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LaserJockcprov: I don't understand why debian/copyright wouldn't be necessary? Did seb128 give a rationale?03:34
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kduboi1why don't you get karma for writing and committing code?03:55
cprovLaserJock: some sources simply do not contain debian/copyright, sometimes because they use a template (copyright.in as php4) or because they have special mechanisms to handle multiple copyright (as linux-source).04:11
cprovLaserJock: what seb128 requested (and was supported by cjwatson and infinity) is to cope with empty/missing debian/copyright for now, until we have a better idea about how many packages are in this situation.04:13
cprovLaserJock: does it sound more correct (feasible) to you ?04:13
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LaserJockcprov: yes, I was thinking he was talking about them being able to have no copyright info at all in debian/ which is not good04:48
LaserJockcprov: but yeah, I've run across packages before with copyright.in or multiple copyright files04:48
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norsetto*cough * * cough*06:07
norsettoanyone that could know how to build a debian package on a PPA? (without the need to change the source package obviously)06:10
norsettoperhaps editing the override file?06:15
=== norsetto joins the canonical staff on the beach
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mptGoooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!08:01
=== mpt drops a pin
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MFenwhere launchpad talks about blueprints, it suggests using a wiki if the blueprint needs a detailed discussion08:23
=== beuno pics it up and hands it back
MFendoes anyone have a suggestion for what the wiki should be?08:23
MFeni haven't seen one *in* launchpad, so i'm assuming the feature is intended to be used with an externally-hosted wiki08:23
beunoMFen: the best way is to look at some examples: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/rosetta/+spec/rosetta-stats-enhancement08:24
MFenhmm, true08:25
mptMFen, it's intended to be used with a project's own wiki08:26
MFenmpt: assuming we do things like, host a wiki. :)08:26
mptEventually we hope to be able to host them in Launchpad08:28
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ubotuNew bug: #134758 in malone "Record who subscribed each subscriber to a bug report" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13475808:50
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ubotuNew bug: #134761 in launchpad "Label missing on second password entry during registration" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/13476109:11
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mayecocan I make create a new project and register a new branch in launchpad just to learn and test the bzr?09:48
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_SiLENT_what is launchpad?10:06
_SiLENT_i wanted to order ubuntu cds and ended up here10:06
_SiLENT_why it is not working10:07
Nafalloit is?10:09
_SiLENT_it is not10:09
Nafallohave you created a login so that you can login and proceed with your shipit request?10:10
Nafallooh. how nice.10:10
_SiLENT_when will I be able to enter?10:10
_SiLENT_I want ubuntu10:10
Nafalloworks for me10:10
_SiLENT_Sorry, you can't do this right now10:11
_SiLENT_Launchpad is currently offline for maintenance. We're sorry that this means you can't use it right now. The good news is that it will be back online soon.10:11
_SiLENT_You can find out more about why Launchpad is offline at:10:11
_SiLENT_You can also receive notification of scheduled downtime by signing up to the Launchpad Users mailing list.10:11
_SiLENT_Thanks for your patience while we work to improve Launchpad. 10:11
_SiLENT_The Launchpad team10:11
beuno_SiLENT_: try refreshing, you might of hit a bad server10:11
beunocontrol + f510:12
Nafallothere is no maintaince at the moment, right?10:12
beunoNafallo: I don't recall having an announced maintance announcement10:13
beunoand it's working for me  :D10:13
mayeco_SiLENT_: you can order cds here : https://shipit.ubuntu.com/10:13
Nafallothat's what I thought.10:13
mayecoto order cds you need a launchpad account10:14
mayecoso create and order the cd's10:14
_SiLENT_what is difference between ebuntu, kubuntu and ubuntu?10:17
mayecoedubuntu is for kids and to learn10:18
_SiLENT_for me :)10:18
mayecokubuntu is ubuntu with kde desktop enviroment10:18
_SiLENT_wht is kde ?10:18
mayecoand ubuntu is gnome10:18
mayecois a desktop enviroment10:18
mayecois like the look and feel10:18
_SiLENT_and what is gnome?10:18
mayecoother desktop enviroment10:18
_SiLENT_kubuntu is like windows?10:19
mayecoyou can see some screenshoots in google10:19
mayecouse "gnome" and find images10:19
mayecoor "kde" and find images10:19
_SiLENT_ok thx10:19
_SiLENT_can i order all three ubuntus?10:19
mayecobut first you need a launchpad accout10:20
_SiLENT_i did10:20
mayecogo here: https://shipit.ubuntu.com/10:20
mayecowith your launchpad email10:20
mayecoand password10:20
_SiLENT_i already requested ubuntu10:21
mayecoahhh and you get it?10:21
_SiLENT_i am adding others10:21
mayecoahh ok10:21
_SiLENT_if version changes10:21
mayecothey maybe.. send you edubuntu and kubuntu10:21
mayecothe most common is ubuntu10:21
_SiLENT_will I be able to request again?10:22
_SiLENT_I'm requesting to Russia, I wonder if it'll come :)10:22
mayecoI request my cd's here10:22
mayecoto Panama, Central america10:23
mayecoand I get it here10:23
_SiLENT_is Ubuntu the best nix system?10:23
mayecoUbuntu is a distribution10:23
mayecobut... I think is one of the best10:23
mayecothere are many distributions10:24
_SiLENT_what other nixes are available?10:24
mayecosuse, red hat, mandriva, debian(ubuntu father) etc.....10:24
MFenthose are all linuxes10:24
mayecothere are many manymany10:24
_SiLENT_I wanna know which is best10:24
mayecoyou can see all here : http://distrowatch.com/10:24
mayecomaybe not all but most10:25
_SiLENT_the programs for linux10:25
MFenyou linux bigot :)  openbsd, solaris, aix are others10:25
MFenbut you probably want ubuntu, based on your questions10:25
_SiLENT_they are compatible with all nix systems?10:25
MFenit is the easiest to install, and is missing nothing10:25
_SiLENT_the same programs go for all nixes?10:25
_SiLENT_different programs for different systems?10:26
MFenit's complicated. a program compiled to run on one linux probably runs on most of the others10:26
MFenand openbsd as well, for that matter10:26
_SiLENT_openbsd is also nix>10:26
MFenyes. openbsd is unix, but it isn't linux.  forget i said it, because what you want is ubuntu.10:27
_SiLENT_unix linux10:27
_SiLENT_God help10:27
_SiLENT_Ubuntu ubuntu ubuntu10:27
MFenhey, windows isn't much better.  there's about 8 versions of that too10:27
MFennot even counting ultimate vs professional vs. corporate vs. chunky peanut butter flavors10:28
_SiLENT_I know only three10:28
_SiLENT_we don't count obsolete ones!10:28
_SiLENT_95, 98 Me10:29
mayecoMFen: dont talk about how bad is windows, talk about how good ubuntu and gnu/linux10:29
_SiLENT_now is only XP and Vista10:29
MFeni didn't say windows was bad10:29
MFenanyway, this is all very offtopic10:29
mayecoyes but... is not good10:29
mayecomy opinion10:29
mayecoofftopic right?10:29
_SiLENT_nix is harder10:29
mayecobut KDE is very easy10:30
mayecoyou should try it10:30
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_SiLENT_ok, I finished requesting all three10:30
_SiLENT_will see10:30
mayecoit's easy to use and very nice10:30
_SiLENT_in 6-10 weeks :)10:30
MFenok, i'm off to install OS X.  :P10:31
MFenwhich is also unix!10:31
mayecommm wait 10:31
mayecoi dont remember10:31
_SiLENT_don't tell!10:31
_SiLENT_I am also going10:31
_SiLENT_thx for help10:31
mayecoand tell your friends they have options10:32
mayeconot the same OS in the PCs ubuntu10:32
_SiLENT_wht options?10:32
mayeconow you have ubuntu and many linux distros10:32
mayeconot the same os10:32
mayecoget it?10:32
_SiLENT_what do u mean?10:33
baddersIs the code that lets you look over the source on codebrowse.launchpad.net open source and available anywhere?10:33
mayecothat you now have options to install other operative sistem in your pcs10:33
_SiLENT_"and many linux distros"10:33
mayecoI found it10:33
mayecois darwin10:33
_SiLENT_what distros10:33
mayecothe Darwin is the macos nix10:34
mayecoinstall in all your pcs10:34
mayecoand tell all your friends do the same10:34
_SiLENT_i will install ubuntu everywhere?10:35
_SiLENT_u want me to promote ur free stuff, for short10:35
mayecoinstall ubuntu in everywhere10:35
mayecoyou should do it10:35
mayecothat way we all win10:36
mayecoand the bad guys lose10:36
_SiLENT_what if I am a commercial soft developer :D10:36
mayecoyou can help anyway10:36
mayecowith parts of code10:37
_SiLENT_but windos is soooo compatible10:37
_SiLENT_and nixes aren't10:37
mayeconow we have free drivers and more compatible10:38
mayeconow is diferent10:38
mayecois not like 4 or 5 years ago10:38
_SiLENT_i don't mean only hardware10:38
mayecowe have more compatible and better drivers10:38
mayecowhat you mean?10:38
_SiLENT_software too10:38
_SiLENT_for example10:38
_SiLENT_IE ActiveX10:38
_SiLENT_is used in some e-bank I use10:39
mayecoyou can use you ie activeX in linux10:39
mayecoyou can run ie in ubuntu10:39
_SiLENT_look, windos is as free to me as lininix is :)10:40
_SiLENT_wht should I worry10:40
mayecois not about the cost10:40
_SiLENT_about what?10:40
mayecoubuntu should cost more that 1000 dolars10:40
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #launchpad
mayecois about freedom10:40
mayeconodoby is in your pc, no spyware10:40
_SiLENT_wht free with ma WinXP :)10:40
_SiLENT_I am free10:41
mayecono company is lokking your stuff10:41
mayecowith windows10:41
_SiLENT_it's exactly like that with me right now10:41
_SiLENT_no one locks me lol10:41
mayecothe best spyware in the world is windows xp10:41
mayecothat is not freedom...10:41
_SiLENT_no one spies me10:41
mayecothe best spyware spy and the user dont know10:42
mayecobecouse that is the best10:42
mayecois not about cost10:42
mayecois about freedom10:42
_SiLENT_I am right now cost-free10:42
_SiLENT_and overall free10:42
_SiLENT_and also am free of investigating linux10:43
mayecois nice10:43
_SiLENT_y should i lose the 3rd freedom? :)10:43
mayecommmmmmm i dont get it10:43
mayecocheck this10:43
_SiLENT_i know what it is10:44
_SiLENT_I don't care10:44
mayecovista do that thing10:44
_SiLENT_it doesn't touch me10:44
_SiLENT_vista do it?10:44
_SiLENT_and where?10:44
mayecoahhaa I dont know10:44
mayeconever use vista10:44
mayecoi just heard that10:44
_SiLENT_u know what i think?10:44
mayecoi never touch a vista pc10:45
mayecowhat do you think?10:45
_SiLENT_i think everything will be okie-dokie with vista10:45
_SiLENT_as it was with XP and 9810:45
_SiLENT_it will be nicely cracked and place in a nifty cd in local store here10:46
_SiLENT_and i will buy it for $210:46
_SiLENT_and thank Bill Gates10:46
_SiLENT_and try Ubuntu Mumuntu, see that is hard and throw it to dustbin10:47
_SiLENT_and say my friends not to try nix and lose their time10:47
mayecothat is nice10:48
mayecobut a ilegal copy of windows is bad10:48
mayecobecouse the make you use it..10:48
_SiLENT_why is it bad?10:48
mayecothey make you need it10:48
_SiLENT_it is as good as it is10:48
_SiLENT_for ne10:48
mayecoget it10:49
mayecoif you use windows and only know windows10:49
mayecoif you get a job they have to buy a windows for you10:49
_SiLENT_their problem10:50
mayecoand in schools is the same10:50
_SiLENT_if nix was common10:50
mayecothey "donate" that software to the kids10:50
_SiLENT_it would be nice10:50
mayecoand the kids only learn that os10:50
mayecowould be nice to teach other os10:51
mayecoand theach os that you can see the source code10:51
mayecoand see how it works10:51
_SiLENT_when I was at school all computers had unlicensed windos copies lol10:51
mayecoin my school to10:51
mayecobut for years I only learn that system10:52
mayecoand is bad10:52
_SiLENT_all in all u r right10:52
mayecoI now have piece of my brain with that10:52
_SiLENT_we should think about our future10:52
=== WebMaven [n=webmaven@nv-65-173-67-149.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #launchpad
mayecolike 200 years ago people fight you our freedom10:53
_SiLENT_but it would be good if all developers concentrated on one version of nix system10:53
mayecothat will create another windows10:53
_SiLENT_so that there wouldn't be so many different ones10:53
_SiLENT_if the whole world works on the same OS10:53
mayecothe good thing is that you have may many flavors10:53
mayecofor every pc and every specification10:54
mayecoyou can install in a 38610:54
mayecoand in a atlhon 64bit.. 10:54
_SiLENT_now I can't program10:54
_SiLENT_I am planning to learn10:54
mayecoit's easy10:54
mayecois like moving from automatic car to a  manual car10:54
_SiLENT_when I have energy and time, I will pay some attention to this problem10:55
mayecofirst time... the car will shutdown but in 2 weeks you can make it10:55
_SiLENT_which is...10:55
_SiLENT_2 years?10:55
mayeco2 weeks10:56
_SiLENT_but my plan was to earn good money by programming10:56
mayecoin 2 years you will be a super linux developer10:56
_SiLENT_and it is not compatible with ur ideas10:56
_SiLENT_ok now I go10:57
_SiLENT_gotta sleep10:57
_SiLENT_thx for useful info10:57
mayeco..... to much talking...10:58
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mptFor future reference, the answer to badders' question was https://code.launchpad.net/loggerhead11:19
gnomefreakfor PPA does every binary in control have to have a Section bleh in it?11:33
kikoI believe so -- just like regular packages, no?11:38
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LaserJockkiko: ping11:46
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mayecocan I make create a new project and register a new branch in launchpad just to learn and test the bzr?12:25
=== helix84 [n=a@adsl-dyn220.91-127-65.t-com.sk] has joined #launchpad
LaserJockmayeco: you should do that on demo.launchpad.net12:37
mayecothank you!12:37

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