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nealmcbstiv2k: so what's the problem?01:42
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ph1zzlehey guys02:21
ph1zzleI basically volunteered for something at work, and I am pretty damn sure I can manage it, but I thought I would come in here for some tips before I got started...02:21
ph1zzlemy boss has a shit ADSL connection for the office and got a pay per bandwidth WiMAX account as a secondary account, I basically volunteered to create a router that will automatically detect when the primary account has gone down and switch to the secondary and I was wondering...02:22
ph1zzlewell any tips on how to manage this02:22
ph1zzleI am assuming I will need something in the load balancer devision02:23
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stiv2knealmcb: got it fixed04:55
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CodemasterMMthis might be a bit more suited for this channel08:10
CodemasterMMi need a bit of NFS help - i have a directory mounted from one machine (machine 'A') across to another machine (machine 'B') as /home/, but it seems that whenever i ssh into machine 'B' as a new user, it fails to create the user's home directory - this might be due to the fact that the home folder (on machine 'A') is owned by root and is chmod'd to 755... anyone have any idea how i can solve this?08:10
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mariachihi everyone! I installed ubuntu-server and I need to install a package from a cd, but can't get to it, how do I do that? isn't cd /media/cdrom enough?12:06
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JanetFLoridacan anyone tell me why my firefox global extensions aren't being applied to all users?  http://pastebin.ca/67013603:14
ScottKThat's really more of an #ubuntu question I would think.03:23
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nealmcbJanetFLorida: or perhaps a question for a mozilla channel?  But I'm curious to know what you're tried, and what you learn.  Thanks.03:40
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cy_any of you work at an ISP? offering a web based control panel for the Customers and Resellers to use? Like cPanel, ISPconfig and DTC ? ... i'm looking for one that is easy expendeable (more than 1 server) to split up services on other hosts.. and which is the best for the users.. and ubuntu/debian servers .. anyone could share any thoughts/experiences?05:28
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dthacker-ltHi, I'm doing a manual partition.  I want to set up lvm with two VG's then various LV's for filesystems underneath.  I can't seem to find the options to create Volume Groups in the partioner.  Can someone help?05:38
ScottKWhich CD are you using?05:44
dthacker-ltfeisty server05:45
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ScottKdthacker-lt: I don't recall for sure which installer the server CD uses.  If it uses Ubiquity, then you'll need to use the alternate CD to do that.05:49
dthacker-lthow can I tell if it's ubiquity?05:49
ScottKOne sure way to do it would be do download the alternate CD and start an install.  If the U/I looks different, then the server CD uses Ubiquity and you need to use the alternate.05:51
ScottKSorry I don't have a clearer answer for you.05:52
ph1zzlehmmm, it's shame I wasn't around when CodeMasterMM was, no one told him that /home is supposed to be owned by root/75506:24
ph1zzledthacker-lt: I don't know about doing it on the server CD but I know I have often set them up manually on the Desktop CD, I did think there was an option though on the server CD06:25
ph1zzledthacker-lt: what all are you installing in the lvm? if it's not / then it's typically pretty easy to do after the setup has completed manually. Even if it is root thats not usually too much harder06:26
ph1zzleif you want /home or /var or something like that in lvm, do a minimal install to whatever sized / you would use before and let it create /home or /var or w/e and then leave the rest of the disk un initialized and create the lvm's afterwards, copying whatever you need and then tell fstab to mount it over /home or /var or w/e06:27
ph1zzlenow I have been afk drinking with friends since I asked last night so I am gonna try again06:29
ph1zzleI basically need to create a router/gateway, which is typically easy enough, but I have to do it where the computer will be connected to two seperate WAN's and when WAN 1 fails it will automatically switch routing to WAN 2 and when WAN 1 becomes available again it will detect it and switch routing back to WAN 1, I can do most or all of this manually but I was wondering if there was software out there that is designed to manage thi06:31
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DustWolfhello I have a problem08:53
DustWolfentries keep automatically appearing in my08:53
DustWolfthey lock out certain users from my sshd service08:53
DustWolfhow do I prevent this behaviour?08:54
cy_never seen that before08:54
cy_would be interesting to know thou08:54
DustWolfapparently every 10 minutes08:55
DustWolfthose are two users one of which also uses root08:56
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=== DustWolf waits for the problem to reocur
Calin_anyone have an idea why my server can't resolve full hosts (on local bind9) it can resolve www, or ftp (which shows as cname of bowser.provident.local) .. but not www.provident.local or ftp.provident.local08:59
DustWolfthere it goes again, added 3 hosts to my hosts.deny09:06
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DustWolfnamely the ones I just deleted from there09:06
ScottKDustWolf: Do you have fail2ban installed?09:10
DustWolfis it installed on an ubuntu server by default?09:12
ScottKNo, but neither is SSH.09:12
DustWolfaptitude does not report fail2ban to be installed09:13
DustWolfand if it were installed09:14
DustWolfby which method would it run?09:14
DustWolfI mean.. how do I find out what is altering my file?09:14
DustWolffound it09:16
DustWolfsorry to bother09:16
DustWolfit was "denyhosts"09:17
DustWolfps aux |grep root is useful09:19
DustWolfhow does one clear the route cache?09:20
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