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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about libvdcss - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:24
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs01:25
orbisviciswould medibuntu clash with xubuntu ?01:26
s-x-uwhat is: medibuntu01:27
ubotumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:27
s-x-uif ubotu knows about then no problem :-D01:28
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Dragonchaser] [hi01:28
orbisvicisill try ... ty01:29
Dragonchaser] [i got some problems with my pc (athlon 1400), ubuntu wont boot, because it doesn't add the hdXX devices to the /dev tree01:30
Dragonchaser] [anybody seen this problem before / knows how to fix?01:30
s-x-uso you think grub is not ok ?01:30
Dragonchaser] [grub is fine i think01:30
PumpernickelWhich version of Xubuntu are you using?01:31
Dragonchaser] [the strange thing is i can boot debian, using 2.4.x kernel or 2.6.x kernel (2.6.x just doesn't load pci device modules)01:31
Dragonchaser] [Pumpernickel: 7.0401:31
Pumpernickel7.04 uses the /dev/sd* naming convention, due to the libata change.01:31
PumpernickelYou may have to update your config.01:31
Dragonchaser] [ermm, even if i don't hava sata?01:32
Dragonchaser] [hda1 should be sda1 then right?01:32
Dragonchaser] [but the installer still creates config for hdXX01:33
PumpernickelIs this an upgrade from Edgy, or a clean install?01:37
Dragonchaser] [clean install01:37
Dragonchaser] [Pumpernickel: i modified my fstab, well, but it doesn't work anyway01:38
PumpernickelCurious; it shouldn't be using hd* at all - it's supposed to be using either sd* or UUIDs.01:39
Dragonchaser] [uses uuids01:39
Dragonchaser] [last prompt i get whilst booting with recovery kernel01:39
Dragonchaser] [is :Begin: Waiting for root file system... ...01:39
Dragonchaser] [and approx 5min laters it falls back to some busybox shell01:40
s-x-uyou have some thing in grub menu that does not exist ?01:40
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Dragonchaser] [possibly, but shouldn't have happend, its grub config of the installer01:41
Dragonchaser] [i normally don't modify them01:41
scizzo-the best way to reconfigure X is actually to run: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?01:41
scizzo-cause I have a new graphics card and a new screen01:42
Dragonchaser] [the fastest i suppose sc0tt01:42
s-x-uscizzo-: yes if all the driver packages are installed01:42
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: if you hit control-d in th busybox shell booting resumes ?01:43
Dragonchaser] [i don't think so, its not the maintanence shell01:44
Dragonchaser] [ill give it a try01:44
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: ctrl-d only brings me back to the same shell01:48
s-x-uok just an idea01:48
Dragonchaser] [shell also mentions that /dev/disk/by-uuid/*********************** doesn't exist01:48
s-x-uhow is de hard drive se tup ?01:49
Dragonchaser] [hda1 /boot 64m01:50
Dragonchaser] [hda2 swap01:50
Dragonchaser] [hda3 / 19gig01:50
s-x-uhda1 uuid does not exist ?01:52
Dragonchaser] [thats the setup i entered whilst installing01:52
Dragonchaser] [hmm has the installer for the command line system been upgraded too?01:52
s-x-ui dont know01:53
Dragonchaser] [hmm maybe not...01:53
s-x-ustrange idea backup /boot and create hda1 again ?01:54
Dragonchaser] [done this for times today01:54
Dragonchaser] [well strange is my realtek 8139 doen't work in none of the setups01:55
s-x-uupdate-grub tried ?01:56
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: in grub shell?01:56
s-x-uno in terminal01:56
Dragonchaser] [how, when i can't boot the system?01:56
s-x-uno you cant hehe01:56
s-x-utry boot the live cd01:57
Dragonchaser] [maybe chrooting a rescure system01:57
Dragonchaser] [the only cdburner available is in that machine...01:57
Dragonchaser] [only have alternate01:57
orbisvicisso menu.lst in /boot/grub is set up right, but when the vmlinuz loads it cant find the root file system?02:01
s-x-umkdir /rescue --- mount /dev/(s/h)da3 /rescue --- mount -o bind /dev /rescue/dev --- mount -o bind /proc /rescue proc --- chroot /rescue ---grub-install sda ?02:01
s-x-u--- divide commands not for command line02:02
s-x-ucorrect me if am wrong02:04
s-x-uim no geek02:05
Dragonchaser] [there is no sda02:05
s-x-uok make it hda02:06
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s-x-uyou can boot in to command line with alternate cd ?02:07
Dragonchaser] [jup02:07
Dragonchaser] [to the rescue system02:07
Dragonchaser] [btw, what we did killed grub02:07
Dragonchaser] [... RIP (rest in peaces)02:07
s-x-u(02:01:58) ?02:08
Dragonchaser] [well whatever i pick in grub menu -> file not found02:08
s-x-uyou need a reinstall02:09
Dragonchaser] [not again...02:10
Dragonchaser] [that's worse than installing vista02:10
s-x-uyes install again and stop after installing grub without formatting your partitions only select de mountpoints02:11
Dragonchaser] [ok02:11
Dragonchaser] [too late, format was already through as you wrote this02:12
scizzo-can't get the drivers to work correctly it seems02:12
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s-x-uyou are too fast ... first discuss ...02:12
Dragonchaser] [sry, twiddle fingers02:13
scizzo-s-x-u: I get error "wfb" cant be loaded in the start of the GDM02:13
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scizzo-which...from what I understand is framebuffer02:13
scizzo-just that it can't find the libwfb02:14
s-x-uscizzo-: install it02:14
scizzo-s-x-u: can't find the package name02:15
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: what are you doing02:15
Dragonchaser] [reinstalling base system02:15
s-x-uscizzo-: apt-cache search ... ?02:16
The_Kernelwhat's going on?!02:16
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: tell me what to do when he asks for reboot02:16
scizzo-s-x-u: well can't find anything on wfb02:16
scizzo-or libwfb02:16
s-x-uscizzo-:  then i dont know02:17
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: reboot :)02:17
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: then well be back at the strange busybox shell02:17
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s-x-uthen reinstall and delete all partitons and write a new partition table make new partions and no apart /boot02:19
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: already have done that02:19
Dragonchaser] [there is no extra /boot02:19
Dragonchaser] [...this time02:19
s-x-udid you reboot ?02:20
s-x-uor are you installing02:20
Dragonchaser] [not yet stimm installing02:20
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s-x-uare you installing de text system ?02:21
Dragonchaser] [jup02:21
s-x-uhow did you set up your drive this time ?02:22
Dragonchaser] [hda1 primary 19gig /02:22
Dragonchaser] [hda5 secondary 1 gig swap02:22
Dragonchaser] [used autoconfig02:22
s-x-u2, 3 and 4 ?02:23
Dragonchaser] [weren't created by the installer02:23
s-x-uso you love installing operating systems ? ;-)02:25
Dragonchaser] [well, its not like that i am a noob to linux02:25
Dragonchaser] [this system just freaks me off02:25
Dragonchaser] [it's the sixth machin i setup with ubuntu, none of the first 5 ever made problems,02:26
Dragonchaser] [.... exept for the evil nr.602:26
Dragonchaser] [it's like the beginning of a wonderful relationship.... based on hate....02:26
s-x-uI AM a noob BUT linux is easy most of the time if i get errors i can do something useful with the error message02:28
Dragonchaser] [usually, when you get errors02:28
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gerroGot my panel set to auto hide but it still shows a little sliver when hidden. How do I fully hide it?02:30
s-x-umy previous system gives me unreadable errors so i couldnt do anything to fix02:31
s-x-ugerro: impossible02:32
s-x-uyour realtek is the next problem02:36
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Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: why?02:38
s-x-uit didnt work you said02:40
Dragonchaser] [it used to work under, suse,mandrake,slackware,debian, ubuntu02:40
Dragonchaser] [well it doesn't now...02:41
gerrowhat doesn't work? what unreadable errors?02:43
gerrowtf!? what is impossible I am so confused02:43
Dragonchaser] [gerro: my system, my 813902:44
s-x-ugerro: you only have to read lines with your own name in it02:44
Dragonchaser] [realtek rtl 8139c02:44
gerrois that a network card?02:44
Dragonchaser] [hrhr02:44
tetragonHi, I've been looking for a way to disable the SCSI subsystem on the kernel used by the Xubuntu 7.04 desktop disk, but have yet to find one.  Does anyone know of a way to do that?  I have a Thinkpad i1200 that's hanging on boot during SCSI subsystem initialisation.02:44
Dragonchaser] [bingo02:44
gerrotetragon: sounds like a bios issue02:45
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: bingo02:45
s-x-uDragonchaser] [:  = ?02:45
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: bingo is a game, where you shout bingo when you've won02:46
tetragongerro: Nothing fancy in this box's bios, just date, time, boot order, parallel port, and password settings02:46
Dragonchaser] [what about blacklisting the module?02:46
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: are you playing now?02:46
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: well no.... just some brainbug :)02:47
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: how to blacklist a module ...02:48
Dragonchaser] [/etc/modules/blacklist i think02:48
Dragonchaser] [ermm /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:49
s-x-utetragon:  luck with the blacklist02:49
tetragons-x-u: How do I do that from the boot prompt?02:50
Dragonchaser] [tetragon: boot rescue system02:50
Dragonchaser] [mount partition to /mnt02:50
Dragonchaser] [modify the file using nano or sth02:50
tetragonDragonchaser] [: Nothing has been installed yet.02:50
Dragonchaser] [oh...02:50
s-x-usudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist02:50
tetragonDragonchaser] [: I can't get the desktop installer disk to boot (and I verified the burn)02:51
Dragonchaser] [tetragon: why not?02:51
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: installing grub02:51
tetragonDragonchaser] [: Hangs during SCSI subsystem initialisation02:51
Dragonchaser] [tetragon: tried alternate install02:52
tetragonDragonchaser] [: Waiting for the disk burn02:52
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: rebooting....02:52
s-x-uis there a no scsi option02:52
tetragons-x-u: Haven't found one yet02:53
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr02:53
Dragonchaser] [....02:53
gerros-x-u: that is what I was saying probably a no scsi option in his bios02:53
Dragonchaser] [no chance...02:53
tetragongerro: This box does not have SCSI02:53
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: hangs again02:53
s-x-uwhat is the message02:54
Dragonchaser] [Waiting for root file system... ...02:54
tetragons-x-u: [245.568410]  SCSI subsystem initialized02:54
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: well wait lets goolge02:55
s-x-utetragon: is your harddrive scsi ?02:55
tetragons-x-u: No, IDE, 20GB02:55
Dragonchaser] [s-x-u: alrady did that...02:56
Dragonchaser] [no chance...02:56
tetragons-x-u: This system boots DSL02:56
Dragonchaser] [ill give it another try tomorry02:56
Dragonchaser] [tomorrow, i am too tired02:56
Dragonchaser] [n8i02:57
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s-x-uread the log ...02:57
s-x-uof this channel02:57
s-x-umaybe i find something in dutch02:58
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s-x-utetragon: so theoretically you can install02:59
tetragons-x-u: In theory.  (The alternate burn is verifying now)02:59
s-x-uim looking for a way to skip scsi detection because the alternate scans also for scsi03:01
tetragonBut at least the alternate disk has a nicer installer03:02
gerrohey in ubuntu there is a run option in the menu, what does that load? I'm going to add a key combo for super + r and remove desktop icons & panels to save resouces03:03
tetragonHrm... What comes after SCSI in the typical Xubuntu boot?03:05
s-x-utetragon: you have to do include that option manually in the live cd menu with f6 i think --disable scsi03:05
tetragonThe boot is still hanging, but this time at the message before the SCSI one03:05
s-x-utetragon: what is that message ?03:06
tetragons-x-u: [   41.973295]  ohci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: irq 10, io mem 0x8240000003:06
tetragonThis is the message that used to immediately precede the SCSI message03:07
tetragonBut it is now the final message03:07
tetragonWhat is typically loaded after SCSI?03:07
s-x-uDragonchaser] [: you need a live cd http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/806681.html03:09
s-x-utetragon:  i dont know i ll give you another option03:09
s-x-u--disable=parallel,serial,usb,scsi,pcmcia try this and tell me what happens03:10
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tetragonHangs at the same point it did with just --disable=scsi03:12
cellofellowwouldn't that be noscsi on a kernel options line?03:13
=== Laibsc1 [n=Laibsch@p54B950A0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
tetragoncellofellow: Tried that earlier with no effect03:13
=== cellofellow [n=josh@69-71-169-124.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #xubuntu
s-x-ucellofellow: is it --disable=noscsi ?03:18
cellofellowshould just be noscsi, you can also set things like noapm or nousb, etc.03:19
s-x-uso it should be --noscsi03:19
cellofellowno, just noscsi03:19
cellofellowon the kernel options. the kernel doesn't need -- things.03:20
s-x-utetragon: read that03:20
tetragonTrying "noscsi nousb noapm"03:21
tetragonStill hanging after the ohci_hcd status message comes up03:22
tetragonWhat does the Xubuntu installer kernel normally load after "SCSI subsystem initialized" is displayed?03:23
s-x-ui dont know someone else ?03:23
tetragonIf I can find that out, I can try disabling that03:23
cellofellowyeah, if the scsi is working (seems like it from that message) you are barking up the wrong tree.03:25
cellofellowdo remove quiet and splash from the boot options03:25
tetragoncellofellow: How else do you think I got those boot messages?03:25
cellofellowmaybe there is even an option like verbose that will give you more messages03:26
tetragoncellofellow: I loathe and despise boot splashes03:26
cellofellowof course slap(self)03:26
s-x-u  Mount virtual filesystems.    Start udevd to handle device node creation, etc.    Create base device nodes by tickling the parts of /sys that reflect the platform.    Load essential modules from /etc/mkinitramfs/modules (and other force_load calls).    Walk the PCI /sys tree for hard-drive devices and tickle those, also tickle the IDE, SCSI and i2o buses. Other buses aren't known to contain drives we support for the root filesystem.    Attempt h03:29
tetragonBah, noudev didn't help this system03:30
s-x-uudev is the detection program03:31
tetragonI've dealt with systems that would only boot with that option03:32
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tetragonHrm... looking at the dmesg output of another system, it loaded USB mass storage devices and the actual IDE disks after loading SCSI03:33
s-x-ui ll look in mine too smart idea03:33
cellofellowudev actually isn't the detection program03:34
tetragonDidn't they change IDE subsystems with 7.04?03:34
cellofellowI think it uses scsi emulation like everything else (sata, usb, etc.).03:34
s-x-uis it ?03:34
cellofellowudev is userspace, while the actual device detection is happening in kernelspace.03:35
tetragonudev replaced hotplug03:35
cellofellows-x-u: I thought it was, but maybe not. I thought it was something to do with linux 2.6.2003:35
s-x-ui think tetragon is right03:36
cellofellowudev replaced devfs03:36
cellofellowI think hotplug is still there.03:36
cellofellowjosh@josh:~$ dmesg | grep hotplug03:37
cellofellow[   32.384000]  pci_hotplug: PCI Hot Plug PCI Core version: 0.503:37
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cellofellowodd that that was it03:37
s-x-uok we know it now03:38
s-x-utetragon: what is your next step03:44
tetragons-x-u: I've grabbed a 6.10 Edubuntu install disk.  I'll see if it can boot03:44
tetragonSo, the 6.10 installer disk hangs at the same point in the boot process03:46
tetragonHowever, I got it to boot with "noapic nolapci pci=conf2"03:49
tetragonOptions that didn't work with 7.04 when I tried them in two groups03:50
s-x-uno plug and play ? i dont no the exact word03:51
tetragonGot 7.04 alternate to boot with "noapic nolapic pci=conf2"03:51
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tetragonNow the system is locking up during the installer's hardware detection03:54
s-x-uis there a possibility to only boot and read the logs ?03:58
s-x-umaybe you can find something then03:58
tetragonGive me a moment, I think this time I have the option to disable the item it was locking up on enabled03:58
tetragonIt has now passed the hardware autodetection.  The current kernel command line is:03:59
tetragonnoapic nolapic pci=conf2 hw-detect/start_pcmcia=false03:59
s-x-unow trying to install again ?04:00
tetragonErm... it can't find the built in NIC04:01
s-x-unic = ?04:01
tetragonNetwork Interface Card04:01
s-x-udisable networking04:02
tetragonI'll deal with it later04:02
tetragonThankfully this laptop isn't a netinstall04:02
s-x-uim going to bed - i think you ll get it done04:03
cellofellowtetragon: I think you've a goofy motherboard or something, if you have trouble with every single piece of hardware on your box.04:04
s-x-uit can also be the kernel ...zzz04:05
cellofellowmaybe a different distribution (with a different build of the kernel) would work better.04:06
=== maxamillion [n=adam@] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowyay! My buddy maxamillion is here!04:07
tetragonIf much more goes wrong with this install, I'm burning a set of Debian DVDs.  I don't trust this thing to my usual netinstall.04:07
s-x-uyes but if it is installed then he can also use the updatemanager04:07
maxamillionhi hi04:07
=== inet_dude [n=inet@] has joined #xubuntu
maxamilliontetragon: debian = win04:08
inet_dudeHi, i've installed xubuntu/compiz/beryl.04:08
inet_dudewithout problems- but still no eyecandy. what gives? :(04:08
cellofellowwhich one, compiz or beryl? or compiz-fusion?04:08
cellofellowinet_dude: you have to turn them on04:08
s-x-u$ compiz --replace04:08
tetragonmaxamillion: Debian is my preferred distro.04:08
neozentetragon: running etch?04:09
inet_dudewell, first beryl- usually running beryl-manager on windows'll bring up the systray icon and from there it'll automatically load beryl. but its a no-go. then i tried compiz.04:09
tetragonneozen: Depends upon the system04:09
neozentetragon: ah04:09
tetragonneozen: I have sarge, etch, and sid04:09
maxamilliontetragon: http://maxamillion.googlepages.com <--- all about me and my opinions about debian ... etc :)04:09
inet_dudeAnd so far, the only fancy thing it seems to do is allow me to use shadows and transparency on windows04:09
neozentetragon: which one's sid again?04:09
tetragonneozen: unstable04:09
maxamillionneozen: the unstable branch04:09
cellofellowmaxamillion: you need to keep psuedogen.blogspot.com going more often.04:10
tetragonneozen: Although on that box, I'll also occasionally add in a sprinkling of experimental04:10
maxamillioncellofellow: yes, there is a link to my blog on my google page and i plan to blog more often, i believe i will have a post by monday :)04:10
neozenmaxamillion: you're google page?04:11
=== Knightlust [n=dax@ubuntu/member/knightlust] has joined #xubuntu
neozenmaxamillion: dost thou work for google?04:11
maxamillionneozen: http://maxamillion.googlepages.com04:11
inet_dudeok, i have to turn 'em on- but where exactly is the program/setting? I've never used xfce before. am familiar with gnome's gconf-editor though.04:11
maxamillionneozen: heh ... if i become a lucky human being i might one day, but currently i am still a college student04:11
tetragonhttp://tentra.googlepages.com is mostly used as a dumping place for LedgerSMB screenshots04:11
cellofellowneozen: that's a dream of his though.04:11
=== maxamillion would love to code python for google
neozenahh... I see... google got into the free web hosting thing04:12
=== michaelpo [n=presario@] has left #xubuntu []
maxamilliontetragon: LedgerSMB?04:12
=== maxamillion checks tetragon's googlepage
=== neozen would be interested in learning python period
tetragonmaxamillion: A fork of SQL-Ledger04:12
neozen...am working my way through dive into python04:12
neozen...taking for-##@$@#-ever04:12
neozen...damn java job getting in my way04:12
tetragonmaxamillion: I don't actually link to them on any of the pages04:12
inet_dudeok, am getting this message: beryl: Could not acquire compositing manager selection on screen 0 display ":0.0 when i run beryl04:13
maxamilliontetragon: lol04:13
tetragonmaxamillion: Instead there is stuff like this http://tentra.googlepages.com/lsmb-expiry-display.png laying about that I use to show the other developers04:13
neozenmaxamillion: if it helps at all.. that would be my dream as well04:13
inet_dudeall the texts passes though. i mean the GLX_* stuff.04:14
neozenmaxamillion: but... I graduated... and now have a job... coding java04:14
maxamillionneozen: dive into python is a good book, i actually only got half way through it and then wrote a compiler in python04:14
neozenmaxamillion: lol04:14
maxamillionneozen: that seems to be what most of my friends are doing as well04:14
tetragonneozen: I didn't use "Dive into Python".  I just used the Python tutorial (back in the 2.3 days) and rewrote a 400 line shell script.04:14
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=== Dragonchaser] |[ [n=dragonch@dslb-084-056-111-237.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #xubuntu
neozenmaxamillion: must've been the best-formatted compiler ever04:15
neozen.....what gives w/ all the no such nick/channel msgs?04:15
neozenserver go boom or something?04:15
maxamillioni am actually looking into doing some wiki development ... i told myself i was going to write pyGTK apps but i got lazy and didn't learn pyGTK04:16
neozenmaxamillion: on the suggestion of my friends... I would say use wxwidgets instead04:16
tetragonWho cares about pyGTK when Python already has a much more useful curses module04:16
neozenmaxamillion: seems to translate better cross-platform04:17
maxamillionneozen: it was well formatted and very well documented but technically it wasn't a compiler by definition ... it would generate an object file full of assembly and then you had to assemble it... but it was a fun experience and a good project for my class, i got a B on the assignment :)04:17
neozentetragon: lol04:17
neozenmaxamillion: eheheehe04:17
maxamilliontetragon: actually curses is something i do plan to learn instead of pygtk, or atleast before i learn pygtk04:18
neozenmaxamillion: the compiler we wrote in my compiler class was in java, it ended up making properly formatted assembly code that got fed through the gnu assembler04:18
maxamilliontetragon: do you have any good python curses tutorials/documentation i could reference in my quest?04:18
=== cellofellow thinks he'll stick to wxPython for now.
maxamillionneozen: yup, same way ours was04:18
neozencellofellow: ::nods::04:18
maxamillioncellofellow: its a respectable gui toolkit04:19
neozencellofellow: have heard many good things about it04:19
cellofellowI need my stuff to run exactly the same on both windows and linux.04:19
cellofellowonly wx gives me that one.04:19
neozencellofellow: haven't drank the kool-aid myself though yet04:19
tetragonmaxamillion: I used the API docs on python.org04:19
maxamilliontetragon: oh .. heh, makes sense04:19
=== maxamillion fails
tetragonmaxamillion: And the documentation for ncurses (the C manpages)04:19
maxamillionahhhh good ol' C ... the elegance that can't be denied but the language i prefer not to code in (i learned to love and hate it during my unix systems programming course)04:20
neozenwithin the next month I want to write a lighter weight googlizer in python for the xfce4-panel.... anyone think that's TOO ambitious?04:21
tetragonI recently wrote part of a print driver in Perl.  It was painful.  Should have been C.04:21
neozenhardest part will be snagging contents of the clipboard for X04:21
maxamillionneozen: lighter weight plugin written in python for xfce? ... most xfce panel plugins are written in C04:22
maxamilliontetragon: perl is painful ... i learned enough to know i don't want to code in it04:22
neozenmaxamillion: ehehehe04:22
neozenmaxamillion: perhaps... but I'm not a C kind of guy.... not yet04:22
neozenmaxamillion: and I've heard some horror stories about documentation for X04:23
cellofellowThat's why there are toolkits04:24
tetragonmaxamillion: $data |= ($xbm->xybit($x, 8*($row - 1) + (8 - $bit)*2 + 1) << ($bit - 1));04:24
maxamillionneozen: its not entirely a bad thing, i personally thing python is plenty light and fast for a plugin and even application programming ... i personally think C should be left to systems programming04:24
neozenmaxamillion: I feel the same...04:24
cellofellowI dunno, system-config-printer could be faster.04:24
neozenmaxamillion: though I do love bit twiddling04:24
tetragonPerl is painful for bit twiddling04:25
cellofellowNow, if you think Python is slow at all, Perl is really slow on my box.04:25
neozenthus the C for bit-twiddling04:25
tetragonMost of the rest of the code isn't bit-twiddling, so it wasn't worth it to go XS04:26
maxamillionC is a very good language, but its a systems level language for kernels, drivers, and server daemons ... and thus i don't code in it unless i have to (since i'm not really a systems programmer for fun)04:29
maxamillionalso add "anything that needs to be fast" to the list04:29
=== cellofellow is glad Python has SWIG, so you can easily make C/C++ modules for Python.
neozensoo many ways to gank the textual contents of the X clipboard in python.... anyone have a simple clean idea for doing it?04:36
neozenpreferably one that plays nice w/ xfce and won't require nasty things like gnome or kde bindings?04:37
maxamillionneozen: i don't know off the top of my head but i'm sure there is a method for that in python-xlib04:38
neozenpython-xlib... gotcha04:39
neozenlol... "maintainer still wanted" in bright red @ the top of the documentation for python-xlib04:39
maxamillionneozen: yeah, its a little depricated but pypanel (my favorite minimalist system panel) is written in it without issue04:41
neozennot seeing anything in there04:41
maxamilliongah!!!! my internet is so slow!!!04:41
maxamillionneozen: hey, not to be a nag but do you mind if we take this to #xubuntu-offtopic ?04:42
tetragonA few years back I used a window manager that used Python and python-xlib for its configuration system.  I used that to do fancy opacity follows focus back before the days of compiz, beryl, and Xorg04:42
neozenmaxamillion: no problem at all04:42
maxamilliontetragon: (can we also move this to #xubuntu-offtopic) do you by any chance remember the name of it? ... i would love to check it out04:43
=== laserbeak43 [n=laserbea@c-69-243-81-81.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
laserbeak43ccan someone please tell me how to set a path variabl?04:51
laserbeak43i want to add a folder in my home directory04:51
tetragonexport PATH=~/bin:${PATH}04:51
laserbeak43so i don't have to manualy add it everytime i write a program04:51
laserbeak43what does that do? send it to /bin?04:52
tetragonYou can add that to .bashrc and .bash_profile04:52
tetragonAnd that prefixes the existing $PATH with ~/bin04:52
laserbeak43dont remember much about bash files04:52
tetragonSo it checks the ~/bin directory first04:52
laserbeak43u just confused the hell out of me lOLOL04:52
laserbeak43sorry man04:53
laserbeak43so type export PATH=~/bin;${PATH}04:53
laserbeak43which part of that would be my directory?04:53
laserbeak43the one that i want to add?04:53
tetragonYou would replace ~/bin with the desired directory, and use a colon to seperate elements, not the semicolon04:54
laserbeak43oh ok thanks :)04:54
cellofellowactually, bash checks /usr/local/sbin first, then /usr/local/bin, then /usr/sbin, etc.04:55
tetragoncellofellow: It would check ~/bin first if you were to make that the first element of your path04:55
maxamillionbash checks anything in PATH in the order they are listed ... it just parses the list and then processes each directory04:55
maxamillionerrr $PATH04:55
maxamillionpardon my bad notation04:55
cellofellowI think it does it in reverse though, with later stuff going first.04:56
tetragonIt doesn't go in reverse04:57
cellofellowjosh@josh:~$ echo $PATH04:58
cellofellowjosh@josh:~$ locate update-grub04:58
cellofellowjosh@josh:~$ which update-grub04:58
cellofellowsure about that?04:58
laserbeak43yeah that was my next question cellofellow04:58
cellofellownever mind, shoot my own foot.04:58
laserbeak43but the listing i just added is first in the list04:58
laserbeak43thanks tetragon :)04:58
laserbeak43!seen vidd04:59
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about seen vidd - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:59
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=== DARKGuy [n=lmao@] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowthe seen thing was taken out some time ago.05:00
DARKGuyHey, sorry I know this isn't the channel but I'm not getting help... could somebody here help me please in making an ad-hoc connection between two Ubuntu Feisty computers?05:00
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cellofellowDARKGuy: Ummm05:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ad-hoc - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:05
cellofellow!ad hoc05:05
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ad hoc - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:05
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:06
laserbeak43whats as-hoc?05:06
cellofellowlaserbeak43: non-router to non-router wireless network.05:06
cellofellowLAN only mostly.05:06
=== yotux [n=nathan@24-196-133-163.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowThe easiest way may be to turn one of the computers into an AP. You can do that with Linux (unlike with Windows which just likes to block you up.)05:07
yotuxIf I install gnome apps will that take away most of the speed of xubuntu?05:07
cellofellowyotux: only when they are running05:08
yotuxI really like k3b and my gf likes gaim05:08
cellofellowyotux: I have a few apps that use the gnome libraries, and it isn't that bad. Mostly it's that running the full gnome desktop is so huge.05:08
cellofellowGaim isn't GNOME. And neither is K3B, it's KDE.05:09
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yotuxk3b used qt libs and gaim is python and gtk I think05:09
cellofellowPumpernickel: Thanks. Adam gave me that and I was nervous about it.05:09
yotuxPlease correct me if I am wrong05:09
pfeinhi, I'm installing xubuntu for my landlord's 8 year old daughter... any suggestions on packages?  games, educational, etc..05:09
cellofellowGaim is C and GTK05:09
Pumpernickelcellofellow: I thought it was a bit odd of him. o_O05:10
yotuxpfein -- look up the package for edubuntu05:10
cellofellowpfein: Kids love SuperTux05:10
yotuxfrozen bubble is another good one05:10
cellofellowpfein: wouldn't hurt to include TuxType and maybe GCompris as well.05:10
laserbeak43is that the mario thing05:10
cellofellowlaserbeak43: yeah05:10
yotuxHas anyone where use or heard about CNr in gusty?05:11
laserbeak43what would i need to do to install my usb bluetooth adapter on this computer?05:11
cellofellowCNR will be available when it's available. Linspire has to work it out.05:11
laserbeak43would it automaticly find drivers?05:11
cellofellow!bluetooth laserbeak4305:11
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup05:12
laserbeak43cool :)05:12
laserbeak43this talk of games makes me want to break out the wiimote05:12
cellofellowI missed the | and ubotu complained personally to me.05:12
=== Wizard [i=mati@siodemka.p.lodz.pl] has joined #xubuntu
Wizardi have one, small question\05:12
cellofellowPumpernickel: I'm ops in -offtopic too.05:12
cellofellow!ask | Wizard05:13
pfeincellofellow: thx05:13
ubotuWizard: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)05:13
Wizarddoes xubuntu have some graphical config tool? like kubuntu?05:13
pfeinmy landlord's mexican... his kid speak some english, but parents only speak spanish, so anything vocabulary oriented would be good...05:13
yotuxWizard I think so05:13
DARKGuycellofellow: I already tried the wifi docs and google stuff, nothing works05:13
cellofellowWizard: there are several of them. One for network, one for users and groups. The XFCE settings panel is for the personal desktop settings.05:13
cellofellowDARKGuy: I'm not sure how to set up a wifi card as an access point, but I think you can do it without too much sweat.05:14
Wizardbecause in kubuntu i see modified kcontrol05:14
cellofellowWizard: last I checked Kubuntu had a Settings Manager or something that was an extension of kcontrol.05:14
DARKGuycellofellow: I have it configured already to work when my laptop is on Windows, but I don't know how to make it connect through ubuntu05:15
yotuxDARKGuy: There as a thread in the forums05:15
cellofellowWizard: there isn't a centralized place for settings though.05:15
Wizardcellofellow: but all needed options are somewhere, right ?05:15
DARKGuyyotux: where?05:15
cellofellowWizard: yes. Either in the Applications -> Settings or Applications -> System menus.05:15
Wizardso, i'll wget xubuntu05:16
=== Phlosten [n=andrew@CPE-58-164-29-197.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #xubuntu
yotuxDARKGuy:  are you trying to connect to a AP or create an AP?05:16
DARKGuyyotux: I have no APs nor do I intent to make one... I just want to connect my laptop directly to my desktop like you could with a crossover cable and two LAN cards05:16
Wizardhow much space does minimal installation of xubuntu take ?05:16
DARKGuyyotux: but if you mean with AP my desktop PC, then yes I'm trying to connect to it05:17
cellofellowWizard: about 1.5GB05:17
Wizardhmm, nice :)05:17
yotuxno I misunderstood you I do some checking05:17
cellofellowDARKGuy: with an AP is not ad-hoc.05:17
DARKGuycellofellow: yes I know :P I lack a second comp to make an AP :P05:18
cellofellowi'm confused05:18
yotuxDARKGuy:  everything of using ssh?05:18
DARKGuyyotux: huh? I can't make a connection for starters, computers don't ping each other so I don't think ssh would be able to work on an unexistant network :P05:19
DARKGuyI have my desktop PC already set up to work when I had Windows on my laptop. Now I dual-booted to Ubuntu on it and I need to know how to connect it like I would on Windows05:20
DARKGuyThe problem would be connecting to my desktop's USB wireless card05:20
Wizardok, last question befeore installing. what's included in minimal installation ?05:21
yotuxI think base files and command line only05:21
cellofellowWizard: Firefox, Thunderbird, Gaim, Abiword, Gnumeric, Gxine, that about covers it.05:22
cellofellowWizard: for desktop apps anyway.05:22
DARKGuyyotux: ??? <- what confused you? :/05:22
cellofellowI miss anything?05:23
Wizardcellofellow: THANK YOU05:23
Wizardsorry for capslock, it was accident ;)05:24
yotuxDARJGuy:  Are you using wifi or ether05:24
=== MagicFab [n=MagicFab@ubuntu/member/magicfab] has joined #xubuntu
yotuxcrossover able means ether to me so when you talked about wifi it has confused me05:25
laserbeak43mom's making mixed drinks at her place05:26
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Wizardhmm.. i don't see ppc version05:52
Wizardyear ago there was one..05:52
ubotuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ05:52
cellofellowWizard: you won't find it on the main website cause it's not official.05:53
tonyyarussoAlso, #ubuntu-ppc05:53
Wizardah, ok05:53
Wizardwhich login manager does xubuntu use ?05:55
tonyyarussoGDM rather05:55
Wizardso, i'm going home to burn and install :) see you05:56
=== cellofellow uses startx nowadays.
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infblisscan somebody tell me where to report thunar bugs06:04
tetragonNow to see if that arduous install worked06:04
cellofellowinfbliss: try xfce's website, or just Launchpad.06:05
tetragonhehe, hangs right where the installer disk did06:05
infblisscello: but launchpad wants me to register with my email06:06
=== Jester54 [n=Jester45@75-120-50-99.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
infblisscello:will registering in this send me mass mails06:07
infblissi already get too many mails06:07
=== Ghostvirus [n=Ghostvir@206-15-138-110.dialup.ziplink.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester54anyone know now to make settings that i set in xvidtune stay after a reboot?06:10
tetragonJester54: Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:11
cellofellowinfbliss: I never get email from launchpad06:12
infblisscello:ok i will try06:12
cellofellowinfbliss: I got an account a year ago to order ShipIt CD's with.06:12
cellofellowgranted I am anything but active on Launchpad.06:12
Jester54tetragon, and put what in? mine has nothing about hsync06:12
tetragonJester54: Add a modeline.  There's plenty of documentation about the process online06:13
tetragonArg... The kernel options that worked on the installer aren't getting the installed kernel to boot06:15
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=== Jester45 opened to xchats
cellofellowto or two?06:21
=== tetragon boots the annoying Thinkpad to rescue mode with the install disk
cellofellowyou do know you can edit the boot options from the grub menu06:25
tetragonI know that06:25
tetragonI can't get it to boot without hanging06:25
tetragonIt looks like there's something strange about the pci bus used and the kernel version06:26
cellofellowI suggest building a custom kernel as soon as you can.06:27
tetragonNot to mention that it doesn't like grub using UUIDs06:27
cellofellowI never use UUIDs in GRUB, just fstab.06:28
cellofellowactually, never mind, I do use UUIDs.06:28
tetragonThe 7.04 installer uses UUIDs06:28
cellofellowI just use update-grub and have done with it.06:28
tetragonAt this point it hangs right after outputting [   75.929495]  hda: max request size: 128KiB06:29
=== tetragon wonders about the differences between the installer kernel and the installed kernel
yotuxWhat do you guys recommend for spam handling?06:33
cellofellowtetragon: a lot06:33
cellofellowtetragon: at least the alt cd kernel will be very minimal. Live CD won't be different really.06:34
cellofellowWon't work different anyway.06:34
Jester45should not work differently06:35
Jester45a bit swaped here or there during the burn might make it weird06:36
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
tetragonJester45: I verify all my burns06:38
tetragonAnyhow, I've put my copy of DSL back in as it boots without any difficulty06:39
Jester45it still might act diffrently06:39
=== tetragon grumbles about 2.6
cellofellowwell, with a kernel from Potato...06:39
tetragonPotato never had 2.4.2606:40
tetragonPotato had a 2.2 kernel06:40
cellofellowor Woody.06:40
tetragonHowever Xubuntu does not have the correct set of support modules for a 2.4 kernel, or even an older 2.606:41
tetragonHowever, as DSL is running, I now have lspci output06:41
=== cellofellow <3 DSL.
tetragonSo, going by the output, this Thinkpad appears to be based off of some ALi chipset06:45
tetragonSo, right now it hangs part of the way through displaying disk information06:57
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=== Laibsc1 is now known as Laibsch
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Wizardekhm.. i booted livecd, and i see that polish language is unsupported by default..07:27
Wizardit is possible to install it later, right ?07:28
Jester45i would think07:34
=== tetragon wants so smash the puny Thinkpad
=== Knightlust [n=dax@] has joined #xubuntu
=== LikeVinyl [n=likeviny@OL212-29.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
Wizardomg, installer found my debian installation and asked if i want to import user accouts :)07:46
Wizardnice feature07:48
Wizardinstaller crashed :/07:51
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tonyyarussotetragon: No!  Thinkpads are great!08:09
tonyyarusso(except for ati graphics)08:09
Jester45idk why people keep saying ati sucks08:09
Jester45its the only kind i use and they work great08:09
tonyyarussob/c we have cards that induce hard lockups on a regular basis, most recently resulting in the corruption of my GPG secret key.08:10
Jester45what card08:10
Wizardati cards are pretty nice08:11
Jester45i got a bunch of 9250's08:12
Wizardbut ati does not support linux almost at all08:12
Wizardnot to mention other nixes08:12
Wizardso.. unix geeks does not like ati08:12
Jester45they work just fine for beryl and games only some of the more insensive graphics games slowdown on them08:13
Wizardunder linux..08:13
Wizardbut imagine solaris or openbsd running under vesa mode..08:13
tetragontonyyarusso: This Thinkpad doesn't like booting 7.04 kernels08:13
Jester45but accouse since i have bunches i have multi card/headed displays08:14
tonyyarussoBeryl/Compiz has _finally_ gotten to the point where my card sometimes works; other times it will crash, effects or not.08:14
tonyyarussotetragon: sad08:14
tetragontonyyarusso: And I got OOM kills while installing the Gutsy kernel in rescue mode08:14
tetragonIt boots DSL just fine08:14
tetragonOne of the processes it hit was dpkg08:16
=== kalikiana__ [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-23-238.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
Wizardomg, it works :)08:56
tetragonWizard: You're doing better than I am.  I'm still trying to get a kernel to boot my install08:56
Wizardi compiled my custom kernel08:57
tetragonI was getting OOM kills while installing a newer kernel08:57
Wizardoom ?08:57
tetragonOut Of Memory08:58
Wizard'Twj system jest w peni zaktualizowany' :D08:58
tetragonHrm... I've seen reports that this laptop will work with 2.6.15 (but nothing newer)09:00
Wizardthan.. compile 2.6.1509:02
tetragonNot necessarily that simple09:02
Wizardwhy ?09:03
tetragonI may be able to get away with using the 6.06 kernel, but I may run into issues with udev09:03
Wizardah, right..09:03
Wizardi forgot about that09:03
Wizardbut you can also use static /dev09:03
Wizardwithout udev09:03
tetragonHowever, I don't know what devices the laptop's user will end up attaching09:04
tetragonAnyway, I'll deal with this in the morning.  I really don't want to be playing disk swap at 03:0009:05
Wizardomg, it works09:06
Wizard!   :)09:06
Wizardthat's the first system where input methods worked without any difficult combinations :)09:07
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxhow do i create workspaces?09:07
=== tetragon [n=seneca@206-248-135-167.dsl.teksavvy.com] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving"]
hyper_chxjkx: Start --> Settings --> Workspace Settings09:10
Wizardi'm starting to like that distro :)09:12
hyper_chWizard: why?09:12
Wizardeverything works as i expected09:13
Wizardand it's very light09:13
hyper_chthere are lighter desktops09:15
Wizardi know, i could install gentoo with fluxbox..09:15
hyper_chor ubuntu with fluxbox09:15
hyper_chor dsl09:15
Wizardor freebsd with icewm09:15
Wizardor anything with anywm09:16
=== LikeVinyl [n=likeviny@OL212-29.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
Wizardbut why the hell gaim does not want to connect with my jabber server while psi works great ?09:18
hyper_chI don't have gaim09:20
Wizardme too, now :09:20
hyper_chI'm still looking for some kind of tool that will handle copied data from an application just as in windows... so that you don't loose the content when you close the original data but it stays in the clipboard09:21
=== xor [n=xor@cpe-66-68-129-167.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Wizardhyper_ch: klipper09:23
xoranyone know how i can make items deleted from xfce's desktop go to ~/.Trash instead of trash:///09:23
Wizardor xfce-clipboard-manager09:23
Wizardaww, exaile does not play mp3 :/09:23
Wizardnor any other app :/09:24
Wizardwhat the fsck ?09:24
hyper_chWizard: you need to get the codecs09:25
hyper_chor try vlc09:26
Wizardhow? with apt ?09:26
hyper_chthe codecs or vlc?09:26
Wizardfor amaro/exaile09:26
hyper_ch(1) Add medibuntu Repos09:27
hyper_chWizard: then run this... or most of it:    aptitude -y install libdvdcss2 gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-pitfdll gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gxine libxine-main1 libxine-extracodecs ogle ogle-gui w32codecs mplayer09:28
=== xor [n=xor@cpe-66-68-129-167.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== orbit7 [n=martijn@cp562554-b.landg1.lb.home.nl] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chWizard: ?09:31
Wizardi remember when i had simmilar problem under gentoo :)09:32
hyper_chgentoo is too complicated ;)09:32
Wizarda had to add 'mp3' use flag, and after doing this it asked me if it may rebuild half of my system :)09:32
Wizardand i rebiult :P09:32
Wizardit took 6 hours09:33
Wizardafter that i've decided to switch to binary distor09:33
=== Wizard <- drunk
hyper_chapt is a nice package manager ;)09:33
Wizardi knoe09:34
Wizardi uesed debian for a long time09:34
Wizardbut it got on my nerves because of very old packages09:34
Wizardso i've decided to switch to ubuntu and i choose xubuntu09:35
xorxubuntu is great09:35
xori've finally settled down09:35
hyper_chdebian is great for servers09:35
hyper_chas it is just rockstable ;)09:35
Wizardimo: any linux is not even worth a shit to install on server09:35
xorwhy you say? :P09:36
Wizardlinux is poor, wastes resources and run like a shit on cheavily loaded server09:36
hyper_chxor: I guess he uses *bsd09:36
Wizardno matter if it is 2.4 or 2.609:36
Wizardof course ;)09:36
hyper_chWizard: if linux is that bad... how bad is then windows at servers? ;)09:36
xorlinux is hardly shit as a server though ;)09:36
xorbsd is better09:37
hyper_chbsd is too complicated for my simple brain09:37
Wizardwindows on server?09:37
Wizardwho is so crazy to set up such shit09:37
xorwhere i work, 80 servers09:37
xor78 are CentOS09:37
xor2 are windows09:37
xorwe do just fine09:37
=== LikeVinyl is now known as Dise
hyper_chthere are now more IIS installs than apache according to netcraft09:37
Wizardat my company everything runs on redhat and pld.. and most www servers ar atg dynamo :/09:38
hyper_chsorry, my mistake09:38
Wizardand some on tomcat09:39
hyper_ch--> Obviously there are quite a few windows servers:    http://news.netcraft.com/archives/2007/08/06/august_2007_web_server_survey.html09:39
=== IAmWill [n=Will@cpe-24-174-189-216.satx.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
IAmWilli am trying to pull emerald, but it depends on libwnck18 which isnt installable. How do I make libwnck18 installable so I can get emerald?09:42
hyper_chIAmWill: hmmm, why isn't libwnck18 installable?09:43
IAmWilli am quessing because libwnck22 is installed09:43
hyper_chIAmWill: well, I can hardly guess anything without the exact error message09:44
IAmWilllet me do it in term and pastebin it to you then09:44
Wizard/dev/sda1             8,5G  8,3G  257M  98% /09:44
Wizard*light* distro09:45
Wizardwhat tha fuck is going on?!09:45
hyper_chWizard: it is light ;)09:45
hyper_chWizard: check your folders:   cd /09:45
hyper_chWizard: du > output.txt09:45
IAmWillWizard, when was the last time you rebooted?09:45
IAmWillWizard, my logs sometimes get full when its been like 6 - 8 weeks09:46
Wizardi installed xubuntu 2 hours ago!09:46
Wizardahh.. fuck that09:47
IAmWillhyper_ch,  http://pastebin.com/m78d96a2c09:47
Wizardi don't even konw what hapened :/09:47
xorIAmWill: can you downgrade through synaptic?09:48
IAmWillxor, i dont know how... i am fairly new to this ubuntu shit09:48
IAmWilli am a gentoo'er, but put unbuntu on the lappy for simplicity09:49
IAmWillif i could emerge, we would be set09:49
hyper_chwell, I have libwnck18 available in my cache09:49
hyper_chhowever in what repo it is - no clue09:50
IAmWillis there a way to pull with no dependencies?09:50
IAmWillopbviously it has what it needs, just a later version09:50
xoryou can try apt-get -f install09:51
xorto force completion09:51
IAmWillnope, no force09:52
xorany reason you need the latest version installed?09:55
IAmWillis there a way to pick from an older repo?09:55
IAmWillxor, no09:55
IAmWilli just removed libwnck09:55
xoreither apt-get remove it and install 1809:55
xoror see if synaptic can force version 1809:55
IAmWillhow to i install 18?09:56
IAmWilllike... calling a specific package09:56
xorseems to be available to me09:56
xorsudo apt-get install libwnck1809:56
hyper_chaot-get install libwnck1809:56
xoror remove it and let emerald install it as a dependency09:57
IAmWillThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or09:57
IAmWillis only available from another source09:57
IAmWillE: Package libwnck18 has no installation candidate09:57
=== LikeVinyl [n=likeviny@OL212-29.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
xormaybe libwnck-dev09:58
xori'd try installing emerald w/ it not installed first09:58
IAmWillsame errors09:58
xorare you just trying to apt-get install emerald?10:01
IAmWillxor, yeah10:01
IAmWillwell, it is late, so i a m calling it one... i will come back tomorrow and try again10:03
IAmWillthanks for the help guys10:03
xoralright.. gl10:03
IAmWillone other quick question.... in gentoo we have netscape-flash for our browsers.... what is the flash package for ubuntu?10:04
xori think10:05
xori think i installed a later version from adobe's website10:06
xorthat from the repos should get you there though10:07
IAmWillkk, i appreciate it10:07
xorhope you stay w/ xubuntu ;)10:08
xorit's the best compromise i've found10:08
=== expose [n=nobody@] has joined #xubuntu
IAmWillits better than kubuntu10:08
xoroh definitely10:08
xori am not a kde fan at all, though10:08
IAmWilli run xfce4 on my desktop (in gentoo) and love it10:08
IAmWilli would have gentoo on here too but, its such a pain to get everything working for laptops10:09
IAmWilli loved the 15 minute install, and 20 minutes later my video/ wifi is working10:09
IAmWillgentoo.... after 3 days on this bitch.... i gave up10:10
xori had gentoo on a really old desktop10:10
IAmWillthe downfall is the security sacrifice10:10
xortrying to squeeze everything i could out of it10:10
IAmWilli dont like the root terminal right out of grub boot (in the safe mode)10:10
IAmWilland sudo is such a pain, but i can adjust10:11
xoryea, you get used to it fast10:11
IAmWilli catch myself running sudo su a lot10:11
xoryou can set a root pw and use su10:11
IAmWillyeah..i might do that10:11
xorbut if you like xfce10:11
xori think this is the best10:12
xorarch would be my only other to suggest10:12
xorbut you won't get up and running in 30 minutes with that10:12
IAmWillmy all time fave is e1710:12
IAmWillbut its too much for a day-to-day running10:12
IAmWillmaybe when i was a teenager, that would have been great, but now I dont have time to run that desktop10:13
IAmWillwell, i have to get to bed... its 3 in the morning10:13
xorugh, yeah it is here too10:14
IAmWillwife is probably going to bitch at me tomorrow10:14
xorsee you around10:14
IAmWillhave a good one10:14
xoryou too10:14
=== kekk [n=kristjan@89-219-17-30.wx.norby.ee] has joined #xubuntu
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-93-168.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
=== thyko [n=tim@] has joined #xubuntu
thykohow do i connect to WPA wireless network? The network thingi is only giving me the option to use WEP11:06
hyper_ch!wpa | thyko11:10
ubotuthyko: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:10
kekkhyper_ch, can you ping
kekkor anybody else?11:12
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chPING ( 56(84) bytes of data.11:12
hyper_ch--- ping statistics ---11:12
hyper_ch5 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 4010ms11:12
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has left #xubuntu []
kekkthank you11:13
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip56508163.direct-adsl.nl] has left #xubuntu []
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip56508163.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #xubuntu
Merchelohmm, i should set up some sort of reverse dns11:29
=== archangelpetro [n=bleh@] has joined #xubuntu
=== ashnur [n=ashnur@] has joined #xubuntu
ashnuranyone have a hint for this pls? http://pastebin.com/m3368f5e111:39
=== joakim [n=Leho@80-235-62-240-dsl.trt.estpak.ee] has joined #xubuntu
=== michaelpo [n=presario@] has joined #xubuntu
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=== bart_ [n=bart@] has joined #xubuntu
ashnurno one? :(11:53
Dragonchaser] |[ashnur: install a mathing driver for your graphiccard11:55
ashnurDragonchaser] |[, the driver works perfectly, i had the same graphics card driver and sam config with ubuntu tribe 4 and composite and compiz were working perfectly11:56
ashnurand i pasted  the xorg log and glxinfo where you can see that everything seems  to be ok, as far as I know. if i'm wrong about pls point me  the line where it sayst :|11:57
Dragonchaser] |[ashnur: as far as i can see, compiz can't find any driver12:03
Dragonchaser] |[see output of the compiz --replace command12:05
ashnuri see but i do not understand12:05
=== hyper_ch [n=hyper@84-75-93-168.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #xubuntu
Dragonchaser] |[ashnur: i've never used compiz, but try to install xgl extensions12:06
ashnuri do n't know why it is searching for xgl and nvidia12:06
ashnureh, then I should install fglrx and xgl which are less compatible with my graphics card12:07
Dragonchaser] |[afaik, it always searches for the first matching driver12:07
ashnurmatching with what?12:07
Dragonchaser] |[a driver it can run on12:07
s-x-uDragonchaser] |[: hey how are you doing with your harddrive problem12:08
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: well, i just woke up, won't touch it until i had a large pot of coffee :)12:09
s-x-uwhat time is it overthere ?12:09
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: do you know if there is a way of disabling udev in xubuntu with a kernel parameter?12:09
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: 12:0012:09
s-x-uso you are late out of bed ....:)12:10
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: hey it's saturday :)12:10
Dragonchaser] |[brbr making coffee...12:10
Dragonchaser] |[maybe i can override the problem using a static /dev12:10
s-x-umaybe boot from usb-stick to look at the hd how it looks after install with some vague tool12:20
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: arg! trivial.... really trivial12:22
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: kernel option noapic....12:22
Dragonchaser] |[darn siemens crap!12:22
s-x-u? explain that in english for non native speakers :-/12:24
Dragonchaser] |[the pc i have is a fujitsu siemens pc12:24
Dragonchaser] |[and this thing seems to have some real strange hardware12:24
Dragonchaser] |[crap == shit12:24
Dragonchaser] |[no i just need to get my networking card to work12:25
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
Dragonchaser] |[well, btw... after reboot network works too12:27
s-x-uso you are booted now ? no grubshell12:28
Dragonchaser] |[no12:28
Dragonchaser] |[xfce running12:28
s-x-uso you passed the problem12:28
Dragonchaser] |[well network not yet12:29
Dragonchaser] |[but now12:30
Dragonchaser] |[:)12:30
s-x-ushout out ! it works !!!!!12:30
s-x-urealtek ....12:31
Dragonchaser] |[wahooooo :)12:31
Dragonchaser] |[well i was always happy with my realtek cards...12:32
s-x-uhttp://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/123359/linux-felon-must-learn-to-love-windows.html this is fun to read12:32
=== LikeVinyl [n=likeviny@OL212-29.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #xubuntu
=== hhlp [n=hhlp@244.Red-83-55-231.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: ouch...12:36
=== ashnur [n=ashnur@] has joined #xubuntu
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: last time reinstall xubuntu brings to much things i don't need in basic install12:38
Dragonchaser] |[making command line one with xdm and such..12:38
s-x-uare you sure it works for now but .... :-D12:39
Dragonchaser] |[well lets see :)12:39
Dragonchaser] |[s-x-u: no pain no gain you know...12:39
s-x-ubut you are right the basic install is a bit too much stuff i also  dont like12:40
Dragonchaser] |[i like it cause i can customize my system for my needs12:41
Dragonchaser] |[wow... with the bootoption he even discovers network card whilst installing12:41
s-x-uso next pc install you look first fo the boot options ?12:41
Dragonchaser] |[jup12:41
Dragonchaser] |[nolapic is a option i will keep in mind... forever12:43
=== wailer [n=cry@] has joined #xubuntu
Dragonchaser] |[well why the hell do i have to connections to freenode...12:45
Dragonchaser] |[brbr12:45
=== Dragonchaser] |[ [n=dragonch@dslb-084-056-111-237.pools.arcor-ip.net] has left #xubuntu ["Verlassend"]
s-x-ui use the back of a notebook as mousepad full of commands written down12:45
=== Dragonchaser [n=chaser@] has joined #xubuntu
kekks-x-u, I use the same thing. very good I think12:47
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@dsl-243-24-97.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
s-x-umy laser mouse does not work with a normal mousepad12:48
Dragonchasers-x-u: *g* i had a collegue at work who complained that his mouse wasn't working12:48
Dragonchaserhe wanted to use lasermouse on a glas table12:49
s-x-uit should work if you scratch the under/down/below side12:49
Dragonchaser*g* well......12:50
Dragonchaseri guess my boss would have killed him12:50
Dragonchaser.... and btw... administrating a m$ sbs is a real pain in the ass...12:50
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@dsl-241-178-136.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
s-x-ui dont wat is that ms sbs ?12:52
Dragonchasermicrosoft small business server12:53
s-x-unever worked with maybe in the future12:53
Dragonchasergive gates no chance .)12:53
s-x-uis it with a gui ?12:53
s-x-uoh .... no problem i can click a mouse ... grin12:54
s-x-ugates is a nice man he give us a pc so we can install linux very good12:55
Dragonchaserwell, sbs has only the option to configure with mouse12:57
Dragonchaserand the options a really hard to find12:57
Dragonchaserits like looking for easter eggs in a sea of quicksilver...12:57
s-x-uyes there is a kind of policy system for changing settings am i right ?12:57
Dragonchasers-x-u: btw, installation works :)12:59
s-x-ui have tried it on anormal winxp install but i couldnt under stand how it works you need to buy the book from ms ...12:59
s-x-uDragonchaser: great job01:00
Dragonchaser*g* well its easy to install but its a pain in the ass, getting rid of it if you have an company where no one wants to learn a better os01:00
hyper_chIn a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?01:01
s-x-uwell im a worker in metal industry im working on a cnc punchpress with win95 in it !01:01
Dragonchaserwell win95 was a good system.... as long as you weren't forced to use it01:02
s-x-ureally the special control software is proprietary so ther no way to change to linux01:02
s-x-ui load programs with floppy on the machine if it ever happens that there is avire on onee of them ...01:03
Dragonchaserand i guess the machine is to slow to run a current antivir?01:04
s-x-uwell it also very old hardware dual processor 48601:05
Dragonchaserdual 486... cooool01:05
Dragonchasernever saw such a machine...01:05
s-x-uwhere are you from ?01:06
hyper_chiiiiieeekks.... Germans ;)01:07
s-x-uwww.trumpf.de example not my machine01:07
Dragonchaserhyper_ch: just calm down or we'll start wwIII :P01:07
s-x-usection punching01:08
s-x-uim from holland01:08
hyper_chI'm not worried about it... you have never invaded the small, prosperous and peaceful country south of you in any WW ;)01:08
s-x-uso neighbours :-)01:08
Dragonchaserwell, when it happens, give me a call, then i'll free you with my 3-men-liberation army01:09
=== hyper_ch thinks if Germany would leave the EU it would collapse
s-x-uich bin hollander und spreche nicht gut deutch01:10
Dragonchaserhyper_ch: well, definitly...01:10
s-x-ualready taken a look on the trumpf01:11
Dragonchaserhyper_ch: german economy is totally f***ed up01:11
Dragonchasers-x-u: well give me a sec, it takes ages to load a firefox on a p2-23301:11
hyper_chwell, on the news it was that there won't be any more deficit for this year01:11
Dragonchasersure.... and the weather forecaster said there would be snow in hell these days01:12
s-x-uhyper_ch: in wich country was that news ?01:12
hyper_chSwitzerland... I think it was in the NZZ01:12
s-x-ucountry of the knifes and watches01:13
hyper_chand chocolate01:13
hyper_chand cheese01:13
Dragonchaserpls, no cheese flamewars here :P01:13
s-x-unono holland is the country of cheese01:13
s-x-ucheese head01:14
Dragonchasercrap xdm won't start01:14
=== michaelpo [n=presario@] has joined #xubuntu
s-x-uconfigured it  ?01:14
Dragonchaserwell xorg runs, i can see the nvidia logo at startup01:15
Dragonchaserand afaik xdm should run ootb01:15
s-x-utype xdm01:16
Dragonchasersame like /etc/init.d/xdm start, shows up the nvidia logo a couple of times and then falls back to tty001:17
s-x-uund can you start x without gdm01:18
Dragonchaserarg--- default fonts missing01:18
=== michaelpo [n=presario@] has left #xubuntu []
s-x-ui had the same issue when installing commandline system but i dont remember how i fixed it01:19
Dragonchaserapt-get install xfonts-75dpi01:19
Dragonchaserwell no.. there is sth else missing01:20
Dragonchasergive me a sec01:20
s-x-ucould or i deleted some links some where01:20
s-x-uread /var/log/Xorg.log01:21
Dragonchaserfixed fonts missing01:23
s-x-utry to remove all fontpath from xorg.conf01:24
Dragonchasers-x-u: should have installed xfonts-base01:30
s-x-unow it works ?01:32
s-x-uxdm also ?01:32
Dragonchaseri think i am going to dance :)01:33
hyper_chgo ahead01:33
Dragonchaseri think i am reainstalling my systems too seldom01:33
Dragonchaseri usually don't remember the easiest steps...01:33
s-x-umonkey dance ?01:33
Dragonchaserno the hokey pokey01:33
s-x-uwrite down the install01:35
Dragonchasereven hibernation seems to work01:35
Dragonchaserwow even beryl works01:38
Dragonchaserit just doesn't use my window decorations01:38
s-x-uemerald ...01:39
Dragonchaserin xfce?01:39
s-x-uwhy not ?01:39
s-x-usudoku  apt-get install emerald01:40
s-x-u$ emerald --replace01:40
hyper_chaddict ;)01:40
Dragonchasers-x-u: says: No GLXFBConfig for depth 3201:42
s-x-uset it 24 bit/pixel01:42
s-x-uor 1601:42
s-x-uas said yesterday evening im a noob01:43
=== anderssons [n=a@h89n6c1o1099.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #xubuntu
Dragonchaserdoesn't work01:43
anderssonsHi! How do I upgrade to tribe 4? WHy doesnt update-manager -d work?01:44
s-x-uyou got error: doesnt work ?01:44
s-x-uanderssons: with sudo ?01:44
anderssonss-x-u: yes01:44
Dragonchasers-x-u: same error as before01:45
s-x-utry to change repository list ?01:45
anderssonsI get this in the terminal:01:45
anderssonswarning: could not initiate dbus01:45
anderssonscurrent dist not found in meta-release file01:45
s-x-uDragonchaser: then i dont know01:45
s-x-uanderssons: you better ask this in #ubuntu+1 or some channel01:46
s-x-uDragonchaser: look for/find a howto for emerald01:47
anderssons s-x-u: ubuntu+1 or xubuntu+1?01:48
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip56508163.direct-adsl.nl] has left #xubuntu []
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip56508163.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #xubuntu
s-x-uanderssons: first one01:50
Dragonchasers-x-u: just need to install ff01:53
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
s-x-uDragonchaser: you better install lynx01:59
s-x-uno offending images :)02:00
Dragonchaserand what about p0rn?02:00
s-x-uyou can read story is that enough02:01
Dragonchaserbut i luv images :P02:01
s-x-uno you dont its discusting !02:01
Dragonchasernote: do not try to hide porn on other screens when using a transparent cube with beryl02:03
s-x-uhahaha good one02:03
Dragonchasercool no i can watch tv in mirror mode :P02:05
s-x-ui have daughter almost 4 weeks old much more fun thensome pron02:05
Dragonchaserwell ok02:05
Dragonchaserhow old r u?02:05
s-x-udisplayconfig-gtk upsidedown left right //// i am 2502:06
Dragonchaserme to, till tomorrow02:07
s-x-utomorrow you 2602:07
s-x-ufeel old02:08
Dragonchaseri know.--02:08
s-x-uwhat is your daily job /02:09
Dragonchaserwholesalers assistant02:11
s-x-uwhat do you sell then ?02:11
Dragonchasereverything an electrician needs02:12
s-x-uok thats nice ive studied electronics but i quit02:13
s-x-uim now thinking about studying system administration or some thing because of my bad back my current job is to much for it02:15
Dragonchaserwell, sitting the whole day in a chair wont help much02:17
s-x-usteel sheets 4mX2mX3mm are more worse :)02:19
Dragonchaserwell i can imagine02:20
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip56508163.direct-adsl.nl] has left #xubuntu []
=== jlehto [n=jere@a88-112-182-85.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #xubuntu
jlehtoHi all. I tried to do a small c program on my xubuntu system, but the gcc says it can't find the stdio.h file. What should I do?02:46
predaeusjlehto, did you install build-essential?02:48
jlehtopredaeus, I have not  installed any gcc packets02:50
jlehtoso am I missing header files?02:50
predaeusjlehto, probably02:50
jlehtosynaptic says the gcc-3.3-base packet is installed. Doesn't it contain those headers?02:51
predaeusjlehto, the easiest approach would be to apt-get install build-essential, it gets you everything you need to start out with C/C++, if I recall correclty.02:51
predaeusI don't know. Look at the package info or dependencies to see what it installs.02:51
predaeusjlehto, for stdio.h you probably need libc-dev or something02:52
predaeusor glibc-dev02:52
jlehtoMaybe i should try to install that build-essentials02:57
=== orbit7 [n=martijn@cp562554-b.landg1.lb.home.nl] has joined #xubuntu
jlehtoWow! Now it works03:01
orbit7hi is there an easyer progam launcher? , gnome and kde let me pick a program from the menu , with xfce i have to manually find the icon and program03:01
=== orbit7 is expecting a no, but it never hurts to try
predaeusorbit7, do you have /Accessories/Appfinder?03:02
predaeusorbit7, check if you can install xfce4-appfinder    if not, then it will be added in gutsy.03:03
orbit7it's installed, checking the menu03:04
orbit7i meant when i add the program-launcher applet to a panel then i have to know the icon and program. the appfinder works fine03:06
predaeusah, hm I don't know. Xfce probably does not provide that functionality yet.03:07
orbit7actually this is the only thing i mis in xfce, the rest in xfce is great/good enough. , well i can't have everything03:08
=== evge [n=evge@] has joined #xubuntu
=== faemir [n=faemir@81-6-223-243.dyn.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
=== AlexC [n=AlexC@dragnet203419682.dragnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
=== predaeus [n=predaeus@chello212186005030.401.14.vie.surfer.at] has joined #xubuntu
=== danielig [n=chatzill@] has joined #xubuntu
danielighi folx03:42
danieligI have a problem getting the sound going03:44
danielig00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)03:45
danieligtried to follow some walk-through from online03:45
danieligproblem: compiling the alsa-driver.1.0.14 from source my gcc spits out problem:03:46
danieligchecking for C compiler default output file name... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables03:47
danieligSee `config.log' for more details.03:47
danieligconfig.log pasted on: http://pastebin.ca/67015903:47
danieligsorry that I repeat this query here (also on #ubuntu) but I am actually a xubuntu user. build-essential and dev packages are installed03:48
=== cheeseboy [n=greg@71-87-214-16.dhcp.oxfr.ma.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
cheeseboyhow do i install network-admin?03:59
hyper_chsudo aptitude install network-admin   maybe04:00
cheeseboynope tried that04:00
hyper_chand it resulted in?04:01
cheeseboyno such packge or w/e04:02
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Pumpernickel!info network-manager | cheeseboy04:37
ubotucheeseboy: network-manager: network management framework daemon. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.4-6ubuntu7 (feisty), package size 234 kB, installed size 584 kB04:37
cheeseboythnx Pumpernickel04:38
laserbeak43i added a PATH variable that i want to remove04:38
laserbeak43hhow do i do that?04:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about path - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:38
PumpernickelHow did you add it?04:39
laserbeak43export PATH=/home/laserbeak43/Documents/source/boost_1_34_1/boost:${PATH}04:40
laserbeak43not realising04:40
laserbeak43that the installation would already send it to usr/share/04:40
laserbeak43the installation of the boost library from the configure.sh file already in the boost_1_34 directory04:41
PumpernickelThat should apply only in the terminal you ran the command.04:42
PumpernickelAny other terminal processes will have only your default $PATH.04:43
laserbeak43i've been hoodwinked!04:44
laserbeak43and i'm happy about it!!04:44
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CptAJ[vzla] hey guys, lil help here. I just installed the xubuntu package (I had regular ubuntu). I got a few problems here and there though. First off, its using the wrong keyboard layout. I tried the keyboard settings but it completely ignores any change I make. ideas?05:28
Jester45did you do the keyboard settings while using ubuntu or xubuntu05:28
CptAJ[vzla] xubuntu05:29
CptAJ[vzla] Im in xubuntu right now05:29
CptAJ[vzla] ubuntu was properly configured before though, if thats what you mean05:29
Dragonchaseri had this problem a couple of months before, wasn't able to fix it :(05:30
Jester45well i dont know how to fix it05:30
CptAJ[vzla] (for the sake of clarity that should read "Im in xfce right now but gnome was properly configured before")05:31
Jester45and is ubuntu configured right now or is it messedup the same as xubuntu05:31
CptAJ[vzla] haven't checked... guess I'll go do that now05:32
=== CptAJ[vzla] [n=cptaj@] has joined #xubuntu
CptAJ[vzla] working fine in gnome05:33
Dragonchaser*grmpf* i can't get beryl running properly05:34
Dragonchaseri have no window decorations05:34
Dragonchaserany hints?05:34
Jester45run emerald05:34
CptAJ[vzla] gonna drop back into xfce05:34
Dragonchaserdoesnt work05:34
Jester45but you do know that beryl is deprecated05:35
Dragonchaseremerald-themes, and emerald itsself is installed05:35
Dragonchaseri know05:35
Dragonchaserbut compiz doens't feature the nice cube :)05:35
Jester45yes it does05:35
Jester45compiz-fusion is the new version beryl and compiz joined together again05:36
Dragonchaserbut compiz-fusion is not in the repository i think05:36
Jester45so it has compiz "backend" or the core (the engine part) and beryl's plugins05:37
Jester45they have a repo for it05:37
Jester45its third party buts its good05:37
Dragonchaserwell i should give it a try05:37
=== CptAJ[vzla] [n=cptaj@] has joined #xubuntu
CptAJ[vzla] bummer. still no clue what could be wrong?05:38
Jester45there is even more plugins now05:38
CptAJ[vzla] hmm... maybe if I reboot...05:39
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=== CptAJ[vzla] [n=cptaj@] has joined #xubuntu
CptAJ[vzla] reboot fixed everything. go figure =/05:46
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hyper_chlol, M$ WGA Servers are acting up badly....06:10
=== Slor [i=Slor@c-69-136-2-250.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
SlorHey folks - quick question:  I found the info on supporting my SB16 AWE32 ISA card (modprobe snd-sbawe ; modprobe snd-pcm-oss ; modprobe snd-mixer-oss ; modprobe snd-seq-oss).  Where is the most appropriate system file to put these commands?  Should they go in /etc/modules, somewhere in /etc/modprobe.d/, elsewhere?  Also, am I missing anything else?06:10
hyper_chSlor: you want to have them auto-loaded?06:12
hyper_chthen it's /etc/modules06:12
SlorAlso, do I need all 4 of those modules?06:12
SlorIt looks like there is similar stuff to the other 3 in alsa-base06:12
hyper_chthat is something you must know... now me ;)06:12
hyper_ch-w +t06:13
Slorok, thanks.06:13
Sloroh, just a couple other things - does xfce always beep through the PC speaker at login even when the sound driver is loaded and functioning?06:20
Sloror perhaps I have a default to change somewhere06:21
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
xjkxi went to applications/system/sharing folders. Downloaded what it wanted me to, configured a folder to share. Now how do I access this folder that was shared?06:22
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has left #xubuntu []
SlorAnd the other - anyone seen an issue where your mouse pointer will change to all black?  It doesn't go reset to normal until I go back to the login screen.06:24
=== xjkx [n=x@201009005132.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #xubuntu
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xjkxSorry. I had a network problem, if anyone answered the question above already, please copy and paste06:25
jlehtoI have some problems with my C and x-86 code. Does anyone here happern to know good channel to ask help?06:28
jlehto*x86 assembly code06:28
SlorI might, if it's quick.06:29
Slorwhat's the issue?06:29
Slorxjkx - there was no answet06:29
hyper_chxjkx: how do you want to access it?06:30
Sloranswer   grr06:30
xjkxhyper_ch: from a win98 machine :>06:30
hyper_chxjkx: you konw how to use the terminal?06:30
Slorjlehto - pm me if you want.  I'll check back in a bit.06:31
hyper_chxjkx: you know what a pastebin is?06:31
hyper_chxjkx: pastebin /etc/samba/smb.conf06:31
xjkxOk, but just so you know, i havent checked the other machine. If you think its supposed to be listed there, I'd go check, but will pastebin anyway06:32
hyper_chxjkx: well, the sharing thing is done by samba and I tend to think there may not be any workgroup set yet06:33
hyper_chxjkx: so with that config it's a lot simpler ;)06:33
xjkx workgroup = Hello06:33
xjkxIn that file :P06:33
xjkxDo I still need to pastebin?06:33
hyper_chxjkx: and you have the same workgroup in your win98?06:33
hyper_chxjkx: not for the moment then :)06:34
xjkxNo, i know nothing about windows-networking-thing06:34
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has joined #xubuntu
shirishhi all, has anybody filed a bug-report about the network-monitor not showing up/down traffic?06:37
hyper_chxjkx: uff... win98... hmmm...   somewhere in the system settings06:38
hyper_ch!bug | shirish06:38
ubotushirish: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots06:38
=== neozen [n=neozen@c-71-228-16-126.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
shirishhyper_ch: I am in launchpad, my query is has anybody filed a bug against that06:39
hyper_chshirish: search whether anybody has filed that bug06:39
xjkxWill go there, after adding the workgroup Hello, am I done ? hyper_ch06:39
neozengood day all06:39
hyper_chxjkx: well, you have to have the same workgroup06:39
shirishhyper_ch: also if I do file a bug, which package would it come under? Is there something like xubuntu-utils or which package would it be based on?06:39
hyper_chxjkx: and you may need to add a user to samba06:39
hyper_chxjkx: not sure if that is auto-done the way you setup samba06:40
hyper_chshirish: no clue06:40
hyper_chshirish: I don't use that06:40
shirishhyper_ch: This is panel > Add new Item > Network Monitor06:40
shirishhyper_ch: its a default thing & this happened in one of the updates, dunno which but in updates.06:41
hyper_chshirish: no need for taht06:41
xjkxhyper_ch: it is :> then what, I have to add this user to win98 also?06:41
hyper_chxjkx: no06:41
=== pcfascist [n=pcfascis@74-33-84-241.dr01.jrdn.mn.frontiernet.net] has joined #xubuntu
hyper_chxjkx: you have to add an existing ubuntu system user to the samba allowed user file :)06:42
hyper_chxjkx: if you see the samba shares in the network and try to access it from win98 you should be asked for username/pwd06:42
shirishhyper_ch: then under what package should I file the bug?06:42
hyper_chxjkx: enter your current system user... if that is not working, you will first have to add a suer to samba06:42
hyper_chshirish: I dunno06:42
xjkxUhmm, will my printer be there?06:43
hyper_chshirish: check your processes what the process name ist06:43
hyper_chshirish: then do:   sudo apt-get install apt-file06:43
hyper_chshirish: followed by   sudo apt-file update06:43
hyper_chshirish: followed by   apt-file search  'process_name' and that will give you the package06:43
hyper_chxjkx: I dunno... I never setup samba that way and my printer is networked through it's own network interface06:44
xjkxipp ?06:44
hyper_chI've had a tcp/ip printer since '9906:45
hyper_chfirst a xerox nc60 and now a xerox phaser 840006:45
shirishhyper_ch: its the xfce4-netload-plugin in xfce4 panel-plugins ;)06:46
hyper_chshirish: then you know what it now belongs to06:46
shirishhyper_ch: http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/panel-plugins/xfce4-netload-plugin06:47
Wizardhah, it works :D06:48
hyper_chWizard: good... what works?06:49
hyper_chWizard: I know it works ;)06:49
hyper_chSysinfo for 'xubi': Linux 2.6.20-16-generic running Xfce 4.4.0, CPU: AMD Sempron 2400+ at 1683 MHz (3371 bogomips), HD: 717/1009GB, RAM: 997/1010MB, 169 proc's, 4.19d up06:49
Wizardi didn't even expect that06:49
hyper_chWizard: your expectations are low06:50
Wizardheh, maybr06:50
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xjkxDude, the desktop is listed ! but when I click, I have access denied, it doesnt ask me for a password06:58
xjkx;   security = user (in that file, maybe security = no will not ask for password?)07:02
xjkxI commented the line :> now it asks for a password, not a user, I dont have a clue what password is :D07:07
=== CptAJ[vzla] [n=cptaj@] has joined #xubuntu
CptAJ[vzla] question: when I go fullscreen in vlc the xfce panels stay on top of the fullscreen image. How do I make this not happen?07:09
=== kb0rpj-wx [n=ident@] has joined #xubuntu
kb0rpj-wxhey all finding a bit of a hard time getting samba to work07:15
kb0rpj-wxanyone can help?07:15
=== shirish [n=shirish@] has left #xubuntu []
kb0rpj-wxwhen i try to connect to the linux box from windows.. it asks me for a username and password07:16
kb0rpj-wxi can't find any username and password that works07:17
xjkxkb0rpj-wx: same here07:18
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jlehtoI have some problems with my C and x-86 assemly code. Does anyone here happen to know good channel to ask help?07:43
Slorjlehto - what you need?07:49
Jester45help with his C and x-86 code07:49
Sloruh, yeah.  thanks07:49
jlehtoI just tried to call assembly function from C code but it doesn't work07:49
Jester45welcome :)07:50
Slorlink error?07:50
Slorpm me and i'll help you out.07:50
jlehtoIt says that there is undefined reference to that asm function07:50
Slorsee you private message window07:52
jlehtoIt says private messages from unregistered users are blocked07:53
Slorok, join #slor07:54
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xjkxWhere do i get new "user interface" themes for xfce?09:15
Jester45or maybe -look09:16
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Ben_Csanyone had a problem that xfce stopped running gnome apps?09:57
laserbeak43can't remember what though09:57
Ben_Cslike, when u run a gnome app, at best u get an empty stuck window09:57
laserbeak43last time i got a stuck window09:58
laserbeak43i needed to update a wx library09:58
Ben_Csthat bug made me to move to kde. so now i'm using kde, unless i find out about annoying bugs, and then i'll go back to xfce09:59
Ben_Csthe one thing about kde that annoys me is that it's too much annimated, for me at least.10:00
laserbeak43kde and gnome are bloated10:00
=== CptAJ[vzla] [n=cptaj@] has left #xubuntu []
Ben_Cswhat does "bloated" mean?10:01
laserbeak43which is the only reason why i'm using xubuntu10:01
laserbeak43i want speed10:01
laserbeak43even if i'm running a quad-core 8GHZ10:01
laserbeak43but anyway10:01
laserbeak43too much file space and resources for a window manager10:01
laserbeak43but anyway10:02
laserbeak43what app are u having trouble with?10:02
Ben_Cswell, yeh. kde is slower than gnome, and gnome is slower then xfce. and i'll expect that xfce is slower then fluxbox and icewm...10:02
WizardBen_Cs: use twm10:03
Wizardor ratpoison10:03
laserbeak43ice_wm is pretty nice10:04
Ben_Cswizard: they're ugly10:04
Ben_Csfluxbox is nicest after xfce10:04
=== Smygis [n=smygis@e611.cust.vannas.net] has joined #xubuntu
Wizardxfce looks nice because it uses gtk10:05
Ben_Cswizard: and what's wrong with that?10:06
Wizardnothing :)10:06
Wizardgtk is very good toolkit10:06
=== grumpymole [n=warren@c211-28-135-80.lowrp2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #xubuntu
laserbeak43man that is ugly10:08
laserbeak43looks like windows :P10:08
Ben_Csi used fluxbuntu once (when had an old pc). it's very nice10:08
Jester45i only like fluxbox on DSL10:08
laserbeak43dont get me started with DSL10:08
Ben_Csjester: try fluxbuntu10:09
Jester45fluxubuntu isnt a live cd is it?10:09
Ben_Cslaserbeak43: please do get started. i like dsl.10:09
Ben_Csjester: livecd + install10:09
laserbeak43man i signed up for their forums and they accepted me a year later10:09
laserbeak43i was so pissed10:09
laserbeak43and the chat is always dead10:10
Jester45Ben_Cs, so its like the desktop cd i dont like that i just like DSL10:10
laserbeak43the 3 times i visited, theres just this guy there that hasnt installed it yet and he idles there to see people talk about it so he can decide wehter or not to use it. and he's been there for months :P10:10
Jester45laserbeak43, we are talking about the distro not the community10:10
laserbeak43that's my only prob with the distro10:11
=== laserbeak43 is a linux noob
Ben_Csmy prob with the distro is lack of support of newer hardware10:11
laserbeak43it is  a very nice distro, but hard to wrap my head around the whole thing10:11
laserbeak43Ben_Cs: havent even gotten far enough to see myself10:11
Ben_Cswhat i like about fluxbuntu is that it's very light and speady, but has the newest kernel10:12
laserbeak43whats the url? fluxbuntu.org?10:12
laserbeak43no screenies? awww10:14
Ben_Csthere are10:14
Ben_Csthere are url's of screens10:15
Ben_Cssee it?10:15
Ben_Cshere :   http://shots.fluxbuntu.org/nbuild1-rev2/10:16
laserbeak43yeah sorry i was browsing hte shots10:17
laserbeak43not bad10:17
laserbeak43i could live with that10:17
Ben_Csbut i like xubuntu better though :)10:18
laserbeak43yeah i dont see a reason to leave xubuntu10:18
laserbeak43maybe i'll put that on one of my slower machines10:18
Ben_Csdo that. it's really nice desktop10:19
Ben_Csworked nice on PII 233mhz10:19
=== DocPheniX [n=im@ip72-198-216-11.om.om.cox.net] has left #xubuntu []
laserbeak43yeah i'm diggin up an old one i've been meaning to give to my son so he can mash it up and learn10:21
Ben_Csi think for best experience fluxbuntu needs pII 300mhz or faster10:23
Ben_CsBTW who developed the linux kernel? linus?10:24
=== highvolt1ge [n=highvolt@dsl-243-55-24.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepBen_Cs: a whole lot of very bright people10:25
Ben_Csi wonder who developes it today10:28
Ben_Csany specific company?10:28
Jester45Ben_Cs, no company but a community10:29
Jester45but linus developed the first versions10:29
TheSheepand linus still organises and coordinates everything10:29
Jester45then someone else took over and now there is a diffrent guy that is heading the development10:29
Ben_Csjester: u mean people who do it in their spair time?10:29
TheSheeperr... it's Linus :)10:29
TheSheepthat's a name10:29
Jester45Ben_Cs, thats how allmost all of open source software is10:30
TheSheepBen_Cs: some get paid for doing it10:30
Jester45Ben_Cs, im donating my time right now in a help channel others find bugs and fix them or say that its not a bug10:30
Jester45others do the coding others organize some donate server's bandwidth10:31
TheSheepgannahafta get a tshirt that reads "it's a feature" ;)10:31
Jester45i donate 2 servers and bandwidth to help the Tor network10:32
Jester45a lot of people donate server bandwidth and storage space so ubuntu can have a lot of mirrors and the main server can be faster because everone isnt downloading from them10:33
Ben_Cstor is open source?10:33
Ben_Csjester: then it's easy to breech the security 'cause it's open source10:33
Jester45 no its not10:34
Jester45because if you can find a breach others can also10:34
TheSheepactually most any useful advanced program out there is open source -- not always free, but always open source -- because when you buy it, you want to have control over the code10:34
Jester45Ben_Cs, you do know ubuntu is open source also10:34
Ben_Csjester: ofcourse10:34
Jester45if a bad guy can find a problem im sure the 100 people working on it will find it before they release it10:35
Jester45andif not then a user might find a bug and tell the devels about it10:35
Ben_Csjester: but most powerfull unix's like Solaris isn't opensource (yeh i know they realeased opensolaris lately, but it's not exactly the same as solaris)10:36
Jester45so... BSD and linux arent powerfull?10:36
laserbeak43why is it that if u download something on windows it's slow as hell10:36
laserbeak43but if u download it on linux it's blazing fast?10:36
Ben_Csjester: BSD yes. linux- less10:37
TheSheeplaserbeak43: solaris is not free, but is opensource10:37
Jester45well BSD is open10:37
TheSheeplaserbeak43: at least to some degree10:37
Ben_CsfreeBSD is open10:37
Jester45Ben_Cs, plus dont you think closed source is more of a problem10:37
laserbeak43i didnt say anything about solaris10:37
Jester45laserbeak43, i think TheSheep meant to say that to Ben_Cs10:38
TheSheeplaserbeak43: right10:38
Ben_Csjester: closed source does'nt contribute to community but it's harder to hack it10:39
laserbeak43but anyone know why downloads on windows is so slow compared to linux?10:39
Jester45Ben_Cs, think about installing  a program but... you dont know what it does10:39
Ben_Csbut on the other hand. more people can fix hack ports if it's open source10:39
TheSheepBen_Cs: not really security by obscurity is generally a bad idea10:39
TheSheepBen_Cs: sooner or later someone will hit the bug, on purpose or not10:40
TheSheepBen_Cs: better to fix them than to hide them10:40
Ben_Cslaserbeak: didn't notice much difference10:40
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45Ben_Cs, the person that is giving you it says that it does X feature but once you run it you find out that is does X+Y+a few backdoors10:40
laserbeak43it's always way faster for me10:40
laserbeak43sometimes twice as fast10:41
Ben_Cslaserbeak: in general winblows is slower then linux10:41
Ben_Csbut didn't notice much difference in file transfer10:41
Jester45like MS's directx 9.0c offline installer still tries to connect to the internet but why? its an "offline" installers why should it try to connect thats just a waste of code and resources10:42
laserbeak43sometimes if i know i'm downloading a big file10:42
laserbeak43i'll log into linux just to get it10:42
Jester45now if it was a online installer i would understand that10:42
Jester45laserbeak43, what are you using to download10:42
Ben_Csjester: you're right about that.10:42
Jester45same site?10:43
Jester45and same computer10:43
laserbeak43same everything10:43
Ben_Csjester: but maybe it is kinda spyware. it's trying to send info about your pc10:43
laserbeak43and it's always faster10:44
laserbeak43websites load faster10:44
laserbeak43been noticing the diff for years10:44
laserbeak43is it ipv6 or something?10:44
Ben_Cslaserbeak: u use winxp?10:44
Jester45Ben_Cs, but if it was opensource people using it would say why does it connect to the internet to install with an offline installer10:45
laserbeak43yeah there are still apps i have to use there(my favorite music sequencer, school apps etc)10:45
Ben_Cslaserbeak: i use XP only for games or when i download an .mdf file. (mdf is Alcohol 120% file)10:46
laserbeak43yeah and the games10:46
laserbeak43how could i forget10:46
laserbeak43i play warhammer on a daily basis10:46
Ben_Csi hope there wold be a decent free linux game soon10:47
laserbeak43i agree10:47
laserbeak43linux deserves it10:47
laserbeak43wolfenstein is good10:47
laserbeak43but no one plays much on my favorite server anymore10:47
Jester45tremulous ] 10:47
laserbeak43its a shame10:47
Ben_Cswolfenstein is only multiplayer10:47
laserbeak43i had so much fun with those guys10:47
Ben_Cstrem. is ok10:47
Ben_Csnexuis is ok.10:47
Ben_Csbut i want "great"10:47
Ben_Csi like startegy games better then shooters10:48
laserbeak43bah all i need is to get my wiimotes to work on linux and i'll be good with an emulator10:48
Ben_Cswarzone2100 resurrection, has nice game play, but it's OLD10:49
laserbeak43yeah i havent heard of a good free RTS on any platform10:49
Ben_Cslaserbeak: WinXP has C&C 310:49
Ben_Csoh. not free10:49
Ben_Cswarez thoigh10:49
laserbeak43yeah warez10:50
=== snooo [n=bobcrow@host86-143-143-202.range86-143.btcentralplus.com] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Cshey snoo10:51
snoooim having probs with xfce4-mixer - trying to set the volume on the microphone for my USB phone, but whenever i put the volume up it goes back to zero. it used to work, and the speaker works fine.10:52
Ben_Cswonder when there would be a good desktop in java.10:52
snoooany ideas what could be causing the prob?10:52
Ben_Cssnooo: is your card recognized?10:52
Ben_Cs*sound card, that is10:53
snooothe system seems to know its there10:53
snooothe mixer will bring up settings for the microphone and the speaker10:53
snoooits just that the settings for the mic are useless10:53
Jester45Ben_Cs, you know how slow a java desktop would be10:53
laserbeak43whats the burnfree option in xfburn??10:53
snoooits just a standard USB sound device, it should work10:54
Jester45Ben_Cs, but have a google for project looking glass10:54
Ben_Csjester: how about a virtual machine running not on another OS but is an OS by itself? then everything would be faster.10:55
TheSheepBen_Cs: how so?10:55
Ben_Cssnoo: had a probplem with usb sound switching from soundcard to usb sound. can't help you there. maybe jester?10:56
TheSheeplaserbeak43: if something breaks and interrupts burning, the cd is still readable, I think10:56
laserbeak43yeah there's some interesting OS-state kinda thingies in solaris10:56
laserbeak43cool TheSheep10:56
snoooi'll try in #ubuntu10:57
Ben_Csthesheep: cause running an OS on virtual machine is always slower then running the OS from hardware10:57
TheSheepBen_Cs: always?10:57
=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-87-78-32-12.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepBen_Cs: I don't think so.10:58
Ben_Csthesheep: yes. it's logical10:58
TheSheepBen_Cs: google for xen10:58
Ben_Csthe pc needs then resources for 2 OSs10:58
laserbeak43heh i've found my first non working app10:58
TheSheeplaserbeak43: yeah, xfburn is pretty bad10:58
Ben_Cslaserbeak: i use k3b.10:59
TheSheeplaserbeak43: especially since they dumped cdrecrod and switched to wodim10:59
Ben_Csit's not that fast, but powerfull as nero10:59
=== snooo [n=bobcrow@host86-143-143-202.range86-143.btcentralplus.com] has left #xubuntu []
Ben_Csthesheep: googled for xen but nothing indicates it make OSes run from it fast as if they're run from hardware11:00
TheSheepBen_Cs: it does11:01
TheSheepBen_Cs: it uses new features of modern cpus to do the virtualisation, so there is no overhead11:01
Ben_Csthesheep: oh. <100 mili seconds difference, it says. but how about when the system is full loaded? maybe the difference is higher then,,,11:02
=== TheSheep shrugs
Ben_Csthesheep: it's as easy to use as vmware?11:03
TheSheepBen_Cs: no, it's not a program, it's a technology11:05
laserbeak43never hearda it11:05
laserbeak43k3b hah?11:05
TheSheeplaserbeak43: wodim is a command-line burining program that is used under the hood by all the graphical burning tools11:06
Ben_Cslaserbeak: k3b is kde burning tool11:06
laserbeak43yeah i know k3b11:06
laserbeak43never used it tho11:07
laserbeak43getting it now11:07
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pdpc.supporter.student.PriceChild] has joined #xubuntu
laserbeak43trying to burn fluxbuntu for this old box11:07
Ben_Cslaserback: tell me  your impressions later11:08
laserbeak43will do11:08
laserbeak43i hope they release that planned educational version11:08
laserbeak43edubuntu wont work on that old box11:09
Jester45a fluxedubuntu11:09
Ben_Csedubuntu has a terminal server capabilty. so you just install terminal edubuntu on your old pc, and it'll run fast through terminal server on your fast pc11:10
laserbeak43but i want it for my son(7 years old)11:11
laserbeak43he'd rather play ps2 than use terminal11:11
Ben_CsBTW, i hate #gnome channel. it's so packed with ppl, that it's hard to get any help11:11
=== thingy [n=opera@] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Cslaserbeak: terminal not as command line, but like thin client. you know about thin clients don't you?11:12
Jester45hi Halcy0n11:12
Jester45hi hyper_ch11:12
Jester45aa tab failed me11:12
laserbeak43Ben_Cs: no not really11:12
laserbeak43or at all :P11:12
Jester45like a vnc11:13
thingyumm before I got compile XFCE from source, there isn't a 4.4.1 repo anywhere is there?11:13
Ben_Cslaserbeak. a thin client is usually a slow pc that has a basic remote controll app that connects to a fast server that gives the slow pc the strength of the server with the OS and interface installed on the server11:14
laserbeak43so this server would be another pc?11:14
Ben_Cslaserbeak:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_client11:15
laserbeak43i don't have that many boxes laying around yet :P11:15
laserbeak43k3b finished burning it and with a sense of humor :)11:15
laserbeak43yeah it does remind me of nero11:15
Ben_Cslaserbeak: you need a fast pc for edubuntu and the slow pc as client and that's it11:16
Ben_Cslaserbeak: i think you can install the thin client server on your xubuntu from the ubuntu repositories11:16
laserbeak43but could i still use xubuntu and serve edubuntu?11:18
laserbeak43at the same time?11:19
Jester45i think i like the idea of fat clients11:19
Ben_Csyou just install on xubuntu the Terminal Server, and the old PC gets the desktop of your xubuntu11:20
Jester45if you where making a network of clients for your work11:20
laserbeak43like those terminals at my old job11:20
laserbeak43they had no hard drives or anything11:20
laserbeak43i see11:20
orbit7is there a way to disable automounting of usb disks for certain users?11:22
orbit7I don't want the vnc-desktop to auto-mount drives, they steal the drive from the real desktop.11:22
Ben_Csif the clients don't have harddisks u just use netboot i think11:22
laserbeak43that pxe rom thing?11:23
TheSheeporbit7: thunar->edit->preferences->advanced->configure volume manager11:24
orbit7thanks, checking the settings11:24
Ben_Cslaserbeak: yeh pxe it is. just checked it11:25
orbit7TheSheep: that was easy, i was looking in the wrong places for that setting11:26
TheSheeporbit7: yes, it's unintuitive that it's the part of Thunar11:27
laserbeak43Ben_Cs: thanks i'll look into that11:28
Ben_Cslaserbeak: np11:28
Ben_Cslaserbeak: just searched for "ltsp" in repositories and got the right tesults.11:29
laserbeak43i'm trying to mount the hard disks11:32
laserbeak43on this system11:32
laserbeak43nah the fluxbox system11:32
laserbeak43but mount doesnt seem to return harddrives in the list11:32
Ben_Cssomeone told a joke in #xfce:11:32
Ben_CsSo...KDE, Gnome and XFCE walked into a bar. There was mounting tension as none of them spoke to each other. To break the ice, XFCE blurts out, "What do all smart asses have in common?". KDE and Gnome look at each other and then shrug simultaneously at XFCE. "Wise cracks!" said XFCE. XFCE is now sitting alone at bar thinking "Everybody's a critic!!!"11:33
=== echo6 [n=echo6@] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Cslaserbeak: you mean on desktop?11:34
=== echo6 [n=echo6@] has joined #xubuntu
laserbeak43no i'm on the desktop and open a terminal11:35
laserbeak43then type mount to seee what kinda stuff i have11:35
laserbeak43and i dont see anything11:35
laserbeak43and i cant browse11:35
laserbeak43with the home folder ont he deslktop it seems11:36
echo6I've installed xubuntu 7.04 on a Sony Vaio Celeron 600...anytime I open a terminal X restarts..any ideas?11:36
Ben_Cslaserbeak: nothin? wierd. try asking in #fluxbuntu11:37
Ben_Csecho6: nothin i can think of11:37
Jester45echo6, try f2+alt and type Terminal if it crashes try it again with xfce4-terminal11:38
Ben_Csexho6: tried to google it?11:38
Jester45i know its a bu11:38
Jester45i just dont remeber if it was Terminal or xfce4-terminal crashing11:38
echo6Ben_Cs: I think it is related to xfce4-terminal,  going to try xterm11:38
echo6Jester45: bu?11:38
Jester45Terminal and xfce4-terminal are diffrent11:39
echo6xterm works fine..its a bu then11:39
Jester45if you find out what one works you could overwrite the broken with a copy of the new and then you should be fine11:40
Jester45xterm should allways work11:40
Jester45its the 2nd to last thing you should be able to boot to11:40
echo6yes..just nice to have some features from the other terms,  e.g. copy & paste11:41
Jester45its a root terminal then gdm->fail safe session (xterm) and then xfce11:41
Ben_Cslaserbeak43: coming to think about it. it's probably a kernel thingy. tried the same with xubuntu livecd?11:41
Jester45Ben_Cs, there has been kernel upgrades since the bug first showed11:41
Jester45o your talking about laserbeak4311:42
thingyecho6: oh about the terminal causing X to crash...have you installed any new/weird fonts recently?11:42
laserbeak43not sure and no i havent11:42
echo6thingy: no this is a fresh install11:42
Jester45bug 9184911:43
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91849 in xfce "i810 + xorg = xfce crashes when opening terminal" [Unknown,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9184911:43
echo6ubotu: thanks, will investigate further..for now making use of xterm11:43
echo6bug 9184911:44
ubotuLaunchpad bug 91849 in xfce "i810 + xorg = xfce crashes when opening terminal" [Unknown,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/9184911:44
Jester45it tricked another person11:45
Jester45so try using Terminal11:45
echo6yes well the "I am only a bot" gives it away :-)11:45
Jester45i think that shoudl work11:45
Ben_Csjester: what're the triggers of the bot?11:45
echo6bug <number>11:45
echo6bug 111:46
ubotuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/111:46
Jester45yea they added that because a lot of people would say "ubotu, thanks"11:46
echo6bug 011:46
Jester45and it would be loged as an unknown command11:46
Jester45and you find the bug1 joke11:47
Jester45i guess its a real problem and a joke11:47
Ben_Csgood joke though11:47
Jester45this glitch began after installing and playing prboom/freedoom.11:48
Jester45did you install freedoom11:48
Ben_Csbeen thinking. maybe i'll leave kde and go back to xubuntu just because of the great community? LOL11:48
Jester45its because im here11:48
Ben_Csjester: you're very modest u know?11:49
Jester45yea i know11:49
Jester45i fixed a problem on a friends server and he was asking for the port ot login and i said not till you say im better than you11:50
Ben_CsBTW, xubuntu is read as Zubuntu? like Xena = Zena?11:50
Jester45(he didnt get the port for a few hours)11:50
Jester45i say it as Xubuntu11:50
pleia2Ben_Cs: yes11:51
=== s-x-u [n=s-x-u@ip51cf89ac.direct-adsl.nl] has joined #xubuntu
=== xor [n=xor@cpe-66-68-129-167.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Cshere's something i liked:11:54
Ben_Cs"Ubuntu": traditional african word for "I'm not able to use Debian"11:54
s-x-uwhy ?11:54
Ben_Csammusing isn't it?11:55
s-x-uwhy ?11:55
Ben_Css-x-u: are you a bot with only trigger "wht"?11:56
s-x-uwell you made a statement i ask you why do you think it is so ... why ?11:57
xorthere are plenty of advantages to the ubuntus over debian11:57
xoralso other way around11:57
Ben_Cswell, first: i copied it. second: debian is harder to use then ubuntu11:57
s-x-uand why do you think debian is harder to use ?11:58
Ben_Css-x-u: cause debian doesn't come preinstalled with lots of usefull soft as ubuntu, so it's harder for new linux users11:59
Ben_Css-x-u: i just don't like debian because of it's old packages. and sid is damn not stable11:59
s-x-uapt-get is easy for installing software on both debian and ubuntu12:00
Ben_Csapt-get install synaptic , is even easier12:01
s-x-uthose old pakages are they buggy ?12:01
Ben_Csnot buggy. but supports not very well of new hardware12:02
s-x-uyou can make new packages yourself12:02
s-x-uif you can do better ....12:03
xoranyone here running 7.10?12:03
Ben_Css-x-u: don't have the time for it. for instance xserver-xorg-video-i810 has much less support of my video card than the newer xserver-xorg-video-intel12:04
s-x-udebian is a sparetime job by enthusiasts (?) ubuntu have about 50 paid developerss12:04
=== Smygis [n=smygis@e611.cust.vannas.net] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Csxor: one sec12:05
s-x-ui have to use i810 because with intel i am getting very big fonts12:05
Ben_Csxor:  #ubuntu+1   is the support chan, if u want12:06
s-x-uxor:  i use 7.10 at this moment12:06
xori'm running 7.0412:06
xorjust wondering how smoothly it's going12:06
xorhaven't been reading much about it12:06
xors-x-u: enjoying it?12:07
s-x-uit will depend on your hardware first12:07
Ben_Css-x-u: with i810 i don't get the refresh rate i want12:07
Ben_Css-x-u: u run tribe 5?12:07
s-x-ui run tribe 4 with updates = tribe 5 ?12:07
s-x-uwell then i am12:08
s-x-unot many new things new artwork and a places plugin are the visible changes12:09
Ben_Csdamn the kde over-animation makes me sick! need to return to good-old-xubuntu fast!12:09
s-x-ukde over-animation what is that ?12:09
Ben_Cstoo much of animation, that is12:10
Ben_Csjumping icon etc.12:10
Ben_Csmakes me wanna throw-up12:10
s-x-udisable button is also jumping every time yo want to click it isnt it ? :)12:11
=== laserbeak43 pops his chest out and throws his cape back and shouts,"to the movies!!!".
=== laserbeak43 [n=laserbea@c-69-243-81-81.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
s-x-uthe only time i notice that there is a refresh rate is when i shut down and the pixels are powered off12:12
Ben_Css-x-u: when i use winblows and the go to the another pc with debian i feel the refresh rate change instantly12:14
=== The_Kernel [n=thomas@] has joined #xubuntu
Ben_Cscoming to think about it. haven't used winblows for months now12:14
s-x-ui dont have experience with crt because i use tft-lcd12:14
Ben_Csthat's the reason then12:15
Ben_Cs60mhz in lcd is fine. in crt it's horrific12:15
s-x-uyou can set a refresh rate with $ sudoku displayconfig-gtk12:16
xoranyone know a good site for cheap used laptops?12:16
orbit7old crt 60mhz is ok, new crt 60mhz sucks, the response of the old crt's was slow12:16
Ben_Csyes. but if the driver doesn't support it u get a black screen12:16
s-x-uxor what pric may it cost ?12:16
Ben_Csxor: depending on your location. ebay usually is12:17
xors-x-u: was hoping for under $50012:17
s-x-ui live in the euro zone12:17
xoraah what part?12:17
xori'm in the states12:17
Ben_Csxor: u don't like ebay?12:18
=== xBill [n=dario@p5494FEA9.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
s-x-uso how many euros is $50012:18
xorBen_Cs: not really :\12:18
xorBen_Cs: been burned12:18
Ben_Csi see12:18
Ben_Csabout 400 euro i think12:19
Ben_Csmaybe 450?12:19
s-x-ug o o g l e ! ! ! ! ! !12:21
xori was hoping someone had some personal experience12:21
xorw/ a small shop12:22
Ben_Csxor: you're prepaired to take a plane there?12:22
s-x-utype the link in google + review maybe there is one ...12:22
s-x-uusa and canada12:22
Ben_Csor drive for like 20 hours?12:22
s-x-uyou dont have package delivery in usa ? poor country :P12:23
Ben_Css-x-u: don't u want to check the product first?12:25
Ben_Cswell guys, i'm off to install xubuntu. see u later.12:25
s-x-ui do not buy online12:25
s-x-uxor wants to12:25
s-x-uBen_Cs: do you have one pc ?12:25
s-x-uok hope you dont screw it up12:26
Ben_Cswell didn't screw it up the last time installed xfce12:27
s-x-uxor: ?12:27
thingyxor: To help you get a good deal, look at the bargains being discussed on this forum: http://forum.notebookreview.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12 and also check out the coupons + forums on here: http://www.notebookforums.com/12:27
Ben_Csxubuntu that is12:27
xorthingy: hey, thanks12:27
Ben_Csc u later then.12:27
s-x-uBen_Cs: doei12:27
thingyxor: those two links will keep you busy for a while but the goal should be to make up a short list of machines and then research on http://www.linux-laptop.net/ to see which laptop has had positive things said about it when people tried installing linux on them. In general, the important things to watch out for, are to ensure ACPI sleep/hibernate work and that there aren't any major unsupported hardware like sound/network/wireless. I went through12:32
thingythis and the whole thing takes a few days(a week) to sort out.12:32
xorwhat did you wind up with?12:32
=== The_Kernel [n=thomas@] has joined #xubuntu
xori've heard good things about thinkpads.. and they are pretty12:33
thingyxor: a hp nx7400 machine. It had a good price from a uk mailorder company called e-buyer and HP were giving me 75 rebate which made it a bargain12:33
thingyxor: thinkpads are good but pricey unless you get a good deal from e-bay12:34
xorwell hopefully i can find something cheap and fully compatible12:36
xori don't mind going older12:36
xordon't need too much power from one12:36
xorjust something very basic12:36
TheSheepasus eee :)12:36
xori wouldn't mind that thing!12:36
thingyasus came out too late for me :-( I liked the idea of a modular laptop since I know the economies of scale would eventually make the parts as cheap as pc parts12:37
s-x-uintel inside ...12:38
=== Wizard finnishes reading xubuntu desktop guide.. nothing interesting :/
TheSheepWizard: it's targeted to people using computers for the first time12:39
TheSheepWizard: or at least using linux for the first time12:39
s-x-uwizard you are really bored if you read the desktop guide :):):)12:39
Wizardyeah, i am12:40
Wizardi can't sleep12:40
TheSheepWizard: read the wiki :)12:40
s-x-ubetter try to damage your install without sudo and report it on launchpad if it happens12:40
Wizardbut really, i'm starting to like ubuntu..12:40
thingyWizard: browse the upcoming stories on reddit.com or digg.com.12:41
Wizards-x-u: i have to much linux/unix experience :P12:41
s-x-ualready read all the manpages ?12:41
Wizardlinux manpages sux and are a bit uncomplete12:41
thingyI know...what cheers me up and will prob. amuse you too....is to goto hotornot.com and give everyone a 0! :-)12:42
TheSheepWizard: they are excellent, but not all are installed by default12:42
s-x-ui have job for you ! correct the man pages !!!!!12:42
WizardTheSheep: did you see freebsd or openbsd manpages ?12:43
Wizardevry driver, every task and every app is covered in them12:43
TheSheepWizard: openbsd12:43
s-x-ubut they are all hot :-/12:43
Wizardok, no further question12:43
TheSheepWizard: agreed that any distro-specific man pages are missing12:44
TheSheepWizard: they would have to be prepared specifically for ubuntu12:44
TheSheepWizard: and it seems that ubuntu uses web pages, wiki and forums for that12:45
WizardTheSheep: hotorwhat ?12:46
TheSheepWizard: beg you pardon?12:46
s-x-uperfect !12:46
=== TheSheep eyes s-x-u
Wizardah, that was to thingy :P12:47
s-x-uWizard:  start install the fun man pages and improve them12:48
Wizardi'll just fix my mail server12:50
s-x-uTheSheep: normally my eyes follow the mouse pointer ... u use a newer version ?:)12:50
Wizardaww.. i spitted gin on my pants :/12:51
TheSheepWizard: does it hurt?12:52
Wizardit hurts my pocket only12:53
TheSheepWizard: then light a match XD12:53
s-x-uonly desinfecting12:54
TheSheepWizard: keep away from the fireplace12:54
Wizarduhh.. i'm drunk12:54
Wizardi don't have fireplace, i live in dorm :)12:54
s-x-uwizard: http://www.tempohousing.com/ have a look maybe you want one12:56
Wizardi won't move out my dorm12:57
Wizardi love it12:57
Wizardand i live with my gf :)12:57
s-x-uis your gf with you ?12:58
Wizardnot now :/12:59
Wizardshe will return in two weeks12:59
Wizardshe spends holidays with parents12:59
s-x-u(00:40:13) Wizard: i can't sleep ----- know i understand your problem ....12:59
Wizardyeah.. that's the main reason01:00
Wizards-x-u: i said that about 7am :/01:01
s-x-uprepare a very big surprise for here01:01
s-x-uyep i live in another time zone ...01:01
Wizardyeah.. but imagine sleepless night..01:02
Wizardcompletely alone :/01:02
Wizardi haven't seen her for 2 months01:02
s-x-uthat is what i call a very long time01:04
Wizardthat's what i call infinity01:04
Wizardor ethernity01:04
Wizard(depends on cult you are member of)01:04
s-x-ubetter call her you broke some legs01:05
Wizardshe called me 3 hours ago, she told me she would return about 10 of september01:06
s-x-unext time go with her ..01:07
PumpernickelCould you keep non-support related conversation in the -offtopic channels, please?  Thanks.01:08
Wizardyes, of course..01:08
s-x-uPumpernickel: can i help you ?01:08

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