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sbalneavEvening all01:14
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Kamping_Kaiserhi both02:05
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sbalneavjsgotangco: Hey there!04:34
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moquistsbalneav: as best as I can tell by the dash man-page, this should work:05:34
moquistecho abc | read ij05:34
moquistand yet it doesn't.05:34
moquistij is not set.05:34
moquistThis is to replace read var1 var2 <<<"$o", of course.05:35
sbalneavone sec...05:35
moquistthis doesn't work in bash, either, FWIW.05:35
sbalneavlemme play for a minute05:35
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moquistsbalneav: In the source, the dash 'read' builtin executes this:05:53
moquistread(0, &c, 1)05:53
sbalneavecho "foo bar baz" | while read I J K ; do05:53
sbalneav    echo "$I $J $K"05:53
sbalneavBut works :)05:54
moquistyeah...totally weird.05:54
sbalneavIt's completely non-intitive05:54
moquistno, that doesn't work the same way. It gets read to read through stdin, though.05:55
montesludoes dash stand for something? Boure again I can understand05:56
sbalneav"Don't Ask"?05:56
montesluguess cash would have been confusing05:56
moquistsbalneav: it sets I repeatedly05:56
sbalneav$ ./foo.sh05:57
sbalneavfoo bar baz05:57
moquistthat's maybe OK, but I might as well be using 'sed' by this point.05:57
moquista=`echo "a\nb\nc"`; echo "$a" | while read I J K ; do echo i: $I; echo j: $J; echo k: $K; done05:57
moquistthat'll show ya. :)05:57
sbalneavAh, well, you've got NEWLINES in there.05:57
sbalneavDidn't tell me that :)05:57
moquistcome to think of it, I won't have them.05:58
moquistMaybe your code works after all. :-)05:58
sbalneavCould always do a echo ".." | tr '\n' ' ' | while...05:58
moquistthat is so weird.05:59
sbalneavYeah, you can see why they came up with bash05:59
sbalneavposix shell is kinda limited.05:59
moquistecho foo bar baz | if read I J K; then echo i: $I; echo j: $J; echo k: $K; fi05:59
moquistit works, churns the proc, and then... SEGFAULT!06:00
sbalneavyou can FORCE it to do what you want.  But messily06:00
sbalneavI gotta try that06:00
sbalneav$ echo foo bar baz | if read I J K; then echo i: $I; echo j: $J; echo k: $K; fi06:00
sbalneavi: foo06:00
sbalneavj: bar06:00
sbalneavk: baz06:00
sbalneavSeems ok on mine.06:01
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moquistreally? double WTF.06:02
moquistagain. crashed my dash and dumped me back into bash.06:03
sbalneavsbalneav@edubuntu:~$ dash06:04
sbalneav$  echo foo bar baz | if read I J K; then echo i: $I; echo j: $J; echo k: $K; fi06:04
sbalneavi: foo06:04
sbalneavj: bar06:04
sbalneavk: baz06:04
sbalneav$ exit06:04
sbalneavyou on gutsy or feisty?06:04
sbalneavthat was on gutsy06:04
sbalneavFeisty it segfaults!06:05
sbalneav$ echo foo bar baz | if read I J K; then echo i: $I; echo j: $J; echo k: $K; fi06:05
sbalneavi: foo06:05
sbalneavj: bar06:05
sbalneavk: baz06:05
sbalneavSegmentation fault (core dumped)06:05
sbalneavman, THAT's a bug!06:06
moquistsbalneav: echo "foo bar baz" | (read x y z; echo x: $x y: $y z: $z)06:07
sbalneavyeah, but now you're in a subshell06:08
moquist$!$#. My vmware server just died again.07:48
=== moquist posts what he has on REVU
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RichEdmoquist: you still around ?09:13
RichEdwell hello then :)09:13
moquisthello indeed09:13
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flinglehello, i am having trouble getting thin clients to boot from the server :(12:24
flinglethe pxe lan card boots up and detects the DHCP server, its assigned an ip address and then says TFTP... but doesnt seem to be doing anything at all12:25
flinglethere is no firewall on the edubuntu server.... iptables allows everything through12:25
flinglethe dhcp server is configed to:12:26
flinglesubnet netmask {12:26
flinglefilename "/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0";12:27
flingleoption root-path "/opt/ltsp/i386";12:27
flingleany ideas what is going wrong? or what I have missed?12:27
flingleanyone awake?12:29
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ograthats all your dhcp config has ?12:33
ograi think your should have at least a network and netmask address ....12:33
ograand a broadcast entry12:33
ograadd:   option broadcast-address;12:34
ograand:   option subnet-mask;12:34
ograbeyond that make sure there is no other dhcp server running in that network anywhere12:35
flinglei will add that, although there are two dhcp configs, there the one from dhcp3 and the one for ltsp12:42
flinglebut the ltsp one takes over it seems12:42
flinglethere are two eths, eth0 and 1, eth0 is the dhcp server12:45
flinglei just added those lines into the dhcp3 config file, restarted it, will bootup the thin client now to see if it works12:45
flinglehmmmz, still the same problem :(12:47
flingleany other ideas?12:47
ograthats a stock edubuntu install ?12:48
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ograor ubuntu with added ltsp server ?12:51
flingleyup latest version12:55
flingledefault settings12:56
ogralatest = feisty ? or latest dev release (gutsy)?12:56
flinglesorry latest stable, feisty12:57
ogragood ...12:57
ograso are you 100% sure there is no other dhcp server in your net (i.e. on a router or so)12:58
flingleoh i remember your nick now, i read some guy having the same problem as me, and he mentioned you helped him out, cant remember the site now :(12:58
flinglenope, i am just doing this as a test, just a server (edubuntu) + a thin client connected to each other through a hub12:59
ograhmm, weird12:59
ogradid you tweak your inetd.conf or the settings for tftpd-hpa in /etc/default ?01:00
flinglenope i read in some forums and compared, and they seem to be ok01:01
ograthe tftp server should be started from inetd, there is a line for that in the inetd.conf file01:01
flinglejust left it as default01:01
flingleyup, one sec, i will post it for you01:01
ograif its more than three or four lines, please use the pastebot01:02
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)01:02
flingletftp dgram udp wait root /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /var/lib/tftpboot01:03
ogragood, thats fine then01:03
flingleits ok i cant paste, i have to see the monitor and type in here, as that server is not connected to the network01:03
ogra/var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386 should have some kernel and initramfs files01:03
flinglethe dhcp server is working fine though, cause the thin client gets an ip and default gateway from the pxe bootup... just doesnt seem to load the linux image :(01:04
flingleyup there are several files in there with some symlinks01:05
flinglesome .img files01:05
flingleand the pxelinux.0 file01:05
ogrado you see any trace of the tftp request in your logs ?01:05
flingleon which log can i check that? :( syslog ?01:06
ograsomething like: in.tftpd[18167] : tftp: client does not accept options01:06
flinglenope nada01:07
ograhmm, its definately a dhcp problem then01:07
ogradid you make any changes to /etc/hosts.allow or some such ?01:08
flinglenope all at default01:08
flinglewill tail -f the syslog and bootup the thin client again to see what it logs01:08
ograis your second interface configured ? you said you have two01:08
flingleyeah second interface =
ograand the first one ?01:08
flinglewith same subnet mask01:08
flinglefirst =
ograwell, there is your prob then :)01:09
flinglewould thin client setup work only on one eth?01:09
flingle:O cause ltsp was telling me that it needed another adapter to be correctly configed, thats why i installed another eth card01:10
ograone interface is usually the thin client network... the other can act as dhcp client in another network ...01:10
flinglehow shall i config the other adapter? or shall i just remove it?01:10
ogradhcpd will detect the interface that has a static confoig and that matches the dhcpd.conf file01:10
flingleyup they are both static and i have setup dhcp to use eth 0 which is the
ogranow you have configured both to be in the same network ... so it will just server on the first interface it finds01:11
ograplug the hub into the other interface  for a quuick fix :)01:11
flinglei have changed it on /etc/default/dhcpd though01:12
ograor remove the second interface if you dont need it ...01:12
flinglethey are both plugged into the same hub hehz01:12
ograthats an option too, but having both in the same address space is a bad idea anyway ...01:12
ograthat cant work then :)01:12
ograjust remove one (and revert the change to /etc/default01:13
flinglewould it work if i just disable it?01:13
ograyes, and unplug01:13
flingleahz oki will try it ou01:13
ograethernet will not know where to send its packages to :)01:13
flinglei getcha, oki i will do that now and come back with a result ;)01:14
ograthe default setup for edubuntu is to have one interfaces statically configfured for ltsp ... the other usually does act as dynamic dhcp client ... so you can attach your server to an existing network without clashing with any existing dhcp server01:14
ograif you dont want internet connection its the easdiest to just use one interface ...01:15
cliebowflingle:dont suppose you can fire up wireshark and look the network packets over?01:20
ogracliebow, both interfaces plugged to the same hub, both share the same ip space01:21
ograeven wireshark wont know what to do with these packaets i suppose :)01:21
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cliebowdont suppose it is that next-server problem?01:25
flinglefantastic ogra its working now01:25
flinglethanks a lot for your help !01:25
flingleone more question if you dont mine me asking01:26
ograi suspect you might get login probs now01:26
flinglehow come if there are two lan cards on the server, it wont work?01:26
ograbest is to run: sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys if that is the case01:26
flinglenah i logged in through a root login and it works :P just gotta try with normal level users01:26
ogratwo lan cards in the server wor4ks fine01:26
ogra(i'm currently working via such a setup)01:27
flinglehow is the extra card supposed to be configed?01:27
ograyour probl4em is that you plugged both into the same hub *and* configured both for the same address sopace01:27
ograplug it into a different network (your LAN with the router for example)01:28
ograand configure it for this net ...01:28
ogra(either with a static IP or as dhcp client)01:28
flingleoki doki thnx once more ;)01:34
flinglele f00d is h3r3 :))01:34
flinglewants some chips?01:35
ograah, no, i have cacke downstairs... just needs some coffee :)01:35
flinglecu l8r01:35
cliebowogrta:ohh both interfaces in same network...heh..i ve been there too 8~)01:45
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sbalneavMorning all03:09
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sbalneavogra: ping03:11
th1ahi RichEd.03:15
RichEdhi th1a03:15
RichEdchatting to my new boss today about the conference03:15
th1aRichEd: You have a new boss?03:15
=== th1a is really out of the Canonical loop.
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sgonzalezI have edubuntu 7.04 installed. It's been working for a while, and yes, I've added some stuff... I can be more specific if you need... but now when I log off, it hangs at the "Quit" screen... the one with the log off/hibernate/restart/shutdown/etc... I've rebooted twice. Any ideas?03:56
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ograsgonzalez, likely bug 10570903:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 105709 in ltsp "sound config not reset after thin client usage" [Undecided,Fix committed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/10570903:58
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sgonzalezogra: thanks... that sounds about right. Seems like it shouldn't affect users other than myself so I'll wait until after school to try it. I appreciate it!04:01
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bddebianHi Kamping_Kaiser04:40
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sgonzalezI'm trying to install x11vnc on my ltsp clients following these directions: wiki.ubuntu.com/InstallX11VncOnLtspClients. After I chroot into the clients, I can't install x11vnc... says it's not found. I set up repos on my server and can install x11vnc there... is there another repo setting for clients? any idea why I can't install?04:48
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LaserJockogra: what do you think about putting openclipart on the Addon CD?04:49
ograLaserJock, hmm04:50
ograquite space consuming i guess04:50
sgonzalezLaserJock & Ogra: I'd like to see templates for open office also... if it doesn't fit on a CD, can it be like an update that you run?04:51
LaserJockogra: 184MB total, but that's a lot for people to download too04:52
ograsgonzalez, it can go neither on the liveCd nor on the first server CD due to space constraints ...04:52
ograbut itr could go on the server-addon CD04:53
ograLaserJock, 184M ???04:53
ograno way04:53
LaserJockhehe, fine04:53
LaserJockI didn't think it was *that* big but I just checked04:53
LaserJockthe png package is 138MB04:54
ograwe'd need a third CD :)04:54
LaserJockI wonder if the pngcrush it04:54
LaserJockserver-addon-clipart ;-)04:54
sgonzalezogra: maybe I'm too newbie, but can't there be a little script on the add-on CD that downloads this from somewhere on the web? Kind of like a repo?04:55
LaserJocksgonzalez: I'd think that they would work just fine on the Addon CD04:56
LaserJockwe just need content04:56
LaserJockand time to package it up04:56
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sgonzalezLaserJock: If there's space, I'd love to see these templates from here added too... http://ooextras.sourceforge.net/downloads/simpress/. The ones currently included in OO are limited and fairly lame. It makes my staff demand MS Office :)05:00
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LaserJocksgonzalez: looks roughly doable. There is a downloadable tarball and it seems to be either GPL or LGPL licensed05:07
sgonzalezogra: any chance you understand why I can't install x11vnc when I've chrooted into the terminal?05:07
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ograsgonzalez, depends on the error05:09
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sgonzalezogra: I did a "sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/i386", then apt-get install x11vnc. The error was E: Couldn't find package x11vnc05:11
ograits in universe05:11
ograadd universe to the sources.list in the chroot, run apt-get update there and then you should be able to get it05:12
sgonzalezogra: I have added it to the server... do I need to repeat this for ltsp? If so, do I stay chrooted and edit sources.list?05:14
sgonzalezogra: thanks :)05:15
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obiyodais there a way to set grub to boot off of the network for a thin client05:35
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sgonzalezHi... I'm trying to use gconf-editor. Everything I read tells me to just type that in a terminal, but when I do, it tells me it can't open a display and then how to see a full list of command line options with --help. I read those and the man page but still can't get this to run. Suggestions?08:25
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sbalneavsgonzalez: You're sshing into a box?08:29
sgonzalezsbalneav: nope, sitting at it08:32
sbalneavYou must be as a different user, then.08:34
sbalneavgconf-editor needs the DISPLAY variable set up,08:35
sbalneavso however you're running it, DISPLAY's not set up correctly.08:35
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sgonzalezsbalneav: Can I set this up? This is  a new install. I'm logged in as the only user (the one I created on install) and in sudo. I've done this before without a problem so I'm not sure what I've done differently this time.08:37
sbalneavyou're in suod08:38
sbalneavif you want to run gconf as root, use gksu08:38
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sgonzalezsbalneav: that did it... thanks!08:39
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balbir_finally, I configured ltsp, and users are happy09:13
balbir_but have some concern09:14
balbir_right now I am using minimal configuration desktop09:14
balbir_can we shift for some thin client09:15
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balbir_what is the recommended one09:15
balbir_I know only WYSE09:15
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balbir_me using PXE for getting the client run, can we use XDMCP|RDP|ICA using ltsp in edubuntu09:17
balbir_ping, any suggestion/recommendatoin09:19
LaserJockI'm not sure what you are asking about exactly09:20
balbir_oh sorry, let me eleborate it, sorry for being so consize09:20
balbir_what should I use at the client side, if it's diskless computer which one should I use?09:21
LaserJockwhich one of what?09:22
balbir_I tried this http://www.wyse.com/products/winterm/S10/index.asp09:22
balbir_any recommendation for client side configuration09:23
LaserJockohhh, I get you now09:24
LaserJockit is just for LTSP?09:24
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RichEd=== edubuntu-devel meeting in #ubuntu-meeting === 15 mins09:47
LaserJockat least I got lunch in time09:49
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DimenHello all09:59
DimenI have a question relating to formatting an HD under edubuntu..  I need to format it using HFS+ but do not know how..10:00
RichEd=== edubuntu-devel meeting in #ubuntu-meeting === now10:00
LaserJockDimen: HFS+ yikes10:01
LaserJockDimen: I think you'll need to google around and be careful10:02
Dimenthat bad huh?10:02
Dimenheh..  I'm putting an image on it (OS X...  using the dd command..) and it doesn't seem to be working..10:03
Dimeni thought maybe formatting it in HFS+ instead of FAT32 might help..10:03
Dimenwell, even after formatting to fat32 (which i just did) i'm trying to drag a file to the new drive and it's saying that I do not have permission..  how do i get permission? :)10:05
LaserJockjust making an HFS+ partition should be doable I think10:06
LaserJockalthought with dd do you even need to do that?10:06
Dimeni guess not..  but it's not working so I don't know what's up..  Also, i just tried to copy again using the cp command.  same error unless i use sudo.  any way around using sudo cause i'd hate to have to use the command line every time i want to copy a file..10:08
Dimeni just don't understand the point of having to use the command line in edubuntu to write files to usb disks and what not..10:13
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LaserJockDimen: why do you have to?10:27
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DimenLaserJock: Image editing can't be done if you can't write to a file, right?10:36
LaserJockwell, you can save it as another file10:37
DimenLaserJock:  Or if I have a hard disk and want to backup all my images...10:37
Dimenit won't let me write to the disk..  here are the permissions drwxr-xr-x10:37
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Dimenlaserjock: can't save it as another file if I don't have write access.10:40
LaserJockwell, you have bigger issues then10:40
LaserJockis this in your home directory?10:40
Dimennope, i'm using the ubuntu live CD..  and just want to write to the hard disk in my computer10:41
Dimeni mounted hda1 to /media/hda110:41
ograand hda1 is hfs+ ?10:41
Dimennope, fat32, and the only way to copy files to hda1 is via a terminal window as such "sudo cp filename /media/hda110:42
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Dimenknow how to fix that?10:44
LaserJockwell, that's pretty common to mount it that way from a LiveCD10:49
LaserJockyou could just a file browser using sudo10:50
Dimenhow do i do that?10:50
LaserJockin a terminal I think you can run gksudo nautilus and it should work10:51
LaserJockit might be somewhere in the menu too but I can't remember10:51
Dimennice, thank you, that really helps10:52
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LaserJockDimen: that's basically running the file browser as root so be careful ;-)10:53
=== ogra_ is now known as ogra
Dimenlol, well if there isn't another option....10:55
Dimenwhat's so bad about running it as root though?10:56
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LaserJockwell, you can accidentally remove files important for the system to run, for instance10:57
TirionHello! I want  work with russian translation of Edubuntu Handbook. Please told me, how can I join to the translation team.11:01
LaserJockTirion: you might what to talk to #ubuntu-translators or #ubuntu-ru11:02
TirionThank you.11:03
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RichEdTirion: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TranslatingUbuntu11:21
sbalneavok, heading home.11:21
sbalneavbe on tonight.11:21
sbalneavLaserJock: If you find out how to build the doco package from the svn, email me.11:22
sbalneavthen I can daily update in my ppa.11:22
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