:31
tuxcrafte1have to try it04:32
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tuxcrafte1i have to leave05:28
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cellofellowhi there05:46
kaslkavichhi cellofellow05:48
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cheeseboycan someone help me with networking please06:00
cellofellowcheeseboy: what's up?06:01
cellofellowneed to know what's wrong before we can fix it.06:01
cellofellowWired or wireless?06:02
cellofellowwhat's the matter then?06:03
cheeseboyi have wireless internet working now and i want to share with xbox by a wired connection06:03
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cellofellowso, you want to act as a router for the xBox?06:04
cheeseboyi made a cross over cable06:04
cellofellowthat sounds a little bit complicated. I don't think there is a simple wizard for that like in Windows, but it can be done.06:05
cellofellowOk, that's good.06:05
cellofellowI think you need to set up iptables to act as a NAT, and you need DNSMasq to forward DNS requests.06:05
cellofellowLook up iptables NAT or IP Masquerade (same thing) with Google.06:06
cellofellowdnsmasq is a snap to set up.06:06
cellofellowit will even do dhcp.06:06
cheeseboyfor you maybe06:06
cellofellowand you can easily bind it to just one address.06:06
cellofellowno, really, with dnsmasq, you install it, turn it on (which happens at install anyay) and use it.06:06
cellofellowiptables on the other hand...06:07
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).06:07
cellofellowit's used in all linux-based routers, like linksys.06:07
cheeseboyso apt-get install dnsmasq then im done :/06:08
cellofellowafter you set up the firewall06:08
cellofellowwhich is iptables06:09
cheeseboyi dont need a firewall06:09
cheeseboyall ports open is fine w/ me06:10
cheeseboyStarting DNS forwarder and DHCP server: dnsmasqdnsmasq: failed to create listening socket: Address already in use06:10
cheeseboy (failed).06:10
cheeseboyinvoke-rc.d: initscript dnsmasq, action "start" failed.06:10
cellofellowyou don't have to use it to block, just to divide your network into a subnet so that the linux box acts as a gateway.06:10
cellofellowdo you already have a dns server?06:10
cheeseboyi might im not sure06:11
cellofellowthat would explain failing because the port was already used.06:11
cheeseboyi am running a site off this pc06:11
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cellofellowI think BIND can forward DNS requests like dnsmasq can, but I'm not sure.06:12
cheeseboyi think im running bind06:12
cellofellowThose are the only two big DNS servers. Nice about dnsmasq is it includes an easy-t-use dhcp server too.06:12
test3rooooooo month left Tribe5  *drool*  Should I Dare?06:12
test3ranyone know just how unstable unstable is? hahahahahah06:12
cellofellowenough to stand on its own two feet, but possibly trip.06:13
cheeseboyso what do i do?06:13
cellofellowthis is close but not *precisely* what you want. http://www.howtoforge.com/nat_iptables06:13
cellofellowyou'll have to think a little when it comes to working out IP addresses and the like.06:14
cellofellowOh, and you don't REALLY need dnsmasq, you can point the DNS address in the xbox to you main router or something.06:14
test3risnt there tools that do the iptables rules For you?06:14
cellofellowI just use my ISP addresses.06:14
cheeseboyi miss window's wizard :(06:15
cellofellowtest3r: there are, but I think they are focused more on PC firewalls than a network NAT.06:15
test3rIn fact - I KNOW there are tools out there that will set the majority of rules youd want in place.  Whether or not you are doing crazy custom rules is the question, then06:15
test3roh OK yeah I have no exp witha NAT06:15
cellofellowhttp://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php this looks good06:16
cheeseboyyou sure you would rather walk me through it ? <306:16
cellofellowI've never set up a gateway.06:17
cellofellowI just know what programs you use for it.06:17
test3rlol. let US know how, bud!06:17
cheeseboy(12:03:34 PM) cheeseboy: i have wireless internet working now and i want to share with xbox by a wired connection @ test3r06:18
cellofellowcheeseboy: don't mess with the settings on the wireless, just do the stuff with wired. I think the most you'll have to do is set an internal IP like
cellofellow(if your wireless gets 192.168.0.* addresses, use, etc.06:19
cellofellowI mean 192.168.1.*06:19
cheeseboywireless is 192.168.1.*06:19
cellofellowso, use 192.168.2.*06:19
cellofellowon the wired06:19
cellofellow* = 106:19
test3rcello is correct, cheese. get it going wired first. SAMBA can b a nightmare. ive gotten files to share on that but printer wouldnt go all the way i could see my job in the winblows printer que (the job sent via wifi from my linux laptop) but it wouldnt print06:19
cellofellowhe's already got wireless. He wants to set up a gateway for his xbox.06:20
test3rand im telling him getting winblows to play nicely is hard06:20
test3rtry it wired06:20
cellofellowtest3r: avoid using samba for printing when possible. Windows 2000 and newer can use IPP which plays very nicely with CUPS.06:21
cheeseboytest3r: winblow is actually easier and i dont want to run 100 ft cord through my house06:21
test3ryeah my cups uses the samba automatically. can i tell cups to use some IPP thing? is that in the repos?06:21
cellofellowjust cause windows has some stupid wizard to set up a gateway (Internet Connection Sharing) doesn't make it any better.06:22
test3rcheese > its only easier because of the wizard yes06:22
test3rcheese > winblows sucks.06:22
cellofellowtest3r: you need to set up the Allow/Deny stuff in cupsd.conf, and then you can print to http://yourbox:631/printers/yourprinter with Windows.06:22
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cheeseboyauto eth006:23
cheeseboyiface eth0 static06:23
test3rnonono cello the printer is connected via USB to the win box. im trying to share the printer on network and print to it via WIFI with my laptop which is running Xubuntu70406:23
cheeseboyas far as i can get X(06:23
test3rand winblows will put my doc in its printer que. then it just sits there. the printer even "warms itself up"06:24
cellofellowtest3r: my copy of W2K has an option in the Network Services under Add/Remove Programs -> WIndows Components. Something like Print Services for UNIX, makes it so that Windows will server IPP as well, not just client it.06:24
test3romg ur kidding. im looking for that Right Now then06:25
cheeseboyim stuck06:25
cellofellowcheeseboy: stuck where?06:25
cheeseboywhat exactly do i put?06:26
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cellofellowwhich tutorial you reading?06:27
test3rcello > in XP it is under "Add/Rem Windows Components"  then "Other Network and File Sharing Services" and the only thing it installs in that group is, you guessed it, that "Print serv for UNIX".   YOU KICK BUTT, cello!!!! Nobody knew the answer. TY! I'll pass it on when needed.06:28
cellofellowtry this one. Looks easy, uses GUI. (You can use the Network admin tool to do most of the IP stuff.)06:28
cellofellowtest3r: cool. IPP printers are snap to set up in the Printer configurator.06:28
cellofellowtest3r: you should try either using the RAW driver, or the driver for the printer. Not sure if Windows will drive it or just pass the driven data straight to the printer.)06:29
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cheeseboy<3 gui06:30
test3rcello > so I should still change some config on the Linux Laptop then to use this IPP instead of referencing the printer through CUPS how it trying to do?06:32
=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-22-16-79.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowtest3r: you add a printer to cups with an address like http://thewindowsbox/printername or something similar. (Read the Windows UNIX thing docs to find out exactly what the address is.)06:33
cheeseboygreg@cheeseboy:~$ sudo ifup eth006:33
cheeseboyIgnoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.06:33
test3rOK yep that parts done, & gold. I think I just needed that bizzarrrrr winblows thing injected. Why it wasnt in the FIRST PLACE we will never know (short of Not Everyone Neds It)06:34
test3rwell here goes nothing ill try printing from Inkscape in just a sec06:34
cellofellowcheeseboy: use the Applications->System->Networking tool. Always works for me in wired connection settings.06:35
cheeseboydonnt have that06:35
cellofellowcheeseboy: what desktop you using?06:35
cheeseboycome here cause its not crowded :-P06:36
cellofellowcheeseboy: you still have the xubuntu stuff? If so, the command is `gksu network-admin`.06:36
cheeseboyi did pxe install06:37
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test3rdamn somehow i muxxed up my CUPS when I was playing with it trying to get it to go. I'll sort it out tho. it'll b a min though.06:48
test3rdo u think it would b easier to just re-install the CUPS packedge in syaptic and just re-add the printer ??? o wait- I remember there is an HP wizard CLI wizard to use I bet I have to do that06:52
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cheeseboyive been trying for hours07:11
=== kalikiana_ [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-114-206.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboystarting to hate *buntu07:12
j1mccheeseboy: what's the problem?07:14
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)07:14
cheeseboy(12:03:34 PM) cheeseboy: i have wireless internet working now and i want to share with xbox by a wired connection07:14
j1mcyou want to share a wifi signal from ubuntu with an xbox?07:14
cheeseboyi get internet from wifi on pc07:15
cheeseboyi want to send internet through wired connection to xbox07:15
j1mchrm... there must be a way to do it, but i'm not sure how.  do you have a router?07:17
cheeseboyj1mc: understand?07:17
j1mcyes, i understand07:17
cheeseboyi have a router but its down stairs so i want to use crossover cable07:17
j1mccheeseboy: have you searched the forums at all?07:18
cheeseboyi searched google07:18
cheeseboyand look @ some forum stuff07:18
test3rnull modem? to xbox?07:19
test3rgeez louise, you sure picked an ez one =)07:20
test3rhey in my world OK i got the linux laptop to send the doc, win is showing the doc in que, printer gets ready, and everything just SITS there07:21
cheeseboymodem goes to router wireless internet gets sent from router to my room the on the reciving pc i sdend its internet wwired to xbox07:21
test3rlaptop saying connected to local host.  the printque looks normal except fo the fact that it says "Size : 64K/5MB"07:21
test3rif you had linx on the PC running, you can forward that07:22
test3ryou have buntu on the pc?07:22
test3rinit a new ATH07:23
test3rmake ATH107:23
test3rset it do broadcast AP07:23
test3rok? then make ap name07:23
cheeseboytest3r not wireless wired07:23
test3rset xbox to connect to your newly being made ap07:23
test3rok same thing07:23
test3rconnect wire07:23
test3rmake eth107:23
test3rsetup broadcast or such. then connect07:24
test3rcept on wired its not broadcast what is the equivilent?07:24
cheeseboyi dunno07:24
test3ris not ez. it took me a yr to do with my wifi card inside my laptop.07:24
test3ronce you Get it though, you will be with a skill that is rediculous07:25
cheeseboyits so much easier on windows07:25
test3rwait tho07:25
test3rwhy cant xbox get wifi internet?07:25
test3rit has no wifi inside it?07:25
cheeseboyit has no wireless card07:26
cheeseboyso i want to share with pc im on now07:26
test3rmmmmmmmm, yeah id say hot wire the thing with a long cat5 cable =(  either that or you need Two ethernet card in the PC07:26
cheeseboyi have all the supplies X(07:27
test3rwifi is going IN to the pc.  OK so you need a card capable of some Raw ish.07:27
cheeseboyi have done this from windows07:27
cheeseboyso i have everything i need07:27
test3ryou can prob maek the code in perl to do it auto07:27
cheeseboyi can't07:27
test3ri mean once u learn the cmnds it will take07:28
test3rput them in file names THING.pl07:28
cheeseboyX( i need the commands07:28
test3rwish i could help ya There, but I havent did that yet. like i said it took a yr for me to do that with a wifi card - but im doing it special too07:29
test3rwhat i CAN do is tell you07:29
test3rwhat you should b looking for07:29
test3rwhich is "setup ETH1 broadcast" or the like07:29
test3r!eth1 broadcast07:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eth1 broadcast - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eth1 - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:30
test3r!eth host07:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about eth host - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:30
test3r!host on eth07:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about host on eth - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:30
test3rit will actually be on ETH0 on your box because the WIFI is your internet connection supply so you say07:31
test3rso your internet IN is prob tied to ATH0 or the equivilent for your card07:31
test3rbut it Wont be eth for your wireless i know that much07:31
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cellofellowyou want to have the wireless, which should be either wlan0 or wifi0, or maybe both, the the "outside" address of the NAT, and the ethernet (eth0) be the inside address.07:32
test3ra addy to a NAT? why is that needed? to GET the internet connecting in?07:33
test3rwifi0 is a BASE driver07:33
test3rdont alter that07:33
test3r(these are the things i learned in that yr.)07:34
test3ralter ath007:34
test3rnot wifi007:34
test3rit will depend on your card that is installed.  Cheese > type "iwconfig"07:35
test3rtell me what devices it is showing up and a little first line it says bout them07:36
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cheeseboyeth0      no wireless extensions.07:51
cheeseboyra0       RT61 Wireless  ESSID:"dd-wrt"  Nickname:"dd-wrt"07:51
=== archangelpetro [n=bleh@] has joined #xubuntu
test3rok so the ra0 looks to be where it is getting the "Line-In" on. and it can see the eth0. that's what you need to setup as sending Out to the xbox obviously07:53
test3rifconfig  should tell you a ton more info. dont tell us all that because I still wont know wht to do07:54
test3rbut im sure Someone out there has done it b407:54
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test3rOK so I can Samba mount my shares on my winblows box through my wifi08:38
test3rand CUPS claims it can see my printer connected to that win box too08:38
test3rso how do I get this sucker to do anything besides send the first 64K to my print spooler and die out?08:39
test3rI installed the UNIX print extension too inside of windows box08:39
test3rbtw - if I hook the printer to the USB port it works fine. Im just wanting to do it through my wifi and samba08:42
=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3rah HA08:47
test3ri have to disable bi-directional printing08:47
=== The-Kernel [n=thomas@67-150-255-34.oak.mdsg-pacwest.com] has joined #xubuntu
test3rOMG ITS GOING!08:50
test3r=O    =D08:50
test3rleet! Im printing Inkscape VECTORs made in Linux that I opened in FIREFOX and sent to Print08:50
test3rthrough my freekin WIFI08:50
=== tuxracer [n=tuxracer@cp69851-a.tilbu1.nb.home.nl] has joined #xubuntu
test3rand its got a big giant ugly line down the middle that shouldnt b there hahahahahahahaha thats OK though its a Start!08:51
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@dsl-244-192-185.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
test3rI printed Inkscape VECTORs made in Linux that I opened in FIREFOX and sent to Print through the wifi in my house using my laptop running linux08:54
test3rthe printer? is connected via USB to a windows box that happens to b on my network08:54
=== cheeseboy [n=greg@71-87-214-16.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboywhy can i start dhcp3-server ?08:57
test3rOK cheese ima have a smoke and then help u sort out that stuff08:57
test3rah Ha thats what you need to b using? start a dhcp on eth0?08:57
test3rok brb.  dont forget to run "man dhcp3-server" if you ditnt already08:58
cheeseboyim being to think its impossible09:05
test3rdont give up when you're done you will know That much more09:06
test3rand not only that - what we're doing Here, applies to any distro09:06
test3rso youd b doing this on anything. and it would prob b harder too.09:06
test3rOK so I remember now.  yes you need to start a dhcp client on eth009:06
cheeseboyive tried every method i could find09:06
test3rpeople have to do this when they manually have to setup their network cards09:07
test3ryours was autodetected09:07
test3rso u skipped all this see09:07
test3rthere is a Ton of info out there about it09:07
test3rits just as simple as starting a net connection09:07
test3ronly it will be a slightly odd one09:08
test3rI think you MIGHT want to make a subnet on your eth0 ? It came up on my first search09:09
test3ronce you learn how to "turn that on" you can add it into your net config file and it will do it on boot09:10
test3ri have done this in my laptop09:11
cheeseboyi have tried it all09:11
cheeseboydoesnt work09:11
test3ryou made a subnet broadcast out of your ethernet card?09:11
test3rset your xbox to connect to that weird subnet mask?09:11
test3ryou did that already?09:11
test3ralso -09:12
cheeseboyi used normal 255 one09:12
test3ryou ARE using a twisted cat5, yes?09:12
test3rkus ur going from two devices that09:12
test3rjUUUUUUUUUst cheking.09:12
test3rthen you are SO close!09:13
test3rkeep tinkering it!09:13
test3ralso it wont happen right away either.  take a sec step bak think of things try other way of search09:13
cheeseboyna i give up09:14
test3rive been trying to get my print to work thru my wifi for ..... mmmm....  4 months?09:14
test3rbah   =909:14
cheeseboyprint through wifi is easy09:14
test3rthen where were You when i asked just a sec ago for help?09:14
test3rHere I am helping You.09:14
cheeseboywaiting for my help09:15
cheeseboyso all i do is use cups gui select my printer then it works09:16
test3rI'm PRETTY sure I had to do more than that. But whatever you say- it's working now so I aint selectin anything.09:18
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=== litlebuda [n=linux@87-196-154-239.net.novis.pt] has joined #xubuntu
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #xubuntu
ubotudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP09:26
test3ri'd check there.    =)))09:26
test3raw dang it its not a link on the bunt site09:27
=== rathel [n=rathel@c-24-9-186-226.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about dhcp3-server - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi09:27
=== Balaams_Miracle [n=balaam@g175073.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #xubuntu
rathelI've got a networking problem here, I don't think it's necessarily a linux problem, It was working just fine until today, I am plugged into a switch and the light on the switch for this computer keeps flashing off than on. It's not like the activity flash. You can ping any computer on the switch or anything, this has happened before, and it fixed itself, Just wondering what causes that and how do I fix it without waiting for it to fix09:30
rathel itself? lol09:30
test3rcheese > Actually, have you tried using that "dhclient" it mentions?09:33
test3rrathel > have you tried turning the power off on the switch, waiting 30 sec, and power back in?09:34
test3rrathel > this might turn off when you try, btw09:34
ratheltest3r, I think so maybe I didn't wait long enough, let me try again.09:35
rathelIt's off.09:35
=== rathel_ [n=rathel@c-24-9-186-226.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
rathel_Didn't fix it, but it did bump my other network config.. lol09:37
test3rperhaps the net card on the device using that port on the router is bad09:41
test3rthe ethernet card?09:41
test3rtry the device on a different port. etc09:41
rathel_nah It's the switch I've got 3 devices plugged into it.09:41
test3rok leave switch on and take cable out of that port for 30 sec09:43
test3rsee if light remains same pattern09:43
rathel_Okay, I removed all 3 cables.09:43
Merchelowhat kind of switch is it, what make? what model?09:43
test3r=O    lol all we needed was the one that was blinking but thats OK.09:43
rathel_lol it's an old D-Link DSS-5+09:44
rathel_test3r, They where all blinking... :P09:45
Mercheloif you traceroute to the internet on the computer on the affected port, how far does it go?09:45
rathel_Dunno I'm not using the switch for the internet, my internet is wireless it's just hooking up my 3 computers so I can watch videos with ease.09:46
=== Mez [n=Mez@ubuntu/member/mez] has joined #xubuntu
rathel_I have a weird setup here. :X09:47
test3rthen try to ping 1921680109:47
=== kekk [n=kristjan@89-219-17-30.wx.norby.ee] has joined #xubuntu
test3rand 0209:47
rathel_I've noticed this computer I'm on is the only light that's flashing completely off than on.09:47
rathel_The other ones are flashing but they're not going completely off.09:48
Merchelois eth0 up on your machine?09:48
Mercheloas in can you even ping the router?09:49
rathel_Yes sir, I'm still pinging to Destination Host Unreachable.09:49
Mercheloand ifconfig tells you ...09:49
rathel_My windows computer that is also on the switch, shows the network enabled and stuff but it cannot ping or anything.09:50
rathel_I think I just need a new switch.. lol ifconfig is all okay. I didn't change anything from yesterday, and it all was working, I mean this has happened before and fixed it self in like a 24hour period from when I noticed.09:51
test3r10?????  why is it on 10?09:51
test3rpeople with confusing kustom chit asking me for help  <309:51
Merchelorathel_, arp -a says ?09:51
test3r;p    =D09:51
rathel_because my other network I'm connected to is 192.168.0.* makes it easy for me.09:51
rathel_It doesn't say anything for the IP I'm having trouble with. it lists my other IPs.09:52
rathel_arp -a does.09:53
=== test3r is having a good question - where is his Lighter?
Merchelorathel_, traceroute from the machine in trouble, to another machines ip on the swicth, not the switch itself, and see how far it goes09:54
rathel_lol How do you traceroute again? =x09:56
rathel_Unknown host... and on Windows says Request timed out.09:57
Mercheloin windows it's tracert in command.com, and in linux it's just traceroute09:58
rathel_lmao I just realized I have to install traceroute here, so old on a lil bit.09:59
rathel_Just came up with  1  Falcon.local (  3004.319 ms !H  3002.494 ms !H  3003.937 ms !H10:00
Merchelohmm ok10:00
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@dsl-244-198-182.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
rathel_and Windows does "Request time out" over and over.10:01
Merchelotbh rathel_ there are a lot more people in ##linux who would be able to help you out more, i say this, as i am now going to get some beer and consume it10:01
rathel_Merchelo, okay, thanks anyways, I'm sure it'll fix itself over time like it has in the past, it's just weird is all.10:02
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=== Pumpernickel [n=Pumperni@about/essy/bacon/PuMpErNiCkLe] has joined #xubuntu
xjkx 2.6.20-15-generic #2 SMP Sun Apr 15 07:36:31 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linu10:03
xjkxIs there a newer version?10:03
=== cheeseboy [n=greg@71-87-214-16.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
Mercheloxjkx, sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade to get the newest one, then uname -a to get the version10:05
Mercheloand to think i spend my days working on windows server 2003 all day :(10:06
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Peloevening folks10:33
=== Pres-Gas [n=PresGas@74-130-18-146.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== Pelo [n=jean@mtl-pppoe-adsl401.securenet.net] has left #xubuntu ["http://linuxbraindump.org/2007/08/13/the-10-commandments-for-new-linux-users"]
=== jcs7778 [n=john-cha@c-98-193-26-115.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
jcs7778Hi all, Im using the the alternate install cd to install xubuntu onto one of my systems and the installer seems to stop at 47% at the point where it says configuring anthy...  This happened yesterday and i thought it might have just been a weird one time glitch and resolved to re try it today. It has been at configuring anthy for about two hours which seem wrong. The hard drive is working hard and so is the cd drive. I had in the10:47
jcs7778past successfully installed debian with xfce, but ide prefer using xubuntu if only i could get it to install10:47
PumpernickelUnless you need the japanese language support, you can switch to a console and kill that particular process.  The installation will continue with the next package.10:49
jcs7778no I don't need japanese language package10:51
jcs7778how do i jump out to a terminal10:51
Pumpernickelctrl + alt + F210:51
jcs7778how do i kill the process, just kill anthy?10:54
Pumpernickelps aux | grep -i anthy10:55
PumpernickelAnd then just kill that one.10:56
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jcs7778that output a few things, I've tried to kill all the process that it output but they all give me kill: illegal number:11:02
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test3rcheese > did you get that xbox to connect? did you try 'dhclient' at all to make the eth0 ?11:08
=== highvolt1ge [n=highvolt@dsl-243-13-193.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboyno and yes11:09
test3r=(  I wonder what the heck is stopping it???  Maybe the xbox isnt made to handle a direct connected twisted cat5 like that11:09
cheeseboyyes iit is11:10
test3rhas anyone did it in a blog, or such?11:10
test3rhmmmm OK11:10
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test3ron a hunch - have u tried a Non twisted ? I know it shouldnt work but would it hurt anything ?11:19
test3ralso do u have nmap installed ? that could at least see it on there if it will respond11:20
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=== flyback [n=n@c-24-3-31-106.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
flybackhey cheeseboy :P11:28
flybackit's psufan11:28
test3rPRO TIP:  Do not use your laptop as a tire-stop while changing your oil.11:35
=== flyback slaps cheeseboy around a bit with a large trout
flybackwell I tried, I will just have to walk you thru the issue some other time when we are both around11:36
=== cheeseboy [n=greg@71-87-214-16.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboyflyback u get my pm?11:43
flybackremind me what we talked about before cause I can't remeber11:44
cheeseboymy psu blew up11:44
cheeseboyso i was tryn to get 20 pin psu to fit 14 pin11:44
flybackdidn't you tell me at the last minute you fixed it?11:45
flybackyou were lucky11:45
flybackif you put +5 where +3.3 is you shoul dhave blown stuff11:46
flybackyou need to get a dmm11:46
cheeseboyits all good now im on it now11:46
flybackask for one for xmas runt :P11:46
flybackoh how did you get linux loaded?11:46
flybackah so you did listen :)11:46
flybackhow many of those do you have?11:47
flybackand how well do they run linux11:47
flybackI bet better than windows11:47
cheeseboylinux is faster11:47
flybackyou know about efnet?11:47
cheeseboythe irc net?11:47
cheeseboywhat about it?11:48
flybackthat's where I am the most11:48
flybackfeel free to idle in #computers11:48
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=== gerro [n=logmein@c-68-33-161-50.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
gerrohey everyone how the xubuntu going?12:32
j1mcxubuntu is ok.  :)  how are you?12:33
gerroah just messing with this new lcd monitor, its rather awesome. Lower res but larger screen and faster refresh rate.12:35
gerrofonts are flickering kinda weird think its either double buffering, font caching, redrawing fonts or someone mentioned page flipping whatever heck that is12:36
gerrojlmc: hey you know of any nice xfce tweaks involving the panel?12:36
j1mcgerro: sorry, gotta go.12:38
gerrojlmc: ok well hope to see you around12:39
j1mcthanks, gerro :)12:39
=== Balaams_Miracle [n=balaam@g175073.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #xubuntu
gerroBalaams_Miracle: yo12:49
=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu

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