lagacreo que no hay un canal espanol de mythtv01:13
lagahay #mythtv-users01:13
lagagalatas: hugol1 habla espanol01:14
hugol1borracho ahora mismo01:15
galatashugoll de donde eres?01:15
hugol1acabo de llegar de tomar unas copas01:15
cornellgalatas:  #ubuntu-es on freenode01:15
galatascornell ese debe aparecer en la lista de freenode01:17
lagapor que? :)01:18
cornellSorry...  my spanish is terrible :-(01:18
hugol1porque que?01:18
lagalos canales no tienen que aparecer ne la liste de freenode01:19
hugol1laga:  by the way why did you mention me?01:19
lagahugol1: because you speak spanish01:19
hugol1its funny cause I just came back from drinking and got onto here01:20
hugol1and you just mention me01:20
lagano worries, i didn't mention you because i smelled booze01:20
galatashugoll como hago para entrar al canal #ubuntu-es01:20
hugol1galatas:  pon esto /join #ubuntu-es01:21
hugol1laga XD01:21
galatashugoll Gracias01:22
galataspero como hago para entrar directamente cuando me conecte01:23
hugol1que programa usas?01:23
hugol1pues no lo se01:25
hugol1yo uso gaim (se llama pidgin ahora)01:25
galatassi yo tambien uso ese01:27
cornellIf I watch TV, can I choose the card?01:28
hugol1pues con ese es facil01:28
hugol1cornell:  no01:28
hugol1you mean liveTV?01:28
hugol1you cant01:28
hugol1what you can do is activate the option that tells mythtv to avoid conflics with future recordings01:28
hugol1and that means that mythtv will choose the card that is going to be more time free01:29
cornellIn any case, if I've two cards configured, I need to have a cable connection to each.01:32
hugol1if you want to see something you should yes01:33
cornellOk... now I can see, but not here.   Not the ASUS... live TV; nor previously recorded items.  I've got a line from the onboard "sound card" to the monitor speakers.  I've not run alsamixer.  I have hit the mute (turned it on, hit it again so it's off), to make certain that it isn't muted.01:42
cornellTry alsamixer?01:42
=== hugolp [n=tu@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
cornellThe line is coming out of the jack with headphone picture.  That would be line?01:49
cornellDo all the controls on alsamixer correspond to actual ... things.  Or are they displayed whether or not there's something there to control?02:03
cornellIs there a setting in mythtv-setup capture cards that I need to deal with?02:11
hugol1like what?02:15
hugol1in the back end config the only thing about cards is if you are using dvb-s to put LNB or whatever you are using in your antena02:15
hugol1and for haupage dvb-t cards you should probably set a little latency when changing channels so they dont hang up02:16
cornellI don't know... but the live tv has to be coming in via the cable.  So, the sound signal's coming in there...So the capture cards have to feed the sound ... somewhere.02:18
pteagueanybody know where i can find some streaming video (i guess normal video would work as well) i can watch on a new install of ubuntu? i'm trying to test something02:19
hugolppteague:  I dont understand what you are saying02:19
pteaguei just installed ubuntu on a new system... i'm trying to figure out how good the video playback is02:20
hugolpit will be as good as your equipment can handle02:21
pteagueit's a mini-itx board & i've never tested it before... nor have i seen any reviews of people that have used this board as a mythtv frontend02:22
pteagueso the statement 'it will be as good as your equipment can handle' isn't very helpful as it's a complete uknown02:23
hugolpyou want streaming go to youtube02:23
cornellAudio sampling rate is (None)..  Is that right?02:24
hugolpcornell:  no idea02:25
hugolpIm going to sleep02:25
cornellcu hugolp02:26
pteaguei figured there might be something that was streaming video that i could get started fairly quickly with rather than having to download something big02:27
cornellCan you watch tv, pteague?02:28
cornellls -la02:29
pteagueunfortunately i don't have a server set up yet... i'm in the middle of moving & visiting family... got this mini-itx board to act as a fileserver, but it was a great price & wanted to test it's video playback...02:29
pteagueif it works well, i'll buy another when i set up my mythtv stuff02:30
cornellWhat's the speed, memory and video card02:31
cornellWell... I deleted the cards, and created just the one, the hauppage.  I'm getting sound... fairly quiet.  I've got myth volume up to 100 and monitor volume up to 100.  Can barely hear it.02:46
hugol1cornell:  I am still up02:47
hugol1where do you get your audio and video signal from?02:47
cornellFrom the cable ?  Captured by the Hauppage.02:48
hugol1cornell:  ok, so you got a dvb-c card?02:49
hugol1and you conect it directly?02:49
cornellI don't know "dvb-c"... I've a PVR-35002:49
cornellIs that a dvb-c?02:49
hugol1dvb-c stands for cable02:50
hugol1so I guess02:50
hugol1let me check02:50
hugol1wintv pvr-350?02:51
hugol1so pvr-350 has dvb-s in02:52
hugol1and terrestrial tv in dont know if its digital or analog02:53
hugol1plus analog video in02:53
hugol1what are you using?02:53
hugol1what kind of cable are you conecting to the card?02:53
cornellIt worked ok in knoppmyth...  Couldn't get it loud, but better than this.02:54
cornellWell... Comcast, if it matters ;-)02:54
cornellOh... analog cable, not digital02:54
hugol1ok, so you are going from your cable decoder to the pvr-350 with an analog cable right?02:55
cornellAnd I've checked my previous recordings, got sound.  And when I did so, the tv I was watching kept recording, so I'm watching that now, and I've got sound there too.02:55
cornellNo decoder.  Cable straight to pvr-350.  I don't get anything that needs decoding.02:55
hugol1so its not analog02:56
hugol1its dvb-c02:56
hugol1probably :S02:56
hugol1so you only have the cable cable right?02:57
hugol1and you dont get sound02:57
hugol1ok got it now02:57
cornellI don't understand.  I can buy Comcast cable, or Comcast digital cable.  I'm not paying for digital.02:57
hugol1so its software isue02:57
hugol1cornell:  I am not from the US02:57
hugol1have no idea what comcast is02:57
cornellI got sound, finally, by deleting the second card.02:57
cornell(Comcast is the largest cable provider in the US)02:57
=== foxbuntu [n=nfoxqci@12-216-16-102.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
cornellAlsamixer, the only control that seems to do anything is Master and PCM.03:04
cornellAh... I'd left Master at 71.  If I boost it to 100, it gets loud ;-)03:05
cornellNow... question about alsamixer...  If I take a bar high enough, it turns red...  Is that a problem?03:06
cornellSo... my problem with the sound was with configuring the ASUS.03:12
=== Tari [n=Tari@mke-66-97-126-39.milwpc.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
cornellThanks hugolp.    I don't suppose you know anything about an ASUS capture card, ASUS PVR-416?03:18
cornellWell... gotta go for tonight... thanks again hugolp, and laga03:20
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foxbuntusuperm1, you there?05:37
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, did you ever get that file?05:38
foxbuntutgm4883_laptop, hes not here05:38
foxbuntutgm4883_laptop, want to make a donantion to the mythbuntu server fund?05:39
tgm4883_laptopmy laptop was in sleep mode, so when I came back there were few people in here.  So i closed xchat and restarted it and it said he was05:39
tgm4883_laptopxchats messing with me05:39
foxbuntuhe's logged in but set to away05:39
tgm4883_laptopi see that now05:40
tgm4883_laptopwhen i first logged in he wasn't greyed out05:40
foxbuntuso you want to donanate?05:40
tgm4883_laptopwhere we at on it?05:40
foxbuntuI finally got word from the big cheese at the place I am get into the Datacenter at05:40
foxbuntuhe's tight on his power in the DC right now (85% Util)05:41
foxbuntuso no go on my own hardware05:41
tgm4883_laptopok, so whats the plan then05:41
foxbuntubut...I can bring in some big arse HDD's and drop them in one of their boxes and they will let me use a VM and the bandwitdh off that05:41
foxbuntuso I need a raid controller and some drives05:42
foxbuntuor perhaps a little less05:42
tgm4883_laptopso how much?05:42
foxbuntubut the plan is 2 - 3 500GB drives and a controller...or about 300 - 400 bucks05:43
tgm4883_laptopah ok05:43
foxbuntuand I am looking for donantions so I don't have to foot it all myself :)05:43
tgm4883_laptopWell i'm kinda straped with my loco team and SFD coming up, but i'll throw a little your way05:44
foxbuntuits a great opertunity at a pretty cheap one time cost05:44
foxbuntuanything helps05:44
tgm4883_laptoppaypal or what?05:44
foxbuntuuh yeah05:44
foxbuntuwe can do that05:44
tgm4883_laptopi mean if there is another way thats fine05:44
foxbuntulet me make sure to give you the right onw05:44
foxbuntupaypal is prob the safes05:45
foxbuntuwhatever you can05:46
foxbuntuI am gonna hit others up too05:47
tgm4883_laptopOk, i'll do it a little later,  I just loaded drupal on my personal site and am puting some info on it05:47
foxbuntuI think we should set something up later on too for donantions05:49
foxbuntubut that requires alot of other things05:49
tgm4883_laptopthere is a donation plugin for drupal05:49
=== tgm4883_laptop loves drupal
foxbuntuI do too05:50
foxbuntuI haven't played with it much yet05:50
foxbuntuanyways...I am gonna run05:50
=== tgm4883_laptop want's to take drupal behind the high school and get it pregnant
=== foxbuntu feels dirty all over
tgm4883_laptopno watch 30 rock?05:50
foxbuntutgm4883_laptop, no I don't05:51
foxbuntuI guess I should05:51
tgm4883_laptopit's from an episode05:51
tgm4883_laptopyou should, or else you can think im dirty05:51
foxbuntuI am adding it right now05:52
tgm4883_laptopdrupal needs a mythtv plugin05:52
foxbuntunew project for ya05:53
foxbuntuwell I gtg05:53
foxbuntucatch ya later05:53
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superm1tgm4883, i just watched that episode after i got back this evening with some friends.08:13
superm1i love 30 rock :)08:14
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drfozanyone here?09:54
=== pretender [n=pretende@ppp121-45-250-120.lns2.bne4.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
pretenderi have a mythtv install on ubuntu that the sound is stuttering or choppy on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=534036&highlight=mythtv+sound+choppy for more info can anyoene help09:58
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laganow i know why the debug symbols were useless12:39
laga-fomit-frame-pointer :(12:39
=== Nixus_Maximus [n=simon@i59F7CB7E.versanet.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagasuperm1_: we can't build with --enable-proc-opt anymore. it uses -fomit-frame-pointer which is known to break debugging on x86. i'm currently discussing with dnaielk on the ML, i'm sure there'll be a solution soon01:03
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Davieysuperm1_: ping04:08
superm1_morning Daviey04:11
superm1_morning laga04:11
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lagamorning superm1_04:18
lagasuperm1_: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/28546404:19
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1_ did you ever get that file yesterday over the torrent?04:26
superm1_Nope tgm4883_laptop04:26
tgm4883_laptopsomeone in des moines did04:27
tgm4883_laptopaccording to the ip04:27
tgm4883_laptopI was able to share it with someone on my loco team who was able to share it with a few others04:27
superm1_oh foxbuntu ?04:27
tgm4883_laptopI didn't know foxbuntu was there04:28
tgm4883_laptopyou were the only one I knew in IA04:28
superm1_well you know 2 people now :)04:30
superm1_laga, ah i just glanced over the thread04:37
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cornellMorning all05:12
cornellGot the sound working... deleted the ASUS capture card, and the hauppage is working fine.05:18
=== ubotu [n=ubotu@ubuntu/bot/ubotu] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
cornellThe remote is a bit sluggish, or even unresponsive.  Back/Exit doesn't seem to be recognized, up and down arrows take a long time to respond.  I'm running irw in an ssh terminal, and it's recognizing each button push, "instantly"05:19
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superm1_keescook, you here?05:27
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superm1_see ya cornell05:53
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lagasuperm1_: seen danielk's last email to the mixed debug/release build?06:16
superm1_laga, no, i've been trying to prepare the SRUs06:16
superm1_so i haven't read much mail this morning06:17
lagaare you subscribed to mythtv-dev?06:18
superm1_yea i am06:18
lagak, guess you'll read it when you have time :)06:19
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foxbuntusuperm1_, you around?09:02
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